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Supercoach Podcast


This must be the biggest pre-finals Supercoach OUT in the history of our fine game.
The thing is community, he’s not the only issue we’re facing this week. Nankervis. Rocky. JPK. Lloyd. Kreuzer. FWD fickleness. A dearth of DEFs.
Finals are here – and we wouldn’t have it any other bloody way.
Enjoy the show folks!


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Good luck to everyone competing in your league finals! No Danger no worries!


Trading him out will get me to round 2/3. Goodnight Danger


I'm hoping my team is robust enough to cover a premo mid out, unfortunately I will need to trade pendles though as I don't want 1.2m on the pine…hope you got the trades to bring him back!


0trades left and proud


I'm holding…only because I can, can see alot of teams getting knocked out in the first round of finals this week though, if they're not in the top 4.


Someone has gotta lose, Danger playing or not….Danger is in 99% of top 1000 teams, it's just going to test team and trade depth. Interesting week.


Nooooo! After not missing a trade until rnd 14 where I only made one, I was sure I was going to be president no trades left comittee. Alas that is your role now. Hope you've got plenty of space as I think you'll have a few joining you this weekend.


For what it's worth I wouldn't trade him out in your situation then…all the best.

benjamin B

Hi jock and Community.
1 trade left and $56,800. Who to bring in for pendles? Neale, Kelly, ward, fyfe?? Or someone else?

Adams, Laird, Doc, Rance, Hibberd, Simmo (Witherden, Neilson)
Danger, Dusty, Zerrett, Bont, Treloar, Hanners, Jelwood, lloyd (Pendles, Cousins,Junker)
Gawn, Grundy (Strn)
Yeo, Macrea, Dahl, Buddy, Ryder, Greenwood (Greene, Eddy)


Fyfe in great form.


Fyfe is life!


Yep and plays GCS in Perth this week……..could be a great move to get the team through week one.


Brilliant again. The story of ET…. I now know why Yeo going poorly and Fyfe coming good, Makes perfect sense.

Definitely going Nank to Ryder.


Evening Lad,
3 trades left and I want to offload Nank and Greenwood.
Do i go Nank>Ryder and hold greenwood at D6 with only 20k in the bank
Nank > S Martin (in rucks)
Greenwood > JJK/Heeney/Wallis at D6


Smartin + Heeney = WIN


Martin has a nice finish to year, so does Ryder, any chance of getting them both?


Would be nice if ET could slip Hanners a few beers & drop down his pants


ET is not very robust and falls out of leg very easy, Maybe Hanners could borrow shorts from Warrick Capper and tighten up his ball handling skills.


Yeo's carrying some type of injury, no idea what it is just my opinion.


Perhaps there's a hidden message in Crouchings story & he joined pops Kelly with an aggot in the pickle jar


There are hidden messages in storys? ill have to listen better. LOL


Bye bye, Danger!

Straight out of my team you go. You have been a valiant soldier EXCEPT I don't particularly like you. I probably should've warned about my unpopular opinion but meh.

Say hello to Gawn and Kelly. Always wanted Kelly in and now I got the chance. Then a simple switch of Parsons to Gawn and Nank at F7.

All I need is captain choices and a bit of luck that multiple midfielders/Gawn don't get injured. It'll pay off with a bit of loopholing.

Now you can rage at me


I like that, I might trade Danger myself to Dusty
Probably going VC Zorko to perhaps Dusty C


The Hawks will put a Howe/Langford/burton/Shiel tag on Dusty this week


Dusty won't be stopped by those blokes.


What about a kiss from Langford?


Agreed. Howe* will be side-by-side with him from the get go. On the off chance they not do it he'll be there by the end of q1 anyways…. *could be Shiel but either way he is going to have wearing a hawks jumper all day. Just wish he was wearing a Hawks jumper next year….


the hawks are playing pretty good footy and the tigers will need to be at their best. I think the hawks will have to admit they have one eye on a finals berth so this game is make or break


Yep can see hawks winning this.


Hi Guys….how long will Mumford be out for ? Is Witts likely to play ?they are my two rucks ๐Ÿ™


Both listed as 'Test'… 50/50 both of them


Mummy is a very tough bloke + the giants need him back badly. I'd expect him to be back.


Have 3 trades left…
Would the community suggest Danger to Dusty or any other premos?


If you were to trade Danger, it would have to be between Dusty or Titch.


Possibly Fyfe or Oliver? Of course I bring in Titch last week and he doesn't do great, although I suspected it vs Sydney.


If you're top 4 mate, hang onto Danger. Worst case scenario you lose this week and then smash em next week with Danger back in as POD.


So I just read on the afl site that Kreuzer is a chance to play this week(concussion test pending), yet End Curnow is out for the year (10 weeks + from a don't argue to the throat).
Hmmmm. Thoughts community.


I definitely wont be surprised if he plays, what type of big bloke gets hurt from that.


Throat is not the head….


True Random the throat is a lot softer and not important for breathing/eating/talking


Hope the Kreuz gets up Hedski


…….. playing loose in the back pocket…… hehehehe


Any ideas who will be getting DPP next year?

Surely Robbie Gray as a forward. Wouldn't mind Blakely as a defender either.


Danger as a forward? Probably not. Yeo as Def/mid. Duggan as def/mid worth watchlisting.


Adams will be purely Midfield. Possibly Curnow with mid/fwd but unlikely. Jones will be a def possibly def/fwd but unlikely. Burton will be pure def. Dusty possibly Mid/fwd. Otten with Fwd/Def or fwd/mid. Jenkins possibly fwd/ruck. Zorko possibly but unlikely fwd/mid. Moore possibly Fwd/ruck. Danger fwd/mid very unlikely. Burgoyne mid/def. Sicily mid/fwd. Lynch very unlikely fwd/def. Petracca possibly fwd/ruck. Ryder/Nank pure ruck. Tom McDonald fwd/def. Grigg Fwd/mid. Gray Fwd/mid. Heeney fwd/mid. Petrevski seton fwd/mid. Yep def/mid or mid. Bont mid/fwd. s


Great list. A couple of speculative ones here. Gunston F/D, Sicily F/D, both have played Def the last 2 weeks very well, I think they'll see the season out there and gain DPP… but you can't select Sicily in SC…..He's Greene by another name.


Great list though swap these based on the last 6 weeks, Burgoyne mid/def. Sicily mid/fwd


Yeo should get def/mid, Bont mid/fwd, Gray mid/fwd, Blakely def/mid, Zorks hopefully mid/fwd, Sidey mid/fwd, maybe Coniglio mid/fwd, Ellis def, Newnes def/mid, J McGovern maybe def/fwd, Tmac fwd/def. Lachie Hunter could get DPP, k jack mid/fwd.

We will probably lose Macrae,Ryder, Adams, Lloyd as DPP.


i don't play AFL fantasy, but i believe they change players DPP during the year. Does anyone know where to find the players who have changed their DPP during 2017?


I couldn't find a definitive list, but if you run a "afl fantasy dpp changes" google search you get a bunch of hits. Positional changes happen 3 times a season


The ones I I know of as they r in my team
Gray – fwd
sidebottom – fwd
blakey – Def
Menegola – fwd


Not sure until next season mate but I know I'll be getting as many of the DPP bastards as I can!


Out: Nank and Berry
In: Ryder and Yeo

Need Lloyd to be named


Good moves, I'd expect Lloyd to be named.


My neighbours are probably wondering which of them I was referring to when I walked out my front door & screamed F*ck Witts. He's been ruled out with a shoulder injury


Haha nice one. The joke not the injury.

I am hereby royally F'd.

Kreuzer (Bought in last week)

Wouldn't matter if I'd saved 5 trades lol.


Harsh that. One more than me.

Don't think we would be on our pat Malone.
Only confirmed two are danger and Witts.
Not ideal going into Rd 1 of finals but gonna have to DPP some rookies.
Least with the swans we will know early.

Don't think the gods are finished with us yet. Just wait there will be an out totally out of the blue this week like doc, Titch or macrae just to twist the knife a bit more and make u squirm

The "General" usually strikes about now. Insert evil music.


Yep anything can happen. Covering mids with Rocky and Myers may work out well, Myers has actually been ok recently and Rocky might change role and get a big one at home vs Carlton.


Check all the above and still holding pendles. 2 trades left. Heh hehehe. Loving life.


Did they poke their head up or just mumble "pie is at it again?" Lol


I generally keep my debaurtuary away from the house. But not this time Trig. Tensions boiled over. The Chinese Sudanese Japanese Vietnamese dirty knees & Kiwi neighbours will be wondering WTF is going on


covering Danger with lloyd through some Dpp. Gotta wait on JPK tho, if he is out then he is gone for Oliver


damn Witts out too, gotta hold him. At least all my opponents have him as well


Injury update says 1 to 2 weeks, good luck mate.


Am holding too. Trading JPK out, Greenwood to mid, welcome Paddy Ryder.


Just my luck I bet Goldy will be back this week too, should've held as he wasn't injured.


I don't reckon you hold on a premium Ruckman worth $524000 out for 2 weeks before the finals, could've meant the difference between making top 4..or 8 in Leagues, gotta do what you gotta do in times like that.


i saw the Chad might be back next week as well. Got him two weeks ago, rid of him last week.


Thank you Jarrod Witts. I think selection of the season for me. What a great SC servant you have been this year. The only selection that would challenge him on my list would be Oliver. Witts to Gawn adds $20k to the bank. Unbelievable.


He has been remarkable.

If I had said in Rd 1 you could bring in Gawn for $20k less than Witts u would be measuring me up for a straight jacket express to the nut house.

But this is now reality.
Remarkable effort Wittsy well done.

The Ranger

Yeah hats off to him, I never thought he'd be this good.


I'm kind of thinking Witts' injury has been a blessing, forcing me to trade for a 'real premo' even if they haven't been performing as well as Witts anyway.
Pick him up for nothing, get near premo output all year with remarkable consistency. Then he knew when it was time for all of us to let go. Rather than letting us take essentially a rookie into the finale, he bravely sacrificed himself to show us the wisdom we needed to upgrade him to the kind of ruckman we had planned to turn him into all along.


Holding Danger & JPK, leaving Greenwood at F6. Last 2 trades & $60k, going for broke just to win a final and salvage some pride.

Final swing set: Shaw & Cousins to Adams & Glass.

Good luck everyone!


Last 2 changes
SPP to Oliver
Shaw to Adams
Team finished – for better or worse.


Sound like good moves, Westy




JPK to Selwood
Nank to JJK

Swinging up my josh kennedys, and leaves me with 2 trades


Not bad.

Ima Librarian

Scooter could go huge tonight


"Play loose in back pocket…"

Classic Crouching comedy at it's finest.

Someone give this guy a bloody award for something.


Ok so please tell me if I'm insane. Only have 4 trades left and thinking of taking the biggest risk in my 10 year SuperCoach career. Trade Lloyd who is my cover for Danger to Daniel Wells. Will give me enough cash to trade Nankervis to Gawn, or I could move Nankervis to the fwd line and trade Greenwood for Gawn


Geez that would be a POD move. Do you think Wells will stay on the park for the next four weeks is the big question…


I suppose I have the security in the fact that he is cover for Danger, so if he does go down it won't be too bad. If he stays healthy I can try to loophole him with a Heppel who is my worst mid. Allows me to upgrade the Nank as well to Gawn. Mind due though my team wouldn't be full premium as I have Witherden and Greenwood still playing with two trades to go

The Ranger

You must be wearing some pretty baggy trousers there Jim…too risky for me but I like ya thinking.


Ran out of trades last week. Hoping that nothing disastrous happens in the next four weeks and my bench cover can get me through.

DEF: Docherty, Adams, Laird, Roberton, Rance, Lloyd (Witherden, Ryan)
MID: Dangerfield, Mitchell, J. Selwood, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Kennedy, Wines, Treloar (Greenwood, Mountford, Cousins)
RUCK: Mumford, Grundy (Strnadica)
FWD: Macrae, Yeo, Ryder, Dahlhaus, Kennedy, Lynch (Thomas, Deluca-Cardillo)


Shit happens every week. Looks like you'll have Greenwood and Mount playing in the mids for Danger and Kennedy. If Mummy doesn't get up you'll have Thomas in the forwards. And that's before teams are named. Good luck.


VC Bont or Zorko community?


Yeah, I'd expect Zorks to get tagged as it seems the run with role is Libba's best role atm.


With no Danger as a VC option this week, a savvy VC/C combo could really push you up the rankings or win you a final. Currently tossing up whether to go Selwood/Bontempelli/Fyfe as VC into Mitchell as C.

The Ranger

Selwood into Gawn for me


I'm thinking Doc into Dusty

Big G

Side trade JPK for Lachie Neale. Thoughts?


Sitting in the top 4 with 6 trades left, and Danger, JPK, Shaw, Nank & Greenwood to deal with.

Option 1:
JPK > Dusty or Crouch (league POD)
Scharenberg > Junker.
This opens a loophole for Shaw/Ryan this week, as I have Witherden covering for Danger ATM.

Option 2:
Danger > Dusty
JPK > Crouch, Oliver, Merrett (take your pick)
This means playing a combo of Lynch/Nank/Greenwood at F5-6-7, and I'm stuck with a decision between Shaw & Ryan, and Witherden & J.LLoyd on the field

Option 3:
JPK > Oliver/Kelly/Merrett
Greenwood > JJK


Have a look at Papley as a forward option. He souls get more inside midfield time with JPK out. Or Heeney.

Wallis is another good option. Midfielder with FWD status


I've already got Heeney, along with Yeo, Macrae, Dahl and the others mentioned.

I just find FWD options so uninspiring this season. Paddy is killing it at the moment and I wish I had the moves to get him in without sacrificing Danger


I like option one


I'm leaning to option 1. My opponent doesn't have a strong bench cover so it'll be interesting to see how he handles Danger

Rick Grimes

I might grab Rocky this week. Got a feeling my selection will turn him round. At worst he's on the bench thereafter.

Rick Grimes

Might even whack the VC on him. Love backing in a rank outsider!!


I like it, he's gotta turn it around sometime…..


I'm getting rid of him this week so he's bound to wake up


libba to zorko this week ,, rocky is off the leash ,, get on

The Ranger

Nearly jumped on last week Rick but my swingers weren't big enough. Bloody tempting at that price eh?!

neil Demons Delight

Laird and Oliver vc and c


Was going to trade hanners might hold and trade jpk instead


Thought for trades? 3 trades and $139.5 in bank.

DEF: Doch, Hibberd (Mel), Adams, Laird, J Lloyd, Rance (Ryan, Guthrie)
MID: Danger, Titch, Dusty, Oliver, Kelly, Bont, JPK, Jelwood (Witherden, Brodie, Atley)
RUCK: Witts, Gawn (Cameron)
FWD: Ryder, Macrae, Buddy, Heeney, Wallis, Greenwood (Young, Eddy)

TIA for advice


Anyone keen on hanners this week? Need to het rid of JPK and hanners could get more of it with him out


Nope. Don't go there. I have Hanners and the prick is on my bench with the E on him this week.

Look elsewhere mate.

There are plenty of other similarly priced midfielders which are more viable. Blokes like Ollie Wines and Adam Treloar are below $500K. Both can be clanger happy at times, but are young and hungry, and have decent ceilings.

Good luck mate.

The Ranger

Hanners is in the Burns bin until he can put together a decent run of +100pt games.

Don't Blush Baby

Not much posting, everyone hanging on when the teams are announced ,then we speculate who will play or not ?

The alcohol consumption for most coaches do increase at this time of year, HIc Hic – Best Wishes To All


Its like a state of paralysis and uncertainty. Nobody knows what the hell to do, except ……..wait, just gonna grab another tinnie…

OK I will sit and wait, and enjoy that cold brew. Ahhhhh thats better.

Good luck community!

The Ranger

Still waiting….
Think I've been thru about a thousand different scenarios dependent on who does and doesn't play, trying to sort out my Def line is a nightmare.
Laird, Simpson and McGovern are lockable but Adams, Lloyd, Ryan, Witherden, Scharenberg, Newman and Junker are getting thrown around all over the bloody place!


I've got out the abacus and after some in depth analysis I have come to the below conclusions for the upcoming week

VC Selwood
Hanners on field and to go 100 with no JK
Dusty to be tagged and to score under 106
Fyfe with an extra nut to see the C if Selwood goes under 140
Port to spank those Crows harder than a divorced Venezuelan housewife

Good luck to all you lot out there this week – why bother talking about trades? If you've still got trades up your sleeve you've clearly been sitting on your hands watching too much 'Mash' and 'Young and the Restless'.


Good luck to you too BNB…hope that Spineless Cockroach Hanners comes through for ya ๐Ÿ™‚


It's ok – between Hanners and Nancy boy can I handball it Treloar I can swing between the two of them as M8-M9 when Danger comes back – one of them can be on field, the other can go sharecropping down the south trying to make a enough pennies to put some gooseberries on the table for the in laws


Just rigged up a keg of pure blonde onto Elliott & ET's front basket on the BMX & sent them off to deliver it to Hanners house. Crouching left a note that said "drink this Dan, same colour as your hair down stair"


Selwood to be tagged by Hewett.
Hanners will go 100+
Dusty under 120.
Fyfe to go 120+
Crows wont get spanked, should be a close one, or crows run away with it.


Hey Bad News, apparently you died in 2007, that kinda sucks cause I was hoping you were the real Bad News Brown, always nice to have celebrities in Jock Reynolds ๐Ÿ™‚


With Danger out the Sydney boys will do a job on Selwood like they did on Mitchell last week. Wouldn't waste the VC on him.


Cheat sheet – err here is a list of players for those with trades but for 90% with limited trades just something to read.

Was that a tumble weed blowing by?
It's quiet too quiet.

Something different for cheat sheet
Def – JJ the fwd
Mids – crouch cracking form of late , pod cogs
Ruck – Ryder rare air. If Kruezer misses storm moggs Creek.
Fwd – pod Douglas DPP
Fwd – insane but may just work deleido

Rookies hang onto every warm body you have you will need them

Danger, Lloyd , Witts, Kruezer, JPK – depending on your situation trade, hold or something in between.

Hang on the fun has only just begun.


Cogs preseason injury ruined me. I had him locked away all pre season, then last minute changed my team around to bring in JPK instead


JPK to either Neale/Oliver/Kelly?!

Please help!!




Why is everyone trading jpk?


Because hes injured lol


listed as test, but hamstrings don't need testing, just ask Sandiballs


Cheat Sheet, sorry Lekdog…

Connor Glass (117k, m/d) if you want someone to play
Oscar Junker (104k, m/d) if you need a floating donut
Houli (567k) and Hurley (544k) are your podish defensive upgrade targets assuming you own the big 3 Doc, Adams, Laird, which may be relevant with Llyod sctechy.

Joel Selwood (481k)
Adam Treloar (494k)
Nat Fyfe (547k)
Parker (504k)
All of these players can go large is you are looking for a replacement and already own Dusty and Tom Mitchell.

Buy: Dawson Simpson, if you need a cheap Witts replacement to fix up another rookie to cover a premo JPK, Danger, Pendles, then there he is your man, s.t. being named, feel especially safe if Mumford not named.
Buy: Max Gawn Break even of stuff all, the big man is back in town, if you don't have him, and have Witts and 2 trades or more, do it.

Ryder: the form guy in the comp in the ruck/fwd section
Lester, bit of a left field option here, very low ownership, has proven can go large
Josh J Kennedy (435k): hitting form watch out
Sell: Nank, only if you don't have Witts….


Rick Grimes

I wouldn't recommend buying Treloar. Been a massive spud all year and even with Pendles out did stuff all. Grab Adams instead as he is gobbling up Pendles points. I'd have no qualms running him in your mids.


I knew putting AT in here would rile some given his not so stellar season. I just think there is a chance, if not an obligation to step up now Pendles is injured.

I'm very seriously considering putting an arm band Adams this week. I couldn't really put Adams as buy in the sheet as circa 96.9% of top 1000 teams already own him.

neil Demons Delight

I would have Duncan instead of Treloar too unreliable this time of year .Neale Bulleen well worth a look

Rick Grimes

Duncan has been great, M Crouch also one who is ultra consistent. NB could be one to watch for next season. This season will go down in history as a changing of the guards. Should be a lot of variety in teams next year as we try to find the next generation of uber premo.


Yeah, should be interesting. Supercoach bible call of Matt Crouch came through!


Neale Bulleen, nice call. I kinda wish I'd sneaked Gunston in as well.

Agreed, Duncan has been super consistent, but I reckon he's behind both Crouch (more expensive) and Gibbs, similar price point.

Big G

Is Neale a good alternative to Oliver/Kelly/Merrett? Just looked at his numbers and he seems as consistent.


So i have three trades left nearly 200k in the bank and greenwood my laat upgrade to do infwd. Is this silly ? Im thinking trade danger to mcrae then mext week swap mcrae with greenwood amd trade him to danger ?


There'll probably be 4 more injuries before the final so I'd hold off on that.


Any thoughts on bringing in Shane Savage as a POD to replace Shaw the useless? He's been killing it last few games with a 3 round average of 111.7.

Giddyup baby

With Danger and JPK out, is J. Lloyd and S. Selwood good enough cover?
I finished top of my league, with 3 trades and 150k. So have a second chance.
My opponent look strong with also Danger and Witts out. Not sure what his cover is like or his trades.
Would be nice to get a W, enjoy a week off, get back Danger and JPK and use those trades for the last two weeks knowing I'll need them with "general soreness" and players "rested" a likely theme.
Cheers in advance for your thoughts and wisdom.
Good luck this weekend.

The Hoff

Who do i trade in for JPK


3 trades left – time for BANG BANG:

OUT Berry IN Ryder

1 trade & $133K left for final trade, team now looks like this:

DEF: Doc, Simmo, Howe, Rance, Heater, JJ (Witherden, Ryan)
MID: Titch, Adams, Fyfe, Jelwood, Parker, Treloar, Lloyd, DeGoey (Danger, Fisher, Bolton)
RUC: Ryder, Gawn (Witts)
FWD: Macrae, Dahl, Buddy, Heeney, Greenwood, Young (Parsons, Strnadica)


Hibberd or Hurley??


Both if you can. Had Hibberd since Round 10 can't fault him, Hurley came in for Newman last week also happy there!


5 trades left and in top 4….. i look to be in abit of strife on paper vs top place who has only dropped 2 games.

double trade and a week off may be the go? we both have jpk and danger and i think he will use bench cover. tempted to pounce on his weaknesses and try and snag a week off?

– greenwood/nank and jpk to ryder and rocky (ballsy but cheap a good schedule with 3 gabba games, surely gives me something) and bank 80-100k for next week

– greenwood/nank and DANGER to oliver and ryder (he has both) and bank 155-175k

-jpk sideways or downgrade to a rocky for $$$$

– wing it, use my cover and reasses with 5 trades next week looking down the barrell.

NOTE: have bench cover in witherden/bolton/parsons/soldo/sharenberg all over the ground.

Charlies Winners

greenwood/nank and jpk to ryder and rocky exact move I was contemplating

Martin Spencer

…..was really interesting