HEATH SHAW – Supercoach Spotlight 2018

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By Dan Batten.

Nah. No way. Shawly not. That’s what I’m sure most of you opening this article are thinking. Heath himself is probably sure of that.

How can we forget one of the greatest SuperCoach falls from grace of all time?

Previously a SuperCoach stalwart in defence, Shaw fell with an agonising thud after 11 straight seasons averaging 90+. Shaw managed a dismal average of 83, a shadow below his dominant 2016 and 2017 campaigns that yielded 105+ averages.

On face value, picking Heath Shaw is asking for trouble. However, an injury to future premo lock Zac Williams and Nathan Wilson’s departure to the Dockers means Shaw could be jettisoned back into that rebounding defender role where he was so dearly loved.



2018 Facts $458,100 MID
2017 Games 22 (25 including finals)
2017 Average 83.3 (83.8 including finals)
2017 100+ Scores 3 (4 including finals)
2017 Sub-80 scores 9 (11 including finals)
2017 Highs & Lows High of 118, low of 53


One thing that was virtually non-existent in his scoring in 2017 was his high ceiling. Shaw surpassed the 120 mark on eight occasions in 2016 and failed to go past that mark once last year. His kicking game was less significant, averaging five less kicks per game and recording a kick to handball ratio of 3:1, compared to 7:1 in 2016. Nine scores below 80 for the season was also incredibly uncharacteristic.



As previously alluded to, the outs of Nathan Wilson and Zac Williams could get Shaw back to his best. It’s unlikely the Giants will get a rookie like Jeremy Finlayson is Isaac Cumming to fill the role, and Ryan Griffen played as a rebounding defender in their practice match. Even so, Shaw should (key word there is should) revert to his kick and mark friendly rebounding position in their absence.

This is exactly what he did last night in his first JLT hit-out. While Ryan Griffen – who has been mooted as a possible replacement for Williams’ role – was a late out, Lachie Whitfield played that exact position and it didn’t seem to effect Shaw at all. Heater racked up 22 disposals (20 kicks) and 113 SuperCoach points and was back getting his shifty handball receives and sideways kicks in the back 50. The Shaw we know and love.

Another massive positive is that Heath Shaw has been tearing up the track – like every player during the month of February. There is hard evidence to suggest this is more than just a throw-away line, though, given Heath Shaw ran his best 3km time trial. Yep, at the age of 32.

Last week on SEN’s Whateley, Shaw said last season was his “most draining year of footy” he’s played. This year he has taken a “fresh approach” (whatever that means) and is feeling much more refreshed. Read into it what you will, but those 3km numbers are some proof of that.



Can’t blame anyone for being completely turned off by his 2017 season. I myself got him in at Round 9, where he proceeded to score just 1 ton for the rest of the year. Am I insane?

Despite the fact he should take on the rebounding defender, he did play his weird wing role in their recent practice match that he was forced to play at times last year… Naht good for his scoring potential one bit.

Ryan Griffen has also been touted as a possible suitor, and considering his blistering speed, Giants teammates may opt to get it in his hands rather than Shaw’s.

And what happens when Zac Williams returns in the back half of the season? Will he revert to his yuck 2017 form?

They say age is just a number, but 32 doesn’t sound too crash hot for a premium. Is Shaw too old to recapture his previous form?

Many question marks here.


Remember that time he got suspended for half the season after we all traded him in? Back in the days before lockout?

It’s not relevant to anything, I’m just still angry about it. Carry on.


I can hear Admiral Ackbar yelling “It’s a trap” in the back of my head, but he is currently slotted in as my D3. He is dirt cheap and last night answered the major questions I had of Shaw entering the season. In 2017 the reason for his drop-off was that he stopped playing as a rebounding defender, but I don’t think GWS can afford to not have him playing this role – at least until Williams comes back mid-year.

Shaw is the fittest he’s ever been. He looks and sounds rejuvenated and he looms as a shrewd SuperCoach investment considering his past exploits. While we can’t expect him to average 110, I think there is every chance he averages around the 100 mark.  Back to being a stats pig.

Obviously a shoddy second JLT encounter will muddy the water and may see him be flung out of my side, but we will get to that bridge when we come to it. Watch to see if Griffen’s inclusion next week impacts his scoring.

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Dave G

I just can't bring myself to do it. Awkwardly priced with no obvious side step for correction, smells like a 2 trade burner.


Only 1 trade if you start with him. I think you either start him or never again him.

Have Lloyd at D3. Let’s see how he goes first


Who do you have at D1 and 2 Derek?


Hibberd and Laird no brainers

#66 2017

It's a no brainer Shaw HAS to lift and play the role without Williams and Wilson, if giants want to be successful this year. With doch out I want to see the potential top 6 defenders before I put in 550k into the defender's expecting them to get it done when I don't have faith in the top tier


He’s an absolute lock for me! This is a guy that was priced at over 650,000 at one stage!

Can’t really see anyone descent around his price!


Contested marks down by half last year.Tackle numbers went from 2.7 a game to 1.5 per game last year. 1% down 20% last year as well.

Also worth noting that Williams increase in supercoach output last year was more due to increase in 1%, tackles and goals. He only had 11 more kicks in 2017 than 2016 so didn't really take over from Shaw in that "distributor" role.


Locked in for me at D3


Hey lads can I get your thoughts on my team so far and suggestions to fill the spots ?

DEF: [PiggyHibberd][LAIRD][HEATER]


RUCK: [GAWN] [?]

FOR: [SMITH] [HEENEY] ??????


Don’t be lazy


Madden in ruck
Modra in fwd line


1st Post of my team, though i have changed it a million times and will change again in the next few weeks.

Going with Guns and Rookie approach. Also opted to go with Gawn/Simpson Combo in Rucks hoping Simpson will make me some cash to upgrade to a premo.

Hogan you're asking? Just a fill in at F4 for now could turn into a rookie or O'meara in mid. We'll see in the next few weeks.

Hibbo, Houli, Lloyd
Coffield, Doedee, Watson
E: Keeffe, Murphy

Danger, Titch, Kelly, Fyfe
Rocky, Shuey, Brayshaw, Banfield
E: Finlayson, Barry, Brown

Gawn, Simpson
E: Rookie

Menagola, Heeney, Mundy
Hogan, Tizaini, Fritsch
E: Ryan, Wilson

$120K left for adjustments later on.

Thanks in advance open to any suggestions/advice.

Oh is there anyone have an open spot in their league. <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="😁" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/2.4/svg/1f601.svg">the one and only league i joined last week, who posted their code. Booted me out.


Hey Donks, I think you need Kelly from the cats as a mid rookie, not to keen on big Dawson at R2. You also have doubled up on Mena/Minagola in the fwds! OK I see that's changed to Heeney. 👍
Also Laird over Houli for mine, cheers mate.


Thanks Hedski

No Mummy, Simpson takes over as number 1 Ruckman not keen on spending a lot of cash in Ruck at the start of the season, they all fall in price every year. In the first 10 rounds Simpson faces 3 quality Ruckman Grundy in Rd2, (maybe Sandi in Rd4) Martin in Rd6 and Goldy in Rd9. Hopefully by Rd10 or before the bye rounds, he gains me enough cash to upgrade for a premo who's fallen in price.

Kelly(Cats) is my watchlist. Yeah Houli may have to go bye rd issue.


Lots of risk in there mate. Houli, Lloyd, Rocky, Shuey and Menegola all have question marks on them, but look it's the picks like these that make Supercoach so bloody arousing. I actually quite like the team, good luck to you!
Still spots in 987886 if you want to join that mate


Gotta take a few risk this season mate. I just wish i pick the right C VC this year, last year was a nightmare chosing the wrong C VC most weeks.

Taking a punt on Rocky this year new club, new beginning. He has burned me many times in the past, missed the bullet last year. But also missed those massive scores in the 1st 8 rounds.

Shuey showed me enough last year, that he's ready to step up this year. With Preddis and Mitchell gone.

Menegola is a bit of worry, we'll see what's his role with the inclusion of Gazza. Lloyd he was consistent all through last season take away his 4SC point when he got concuss his ave would've been in the 100. If score 85+ points each week, he's a keeper for me.


Hi Donkey. Welcome back! I think by the time the season starts proper, you will make a number of changes to that side. It just doesnt look right to me. Not saying it is a bad side, but I think it is not quite balanced. There are a lot of decent midfield rookies this year. As such, I think the midfield will be the cash generating engine room this season. As such, I think you are one premo too heavy in the midfield. Perhaps choose to remove either Rocky or Shuey who I think are you two riskiest premo picks there. Then replace one of these blokes with another decent mid field rookie. I like either T Kelly from Geelong or J Worpel from Hawthorn. Then, use that extra 400 odd K to beef your backline. I think you need Laird for starters. (Swith with Houli). Perhaps fork out a bit of extra cash to swith Simpson in the RUC. That bloke I am not touching. I have Lycett ahead of him for that cash. Billy Longer for St Kilda is a safer bet at $429K and is excellent value. Have you considered squeezing in Devon Smith or Petracca into your forward line? Mundy is getting a bit long in the tooth mate. Let me know what your league number is. Happy to line up in your league! Good luck in 2018 mate. Cheers


I thought it was nice to see a team that wasn't cookie cutter, you won't win without taking a few risks! But yeah your team will change for sure, along with everyone elses


Thanks TH you always have constructive advice to give.<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/2.4/svg/1f44d.svg"&gt;

Certainly will change by Round 1, My backline and foward is kinda unbalance now you mention it. Petracca did come across my mind, my gut feeling is tells me not this year. DSmith has been frustrating in the past, will keep a close eye on foward premos before i finalise my team, Heeney is a LOCK though.

I agree Mid is heavy with premos i have tried many times taking out both Rocky and Shuey or one. Just keep going back to having them both, basically going with my gut instinct. Hopefully it won't bite me when season starts.

Rookies will change after JLT finishes or before the first bounce still have 120K left over for adjustments.

I know everyone will try to put me off from Simpson, all I ask from him is 60 sc points. I had look his first 10 games I think he'll score 6 80odd points out of those 10 games. It's his time to shine, never had a chance at the Cats and moving to GWS Mummy was there.

Thanks again TH and best of luck to you as well mate.


My turn to post my team, will take any advice on it positive or negative.

Backs – Laird, Hibberd, Shaw, Hanley, Dodee, Finlayson (Mirochek, Mirra)

Mids – Danger, Kelly, Oliver, Sloane, Fyfe, Cripps, Barry, Holman (Garlett, Kelly, Worpel)

Rucks – Gawn, Simpson (Olango)

Fwds – Dahl, Walters, Devon Smith, Petraca, Ryan, Ahern (Rioli, Fritsch)

Rookies arent set, 34k left. Feel im light up forward and wanted Billings but cant trust him with no preseason games.

Thanks for taking the time to read


Backs — Hanley hopefully plays full year, otherwise a very risky move. Plus first 10 rounds are away games.
Mid — Looks impressive. Especially with Swans players.
Fwd — Dahl …. but only risks make winners.

I have gone for few likely breakouts. Saad, Meera and Taranto. Lets see how it pans.


Rookie question.
Redden, O'Meara, Coniglio, Armitage, Blakely………..how many can you have in a team?
I have three (at the moment) plus Danger, Kelly, Fyfe, Cripps.
Could more experienced players give me some advice with reasons why its good or bad.
Do I need more lower priced rookies to generate more cash?


Looking at thst 7 mids you must be really light on in def and fwd.
Generally (not always) mid rooks score better than fwd rooks who rely on goals or def rooks who rely on marks.
Imo need two mid rooks on the ground as some pretty good candidates there this year.


Without Sydney Swans.

By the way if some one wnats to win 156556 has too many spots. I am new to game (3rd year now). Last year was in top 4000 and would try to improve.


I joined look forward to playing with some guys in there. Played against them a few times in the past.


R u shaw?
Yes im sure.
It's a no.


What is the minimum amount of keepers and maximum amount of rookies I should start with

I currently have 12-13 keepers plus Sicily with 6 rookies is that fine?


I’m considering starting Cotchin or beams over dusty. Extra 110k. Beams also eases the effects of the round 14 bye a little bit.


Imo, Cotch not in the top 8 mids, Beams could be but Dusty is , I don't worry about the byes at this stage unless I have 2 keeper rucks , we all should be full premo by round 14 anyway ,good luck Jackson


First time poster and supercoach tragic. Any suggestions welcome.

Backs – Laird, Yeo, Lloyd D, Savage, Doedee, Finlayson (Murphy L, Mirra)

Mids – Danger, Dusty, Cripps, Fyfe, Cogniglio, Armitage, LDU, Barry D (Garlett, Worpel, Kelly)

Rucks – Ryder, Gawn (Amartey)

Fwds – Heeney, Billings, Smith D, Christensen, P McCartin, Fritsch (Guelfi, Ryan)

Rookies arent set, 34k left. Feel im light up forward and wanted Billings but cant trust him with no preseason games.


Apologies was cutting and pasting …eg lazy last comment was mephs not mine. Lol. Amartey won't play so rookies still to be set. Savage has been Silicy or Hanley. Titch and Kelly been in and out but Cripps seems too good value


yeah nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Best 3klm time trial ever …lol … you cut me up DB Shaw couldn’t run out of sight on a foggy night… his legs are so bowed now that his knees are 6” from the ground … his best time trial means nothing when he finishes in the bottom 6.. a PB just means he was not that in to them in the past. We don’t see many 3 Kim runs on the field !!!
Would be a laugh though to watch countless fwds lap him … he can’t sprint either…. the flea brigades will look forward to playing on him this year..
He was finished 18 mths ago … leave him be …