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I had a tearful phone call with Jock last night, community.

You know the sort, we’ve all had them. The type of phone call that starts at midnight in hysterics, which leads to a 1am discussion of why life is pointless and meaningless and ends some time after 2am, where time no longer has meaning and all the pain and hurt disappears into fatigue, and the line between consciousness and sleep blurs more than Fev’s vision after 18 cold ones at the 2009 Brownlow.

I haven’t made finals. In fact, I was stone cold last in three of my leagues. I no longer have any trades. Most of my trades this year – many made while out of the country, with no more of a cursory glance at the numbers – make Collingwood’s Chris Mayne deal look like the trade of the century.

But he told me, you know what he said, deep into the morning? He told me “Patch, you need to rise out of the carnage. You’ve got to take this year, take the carnage that’s befallen your potatoes and all the vegetables in your side, and you’ve got to become a ravenous snarling beast, desperate to make amends, he told me, my tears gentle tapping on the tiles of the bathroom.

You’ve got to become carnagverous. I’m a huge avocado for the English Language, and all its linguini beauty. I could hear his moustache bristling. Something stirred within me, something that made me overlook the feeling that some of the words he was saying weren’t words. Something primal. The word carnagerous – a meat eater – comes straight from the word carnage. It symbolises the mess you’re going to make of 2018’s flesh. Tear ‘em a new one, mate.

It was beautiful. I mean my dog has a better grasp of words than he does, but it was beautiful nonetheless. If anything can inspire you this week, when our midfield benches are as bad as they’ve ever been, that can.

Let’s go, community. Take the carnage and… um… do… do the thing? The thing that stops the carnage doing the carnage thingy? Yeah, that.


It’s bad. It’s quite bad.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, where the rock was hiding in a cave, several kilometres underground, dressed as a slightly rockier rock and hidden under Richmond’s 2017 Premiership chances, you’ll know Patrick Dangerfield has been suspended for one match. We’ll discuss this more in The Patch Up.

Sydney captain Josh P Kennedy is missing this week with a quad strain, which is just kicking us while we’re down. He’s had a putrid season, and it’s a decent excuse as any to flick him from our sides.

Ruck revelation Jarrod Witts has done his shoulder and will miss a week or two. Flick him for either Max Gawn or the retuning Shane Mumford or Todd Goldstein and make some coin.

Connor Blakely has done a shoulder and is out for the season, fresh of a Lekdog curse, and his teammate Sean Darcy has been rested, which may hurt some.

The kingpin of the Giants’ forward line, Jeremy Cameron, has been sidelined yet again with a hamstring niggle, while lingering cover Mitch Hannan and Ben Ainsworth will miss.

Further pain on the rookie front lies in GWS due Will Setterfield and Harry Perryman missing, making way for Brett ‘Oh yeah, Football’ Deledio to debut for the Giants.

Also Bob Murphy will miss with… “travelling emergency”?! What the hell is that? Bob, at this stage of the season, you’re injured or you’re not. It’s not a case of “oh, if you need me, pop me in.” That’s not how this works. Even Brett Deledio had more creative ways of getting out of football.


Sunday teams may also bring more pain with Hugh Greenwood, Shai Bolton, Malcolm Karpany, Matt White and Dan Houston all in precarious positions.

There is a smattering of good news, however, with Jake Lloyd returning for the Swans, Matt Kreuzer named despite concerns over concussion, Dayne Zorko’s return from suspension and the return of The Prid. Also, Gary Ablett is allegedly returning. I’m sceptical.

And it wouldn’t be the teams without debutants, who have extraordinarily difficult names to make fun of in Jack Graham and Corey Maynard. I’m going to throw this one open to the comments, I’m on struggle street.


What to do with Paddy? That’s the question on everyone’s lips this week, and for 50% of you, the answer will be to hold. The fact is, Danger is the highest-averaging player in Supercoach by nearly 15 points. If you’ve got the double chance in your league, absolutely hold him. 100%.

If you need to win your game this week, have a very close look at your opponent’s side. Do your research. Try and suss them out at work today. If you reckon you can win by holding Dangerfield, hold. If you think you’ve got them covered, hold. If they’re holding, hold.

As Lekdog said this week, if you’ve got 4 trades or more, or you’re hunting for rank, you can move him on.

Danger can now be turned into two 110+ players (assuming you have trades and a potential upgrade like Adelaide’s Greenwood) which in the longterm…well the next four weeks, will net you more points than simply holding onto Danger. You name a player in the competition and you can turn Dangerfield into that man, just as Jock turned Gatorade into VB.”

I like Lek’s suggestion of Brad Matt Crouch*, and Dustin Martin is a must if you don’t have him. Otherwise Dayne Beams and Dayne Zorko are both excellent options.

*as Lek has kindly informed me, I have Crouch-induced dyslexia. Whenever I say one, assume I mean the other.


An enthralling contest this Sunday, with the Tigers and the Hawks doing battle at the MCG. As Higgo noted yesterday, the Tigers have scored the least number of DraftStars points per game in 2017. As such, I’m going with 6 Hawks in my lineup, and 3 Tigers.


The three Tigers, potential debutant Jack Graham, captain Trent Cotchin and forward Kane Lambert, all present value. Cotchin has been in brilliant form this year, and is the best midfielder I can afford after splashing 17.5k on Tom Mitchell, who – as a fantasy pig – is an absolute must-have this week. Graham has been racking up numbers in the VFL, with 26 possessions and 7 tackles last week, while Lambert seems to fly under the radar and kick a few snags on his day.

Most of the value (aside from Titch) can be found in the brown and gold, with Conor Glass, Ryan Burton and Will Langford presenting value. Big Boy (WOW-WEE) McEvoy should also dominate this week, after playing out of his skin last week.

Who are your picks, community?






Isn’t it exciting? Can’t you feel the thrall of not having Dangerfield to slap the VC or the C on? Like the wind in your hair, something new, something exciting, something dangerous? Doesn’t it just thrill you, the prospect of picking someone else?


Oh. Okay then. Whatever. Fine. It’s just me then.

We’ve got more captaincy options than you can poke a stick at this week, but there’s always the chance whatever you poke with a stick is actually rancid and will quite literally kill you as it blows up in your face. So let’s look at a few of them from a safe distance, shall we? Remember, DO NOT RIDE THE BOMB.


Oh for fu- what did I JUST say?

The first bomb that could blow up in our faces is Nat Fyfe. After the worst start to a season since he entered Beast Mode, Fyfe was terrible until the week after I traded him out (YOU’RE WELCOME, BY THE WAY.) Since then, he’s averaged 114, and is coming off a 132. With a dilapidated Gold Coast at home, he could be a handy Saturday night VC.

Brad Crouch has led the way for the Crows since Rory Sloane copped several tags right to his gorgeous, Owen Wilson-esque face, several weeks in a row. As Lek pointed out in his fantastic cheat sheet, he hasn’t dropped below 100 since round 9, and in the Showdown could stand up for the last game of the round. That is if you have him, mind you.

Joel Selwood is a viable candidate for VC down at Skilled Stadium, but keep in mind his last few scores down there have been with Dangerfield in the side.

Melbourne midfield maestro Clayton Oliver is coming off a 170 last week against North, has averaged 127 in his last 3, and unlike nearly every captaincy option this year *glares at Sloane, Bont* hasn’t dropped below 80 all year.

And of course, Dustin Martin is the undeniable option for captaincy this week. I don’t actually have any notes on him, I simply wrote “HE’S JUST REALLY GOOD AT FOOTBALL, OKAY?” all over my page of captaincy options. So if that’s anything to go by, he’ll probably treat you well on Sunday.

I’m done, community. Patch, out! Hit me up with your trades, your captaincy options and your Draftstars calls. Or, if you just want to vent about your year, I’m all ears. Literally. I’m just ears with legs. And those legs are covered in ears. I’m a monster.


  Twitter : @PatchToTheMax

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Rick Grimes

The Doc as a VC option? Due a 130+


Got 111 last time against the Bombers


Doch is a very good VC option


Patch – Even though your SC year is down the drain this year you always make us laugh on a Friday. A true gift even from the grip of despair you force a chuckle out of the most robust of players – I'm reckon even Higgo at least cracks a tee hee.

I'll help you out

Jack "ed off as will now be at an inflated price next year" Graham
Corey "what's the story" Maynard

I'm with you on Dusty as Captain this week – Fyfe is life into Dusty is the one for me.


Cheers Tigger! Love the Jack "ed up 2018 prices" Graham – brilliant!

Feel Dusty is the way to go… or would be the way to go if I had him!

Daniel Z

Jack 'the cracker' Graham.

Corey "May not or" Maynard.



Happy Gilmore theme.

Finals are here. FINALS are here. FINALS ARE HERE!!

Wow why I let that sink in it seems like only yesterday that we were asking the question which rookies do I start besides Pickett and Eddy (who is still on my bench 🙂

If only we knew now what we knew then it wouldn’t change a thing as cash gen from the rookies would still be woeful but perhaps we would have gone with a middie lineup instead of a GnR strategy as this is clearly the better strategy for 2017.

Top of the middie heap would have to be the beautiful ranga Oliver the little scamp accumulater who is a premo mid in his second year. Even as late as on the weekend he was on 125 at ¾ time but was heard to ask “please sir can I have some more”

Ryder and Murph would take out the other minor placing's.

Witts would have to go close to winning the rookie of the year (albeit an expensive rookie but worth every penny).

But back to my first point – THE FINALS ARE HERE!
Congrats to everyone who qualified for the finals and for those that didn’t you still have a chance to be top of the charts in the bottom half of the ladder. So don’t give up fight and fight some more.

Has it been fierce in the first year of the Happy Place? You bettcha. A league ranking of 59 is testament to that.
All year placing's were decided by a few meagre points with no easy wins right down to 18th.
Finally after 17 gruelling rounds the dust has settled.


SC Addict finished on top of the ladder losing an amazing 2 games for the entire year and posting a massive 15 wins. Congrats on this sterling effort! Little wonder our very own addict is ranked just outside the top 100 teams in the country.
Deservedly so he sits ontop and it is up to those below to try and take the title.

Rick Grimes gets first crack at SC Addict after he finished 4th in the league.

Other matchups in the happy place League finals
2nd Swans2012 v 3rd Moustachio
These boys have earnt the double chance with Rick finishing 2 point ahead of 5th.
5th Gator v 8th Trigger Happy
6th Tophawks v 7th INPieman

Note: 5th to 8th was separated by % only!

Speaking from my own experience last weekend I was playing Mo and lost by 15 points. If danger had not put Kruez to sleep probably would have won that match up and would have finished 4th with a double chance. Lady luck she plays a part and will have a say.

Trades will be crucial this time of year. Use them wisely and take full advantage.

In the minor premiership the matchups are:
Don’t blush baby v Jock
Billy v Kev
Liam v Lek
Neil v shake n bake
As you can see quality teams just missed out on the top 8 but are still a formidable opponent any week. They are all great matchups but if I was Neil I would be worried about the Shake n Bake Fake this week – I can see danger leaving this week and coming back next week – classic move.

Biggest drop in Price
Bryce “Damn if I wasn’t tagged my currency would keep going up at Adelaide” Gibbs

And the award goes to: (lowest scoring premo – starting price > $480k) and not injured during game
Rory “Please come to Adelaide Bryce they can’t tag us both” Sloane

Jock has also set up a JR community Group where any team can join and compete against one another under groups:
Overall JR Group Leaders:
Hutto’s Hitmen come on down!
Leading all and sundry community group members with an overall rank of 9!
You are so close keep going mate. Now is the time to go hard or go home.

Hopefully one of this great community (Hutto in the box seat) can be standing on the winner’s dais at the end of the year!
Good luck to all.

Shake n bake

Awesome write up Trigg!!! Danger will be missing from my team this week most likely for Fyfe for just 1 week but what l think is very important this week is vc & capt choices. Dont know what the rest of the gang thinks but im leaning to Selwood into Fyfe. Ps good luck Neil!!

neil Demons Delight

thx Shake and TRIGG OLIVER into tich for vc and bringing in GAWN


Longest post I've seen ina year 🙂


Brilliant Trigga – league ranking of 59, bloody brilliant!!! Best of luck in the elimination final this weekend son, may the sunshine of luck shine upon your face and lift your team to supremeness.


Ripper write up Trigger!

Ohhh yes, the finals are here. Bloody pumped. Up against INpieman in an elimination final. I have no doubt INP will throw a few curveballs in my direction. Rest assured, I will have a few of my own. Hehe

I go into this finals series with 2 more trades than I had at this time last year. I have 2 trades………..Its not great, but its better than 0. I am not going to give away much here, but I would love to use 1 trade to grab Max Gawn by swinging Paddy Ryder forward. Bloody tempting. Will see what transpires tonight before making a decision in the morning.

Trigger go well against Gator. I managed to knock him over last week, but he is VERY tough.

Hope you pull it off.



Dusty, M.Crouch or Oliver


Dusty, M.Crouch, Oliver…in that order


Dusty isn't good tho when tagged
M.Crouch doesn't have to worry with Sloane


Yeah good point. Dusty has the higher ceiling though. If your looking for consistency go Crouch


Yeah I'll go Crouch, In a season with so much inconsistency I need some stability


I feel your pain Patch. Who would have thought so many guns would be on the scrap heap by seasons end. Pendles Rockshit Hanners JPK Shaw Simmo Sloane Goldy & the list of woes goes on & on. The lesson of 2017 is simple. Out with the old


Changing of the guard Pieman. We thank them for their service and look to the younger brigade of Oliver. Cripps, Bont, Crouch, Dusty, Merrett …. There will still be some elite value in some of the vets however


Yep been making a list for next year for past 5 weeks, a lot of new starters it will be.


Agree lads. Add Doch to the list. Whatever his price you just have to pay it


Lock the Doc


It's been a rude awakening this year, Pieman, and a rude awakening a lot of us needed to have.


The recession we had to have

SC Connoisseur

Top 4 Highest Averages at Rd20 Venue since 2016:
J Selwood: 128.36 from 11
D Martin: 120.22 from 23
R Sloane: 118.14 from 21
D Zorko: 113.95 from 19
Percentage of 120+ games:
J Selwood: 81.82% (9/11)
R Sloane: 52.38% (11/21)
D Martin: 47.83% (11/23)
D Zorko: 36.84% (7/19)
Top 5 Highest Averages in Rd20 Timeslot since 2016:
R Sloane: 127.2 from 5
G Ablett: 120.13 from 8
D Martin: 118.71 from 14
S Docherty: 117.44 from 25
J Selwood: 115.28 from 18
Percentage of 120+ games:
R Sloane: 80% (4/5)
J Selwood: 61.11% (11/18)
S Docherty: 52% (13/25)
D Martin: 42.86% (6/14)
G Ablett: 37.5% (3/8)
Top 5 Highest Averages in Wins since 2016:
D Martin: 126.6 from 20
M Gawn: 121.53 from 15
J Selwood: 118.93 from 28
L Neale: 118.18 from 11
Z Merrett: 117.67 from 12
Percentage of 120+ games:
D Martin: 65% (13/20)
J Selwood: 60.71 % (17/28)
L Neale: 54.55% (6/11)
Z Merrett: 50% (6/12)
M Gawn: 40% (6/15)


Luv ya work connoisseur


Glorious, Connoissuer!

SC Connoisseur

J Selwood:
Avg VS Syd since 2008: 110.88 from 17 (low of 66 and a high of 179, 6/17 below 100, 5/17 120+)
2016 SS Avg: 125.13 from 8 (low of 85 and a high of 150, 1/8 below 100, 6/8 120+)
2017 SS Avg: 137 from 3 (low of 126 and a high of 151, 3/3 120+)
2016 Night Avg: 117.1 from 10 (low of 69 and a high of 144, 2/10 below 100, 6/10 120+)
2017 Night Avg: 113 from 8 (low of 73 and a high of 151, 3/8 below 100, 5/8 120+)
2017 Friday Avg: 134.67 from 3 (low of 126 and a high of 151, 3/3 120+)
2016 Avg in Wins: 118.88 from 17 (low of 69 and a high of 150, 3/17 below 100, 10/17 120+)
2016 Avg in Losses: 86.4 from 5 (low of 70 and a high of 106, 3/5 below 100)
2017 Avg in Wins: 119 from 11 (low of 65 and a high of 154, 2/11 below 100, 7/11 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 89.2 from 5 (low of 73 and a high of 127, 4/5 below 100, 1/5 120+)

SC Connoisseur

C Oliver:
2017 Interstate Avg: 126.4 from 5 (low of 95 and a high of 170, 1/5 below 100, 2/5 120+)
2017 Afternoon Avg: 115.2 from 10 (low of 91 and a high of 170, 2/10 below 100, 2/10 120+)
2017 Saturday Avg: 119 from 9 (low of 95 and a high of 170, 1/9 below 100, 2/9 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 116.4 from 10 (low of 102 and a high of 142, 2/10 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 107 from 8 (low of 80 and a high of 170, 4/8 below 100, 1/8 120+)

SC Connoisseur

Essendon VS Carlton:

Z Merrett:
Avg VS Carl since 2015: 101 from 4 (low of 75 and a high of 141, 3/4 below 100, 1/4 120+)
2016 MCG Avg: 107.14 from 7 (low of 53 and a high of 141, 3/7 below 100, 4/7 120+)
2017 MCG Avg: 106.67 from 6 (low of 83 and a high of 137, 3/6 below 100, 2/6 120+)
2016 Afternoon Avg: 115.2 from 10 (low of 53 and a high of 138, 3/10 below 100, 6/10 120+)
2017 Afternoon Avg: 92.88 from 8 (low of 67 and a high of 109, 6/8 below 100)
2016 Avg in Wins: 128.33 from 3 (low of 113 and a high of 141, 2/3 120+)
2016 Avg in Losses: 108.79 from 19 (low of 53 and a high of 138, 7/19 below 100, 8/19 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 114.11 from 9 (low of 83 and a high of 137, 2/9 below 100, 4/9 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 105 from 9 (low of 67 and a high of 141, 5/9 below 100, 3/9 120+)
S Docherty:
Avg VS Ess since 2015: 88 from 4 (low of 60 and a high of 111, 2/4 below 100)
2016 MCG Avg: 107.22 from 9 (low of 79 and a high of 138, 2/9 below 100, 2/9 120+)
2017 MCG Avg:  118.67 from 9 (low of 91 and a high of 149, 1/9 below 100, 5/9 120+)
2017 MCG Afternoon Avg: 122.13 from 8 (low of 103 and a high of 149, 5/8 120+, 2/8 140+)
2016 Afternoon Avg: 111.36 from 14 (low of 79 and a high of 147, 3/14 below 100, 5/14 120+)
2017 Afternoon Avg: 125.18 from 11 (low of 103 and a high of 149, 8/11 120+, 3/11 140+)
2017 Saturday Afternoon Avg: 126.5 from 4 (low of 103 and a high of 149, 3/4 120+)
2017 Saturday Avg: 124.14 from 7 (low of 102 and a high of 153, 4/7 120+, 2/7 140+)
2016 Avg in Wins: 106.14 from 7 (low of 79 and a high of 147, 3/7 below 100, 3/7 120+)
2016 Avg in Losses: 109.93 from 15 (low of 76 and a high of 141, 3/15 below 100, 3/15 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 132 from 5 (low of 103 and a high of 153, 3/5 120+, 3/5 140+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 113.46 from 13 (low of 91 and a high of 132, 2/13 below 100, 5/13 120+)


Jack 'surname' Graham and Corey 'april' Maynard.


Hahahahaha "Corey April Maynard" is pure gold


Feel free to use my friend


I've been battered in the rankings (sitting at 13K after a nice 5K finish last year) but I've put all my eggs in to a cash league basket, finishing 3rd thanks to the JR Community. I'd love some feedback for this week:

6 trades, 120K bank
DEF: Doc, Adams, Laird, Howe, Lloyd, Shaw (Ryan, Scharenberg)
MID: Mitchell, Fyfe, NEale, Bont, Trelaor, J.Selwood, Greenwood (JPK, Danger, Cousins)
R: Grundy, Selwood (Cameron)
FWD: Macrae, Yeo, Dahl, Heeney, Nank, Lynch (Bolton, JDC)

Option 1:
JPK > Dusty or Crouch (high premo)
Scharenberg > Junker
This gives me a good bank to upgrade my FWD line

Option 2:
JPK > Merrett/Kelly/Oliver
Shaw > Williams/Roberton or Greenwood > JJK

Option 3:
JPK > Beams/Gray
Shaw > Hurley/Hibberd (premo DEF) or

I'm leaning towards option 1 as it gives me flexibility in the coming weeks, and allows me to loophole Shaw with Ryan for this week


Other option for Option 1 is back in Rance


Look, I can't say no to any option that includes bringing Dustin Martin into your side, but think JPK-Beams and Shaw up would be a fantastic move. Could you maybe use that cash to upgrade Nank or Lynch?

Also – Selwood in the ruck?


That's meant to be Maxwell Gawn! The panic has already set in. I crunched the numbers I'm just short of JPK > Beams and Nank > Ryder. To be honest no other FWD options excite me that much (maybe Buddy or JJK)

JPK > Beams and Shaw > Hurley, Hibberd or Houli is tempting, but it's Dusty! I've got a tough decision to make


I'd go Dusty and Junder and upgrade next week – you've got the double chance after all!

harry feinauer

i want your problem 🙂


6 trades …. wow impressive

SC Connoisseur

Brisbane VS Western Bulldogs:

D Zorko:
Avg VS WB since 2012: 97.11 from 9 (low of 64 and a high of 12, 5/9 below 100, 1/9 120+)
2016 Gabba Avg: 111.45 from 11 (low of 54 and a high of 151, 3/11 below 100, 3/11 120+)
2017 Gabba Avg: 117.38 from 8 (low of 51 and a high of 196, 2/8 below 100, 4/8 120+)
2016 Twilight Avg: 111.86 from 7 (low of 86 and a high of 148, 2/7 below 100, 1/7 120+)
2017 Twilight Avg: 108.5 from 6 (low of 51 and a high of 143, 2/6 below 100, 3/6 120+)
2017 Saturday Avg: 118.7 from 10 (low of 51 and a high of 196, 2/10 below 100, 6/10 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 126 from 4 (low of 114 and a high of 142, 2/4 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 110.23 from 13 (low of 51 and a high of 196, 4/13 below 100, 5/13 120+)
M Bontempelli:
Avg VS Bris since 2015: 104.75 from 4 (low of 88 and a high of 7, 3/4 below 100, 1/4 120+)
2017 Interstate Avg: 107 from 6 (low of 80 and a high of 141, 4/6 below 100, 2/6 120+)
2017 Twilight Avg: 97.5 from 2 (low of 80 and a high of 115)
2017 Saturday Avg: 105.86 from 7 (low of 80 and a high of 139, 4/7 below 100, 3/7 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 114.1 from 10 (low of 80 and a high of 140, 3/10 below 100, 6/10 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 102.25 from 8 (low of 81 and a high of 141, 6/8 below 100, 2/8 120+)
L Dahlhaus:
Avg VS Bris since 2013: 100.57 from 7 (low of 68 and a high of 120, 3/7 below 100, 1/7 120+)
2017 Interstate Avg: 92.33 from 6 (low of 60 and a high of 124, 3/6 below 100, 1/6 120+)
2017 Twilight Avg: 130 from 2 (low of 115 and a high of 145)
2017 Saturday Avg: 104 from 7 (low of 78 and a high of 124, 2/7 below 100, 2/7 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 99.5 from 10 (low of 72 and a high of 145, 4/10 below 100, 2/10 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 87.5 from 8 (low of 60 and a high of 124, 6/8 below 100, 1/8 120+)
J Macrae:
Avg VS Bris since 2014: 110.2 from 5 (low of 82 and a high of 126, 2/5 below 100, 3/5 120+)
2017 Interstate Avg: 110.67 from 6 (low of 102 and a high of 123, 1/6 120+)
2017 Twilight Avg: 107.5 from 2 (low of 107 and a high of 108)
2017 Saturday Avg: 106 from 7 (low of 81 and a high of 122, 2/7 below 100, 2/7 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 107.4 from 10 (low of 85 and a high of 124, 3/10 below 100, 3/10 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 98.88 from 8 (low of 70 and a high of 123, 3/8 below 100, 2/8 120+)

SC Connoisseur

Fremantle VS Gold Coast:

N Fyfe:
Avg VS GC since 2011: 135.5 from 4 (low of 116 and a high of 157, 2/4 120+, 2/4 150+)
2017 DS Avg: 101.3 from 10 (low of 62 and a high of 126, 5/10 below 100, 2/10 120+)
2017 Night Avg: 94.4 from 5 (low of 62 and a high of 126, 3/5 below 100, 1/5 120+)
2017 Saturday Avg: 99 from 8 (low of 62 and a high of 132, 4/8 below 100, 2/8 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 111.57 from 7 (low of 98 and a high of 139, 3/7 below 100, 2/7 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 98.5 from 10 (low of 62 and a high of 132, 5/10 below 100, 2/10 120+)
L Neale:
Avg VS GC since 2015: 106 from 3 (low of 92 and a high of 117, 1/3 below 100)
2017 Night Avg: 94.4 from 5 (low of 55 and a high of 124, 3/5 below 100, 1/5 120+)
2017 Saturday Avg: 106.75 from 8 (low of 55 and a high of 140,3/8 below 100, 3/8 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 120.43 from 7 (low of 84 and a high of 147, 2/7 below 100, 4/7 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 105.09 from 11 (low of 55 and a high of 129, 4/11 below 100, 3/11 120+)
G Ablett:
Avg VS Freo since 2007: 129.78 from 9 (low of 90 and a high of 185, 2/9 below 100, 6/9 120+, 2/9 150+)
2017 Interstate Avg: 132 from 4 (low of 73 and a high of 210, 2/4 below 100, 2/4 120+, 2/4 140+)
2017 Night Avg: 120.6 from 5 (low of 83 and a high of 210, 3/5 below 100, 1/5 120+)
2017 Saturday Avg: 120.45 from 11 (low of 73 and a high of 210, 5/11 below 100, 4/11 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 115.5 from 6 (low of 83 and a high of 146, 2/6 below 100, 3/6 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 117.71 from 7 (low of 73 and a high of 210, 4/7 below 100, 2/7 120+)
T Lynch:
Avg VS Freo since 2015: 107.33 from 3 (low of 67 and a high of 129, 1/3 below 100, 2/3 120+)
2017 Night Avg: 100.83 from 6 (low of 37 and a high of 161, 2/6 below 100, 2/6 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 113 from 6 (low of 92 and a high of 161, 2/6 below 100, 2/6 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 71.42 from 12 (low of 29 and a high of 113, 9/12 below 100)

SC Connoisseur

Richmond VS Hawthorn:

D Martin:
Avg VS Haw since 2011: 101.57 from 7 (low of 61 and a high of 119, 3/7 below 100)
2017 Avg at MCG: 125.67 from 9 (low of 92 and a high of 159, 1/9 below 100, 5/9 120+, 3/9 150+)
2017 MCG Afternoon Avg: 127.4 from 5 (low of 105 and a high of 155, 2/5 below 100, 3/5 120+)
2017 Afternoon Avg: 124.67 from 6 (low of 105 and a high of 155, 3/6 120+)
2017 Sunday Avg: 105.67 from 6 (low of 54 and a high of 150, 2/6 below 100, 2/6 120+)
Avg in 2017 Wins: 126.08 from 12 (low of 54 and a high of 165, 2/12 below 100, 8/12 120+, 3/12 155+)
Avg in 2017 Losses: 101.5 from 6 (low of 74 and a high of 144, 3/6 below 100, 1/6 120+)
T Mitchell:
Avg VS Rich since 2013: 94.6 from 5 (low of 49 and a high of 126, 2/5 below 100, 2/5 120+)
2017 MCG Avg:  118.7 from 10 (low of 85 and a high of 158, 2/10 below 100, 4/10 120+)
2017 MCG Afternoon Avg: 114.67 from 8 (low of 85 and a high of 136, 1/6 below 100, 2/6 120+)
2017 Afternoon Avg: 118.88 from 9 (low of 85 and a high of 136, 1/9 below 100, 4/9 120+)
2017 Sunday Avg: 116.5 from 4 (low of 103 and a high of 128, 2/4 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 116 from 8 (low of 98 and a high of 135, 1/8 below 100, 4/8 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 116.78 from 9 (low of 85 and a high of 158, 1/9 below 100, 2/9 120+)

SC Connoisseur

Adelaide VS Port Adelaide:

R Laird:
Avg VS Port since 2015: 92.4 from 5 (low of 80 and a high of 127, 4/5 below 100, 1/5 120+)
2017 AO Avg: 111.67 from 9 (low of 72 and a high of 147, 3/9 below 100, 5/9 120+)
2017 AO Sunday Avg: 134.5 from 2 (low of 122 and a high of 147)
2017 AO Wins Avg: 111.5 from 8 (low of 83 and a high of 147 3/8 below 100, 3/8 120+)
2017 Twilight Avg: 121.5 from 2 (low of 121 and a high of 122, 2/2 120+)
2017 Sunday Avg: 118 from 3 (low of 85 and a high of 147, 1/3 below 100, 2/3 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 107.08 from 13 (low of 72 and a high of 147, 5/13 below 100, 5/13 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 88.75 from 4 (low of 59 and a high of 124, 2/4 below 100, 1/4 120+)
M Crouch:
Avg VS Port since 2016: 96.67 from 3 (low of 76 and a high of 126, 2/3 below 100, 1/3 120+)
2017 AO Avg: 107.3 from 10 (low of 78 and a high of 134, 3/10 below 100, 3/10 120+)
2017 Twilight Avg: 117.5 from 2 (low of 111 and a high of 124)
2017 Sunday Avg: 114.67 from 3 (low of 111 and a high of 120)
2017 Avg in Wins: 106.69 from 13 (low of 76 and a high of 134, 4/13 below 100, 4/13 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 103 from 4 (low of 79 and a high of 131, 2/4 below 100, 1/4 120+)
R Sloane:
Avg VS Port since 2012: 108 from 9 (low of 69 and a high of 168, 3/9 below 100, 3/9 120+)
2017 AO Avg: 116.2 from 10 (low of 66 and a high of 177, 5/10 below 100, 5/10 120+)
2017 AO Wins Avg: 126.5 from 8 (low of 66 and a high of 177, 3/8 below 100, 5/8 120+, 3/8 165+)
2017 Twilight Avg: 139.5 from 2 (low of 139 and a high of 140, 2/2 120+)
2017 Sunday Avg: 84.33 from 3 (low of 36 and a high of 140, 2/3 below 100, 1/3 120+)
2017 Avg in Wins: 119.69 from 13 (low of 50 and a high of 177, 5/13 below 100, 7/13 120+)
2017 Avg in Losses: 79.75 from 4 (low of 70 and a high of 89)


You after a job or something mate?

Spam Notifier

can you stop the spam mate


It's relevant info.


No Finals for Patch, that's a sad thing mate, maybe you can get a win in Draftstars but with that team im not so sure it looks a bit thin.
Get yourself around to Sven's place Patch, pull him off that 6ft long legged blonde and demand his secrets on how he scores so well!!!


With the blonde or in draftstars?

Maybe both?


Yr on to it TRIGGA.


por que no los dos?


I'll admit it's not my strongest format (although considering SC this year maybe it is) Where do you reckon I need to beef it up?


Taking 4 in under 10k is normally big trouble, im going down Sven's line this week with 2 teams and they are very different 3 under 10k in both Titch leads team 1 Cotchin leads team 2. as the highest players in each team.
It's a difficult week because of the spread in prices….. Going to have a crack at tonites $2 mini Cats v Swans as well this week.


You beauty Stirlsy, cheers mate! Will give it a revamp tonight!


Very bland on the rookie front, Patch. I put forward
Jack "Meat and 3 veg" Graham
Corey "tepid water please" Maynard


I reckon you're taking this piss now Patch, Matt Crouch not Brad Crouch haha xo


God f*%&ing damn it. Every. Single. Time.

Still not as good as the time I said Brad Hodge was a decent trade-in option


Soo, Chris Fagan finally admits that Rocky has been playing sore since he hurt his shoulder in round 8. Do you think he could have told us earlier (i.e. maybe before he destroyed my supercoach season)??


Its been obvious, the telecast on the first game back taking the tape off he was in so much in pain unfortunately.

Stupid Coach

Sorry to hear you have missed the finals this year Patch. Your efforts each week have been very funny, very informative and much appreciated. I have four trades left but just $10k left in the bank. Finished 5th in both leagues so facing sudden death. Team is as follows:

B – Doc, Shaw, Lloyd, Adams, Laird, Hibberd – Melb, (Ryan, Scharenberg)
M – Danger, Zerrett, Dusty, J Selwood, Treloar, Ward, Fyfe, Greenwood, (Witherden, Mountford, Bolton)
R – Mumford, Martin, (Strndica)
F – Dahl, Buddy, Nankervis, Heeney, T Lynch (GC), Yeo (Thomas, D Cameron)

Thinking of downgrading Thomas to a rookie (Glass??) and trading Nank to Ryder or Oliver/Bont (via Greenwood or other DPP).

Appreciate any thoughts/advice from you or the community.


Anyone know if there's any chance Nank could play ruck again this year? Am having to choose between Greenwood or Nank to finish the season with. Thinking Greenwood, though nank returning to primary ruck could make all the diff!


Hold Greenwood, Contested Ball Beast and Clearances looks as tho Nank is cooked


Wait for the final teams tonight

Got a sinking feeling greenwood may get delegated to emergency. Hope not but as I need him


Have that same feeling, Trigga. Between him and Otten for that last spot


Believe he'll play. He was out having a photo session with Westhoff today in Adelaide. Doubt they would have sent him if he wasn't going to play.


Plus Nank is named in the ruck and Soldo on the extended bench.


Soldo now named on interchange, avoid having Nank on field this week.


Trade out Nank Soldo is named.


Selwood VC into Zorko C
Zorko VC into Dusty C


The latter for mine, Nick




Gold Coast against freo
Touk miller: 117 average from 5 (73,75,130,152,127)


Sorry guys, please disregard my email above.

A. Trade out Witts for Martin, Nank for JJK
B. Trade out Witts for Bayok (move Nank to ruck and play Greenwood on field), Parsons to Dusty (move Danger to bench)
C. Trade out Parsons for Bayok, Witts for Ryder


A. Seems to get you two premos and the other options don't?


Will Sydney tag J Selwood tonight?


Don't think so Joel I think will go huge tonight I chucked the VC on him
Especially with Danger out


They may well, but I feel they'll have a look at Duncan or Tuohy before him – it's easier to curb that outside run instead of Selwood's game.


Possibly, but who really knows.


Facing elimination this week and want to trade JPK
My other mids are Danger, Dusty, titch, Bonts, Fyfe, Jelwood and Treloar.
so I was thinking either Oliver, Kelly or Zerrett.

What does the community think?




I'm team Zerrett but you can't go wrong with any of them (I'd hope)


I got Merrett 5 weeks ago and he's only got 2 tons:/


Oliver by a country mile… luckily Patch didn't say "Oliver" … would have cast the curse …


Exactly my logic, Lazza 😉


How many SC points Corey Maynard going to produce on debut community?


Between 1 and 300. Maybe 60?


Id trade in Jack Graham instead if you want a punt on a rookie


Only a handful ….earning him the nickname Maytard.


Stef Martin or Big Mummy? Is old mate Archie Smith still a threat to Stefs scores? Or dare I consider Big Sauce?


I prefer Big Mummy but last time I said that he did his ankle so I'm.. keeping MUM… *wink wink* on the whole thing

Stupid Coach

VC on Selwood and C on Dusty or
VC on Fyfe and C on Dusty.



I'm debating this very thing Stupid and reckon I'll go with the latter




Who to bring in for Kennedy?

Neale, Dusty, Oliver or Titch?


Titch or Dusty.




If you have only 2 trades left Rivo, you might as well use them to pick players who are going to score consistent, rather than rookies as you have some cover on the bench.
You could straight trade Shaw to Llyod who is 17k more expensive, would leave you with 42-43k.
Then you could trade JPK to a unique like Seb Ross or a Brad Ebert Or Trent Cotchin.
Just back your judgement and go with what you think is the best decision.


Like this thinking, Crow. Rivo, I'm not a huge fan of taking Shaw down to a rookie for the finals, especially if you can't loop him with Witherden


Quite impressive having 2 Witherden's on the field i must say


Wish I did Andrew. Friday fat fingers and hit the button too quick.


Thanks Patch & Crow. Last roll of the dice! What about Shaw & JPK for Neale & Lloyd then?


They're pretty solid selections Rivo 2 proven scores and Neale who can pump out big scores. Good luck mate, hope it all goes well for you.


Rocky or greenwood trade to Martin???




Depends on if Greenwood makes the cut tonight


"Sydney captain Josh P Kennedy is missing this week with a quad strain, which is just kicking us while we’re down. He’s had a putrid season, and it’s a decent excuse as any to flick him from our sides."

Putrid? Errm no. Or this was just a momentary moment of sarcasm?


Sorry, putrid from a SC perspective. He's had a good season onfield.

Even then, you're right. It hasn't been "putrid". I'm letting my emotions get the better of me (again) after splashing 600k on a bloke who hasn't shown me the 115 average I was hoping for


He hasnt had a good year bud, same with Hanners and Parker. the younger blokes at the swans have been much better this year. Remember these blokes have been all Australians, so yes, they have had a poor year.


VC on Mitch Duncan tonight into Dus
In 1.7% of teams
Last 4 games over 100 with a 144 in there.
With Dangerfield out, he might get a lot more of the ball as well, of course, he could always have a shocker but its so fun taking risk in finals which will make or break you.


Love it mate!


Thanks Patch (- :


Ballsy move Crow…I like it mate.


Thanks Russty ( – :


He could go big too…especially if Joel gets tagged again.


Witts to ryder and Kennedy to Tmitch or Shaw to Tmitch and Kennedy to Oliver? Will have 2 trades left after


Who would be your ruck if doing option 2 though? Vague details on the situation.


Would have donut because of Wiits, Gawn is other ruck


Option 1, you don't need a doughnut in a final.


Who would you guys trade first out of:

Shaw, JPK and Greenwood


JPK. The other two are (hopefully) still playing


Bradley Hill. More midfield time with Walters and Blakely out for the rest of the season. Speculative pick, but what are your thoughts?


Prefer Josh Kennedy if you don't have already. Hill's scores are up and down and so are JJK's but JJK has a higher potential.


G'day community,
Really need some help here
Zorko or Bont VC?
Scared Zorko could get tagged, thus thinking Bont VC
Help much appreciated
Cheers community!


I'd go Bont. Roberton will go to someone as well so some risk with Bont also.


I have two trades left and I'm looking to trade out M.White and Greenwood/Nankervis. I have 297k in the bank, so I'm thinking I could swing Nank forward to bring in Gawn, and then trade either nank or greenwood for another bloke, having the one I don't trade as my F6. Thoughts?


Note: Trading Nank for Gawn gives me 512k to use to upgrade M.White. If I trade Greenwood instead of Nank, I have 496k for a forward.


Mitchell or Fyfe for Danger?


Flip a coin or go with your gut.


Kreuzer cleared to play.


For my last upgrade, do I go Heeney or Ryder? I'll be left with 2 trades, but still have Nank and Shaw. Going Heeney will leave me with around $90K to potentially sideways Nank and or Shaw in coming weeks.Going Ryder will mean I have to paint the fence to upgrade only one of them and I'd have no trades left
Which way should I go?

James T

Hey guys, need some advice for this week. Got danger out sitting on the pine, witherden replaces him so got no more mid bench coverage. Only have 2 trades left. So either JPK to Oliver/Kelly/Ross and 1 trade left for emergencies. Or JPK to Beams and 1 trade left, which can be used as emergency or to upgrade Greenwood to Ryder whenever. Thanks guys! And cheers for your A+ write ups Patch, hilarious as always 🙂


Beams and then Ryder next week sounds like a solid plan.


Greenwood to Franklin or Kennedy lads? Elimination final and my opponent has Franklin


If you're rolling the dice on a Key forward in an elimination, I'd be tempted by Daniher against Carlton in this round.

Otherwise I'd try and loop Buddy.


What a pleasure it is to read this brilliant article each week Patch – you're an absolute belter son. Great chat last night. Great chat. Thank you on behalf this entire throbbing community.

Rick Grimes

Tru dat, JR. Every contributor on this site is both a scholar and a gentleman.


Corey "May or Maynard" play?!


Corey "Darling Buds of" Maynard??


Ryder or Kreuzer?


Ryder for me


Should I trade in Zorko or Crouch?

Rick Grimes

Zorko could win it or lose it for ya. Crouch is a solid 115 every time.


1 trade left with 19k, JPK injured, Danger suspended and a host of under performing premos. Can't wait until the season is done. I'm going JPK to Bryce Gibbs as a POD. I've pretty much given up as the supercoach gods have eaten me up several times over the course of the year.


What a cracking year. I need help community. Ranked 1554, Currently sitting top of the ladder with a double chance in a League Final. 2 Trades left
DEF: Docherty, Adams, Laird, Simpson, Lloyd, Michael Hibberd, (Mitch Hibberd, Morrison)
MID: Dangerfield, Martin, T Mitchell, Neale, Kelly, Cotchin, Wines, Heppell (Witherden, Bolton, Cousins)
RUC: Martin, Witts (Soldo)
FWD: Macrae, Yeo, Dahlhaus, T Lynch GC, JJ Kennedy, Greenwood (Nank, Eddy)

With Danger and Witts out this week. Should I make any trades or just cop a loss and head to next week with Danger back. Witts to Gawn is the obvious one. and use Witherden or Greenwood in the middle for Danger this week. I have good bench swinging cover on all lines except Ruck. Thoughts anyone?


Well, Soldo is playing so you won't get a donut but Witts might be out for another week. I'd be tempted to do the Witts to Gawn trade.


I swear I've changed my mind over whether to switch Witts to Gawn or Martin about 50 times.

Martin has the easier run in but… Archie Smith definitely a goner?

Gawn plays GWS, St. Kilda, Brisbane, Collingwood

Stef plays Bulldogs, Gold Coast, Melbourne, North.


Would go Gawn myself

Wightys Warriors

What agreat start to finals…no one can see whether their opt traded Danger till game begins….teams 5-8 will be hanginbg out to see.

Wightys warriors

I'm so excited I cant type !!


JPK to zorko or hold him and hope s.selwwod and witherden provide enough cover for danger also? three trades remainning & 260k! only 2 hours to decide :/


Trade for sure, why bother waiting?


I wouldn't have 2 guns sitting on the bench in a final. It will make it very hard to win.
Pull the trigger. You'll still have 2 trades and plenty of coin.


Go for it!

SC Stressed

SC community need some wisdom. Got 6 trades left only $10K in the bank. Cash league knock out finals.
Have Danger out (like everyone 1) & Josh Kennedy. Covering both at the moment with Witherden & Scharenberg thanks to DPPs.
But just needed an excuse to get rid of Kennedy. Thinking the following not sure.
Danger & Kennedy to the following players. Oliver, GAJ, Beams, Josh Kelly, Murphy.
Have currently in my midfield. Dusty, Zorko, Fyfe, Tom Mitchell, Merrett, Whitfield.


Oliver and Kelly. Gazza's body can't be trusted although you do have the trades to get rid of him if he breaks down.




Go Gaz… why not! you have the trades


ahhh can't decide on my final mid, have got 610k to play with and already have tmitch, dusty, Bont, ross, hannerz

pls help


In great form at the right time of the year


but is he going to throw me a 80 or 90 odd


Have you checked his last 4 scores? Solid.


Hey guys after a big of insight.
Got double chance in all my cash leagues and have 4 trades with $170k in the bank… thinking Nank needs to be upgraded but any other thoughts:

def: docherty,Simpson,laird,Lloyd,Adams,scharenburg
Bench: smith, hibbered (swung him from the mid bench to have witherden cover danger)

Mid: ablett,zorko,treolar,t.mitchell,Oliver,ebert,rocky,witherden
Bench: danger,Bolton,cousins

Ruck: Kruzer,Nank
Bench: Darcy

Fwd: Mccrae,yeo,dalhaus,n.reiwoldt,Heeney,greendwood
Bench: young,strndica

Cheers for any feedback.


I"d be looking at upgrading one of your 3 onfield rookies before worrying about Nank.


Young to Maynard (#yolo) and then Shaz to Hurley?


Please help,
For my last upgrade, do I go Heeney or Ryder? I'll be left with 2 trades, but still have Nank and Shaw. Going Heeney will leave me with around $90K to potentially sideways Nank and or Shaw in coming weeks.Going Ryder will mean I have to paint the fence to upgrade only one of them in coming weeks and I'd have no trades left. It seems obvious but you need to bring in the inform players come SC Finals if you want to win I reckon.
Which way should I go?


I'd go for broke Rocksta…Ryder is the best fwd with the bonus of Rucking stats.


Cheers Rusty.
I ended up going Ryder.


When you have held T. Miles all season and he is finally selected!!!!!


can't decide on vc jelwood or Oliver


or I can not trade in Oliver and go Fyfe instead


Nathan Jones is back, may impact Oliver slightly, don't see him getting 170 this week.

Look at Fyfe's last 4 games, solid form.


Fyfe for mine


VC on selwood, neale or docherty?


Thoughts on Reiwoldt???
He's gonna put in everything he's got left


Make or break pick, quite possibly the latter.


Worth going nank to him though??


Tough one, can't get Ryder, JJK or Buddy?


This might sound crazy but I'd almost take Tom Lynch over Riewoldt.


Kreuzer playing 🙂

Greenwood playing 🙂

Soldo playing 🙁


Keep an eye on the final teams for tomorrows Bombers v Blues game. Reading the Carlton forums and a lot of talk about Kreuzer as a late out due to lingering grogginess.


Which 2 to trade out of danger, jpk and greenwood. 4 trades and cash is not an issue.. also need to win this week!


If cash is not an issue ditch JPK and Greenwood and hold Danger, you'll need him next week.


It always makes me sad seeing my final team, which on the surface level is a bunch of overpriced, underperforming premo's with a few good eggs in there, but all of those smaller players that are the reason why my team where it is today, the tom stewarts, nic newman's, witts' of the world that overperformed beyond anyone's expectations, giving us such joy when they hit high scores and generated huge cash when there was none to be made are left behind, forgotten. The unsung heroes of supercoach 2017, Forever in our hearts 🙁


Well said, Paddy


Need some advice regarding my team this week. Currently ranked at 1259 and sitting top 4 in all my leagues.
My team is as follows

D: Doch, Hibberd Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Rance (Ryan, Scharenberg)
M: Danger, Titch, Merret, Ebert, Treloar, JPK, Jelwood, Hanners (Witherden, Blton, Junker)
R: Kreuzer, Gawn (Strn)
F: Macrae, Yeo, Buddy, Heeney, JJK, Dahl (Greenwood, Eddy)
Sitting on 2 trades remaining and 82k in the bank.

Considering trading JPK out for Fyfe or Ryder.
Not sure about Danger, will probs keep due to my trades and positions in leagues.
I could possibly just sit tight this week also and make no trades.

Any other suggestions from the community are welcome and good luck with your league finals.


Also any good suggestions for captain options? Highly considering Treloar as North bleed points to opposition midfielders.


Use your **** head and figure it out yourself

The Ranger

With only two trades I reckon you've gotta hold DM


Hoping the Cats can get the job done to give the Hawks a slimmer of hope for finals. Let's hope everything goes well supercoach wise.


Greenwood's playing, that's a relief!


These two trades any good community?

Thinking of going Heath Shaw to Joel Selwood via DPP and then swinging Ryder forward to get Gawn for Tom Lynch (Gold Coast).

Then thinking of putting the VC on Jelwood tonight. He could go big with Danger out. What do u guys reckon?


Soldo playing and Bolton left out…bummer.


Martin v zorko v ablett . Who to get before tonights game


Elimination final –
Already gone JPK to Zorko for my first trade
5 more trades, mids are Martin, TMitch, ZMerrett, Zorko, Selwood, Treloar, Witherden, Greenwood (with Danger on the bench)
I've also got HShaw in the backline, rest of backs, rucks, fwds reasonably settled.

Do I:
1. Trade Danger for any other mid not named? (Fyfe, GAJ, Neale, Oliver etc) and pocket $$ for my last 4 trades should I win this week?
OR Keep Danger and use my second trade for:
2. Shaw to any back who isn't Doc, Laird, Hibberd, Hurn, & JLloyd
3. Shaw to any mid not named (via Witherden DPP) but losing that swing set

I've currently got Greenwood and Witherden on ground in the mids which isn't ideal but it is what it is. I could also trade Greenwood for someone around 420k but not keen on that idea with Danger's $$ sitting on the pine during an elimination final.

Any late help greatly appreciated!!


Hey Adsy, Shaw has been a stinking pile of crap lately and Hurley has been a superstar…3 round average gap of 33 points.

Depends on your predictions though and if you think you'll get through doing that, otherwise go for the gold and trade out danger for the best mid you can.


4 trades 74k

Doc, Adams, laird, Simpson, Lloyd, Shaw. (Witherden, junker)
Danger, titch, bont, Neale, trelor, jpk, jelwood, Martin (Hibberd, Myers, cousins)
Grundy, gawn (strndica)
Yeo, mccrae, dahl, Franklin, Ryder, nank (greenwood, eddy)

Thinking of going

Out Kennedy in Oliver
Out Shaw in Kennedy (wce) via dpp
Leaves 2 trades $300.

Skinny McThin

ZMerrett could pump out a lazy 220+ against cartoons VFLesque midfield. He's a reasonable VC option and playing early on saturday


Should be tagged probably Kerridge


Is anybody considering bringing in Jelwood tonight? $480K. Got tagged last week by Kerridge and had 6 clangers which restricted his score. Tonight could be a different story. No Danger which means he could have a BIG night. He could obviously get tagged again, but who would get that job for the swans? Bloody tempting to go Shaw to Jelwood via DPP. Got an hour to ponder……my gut says yessss………


I like it, Jelwood should go big at his home ground ans Shaw is stuffed for shaw.


Exactly my thoughts. Shaw is stuffed. I could hang on to the trade and keep it for later, but something tells me to GO FOR IT.

The Ranger

Looks good to me TH. Selwood is due a big one surely?


They restricted Tom Mitchell last week. Without Danger he has to get some attention.


Always a possibility Cogla. This is Jelwood we are talking about here. He is as tough as nails.


He's a Champ Hawk, a once in a generation player…back him in 🙂


Hahaha….thanks for those words of encouragement Russty!.But you, my opponent in Pine Lodge, don't have him? Why?

Let the best team win,,,,,,,Good luck!!


Already got too many guns mate, couldn't fit him in, it's all set up to beat you by one point lol, good luck to you too bud.
I might have to use my last trade if Kreuzer doesn't get up.

P.S, that Pinelodge is a pretty crap league, hahah how come you entered that one?


Good question…..perhaps i wanted to play in a mediocre league so that if I got punished in the powerhouse leagues like Trig's Happy Place, Guns and Rookies, or First to go Woo, I could still get some finals action!! Made the top 4 in 2 of my 5 leagues, bottom half of the 8 in the other two and 9th in First to Go Woo.


Decent result Hawk, and yeah I get that, sometimes it's better to enter a few random Leagues with people you don't know, for a better chance, most of the ones I entered were from Jock Reynolds posters, some of them are super competitive, and a few others quite lowly with Teams missing…as in attending to their teams.
Hoping to get some invites from some of the regulars on here next season…it's always good to test yourself in some gun leagues, cheers.


Cheers John, that'd be great mate, look forward to it.


Zac Jones may get the job on him and if so they'll both probably get reported


**** your gut


At least you got your name right!!

The Ranger

Woohoo! Shai Bolton got dropped!
Sorry Shai but I needed a loophole and you're now it,


Nice mate. Bloody pleased Hugh Greenwood has been named. No dramas, yet……touching a piece of wood as we speak……

The Ranger

Bloody Pickett getting a game nearly ruined me!
Bolton out means I can loop every line except the rucks…nice.


Should i trade in dusty, Gaz, neale, zorko or oliver for JPK??


Dustin Martin. The likely 2017 Brownlow medal winner.


HANNERS SON – If you don't have Hanners get Hanners! The time is now


Who scores more tonight?
Lloyd or Tuohy.
Looping one.


I would say Lloyd scores more and he is also more consistent so loophole Tuohy.


Lloyd on field mate. More consistent. I am playing him. Tuohy on the bench with the E for mine.


Yeah head agrees, cat guts says Tuohy.
Opponents both have Lloyd no Tuohy so was hoping for a leg up.


Hope you went with your guts Hedski, Touhy 39 and Lloyd 4 at the moment lol


Howdy Honky's – It's BIG TIME DOMINATION TIME – you heard it hear first

Hanners is off the booze and is finally going to start to see the benefits, he's going to go 130+ at the Cattery – he's going to go ballistic, kick it, handball, booooooooooooom tackle, fancy pants jump through the hoop Hanners.

He's gonna go -Boom Boom Boom Here Comes Hanners Boom grab me a long neck stubbie big boy HERE COMES HANNERS ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah all the way to a Sydney DOMINATION – wait for it – wait for it – GET HANNERS IN, He's coming home son

That is all.