GWS v COLLINGWOOD – Preseason Match Report

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Well, there was a game of football on tonight, but it was hard to tell from the first half. No lights, about 4 goals kicked and not much smooth play going on at all. It all opened up for the Giants in the 2nd half as their quality defensive pressure made it a nightmare for the Collingwood defenders and they ran away with an easy victory.


Notable Absentees – COLLINGWOOD

Adam Treloar, Jeremy Howe, Darcy Moore, Jordan De Goey, Jamie Elliot, Alex Fasolo, Levi Greenood, Daniel Wells, James Aish

Notable Absentees – GWS

Zac Williams, Rory Lobb, Ryan Griffen, Brett Deledio, Tom Scully, Toby Greene, Nick Haynes, Aidan Coor, Jacob Hopper

Injuries: Adam Oxley



Brodie Grundy – $534,700 – RUC – SC 104

Didn’t look to have many issues sharing ruck duties with Cox. Cox rucked in the forward 50, Grundy did it everywhere else. Generally outworked Simpson and finished with 10 disposals and 29 hitouts. Not the best result for him, but he’s certainly capable of better and even with just 10 disposals (averaged 18 last year) still scored 104 SCPoints.

Scott Pendlebury – $586,500 – MID – SC 60

Started across half-back and finished with just 6 touches in the first half. Moved into the midfield for the 2nd half and looked like he took some angry pills in the 4th. Totalled 16 disposals, 3 marks, 3 clearances and a goal.

Taylor Adams – $591,000 – MID – SC 91

Looked to be spending time across HB, he finished with 7 rebound 50’s from his 23 disposals, along with 6 marks and 4 tackles.

Tom Langdon – $451,300 – DEF – SC 115

Produced a quality 115 SCPoints off the back of some great work across HB. Had 20 disposals, 6 marks, 6 rebound 50’s and 6 1%ers. Could be a big POD.

Callum Brown – $224,300 – MID/FWD – SC 64

Looked to get a lot of time in the midfield in the first half, and was OK. Lots of handballs in his 19 possessions with 15, but 11 contested possessions is a plus. Also had 4 clearances. Awkward price to start.

Josh Daicos – $190,500 – FWD 

Didn’t get much time on the ground, finishing with just 30% ToG played and 6 disposals with 3 clangers in there.

Flynn Appleby – $121,900 – DEF – SC 34

Actually got a taste of VFL action last year with North Ballarat, the Pies were recently fined $20K for having him train with the teams VFL side prior to drafting him in the rookie draft. Looked OK down back, he had 11 disposals, but just 45.5% disposal efficency. Would suggest he’ll be starting 2018 in the VFL.

Jaidyn Stephenson – $180,300 – MID/FWD – SC 48

Showed some nice flashes, but looks handball happy and looks like he still may be questioning himself out there, with some quick handpasses to the man next to him. Had 13 disposals with 9 handballs and just 22 metres gained. 48 SCPoints won’t cut it at his slightly higher rookie price.

Brayden Maynard – $394,800 – DEF – SC 60

Spent a lot of time in the midfield, which is a good sign for him, but didn’t really get a chance to put his kicking skills on display. Had 19 disposals and 6 tackles, but 6 clangers and a DE of just 52.6%. If the opportunity is there he still might be an OK pick. But very risky.

Brody Mihocek – $102,400 – DEF – SC 50

A mature-aged defensive recruit who has spent his time in the VFL playing for Werribee and Port Melbourne, he averaged 17 disposals, 7 marks, 2 tackles and 3 rebound 50’s last year. Showed some nice flashes as a taller defender and had 14 disposals, 4 marks and 7 intercept possessions. DE of 57.1% is a concern.



Stephen Coniglio – $452,400 – MID – SC 130

He was everywhere in the first half, but looked like he was rested a bit up forward in the 2nd. Still had 28 disposals, 7 clearances, 5 tackles, 5 inside 50’s and 2 goals assists. 130 SCPoints is a great result.

Callan Ward – $548,300 – MID – SC 91

Had just the 18 disposals with 1 goal, but generally made all his touches count. Still a bit over proceed with Coniglio sitting there.

Zac Langdon – $117,300 – FWD – SC 45

Small forwards are always iffy Supercoach prospects, even the best of the best, but GWS assistant coach Mark McVeigh has been talking up the 22 year old after some strong form in the pre-season. Booted 2 behinds (that is missed goals, not a players posterior) with 10 disposals, 2 tackles and 11 pressure acts. Just the 65% ToG, will need to see another performance from him.

Josh Kelly – $628,600 – MID – SC 126

Will cost you the big bickies, and I’m meaning your fancy iced-vovo, double-choc Tim Tam types, not your stale shortbread that came in that blue tin that your Nan always seemed to have a never ending supply of type biscuits. Where did she find these things from? And why were they put in paper wrappers, like they were some delicate thing? Some mysteries in life just weren’t meant to be solved by mortal men such as you and I. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnyway, he looked to be taking it pretty easy out there and still had 24 disposals, 8 marks and 5 tackles. You’d take 127 SCPoints to the bank every day of the week.

Heath Shaw – $458,100 – DEF – SC 114

Had his kicking shoes on, recording 20 of his 22 disposals by foot. Also had 5 marks, 4 rebound 50’s and 6 intercept possessions. Would want to see Ryan Griffen next to him first, but encouraging signs with 114 SCPoints.

Lachlan Keeffe – $123,900 – DEF/FWD -SC 44

Just 8 disposals, with 4 marks, but just 61% ToG. Don’t think he’ll be a high scorer, even if he does play, but if options are limited we may have no other choice.

Dawson Simpson – $290,300 – RUC – SC 83

OK in the ruck with 11 hitouts and 12 disposals. Scored 83 SCPoints, which isn’t the worst considering his starting price.

Dylan Shiel – $537,300 – MID – SC 123

Looked unstoppable in the 2nd half and had a game high 29 disposals with 9 marks and 2.2. Issue would be 24 uncontested possessions, but still good for 124 SCPoints.

Matthew Flynn – $123,900 – RUC/FWD – SC 21

Got some token minutes as a backup ruck. Just the 38% ToG with 4 disposals and 7 hitouts.

Jeremy Finlayson – $123,900 – DEF/MID – SC 86

Did the kick-in duties at times and looked like a Heath Shaw-lite at times. 14 disposals, 10 kicks and 86 SCPoints. Big tick!

Lachie Tiziani – $123,900 – FWD – SC 69

From the GWS Academy, he booted 19.10 in 12 games last year in the NEAFL. Showed some signs, booted 2 goals, but had just 7 disposals in 59% ToG. 69 SCPoints is a quality result.

Nick Shipley – $117,300 – MID – SC 60

The very first Academy player that GWS actually drafted out of Western Sydney, he had 13 disposals from 61% ToG. Likely other options in the midfield.

Daniel Lloyd – $214,200 – FWD – SC 88

Booted 3 goals with 14 disposals, but his higher starting price is a turn off. Could still he worth owning though.


And that’s it from me folks, but Community, did you see any performances tonight that stood out to you?

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Sam Murray???


Did not play


Didn't play


Didn't Play-not encouraging


Thanks Barron, definitely liking the look of Coniglio.


Also a big fan of Cogs, but several times during the year he will have a lock down role and score you a 50, while other times he will run riot and score 130. Probably still worth it for the price though, just be aware that a stinker will come.

BB day

No mention of J. Thomas. Very interesting


Was really hoping Cogs would be quiet. Been locked in my team since day dot. Now every bastard will have him. A 100 avg to the byes will mean a straight swap to any uber premo who has dipped in price. Kid is a jet.

SW Roosters XXX

Sounds like you are just planning to waste a trade….


No reason for my why Coniglio couldn't finish the season as my M8 and average 105
Have to remember that before last season he was the number 1 mid in Western Sydney


everyone had him to begin with.. im not going anywhere near him though.


Thanks BVC, Finlayson has taken O'shea,'s spot , extra coupla dollarydoos are handy.
Kelly is still sitting pretty at M2.
Bloody Cogs and Heater are back to tempt me, can't say the same about any Maggotpies.

The Ranger

Heater spent a lot of time on the wing and when interviewed during one of the breaks he said that he'd be up there a fair bit during the season Hedski. Judge for yourself what that will do to his scoring.
Whitfield seemed to be the go to guy across half back for the Giants. Not sure what that does to his scoring either.
The Pies were really ordinary so any scores from this match should be taken with a big pinch of salt IMO, Cogs was up against the likes of Daicos, Maynard or Brown rather than Pendles, Treloar and Adams most of the time.


He's been my M2 all along. Just as a matter of interest who is your M1?


There's only one bloke who can be M1 Beez.




Shaw's doing this on purpose I swear. I must master my self control. I wish that pesky devil on my shoulder would stop whispering sweet sweet nothings in my ear though


Also Pendles is scrubbed from my watch list. I hope he gets back to his best but the Buckley factor is too strong. Bloke is approaching Ross Lyon levels of annoying. But with far less success.


Struggled to get through this game, mind began to wander off after half time. Nice to read your thoughts BvC 👍


I know not related to this game, but peoples thoughts on Shane Savage??


He looks like the bees knees down back in jlt this year, but he got dropped to the seconds twice last year, I'm still tossing up whether I can deal with that kind of worry every week.


I'm a fan. Does the kick ins and plays on a lot and always kicks long


Pendles a right off now? I am trying to convince myself to pick him as a pies man but him playing across half back worries me a touch. Could just be warming him into the season. If I go wit Cripps instead, I can upgrade JOM to COGS with plenty of cash left over

Thoughts on the Grundy selection? Didn't watch the game but sounds like he still did quite well. Had Jacobs in at R2 before tonight.


It looked as if Grundy was just going through the motions. Had no troubles opposed to the D. Simpson


Yes as Kev said going through the motions, 29 Hitouts 10 possie game, Cox rucked in fwd line


Cripps and cogs > Pendles and JOM for sure


Thoughts on Hannebery?


He didn't play…


touch and go for rd one – avoid


Still applying burn ointment from last year


Hannebery DOESN'T DRINK. Can't trust a guy who doesn't drink. #stayaway


Adams still a go? Or going to play too much half back?


Will score well, but probably maxed out at that price and there are better options around that mark.


Looked like half the Collingwood team were playing half back last night

Shake n bake

So right. Collingwood to me has a week spine will always find it hard to go fwd! Wont find that get out kick from half back.


Howe and zac Bailey or

Rich and lachie O’Brien


Option 1. Rich is a trap.

David C

LOB won't be best 22.


LOB is definitely best 22, he will be playing on a wing tho


Bailey not named for JLT and the Lions assistant coach said Rayner and Jack Payne are the two rookies with round 1 possibilities


No Deledio. Hmmm, might have to replace with a rook and bring in Coniglio.

David C

Reckon he'll play JLT 2.


No Griffen either – definitely a case of not over-working the older bodies. They'll both play round 1 barring injury

sc tragic

Amazing,when Cloke led for the ball the mids kicked it over his head, now suddenly they can hit every defender plumb on the chest laces out and the forwards are are behind them. Will the Pies ever get it right.


And Cogs now back in my team at M5. That score was impressive. Don’t mind some of their rookies either. Can’t trust Shaw yet. Finlayson watch list.


Coniglio should be over $500k and in that big group of midfielder just outside the top 8. Will average 100+ and save you $100k. That $100k should get you another 10-20 points elsewhere. The extra points elsewhere is what Coniglio does for your team. He shouldn’t replace a keeper but is a good option for anyone in the next group below.


I am so worried I'm going to spend that extra $100k upgrading a rookie to some midpricer who never performs. I keep feeling like Petracca is a trap for example. Never looked seriously at Charlie Curnow but discouraging signs from JLT1. Barlow in my side at the moment but he was slow BEFORE he got old…


Ok Derek. So do I go with Bonner to Shaw at D4 and take Cogs down o a rookie?


That was the first bit of footy I’ve been able to watch this preseason. I turned it on and all I saw was darn Heath Shaw getting his foot on the ball every couple of minutes.

He should be considered at his price.

The other thing that stuck out was the depth of the GWS midfield. If you are worried about the Geelong boys sharing the points, you need to be very concerned about GWS. Coniglio will do ok but will still require a trade up, im concerned for Kelly being able to improve? I can’t decide between Oliver, Crouch and Kelly for M3 and M4, kelly’s midfield Mates worry me.

The only pie I had in my team was Murray. I can’t see many others worth considering.

Simpson is a big bloke and tried hard, I can see GWS using his big body to crash the rucks and allow their gun mids to get the ball.


All great Points.

I'm currently running Kelly, Crouch, Fyfe at M3,4,5 and Kelly's spot is the one under question. For the money saving Cogs may be a better bet, or swap to P Cripps who should pile up plenty of points at the Blues.


I worry about Simpson's job security bigtime. Rucks are a nightmare this year. Gawn and then who? I have Goldstein at the moment but he will be tapping to a very poor midfield.


your looking at someone who has started TBC, Lobbe and Sandi at R2 the past 3 years.


I might just stick Pittonet at R2.

He is very likely for round 1.

McElroy owners beware.


I am holding him at R3. We need cover, and without any decent Ruck/Fwd DPP, Pittonet could be the man. Looking at other loophole options for VC

The Ranger

I have Kelly at M3, I think he has more of a complete, all round game than the other two.
Not going with Cogs as he sometimes gets the run with/tagging role and I still think he's an injury concern.
Really wanna pick Dawson 'ços the rest of my team gets about 20% better but I'm not convinced he'll play the six or seven games that I need him to play.


i'm currently running Mitchell, Kelly, Oliver, Crouch and Fyfe. I'm worried about not having Dangerfield and Cripps has always been on the radar. Coniglio represents good value but can't find room for him in front of the aforementioned. Plus, I am taking into account Barron's comments on Coniglio. I think to get Danger and Cripps I may have to move on Mitchell and Oliver. I think 5 premo mids is the way to go.


I think 5 Uber premiums is the way to go.

Coniglio, JOM or Armitage at M6


Has JOM had a full preseason?


Meant Spificators comments not BVC.


Is starting with 4 premo in fwd too much Heeney,billings,walters,smith. All will be top 6 Forwards I believe. So I downgrade Walters and upgrade Dawson Simpson for a ruck premo or keep Simpson in rich and 4 forward premos. Thoughts


If your going invest heavily on a line, make it the midfield.

dave G

I'd invest heavily in the backline, because the top 6 are theoretically easier to pick.


Also the midfield is generally where the money is made.

It's a tough one this year. Defenders always dip in price, so I don't like to start with too many. I am keen on Rance for example but he's sure to lose value.

Mids make you the most points but the mid rookies make the most money, usually. Need that balance.

Rucks, you just need two who will play every week. That rules out Dawson Simpson for me.

Forwards this year are really difficult. I've got Dahlhaus even though he was rubbish last year. Heeney is a no brainer. After that I'm looking at a couple of mid-price hopes like Petracca or Barlow. Hoping for some gun rookies up forward but not confident. Only other option would be to take a JJK (knowing he'll be cheaper down the track), downgrading the other midpricer to a rookie and spending the cash elsewhere. Need three rookies on the field in the forward line for that to work though…


Hi steve thanks for the reply.. I agree it has to be a balance if I went for 6 premo mids I would have no griff/Armo/Conig aka cash makers which is not so good, so I'll have to adjust and take out one of those mids.
Playing with my mind when I take out a player I really wanted I put him back in.
In my opinion heeney, billings, Walters, smith are all locks in the forward line whereas defence is the hard one this year.
Rucks is Gawn and someone which is also a tough call to make depending on everyone's cash supply.


I did some number on 2016. Top 30 Forwards dropped in value a lot more than the top 30 defenders.


Lek, where is the Carlton game report, this one too not on the Home Page…
Having to find via the twitter link is hard work.
Appreciate the efforts fellas.


You need to refresh the homepage Bells.


If Jeremy Howe plays the second JLT and is named RD1 should he be considered? Currently have him as my D3 but could go to Hurley, Yeo or Simmo and still have +100k left


D3 is between Howe, Simmo and Lloyd for me


Mcveigh has too much influence on lloyd for mine


Thoughts on the players that didn't play?


Gee that's vague


Thoughts on going with Gawn R1 and Lycett R2 and Simpson on Bench or vice versa only costs 290k+277k for both lycett and Dawson. Whereas a premo costs 500+ and a rookie 117+ which is more then 617 and for cash gen and bench backup this may be a option trying to decide on a 2nd ruck. Any thoughts community on this manovior would love to know you thoughts gl in 2018 and may we all belt out a supercoach PB year. Thnx


I think if you had the massive nuts it would require to pick both Simpson and Lycett – you would need them at r1 and r2 for a double upgrade in 8 weeks. Almost 300k is way too much to have on the bench in my opinion

But if I were you I would only pick one of them, always the chance they both get dropped for Nicnat and Lobb


True if lobb or Nic Nat gets injured before R1 or before R3 the price changes then I may get both. Otherwise too much on the bench


the only ones i would consider would be Ceglar & Pittonet or Naismith & Cameron or Lycett & vardy. go from the same team where one will replace the other.

hickey/longer too expensive


Ok thnx Derek will see


Something to think about guys.

I had Rory Sloane last year 180 one week then a 70, why because he was tagged. So this year when I am looking at my team I have looked at players who may be tagged.As we all know with Sloane it does cost us dearly.
I would like everyone's opinion on who they think is most likely to be shut down with a tag from each team.Maybe we could run a % on it. Team's are adopting this strategy more and it does work on some players costing us supercoach points.

So let's look at the most likely players to be tagged from each club. These are just possibilities i was thinking of.
If you look at Cripps shutting him down will hinder Carlton's game plan so he is going to cop it for sure this year.

Adelaide, Sloane
Brisbane, Zorko
Carlton, Cripps
Collingwood, Treloar
Essendon Heppell
Fremantle Neale
Geelong Selwood
Gold coast Hall
GWS Shiel
Hawthorn Shiels
Melbourne Oliver
North Mel Higgins
Port Wines
Richmond Prestia
St Kilda J, Steven
Sydney Parker
west coast Shuey
Bulldogs Macrae


Spot on with a lot of those players mean a lot to each pf there clubs and if they start the season in great form they will 100% be tagged


Essendon is surely Merrett and Geelong has to be Ablett or Danger, GWS is hard but Kelly is the more dangerous player. Agree on the rest


Kelly gets it on the inside, hard to tag that


surely dogs is bont


A few of those guys will be tagged paul but blokes like Oliver, Wines, Cripps are inside mids that means that they get the ball out to the outside mids.
Inside mids are usually being tackled by 1 or 2 opposition players every time that they get the ball at a stoppage, adding a tagger to that is about as much use as a jock reynolds website without jock reynolds.
Outside mids are the ones who usually cop the tag Sloane zorko murphy. The current trend is using a young midfielder as a tagger/run-with player against the type of player that you want him to be


mmm very interesting mate. I may change my view on Cripps.If he plays the next JLT game against the Hawks it will be interesting to see how clarkson deals with him as Carlton will depend on Cripps this year.I also want to see how Redden plays in his second game as the formal has changed in the midfield at W/C which really suits him i feel to break out.


Some players are too hard to tag like Danger,Martin,Kelly.But yes Merrett was tagged last year and he dropped off at the end of last year.


I don't have cripps as he is young like sloane and i feel teams will try and tag him out of the game too much.