The JR Academy – Week 10

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The Academy – Week 10

Another fine week of Daily Fantasy combat and yet another week of DOMINANCE from Sven and his team “sveneris”.

This week’s Academy and Graduate game will feature RICHMOND v HAWTHORN. 

And now to the ladders;

 The Academy Ladder after 9 gamesAcadLad-AUG-1

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS FULL LADDER(only includes players who have competed each week)


The Graduates LadderGradLaddAUG-1


Sven strikes again!

Are we witnessing the emergence of Australia’s finest DFS player? His skill and cunning is already being likened to that of the great Garry Kasparov – a grand master who dominated the world chess scene for the best part of ten years.

Will a team like Defying or TheTeletub rise to the challenge or can a young up-and-comer like backthesash emerge as a threat to Sven this week.

Time will tell.

Once again, we look forward to the great Sven’s weekly insights in the comments to this post.

And now to this week’s game – RICHMOND v HAWTHORN – SUNDAY, 3.20pm

I will once again be focusing on what I consider to be the two fundamental team selection elements; Player Projections (as supplied by Fantasy Insider in the table below) and Game Specific Forecasting.

In terms of Game Specific Forecasting, I am finding it very difficult to get a read on how this game may play out.

While the last encounter between these two teams was also played at the MCG on a Sunday in the 3.20pm time slot, it fails to shed too much light as four of Hawthorn’s best five players were Sam Mitchell, Josh Gibson, Bradley Hill and Jordan Lewis. Between them they amassed a staggering 131 possessions. In fact, while the Hawks lost this game by 70 points, they smashed Richmond in the possession tally – 443 to 334 … that’s a 70 point loss after having the ball in hand 99 more times!

This is a trend which has continued for these team in 2017.RICvHAW-statsInteresting. These two teams have vastly differing statistical game styles with Hawthorn continuing to play a high possession “keepings off” style, while the Tigers appear to be direct and happy to play a much more contested style of football.

Of most interest in the table above is the fact that in 2017 Richmond as a team have yielded, on average, the least Draftstars points per game.


Fantasy Insider Game Forecasts

Tom MitchellHAWMID17550124.717.6107.1160.0
Dustin MartinRICFWD16300116.823.893.0164.3
Trent CotchinRICMID14550100.823.477.4147.5
Bachar HouliRICDEF1455095.622.972.7141.3
Liam ShielsHAWMID1420092.120.271.9132.4
Jack GunstonHAWFWD137007826.451.6130.9
Isaac SmithHAWMID1320086.420.865.6128.0
Brandon EllisRICMID1310090.822.468.4135.7
Luke HodgeHAWMID1305087.923.364.6134.6
Jarryd RougheadHAWFWD1245078.623.155.5124.7
Ben McEvoyHAWRK1235081.722.159.6125.9
Daniel HoweHAWDEF1230075.819.656.2115.1
Shaun GriggRICMID1225093.919.274.7132.4
Dion PrestiaRICMID12150022.2-22.244.4
Shaun BurgoyneHAWDEF1185086.518.168.4122.6
Anthony MilesRICMID1175083.520.363.2124.0
James SicilyHAWFWD1170067.221.645.6110.5
Kane LambertRICMID1130085.225.459.8136.0
Jaeger O'MearaHAWMID11250010.5-10.521.1
Ricky HendersonHAWDEF1125086.318.068.3122.2
Ivan MaricRICRK10950019.3-19.338.7
Billy HartungHAWMID1090073.215.058.2103.3
Luke BreustHAWFWD1085068.421.147.3110.6
Josh CaddyRICMID1070076.915.761.2108.3
Reece ConcaRICMID10650019.7-19.739.3
Ryan BurtonHAWDEF1060074.117.856.3109.6
Toby NankervisRICRK103007718.858.2114.7
Nick VlastuinRICDEF1010068.817.051.8102.7
Grant BirchallHAWDEF10050017.7-17.735.5
Jack RiewoldtRICFWD9950019.6-19.639.2
Shane EdwardsRICFWD995065.318.546.8102.2
Will LangfordHAWMID990070.517.353.2105.1
Cyril RioliHAWFWD9800020.7-20.741.4
James FrawleyHAWDEF9800017.5-17.534.9
Alex RanceRICDEF98007019.150.9108.1
Sam LloydRICFWD9700014.7-14.729.4
Brendan WhitecrossHAWDEF965065.213.751.592.6
Taylor DuryeaHAWDEF960070.619.950.7110.4
Jason CastagnaRICDEF96006323.539.5109.9
Kamdyn McIntoshRICMID955066.817.948.9102.6
David AstburyRICDEF935067.718.049.7103.7
Jonathon CeglarHAWRK9250015.5-15.531.0
Kaiden BrandHAWDEF915061.617.044.695.6
Josh GibsonHAWDEF9100026.6-26.653.1
Paul PuopoloHAWFWD9100018.5-18.537.0
Ty VickeryHAWFWD8650019.4-19.438.8
Jayden ShortRICMID8600016.8-16.833.5
Jono O'RourkeHAWMID8550011.7-11.723.5
Daniel RioliRICFWD855054.516.238.386.8
Connor MenadueRICFWD8100014.5-14.529.1
Ryan SchoenmakersHAWFWD805051.820.131.792.0
Blake HardwickHAWFWD795058.818.040.894.7
Daniel ButlerRICFWD785053.818.934.991.7
Shaun HampsonRICFWD7850017.8-17.835.5
Tim O'BrienHAWFWD780052.121.930.295.9
Ben StrattonHAWDEF7750015.6-15.631.2
James CousinsHAWMID7750017.0-17.033.9
Corey EllisRICMID755055.917.138.890.1
Nathan BroadRICDEF755052.67.844.868.2
Ben GriffithsRICFWD7500022.2-22.244.5
Jacob TownsendRICMID7400022.4-22.444.8
Jack FitzpatrickHAWRK7350015.6-15.631.2
Nathan DrummondRICDEF735004.2-4.28.3
Dallas WillsmoreHAWFWD7250014.2-14.228.4
Ivan SoldoRICRK725060.717.043.794.6
Conor GlassHAWDEF715049.817.032.883.7
Kurt HeatherleyHAWDEF710008.6-8.617.1
Kieran LovellHAWMID7000031.1-31.162.2
Jack GrahamRICMID700000.00.00.0
Oleg MarkovRICFWD6950026.2-26.252.4
Steven MorrisRICDEF6950016.4-16.432.8
Ben LennonRICFWD6850016.9-16.933.9
Taylor HuntRICDEF6850021.0-21.042.0
Jake BatchelorRICDEF6800020.2-20.240.4
Dylan GrimesRICDEF660050.316.134.282.5
Luke SurmanHAWDEF640000.00.00.0
Mitch LewisHAWFWD640000.00.00.0
Connor NashHAWDEF640000.00.00.0
Kade StewartHAWMID6400024.0-24.048.0
Teia MilesHAWDEF6400034.9-34.969.9
Oliver HanrahanHAWMID640000.00.00.0
Marc PittonetHAWRK6400015.9-15.931.8
Harry MorrisonHAWDEF640000.00.00.0
Ryan GarthwaiteRICDEF640000.00.00.0
Todd EltonRICDEF6400014.3-14.328.5
Tyson StengleRICFWD6400031.5-31.562.9
Shai BoltonRICMID640042.711.631.165.9
Mabior CholRICRK6400028.3-28.356.7
Chris YarranRICDEF6400022.7-22.745.4
Callum MooreRICFWD640002.1-2.14.2

What a significant resource! Thanks again to Darryl and his team at Fantasy Insider for allowing The JR Community to access this resource. For those wanting to examine forecasts for other games this week, click the link below. In exciting news, Darryl and the team are opening up the lineup cruncher for FREE USE to all and sundry.. I highly recommend you leverage this opportunity to your benefit.

BIG NEWS: Fantasy Insider are allowing FREE USE of the lineup cruncher – use the best tool in the business here

Team Lineups for RIC v HAW – Team Peter_Higgo v Fantasy Insider;

I am basing my team around a high possession Hawthorn game with Richmond once again dominating in terms of time inside their own forward half and within their 50m arc. I may stand corrected, however, I do believe the Tigers set an all time AFL record last week by accumulating the most tackles inside their forward 50 – 27 team tackles were laid inside the 50 arc! Significant.

While their price is prohibitive, in terms of security I feel both McEvoy and Mitchell are locks.

I will be punting on the successful return of Jack Riewoldt and a solid game from the speedy Dan Butler.

Higgo Lineups

To be perfectly honest, I have found this contest to be extremely difficult to predict and would greatly appreciate the input of our regulars and others so that we can as a collective seek greater confidence in our team selection process.


So it is now time to hand over to you!




Kind regards,

Peter J Higginbotham

BIG NEWS: Fantasy Insider are allowing FREE USE of the lineup cruncher – use the best tool in the business here


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Comments (52)

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  1. SC_Kev7 says:

    You've got the Lions v WC Cruncher there, Higgo! Needs an update

    Word filtering through that Jack Graham will be making his debut on Sunday. If you've been following him in Barron's rookie writeups he knows how to find the pill

    Sicily clunking everything and looks to be value at 11.7k

    • Stirlsy says:

      Prefer Graham to miss the rest of year Kev and every other rookie to help us out next year.
      Last thing I heard on Graham was he got injured again and would find it hard to break in to Tigs Team

  2. Stirlsy says:

    Sven Sven Sven, he's had his Swedish 6ft blonde long legged beauty Fantasy.
    It's time to step up Team Stirlsy and get one of these Blondes for yr self.
    Big Boy looks a must in this, and it should be an even contest.
    The Tigs have had the wood on the Hawkers for a number of years always seem to play well against them,so im tipping the tigs to win by 3 goals.
    Talk a bit more tomoz after teams are final but it looks a 4/5 split of team players for me at this stage.

  3. Stirlsy says:

    How you going in the $2 all round Mini Higgo? 5 Teams in it last week did you get a collect?

    • hedski says:

      Might have a crack at that this week Stirlsy, disappointed I've dropped out to 21st on the academy ladder, will need a big one this week.

      • Stirlsy says:

        Not sure if Sven has played any of the other games outside of the page contests Hedski but he should give it a go the way he is going.

        • hedski says:

          Sshhh, he'll clean us out!!

        • Sven says:

          Hey Stirlsy and Hedski, Yep playing a few different games, played a few $15 games with no results. Seem to get my best scores in the Academy. Would be interesting to go back though the more high roller games and see how our better scores would compare in those contests.
          Haven't researched Sundays game yet- standby.

          • hedski says:

            Hey Sven, I'm liking Nank if Soldo gets the boot this week, I'm looking at a more even price spread can't seem to pick the good cheapies.
            Might forgo Titch/Dusty not sure yet, could be suicide.
            Mate your killing it good luck again this week.

            • Sven says:

              I reckon two team approach- Team A – Mitchell, Martin McEvoy & Nank, maybe Ellis, plus fillers.
              Team B – Even spread. Mid pricers.
              Yep tricky.
              Wonder how long the run can last?

              • jockreynolds says:

                Look forward to watching your progress closely again this weekend Sven, congratulations on a brilliant start to your career son. The community is proud of you.

          • Stirlsy says:

            Agree Sven, Draftstars should open up contests to be viewed when finished.

    • P_J_Higgo says:

      Hi Stirlsy. I had Ablett in 4 of my 5 whole round competitions lat round – very disappointed when I learnt that he was a late out. The other team collected $4.20 … or something like that. A shame you are not given a correction trade when a late out occurs. I have just put two teams in for tonight – SYD v CATS. If I collect, I may well play again tomorrow.

  4. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    This one is a head scratcher

    Think you need the 2017 brownlow medalist Tom Mitchell and the runner up by 1 pt Dusty as they should dominate the game and have the Lions share of the points but with those two in the team it is slim pickings for the rest.

  5. Stirlsy says:

    Having a crack at Cats v Swans $2 mini tonite.
    FWD– Heeney
    FWD– Papely
    MID– Menegola
    MID– Murdoch
    MID– Parfitt

    Might revisit this not that rapt with the backs but at this stage that's the Fantasy bunch ill be playing.
    This is not a bad game to play in good prize money and pays $3 down to 200th place.

  6. Stirlsy says:

    And my $2 Mini full round Team, a bit of pie dons factor in this team.
    FWD– Daniher
    FWD– Fantasia
    MID– Wells
    MID– Murdoch
    MID– Phillips
    MID– WHE
    BAC– Maynard
    BAC– Cordy
    RUC– Big Boy McEvoy

    • hedski says:

      Mine is
      Big Boy
      Good luck for the weekends hunting Stirlsy.

      • Stirlsy says:

        Q1 — CATS V SWANS

        PTS 180—-PLACE 700th—— Leader—241—- half team doing ok rest passengers
        PTS 375—PLACE 689TH —–Leader –469—– made a rush into 330th but fell away
        PTS 751— PLACE 184th out of 1722 entries. For a $2.40 collect and Net Profit of $0.40c little fish are sweet.

      • Stirlsy says:

        All rounders dead with that injury

  7. Ahfeel Sikdahl says:

    Jelwood was on 70sc points when he went off…but is slowly increasing..81..82..83…from the bench in a losing team!!

  8. Stirlsy says:

    Yes a couple of inj there mate and a non starter.

    • hedski says:

      Had another go at today's.
      I'm going in to the academy/graduates today with two different teams for the first time, will be interesting to see how they go.

      • Stirlsy says:

        Same but 5 the same in each team.
        Team 1 is 6 tigs 3 hawks
        Team 2 is 5 tigs 4 hawks
        Fly high today Hedski NO INJURIES

        • hedski says:

          I have one with 5 tigers one with 5 hawks.
          One team is an even price spread, one more GnR.
          Both have Big Boy.
          Good luck Stirlsy.

  9. Stirlsy says:

    Gone ballistic here and pulled both teams to shreds now going in without big boy McEvoy might well be suicide but im going with Soldo

  10. hedski says:

    My mid priced team seems to be well in front of my GnR, update after the game (both going pretty crap)

  11. hedski says:

    Finished mid table both teams, mid price outscored the GnR by 40 odd points.

    DANG, should have kept Nank and Caddy instead of BigBoy and some Muppet, would have boosted me right up, ah well next week.

    • Stirlsy says:

      yep Caddy was the last guy i upgraded after going Soldo had just the right amount to go him to Henderson from him.
      Like you said next week.
      Jocks getting better at this, take notes Higgo.

  12. SC_Kev7 says:

    Had an absolute bloody mare. 77th in graduates… Big Boy, Burgoyne, Miles all terrible. TMitch was a waste of 17k. Rioli my only win

    • Stirlsy says:

      I'm still dirty Kev had the winning team in Grads and changed it all around with 90 mins to go, ah well there's always this week laid out 6 bucks this week got 8.40 back so cant complain.