Goodness gracious me, there’s no way to sugar coat it, is there? This year, the forward line is a burning dumpster. Only 11 players who are forward eligible in 2018 averaged more than 90 in 2017.

And only five of those that averaved more than 90 managed the feat over 20 or more games.

The forward line has been a major trouble for me in the past few years. For the last two years I’ve somehow convinced myself to start with two premiums and four on-field rookies. Unsurprisingly, that – to put it mildly – hasn’t gone well.

Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. If the forward line burns me a third time then… I… I’ll be extremely upset and owchied and burnied and… not happy at all.

So I’m exploring my options. Few of the top 10 forwards entice me – Isaac Heeney is an obvious choice, but beyond that I’m not sold. So I’ve jumped into the burning dumpster that is the forward to find some gems, because gems are forged in the fire? Something like that.


2018 facts $474,800 FWD
2017 games 22
2017 average 86.4
2017 100+ scores 5
2017 sub-80 scores 8
2017 highs and lows High of 146, low of 27


Jack Gunston burned a lot of people in 2017, including community stalwart Dex. He cracked the ton just once in the first 11 rounds of the season, and threw up scores of 43 and 27 during the same period.

The second half of the season was far prettier, averaging 96 from rounds 12 to 23 and then 102 in the final seven rounds of the season.

So what changed? In round 17, after struggling for months to find form in the forward line, Alistair Clarkson threw Gunston into the backline, running him off a flank and using his brilliant kicking – which for so long had been a textbook example of splitting the middle of the sticks – to split opposition zones.

And he flourished.

He picked up 23 or more touches in all but one game, including a massive 35 touches against the Dockers in round 18.

Three of his five tons and more importantly just one of his sub-80 scores came during this seven-week period, and the obvious drop in goals was matched by an increase in possessions.

As mentioned, Gunston’s kicking became a weapon and kicks made up over 70 per cent of his touches, and the bulk of his points.


Gunston is one of the most durable players in the competition. He hasn’t missed a game in three years, and has missed only four in five years. That’s impressive, and in a year where we’re looking at the likes of Robbie Gray, Josh J. Kennedy, The Chad Wingard and Toby ‘The Butcher of Blacktown’ Greene in the top group of players, consistency is going to be extremely important.

He is coming into his prime as a 26-year-old, and is due to play his 150th game in round one. He’s got a strong pair of hands, a good sense of the game and – I keep saying it but cannot stress this enough – can kick a football like Jock Himself in His prime.

With Hodge gone, they’ll need with a cool head on their shoulders, and Gunston is cooler than the refrigerator, chiller than an esky and as Not Hot as the Bee Sharps after they won that Grammy.


In the immortal words of Crouching Tiger, “he burn man”. There’s every likelihood Gunston returns to the forward line this year, or – worse – flits between attack and defence and messing with his scores.

Here’s Hawthorn assistant Adam Yze talking on the club website:

“It was probably a win-win for everyone, that he could try something different by going down back but then, in the end, I think we stumbled across a really good option for us to go down back with the ball use, run and marking ability that he provides off half-back.

“So, moving forward, it’ll just be a question of which end we need him most but it’s certainly a massive positive that he can do both.”

We don’t want both, Adam. We want him running off the half-back line scoring points.


It depends on where he plays. For his price of sub-500k, a consistent, accurate half-back flanker could average between 90 and 100, which would put him firmly in the top eight forwards for the season.

However, at 474k he isn’t classified as cheap in the same way Michael Barlow and Devon Smith are.

However, if he plays forward, he becomes less valuable. Obviously if Hawthorn have a fantastic year and their midfield pumps the ball in to him directly, he may score well as a forward.

However, on the back of last year, and on the back of a number of unknowns in the Hawk’s midfield, I won’t take that chance if he doesn’t look to be locked into defence.

With the return of Jonathon Ceglar in 2018, we may see Roughead, Shoenmakers and McEvoy/Ceglar taking the three pillars up forward, leaving Gunston to prance his way through the back line with his stablemate James Sicily.

But considering Shoenmakers is no Matthew Lloyd, and Ceglar may start in the reserves after Big Boy’s excellent year in the ruck, he might start forward. I really don’t know at this stage.

Jack Gunston is not currently in my side, but he is in very serious contention for a F2 or F3 slot.

What do you think, community? Is Gunston a yea or a nay?


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BrownlowBoy · 12/02/2018 at 15:06

I had him last year and he burnt the pants off me before I rage traded him and then he came good.

    @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 06:01

    im avoiding.

James Brown · 12/02/2018 at 15:19

No offense guys but you lost me at the first paragraph. Typo followed by hard to follow phrasing and structure. I didn't make it far before losing interest. Normally a big fan but I suggest reading it back for a smooth flow and feel.

    Patch · 12/02/2018 at 15:30

    Oh lordy lord.

    I've just jumped in and fixed it but I have no idea what happened with that opening bit.

      The Ranger · 12/02/2018 at 16:21

      Grammar lessons from James Brown. Who'd have funk it?

    Rick Grimes · 12/02/2018 at 19:18

    Save your critiques for your reading group.. thx.

    @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 06:01

    JK ROWLING has good grammar, maybe go read her work

    Rabbits16 · 14/02/2018 at 14:26

    P.S….Sheriously; man{ Liten up you're shouldars- It seem like the granma he was using triggered that judgy-mental part of you're (brain). Eye fink that Patch gave it a good go using his brain words to spell ideas make understand people that read words. To whom it may concern.

Will · 12/02/2018 at 15:50

Good article with good research, he's definitely worth looking at based on the back of his late season form. However, I'm pretty sure he's going to play forward as Ben Stratton said 6 days ago “I don’t think Gunston will be playing too much more down back, he’s a natural forward and I think he’s itching to get back down there,” to RSN. Although you can argue he's a tad underpriced based on previous scoring remember that Hawthorn's forwards scored big back when Hawthorn were the dominant side with a massively dominant attack, who very often won close games (inflating the scoring of players). Can't see Guston return to a 96 although I can see him hovering around a 90, which isn't that great at his price. I'd rather put my money in a Billings or Wingard for a tad more, or gamble on Curnow or Lobb or even Michael Walters if money prevents you from getting a premium.

    @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 06:02

    hawks were trash last year. They will start him up forward and if the season goes downhill they will move him down back. I say wait for the initial price drop and upgrade a rookie to him

The_Blacksheep · 12/02/2018 at 16:03

Without knowing exactly where he will be playing 'Nay'.
Good right up Patch!

Ivan · 12/02/2018 at 16:08

No video this man?

hedski · 12/02/2018 at 16:18

I'm with Will here Patch, I read the other day he has been training exclusively with the fwds again, says he prefers it, doesn't have a defensive bone in his body!
Good to have you back, nice sneeky Simpsons reference.
Podcast going up today? 👍

Whitey · 12/02/2018 at 16:38

Early team guys. Love to know your thoughts.

Def: Laird, Hurley (not sold yet), Simpson, Rookie blah blah

Mid: Danger, Mitchell, Kelly, Fyfe, Pendles, O'Meara, Rookies blah blah

Ruck: Gawn, Goldy

Fwd: Heeney, Greene, D.Smith, Rookie blah, blah

Have 260k left, obvious thing to do is upgrade O'meara to a Rocklift or Conilio or Cripps, something like that or do I grab a midpricer at D4 or F4.

Thanks in advance for any ideas community.

Great to have this site back guys, full of wisdom and fun.

SC_Kev7 · 12/02/2018 at 17:52

Yeah, Will and hedski have this one covered. Sicily is Hawthorn guy to target as an interceptor. It’s up to Clarko now not to dick him around and leave him in that spot.

R12 bye premo (can we call him a premo?) will be hell useful

    STIRLSY · 12/02/2018 at 21:12

    Shhhhhh on Sicily

INPieman · 12/02/2018 at 18:11

Role certainty doesn't exist. Clarko could spin the magnets & leave you in the foetal position with a moments notice. I'd entertain Sicily or Burton ahead of Gunstan in the risky price point range at the Hawks. Nice work Patch

    @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 06:03

    my mate who is a massive hawks fan rates BURTON this season. I don't know enough at this stage so im avoiding until I do more research

      INPieman · 13/02/2018 at 08:27

      Burton is a future star Wheels. Just not sure this is the year to role the dice

        @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 08:33

        yep im excited to watch him play though. His supercoach avg took a huge spike last year upwards which is interesting

        2016 3 52.0
        2017 20 83.7

          INPieman · 13/02/2018 at 10:35

          The question is can he add another 15 to that. Big ask

            @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 10:42

            too big a risk for mine

LuskinStar · 12/02/2018 at 18:15

You are over thinking the fwds Patch. You said only 5 guys avg over 90 over the 20 games. They would be Franklin, Billings, Dahlhaus, higgins and Dixon. Billings and Dahl almost guaranteed mid time. There’s your F1 and F2. Add a mid priced and a few rookies. Job done.

    hedski · 12/02/2018 at 19:17

    Heeney and Greene will do that Luskin (barring Toby brain fades)

      LuskinStar · 12/02/2018 at 20:20

      No knock on Heeney. Greene to prone to missing games for me. On that point just read that Billings may miss JLT.

        hedski · 12/02/2018 at 20:32

        Yeah I'll look at Greene as an upgrade once he spits his anger out.

        Derek · 13/02/2018 at 16:53

        Billing’s will miss AFLX, should play JLT. Saints website said 2 weeks

    Derek · 12/02/2018 at 22:15

    Dahlhaus midfield days are over

      @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 08:35

      any eividence to back this up? please add link here – I have dahl in my team atm and would love some extra intel to suggest that he wont be in MID

        Derek · 13/02/2018 at 16:51

        I’d love to get hold of his 2017 heat map

          @wheels_1987 · 14/02/2018 at 07:58

          yea me too. im just wondering if ANYONE in the community can add to this thread????

          Is DAHL DONE in the MID or was last year just a bad year

    Russty_ · 13/02/2018 at 00:46

    Last year Macrae was a fwd, and so was Menegola, both averaging over 100.

TommyC99 · 12/02/2018 at 18:44

Smith or Tracca?

    SC_Kev7 · 13/02/2018 at 07:50

    Smith but watch JLT

Tyruddanaut · 12/02/2018 at 18:45

Love how you respect Jock with the capital “His”

    Lekdog · 12/02/2018 at 20:40

    How good is that subtle reference

TommyC99 · 12/02/2018 at 18:51

Thoughts on Hanley as an D3 and Devon Smith/tracca/curnow at F2/3 to allow myself to have Cripps at M6?

    INPieman · 12/02/2018 at 19:12

    Pro's & cons with his bye if he can make it that far. Price is nice for what he's capable of. Must be considered because he's capable of being a top 6 defender

      STIRLSY · 12/02/2018 at 22:59

      We need a FATSO update Pieman…….

        INPieman · 13/02/2018 at 08:10

        Haven't seen or heard much of Fatso this preseason. Let's hope they role him out in AFLX.

          TRIGGA_HAPPY · 13/02/2018 at 09:05

          AFLX? Fatso? May be the shortest debut ever.

            INPieman · 13/02/2018 at 10:36

            Fatso is quick. I'll give him that. And uber talented with the pill. Be interesting to see if he's got the weight off

    Lekdog · 12/02/2018 at 20:41

    I think M6 will limit your cash generation but Hanley and Smith look good

    Russty_ · 12/02/2018 at 23:07

    Hey Tommy, I've got the Irish git as my D4 right now, no Gaz means, more midfield for the bugger and apparently, he's fit and ready to go.

    @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 08:37

    I haven't even considered Hanley but his supercoach avg is going down on the bell curve. Based on that and age I will be avoiding

    2008 2 45.0
    2009 1 38.0
    2010 9 61.1
    2011 22 82.6
    2012 22 90.7
    2013 20 95.7
    2014 20 103.8
    2015 11 86.5
    2016 22 86.7
    2017 13 77.8

The Coach · 12/02/2018 at 19:24

Nope. Gunston isn't worth it.

Canny · 12/02/2018 at 20:33

You're one magnificent specimen, Patch.
Almost have me convinced on Gunston too… although I think I've got a few too many pods as it is.

Dann · 12/02/2018 at 21:00

Hawks have stated he’ll return to the forward line with Stratton & Frawley.

STIRLSY · 12/02/2018 at 21:06

Wont be a starter for me, but someone to monitor during the season as a chance to come in around the byes.
Doing the opposite to you Patch im going 3 500k 1 spec pic over 400k and the 2 rookies up FWD to start but im a little thin down back, still a long way off plenty to unfold b4 we start.

    @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 08:37


Russty_ · 12/02/2018 at 22:02

Wasn't really considering him but could be an option, currently I have…
Menegola, Billings, Petracca, Curnow, Higgins, Ryan
Read billings was injured though…might have to re-consider him.

Don't like the Crimson/ Burgundy colour on our names…what's up with that?

    @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 08:38

    ive heard the same about Billings too. Was tipped to go supercoach beast this season so will have to wait and see the news

Lazza · 12/02/2018 at 22:05

Hey Lekdog,
Any chance that Old Ockers spreadsheet will be available this pre-season?

    Lekdog · 12/02/2018 at 22:45

    I believe he was thinking about it but haven't heard

    The Ranger · 13/02/2018 at 10:05

    He's been on here and promised it would be coming soon Lazza.
    The old fella is getting married so he's a bit busy methinks.

Dezzy · 12/02/2018 at 23:00

My boy Cockadoodle-do is ready for a breakout year. Hammy has been tied to the bone and he will be pumped up fuller than a jumping castle at a Wiggles party being locker buddies with Jesus the little masters apprentice. At $289k he is a weird price but in a forward line full of numpty dumpties he’ll be my number 1 lock of the year. All hail the flying Cock!

Russty_ · 13/02/2018 at 00:22

No offence, but I thought you would've kicked off the new Season / New Era with an article a bit more important than Jack Gunston…who cares about him really?…he's never really been that relevant.
Was hoping to hear about players who could be big game changers this year.
It's getting very late into it and we need updates on how the potential big points scorers are travelling this year.

    Russty_ · 13/02/2018 at 00:53

    How about a Fwd comparison of all the potential top 6 Fwds this year?…including Menegola.
    The Forward line will be very problematic for us all this season.

      Neil Demons Delight · 13/02/2018 at 12:00

      Great idea Russty There are many in the mix though A lot of KPP's that we may need Franklin JJK Lynch Hogan At least two will be top 6

    @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 06:18

    Russty …. relax mate. This is just super early banter to get the brain ticking. No point putting out the A material this early with no pre season evidence. What will we discuss before the dawn of the season if we do it ALL now?

    Instead of coming down on the boys so hard – why don't YOU add to the community??? to quote you

    "Gunston…who cares about him really?…he's never really been that relevant.
    Was hoping to hear about players who could be big game changers this year. "

    Why don't you go into more detail as to why Gunston "has never been relevant", then discuss YOUR big players that you would like to see?

    Would make for a good discussion in the comments. Refer to my comment below.

      Neil Demons Delight · 13/02/2018 at 16:37

      Russty has done exactly that wheels .His in depth evaluation of all the top forwards with videos is a must see,. you can view it on fantasy There are heaps of reviews about all the top players and recruits with videos

      Russty_ · 14/02/2018 at 02:11

      Hi Wheels, I wasn't meaning to 'come down hard on the boys', as you said, I was just pointing out in saying that, 'he's never been that relevant' meaning, he's never really been in many people's forward lines at the pointy end of the season, also, I've looked at 100's of posted teams / (what do you think of my Team?) posts on several different websites in the last several weeks, and not one single team had Gunston in their Forward line.
      Why do you suppose that is?
      Wasn't meaning to come down hard on anyone or knock Patch's writing at all, I enjoy his writing.
      My only query was on the subject matter.
      I just don't think many coaches will be thinking about him as part of their forward line.

    @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 06:22

    Gunston HAS been relevant
    theres his season averages.

    2010 2 49.0
    2011 12 55.8
    2012 16 71.3
    2013 20 83.0
    2014 20 90.3
    2015 22 96.6
    2016 22 92.3
    2017 22 86.4

    Notorious · 13/02/2018 at 07:11

    Your well entitled to do your own research and not be so reliant on others to do it for you

      Russty_ · 14/02/2018 at 02:17

      I'm not reliant on others Notorious, I do my own research, Gunston just doesn't seem to be on many people's minds Supercoach-wise, check any thread anywhere and see who they have in their forward lines, it's not him.

        gerald · 14/02/2018 at 15:44

        yep, we want rookie cheat sheets/info, not a random fwd who nobody will likely pick anyway

@wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 06:15

Me personally, im going with Franklin, Greene, Dahlhaus and Christensen at this stage. Will add Gunston to the wishlist in the hopes he drops in price early

Franklin coz he is a beast
Dahlhaus because I think his input will increase as the doggies took 1 step backwards last year
Greene coz he loves the biff
Christensen because I believe he is undervalued. 2013-2015 he averaged 90pts. 16 he only avg 69.5. He will be back (I hope)

    Neil Demons Delight · 13/02/2018 at 12:07

    Don't trust Spitta but the other 3 are worthy plus TOM Mc DONALD he's going to be big this year real big He has been honing his DAICOS' at training and could be this years best forward

      @wheels_1987 · 14/02/2018 at 07:55

      Tom Mac has the habit of losing HEAPS of $$ at the start of seasons, then rebounding.. im going to hold off on TMAC

CheekyNandos7 · 13/02/2018 at 08:04

Hey lads, just thought I’d post the team and see what feedback I can get so here goes:

DEF – R.Laird, M.Hibberd, H.Shaw, C.O’Shea, T.Doedee, D.Mirra (S.Murray, L.Keeffe)

MID – P.Dangerfield, T.Mitchell, Z.Merrett, N.Fyfe, P.Cripps, S.Coniglio, LDU, T.Kelly (P.Ahern, J.Worpel, N.Holman)

RUC – M.Gawn, N.Naitanui (J.Lavender)

FWD – I.Heeney, J.Billings, L.Dahlhaus, R.Lobb, J.Higgins, L.Ryan (J.Garlett, C.Spargo)

Got $68,600 left in the bank but not sold on Shaw. If I get in Simpson I’ll only have $10,400 but if I go for another (what I think is anyway) POD in Hanley I’d have a nice $98,700. If you guys could help me out that would be much appreciated, cheers.

    sc tragic · 13/02/2018 at 08:25

    I know he's pricier but what about Ellis anyone thinking about him?

      @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 08:39


      I want him as my POD

      will be a defensive beast this season!!!!

      @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 08:39

      I think you are referring to Brandon ellis in DEF

        sc tragic · 13/02/2018 at 08:48


      INPieman · 13/02/2018 at 08:44

      Eliis went sub 80 11/25 games last season. You'll be able to pick him up much cheaper at some point

        @wheels_1987 · 13/02/2018 at 08:51

        yea the stats don't lie
        im really set on him though. Im hoping he can pull his finger out – cardio beast that runs all day.

        him or vlastuin – but same risks apply.

    Shake n bake · 14/02/2018 at 11:02

    Sicily is hi on my radar just need to iron out his descresions. Maynard also on my watchlist will have to see if his role changes?

TRIGGA_HAPPY · 13/02/2018 at 09:13

Patch ol mate congrats on the promotion.
Hope u have a big year and keep us in stiches.

As for gunston for me to quote the emoji movie he is a "meh"
Young guns fwd line for me this year that hopefully will offer a bit more.

    JamBak · 13/02/2018 at 12:52

    Same here Trig, looking for value that can take it to the next level

    @wheels_1987 · 14/02/2018 at 08:04

    well said, hawks are the great unknown this season, will be interesting to see what happens with them

sc tragic · 13/02/2018 at 09:17

Midfield either/or's are pretty straight forward. As ever the challenges are thrown up in Def and For lines, should be present quite a few Pod's. All selections are risk/reward on first drafts.

Neil Demons Delight · 13/02/2018 at 11:56

Dahlhouse shouldn't be overlooked They all had shockers last year at WHITTEN oval.. Played a ripper game last hitout' Forwards are a nightmare this year No premium keepers for me maybe 3 midpricers/3 rookies

    SC_Kev7 · 13/02/2018 at 12:12

    My issue with the Dogs is that they have so many that rotate through mid/fwd it's gonna be a rollercoaster depending on where Bevo plays him for the majority week-to-week.

    Haven't put a line through him though. Very real chance he'll Bradbury it as the others around him fall over…

      TRIGGA_HAPPY · 13/02/2018 at 12:23

      Get on mclean lads.

        INPieman · 13/02/2018 at 14:12

        Nice pick up Trig. I noticed the decline in Dahl saw a surge in Toby

    Derek · 13/02/2018 at 12:28

    i saw a heat map of his 2016 year. very much in the midfield.

    Havn't seen 2017 heatmap yet, i'm guessing it was mainly as a forward

    @wheels_1987 · 14/02/2018 at 08:03

    I think the DAHL will be a good discussion point this pre season
    looking forward to it

BlueGreg · 13/02/2018 at 14:45

Jack is always there or there abouts but he's the worst value in his price range. for a few bucks more you can get somebody who wont crap out a 27 and half a dozen 60's and 70's.
I agree that it's not an obvious choice for your launch article and I understand your desire to appear more serious by picking somebody like Jack but, there's better gold than Jack hiding from your forward line.

Grandpa Simpson being chased down by buddy as he trys to gather a loose ball, I've seen that.

Neil Demons Delight · 13/02/2018 at 16:51

Just read one of the best pieces about champion data 's scoring system LETS PLAY derek changed my view on midfielders and who to select It can be found on fantasy supercoach .com a credit to you Derek

    billy the boy · 13/02/2018 at 18:59

    great read FYFE interesting though

    Russty_ · 14/02/2018 at 02:18

    Great article Neil, that's some serious details there ! 🙂

      neil Demons Delight · 14/02/2018 at 07:49

      Did it change your mind on dusty or danger Still trying to digest it all A ripper wasn't it

    @wheels_1987 · 14/02/2018 at 08:01

    Link ?

      neil Demons Delight · 14/02/2018 at 11:52

      fantasysupercoach,com check it out lots of great relevant reviews and great videos

        @wheels_1987 · 14/02/2018 at 11:56


          neil Demons Delight · 14/02/2018 at 13:17

          see you in the comments THE POOL ROOM

GloryDays90 · 13/02/2018 at 18:04

Any feedback is welcome. 
Still not sold on some players: 

DEF: Laird, Rich, TMac, Naughton, Murray, Doedee (Mirra, Cumming) 

MID: Danger, Mitchell, Fyfe, Pendles, Cripps, Rayner, LDU, Brodie (Holman, Dow, Kelly) 

RK: Goldy, Gawn( Hayes) 

FWD: Heeney, Billings, Dahlhaus, Sicily, Ahern, Ryan( Switkowski, Garlett) 

156.1k left in bank

    BlueGreg · 13/02/2018 at 18:06

    Not the place for posting teams Glory

      GloryDays90 · 13/02/2018 at 18:10

      And yet other people have….

      Russty_ · 14/02/2018 at 02:19

      Why not here?…it's the only show in town right now.

      @wheels_1987 · 14/02/2018 at 08:01

      im not commenting on peoples teams at this stage – mine has changed HEAPS in 3 days. I will put more effort in critique closer to the start of the season

    Neil Demons Delight · 13/02/2018 at 18:21

    The Goldy selection is interesting apparently firing at present.A great P O D..RICH will let you down Great forward line

James · 13/02/2018 at 18:26

What’s the most amount of games you see Ablett playing

    BrownlowBoy · 13/02/2018 at 19:15

    23 home and away and 3 finals hopefully.

      hedski · 13/02/2018 at 19:46

      Hang a Normie around his neck BB!

        neil Demons Delight · 13/02/2018 at 20:26

        you two are getting a bit carried away aren't you Don't you realise oliver's going to have normie and Charlie to keep his other one company you know the other one they all get. wonder if Hogan can kick a ton

          @wheels_1987 · 14/02/2018 at 08:00


        @wheels_1987 · 14/02/2018 at 08:00

        dusty is going back to back

          neil Demons Delight · 14/02/2018 at 14:28

          maybe going back somewhere else How would he be playing league for the Warriors Good enough for sure with his don't argues

    @wheels_1987 · 14/02/2018 at 07:59

    ive got Ablett in my team. I reckon at Gold Coast he was soft as butter and had lost the playing group.

    I reckon he is a good chance to play 18 games if cats look like they have top 4 tied up early.

    If its a battle for finals he will play 20 games +

    You just watch – his injuries will be "cured" this year

      Rabbits16 · 14/02/2018 at 14:29

      Gaz middle chewing up ball and kicking to Danger up forward you reckon?

Shake n bake · 14/02/2018 at 10:00

Am l the only one considering Daniher?

    neil Demons Delight · 14/02/2018 at 12:01

    Off radar mate Plenty better try Hogan

      Shake n bake · 14/02/2018 at 12:20

      Haha thought u might say that! I just think his ceiling will be higher and more consistent than last year.

        neil Demons Delight · 14/02/2018 at 13:15

        Hogan and Danners were to be the next big thing —-what happened

          Shake n bake · 14/02/2018 at 15:27

          Just a gut feeling. I think more entrys inside 50 and ess to make finals. Im sure a few teams might be on the end of some big losses to the dons. Maybe Coleman?!

            neil demons delight · 14/02/2018 at 15:57

            You could be onto something there Shake That ruck combination of LEUENBERGER and BELLCHAMBERS should give them a great start in the middle

    GloryDays90 · 14/02/2018 at 14:08

    Nope I am considering him also

neil demons delight · 14/02/2018 at 15:19

Still trying to absorb Dereks review on Champion Datas contested possessions and hard ball gets scoring process.Changed my mind on OLIVER now the no 1 lock Must be a good read LEKDOG read it calling it a masterpiece Cant deny that Lek IT IS find it on fantasysupercoach .com

Jack · 15/02/2018 at 09:02

He is playing forward lmao. We just got our 3 best backman back.

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