GOLD COAST v GEELONG – Supercoach Match Report

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I’m sure the end result would be of some confidence to the two or three Gold Coast fans out there, but in the end the game was nothing more than a light training drill for both sides, with Geelong missing so many best 22 players that they looked to just be going through the motions the majority of the time, while Gold Coast were playing against an obviously weakened side, although their intent to run both ways, especially after displaying a complete lack of desire to do that under Rodney Eade, should be applauded, even in a nothing game. The Cats were sloppy in front of goal, booting 3.11, and the Suns ran away with an easy victory, winning 85 to 29.


Notable Absentees – GEELONG

Patrick Dangerfield, Gary Ablett, Joel Selwood, Scott Selwood, Lachie Henderson, Harry Taylor, Nakia Cockatoo,

Notable Absentees – GOLD COAST

Steven May, Peter Wright, David Swallow, Callum Ah Chee, Michael Barlow

Injuries: Tim Kelly (groin)



Tim Kelly – $117,300 – MID

Was put on ice partway through the 4th quarter, but he looked dangerous around the packs early. He had 13 disposals, 2 clearances, 3 tackles and 6 score involvements. Will need to see how he plays once the big 3 for Geelong return, but if Ablett or Danger spend a lot of time forward, he could be one that gets a spot. 72 SCPoints is a big tick.
Lachie Fogarty – $117,300 – MID

Solid hitout with 14 disposals @ 85% efficiency. Still liked Kelly’s game better, but there’s more than a few young guys for Geelong who could push for a spot this pre-season. 68 SCPoints is a good result if he can put that up in the real stuff.

Esava Ratugolea – $123,900 – FWD

Kicked 1.1 with 6 disposals and 4 clangers. Still a work in progress.

Zac Smith – $501,800 – RUC

Didn’t play in the first half and then split some ruck time with Stanley and Buzza after that. Played just 43% of the game and had 10 disposals with 12 hitouts. Still clearly the #1 ruck at the Cats, even with the limited game time.

Charlie Constable – $117,300 – MID

Was a late addition and had no issue finding the ball, with 22 disposals, the 2nd highest for the Cats. Also had 4 tackles, 2 clearances and 2 rebound 50’s, while only playing 68% ToG. Good game, could put pressure on Tim Kelly. Ended up with 74 SCPoints.

Mitch Duncan – $603,700 – MID

Was finding the ball at will in the first quarter, but only ended up with 17 disposals @ 52.9% efficiency. Can’t see anyone selecting him in such a strong midfield unit at his price.

Sam Menegola – $551,800 – MID/FWD

Had 21 disposals, but only went at 52.4% efficiency. Another one whose role need to be clarified in a full strength team before i’d consider selecting him. 86 SCPoints is OK, but not for his starting price.

Gryan Miers – $117,300 – FWD

Looked very dangerous in the first quarter, but sat forward mostly after that and didn’t get involved much more. If he plays, it’s likely as a small forward, but the ball will certainly be coming in more often once the midfield returns for Geelong. He had 11 disposals, 3 inside 50’s and a goal. Could consider at this point, but we’d still want better than the 54 SCPoints he scored today.

Jamaine Jones – $123,900 – FWD

Was BOG the way Dwayne was hyping him up, but i’m sure he was getting text messages from Chris Scott telling him to do so during the broadcast. He had 10 disposals and 2 tackles with 55 SCPoints.

Zac Tuohy – $484,600 – DEF

Had a game high 24 disposals, with 8 rebound 50’s, 4 marks and 105 SCPoints. Did his usual thing across half back, could be a POD if you pick him.


Gold Coast

Aaron Hall – $507,200 – MID

He’s teased us plenty in the past, but he had a quality game with 17 disposals, 3 marks, 6 tackles, 4 inside 50’s and 2 goals. Went at 94% efficiency and scored a game high 115 SCPoints.

Pearce Hanley – $428,000 – DEF/MID

Didn’t do anything to convince anyone to pick him in the first half, but calmed after that and had 16 disposals, 5 marks and 3 rebound 50’s from 63% ToG. First half was the worst you could expect from him, let’s just hope it was nerves or rust. 62 SCPoints is a big disappointment though

Lachie Weller – $394,300 – MID

Honestly can say I did not notice him once in the game, although he finished with 14 disposals,  although he only went at 42.9% efficiency. Definite no at his price, but he should get better.

Tom J. Lynch – $467,600 – FWD

Looked active up forward even though he only kicked 1.1, but we must remember he probably would have had someone like Harry Taylor on him in the real stuff rather than smaller defenders such as Tom Stewart or Zach Tuohy.

Jarryd Lyons – $493,900 – MID

Led the way for the Suns with 22 disposals, including 9 contested possessions and 21 pressure acts. Went at 77% efficiency and also had 7 clearances and 87 SCPoints. Solid hitout for him and he’s likely to be the lead dog inside for the Suns in 2018.

Jarrod Witts – $518,300 – RUC

Split his time with Tom Nicholls, Witts played 64% of the game, Nicholls played 41%. Witts ended with 9 disposals, 17 hitouts, 3 clearances, while Nicholls had 9 disposals and 10 clearances. I’d say Witts still has the lead spot, but could be a tough contest leading up to round 1.

Nick Holman – $102,400 – MID

Did his work around half forward, booting a goal, with 15 disposals (9 contested), 9 tackles and a game high 23 pressure acts. Good game for him, he’ll certainly be a popular pick after this game. Scoring 84 SCPoints might have made our days.

Will Brodie – $187,700 – MID

Very active in the first half, he finished with 14 disposals, 4 tackles and 2 clearances from 69% ToG. Needs to improve on a disposal efficiency of 57.1% though, but 72 SCPoints is OK, that kind of average would still see him potentially make a couple hundred grand during the year.

Brayden Fiorini – $387,400 – MID

Booted 2 goals with 14 disposals, 5 rebound 50’s and 3 clearances. Good game, but very awkward price means no-one will go near him, even if he did score a big 105 SCPoints today.

Aaron Young – $313,400 – FWD

Was getting around it in the forward line, but didn’t really put it all together with just 10 disposals, 2 marks and 1.2. One of those “almost” games, but the signs were good.

Darcy MacPherson – $257,000 – FWD

Big game with 15 disposals, 4 tackles, 4 inside 50’s and 113 SCPoints. Looked very active around half forward for the Suns.


So that’s my review, but for anyone else who watched, did you see anything that took your fancy?

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Duncans sitting at m3 in my team so this was a big disappointment. I know what you're thinking, but I think Duncan and Selwood will be the main midfielders in the Geelong outfit, with Danger and Ablett swapping out of the forward line and menegola playing a lot of forward. This has taken the wind out of my sails though

In better news, Tim Kelly looks great out there and is a lock for m9


Don't worry about Duncan. When the whole team is on the park he will come to the party.


Let's hope so. Hard when your team gets trounced, especially by Gold Coast


Geelong let the young blokes have a crack this game, completely different team come round 1.


Will be interesting against the bombers at colac next week, can't wait to crack into a few cans and watch it there.


But he is now injured with a Quad strain…


I'd say he'd be fit for round 1


Corky I think GD.


Love your work, Barron. Not too concerned by Hanley's outing personally but if he repeats his struggles in their next game I'll jump off the bandwagon.


MacPherson very good but quietened down a touch in the 2nd half. Couldn't pick him but Kelly and Holman solid locks for me at this stage. Although not really relevant, Sexton had a good game playing in the Suns forward half. All in all, Suns were impressive, especially with the pressure, even if Geelong were missing the big guns. Might take a few scalps this year but still a ways off finals footie…


Off 52% time on ground as well


You are a god Barron


Pretty impressed with Tuohy to be honest. I know it's one game, but it feels like his role may be SC relevant. I currently have McGovern at D3 but I'm wondering if Tuohy could be a decent swap?


McGovern to anyone is a decent swap


Just kidding mate, yeah Tuohy looked good but can't see him being a top 8 defender


haha thanks mate. I like the idea of McGovern being a POD but am annoyed we didn't get a chance to see much of him last game. If he doesn't play JLT2 I may be forced to swap to someone else. Who that is I'm not quite sure yet. Also, for what it's worth, I like your Duncan selection. I had him in my team from the start but have recently found a way to swap him for Kelly. I hope he does well for you.


Cheers mate, hoping he does well. Have Kelly as well, can't see him not being a filthy points pig this year. Hope McGovern does well for you, but you've got to be a braver man than me to pick him


I've decided to try take more risks this year. I usually finish quite well each year (top 1000 or so) but it's by selecting all the same players as everyone else. Thought I'd try something different this year. I'll probably end up coming dead last!


Lek's very big on one Jeremy McGovern and I'm keeping half an eye on him as well. Feel you'll get him cheaper somewhere down the road but you'll get that with most defenders.

My draft side hopes Duncan has a huge year but I'm not going near him in the real deal, MaSloane. Love the thinking though


Thoughts on my current lineup? Looking more and more like midpriced madness which is a bit of a worry. 92k left

Def: Hibberd, Laird, Shaw, Naughton, Doedee, Findlayson (Ballanden, Mirra)
Mid: Danger, Titch, Oliver, Fyfe, Pendles, Cogs, Dow, Barry, (Holman, Ahern, Kelly)
Ruc: Gawn, Lycett (Hayes)
Fwd: Heeney, Billings, Smith, Sicily, Christensen, Ryan (Garlett, W Rioli )


I really like this side Tommy. Exactly the same structure as mine. I Originally had Heeney and Billings but have swapped them out for now. I want Billings, but if I don't see him this preseason I'll make him an upgrade target.


Yeah they both need to show a bit in the JLT2 to warrant selection.
Thanks Mate!


Great lineup.




Thanks mate!


Forward line will probably be madness across the board, Tommy. Really like that midfield, and Pendles is one I've seen in very, very few teams. Lycett firming in my side after Vardy went down.

No sold on Christensen but I'll give him another look before making a call either way on him!


Thanks Patch! I'm concerned if Christensen plays mostly forward, the lack of supply could cost him points. But at that price, doesn't need to do that much to make money for us.


Looking good, my teams structure is very similar.


Who is Cogs???




Probably not the correct forum to ask, but still have a few slots still open for leagues. If anyone needs teams for a committed SCer in a competitive league I can join would be great.


Offering or looking? I'm looking myself, hard finding leagues to join as most are full.


254124 just me in there, guess i should try fill it!


Hey fat, do you mind if I join the league?? It'd be good to be in a league with a couple of the jock reynold community.


go for it mate, need to fill it, more the merrier


Cheers fatboy, RobDogs in.

Shake n Bake

Hey RobDogs you were in my league last year. l have a spot open up for you if u like to jump in this year. let me know & ill give u the code.


Does anyone know if Old Ocker will be dropping his amazing stats spreadsheet this year? I have used it a lot over the years … would happily chip in five bucks for the privilege!


I don't think so, had a bit of a whinge fest a week or two ago, the bloke cant handle a bit of change.


See who plays but the best rookies for the midfield are Banfield ,Barry,Holman


Looking for some thoughts on my current lineup. Currently have 30k left in the bank.

Originally had Dusty and JOM but swapped them to Crouch and Coniglio after the JLT matches. Lloyd could also become Shaw, Crouch could become Kelly and Smith could become Tracca or Curnow.

DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Houli, Lloyd, Doedee, Finlayson (Murphy, Mirra)

MID: Danger, Titch, Crouch, Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, T Kelly, Barry (Worpel, Ainsworth, Holman)

RUCK: Gawn, Lycett (Olango)

FWD: Heeney, Billings, Smith, Sicily, W Rioli, Ryan (Tiziani, Garlett)


I like this team DM. First I've seen with Houli which is refreshing. Defence is solid. Great mids, easy to swap one or two to other premiums but tough to know who'll score better this year e.g. Crouch v Kelly. I reckon go with your gut. Your ruck setup will likely become more popular over the coming weeks. Rookies seem right for now.
Sicily = flog, so I just can't go there. Good luck though!


Will Brodie very underrated. Looked good going in for the ball and was everywhere at times. Better than LDU and Rayner!

dave G

Got a season more under his belt too. Locked in before ldu for mine.


Coniglio ,Armo and Brayshaw are the best M6, M7 and M8 then Banfield M9 ,M10 Barry and Holman M11.As long as they play round one that's who i am going with.


Btw jump on Banfield if you haven't already. Reports out of Freo are that he is very likely to be named round 1 after the game today against WC.


100%. Another 3 goals, and lots of contested possessions. Looks a breath of fresh air for Freo out there.

Rob Caruso

I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t have dalhause in forward, am I missing something , I have Heeny , Smith , dalhause as main forwards??


Because he was shit yesterday in the JLT and wasn't very good last year either.

some little kid

Also I heard people on this site saying his mid time will get less and less, truth to this?


Won’t get the midfield time that he got in 2025 and 2016. McLean has that role now


Bingo. McLean is a close watch for mine. Dollhaus was poor last year and he looks small out there after watching him in JLT1.


Proof reading is gold! I know you meant 2015. Cheers Derek.


Nick Holman should be in 100% of teams he'll make us some serious money


Agreed. Looks great for a 100K rook. Just got a bit sore late in the game today. Keep an eye on that.


Anyone know how Wigg is tracking? Thought he'd be close to the 22 up on the GC….Seems to have made a career out of being 25th on a list so far, Cats then Crows.


Broke his ankle I think it was early in December. I'm guessing their busy trying to get him match fit he would've missed a chunk of pre-season.


According to early reports, Harrison Wigg is still carrying some injury niggles. He is unlikely to be ready for round one. But this kid is on my radar big time. He can play and is a very nice pick up for Gold Coast.


Struggling to fill f5-f6 at the moment
Darcy mac any chance?
With the lack of rookies on the fwd line looking at him or christensen for that f5 spot.
Other option is kelly down to cogs in tbe guts freeing up the cash to go up to hogan/curnow type player.

Shake n bake

He Trigg when will the Happy Place league come along?


I have forward line of:

Buddy, Heeney, Billing’s, Devon, Christensen, Paddy McCartin.

Forget about the rookies

Shake n Bake

Like the Buddy choice,l think hell be a top 8 fwd come yrs end. What does your def look like?

The Ranger

Brander and Waterman both had good games in the Freo v Eagles scratch match according to the West Australian.
Brander has the handy DPP too.


Hey guys,

My first year going into actually researching and having a crack at supercoach, love the podcasts guys!
I'm after some feedback on my team at the moment, hopefully I'm on the right track!

Laird, Hibberd, J.Lloyd, Shaw, Naughton, Finlayson (Doedee, Mihocek)

D.Martin, Mitchell, Fyfe, Beams, Coniglio, Armitage, Brodie, Barry (Dow, T.Kelly, Holman)

S.Martin, Gawn (D.Cameron)

Greene, M.Walters, D.Smith, Sicily, Tiziani, Fritsch (Ahern, Ryan)

($10,000 left)

Thanks guys, keep it up!


Sorry, $4,700 left


having both coniglio and armatige is questionable, I would trade armitage to LDU, sicily to christianson and upgrade dow to dangerfield


Sounds good, not sure where I'm gonna get the extra $400k for Danger tho…


Go with your gut, I actually used to do better before listening to everyone else's opinion. Most teams will be so similar. Def is solid, Mids is good enough. Cog and Arm could pay off for future upgrade. Rucks good, Fwd risk but has potential to pay off. Sure more changes after JLT no 2.


Cheers for the feedback mate. I'll see what changes I'd need to make to bring in a safer fwd option and see which of the two I prefer. Thanks again!


Did Bowes play?

Rick Grimes

Yes, very quiet. I put a line through him.


Any thoughts on current Team.

DEF: Laird, Howe, K.Simpson, O’Shea, R.Smith, Doedee, (A.Morgan, S.Murray)
MID: Danger, T.Mitchell, Merret, Fyfe, Pendlenbury, Rockliff, Davis-Uniacke, T.Kelly, (Ainsworth, Ahern, Holman)
RuCK: Gawn, Sandilands (T.English)
FWD: Menegola, Mundy, D.Smith, Christensen, Fritsch, L.Ryan, (Garlet, T.Smith)

Thoughts on the Sandilands selection is to bank some solid points in the early rounds while working out who is going to be the next best in-form ruck will be say by round 5/6. Sandi though an injury risk is well priced for what he is likely to score injury free (thinking minimum 85 to potentially 110 if lucky). Should at the very least hold his value before eventually getting injured. Will be hard upgrading a mid-price Lycett type selection to a $500 – $600K in-form ruck without multiple trades imo.

Also contemplating Dahlhause vs Mundy.


Why don't you just pick Lycett and pocket the cash? Likely to generate more dosh and then can still upgrade if need be. Sandi too risky and still too expensive if you want 'value' or cash-gen.

Probably one too deep in the mids as well as we have so many midfield rookies this year.


try Rocky down to Barry and TSmith to Heeney/billings. that is a serious forward line.


Nice team Dusty! Couldn't go the beams train myself though, I can't deal with injury prone premos. Same goes for Greene but because he'll probably cop a suspension at some stage. Love the Martin in the ruck pick and no danger, I'm not saying danger wont be the top scoring mid again this year but I don't think he can keep scoring that high with Gaz back.


Cheers mate! Yeah Beams is a bit of an unknown but in years gone past, when he plays, he scores very highly. Even if he starts, I reckon it's safe to assume his scoring will be high and he at least won't lose money when/if he breaks down. But yeah, who knows, his head might fall off at the first bounce.


Macpherson, josh Dunkley or christensien

Dawson Simpson or lycett

Please help me out


Top line-Look again in JLT2.

Line below- Scott Lycett. Vardy has gone down with a knee problem today, and Nic Nat is still months away.

Just my take. Good luck mate.


I’m thinking Lycett at R2 and Simpson R3


A lot of coin sitting on the pine (but may yet make as much money as a rookie ruck) – have been toying with the idea myself.

Do we think Pedersen is a chance to play at Melbourne?
Is about the only fwd/ruck we could use as a swing set bench option (can’t see McKernan playing enough).


Cox is best DPP option.

He will play round 1


Can make twice the coin with Simpson and Lycett.

Still cheaper than Ryder + rookie


Have you cooled on Pittonet at R3?


Pittonet played in JLT1, but him a Big Boy rotated on and off. i think he played the second and 4th quarteres. if i saw Pittonet rucking and Big Boy at full forward i would be excited about Clarko playing both. Will be keeping a close watch on JLT2.


If you Gawn it wouldn't work..


What's the go with Sam Draper as a ruck bench option? With clowns like Lou "ham and egg burger" and Bellringers running around for the bombers, could Draper get some game time in 2018? Didn't look too bad in JLT1 with 50 odd SC points, 8 pozzies and some nice hit outs. Thoughts?


Would have thought McKernan would be 3rd in line


The Lycet move allows us to grab an extra premo or 2. Do I arch with Graham/Brodie or go LDU/Bradshaw at M7/8?

D: Yeo, Laird, Hibberd, Shaw, Doedee, Morgan (Murphy, Mirra);

M: Danger, Titch, Dusty, Fyfe, Cripps, Armiage, Graham, Brodie (Spargo, Holman, Barry);

R: Gawn, Lycett (Cameron);

F: Heeney, Billing’s, Smith, Christensen, Rioli (WC), Fritsch, (Ryan, Garlett).


Hey community just seeing what your thoughts are on this left of field lineup that has a few PODs in it as well as a few mid pricers (which i am aware is high risk, but could be high reward)
there is a few changes i have considered as well, as in Wilson in for Lever, or Kelly in for Fyfe, or even Shaw in for Saad?
Let me know your thoughts!

DEF: Yeo, Lloyd, Lever, Saad, O’Shea, Doedee (Coffield, Murray)

MID: Martin, Titch, Fyfe, JPK, Cripps, Coniglio, T.Kelly, Barry (LDU, Worpel, Holman)

RUC: Grundy, Gawn (English)

FWD: Heeney, Billings, Petracca, Christensen, Keeffe, Ahern (Garlett, Fritsch)

cheers community!


personal opinion: saad and lever are pretty poor supercoach scorers, id go Hibberd and tuhoy and get kelly in for jpk and grundy out for lycett then sicily for a keefe


thanks Sauce!


Billings or wingard?


billings, will explode


Def – Laird, P.Hanley, Hibberd (Melb), O'Shea, Keefe , Doedee (Murray, Cummins)

Mid – Titch, Danger, Fyfe, THE Zorko,J Kelly, Ahern, Dow, Holman (Barry, Worpel, T Kelly)

Rucks – Gawn,Sandilands (Cameron)

Fwd – Heeney, J Kennedy, Smith, Barlow, Higgins , Rioli (Ryan, Fritsch)

Thoughts? Changes?


Sorry 150K Bank and Christenson in the team instead of Higgins

Wally Brando


Wally Brando

Also anyone else rate TJ Lynch? Contract year, he looked ferocious against the Cats, pressure acts, pushing up the wings, 78 from only 11 touches and 1 goal. If he averages 3 goals per game that boosts him up around 95…


The first combo…Honestly think Pendles is on his last legs as far as SC relevance goes.


Def – Laird, Hibberd (Melb), Savage, Shaw , C. Ellis, Doedee (Murphy, Mirra)

Mid – Dusty, Titch, Fyfe, Kelly, Cripps, Armatige, Finlayson, Holman (Barry, Banfiled, T Kelly)

Rucks – Gawn, Lycett (Olango)

Fwd – McLean, Sicily, Smith, Melksham, Crozier , Dunkley (Ryan, Fritsch)

A watch this space scenario with McLean and Melksham…Ruck could bite me in the ass, but we'll see


Thoughts on Hanley,J Kennedy WCE and Zorko


One dud, one solid, one gun

Big Skweezer

Any thoughts on obvious omissions

"Flog Factor 10"

Def, Hurley. Shaw. Johannisen. Sicily. Carlisle. Hoult. Plus rookies

Mids, Dangerfield. Oliver. Heppell. Goddard. Libba, De Goey. Robinson. Langford. Plus rookies

Rucks. Bellchambers. Tippett

Fwds. Greene. Riewoldt. Waite. Stringer. Bugg. Lindsay Thomas. Rookies….


Think Tippett might have to go