SuperCoach RD23: LekDog’s Cheat Sheet

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CheatSheet Round23

Well here it is community, the final Cheat Sheet for the year.

It has been an emotional ride from start to finish, from the highs of selecting Connor Blakely to the lows of selecting Connor Blakely.

I remember way back when discussing the promise of Dylan Roberton…what a time it was, I also remember recommending Taylor Walker…what a time that was *shakes uncontrollably.

I love doing this stuff community and whilst I get a bit crazy towards the end of the season I wouldn’t stick it out if you all weren’t so great. I love chatting in the comments and reading your suggestions and ideas, we really have the best community in this fantasy caper.

What do you reckon community, did I nail it? What was my best suggestion you took…more importantly what’s the worst?


Season long fantasy footy is almost cooked – but the daily form of the game will be cranking every game right through until Grand Final Day folks.

Plenty to get your teeth stuck into this week:


* FREE contest with $100 prize pool. Excl. NSW & SA. 18+ gamble responsibly


* $2 buy-in contest open to all states. Almost $400 additional prize money added to the buy-in pool.


* FREE to play, if your team beats his you’ll share in $5000

Beat Barry

 Let’s take it to the comments one last time.

Cheat Sheet Round 23 Click to view

Lot’s of love, your moustache wearing, Blues loving friend. Lekdog.

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Worst call of the year – Tex Walker

Best call of the year – Matt Crouch

Followed your advice on both occasions.

Cheers for the year lek xxxxx


Mate – these are just the best. You suggesting both McEvoy and Kreuzer before they became unaffordable was about my team's sole saving grace.

It almost made up for the time you swayed me into thinking Tex Walker was a good selection at 475k. Almost. <3


Who scores lowest out of Dahl, Nank and Greenwood?

Do i start Dahl as emergency for fwd loophole? Or keep him on the ground and start nank on the bench and take greenwood off if nank starts well?


I'd go Dahl on the bench mate with the E. He's been a bit hopeless lately. If Soldo gets named it might change things, Nank killed it last week without him


Don't think Soldo will get named but the Hammer might.


Will Dahl go big against hawks though? Got a good record against them


I trades Nank to Dixon (surely he destroys the suns), looping Dahl, opponent has him so need his score if he goes big.


Dahl's 150 against them last year was the first time he's scored over 100 v Hawks in 6 games. With his current form I'd loop him. Your call though


Enjoy the off season Lek, great work throughout the season.

How many coaches are going to play rookies this week, stuffing there prices for next year?
Looks like one last week in Graham is lost, if he pumps out a 70 this week he will be priced over 250k next year right in the middle of nomansland.


All known quality rookies 😀


Probably not Tyrddanaut, but 3 have been named with possibly 2 more for Sunday if they survive the cut…
Any score of 80 puts them above 250k next year after playing 1 game, they were hard enough to find this year.
Ill give you 3 for next year now that barring injury could play round 1.
Freeman an easy one
Rioli small fwd at Eagles
Naughton this kid has to be drafted but expect him to go in first 30 a ready made backman intercept marks are his go and gets down the ground to take shots at goal 82kg 17yo will bulk up to 86 next year easy, like what iv seen of him has played 5 games against men in WAFL at back of year…… Downside Freo might grab him……lol


If my whole team is named this week should I trade Lynch of GC (on bench) to Dixon so I can loophole someone like a Dahlhaus with him?


Yeh mate, if you have the trade I would go with it


Which 2 should be on field out of Walker, Roo, Greenwood, Hardwick? All played recently so haven't been able to loop.

Why do i have Riewoldt and Walker in my team? Rookie mistake – brain fade resulting in breaking fundamental supercoach rule.


Walker and Greenwood.


Hannabery my only out this week with 1 trade left, can afford anyone 488.7k down on any line, who do I trade in?


Don't have sc gold, can I access that info any other way?

Harry H

I'm in same boat, going JPK


I'm thinking a swanny boy as well, Heeney. Also thinking Jones or Hodge (heart over head there but he does have an awesome average against doggies)


Consider Robbie Gray against Gold Coast, could kick a bag


I've already got Robbie. JPK for me.
Wish Hanners missed 6 weeks ago so I got rid of him then before he started dropping turds everywhere.

Shake n bake

No outs for me this weekend but have 1 trade left have to bring in either beams or zorko think they will get me 130+ But who??




bit of grand final help would be amazing guys. 1 trade left.

i have enough money to buy any fwd for the granny…. the only 2 different fwds my opponent has is buddy and steele, so want to steer clear of those guys to get a hopeful jump.

fwdline is:
mccrae, yeo, dahlhaus, heeney, nroo, greenwood…..

backing roo in his last game so greeners to anyone other than buddy and steele. thoughts?


Had an awesome year boys into the granny and need 1 final piece of advice!!

Who should be the Top 6 defenders, got 1 trade left and need hurley out of my side (have adams, laird, doc, lloyd, hibberd)

Cheers for everything boys <3


I'd go with Bachar Houli


Roberton. He'll have a lot to do against the Tiges.


Hanners take a seat on my never again list




Interesting. I got howled down for sideways trading him in round 3. Of course none of the experts have said well done, and, although Zerrett has dropped off recently he has been ok and certainly much better than the once great Hanners. So the moral to the story: do the occasional sideways trade but don't make a habit of it.


Start Bont on my bench or treloar for my emg loophole?

If i start bont as emg then ill take off treloar if he does well, if i start treloar on the bench then take off zerret or neale?

Cheers lads for an awesome season!!


I'd probably start bont on the bench then treloar comes off if he scores 95+


Greenwood or Nank?


No Soldo….Nank


1 trade left, 491k to spend on a replacement for hannes. Who do I go with community??


Ross, Merrett, Nathan Jones, JPK, Dunstan, Gray, Yeo, Prestia…Priddis?


Ok do I trade hanners. Or still upgrade nank to Dixon?

No hammers means I am playing two of Rockliff, witherden and s selwood.

Nank and greenwood are looping for my f6.

Only have 505k total to spend (this includes hanners value)


Get rid of Hanners to some one like Zerrett….. Keep Nank he has no solvol to compete with this week


Heeney or Gray? All opponents have Heeney, none have Gray


Close but Gray at home against the GC (without Ablett) could go huge.


Gray could go huge. HUGE


One trade left, $190k in the bank…only upgradeable players left are Greenwood and Swallow (David). Who to trade?



Big G

Lachie Neale named. False hope or a miracle?


I smell another punch in the face from ross

The Ranger

Ok so I'm in a GF for a minor premiership and after a pretty rubbish year it'd be nice to walk away with one little win.
And I have the perfect scenario from which to ask the communitys advice so forgive me if this is a long post…
I have no trades left and Hanners being out means I have to rejig my team a bit…so what to do?
Team is…
Adams, Laird, Simpson, McGovern, Llyod, Newman – Scharenberg, Ryan
Danger, TMitch, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, JPK, Menegola, Hanners – Bolton, Junker, Witherden
Grundy, Gawn – Cameron
Macrae, Yeo, Ryder, Dahlhaus, Greene, NRoo – Greenwood, Pickett

Unfortunately many of the teams that I have players from are playing each other or are playing too close to loop.
What to do in order to maximise points and loophole options?


Should i play Scharenberg or D Roberton

The Ranger

Roberton would seem to have the higher ceiling


Can afford anyone
M crouch or Fyfe are leading at this stage
Oliver, beams & Kelly are up there for debate also
My heads doing cartwheels at the moment so any help would be great
The one will join. Danger, dusty, titch, zerret, zorko, Bont and treloar.
Again thanks in advance


Forgot to mention opponent is running beams and Fyfe, we have plenty of POD's, so if it is safer to match one of his players I'm happy to
Thanks again

The Ranger

If you've got plenty of PODs already then I'd pick a match


Kayle Kirby now getting a game this week replacing Ben Reid, will be interesting to see how he goes.

Shake n bake

Greenwood out




Yep..he's been omitted…wtf?


Hey i need help deciding who to trade in for greenwood,
I already got
P. Ryder
I. Heeney
L. Franklin
C. Dixon
T. Nankeris,
Help please, any suggestions