ADELAIDE v FREMANTLE – Preseason Match Report

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Plenty to look at in this game. Adelaide went in with eight new faces and Bryce Gibbs and Sam Gibson, while Fremantle took three potential debutants as well as Nathan Wilson and Brandon Matera. The 5 per cent who own Nathan Wilson would’ve been watching him with great interest, and then rookies in Tom Doedee, Andrew Brayshaw and Darcy Fogarty were ones to watch as potential cash cows.

Notable Absentees – ADELAIDE

Eddie Betts, Rory Sloane, Taylor Walker, Brodie Smith, Brad Crouch, Riley Knight, Daniel Talia, Richard Douglas, Kyle Hartigan

Notable Absentees – FREMANTLE

Stephen Hill, Joel Hamling, Adam Cerra, Sean Darcy, Ethan Hughes, Griffin Logue, Lee Spurr

Injuries: Cam Sutcliffe (concussion)

Adelaide 13.13.91 – Fremantle 12.9.81

On the small ground, it was a pretty crowded contest through the entire game. The forward 50 arcs hit the centre square, and the wings were quite narrow. It took both teams a little while to adjust, Fremantle appeared to take longer than Adelaide, but eventually turned it into a contest with Taberner kicking two goals in the first quarter, and looking impressive early for the Dockers up forward.

Adelaide’s inaccuracy ultimately kept Fremantle in the game through the first quarter and early in the second, failing to captilise on their shots on goal, but Adelaide kept a good hold on the game, and looked sharper around the ground. Fyfe looked unstoppable, while Matt Crouch and Bryce Gibbs were sharing the ball between them, it seemed.

In the third, it was a far more even contest from both sides. Fremantle fought their way back to create a good contest, and they appeared more composed with ball in hand, kicking 5 goals to 2, to bring the margin back to 10 points.

Fremantle made it a good close game in the end, bringing the margin to under a goal for much of the fourth quarter, before breaking away late. Fremantle appeared to be back to the type of football that brought them to the 2013 Grand Final. A late burst had Adelaide take the lead back with 39 seconds to go, and then seal the win with a late goal. An encouraging performance for various reasons for both teams.

(In these write-ups, scores haven’t yet been scaled so they may change slightly later Sunday evening.)


Rory Laird ($550,800 DEF) 102SC

Looked to do what he has always done. Very efficient with ball in hand, too. Will be a very popular defence option in SuperCoach.

Paul Seedsman ($300,200 DEF/MID) 69SC

Played on the wing and ran down Bradley Hill early in Q1, setting up the Crows first goal. Didn’t really see him after that.

Cam Ellis-Yolman ($266,900 MID) 102SC

Rotating through the midfield, and looked okay. Awkwardly priced, and doesn’t have the MID/FWD eligibility like he has in years gone by. One to keep an eye on based on today’s performance.

Tom Lynch ($470,900 FWD) 116SC

Teased us in a forward line missing Taylor Walker and Eddie Betts. He’s averaged in the mid 80s for the past 3 years. Better in the draft SC format.

Matt Crouch ($608,300 MID) 109SC

Was at almost every contest, and picked up 22 disposals in the first half. His disposal efficiency sat around 60 per cent for the entire game, and 24 of his 36 disposals were handballs.

Bryce Gibbs ($563,000 MID) 102SC

Playing inside mid, and got a good amount of the ball. Could be a good POD.

Sam Jacobs ($526,300 RUCK) 74SC

Struggled to make an impact, hopefully he is better in Adelaide’s second JLT game, for his owners. Was good in the fourth quarter, although opposed to the Dockers rookie ruckman.

Darcy Fogarty ($153,300) 13SC

Nice strong contested mark in the third, resulting in a goal for himself, and Adelaide. This kid was touted as the number 1 draft pick before a knee injury scared some recruiters off. For his price, you’d want a much better than score than this. Almost shakes him off your rookie watchlist.

Tom Doedee ($123,900 DEF) 86SC

Proved that he’s not a bench option, but an on field rookie option. Jump on.

Myles Poholke ($123,900 MID/FWD) 52SC

Looked composed, and disposed of the ball nicely. Put him on your rookie watchlist.

Harry Dear ($123,900 FWD) 53SC

Kicked the crows first goal, and presented well throughout the first quarter. Put him on your rookie watchlist.

Lachlan Murphy ($102,400 DEF) 69SC

Looked good, really. Very lively, and looked scary with ball in hand. Scored 69SC in a half of football. Is he the player who takes over Charlie Cameron’s old spot? Rookie watchlist.


Luke Ryan ($422,300 DEF) 83SC

Played loose at half back, didn’t really do anything damaging. 5 disposals at 60 per cent DE in the first half. A lot better in the second half, but for around the same price, you’ll find something better elsewhere.

Lachie Neale ($599,300) 103SC

Looked clean and composed in heavy traffic, and helped Fremantle square up the contest in the first quarter. 25 touches and 5 tackles playing inside mid, how many is too many Fremantle midfielders?

Nat Fyfe ($597,900 MID) 163SC

Nat Fyfe just did Nat Fyfe things. Lock him in. Throw away the key. Forget where you threw the key. 87SC in that first half.

Michael Walters ($478,300 FWD/MID) 93SC

Started the game at the centre square, which would have pleased his current owners. Looked better doing around the ground work though, was closely checked at centre bounces. He stepped it up in the second half, and looked like what his current SuperCoach owners would be looking for.

Nathan Wilson ($417,300 DEF) 65SC

Coming off the half back flank, seemed to be left alone too often with not a lot to do with the ball. If he’s going to score well, the other players in purple need to help him out. Really didn’t do anything to instill much confidence.

Connor Blakely ($490,300 MID) 78SC

Looked to have time and space whenever he had the ball, but didn’t get enough of it and didn’t do anything great with it either.

Aaron Sandilands ($480,000 RUCK) 71SC

Only played until 3QT, but led the hitout count with 28, and scored 78SC. If his strings hold up, he’s an option.

David Mundy ($492,300 FWD/MID) 98SC

Didn’t attend any centre bounce in the first half, and played mostly up forward and on the wings, but his final SC score was very, very encouraging for his owners.

Matt Taberner ($325,100 FWD) 97SC

Looked good, and threatened to be Fremantle’s best SC scorer for the game, but ultimately not SuperCoach relevant. Will have good games like these every now and then.

Andrew Brayshaw (198,300 MID) 86SC

Attacked with head over the ball, and won himself a free kick in the first quarter. Kid fits in well, looks readymade to me. One of the expensive ones to keep an eye on. 6 disposals at 100 per cent disposal efficiency in the first quarter and 36 SC.

Bailey Banfield ($123,400 MID) 96SC from 40 per cent TOG!!

Looked fairly comfortable at the level. Will be in the frame for round 1 after this performance. Kicked a good goal under pressure in the third quarter. Got to the right spots, and looked to read the play quite well.

Stefan Giro ($102,400 MID) 21SC
Wasn’t sighted in the first half, but came on in the second, and put on a very strong tackle resulting in a free kick. Rookie watchlist, according to The West Australian he is in round one calculations.

What did you think of the game? Who was of interest to you? Shout out in the comments!

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Fyfe Laird and Crouch both locked in my team.

Brayshaw could easily come into my team for LDU.

Never heard of Banfield prior to the game, hopefully can push his way into the team. Doesn't have much competition if Ballantyne can get a gig it seems.

Doedee was very good, should be in every team by the looks of it.


Ballantyne was seriously average today, whilst Banfield was lighting it up… Could be a sneaky chance for a rd one berth. The kid was in the right spots at all the right times


Nice writeup! Guess I have to jump on that Fyfe train now. Banfield looked useful.


Rough to cross Fogarty out when he only played 36% of the game. He's got the most AFL ready body out of this draft


I didn't cross him out, but he would need to show something in Adelaide's 2nd JLT game to justify that 153k price tag over a 123k/117k rookie.




The +1 was for ToughBretts comment that he didn't have much game time. Think he will be a good player but Adelaide usually play conservative with their rooks and give them SANFL games first and I think he would find it hard to break into the side atm.


Matt Crouch was everywhere around the inside contest today. Making my 5th midfielder a seriously tough decision.

I currently have Danger, Dusty, Titch and Fyfe – going for the top 4 scoring options this year – but the 5th option is a lot harder.

Out of Crouch, Kelly and Oliver who would you be picking? You can make a good case for all of them and can't really go super wrong, but who do we think is the most likely to average the highest this year?


Currently have Kelly in my team at M3. Crouch and Merrett are fighting it out for M4 while I have Fyfe at M5.


I have the same four as you Finnius, as well as Crouch,so you can guess who I would be picking.


From my first draft I have had Mitchell, Kelly, Oliver, Crouch and Fyfe. Thinking I have to find room for Danger but don't want to replace any of that five. Options to get Danger in are to swap Witherden (D4) for a rook and/or Dahlhaus (F3 D Smith F4) for a lesser priced forward (I know it's probably stupid but am looking at Caddy).


Hi have some spare spots left in my league, it was ranked in the top 100 so please experienced players only. League Code: 418798


Nice to see some rooks starting to appear. Doedee looks the goods and is locked, Brayshaw, despite being pricey appears he will play round one and will probably also start in my side. Banfield was a surprise packet for Freo today. On the watch list for JLT2. On the premo's front, Fyfe is a lock. Will be a monster this year. 161SC if you dont mind. Matt Crouch is a lock. 36 disposals.(Only if if his efficiency was a bit better at 61%). I am comfortable with Laird as well and is locked. Over to the eagles against port!


TopHawk jump in mate just made room.

Shake n bake

Hey Brownlow if l open a spot for you in Up There Cazaly will you jump in??

Shake n bake

Just let me know when if you do Brownlow ill open a spot for you.


Already in shake!

Shake n bake



Sorry Brownlow boy. Just got home. Just tried now to join and your league is full again. LOL. All good though, if you do have to cull a weak link let me know, otherwise if you are happy with your league then there is always next year. Cheers mate.


mate i'm making room for you regardless. Just keep trying to join.


Hard to get excited about Adelaide rooks when you look at that absentee list


Agreed Kev. Tom Dude where's my round 1 spot would be a chance. Possibly best suited to the Jake Lever role, especially with Brodie Smith sidelined. The absentee list doesn't affect him as much as the rest. But still he's not a high flying intercept like Lever is. And as good as Lachlan Murphy looked I think CEY would claim a spot ahead of him. The rest would make way unless injuries linger. But they may offer up some downgrades throughout the season. Hugh Greenwood was a noticeable absentee as well. Champion data rated him the recruit of 2017. And who would argue


Murphy and Doedee will be chances because there's legitimate spots there up for grabs. Murphy played down back in the SANFL last year, but has trained with the forwards (and had Eddie Betts mentoring him!) all pre-season to see if he can take Cameron's spot. Gallucci probably got injured at the right time for him. Doedee is the same in that Lever's spot is there, though he'll compete with Cheney for that, but certainly didn't do his chances any harm.

Dear likely won't get a shot, though with JJ continuing his invisible man routine, he could start the year in the SANFL. I think Keath might be ahead of him though (Pyke loves swingmen, like Otten last year), but Tex is still hit/miss for Round 1 and I get the feeling if Tex misses then he's not keeping JJ out too.

I don't think Fogarty is a chance to play, despite the obvious talents he shows.


inb4 Pittard puts on a show tonight and gets hyped up as an option


I'm waiting to see Bonner. On the watchlist.


This bloody good


The Seed was a bit disappointing, he'll need to show a bit more in JLT2 to keep his spot as my D4, will be watching Bonner closely as a like for like.
Keen to get a look at Venables, Ryan and Ah Choo for the eagles today.
Laird, Doedee, Fyfe and Crouch are still locked in after today's game.
Liked the look of Banfield also.
Thanks Damo.


I'd be careful planting the seed into D4. I'm far more bullish on Bonner. Banfield & Brayshaw probably took everyone by surprise. But we all know what Ross can do if they eat an orange the wrong way. Proceed with caution


Yeah the Seed is far from a lock Pie, won't take much for Bonner to flick him, has a great de and less injury history, extra $40k would be handy too.


Hear ya on the Seed Hedski, although 69 ain't terrible though for 73% game time, for a dude getting back into it again, after quite a while.
I reckon he'll be ok, and be a regular member of the Crow's squad this year.


Hmmm, Bonner did a few nice things but hardly screamed "pick me" either.


Walters scored 102 according to fanfooty, 101 according to fantasy freako. Only had 13 disposals but 10 were contested possessions and he had 7 tackles


It's very interesting seeing what scores different news outlets are reporting. I took the initial scores from FanFooty, but then got the scaled scores from SuperFooty.


Wait til Sloane and Brad Crouch are in the side before announcing that Crouch will be unaffected by Gibbs. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he isn't but its worth waiting and seeing.


I'm not too worried, simply because of the role crouch plays. He is an out and out inside midfielder – who they want shoveling the ball out all day long. Brad is a mix of in and out, but I think he will take on more of a running role this year. When the midfield is stacked Gibbs can drift across halfback, and Sloane will be going forward or back to shake the tag. Crouch is unlikely to be super affected by any of these players because none of them really play his role – he is a genuine, untaggable inside mid.

Shake n bake

What do we think about Sandi at R2? Could he make it to rd 10 unscathed??


Highly doubt it – even if he stays healthy he will likely have scheduled rest weeks with the club being so high on Darcy


Any feedback would be appreciated

Def: Hurley, Laird, Sicily, O'Shea, Murray, Doedee (Finlayson, Cumming)

Mid: Danger, Kelly, Crouch, Fyfe, Beams, Coniglio, Griffen, Brayshaw (Dawson, Kelly, Worpel)

Ruck: Goldy, Gawn (olango)

Fwd: Heeney, Walters, Smith, Christensen, Ahern, Venables (Ryan, Fritsch)

I would like both Dusty and Duncan but I think I am content to wait for them to be my first upgrades


Solid. Would be a very competitive team


Only criticism would be that that midfield is veryy deep – which means that you can't capitalise on the very good midfield rookies we have. I would consider going one deeper in the fwd line because we are struggling for rookies there. You could swing sicily forward and pick up simpson at D3.

Just my twopennies worth.


Appreciate the feedback – I think you're right about the amount of quality rooks in the middle, but in saying that, the majority of points are scored in the guts too. I think Griffen will average 90 and Brayshaw is my pick for best player out of the draft, and with their elevated price-tags it will be a quicker transition to turning them into Dusty/Duncan/Zorko as soon as a couple rookies max-out in price.
I'd prefer to take chances in the forward line where there are very few sure things this year, so I can assess how that position is shaping out around the byes.


True – but just make sure you aren't sacrificing points on other lines. If you wait there will be plenty of surprise mids/ones who drop in price as well. I am going with 5 uberpremos and 3 rookies personally.

I like the Griffin and Brayshaw picks, but would maybe try and get another rook onfield (I'm not super keen on the coniglio selection).

Whatever you do I am sure it will be fine 🙂


Hey TB, interesting team … fairly unique with plenty of PODs. Personally I’d be going with Hibberd before Hurley … better value and notwithstanding Hurley’s excellent 2017, key back’s scoring is fairly lumpy..
In the mids, whilst you may think you have keepers in Beams & Coniglio, I think both are bets, I’d keep one and look to either Mitchell or Martin for the 2nd .. that way you will be almost certain of locking in 3 of the top 5 by seasons end. Possibly 4 if Fyfe goes the distance. Going the distance is the biggest issue for Beams and Coniglio too .. hence the risk.
Either way .. love your thinking … good luck


Here are the scores, post-scaling:


N. Fyfe 141

M. Walters 90

M. Taberner 89

L. Neale 86

B. Banfield 84

D. Mundy 82

A. Brayshaw 79

L. Ryan 73

C. Blakely 64

A. Sandilands 61

N. Wilson 58

B. Matera 52

M. Johnson 51

B. Grey 49

A. Pearce 47

H. Ballantyne 45

E. Langdon 44

D. Pearce 43

C. McCarthy 38

T. Sheridan 35

D. Tucker 33

B. Hill 33

B. Cox 28

L. Meek 22

S. Giro 18

C. Sutcliffe 8


M. Crouch 94

C. Hampton 90

C. Ellis-Yolmen 90

R. Laird 89

T. Lynch 74

T. Doedee 74

B. Gibbs 69

J. Kelly 68

L. Murphy 67

M. McGovern 66

R. Atkins 63

A. Keath 61

S. Jacobs 55

D. Mackay 52

M. Poholke 49

R.O’Brien 46

A. Otten 46

P. Seedsman 45

L. Brown 43

S. Gibson 36

K. Cheney 33

H. Dear 33

M. Signorello 17

P. Hunter 17

D. Fogarty 17

J. Jenkins 11


Got $550k to spend on D3 but not sure who to get. Thinking Simmo, Shaw, Hanley, Sicily or Wilson? Any suggestions would be welcome, cheers


I like Howe if he can shake his calf niggle before round 1 Cheeky, would prefer if he gets a JLT game in.


If you have 550k then get whichever of Hurley, Hibberd or Laird you don't already have.


Sicily for me and pocket the extra cash – you will need it later on

Shake n bake

Dont know who your D1 or D2 is but what it’s worth, l have got Houli at D3.


PIck Oliver and have 40k leftover or pick Cripps and have 114k left over


Probably Cripps – that extra dosh will be vital. Would wait to see him have a couple of hit outs though before you lock him in.


Sicily and Howe or Lloyd and Tracca?


Definitely Sicily and Howe for me.

I am not keen on Petracca at all as I think that he is a trap… Plenty of others disagree with me on this though.

Wait for Howe to get over his niggle before you pick him up though. Have you considered Simpson at that price?


Yeah I’ve had him for the last 2 years. Very good selection. I just have a bias towards Collingwood players that I’m trying to get over!


Hi All. I have been a longish type lurker (4seasons) on Jock Reynolds Community but have never "joined in".
I would like to change that. I am an avid SuperCoach fan/fanatic and have supported Jock by buying his Mag. when available.

I notice I can comment as a guest or login. I would prefer to do it properly and login, but am not sure of the best way to do that.
I don't use Twitter. Also would like an explanation please of the "Subscribe to" options on the bottom web page.


First of all, welcome Graham

Hopefully you can as you say "join in" the conversation, new members are always welcome.

Intense debate accounts are very easy to set up I believe, and this would give you the proper login you desire.

Hope that helps mate.


Thanks BrownlowBoy. Have joined intense debate.


Hi graham – just click the 'intense database' button at the bottom (it is blue and white) and that should take you to their website, just make an account and then log in every time you come on so we can see who you are.

welcome to the community 🙂


Shouldn't even need to log in once you have an account Fin, just keeps you logged in


true true


Any leagues fellas?




Off topic to this one but wtf is going on with ryan griffen? Is he injured? Gonna play round 1? Jlt? If he's on track for round 1 he's helevant as hell right?


Oh and btw he's 277k


He's definitely on track for rd 1 – watching him very carefully


come on guys how about putting the bloody sc scores in your summaries FFS it's meant to be a SC info site isn't


Show some initiative buddy and do some google searching, not that hard really…


They weren't scaled yet when this was put up, but I put them in the comments. Scroll up a bit.


After today's game (WCE-Port) I still have this thing going on about Scott Lycett @ $277K……..He played pretty well. (81 SC)

In fact, I think he out played Vardy. (83 SC)

Lycett had 13 hit outs to Vardy's 12 (I think Vardy had the edge for taps to advantage), Lycett had more disposals (10-8). Lycett racked up 5 tackles compared to Vardy's 2.

But it gets more interesting.

Vardy kicked 2 goals and his DE was 100% vs Lycett's 80%. (No goals) Vardy's score would have been substantially less if not for those two majors. Despite all that, Vardy (373 K) only outscored Lycett (277 K) by 2 SC points.

The bottom line after today is that Lycett may in fact be ahead of Vardy in the rucks department. Even if this is not the case, come round one, I reckon both will play. From what I have been told, Nic Nat is just not ready for the start of the 2018 season.

Therefore, I still like Lycett at R2.

He would save me cash, I could use him as a cash cow in the early rounds, bank some useful points, and who knows, he might actually turn out to be a keeper!

JLT 2 will be telling for these two blokes.

Feel free to tear my argument to shreds community!


Hey Tophawk1. Always been a fan of Lycett but apart from 2016 (did his knee at years end from memory) he has never been able to string it together due to form, injury and lack of opportunity early on. That said he could be an absolute bargain given doubts over Nic Nat (bone on bone … allegedly) and Kennedy's early absence as he, Lycett, is an adequate fwd. If NicNat and Kennedy both get back in then who goes out? Don't think they could play NicNat, Vardy and Lycett in those circumstances. Food for thought.


Yeah he could be s good selection. Especially with the uncertainty surrounding the ruck department. Gives us a look at who could be top few rucks and hell, if he makes it to round 11, could swap him for Ryder!


I've replaced NicNat with him. Read an article where it was stated that he should edge out Vardy as the Eagles no. 1 ruck if fit (if NicNat is not playing). In 2016 Lycett scored 6 tons starting forward with NicNat in the side. Could prove a valuable stepping stone.



Def – Laird, Simpson, Hibberd (Melb), Seedsman, Pearce, Doedee (Murray, Mirra)

Mid – Titch, Danger, Fyfe, Dusty, Kelly, Conigs, Dow, Brayshaw (Barry, LDU, Kelly)

Rucks – Big Ben, Gawn (Cameron)

Fwd – McLean, Acres, Robinson, Stephenson, Keeffe, Rioli (Ryan, Fritsch)

Thoughts? Not thrilled with the forwards but waiting to see how Heeney and Billings are going closer to round 1.

Any info re injured players etc that may affect my team would be greatly appreciated, as would general feedback

Cheers Guys


*Stephenson = Christensen, $65,000 left in bank


I'd trade out Seedsman, Acres and McLean


Also Keefe and Conigs


Trust me Farken


Without saying farken, not sure why you did, can you explain your input, otherwise it doesn't mean much when someone is that vocal, thx

Shake n bake

Ablett in doubt for rd 1. 🤔