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In my efforts to come up with some sort of quippy introduction for today’s match between the Dogs and Hawks at Mars Stadium in space Ballarat, I learnt that Mars no longer uses the slogan “work, rest, and play” but instead “put some play in your day”. This isn’t a recent thing either, this happened almost three years ago. Admittedly, I’m a Snickers man, but as a chocolate fan in general in disappointed in myself that I missed the memo on this.

On to the footy, both teams rolled out some pretty decent lineups today from a SuperCoach viewpoint. A few rookies caught the eye but it was mainly some of the mid priced options lifting their skirt and giving us a cheeky flash of their potential for 2018.

The game went goal for goal in the first half. Dogs kicked away a bit in the third then held off the Hawks to run out 22 point winners.

No Tim English today, the Dogs instead opting to rotate Trengove (13 hitouts), Roughead (5) and Schache (2) through the middle.

Notable absentees – Hawthorn

Birchall, Cyril, Frawley, Langford, Worpel

Notable absentees – Western Bulldogs

Tom Boyd, Dickson, Wallis, Dale Morris (LTI)

Score: Bulldogs 15. 10. 100 v Hawks 11. 12. 78



  • Schoenmakers had his knee strapped in the first after a knock. Was okay to play the rest of the game
  • Picken used his head to run into Dunkey’s hip and was stretched off. Up and about in the rooms though.


SuperCoach Significance – Hawthorn

  1. James Sicily – DEF/FWD – $402,800 – 114SC

Played back with Gunston up forward. Had a very quiet first quarter but picked it up for the rest of the afternoon. 24 touches (17 kicks) and 6 marks at 91% d.e.

Champion Data loves the metres gained stat and he led that with 520m (elite)

  1. Ryan Burton – DEF – $460,200 – 45SC

Quiet. Terrible turnover by foot in the third and looked a shadow of the player that had a breakout year in 2017. Fell a few rungs on my watchlist

  1. Blake Hardwick – DEF – $349,300 – 54SC

What the bloody hell is that on your head, Blake?! I told you to trim those sideburns. GO HOME, YOU’RE OFF THE TEAM!

  1. Jarman Impey – FWD – $335,700 – 39SC

Had a good start playing as a link up player between midfield and the forward line. Only 39SC to show for his 15 disposals. Avoid

  1. Ben McEvoy – RUCK – $523,300 – 63SC

Dominated the hitouts with little competition in the ruck but didn’t do much around the ground with only 8 touches. Keep him as an option though as his TOG was only 57%

  1. Tom Mitchell – MID – $653,500 – 123SC

Standard day at the office for Tom. 16 of his 30 touches were contested. A goal, 10 clearances, and 7 inside 50’s from 83% TOG. Still the #1 mid at the Hawks

  1. J-J-J-Jaegar Bomb – MID – $315,800 – 79SC

New season. Same Jaegar. Loves a handball that kid. Wish he’d kick the bloody thing but got through the game at least. Did what he had to without stamping his dominance on the game. Looked a bit slow out there. 16 touches.

  1. Marc Pittonet – RUCK – $129,700 – 40SC

Few games back in 2016. Looks a lively type, throwing himself into contests. Kicked a lovely set shot in Q1. Finished with 13 hitouts from 32% TOG. Can he get a game though? Big Boy is still the undisputed #1 and there was no Ceglar today. If you’re after a playing R3 keep an eye on him.

  1. David Mirra – DEF – $102,400 – 15SC

Sat out the first three quarters. Got his opportunity in the last but could only find three touches and a mark. Not what I wanted to see but remains in my team until Clarko doesn’t pick him.

  1. Ollie Hanrahan – FWD – $123,900 – 44SC

Did deadset nothing in the first quarter despite a lot of TOG%, I was sharpening my tongue ready to rip in. Had a better second quarter then disappeared again. 8 touches and a goal. Cant see him keeping his spot when Cyril returns.

  1. The Shoemaker – FWD – $301,400 – 95SC and
  2. Jarryd Roughead – FWD – $475,800 – 82SC

Kicked 5.4 between them as a lead up forwards. Looked a decent combo but not for SuperCoach purposes.


SuperCoach Significance – Western Bulldogs

  1. Aaron Naughton – DEF – $166,800 – 63SC

Took some time to find his feet at this level. Looked okay but will need another game. Problem with these intercept types is if they don’t do that, there’s not many other strings to their bow. 13 touches and 5 marks from 84% TOG

  1. Jason Johannisen – DEF – $450,800 – 83SC

Still looks like the illegitimate lovechild of a mop and a block of Cadbury™ Top Deck choccy. His position was hard to nail down exactly, spent time on the wing and each forward 50 arc depending on the quarter. His quick hands were an asset up forward while his speed and ball use in the D50 made the Dogs look cleaner. Hawks let him run wild and free today, doesn’t answer my questions over his ability to handle a tag. Kicked 3 behinds.

  1. Hayden Crozier – FWD – $341,400 – 85SC

Damo did a writeup of him earlier in the week. he might be onto something here. A forward in SuperCoach but playing off half back. Had kick in duties at times and the Dogs looked to get it in his hands. Had it 20 times and went at 90% d.e

  1. Luke Dahlhaus – FWD/MID – $498,500 – 75SC

Played predominately midfield and mostly spotted him being a seagull on the outside of packs. Didn’t do enough from his 16 disposals.

  1. Libba – MID – $434,600 – 99SC

Wanted to see some mongrel out of Libba. Laid 5 tackles but that needs to be more.  Spotted him front and centre of a lot of packs but couldn’t get his hands on it. Go in and get it Libba!

  1. Bont – MID – $577,800 – 125SC

The big graceful bastard reminds me of a gazelle. Time seems to stop wen he gets his hands on it. Like every other midfielder this preseason, drifted forward where he proves to be a difficult matchup. 25 touches and 7 inside 50’s. Led the Dogs today with 125SC but got a few freebies from Champion Data I feel.

  1. Toby McLean – FWD/MID – $470,200 – 98SC

Those trying to keep this guy quiet might find it a bit more difficult after today. Went almost unsighted in the first half but picked it up after that playing on a wing. Finished with 19 disposals at 89% d.e

  1. Jackson Macrae – MID – $587,800 – 113SC

First first quarter alone was enough to get me excited. Had 11 touches and 2 goals but slowed down after that. Finishing with 23. Played mostly midfield and rotated forward.

  1. Josh Dunkley – FWD – $296,900 – 114SC

Kicked two in the first quarter playing as a small forward and added another in the fourth. Super awkward price. Interested to get another look.

  1. Grizzly “Marcus” Adams – DEF – $434,900 – 78SC

Would honestly crap myself if this guy even approached me. Built like a brick shithouse as they say but he’s more than that. Several brick shithouses? Loved him at rookie price but not at 434k. Pass.

  1. Bailey Williams – DEF – $319,300

24 touches and eight marks and honestly a lot bigger than I remember him being. Flicking through his scores last year he didn’t do that much. Blue moon score?

What did you see from the game, community?






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Big undersell on Naughton.
Most impressive young player from JLT1 for me bar maybe Andrew Brayshaw. Did everything right defensively and flashed elite usage by foot. Absolute lock.


Needed a bit more out of him personally, TB. Took a super courageous mark in the second (I think) with Rough bearing down on him and I thought he looked the goods. Then he disappeared.

Was another passage of play where he ran pretty much the length of the field later in the game that was awesome. Hopefully he takes confidence from that


Agree with tough bretts here. Did things you just don't see from a first year player. I really liked him & slotted him in after that run the length of the field play. And I don't see many rook defender options. So you need to at very least have an eye on him


I reckon there's a few Pie.
Naughton, Doedee, Coffield, Finlayson, Watson, Mihocek, Mirra, maybe Murray, Morgan and Keefe?
How many get named round one is another thing.


Jack Payne from Brisbane is getting a huge pump up by coaching staff – 197cm key defender but got a 29/30 at the combine kicking test so he has elite skills.
Doesn't hurt that he drilled Lance Franklin for a holding the ball call in his first hit-out for the club


Lower those expectations Hedski. I've rolled into round 1 hoping for 10+ rookie defenders only to be disappointed. And then the ones you pick get dropped. The fact Murray was an emergency with so many first choice players out means move on from him. Keefe will peel the oranges at GWS. Mirra is back up. If we get 4 that's good


Bit of mid priced madness then?


Gardner too.


Whoops. Just saw I missed putting in Bailey’s score. He finished with 104


Cheers Kev, Sicily has a beautiful kick on him and could find his way into my side if he stays down back, loved his game, hopefully he can hold himself back from going "Full Toby Floghead".
God I gotta shuffle my team and get Titch in…


I liked the look of Sicily as well Hedski. He got tagged last year & scored 36 from memory, so will that continue? He also had a 25 where he gave away about 8 frees when he went Full Toby. I was at 2 games that Jeremy Howe got tagged last year & he shat the bed. Those 2 games stopped Howe from being a top 6, the rest of the season he was very serviceable. You need to accept Sicily will throw in some turds. His DPP is handy. Well worth consideration for sure


That's definitely the question mark on him, talent is there, needs the temperament.


I'm seriously considering both the flogs for a start this year. Toby Greene and Sicily fit nicely in my current line up due to lack of other options at the right price. Sicily played above his price tag yesterday and as expected he showed glimpses of flogdom. The reward is worth the risk IMO.


Macrae good? Lekdog happy


TMitch is good a getting the ball. I just can't fit them all in. trying to pick my M3 & M4. either Oliver, MCrouch, Kelly or TMitch.


Oliver and Titch for me Derek


It was Oliver and Crouch. TMitch just gets a lot of the ball. I gotta have dusty at M2 don’t I?


I've got Titch at M2 as I believe I'll be able to pick up Dusty relatively cheap ($500-600k) fairly early in the season, maybe even by RD10. As long as you have Danger I think you're okay not starting Dusty as well, I could bring in Dusty and have ~80k left but because I know I can get him cheaper I won't.

Just my two cents, cheers.


I feel like dusty is much more likely to drop in price than titch so im starting titch at M2 and gonna wait on bringing dusty in. Mr consistent as opposed to dusty who has off patches. I also have a gut feeling that dusty may not hit the same form as he did last year. Dusty is one certainty not to be starting in my team. Maybe he comes in at the byes. Maybe dusty goes bang and and il fall a bit behind. A risk im willing to take.

My starting premo mids atm are: danger titch zorko zerrett neale cripps


No Fyfe Kyle?
I got a soft spot for little Lachie but I'd take a fit Fyfe any day.


Believe me hedski, this one has been racking my brain all pre season. Im still a bit sour about fyfe last year. Form turned around the week i traded him out.

I have a bit of a man crush on little lachie aswell. He may well still turn into fyfe before round one but im also looking at a POD midfield because of how little choices there are across most of the other positions. Neale is a huge POD being in only 2% of teams but not starting fyfe may turn out to be the biggest POD of them all.


Ha ha, I'm with you there mate,traded Nat for Pendles……turned out real well.

The Ranger

The Dogs are a bit like the Hawks of old, so many good players that you can't actually pick any of them.
Dale, Williams, Dahlhaus, Honeychurch, McLean, Dunkley, Hunter, Daniel…they'll all have the odd 110pt game but I'm not sure any of them will average 90 or above so I'm steering clear of all of them.
Titch locked himself in at M2 for me.
And Sicily smells of flog. You can't pick him unless you don't mind a bit of flog.


Toby McLean is the only one I'd be looking at out of that list.


Naughton just OK!?? Doggies fans (myself included) going schmacko over him from yesterday.

Good write up nonetheless.


geezuz Kev what a crap review SICILY did NOT have a quiet first Half he 11 disposals in the second quarter you muppett.


Pretty sure he said first quarter mate


yeah it does now that I pointed it out. If you're gunna write a review based on other reviews or stats admit it. Don't claim to be at the game when he obviously wasn't


Just FYI DunNuthin, never claimed I was at the game. Bit of a drive is Ballarat. Just watching the live stream on the AFL app

Never copy opinions in my writeups. If I miss something a vast majority of people in the comments pick up the slack in a supportive way