ESSENDON v RICHMOND – Preseason Match Report

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Thank god that’s over. Meaningless blow-outs are hard enough to watch during the regular season, let alone during the pre-season.

Essendon were insipid. Listless. Dilapidated. Barely palpable. Genuinely useless.

They provided absolutely no pressure and let Richmond prance around Wangaratta and do as they pleased.

And I had to sit there and watch it. Every. Single. Minute of it.

NOTABLE ABSENTEES:  Richmond – Dion Prestia, Daniel Rioli, Nathan Broad

NOTABLE ABSENTEES: Essedon – Michael Hurley, Orazio Fantasia, Tom Bellchambers, Cale Hooker

INJURIES: Tony Nankervis (concussion), David Astbury (concussion), Zac Merrett (jaw/concussion)


It was very hard to draw too much out of this game, and the longer it went on the worse it got as the Bomber’s defence and tackling had as much substance as one-ply toilet paper in a truck-stop dunny.

Devon Smith was literally the only shining light for the Dons, playing in the middle all day and pretty much locking himself into my forward line.

The other bloke who stood out was this young up and comer called *checks notes* Dustin Martin. He looked okay.



Dustin Martin – $656,000 – MID

This kid’s going to be something one day. A Norm Smith medallist even. Possibly a Brownlow winner. Might even do it this year. I’d managed to convince myself not to start him and have a look when he price drops, but based on today it might not drop any time soon. Only 106 points but from 66 per cent game time. Damn he was better than that anyway.

Jack Higgins – $133,000 – FWD/MID

Shai Bolton will get a run ahead of him in round one, but considering Bolton’s 242k, he won’t score enough to bother considering him.Hardly sighted.  

Bachar Houli – $517,400 – DEF

Was really crucial early with seven touches in the first when Essendon weren’t completely terrible, and sat out during the second half. 66SC.

Brandon Ellis – $502,500 – DEF

Far quieter than Houli. Did nothing to put himself back onto my watchlist and would need something exceptional to barge his way in at this stage. Only 54 points.

Corey Ellis – $228,400 – MID/DEF

Was by far the better Ellis. Finished with 96 points running off half back. I have no idea who this bloke is or if he plays, but at 228k in the midfield I don’t really want to know. Scratch that, he’s DEF/MID. I am interested again. Keep an eye on him in JLT2.

Alex Rance – $492,300 – DEF

Damn he’s handsome. Nothing else to report.

The Nank – $488,300 – RUC

Slammed his head into the turf early and wasn’t sighted afterwards, sending young Marboir Chol into the ruck who did… not much. Not even a ruck rookie, instead listed as a 123k forward.

Kane Kambert – $472,500 – MID/FWD

Need another look. Didn’t do anything to write home about but also didn’t do himself a disservice. Playing without Prestia makes it hard to judge if the mid time he got will continue.

Nick Vlaustuin – $430,100 – DEF

Had a lot of the ball, did some nice things with it. Priced very nicely, but his tendency to play as the third tall or to lock down someone will hurt his scores on the odd week. Picked up some intercept marks, kicks more than he handballs, he’s one to monitor.

Josh Caddy – $419,600 – FWD

Caddy makes Richmond a much better side. He will not make your Supercoach team a better side. Looked good with 132SC but with Prestia to return I’d be surprised if he has as much mid time as he did today.

Trent Cotchin – $555,000 – MID

Managed 116 from 52 per cent game time and 17 disposals. Did the dirty work and still finished with immaculate hair. I’m not saying pick him, but that’s impressive.


Devon Smith  – $439,100 – FWD

The one positive from today. Pretty much locked up in the forward line – played pure midfield and looked pretty good doing so. Finished with 26 touches and a goal. Scored 119 points. Yes please. Sign me up.

Jake Stringer – $356,000 – FWD

Has apparently bleached his hair. Last 15 minutes before Rance’s superb jawline split his skin and turned his hair pink. Suited him. Not much effort defensively, ineffective with ball in hand, played more forward than midfield.

No, no and no thank you.

Adam Saad – $399,800 – DEF

I’m very excited to watch this man play football. Extremely quick, extremely exciting, will play very well with Conor McKenna during the year. Wrote him off at quarter time as someone who’ll average 80 but look good while doing so.

Ended with 89 points, which is about what I expected, but I’ll be watching closely next game. Uses the ball well and players were looking for him. Others ahead of him for now, but don’t write him off.

Also kicked an INSANE goal to open his account.

Zach Merrett – $600,600 – MID

Merrett for PM. And for President. Future King of Australia. Can also play football. Chose not to play football after having two head knocks early and coming off gastro. The four touches he did have looked very good so don’t write him off.

Dyson Heppell – $547,300 – MID

Good at footy. Not as good at Supercoach. Got a bit of it but couldn’t do a huge amount with it. Spent long stints on the bench to manage his workload.

Brendan Goddard – 535,500 – MID

Has averaged 97 three years in a row. Looks to make it four. Pass.

Joe Daniher – $472,800 – FWD

Had terrible delivery and had little support without Hooker or Stewart. Apparently had 70 per cent time on ground but couldn’t get near it. Shaun McKernan made him look like a second-stringer.

Andrew McGrath – 388,400 – DEF

Started very slowly, with just the one touch in the first term, which was an ineffective handball. Finished with 18 touches and 63 SC. Nah.

Darcy Parish – $419,000 – FWD/MID

Might see some jumping on after playing the inside role for the Dons. Had 21 touches and did the dirty work, but only had the 85 points to show for it. That will go up when four players are whittled from the bench, but would need to see something special in JLT2 to consider him up forward.

And that’s about it from me. I can’t think about this game anymore. Essendon were AWFUL. Richmond looked really good. Hopefully it’s not a sign of things to come.


What did you get out of the game, community?

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Patch how could you not know Corey Ellis? I've only told the story about when I broke the news first that he'd be debuting about 40-hundred times, got a real soft spot for him!


Oh THAT guy.

Considering you have a soft spot for Daniel Rich I'm not sure how to take that endorsement.


Corey Ellis is a def/mid.

Could be a decent option considering the lack of rookies in defence.


Ahhh he is too. Curse the Supercoach site's UI which makes it really hard to tell

neil Demons Delight

ed Richards naughton mirra O'Brien dow brander Doedee no defensive rookies there's 7 No quite the opposite theris a plethora of def.rookies.Whats lacking is forward rookies


Enter Laughlan Keeffe. A fwd/def rookie. May be the solution.

Setterfield OUT with a torn ACL.


It would be great if he plays, the DPP is extremely valuable as I have Sicily in my team.


Love Vlaustuin, little bit of bias with him considering he came from the best footy club in the state, but he did me a great service when I couldn't play properly


Not 100% sold on Smith, reason he got so much mid time was because of the Heppell/Merrett rests


Geez these JLT games are like watching grass grow. Boring as bat-shit but I have to force myself to sit there and watch them. From today's games, all I can say is that Max Gawn, Michael Hibberd, Dustin Martin, and Devon Smith are just about locked and loaded. LDU needs to show a bit more in JLT2. No longer a certain lock. (Still in my side atm) Petracca did not set the world on fire either. Not 100% sold as yet. (Bring on JLT2). Brandon Ellis was a major flop and has been punted out of my side as a POD player. He would have to bring something VERY special to JLT2 for me to reconsider. Mc Grath is a no, Higgins is a no, Daniher is a no, Angus Brayshaw is a no, and Jake Stringer was again embarrassing. NO. Jake Lever is still lerking on my watch list. The kid has a serious point to prove after being thrown under the bus by Adelaide for being just in it for the money. Other than that, that's about it. Bring on tomorrow…….Wooohooooo. NOT


who on earth even considers B Ellis as a supercoach player. Kid sucks,


Gotta agree with you after what I saw today! Bloody scheit.


Thats pretty much where i finished up hawk.
4 standouts.
Starting to think Dow or Brayshaw might be a better choice than LDU. OR Brodie will wait and sew what tomorrow brings.


Andrew Brayshaw is already in my side. Paddy Dow will be really interesting to see how he goes. There should be a some decent rooks on show tomorrow. Still shocked about LDU's effort today. Early days I know, but I expected a hell of a lot more. Cheers Trigga!


And Will Brodie too like you mentioned.


I was absolutely done by 3QT. The only people enjoying that were sadistic Richmond fans.

Agree with those calls – embarrassing a very good word for Stringer. Didn't look excited to be there.


Stringer the "stinger" is where he is at. He "strings" you along, and then, wham he stings! And then we get "stung" by this fraud.

I really hope he proves me wrong, but after today, he has some serious work ahead to do so. Absolute rubbish today at his new club.


How did Jack Graham go? Given 3 of his 5 games have been played in finals, they may not count towards a SC price and $269k may be worth a look for a midfield grunt player who knows where the goals are.


74 SC from 70% TOG – could be seriously worth a crack if he can hold 80-85


He did alright……just keep it hush hush


Looked very good as a footballer, not sure he'll deliver for us as a Supercoach player. Could average 80 but you'd make more from a 140k rookie averaging 65 or 70.

Unless we have absolutely no midfield rookies I'll be steering clear based on price alone.


If you’re looking to make similar cash, wouldn’t the player scoring more be a better investment? Not to mention Graham has exposed form.


Graham scored 108 SC in the GF, averages 81 in his first 5 games and 87 in his last 3. … Amongst the rising stars he was 1st for tackles, 1st for clearances per game, 1st for stoppage clearances, 3rd for SC scoring and 4th for centre clearances … he is more likely to average 85 or 90 given his start and maturity. He is priced at 49 SC points… even at an average of 80 he will make you $170k, @90 it’s $220k, a good stepping stone to a premo. He has strong upside for his price and is likely to play every game ..

I have him at M7 at present.


Nice work Lazza, can't argue with stats like that.
O'Meara, is hereby, booted.


Setterfield did an acl in the GWS v Swans inter club last night for anyone that was considering him.


Thanks Bells.

Setterfield is a non starter round 1.

A serious ACL knee injury by all reports. The door opens for Laughie Keeffe. This is his chance. Can he grab it? Let's see. Officially on the rookie def/fwd watch list.


TopHawk reckon you could jump in a league of mine?


No worries. What is your league number?


193465 – Just let me know your team name 🙂


Just let me know your team name because I have others joining and want to make sure you get in.


My team name is Top Hawks. I think I might have missed the boat in your league as it has come back being full. Chhers


Just made room TopHawk


lol… Did you just boot out a buddy to make room for TopHawk. Class, I love it

The Ranger

Well spotted TH, got Keefe at M8 at the moment and he is, as Jock might have said, firming.


Don't think you were hard enough on Stringer, Patch. He was absolutely putrid and would struggle to get a game in the VFL side if he turned up to play like that again. Then again no one in red turned up to play.
Thoughts on Jack Graham? I know it's hard to tell in games as one sided as this but I thought he did a bit. Also puts my heterosexuality at risk when he comes on screen. Bloke's more attractive than Rance.
Aside from Smith, Mckernan was the only player who wanted to win his own pill. That's probably the most frustrating part of the whole match for dons supporters.
I had to sit through this shit with a tiger fan too. Not the start I had in mind for the red and black.


Graham won't get much mid time with Prestia and co returning.


Yeah I just checked his price too. I thought he was closer to 200k. Probably too expensive at the price he's at.


Watch last year’s finals at all?


Graham is a very smart player. Makes up for lack of pace with smarts and good positioning. Tackling beast too. A smokey for my team at M6. Kicks goals too.


At least Stringer's trying to look like a good player Canny…trying to look like Hurley, but nowhere near playing like him…lol


Little concerned about cheap rookies with JS. Really don't think there will be many & it will mean finding mid pricers more important. From yesterday unlikely to get anything from Tigers & Dees. The Dees has Bailey Fritsch. But he won't score much & could be in & out. LDU might not score enough to make it worthwhile & it was a concern Ahern didn't play. All eyes on West Coast today

neil Demons Delight

I will be looking at some of the Port recuits and mid pricers who can be upgraded at R10


Plenty of Port recruits. Not sure they need a rookie. Barry & Bonner worth a look


Pieman reckon you could jump in a league of mine?


Sure. Shoot me the code. That will probably be the last one






Looks like Doedee will be locked into every side if he plays round 1


And rightly so. Onfield as well

The Ranger

D5 for me at the moment


Yep…lock him in.

The Ranger

I hate going midpricer Pieman but you might be right.
Early days tho.


Might be much the same as last year Pie…midpricers as essentials, the times….they are a changing! 🙂


What were the team totals of the game for SuperCoach?

Was the total still 3300?


Hard to call after that one sided training run. However here is my conundrum. Liked the look of Graham yesterday and hoping Nic Nat gets up for Round 1.

1. Ryder, Coniglio, Armitage (M6) & Rayner (F4) or

2. Nic Nat, T.Mitch, Graham (M6) & Fogarty (F4.

Thoughts please Patch & Community?


None of the above
You've picked the two premium ruckman that have huge question marks about if they're playable.
On that budget I would go Nank, Titch, A. Brayshaw & Rayner – but I don't think you should have 200-300k players at F4 or M6


Hi all league to join if you want all welcome.607433


115,600 in the bank

DEF: Hurley, Laird, Hibberd, O shea, Doedee, Murray (Mirra, O keefe)

MID: Dangerfield, Martin, Tom Mitchell, Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, Dow, Luke davies-uniacke (kelly, worpel, spargo)

RUC: Gawn, Naitanui (Cameron)

FWD: Menegola, Heeney, Curnow, Ahern, garlett, Ryan (Higgins, Rioli)

Obviously Rookies gonna change depending on JLT/selection (for example tossing up between Dow or Rayner) but would like thoughts on premos/mid pricers and overall structure.

Some changes i'm considering
Tossing up also between Curnow and Sicily. Also considering Curnow to a fwd premo such as greene, Curnow to christensen and a rookie in backline to Sicily OR a fwd rookie to Christensen but these options leave me bare in the cash department.

The Ranger

I like it Bagger. Except for the NicNat pick. Too risky for mine.


Very Guns 'n' Rooks, but it's proven to work.
I don't think Menegola is worth the price tag when Ablett is going to come in and play an identical role – would look at Jack Billings or Walters instead.
Nic Nat is probably a write off for most considering his horrible pre-season. Even if he plays R1 he will probably have scheduled rest weeks that will leave you with a zero.
I'd use the extra cash from dropping menegola to turn Coniglio into a keeper, like J Selwood, Luke Parker or Bontempelli.

Team is safe and strong though if you decide to make no changes.


Full stats and summary for the crows freo game is now available at Trevs place.
Some real mouth watering info on some rookies


Any love for McKernan fellas? DPP relevant