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Some of you will play off in Grand Finals this week. Others will strive for career best rankings. Extreme thanks to you, the community – for supporting us throughout the season.
Special thanks to Carlos, Barron Von Crow, LekDog and Patch for an outstanding season, some of the best blokes you’ll ever come across. Thanks also to the incredible folk who make this place tick in the comments.
TriggaHappy, SC Kev, Pieman, Frogger, Tophawk, SC Addict, Derek, Russty, Whatyasmokin, Stirlsy, Hedski, TopHawk, the legendary Old Ocker – all the blokes who contributed to the preseason reviews and to and all you other passionate championsย in the comments we thank you.
Remember, Crouching One has packaged up a treasury of timeless SuperCoach children’s stories as a special gift for the community. Enjoy it with the kids here.

Enjoy this, the final podcast of the season folks!


Season long fantasy footy is almost cooked – but the daily form of the game will be cranking every game right through until Grand Final Day folks.

Plenty to get your teeth stuck into this week:


* FREE contest with $100 prize pool. Excl. NSW & SA. 18+ gamble responsibly


*ย $2 buy-in contest open to all states. Almost $400 additional prize money added to the buy-in pool.


* FREE to play, if your team beats his you’ll share in $5000

Beat Barry


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Definitely would have gone a whole lot worse this year if it wasn't for community here and on Twitter. It has been a blast as always! Looking forward to tucking into some preseason research in a few months.

Cheers, Jock + crew xoxo


You've been huge yourself mate – thanks so much for filling in while I was off for a few weeks coming to terms with how bad my team was. You were absolutely stellar to the point I was worried I wouldn't get the gig back!


A pleasure, Patch. If you need to rush off again to save the world in 2018 just drop me a line and I'll step up


Been a great ride this year and some sensational casting of the pod. Plenty of excellent advice dished out in the comments and podcasts.
Good luck to anyone in with a sniff of grand final glory this week and I hope Wayno puts in a massive preseason and makes his return.


What sideways trade do i make to finish mids for the granny?

already have danger, titch, dusty, murph, fyfe zerret, treloar bont and neale

$12,400 in the bank


The Ranger

Beams is in rippin form if you can get him.


If Neale doesn't get up, Neale -> Beams / Zorko up against Nth (Nth has given up big midfield scores this year). Parker or Zaharakis vs Freo as a smoky also options.
Else Treloar > Heppell / N Jones maybe. Good luck.

Graven Icon

Kelly is a gem


I concur

The Ranger

Thanks Jock and crew, had a shithouse year on the pitch but the club rooms have been as good as ever.

Big shout to Pieman, Derek, Trigga, Hedski, Tophawk, Russty, SC Addict, Swans and everyone else for the banter and advice and best of luck to all those in finals.


No worries ranger. Sure has been a rough year. One by one so many reliables were sent to their fantasy graves. Onwasrds & upwards mate


Loved the banter ranger

Review and come back with new ammunition next year.


Beams or Kelly?


Beams vs Nth.


Came second in the first CK final…been downhill from there due to several stains, all of which could have been averted if I'd listen closer…….you know who you are HEATER and others. When do SC prices for 2018 come out….LOL !!!

Bre Bushies

Thanks Boys and all your little helpers on the site and the Community – have made my 1st GF in 7 years – Probably thanks to all the advice, especially on the red nut Oliver who I got at start of season – ranked 2543 – happy with that … enjoy your break Boys and I'll hear you again next year


Lads loved it. Ensconced in JR.
Best community rocking SC!
Thanks to all and hope i have been able help you as much as you have helped me.

Into one GF. The A graders. Yep A graders. made up of most of the JR Lads. One final push to try and stand on the top of the mountain Sunday night

Trigs Happy Place.
Two monoliths will battle it out for the inaugural winner in the happy place.

SC Addict (has led from day dot and has one final hurdle to negotiate. When you see a comment from Addict sit up and take notice they dont call him SC Addict for nothing- he knows his stuff. Ranking in top 200 teams. A pure font of SC knowledge)

But will have his work cut out as he comes up against swans2012. Just like his swans in 2017 had a couple of stumbles early but has form and is coming home with a wet sail.

Gonna be epic.

Thanks Jock and Co and all the community for their pearls of wisdom and for the laughs.
Makes you a bettter player every year.

Good luck to all.

Gone to my happy place back in a few ….


Hope ya give Jay "sugar ray" Clark a flogging Neil.

neil demons delight

that's a monumental task mate but you never know thanks


Hey Neil, he's predicted to get 2500 this week, but everything has to go right for that, doubt it'll be a huge week like last week was, so hope you can kick his butt to the kerb mate.

neil demons delight

its funny Russty two weeks back scored 2k but lucky I had a rest then with the same team knocked out 2500 GOING TO BE REAL TOUGH Coreys league is very underated been good for two years beat corey last week and he is a gun certainly better than me so there is hope.Couple of outs and a new ballgame ONE thing that's got me close is I have 14 dpp,s and that's a real advantage with premium outs thanks for your comments alwaysconstructive


Cheers Neil, ditto mate, always enjoy your insights as well…and yes DPP's are important, I'm going for more next year, one mistake I made this year is not securing my Ruck DPP, had Soldo on the bench when it should've been Strndica.


I hear ya Rusty. I have Soldo on the bench and if Goldy doesn't get up, I'm looking at a Donut in the GF as used my last trades last week.
Highly unlikely Soldon will get a Guernsey this week with Nank's great form last week one out.


Jeez mate that's rough, hope the big fella passes his fitness test for ya..I just read him, Preuss and Larkey could all be out this week, just caps off their season really, fingers crossed for ya he makes it mate.

Yeah I don't like Soldo's chances either after last week, I reckon the Tigers need to let Nank be the man and not share duties, otherwise he just goes mediocre.

neil demons delight

did the same still have him big mistake


it's definitely the toughest league I've been in this year Neil (looking forward to the cashy gf against you! I'm thewinningchoice by the way), I made a decision early on to focus a bit more on leagues this year (I'm hardline ranking only normally), and I guess it's paid off as I've made the cashy and trigs happy place gf's (there's been a fair bit of luck involved though). My ranking has dropped off a bit over the last month to 2k ish from a high in the top 1000 so definitely not my greatest season but respectable still…. can't wait to do it all again next year! Thanks for the opportunity again trig! Great league!!

neil demons delight

yeah Jayden I did know your name and what an amazing year for you To even be playing you in the cashy G F is unreal out of my league but I will give it a red hot go champ. I dropped off also at the end mid 3ooo at one stage but happy and enjoyed it all Keep it in mind next year I would love the cashy runner up in my league A GRADERS .one point Jayden name changes make it difficult when selecting coaches for leagues I know I cancelled one of the top players who changed names and am really embarrassed trying to make A GRADERS the top league but TRIGGS the cashys from pies Legends Shake n bakes UP THERECAZALLY AND Coreys leagues are top competition wish I could say good luck but may we both enjoy it cheers mate neil Demons Delight


I think we'll both need luck Neil, I'm sure we'll converse some more over the weekend!! And would love an invite to a graders!

Don't Blush Baby

Thanks Trig for inviting me into your league this year ,whilst I couldn't crack it for the top 8 I'm playing Jock in the Minor Premiership Final of which I'm stoked about

Cheers To All


Cheers Jock, Crouching, Higgo, Patch, Carlos, Lekdog and the Barron, thanks for all your articles, advice and laughs lads.
It's been a bloody Rollercoaster this year, full of agony, ecstasy, blood sweat and carnage but I wouldn't have it any other way, so much fun:)
Much thanks and gratitude to all the regular posting lads on here, your advice, humour, expertise and knowledge of the game are what make the JR Community a fun and informative place to hang out, so cheers boys and very best of luck to all of you who made your Grand Finals….give em hell this week fellas.


Good luck in the cash league granny against swans Neil, should be a ripper, my last trade was Pendles to Sloane, never been good at saving trades, this years carnage shown the importance of that, in the memory banks for next year. Better listen to the pod, cheers.

Big Sexy

Great Job boys for all your help this season!

Since I missed out on the finals could anyone point me in the direction of a meat pie and a VB?

Currently have 42,800 in the kitty with 0 trades so I'm thinking to make my own finals party this weekend.

Rick Grimes

Great work lads, your best season ever. This game can be bloody hard work sometimes, but the banter and sense of community makes it all worthwhile. Good luck to those still alive and let's hope there's no further additions to the "never again" list – running out of space.


Great Job Guys Thanks For the Help again Jock and the Community


Beams or Franklin for VC?

neil demons delight



Other than JJK, think pretty much every KPF Jones has gone to has underperformed vs season avg. Would assume he'll get Franklin.
Believe North gives up higher midfield scores than any other team and Beams has been raping and pillaging as is.
On that basis, Beams for mine unless you really need to take a Hail Mary.


Yeah was just the craziest week last week Shakers.

Was also in 6 prelims lost 3 by less than 10 pts, and 2 by 150 plus pts.

Bat shite crazy.
Harder to pick than a broken nose.


Thanks once again Jock Higgo & Crouching. Tremendous entertainment & wisdom as always. Shocking season for me. It's Supercoach WTF to reflect upon & move forward with new knowledge. The one enormous positive I can take from this season is my young fella Benjamin. He's obliterated me & almost all in the rankings. He was knocked out of his league last week despite a huge score. And he was in tears. His selections against mine are easy to dissect. He picked young guns all the time from start to finish. He also has an absolute fascination in the game already & especially statistics & numbers. And this is an interest since he started following my Supercoach movements 2 years ago & giving me captaincy advice last year. This is his debut season & got the keys to his own team. Last Friday I got his NAPLAN results from school & he's now ranked off the charts for Maths. Literally off the charts. And there can be no doubt whatsoever the great game has been a massive contributor in this unbelievable improvement. He made some over confident trades that failed badly. But who doesn't. I guess in the end he taught me lessons. Back the youth in. Best of luck for 2018


Great Work Ben Great debut. Good luck INPieman and Ben for 2018

neil demons delight

wondering how he went we all learnt a lot Pies

Rick Grimes

That's a nice story IMP. The force is clearly strong in young Ben. It's a great game for youngsters around learning to interpret stats and understand price movements. Also, as a lot of us experience, learning to take those swift kicks to the nuts when our best laid plans turn to dust!!


A great season ending podcast lads! Thanks Jock, Higgo, Crouching, Patch, Barron, Lek, Patch and Carlos for the hard hours you all put in to get podcasts and articles out. Also thank you community, I see a lot of new faces around here and its good to see a lot of discussion going around. Probably my worst season in a long time mostly due to bad trades and just not having enough time for research these days.
Good luck to all in GFs this weekend and hopefully the 2018 Supercoach season will better for us all.

neil demons delight

Its been more of a frustrating season than most Danners but from my point the most enjoyable.The competition has got a lot more knowledgeable and this makes for a better game. I am retired now and spend a massive amount of time researching. It has paid off with the rookies but not the premium players That's where I have to get better no more Treloars should have seen his disposal was rubbish and he was not an orphan also the ability to preserve trades got to get better but mate I LOVE IT CHEERS have a great break

neil demons delight

just interested Shake I used 2 trades each week to the byes that's 22 how many did you use Reason is did I use too many .I ended up with a great team but others had used maybe 6 or 7 less thanks just trying to beat you next year mate have a good break look forward to renew the battle cheers neil


Fantastic end of season podcast guys! Your brilliant coaching insights, (Jock, Higgo, Patch, Lek, the Barron, and Carlos) with humour too boot (CROUCHING ONE- you seriously make me laugh and Patch you deserve a mention AGAIN as the Panic room made for entertaining, but crucial reading! )

The 2017 SC season was one of the toughest I can remember. The rookies were sparse, (I am looking at you Harley Balic!) the injuries were everywhere, (I am looking at you Max Gawn!) suspensions galore, (I am looking at you Tobias Greene!), coaches playing cat and mouse, (I'm looking at you Rossco!) and premos we loved turned into duds. (I'm looking at you Heater Shaw!)

After tasting defeat in all major prelims last week, I still can look forward to playing in one grand final. In the bottom half of "The first to go Woo" league. Bring it on Hedski! It's time to reflect on 2017, enjoy the round, and have a few tinnies.

See you all in 2018.




Great stuff Hawker, good to hear you've still got something to look forward to this week mate, bummer you didn't get over the line in the most excellent Pine Lodge League lol was looking forward to locking horns with you in the GF, but not meant to be this year.

Next year for me…

Stick with the youth,
Save a da trades,
Don't be too hasty to trade out injuries or out of form players,
Plenty of DPP's on all lines.

Cheers mate ๐Ÿ™‚


Great stuff Toppa and Russty .. Hope you both go well


Hey Gator, same to you mate, you still in it with a sniff mate?
Go saints this week…hope the impossible happens and everything falls into place for us to make the 8, it's a long shot but possible, hopefully they can do it for St Nick…the Champ.


Yeah Russty we certainly have our backs against the wall..

If we don't make it and with some good recruiting over the trade period we might make a few sides quiver in there boots


Yeah I'm hoping for a big year from the Saints next year Gator, some of our younger blokes are really starting to step up, exciting times ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

neil demons delight

Steele was good very good and Kelly would top it off. Both rucks did well too. yeah I reckon sainters are on track


Ha ha, didn't make it TH, looks like your up against Kev, good luck mate.


Should be a tight one, TH. I got up by 40 in the regular season. If Neale doesn't get up this week we'll have only 9 different players


I would also like to thank Jock ,Higgo , Crouching and major crew on a fantastic year full of laughs and wonderful insight on how to go about this caper of SC…Also to all participants in all of the leagues i participated in.. I am very humble to say that the bigger leagues i was in even though i didn't get the choccies,, Leagues like Triggas, A Graders,Guns and Rookies, Coreys and Piemans 2nd cash league and other good ones,, I fought hard but a couple of silly trades at the start of the season which i think most of us can own up to and decimating injuries that bowled us over..

A big thanks MUST go out to all the wonderful regular contributers and insight on this fantastic site except the few dickhead trollers that get in here..

There are so many GREAT super coachers that give all their knowledge and insight to help others and i for one truly appreciate..

I hope i can be in such esteemed company again in 2018
Cheers and thanks again to all..
Gator,, over and out

neil demons delight

all great leagues gator I am in them also and tremble when meeting yourself but that's what it,s about good competition. Silly trades is the no. one Cant help injuries and the byes luckily I nailed that won all 3 but you have to put time into .them early I thought the key to the byes was the early game Port and G.C.. I am thinking 700 was too much for DANGER and in hindsight a late trade would have been smart Got stuck with Jellwood and now rely on DPP,s to cover when I could have a Duncan there. too many could haves have a great off season gator see you next year to revive the battles cheers neil demon delights


Thanks Neil for the kind words.. I hope you kick some ass this week so you have a little gloat about your efforts … I'm sure your stubborness on not locking the Doch at start of season cost you some what in some of your battles and you may have to pay the big bucks next year to secure him…… I myself love locking horns with you and all the other GREAT super coaches and may it continue for many seasons to come… I think this was my 4th season at this caper and wow i have come a long way and it's all got to do with guys like your self and ALL and i mean ALL the GREAT ones on this sight that contribute on a regular daily basis..

Hoping we can all lift to greater heights next season… So make sure you kick this so called Sugar Ray's ass this week
I sure will be cheering for you mate!!

neil demons delight

yeah stubbiness with Doc cost both Derek and myself locked in with Hibberd already in def Another poor choice was Rance Never mind trying hard to do Jay Clark sugar ray but tough gig that and Jayden in Pauls no 1 cashy also real hard SEE YOU 2018 CHEERS


You sure will Neil cheers mate..


Plenty of wiser heads than mine congregate here and I also want to say thanks to every contributor in this community that helps make SC such an enjoyable experience.

Love the podcasts. My ribs feel like they've been on the receiving end of a Crouching fly kick. Thanks to Jock and the boys. May you saddle up for many a season to come.

Off topic….did anybody do the SC survey?

FWIW…my 2 bobs worth…Either:

A) Increase number of trades…I suggested by 2.
B) Add extra $$$ to the kitty and increase the subs bench by 2…1 each across the fwd/def line.

A)No. Sacrilege…blasphemer….leave it alone!
B) Yes. some subtle changes are needed as game is so quick…more injuries…MRP is too inconsistent…some on the ball footy collisions without malice earn a suspension now….etc etc.
Feedback appreciated. Cheers.


Hey smote, Yeah I did the survey, I would like to see 2 extra trades there, but won't be too heartbroken if they don't, I don't mind just the 2 Emergencies on the fwd and back lines, I'd actually like it back the way it was before they changed it with 2 E's on all lines. 3 in the midfied isn't really necessary in my opinion and an extra ruck would've been handy this year….then we could've had a non dpp but possibly playing one, and a dpp for loopholing purposes.

It also looks like they're looking at the possibility of just making it one charge for Supercoach Gold and the Herald Sun Subscription in one, rather than charging $20 for Gold and $28 a month for the articles etc. I suggested the $49.95 charge, hope they go with that.

I'd also like to see a rule where if one of your players goes down within the first 5 minutes of the game, you can still sub them with the E on that line. Their score whatever they got would be wiped off the total, that'd be penalty enough I reckon rather than having to cop a 5 or whatever.

Cheers mate.


Sensible stuff Russty.
The extra sub for ruck instead of more fwd/def subs is a winner which I didn't consider before.
Cheers for your feedback.

neil demons delight

Sorry Smote but A for mine leave it 30 trades is plenty and kitty ok too but I do like Rustys 2 ideas 1.when a player goes down early jellwood and Lloyd are two I think that is unfair give us the E and 2 second ruck makes sense too cheers neil


Hey Neil.
No worries mate just testing the waters out there.
Its good to read that folks are more or less happy with the status quo. Means I got to lift my game!
And hold an injured premo & cop the odd donut instead of trading around injuries.

neil demons delight

every week there is a flavour of the day Hannan Houston berry THE TRICK IS researching them and getting it right best of luck


Leave the game and SC alone. Every year there is an AFL reaction to whinging thus another rule change. I like AFL over soccer but one of the great things about soccer is they leave the game alone (And have one umpire)
and therefore it is easier to control. Our great game is becoming very difficult to umpire because there are too many rules and now we have four umpires – stupid.
Every year I write about how the game is getting faster, the players stronger increasing the momentum = more injuries yet anxious SCers still become trigger happy. Don't panic and use your 30 trades sensibly. I am not high in the rankings but am in several GF's because I had trades.


Cheers Moosehead,
You nailed it with the trigger happy comments.
Still mystifies me how disciplined some folks are with their trades.
Good luck in your GFs.


My only suggestion on the survey was that from the bye rounds you can make three trades per week.

I think 30 trades is enough. Next year my goal is to hit the finals with at least 6 trades.

Rick Grimes

I know there's a changing of guards. But if Beams has a full pre-season, surely he has to be a lock. Is a SC beast when fully fit. Putting up Danger-like numbers and should still be reasonably priced.


He's definitely on the first shortlist for 2018 along with the big bearded man if he gets a good pre season. What does an eagles midfield look like post Mitchell and Priddis?..

Early priority updating the flog list……

Clearly need a spell


Beams has looked back to his best Rick. And hits the scoreboard. But he comes with so much injury risk

Big G

Does anyone know how lachie Neale is looking for this week?


Listed as a test in the injury report yesterday


Test per Ross Lyon, so still a chance.


No reason to play him really, what do they have to gain?


Ok anyone got any new favourite Supercoach team names,
My favourite for the second year running is "barbecues treloar", particularly because he barbecued the early part of my season….


Yup, that was my name this year, and he sure lived up to the name


nice, makes me laugh for some reason every time I read it.

Graven Icon

Anyone got an opinion on VC and C issues this week? At this stage I have only two players not playing which reduces my E loopholing but more importantly my C loophole.
At this stage I am going Mitchell VC into Danger C but tempted to make Martin C if Titch has an off day.
Also have Fyfe, Merrett, Kelly, Oliver and Treloar. Don't want to risk a non midfielder and I don't have Doc.


Dusty has only cracked the ton once from his 10 games v Saints.

I like Merrett v Freo. If your opponent C's Danger you can match him or take a risk on Merrett depending on how close the matchup is

Graven Icon

Thanks Kev. Wouldn't touch Merrett in a fit. He has lost $117K and his last 3 has averaged 85. Now considering Fyfe because Worsfold doesn't tag.


Fair call, GI. Zerrett a handy record v Freo, but yeah, you're right, he's limping over the finish line. Fyfe been much better after the bye

Graven Icon

There might be a late out? A trade is valuable.

Ben Dover

Another season shot to bits sadly. But as the mighty Crouching could have always said ……………….he who laughs last just doesn't drink quickly enough.

neil demons delight

THE WINNING CHOICE Jayden I replied to your early post good luck for the cashy but not too much cheers neil demons delight


Thanks to the fellas at Jock Reynolds and to the whole community for a ripper season. I've found myself into my number 1 cash league grand final with all your help


Hurley to miss again.


Love it Trig! Party Pie. Brilliant! His only large blunder was trading Pendles to Rupert Wills thinking he would take his role & pocket some cash. He scored 50 & got injured. Happens to the best of us anyway. Most of his other trades were rock solid. The Jock webinar would be awesome


Awesome season guys – it's sad it's coming to an end but I look forward to a pre season of fantasy football study whilst I await next years pod casts. Love all your work – Jock, crouching one, higgo, BVC, Lekdog, Parch, Carl and Mick the Mad Irishman (even with just your cameo) I thank you all for making it so much fun this year!


1. Who do i trade Hurley to? (already have Doc, Hibberd, Lloyd, Laird, Adams, Witho)

2. Who do i start on the bench then take off if they do well with my midfield loophole? (have treloar, bont, zerret, neale, murphy)

Cheers for all the help boys


For your sake, I hope Adams is ok and plays.

Limbo rocker

Adams will play despite Russty's pessimism.


I wasn't being pessimistic, I was stating a fact as to the way concussion protocols have played out this season, the majority who had copped a head knock this year were rested the next week.
I have Adams, I want him to play as much as anyone.

Rick Grimes

Is Neale playing, touch and go isn't he? Treloar for me. As for Hurley trade, how about a speculator on Pittard or McGovern.


Thanks for all the help guys!
Had my best Supercoach year so far thanks to you guys!

Anyone that made GFs on the weekend goodluck ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally CMON the CROWS!

See you all next season!!!

Glory Days out..


Cheers Glory, have a good Summer mate, see you in a few months ๐Ÿ™‚

neil demons delight

cheers Glory been a weird but enjoyable season


Cheers guys hope to see you back next year!


Thanks for the great year community, a tonne of laughs and lots to be learnt from this season. I for one wouldn't be ranked in the top 1000 if it wasn't for the great advice received in the comments week in week out. Looking forward to an interesting preseason and the changing of the guard next year.

Cheers Jock, Higgo, Crouching and the rest of the community for an amazing year.


top 1000 is a great effort this year. well done mate. looking forward to catching up in a league with you next year.


Thanks mate, looking forward to getting in some leagues with some of the guys on the site next year


Mitchell or Danger for VC?

Rick Grimes

Danger. Always Danger.


What's wrong with Mitchell VC and Danger C?
That will be the call by the majority of SCers this weekend. Personally, I have a problem having only two non players so I must VC early so I can loophole.

Rick Grimes

I'd say my best pick was going in with T Mitchell and the Namkilands / Witts trifecta. Lloyd was a good initial selection til he stuffed himself.

Worst picks would be going in with Hrovat and Swallow. Trading out Newman before he went wooshka and trading our Fyfe the week before he went on to average 120….

The Ranger

Not starting TMitch has haunted me all season Rick, he was in my team throughout the preseason and then at the last minute I swapped him for Hanners thinking that Hanners had the runs on the board and would be a safer bet. I remember thinking that with TMitch not at the Swans Hanners might actually average more as I thought he would get more time on the inside.
It all made sense at the time…
I finally brought him in last week with my last trade and he promptly got me into a GF.
He'll be my third pick next year after Danger and Doch.

neil demons delight

similar to mine Rick I was lucky snare tich the 3 rucks Lloyd and oliver also had newman 3 times rance and treloar shudder


Sitting at 11570, goal was to make top 10,000 and win my main league.

I am in the GF in both my leagues and have been building nicely.

I think the main lesson I take out of this year is not to start with too many "premiums". Guys like Handonberry, Treloar, Heath Shaw I should have gone bang bang you Sh*t get out my team months ago.

Happy with my overall trade ins and decisions. I think next year I won't follow the crowd and will give some of these old fellas a run – as long as they are priced appropriately..

Heath Shaw looking at you mate, sub $400k you're worth a look. Pendles at 530k might be worth a look as well..

Best of luck to those in grandfinals, unless you're playing me, it's been fun.

Till February 2018

– Pieinghigh

Big G

I am saying a few Hail Mary's that Neale plays.

neil demons delight

Oliver has been very good but one other dee to keep in mind is neale =bullen could be a very good mid pricer. Getting the premos right is a key At this early stage I see 5 must have mids Danger Oliver M crouch Fyfe and Tich plus 2 def 2 rucks and mcrae have I got it right


Jwood and Dusty for Oliver and Crouch for mine. If I could only pick five.

neil demons delight

yep I was tossing up with him definetely next Spot on with def Ryder and MCrae not to bad the other player locked in is Gawn so you nailed it except Maxy well done still the GF in cashy and COREYS LEAGUE left and of course the MIGHTY DEES GO DEES CHEERS j j


Bring back wayno next year fellas. I miss his wise words


Thanks so much to Jock, Higgo and Crouching for an amazing year. It's been a turd of a season, but your banter and advice has been brilliant.

I've got Higgo in on of my league GF's, so good luck mate.


see ya fellas, thanks fellas, that's all fellas.

neil demons delight

Thanks for your views this year for me in particular was pre season I must admit , though it didn't work, your idea on m7 had me thinking .Always ripping contests looking forward to next year mate


Cheers Derek, thanks for all your thoughts and insights mate, catch you next time around. Have a good Summer.


I always look fwd to your views Derek. Thanks for all you have done to help me me. In a few Grannies so ya.

Don't Blush Baby

Hanners out, ouch on some coaches with no real cover


Tell me about it. I haven't got any trades left so will have to rely on either Glass, or Grimes via DPP swing ( Adams into the guts) if Glass bombs as cover. Other than that, full Premo but my opponent has a strong team and trades left.
It will most likely cost me the Granny.


I've been a bit buddy unlucky a few times as well lol
glad I've locked a place in next year!
Hoping the bloods push through, though I feel we have spent a lot of tickets during the year…..


Like most above, thanks for all the help this season. Only found this site this year (where was I right?) and it's no coincidence my rank came in from the high teens to under 3000. Thanks again and watch out for the Buckley's Pies next year!


Cheers boys for all the great advice this year. Wouldnt have made it to the granny without all the help.

I'm up against a pretty strong team. Some of their players include Sloane, Zorko and Kelly, all of which I don't have. I have two trades left with 33.5k in the bank. My team is below;

DEF: Dcherty, Adams, Hibberd, Laird, Shaw, Lloyd (Witherden, Hibbered (North))
MID: Dangerfield, Martin, Mitchell, Fyfe, Murphy, Bont, Treloar, Merrett (Greenwood, GLass, Brown)
RUCK: Kreuzer, Gawn (Strnadica)
FWD: Macrae, Ryder, Billings, Heeney, Yeo, Dahlhaus (Young, Eddy)

Not sure what I should do. Could trade out an underperforming mid like Bont for Kelly or Zorko to try and negate one of his scores or could go a for a pod. Any advice would be great.


harry feinauer

BEAMS….ZORKO…..ROCKLIFFE…..im sick of these THREE PRICKS! There in at least if not more half the teams im against this week:-)


Hey i need help deciding who to trade in for greenwood,
I already got
P. Ryder
I. Heeney
L. Franklin
C. Dixon
T. Nankeris,
Help please, any suggestions


Yeo if you can afford him


Whats the chances of Sloane going big this week? The bloke im playing in the granny has him so thinking of sideways trading Treloar or Murphy to negate a potential big score from Sloan. Cheers