SCOTT LYCETT – Supercoach Spotlight 2018

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Ahhhh, yes. The heady days of #Nankilands. With Witts at R3. Our very own @LekBlog started a Twitter revolution by unleashing the hashtag that forever changed the Twitter landscape in 2017. Will Scott Lycett do this for us again, or are we trying to fit a very large square peg into a round hole?

Depending on who you believe, Nic Natan.. Natut Nic Nat is either “burning up the track” or will never jump again. David King seems to have a lot of inside info, which I take with the largest grain of salt known to man. Recent reports have Nic down as “unlikely” for JLT2, with midfield stoppage coach Nathan van Berlo saying:

“Nic is building. He’s probably unlikely to play next week, but he had a really good hit-out yesterday with the boys and moved really well”

So maybe not all doom and gloom, but as we know trusting a premium without a preseason isn’t a smart thing to do, especially when there’s no obvious bench cover to save us.

With the news Nathan Vardy is out for a month, and lets face it, probably longer because that guy is a walking medical room, the Eagles ruck stocks are looking desperately thin.

Scott Lycett is the last man standing at the Eagles. At $277,100 this makes him super relevant as someone that can keep R2 warm until Ryder gets off his bye, or until we are given a clearer picture of who should accompany Gawn (please just pick him) in our ruck line, but is he worth the hassle?

Scott Lycett: The Facts

2018 Price: 277,100

2017 Games: 1

2017 Average: 63

2017 100+ scores: 0

2017 -80 scores: 1


The Kind of Good


Lycett hasn’t had a great run with injury since, well, his debut. Shoulder, knee, and ankle issues keeping him to just 50 appearances in 7 seasons.  

He *knocks on all available wood in my vicinity* seems to be fit and having a full preseason this year. Telling

“Vards (Nathan Vardy) and myself have been smashing into each other all summer. We’re definitely putting our hands up for that (ruck) position.”

He put in a respectable 13 hitout, 2 goal, 5 tackle (81SC) performance against Paddy Ryder in JLT1 from 84% TOG. Let’s have a look at how Lycett goes with and without Nic Nat in the side since 2014 (I’ve excluded sub effected games).

Lycett With Nic Nat Lycett Without Nic Nat
Average in 2014 81.9 (10 games) 92 (1 game)
Average in 2015 61.6 (5 games)   123 (1 game)
Average in 2016 81.2 (14 games) 87.6 (6 games)

I’m comfortable excluding 2015 because of the small sample size of 6 games. Looking at his 2014 and 2016 seasons, he’s an 80 averaging ruckman with and without Nic Nat in the side. For 277k this represents a lot of value even if Nic Nat returns in round 1 or round 10.

The Kind of Bad

However, average can be a tricky thing. Standard deviation is a much better indicator of what to expect from Lycett. I won’t bore you with the extremely nerdy maths behind it, but his standard deviation for both ’14 and ’16 seasons sat at 30. This means, as a 80 averaging ruckman, on a good day he can deliver you a 110 or drop a steaming pile of 50SC.

This is supported by his range of scoring in all games from 2014 and 2016 seasons, he has 12 out of 31 scores below 80 and a further 11 out of 31 over 100. He had a sort of a mini breakout in 2016, scoring 8 of those 11 100’s. A shoutout to Ricochet on Twitter for looking into who he was up against

But is he worth it?

From the table above, an average of 80 seems a fair call, so what happens to his price up until his round 12 bye? I’ve also included his projected price for an 85 and 90 average, which I think is generous.

He tops out at just shy of 400k following round 11 (398k) if he averaged 80, with each increment of 5SC earning him a further 20k or so. If you continue post bye rounds his price hits diminishing returns so 400k looks to be just about his floor. Now of course this assumes his price rise to be perfect and linear of an 80 each week and we know he doesn’t do that, it’s possible his price begins to stall as early as round 5 if he drops consecutive stinkers.

Final Thoughts    

Assuming he stays fit and plays every game until his bye, Lycett is capable of adding 120k to his starting price. It’s not fantastic but you’d take that. Hopefully your rookies have fattened by this time so finding an extra 100-150k to upgrade him to a safer ruck shouldn’t cause you too much hassle.

It’s going to be one hell of a journey though, for me personally, Lycett represents too much of a risk this year and I haven’t even discussed his injury history. Nankilands and Witts worked last year because we had relevant R/F options that acted as a safety net if everything blew up. We don’t have that luxury this year, if Lycett falls over early you’ll be stuck with a 350k ruckman and where do you go from there?

With set and forget rucks, if one goes down you grab the rifle and take it round back. Move on. While Lycett does represent value, his inconsistent scores will cause way too much frustration.

What you reckon, Community? You taking the risk on Lycett this year?

Twitter: SC_Kev7

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  1. Carl says:

    Great article Kev well written again.
    For me it will depend on rookies in other lines. At the moment I am comfortable with 2 fwd rookies and then there are a bunch of others I’d rather not have due to low scoring power (garlett, Rioli, Ahern etc).
    If that doesn’t change I’ll treat Lycett as a rookie and aim for him to max out around bye time as you explained above.
    The risk of having 2 of above mentioned rookies or other spuds who ave 40-50 will kill me also.

    Let the debate begin!!

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Cheers, Carl. Absolutely agree that our hand could be forced if the rookies don’t come to the party. I was gonna mention this but the word count was getting pretty out of hand!

      I’ve experimented with Lycett at R2 and damn it makes my team look stronger across the board, but I keep coming back to how stuffed I’ll be if he carks it early

      • INPieman says:

        I think Carl raises a very relevant topic here. I have also noticed the forward rookies will not be decent scorers. They are all 1 dimensional. Just think about Brett Eddy, Jarrod Pickett, Spudadue, & the list goes on & on. You don't want too many small forwards on your field scoring 30-40. If taking Lycett means you can bring someone in to replace a spud with something decent I think that's super valid. However a solid exit strategy of what to do if Lycett fails is the key. And there aren't many clear cut options ATM. It's a big call. Kev raises a great point of what if it fails. Well it's probably 2 trades gone to get rid of him. If it works out your probably at a massive advantage. If it fails it's a massive disadvantage. These are the risks we take. I currently have Lycett R2. Balls out

  2. SC_Kev7 says:

    Okay so that link of Ricochet tweet didn’t work haha. Check out his account if you want to see the tweet 👍

  3. Rick Grimes says:

    Gaycett is a go for me. Gawn picks himself and I am loathed to pay premium money for another ruck.

  4. Shake n Bake says:

    Thats the thing teams who goes with Lycett want to save the coin and use it on other lines to make them stronger. Not necessarily to put the extra coin in the kitty just incase things dont go to plan. If all goes well and gets to say the bye rds then you would have done well. l just think you would need to start with atleast $150 k in the kitty if you do go with Lycett.

    • leedy says:

      Wise advice – not too durable thus far.

    • StevoRivo says:

      Agreed. Lycett at R2 almost forces you to load up with another premo. This leaves many of us with no cash if he falls over prior to Round 10 bye for Ryder to come in. What about a straight swap to Simpson if Lycett goes down?

      • SCdonkey says:

        Would mean you'll be wasting two trades if you're gonna go that route as your backup plan, you need to upgrade Simpson again later on.

      • Blaknight says:

        One of the reasons why I've gone with Martin / Gawn

    • SCdonkey says:

      Agree. I'm looking to keep around 200K-250k left over. I have Gawn/Simpson for now.

      Would this also mean Olango or McInnes be a Round 1 starter. Since NicNat and Vardy are out.

  5. Seeker says:

    With news that Scott wants Goldy and Preuss together, Lycett becomes somewhat more relevant. Still not keen, though. He needs to score at a premium to became Ryder in Round 11 and I'm not sure he can do that. He might not even be in the Eagles best 22 after Round 5…

    • INPieman says:

      I heard what Brad Scott said about Goldy & Preuss & put the biggest fattest red line through Goldy's name I could find

    • randomcliche says:

      I never believe Brad Scott. I take whatever Brad Scott says and put a big black line through it so it never distorts my thinking.

  6. Post_MaSloane says:

    Awesome write up Kev, I prefer Simpson for r2 but Lycett is in my team purely for the fact that I think he will stay in the team longer. I want Kruezer this year but I simply can't afford him without compromising my structure so in hoping he will last 8 rounds for an easy upgrade. Rucks are so hard this year though

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Cheers, Sloane. Simpson another writeup I guess but there’s just not enough Lobb/Simpson data to make a solid conclusion. His NEAFL stats are impressive but it’s also NEAFL…

      Maybe GWS will go down the Dogs route of just playing tall guys in the ruck and trusting their elite midfield to get the job done

  7. Northerner says:

    Excellent analysis Lek. If someone is looking at starting Lycett, consider keeping ~$250k in your bank. I did this last year with SandiWitts and it made it a lot safer bet. Allows you to go to a premium ruck if Lycett fails or is injured. As it turned out last year I didn’t need the cash for a ruck corrective trade. As soon as I had flexibility to fix a ruck out to a premium within 2 trades I deployed the cash.

    • Northerner says:

      Sorry Kev. I was just reading Lek’s article in the herald and confused myself!

  8. Northerner says:

    BTW I’m steering clear of that trade this year given lack of DPP coverage.

  9. gator59 says:

    If you want the premo ruck pay the price and get kruz doing that you set and forget and there's no pussyfooting around… putting kruz in your getting around the same points if you had any other premo so i don't see what the fuss is about…if he gets injjured then a side ways trade is all you need…same as any other premo so I'm starting with kruz

  10. gator59 says:

    If you want the premo ruck pay the price and get kruz doing that you set and forget and there's no pussyfooting around… putting kruz in your getting around the same points if you had any other premo so i don't see what the fuss is about…if he gets injjured then a side ways trade is all you need…same as any other premo so I'm starting with kruz

  11. TommyC99 says:

    Christensen and Coniglio or Sicily and Armitage?

  12. gator59 says:

    If you want premo rucks you gotta pay the price for Kruz.. There's no use pussy footing around just set and forget.. He's gunna get you as many points as any other premo.. By starting Lycett there's no guarantees he's gunna start or even stay on the park then there's trades wasted for no reason..Even if Kuze goes down you only have to sideways trade and not have to worry about cash.. Kruze fits into my structure just fine

  13. Claire says:

    Gee Kev. That was a terrific write up, mind you, terrific is the adjective of terror meaning terrible – ha, ha.
    I am learning so much about SC and really looking forward to the first game.
    I am impressed with the generosity of the forum. No nastiness even though I have noticed deleted comments!
    I will try and start with a kitty of $150K.
    I have been given the ok to join a strong league and will struggle to win my early games but I can only get better with help from some of the other members who have offered.
    At this stage I have Lycett, Christensen, Bonner and Amitage, as mid priced players and am considering Seedsman but my boyfriend Peter said he won’t get a game in a strong Adelaide side.

    • gator59 says:

      You'll need every bit of that $150k and maybe even more if you start Lycett, Claire .. Ive had a change of heart and opting to go with Kruz, He fits my structure nicely.. If he happens to go down then it's just a simple side ways trade.. Where as with Lycett it may cost you 2 trades to get a premo ruck..
      Your BF may be right about Seeds he will be touch and go
      Good luck with the other 3 as i'm not starting them.. To risky for my liking

      • Rick Grimes says:

        You make a strong argument to avoid Lycett, gator. If you go two ruck premos you have to give somewhere else. I have 6 premos in mids, so it's lose Cripps or risk going very life on def or attack. I feel like it's a game defining decision. The smart money is always pure GnR but every year out heads are turned.

        • gator59 says:

          Hi Rick that's why i'm going 5 premo mids only.. The rooks look strong enough to make the cash through the mids
          So there for i'm starting Kruz and the big bearded one and not have to worry about whether Lycett or Dawson get games or not
          At the moment my structure is 3, 5, 2, 5 and i'm comfortable with that

          • SCdonkey says:

            That's a nice structure gator.
            At the moment mine is

            How did you manage to get 5 premos up fwd and 2 Premos in Ruck?

          • Finnius says:

            I am 3, 5 (+armitage), 2 and 4

            Pretty happy with that at this stage.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Thanks, Claire. I think… haha

      Sometimes the deleted comments are because the filter picks up some bad words. Everyone is pretty nice and respectful here for the most part and we like to keep it that way.

      Hope you enjoy the season and have a bit of fun with it. Agree with gator about Seeds. I definitely wouldn't have him alongside Bonner in your backline.

    • INPieman says:

      Hi Claire. Peter's boyfriend aye. I hope Cathy from Church doesn't read this. If you've been around a while that would make sense. On another note I suggest you get rid of Bonner. Too much for a bloke who's played a handful of games & isn't proven. Port also has a strong team with additional depth. Get rid of him

      • gator59 says:

        Good advice pieman.. Claire is only new to this caper and needs all the help she can get… Which is why we must try and steer her in the right direction.. She doesn't have to do everything we suggest but will be a great benefit on what she can pick up from all the ideas floated around….. Haha on Cathy I hope Claire knows who she is.. Pete might be in strife

    • Russty_ says:

      Oh so you have a boyfiend ay?…don't even wanna answer now …lol just kidding.
      I was thinking risky rucks early on Claire, ie: Simpson or Lycett, but common sense has prevailed.
      I now believe set and forget could be the go in 2018. That means, 2 reliable rucks, Gawn and someone else..I've gone Kreuzer.
      Means you have to adjust your other lines but not in an overly risky manner, i.e Bonner…and Seedsman is a no go if not named in round 1.
      Armitage I believe is worth starting, and even Christensen if he's named round 1 also.

      The best way for you…and your boyfriend, to pick the best rookies is to look at teams guys are posting and the most common rookies you see in there, coming into round 1, are probably the ones to pick.

    • Is it Peter says:

      Do you have a boyfriend?

  14. Rick Grimes says:

    Clare, I like Admitage of that lot. If his body is right he can produce near premo returns. Looked good in JLT1

  15. Steve says:

    Awesome write up Kev, I reckon Ill be going with Lycett this year. Would love any opinions about my team so far.

    B: Laird, Hibberd, Shaw, Coffield, Doedee, Finlayson (Murray, Mirra)

    M: Danger, Mitchell, Kelly, Crouch, Merrett, Fyfe, Armitage, Banfield (Holman, Kelly, Garlett)

    R: Gawn, Lycett (Cameron)

    F: Heeney, Billings, Walters, Stephenson, Ahern, Fritsch (Ballenden, Ryan)

    My only concern is that I only have 106k left in the kitty. I could go from Arma down to Dow which would give me around 220k left incase I need to correct Lycett earlier than expected.

    Thanks community!

    • gator59 says:

      If i started Lycett i would be looking more around the$300k mark for upgrades.. so why not start Kruze

  16. Northerner says:

    Since we are on a post about an eagles player…..

    I just worked out that Mark Hutchings is DPP FWD. had thought he was mid only. He’s $282k. I rate him more reliable than Redden and is available forward. I’m considering him over Christensen. Worth watching in JLT 3.

    • gator59 says:

      I think Hutchings will have a tagging role each week Northener

      • SC_Kev7 says:

        And not one of those fancy runs off his man and get his own pill type of taggers.
        His scores last year tagging: 40, 25, 89, 36, 36, 44, 52, 36, 50 – don't do it, Northerner

    • paul says:

      Really gee lets see how Redden goes in the next game he looked very fit and loves space the responsibility without priddis and Mitchell.
      If redden fires in his second game he will be in my team for sure.

  17. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Lycett could be lynchett.
    Good stuff Kev but not for me.
    I think top 2 rucks this year will be Gawn and Kruez so they r my starting rucks.
    No stuffing around with cheapies or working out how to treat Ryders bye.
    Set and hopefully forget.

    • gator59 says:

      Yep only way to go Trigga… Very risky starting Lycett or Simpson.. If you have to sacrifice one premo mid to get Kruz then so be it .. The out put in points will be the same

    • paul says:

      I agree and i am going with Lycett .It would be nice if he can hold until after round 12 then bring Kruez after his bye.

  18. Matho says:

    Hi everyone. Great day to have a RTO.
    Messing around with my team. Considering Devon Smith ex GWS and now Essendon. $439K, average 80. I wish he was a mid/fwd, however, despite that, he might do well in a new team. Does anyone know how he went in his two finals games last year SC score wise? One of my quirks is to see how a player finished off their year. Another reason why I’m picking Buddy.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Hey Matho, Dev wasn't picked for any of GWS' finals, despite being fit. He came out and said late last year the prelim snub made him want to switch clubs.

      • Matho says:

        Thanks Kev. I have noticed that you are a very helpful person. Much appreciated. Is he SC relevant do you think?
        He should get a better go at the Bombers also recruits often do better at a new club but Stringer? Will wait and see on him and is another reason why it is important to have at least a $100K kitty to upgrade.

        • SC_Kev7 says:

          Cheers, Matho. Happy to help

          Yeah he’s definitely relevant. Was an elite junior just like everyone else that landed at GWS in their early years. Never really got a go in midfield though with other 370 midfielders they drafted.

          Never been a fan of Stringer tbh

          • Claire says:

            Thanks boys.
            Ok so out goes Seedsman and Bonner for who?
            Currently have Laird, Sicily, Naughton, Doedee, Finlayson and Mihocek plus $168,600 and 77 cents!

            • Jason says:

              Get one more premo eg kade Simpson, hibbered melb, Elliot yeo or health shaw with seeds men and downgrade bonner to a rookie since the def rookies are very good this year.
              Just a few thoughts for you to ponder Claire.

            • gator59 says:

              Agree with Jason on this one Claire either Hibberd (melb), Shaw , Yeo or LLoyd , Maybe even Tuohy

        • Carl says:

          Stringer is a no go SC wise Matho. Even at his best not many would have had him, too inconsistent. His first JLT game was also a flop.
          Dev should get much more midfield time at Essendon than he had at GWS where he was more of a HFF type. Expecting 95ave for him which makes him a keeper

          • Russty_ says:

            Plus Stringer looks like a silly Hurley clone with his stupid hairstyle and he looks overweight/soft too.

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Matho, if you were going to take the risk on someone like Stringer, you may as well go for Crameri instead, he's cheaper, and might even do ok this year in Geelong's forward line, it's not like Tom Hawkins dominates there.

  19. BlueBagger says:

    Any of you guys have a second 'fun team'? I have one including all blues/former blues and I think it might actually do fairly well
    DEF: Simpson, Tuohy, Mullet, Jones, Marchbank, Byrne (O Brien, Glass-McCasker)

    MID: Murphy, Gibbs, Cripps, Grigg, Lambert, Dow, Garlett, Holman (Shaw, Polson, Schumacher)

    RUC: Kreuzer, Jacobs (De Koning)

    FWD: JJK, Betts, Wright, Curnow, Pickett, (McKay, Lebois)

    Only glaring weakness I see is cash generation from the bench, Would have O shea but doesn't fit with this structure.

    • BlueBagger says:

      *whoops* O shea instead of O brien

      • BlueBagger says:

        And O brien instead of Shaw, you can tell it's a second team haha. Could have Ed Curnow instead of Grigg too.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Not bad mate. 👍

      Completely out of the blue.

    • INPieman says:

      If you can squeeze Daisy in & the Blues win a game by 30 goals you'll win a weekly. But you'll be ineligible due to running a 2nd team

  20. Mike says:

    Umm not set on lycett. If you take SC serious you stay away . Set and forget your rucks . Move on ..

  21. Clueless says:

    Does anyone know why Armitage went from a 110 average in 2015 to an 87 average in 2016? Not a Saints fan and have never followed him closesly but I've been hearing good things about him this preseason and I'm just curious as to why the 23 point drop in average occurred even though he played one more game? Cheers

  22. The Ranger says:

    Nice work Kev, Lycett has been in and out of my team all week and I'm still no clearer on what to do.
    I usually set and forget the rucks but I'm scarred by missing out on the NankiWittsLand scenario of last year so I've currently got two very different looking teams in mind, one with Lycett and one with Kreuzer.
    I'll probably end up with Grundy.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      I’ve seen that take a bit, Ranger. How bloody often do we get a worthwhile midprice ruck in this game though? Don’t tempt fate imo. Last year was a gift

  23. TOPHAWK1 says:

    Excellent write up again Kev. I will be starting with Lycett and Gawn. I am planning to minimize my forward rookies, as I dont trust any of the pricks up there. As such, I am going to spend a bit extra on my forward line with 4 keepers. I will stay discliplined and run with 5 uber midfield premos and 3 on field rooks. I think there are plenty of midfield rookies on offer this year (Barring injury T Kelly, Holman, Brayshaw, Coffield, Stephenson, D. Barry, Paddy Dow, LDU etc) are all good chances of being named round 1. Even If I miss a couple of good midfield rooks in rnd 1 and 2, I am happy to use two trades going into rnd 3 to bring in two missed bubble boys. This is the line where I am to make the most cash this year. My backline will have 3 super premos, Sicily and two on field rooks. The fact that I have saved cash on Lycett, I want to start the season with at least $150K in the kitty so I can corrective trade Lycett out with one trade should he crash and burn. Cheers community.

    • Clueless says:

      You'd be hoping he makes a bit of cash before he burns though because I've got 230k and the best I can get without trading someone else down is Tom Bellchambers (yuck)

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        Agreed. If he goes down in the first two rounds, I would hypotherically have around $430 K to spend on a straight replacement. I would probably look at Billy Longer should Lycett fall over in the first 2 rounds. Not touching Bellchambers with a 40 foot barge pole. LOL Cheers

    • Marco says:

      First year SCer. Why doesn’t it start round one? If I stuff up can I trade in round 1 and/or two? Do the 18 and 10 league start together. Also, what are the most likely rookie/cheap mid/fwd that will get a game.
      I don’t want to come across as pushy Judy interested. It is a hard game. Wish I’d started some years back but been overseas (Malta) for a few years.

      • TOPHAWK1 says:

        You can trade in round 1 and 2 no problem. But there are no player price changes in the first two rounds. Therefore, you can grab cheap rookies that you dont have yet, which have scored really well in the first 2 rounds. You can still grab them cheap then, but after round 3, these rookies will sky rocket in price, and if you dont have them, you would have missed the boat. That was where I was coming from in my earlier post. Hope that makes sense Mate. Also, I only play 18 league and I think the competition starts in round 3. Not sure about 10 leagues. Rookie wise, I think you should probably research the best/cheapest ones a bit yourself. OK I will give you a little heads up….Maybe look at Doedee as a cheap rook in the backline, perhaps Dom Barry as a supercheap rook in the midfield, and Liam Ryan as a cheapie in the forward line. The rest you will have to work out for yourself mate! Good luck

  24. Plate says:

    Are the cheat sheets gonna make an appearance this year lekdog and patch?

    • Lekdog says:

      Unknown, not likely at this stage but I'll endeavour to get something up. Videos will be returning and taking that slot I reckon

      • Plate says:

        Thanks bro! Looking forward to the videos. The rookie cheat sheet has been a huge help for me and my mates over the years, would be a shame to see it go.

        • Lekdog says:

          My mistake, rookie sheet will happen, regular weekly cheat sheets probably won't

  25. Borko says:

    Currently have Lycett at R2 and Armitage at M6 and $70k in the bank. My exit strategy would be 2 trades (1 up, 1 down) to grab a premo ruck. While it may cost me 2 trades, I think 250k on the bench is just too much. If Armitage is killing it then may have to look elsewhere for downgrade option. hopefully it's a Lycett-and-forget ruck strategy … at least until R11 or 12!

    • Steeeve says:

      This is my current strategy. My trade down possibilities are Brayshaw in defence or Barlow up forward.

  26. SCdonkey says:

    Dusty, Oliver, Kelly, Zorko and Cripps torn of which two I should get.

    Leaning on two possibles
    Dusty and Oliver
    Oliver and Cripps

    I have Danger, Titch and Fyfe locked in.
    Not gonna stuff around in Ruck, i have Gawn Kreuze control in lock position.

    I think I'm settled at the backline department
    Laird, Hibbo, Touhy/Lloyd
    just need rookies that will play in Round 1

    Fwd line is giving me a bit of headache. Not really sure of who will be the top 6 fwd by season end.
    At the moment I have
    Heeney, Billings, DSmith and Sicily

    Thanks in advance fellas

    • Danners says:

      I'd be looking Dusty/Cripps or Kelly/Cripps, not sure on how Oliver will go this season

      • SCdonkey says:

        Dusty and Cripps could be a possible.
        Kelly did well in JLT1 without Mummy will keep a close watch. Oliver is a beast in the pack if he continues the way he played last season he could be one of the top 5 mids.

        Appreciate it Danners for giving me those options will keep it in mind. Atm i have Oliver and Cripps

        • gator59 says:

          The upside with oliver is he'll have the best ruck in the league ramming it down his throat

    • gator59 says:

      Like Oliver and Cripps

    • TOPHAWK1 says:

      Hi Donks!

      I know you love Dusty and you know I love Dusty. He bloody lock!

      So now it comes down to Cripps vs Oliver. My gut says Cripps!

      Cripps has been going around for a few extra years, he has learnt, and now he is hard as nails. Oliver is a gun but not quite there yet.

      Good luck mate!

      • Russty_ says:

        No love for Bont Hawk?…everyone's scared me off the idea of a cheap Ruck this season now…current Rucks are Kreuz and Gawn..hopefully set and forget!

      • SCdonkey says:

        Haha TH. Even though Dusty didn't take Norths offer still love the bloke.

        My concern is Round 14 bye,
        Danger, Fyfe, Laird, Touhy, Lloyd, Heeney, Billings and then Dusty. Should I just bite the bullet and cope it in the chin. I can still drop Lloyd and Billings for someone else.

        • Shake n bake says:

          Glad someone is looking ahead Donkey! Of course do something about it, that’s way to many outs! I’m one that definitely looks ahead to the bye rds before the season starts.

        • Finnius says:

          You can have 8 out for that bye and still get through ok – but definitely no more…

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      Hi SC,out of those picks I have Dusty and Oliver,but looking at the three locked in,did you think about Oliver and Crouch.Your three main backs are the same as mine,I also keep changing between Touhy and Lloyd as my D3. I've gone with Buddy at F1 as I did last year,I know he will drop in price,but he has such a high ceiling,plus he won me a few Grand Finals last year.

    • Jake says:

      I would go Zorko and Kelly i have same mids if u add them two

  27. Danners says:

    He looks good Kev, in the final year of his contract which is usually when players want to prove themselves. Might not be a premo, but like you said could make a nice $150k and the swing helps. With not many cheaper ruckmen, could be worth a shout. Great article

  28. Rocksta says:

    Don’t know about everybody else, but I’m exited about SC this year. Somehow I’ve managed to squeeze 15 Keepers into my team. The most suspect of those are Heath Shaw and Devon Smith, but surely they will be good enough for D6 and M6 At the very least come seasons end.
    Need to refine the Rooks come Rd1 but other than that, I’m good to go. Good Luck to All.

  29. Rocksta says:

    Try Again:
    Don’t know about everybody else, but I’m ‘excited’ about SC this year. Somehow I’ve managed to squeeze 15 Keepers into my team. The most suspect of those are Heath Shaw and Devon Smith, but surely they will be good enough for D6 and ‘F6’ at the very least come seasons end.
    Need to refine the Rooks come Rd1 but other than that, I’m good to go. Good Luck to All.

  30. Lekdog says:

    Good god, let me see your secrets

  31. David C says:

    Even going set and forget in the rucks carries a risk with no backup at R3. Going Gawn and Lycett who historically are injury prone is just too risky. I can see Armageddon now …. the double donut from 2 late outs. Good luck guys, hope it works out for you.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      There are 10 rucks between 500-566k this year, so let’s call them premiums and Kruze the uber premo. The advantage of a premium ruck getting injured early you’ve got 9 others that you should be to do a straight swap to. No need to bother with a R3. That can be Olango or Jeffries as your loophole donut.

      Lycett goes down early and who do you get around his price that isn’t an iffy selection?

    • The Ranger says:

      Enlighten us David, who are your rucks?

      • David C says:

        I've gone Gawn and Martin but thinking about Lycett at R3 for insurance, yes it's coin on the bench but might save donuts. Brisbane are using Walker as ruck relief for Martin, no sign of Archie in the JLT's.

  32. Nateo says:

    I think he's good for an 80 average at least but i'm passing on him. if he goes down to injury in the first few rounds who do we trade him to??

    Jacobs and Gawn set and forget this year

  33. David says:

    Scott will average 95 plus this year without Nic May.

  34. dontblushbaby says:

    Sam Naismith gone down , needs a full knee reco,Darcy Cameron ?

  35. dontblushbaby says:

    or Callum Sinclair ,thats all their got I think

    • David C says:

      Sinclair is 436900. They picked up a mature ruck in the draft in Joel Amartey.

      • Rick Grimes says:

        Makes the next JLT match for Swans very interesting. Are we going to have a rookie ruck to select??

  36. The DoggHaus says:

    G'day all, need tips on structure for my side. I am currently rolling with

    Def: Hibberd, Laird, Howe*, O'Brien, Finlayson, Doedee (Murray, Murphy)
    Mid: Danger, Titch, Fyfe, JPK, Cripps, Davies-Uniacke, Dow, Barry (Holman, Kelly, Banfield)
    Ruc: Martin, Gawn (Cameron)
    Fwd: Buddy, Dahlhaus, Petracca, Sicily, Christensen, Stephenson (Keeffe, Ahern)

    40k spare, decided on a heavy fwd line due to lack of quality rookies. Howe subject to change because of injury. Will drop to Shaw or move Sicily and bring in Walters. Thoughts?

    • Finnius says:

      Like the moving sicily and bringing in walters. This is a strong side.

      • The DoggHaus says:

        Cheers! I feel like this might be the balance I've been looking for. Just nervous on O'Brien and Davies-Uniacke

  37. sammy says:

    Thoughts on Hanley,J Kennedy WCE and Zorko

    • David E says:

      Look mate when reading this looked at my team have most of them too so i need to ascess as well

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Zorko, solid pick, top 10 player. Kennedy will be thereabouts for total points but he's going to throw a few shockers. So fine for rank but will cost you h2hs. Hanley not so sold on. Need to see more in JLT2

  38. Jake says:

    Sandilands must be a good choice looking at rucks

  39. Blueth says:

    Comments please…
    Concerned about a lack of DPP's
    Indigenous explosion forward line.

    DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Lloyd, Shaw, Doedee, Naughton (Mihocek, Mirra)
    MID: Danger, Gibbs, Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, Armitage, LDU, Tim Kelly (Banfield, Holman, Dom Barry)
    RUCK: Ryder, Gawn (Dawson Simpson)
    FWD: Buddy, Dev. Smith, Walters, Christensen, Rioli, Fritsch (Ryan, Garlett)
    50K left

    • David E says:

      Why Walters do u see him as good pick

      • Blueth says:

        Feel like he's been getting better and better in the last few years and i reckon he'll be top 5 by the end of the year

        • Blueth says:

          Also I feel like he's the best of some pretty suss options in the forward line.
          Billings and Greene are underdone.
          Heeney i think will only play 16-18 games this year as he's managing a degen. knee

          • The DoggHaus says:

            Rock solid side. Finlayson is a rookie worth keeping an eye on in your defence or mid. I like the four premo defence line as I often find that line the thorn in most people's side.

            Gibbs may sacrifice points to Sloane, Laird, Crouch bros so maybe swap him to JPK or Bont depending on prices

  40. David E says:

    Def – Laird, P.Hanley, Hibberd (Melb), O'Shea, Keefe , Doedee (Murray, Cummins)

    Mid – Titch, Danger, Fyfe, THE Zorko,J Kelly, Ahern, Dow, Holman (Barry, Worpel, T Kelly)

    Rucks – Gawn,Sandilands (Cameron)

    Fwd – Heeney, J Kennedy, Smith, Barlow, Christensen , Rioli (Ryan, Brown)

    I Stuck not show on alot of players i want some advice on Hanley J Kennedy and Zorko.

    Also why no one keen on Sandi he could be alright and last to the byes
    Thoughts what should i do

    • The Magpie Dentist says:

      O'Shea hasn't appeared in a JLT match yet so keep an eye on Finlayson or O'Brien as replacements. Same situation with Ahern, Banfield seems a solid swap at this point in time.

      Sandi when fit is a great selection but only take him if you're going with a set and forget structure. I honestly prefer Kreuz or Martin but Sandi isn't a bad keeper

      Zorko is a fantastic selection. Kennedy is a solid scorer but expect a rollercoaster. Hanley I like, just keep cash for if he flops (ie trade to Shaw, Lloyd) or downgrade to Sicily

    • David C says:

      J Kennedy unlikely for round 1. OShea and Murray haven't even appeared in JLT yet. Same Ahern.

  41. Skinny McThin says:

    What are you suggesting Kev? Should we accept 80 from our R2 for 12 weeks or do we pay 277K for our R3?
    Both arguments seem daft.

  42. Goaled Finger says:

    Am seriously considering Sandi as my R2 until Ryder has had his bye. His first 10 rounds aren't exactly against a who's who of tap ruckmen, and he should get plenty of hit-outs to advantage with Fyfe back to his best.

  43. Sinus says:

    Opinions please.
    Laird, Hibberd, McGrath.
    Danger, Martin, Mitchell, Oliver, Fyfe, Armitage, O’Meara
    Gawn, Lycett
    Franklin, Wingard, Walters, Smith.
    $165K in kitty.

  44. Jono says:

    What has happened to Have not been able to access it for 36 hours.