CARLTON v ST KILDA – Preseason Match Report

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Well the Blues are going to win the flag and Patrick Cripps will win the Brownlow.

In other news, Liam Jones is still the greatest player in AFL/VFL history. Unfortunately the gentlemen’s agreement prevents us from selecting him as it would render all leagues invalid do to the unfair nature of his talent. At least we have the honour of seeing Jones play in our lifetimes.

St Kilda on the other hand weren’t overly impressive although it was clear that they were running at half pace. Steven, Armitage and Savage all looked really impressive and (for the moment) are all relative PODs worth considering.

Notable Absentees – CARLTON – Weitering, SPS, Lang, Docherty :’(, Rowe, Kerridge, O’Shea

Notable Absentees – ST KILDA – Billings, Hickey, Freeman, Bruce

Injuries: David Cuningham (leg), Jarrod Garlett (Shoulder) Jarryn Geary (concussion) Paddy Dow (tooth)

Alright let’s shine a light on some Supercoach players (something that Ikon Park couldn’t do…because half the lights didn’t work…it’s a joke about darkness):


Matthew Kreuzer – $603,700 – RUC – SC 122

Took the piss out of Billy Longer for most of the day, went forward pretty regularly and was able to convert on almost all of his opportunities in front of goal. Looks like he walked out of Round 23 into this game, peak Kreuzer form. He’s still Carlton’s third best midfielder and you could do worse things than select him. Price is at his absolute maximum so I’d personally be looking for a better value selection.

Patrick Cripps – $537,300 – MID – SC 120

Indistinguishable human noises

Disposals. Clearances. Goals. Marks. Tackles. Selected.

Marc Murphy – $595,000 – MID – SC 86

Ran around with company most of the day. Clearly was still in first gear but you wouldn’t be selecting him at almost $600K. For that much cash you can get Sloane, Fyfe, Zorko etc.

Ciaran Byrne – $229,300 – MID – SC 75

Played in tandem with Simpson in defence, slapped it on the boot a lot and showed flashes of excitement. Looked like he was finding his feet still. In a stacked Carlton backline I’m only locking Simpson as basically everyone else (obviously not Liam Jones) is replaceable. I’m avoiding.

Kade Simpson – $516,300 – DEF – SC 75

Prior to the game I was messaging my brains trust, I was expressing doubt about my Simpson lock…he quickly alleviated any doubt I had. Was clearly the main man in defence for the Blues, the whole team looks for him because they want the ball in his hands. Looks like a more traditional halfback role for Simpson this year, unlike whatever position he was playing last year. I’m backing him in for one last ride. 

Charlie Curnow – $408,100 – FWD – SC 69

“Tried the shake and bake…but it didn’t work” Foxtel commentary sums up his day. Didn’t look confident with the ball until late, might scare a few off but I’ll give him another week.

Paddy Dow – $193,800 – MID – SC 66

Lived up to the hype so far. Looks like he can play at the level, some of the more matured St Kilda players seemed to out-muscle him a few times. Kicked a nice cheapie goal in the second and really fired after that. Played through the midfield and looked good inside, thought he was a midfielder but took a few inside 50 marks and hit the scoreboard. Looming as a potential cash cow despite his elevated price, want a little bit more out of him in terms of score in JLT 2.

Matthew Kennedy – $356,000 – MID – SC 60

The GWS folk weren’t lying, he loves the hardball (7 of his 15 contested). Looked solid in his first hit out at the Blues but I’m not sure at his price you’d be selecting him. Draft lock.

Jarrod Garlett – $117,300 – FWD/MID – SC 41

Looked lively if a little slow, kicked a nice crumbing goal to start the second term. Will be on everyone’s bench if named in Round 1…at least until he hurt his shoulder. Went off laughing but we need to monitor his progress.

Lochie O’Brien – $162,300- MID – SC 24

Ended the first term on -5 and never really looked composed. Struggled to impact the game and I probably Carlton to save him until later in the season. Will be a decent downgrade option after some time building his fitness in the twos. 


Shane Savage – $479,700 – DEF – SC 146

Sorry to the Supercoach Hipster, people are going to be jumping on Savage like a trampoline. He was the highest scoring player in the game and played off halfback. Very Supercoach friendly role and with Ross in the midfield I really like this sub-$500K option. 

Jack Steven – $498,600 – MID – SC 130

Led with Ross from the midfield. Found himself resting forward fairly and was able to impact scoring chains with ease. He had 24 touches and 7 clearances, if this is the kind of performance he can deliver he is a steal at under $500K. He’s only in 3% of teams but that’ll be much higher this time tomorrow. 

David Armitage- $310,100 – MID – SC 128

Had a very black eye and played through the middle for pretty much the whole game. Stepped right back into his old role and racked up disposals on the inside. He was a clearance machine today, had. His tackling is a big plus and he’ll be attracting some coaches after today’s performance. Joins the O’Meara/Griffen/Brayshaw debate…has my vote of the four by the way.

Paddy McCartin – $234,500 – FWD – SC 86

Found the ball all over the ground and was the main target inside 50 for St Kilda. Could you risk picking a key position forward who is prone to head knocks? Probably not.

Hunter Clark – $175,800 – MID – SC 81

Rotated through the midfield but played primarily forward. Looked really good after quarter time and found himself in a few chains of play. Can he play in a forward line with Billings and Bruce? Maybe? If he can fit into a round 1 side with Billings and Bruce he’s worth a discussion 

Seb Ross – $555,300 – MID – SC 79

Played through the midfield today, didn’t do enough to excite me though. I have a feeling that Armitage may take some of those inside midfield minutes Ross had a lot of in 2017. Not saying it’ll hurt his scoring but he may have to do more with less to maintain his price point, avoid for now.

Billy Longer – 429,500 – RUC – SC 74

Still one of my least favourite ruckmen but I thought he showed signs last year. Will probably do enough to keep Hickey out of the side but won’t do enough to get into yours.

Nicholas Coffield – $171,300 – MID/DEF – SC 67

Had a really good first quarter and picked it up again in the third and fourth. Managed to get some really nice possessions on the switch in defence and on the run going forward. If he get’s named round 1 I think he’s a decent defensive option. Impossible to tell how many games he might get in 2018 but I was really impressed by the young man. Only thing he needs to work on is his disposal efficiency and decision-making but that’ll come with more experience.

Blake Acres – $412,300 – MID/FWD – SC 52

Is this man ever going to reach his projected heights? Played up forward and started on the wing at a few centre bounces. Thought he was composed with the ball but doesn’t put himself in positions to win enough of it. Not this year Blake.

Jack Steele – $500,800 – MID – SC 52

Had him marked for a potential breakout year in 2018, don’t think that’ll be the case. Only had 12 touches and 10 were by hand. Nope. 

Dylan Roberton – $509,000 – DEF – SC 29

Played as a loose man in defence for a lot of the game but didn’t do enough to impact the game. We can’t base our decisions on one game but if this is how St Kilda plays in JLT 2 I’d be avoiding Roberton at that price.

Rowan Marshall – $219,400 – FWD – SC 12

Only really in here because I thought he’d be cheaper and I ain’t deleting his name now.


Blues to win the flag #FreeJacko #FyfeIsLife good Jock I’m happy footy’s back.

What did you get out of the game, community?

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Armitage looks so damn good but I keep having flashbacks to 2016 when he left a steamy turd right smack bang in the middle of my midfield. But now that he's half the price, am I willing to forgive, and let him drop his guts on my season again?


Had J.Graham until tonight, up to Armitage. The thing that got me most excited was the 8 clearances, 14 contested possesions all from just 71% TOG. I had the thought the St Kilda lacked a midfielder last year, thinking Arma will step straight back in and take all that weight of stevens shoulders.


What worries me though is that while Armitage has always been a key cog in St kildas engine room, they took him from that role at his prime and turned him into a tagger/outside mid which damaged his scoring. Who's to say That Won't happen again?


I think personnel. They have plenty of fringe mids that they could use as outside taggers, Steele for example, theyve only got 2 ball winners in Steven and Armitage, i think he stays in that spot, hopefully his body survives long enough to get me 150ishk for a premo trade


Could do worse Post..was a gun midfielder beast before his old man problems, that's the thing, how long will he last?


Why did he miss so many games?


Groin and back issues Derek.


OP most of last year was the main one


"Indistinguishable human noises

Disposals. Clearances. Goals. Marks. Tackles. Selected."

20 Disposals, 2 Clearances, 2 Goals, 5 Marks, 3 Tackles.

Wasn't bad by any means, actually impacted well at the contest. Hardly electric as the post suggests though. Anyone that watched the game saw that he clearly had the wrong matchup and took easy advantage of that to kick an easy 2 goals. How he scored 120 with that stat line is beyond me, joined Bont in his charity pleasuring of the champion data crew.


Yeah I agree was good but not great score seams inflated. But I think he’ll ave 110


That’s top 10 most years 🔒


you Have actually outlined a compelling case for picking him. Guys who score more than you think they deserve are SuperCoach gold


5 marks (2 contested (2017 highest Player avg 2.5), 13 contested possessions from his 20, 5 score involvements, 1 goal assist & 85% efficiency. I’ll take that from all my midfields week in week out


Thats all we need to pick. CD's yearly favourites.


Apparently Steven has his bursts of speed back this year, something he was lacking last year due to hamstring problems.


Yep, was suffering with hamstring Tendonitis, and a punctured lung early last year..the Tendonitis limited his speed markedly.


I've had Simmo locked in my backline for a while now too. What was so appealing about his game? I didn't get to watch any of it so all I see is his 75 sc points which doesn't seem all that reassuring…


Was all over it in the first quarter, looked like the Simmo of old, hard tackles, good marks, clean disposals. Took his foot off the throat in the second half and allowed marchbank to play a free rebounding role, which he did quite well ending with 25 disposals.


Cheers DILDOR, I'll keep him sitting there for the time being.


Tracca and Cripps or Oliver and Christensen?

Also armitage or JOM?


No idea about Christensen at this stage so its a wait and see for a real comparison. Wasn't overly impressed with Petracca the other day, i can see why people like him but he's a bit overrated at this stage of his career IMO. Cripps was good today without being exceptional, will probably kick more goals than Oliver but have less disposals, both have monster ruckman to work with. I'm going with oliver based on his consistency, think cripps has a bigger ceiling though.
Consistent scoring in oliver vs. some inconsistency with a huge ceiling in cripps.
Watch Christensen closely.


Christensen vs Deledio. Thoughts?


Christensen by that much it’s not funny


Also suggest waiting to watch Hawthorn first before making that call, you've only seen Arma and if youre like me youll change your team 500 times before the start of the year anyway.


i thought i had LLoyd & hanley locked down back but now i'm asking questions about savage, jones & marchbank. all done as they pleased this evening and i believe can be reasobanle options an PODs.

The Ranger

St.Kilda were pretty ordinary Mav so I'd want to see Marchbank again before rating his game. Jones will ave 85-90 so not enough for mine and Savage has a habit of sucking people in during the pre-season games and then going back to his 80-85 avg again.


What about Marchbank Lekdog?
Keeping him a pod.


Comprehensive review including Marchbank with full stats at FSC Big fella


whats fsc


Bahaha Notable Absentee's…. Freeman you make me laugh Lekdog, I think the guy wagged school for 5 years.


it's copy pasted from the AFL site


On face value so many players who have shown at their best they can produce good average output if fit and firing who appear to be under-priced eg:
Armitage (109.7-2015); Jack Steven (110-2013; 104.3-2015; 103:2016)
Could consideration of scaling be even more important In team selection this year?


Havnt watched as yet, will try and catch a reply soon. Simmo looked better than his SC score reflects from what I’ve heard……Trying to find a way to get 3rd premier into defense……Thoughts on D.Simpson to free up some $$??


That's what I've done, can see Gawn and Kruezer will be 1 and 2 rucks so hopefully Simpson will rise in price while kreuz will fall, for an easy upgrade


i'm on dawson carl. with lobb having an interrupted pre season and un named for JLT1 i think dawson is a real chance to play round 1 and hold his spot. otherwise select lycett. same price and will play with or without nicnat named and will score u 80+ most weeks making $$$


Savage was first player picked for me this season.

As a saints man I was looking closely at who was going to take Montagna's role if he retired and it is 100% Savage
If you look at his last 10 games from last season when he returned to the team after a stint in the VFL he used much more coming out of defence with scores of:
for an average of 100.25.

Lock for me but interested to hear what the rest of the community thinks


That’s true Ben but not sure how he’ll go if he gets any attention. He’s a very outside player using his foot skills. Could be shut out of a game if he keeps ave 100

The Ranger

He's a bit of a Daniel Rich isn't he? Does some great things but never consistently enough to be SC relevant.
You might be right tho, someone has to step up with Joey gone.


What did Marchbank score?






My new defense: Marchbank, Jones, Simpson, Byrne, Mullett, Plowman


Seriously considering Shane Savage as an option this year. Went huge tonight, but apart from that there is a really good case for him as a solid D3. Last year, following his return from injury, his last 8 games were 101, 125, 107, 103, 115, 94, 76, 81 for an average of just over 100. Prior to that, he has been slowly and remarkably consistently increasing his average by 5-10 points every year, from 2013 averaging 63 all the way to 87 in 2017. He looks to be playing the sweeping role across halfback, bursting out of defence and unleashing that monster boot of his, so metres gained and kicks are going to be a large (and relatively consistent) part of his scoring. Definitely filling Montagna's shoes.

Going into his AFL prime this year at 27 (same age as Danger), and I think in a slightly younger St Kilda side they will look to him for leadership in the backline. It isn't a huge ask for him to increase his average by another 5-10 this year to warrant him being a keeper – or just maintain it from that final stretch last year. We know from tonight that the ceiling is there and his game really suits supercoach scoring.

I think at 1% ownership and the lack of a clear top 6 defenders after probably Laid, Hibberd and Hurley, I reckon at 480k I might take a punt. Will be a good POD in the early rounds as well. Only problem is that rd 14 bye, which he shares with a lot of other good premiums.

Thoughts community?


O’shea Injured or just left out of side?? Might not be the 🔒 I thought he could be


Think just left out.


Hi community, have not posted for quite some time, have been elsewhere. Good to see the familiar names still contributing. I'm a fairly conservative Supercoach player and prefer guns and rookies, avoiding midpricers if I can. Armitage and Charlie Curnow will be my exceptions this year, too much upside to not take the chance. Armitage over JOM, easy decision really. Armo will average close to 100+ and make as much money as an expensive rookie and keep the points tally up while he does. Charlie Curnow can play the game and should average around 90+, as a forward, I'll take that for now. For what it's worth, my conservative team follows.
Def; Laird/Simpson/Lloyd/C.Ellis/Doedee/F.Watson/Keefe/Murphy
Mid; Danger/Mitchell/Kelly/M.Crouch/Fyfe/Armo/A.Brayshaw/Dow/Finlayson/Barry/B.Ainsworth
Fwd; Heeney/Billings/D.Smith/C.Curnow/W.Rioli/Poholke/Dear/Fritsch
$186.5k left (may be a bit too much, but the structure feels about right).
What do you think fellow travellers?


Welcome back Kevan.
I’m on JOM, but it could be my Hawks bias
R2 is a problem this year. I’ve never gone set and forget in rucks but I might this year unless a cheap ruck appears, might be lycett.
I think you got structure right, I’m going a bit deeper in forwards as well.
Good luck with that R2


Thanks Derek. R2, never ideal. Went set and forget last year, cost a packet and didn't really get value for money. Lycett will play and does look fit and healthy. Armo and JOM both have injury worries, but think Armo may be just that bit more consistent with midfield time. It is good to be back.



Mathew Kreuzer 122
Patrick Cripps 120
Caleb Marchbank 117
Liam Jones 95
Ed Curnow 88
Marc Murphy 86
Ciaran Byrne 75
Kade Simpson 75
Mathew Wright 73
Charlie Curnow 69
Dale Thomas 69
Lachie Plowman 69
Paddy Dow 66
Jack Silvagni 64
Zac Fisher 62
Matt Kennedy 60
Aaron Mullett 56
Levi Casboult 52
David Cunningham 51
Jarred Garlett 41
Jed Lamb 40
Harry McKay 38
Lochie O'Brian 24
Jarrod Pickett 16


Shane Savage 146
Jack Steven 130
David Armitage 128
Jade Gresham 86
Paddy McCartin 86
Luke Dunstan 85
Jack Lonie 83
Hunter Clark 81
Seb Ross 79
Tim Membrey 76
Billy Longer 74
Jack Newnes 71
Jimmy Webster 71
Nicholas Coffield 67
Blake Acres 52
Jack Steele 52
Jack Sinclair 50
Jarryn Geary 49
Jake Carlisle 47
Nathan Brown 39
Ben Long 31
Dylan Roberton 29
Sam Gilbert 16
Mav Weller 14
Rowan Marshal 12
Nathan Wright 7


With the lack of Fwd rookies who are going to get any games, and if they do any ball. I'm strongly considering McCartin. He won't want his little brother going past him either.

sc tragic

I think Champagne Charlie just slipped out of my forward line, didn't show much in an easy win. Are the Bombers that bad, is Carlton that good???