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The JR Academy – Week 9

Published by Higgo on



The Academy – Week 9

I trust this post finds you well and that you are, like me, enjoying you explorations within the world of Daily Fantasy Sports.

This week’s Academy and Graduate game will be played out over the WEST COAST v BRISBANE. Yet another fascinating contest giving us much to ponder.

But first let us check on our weekly ladders.

 The Academy Ladder after 8 gamesAcadLad-JULY-27

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS FULL LADDER(only includes players who have competed each week)


The Graduates LadderGradLaddJULY-27


Sven strikes again!

I find it most interesting to note that Sven(team sveneris) entered two different teams across the JR competitions last week.

Let’s have a look at these lineups;


Five players common to both teams – four “swinging” player positions.

Sven, we would love to hear from you in the comments below regarding this two-team strategy!

And now to this week’s game – WEST COAST v BRISBANE – SUNDAY, 4.40pm (AEST) Domain Stadium

After two months of playing Daily Fantasy I am honing my craft. My lineup strategy now focuses on what I consider to be the two fundamental elements; Player Projections (as supplied by Fantasy Insider in the table below) and Game Specific Forecasting.

Last week, as forecasted, both Hutchings and Greenwood played significant tagging roles. As a result Sidebottom and Gaff’s scores were adversely affected, with scores of 71 and 51 respectively. It is interesting to note that these two players were the most expensive selections in last week’s game and picking either resulted in poor lineup performances.

This week’s WEST COAST V BRISBANE game throws up a strikingly similar scenario. Hutchings will tag again – most probably Beams, while Rockliff is also expected to continue in his successful role as a tagger – most probably going to Shuey, or possibly Gaff.

What makes this most interesting is that those players just mentioned in the tagging scenarios – Beams, Rockliff, Shuey and Gaff, will go into this game as the four most expensive midfield options! Are you willing to roll the dice and select one of these players? It could prove a sucessful point of difference play.

With Zorko’s suspension will Rockliff return to his usual midfield duties? If so, his price of $13,550 (a $1,400 discount on last week) could be seen as a bargain. But what a risky play!

Perhaps the Zorko suspension will open the door for Rhys Mathieson or another young Lion gun to step up their point rating. Predicting a potential new inclusion into the midfield may be where you win this contest.

Additional Match Up Notes;

– West Coast have won their last six games against Brisbane, with three of these victories by margins of greater that 50 points.

– Brisbane have lost their last seven games at Domain Stadium with an average score in these games of just 58 points.

– The Eagles have not kicked a score of over 100 points in their past 11 games.

– The Eagles and Simpson are under pressure to make eight. They must make a statement at home this week against the bottom side.

I am forecasting a big win to The Eagles and thus will be running with a “stacked” WCE lineup this week.

Fantasy Insider Game Forecasts
DAYNE BEAMSBRIMID14700107.627.779.92162.95137
TOM ROCKLIFFBRIMID13550111.233.577.71178.18122
STEFAN MARTINBRIRK13500106.321.884.54149.81127
LUKE SHUEYWCEMID1350099.318.680.67136.54136
ANDREW GAFFWCEMID13300100.32179.29142.31133
MATT PRIDDISWCEMID1330093.719.574.21132.67142
JACK REDDENWCEMID131507819.258.76116.47169
ELLIOT YEOWCEFWD / MID1310093.827.166.71147.96140
SAM MITCHELLWCEMID1240087.316.271.06119.76142
SAM MAYESBRIDEF1180079.918.761.23117.22148
JOSH J. KENNEDYWCEFWD1175086.328.657.69143.5136
SHANNON HURNWCEDEF1170070.122.247.85114.59167
DANIEL RICHBRIDEF / MID1150072.818.953.85110.68158
JAMIE CRIPPSWCEFWD1135075.922.253.67120.34150
DOM SHEEDWCEMID / FWD1120083.823.959.89131.61134
LIAM DUGGANWCEMID / FWD1120067.12047.1107.09167
MARK LECRASWCEFWD1115076.823.253.56123.27145
LEWIS TAYLORBRIFWD / MID110007520.854.22116.55147
RYAN BASTINACBRIMID1090078.522.555.95123.59139
TOM CUTLERBRIDEF1085079.520.858.65121.19136
DREW PETRIEWCEFWD1075080.827.453.38135.62133
JACK DARLINGWCEFWD1050074.717.557.18109.72141
JEREMY MCGOVERNWCEDEF105006918.850.18106.63152
LEWIS JETTAWCEMID1050065.518.147.38101.72160
RHYS MATHIESONBRIMID1050072.115.852.382.33145
JARROD BERRYBRIDEF / MID1015065.118.746.36102.57156
MARCO PAPARONEBRIDEF980066.521.844.74110.01147
HUGH MCCLUGGAGEBRIMID / FWD955064.514.550.0493.41148
NATHAN VARDYWCERK / FWD905072.717.555.23107.63124
BRAD SHEPPARDWCEDEF900055.113.941.1582.99163
TOM BARRASSWCEDEF815048.915.833.0680.57167
JOSH WALKERBRIFWD80506822.245.81112.36118
DANIEL MCSTAYBRIDEF / FWD805052.717.834.8588.39153
BEN KEAYSBRIMID775056.815.141.6587.09136
HARRIS ANDREWSBRIDEF76005417.836.2289.54141
ERIC HIPWOODBRIDEF / FWD740045.317.228.179.68163
JACKSON NELSONWCEDEF725048.711.936.7672.56149
MICHAEL CLOSEBRIFWD72504817.830.2283.55151
DARCY GARDINERBRIDEF660053.618.435.1890.42123
TOM COLEWCEDEF / MID640033.812.221.5758.25189

What a significant resource! Thanks again to Darryl and his team at Fantasy Insider for allowing The JR Community to access this resource. For those wanting to examine forecasts for other games this week, click the link below – you may want to make use of the free trial that is currently available; 

BIG NEWS: Fantasy Insider are allowing FREE USE of the lineup cruncher – use the best tool in the business here


Team Lineups for WCE v BRL – Team Peter_Higgo v Fantasy Insider;

I feel my greatest risk selection this week is Gaff. Coming off a 51 against Collingwood as a result of Greenwood’s close tagging, Gaff has been given a weekly discount of $1,500. While a Rockliff tag is a possibility, I can’t ignore the fact that Gaff has averaged 110.5 in his 10 games at Domain Stadium this year.

As discussed earlier, I am running with a stacked WCE team and forecasting a big game for Josh Kennedy.

It is interesting to note that Fantasy Insider’s team lineup crunching tool has landed on five Brisbane selections – one being Tom Rockliff. I am willing to bank that Rockliff continues with his tagging role and will post another low score.

I will pray to the Daily Fantasy Gods that Rockliff tags Shuey and that Gaff runs wild delivering multiple balls inside 50 to Kennedy.

How do you expect this contest play out?

It would be wonderful to discuss this game and selections in detail in the comments below – STIRLSY, sveneris, Defying, The_GameSC, garysknobs, hedski ….. The Community needs your input!





I would like to conclude this post with a reminder to all to check final squads prior to the game – I have been caught out with this a number of times this season already!

Go well my friends,

Peter J Higginbotham

BIG NEWS: Fantasy Insider are allowing FREE USE of the lineup cruncher – use the best tool in the business here


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Thanks Higgo,
Two team strategy…well it was a little like that time I saw you and Cathy at the Caulfield Races a few years back and we discussed Quadrella options. A two Quaddie approach based around a couple of locks for example say a Chautauqua and a Palentino gives some flexibility in your investment and hopefully prolongs the thrill in the running a little longer. (An approach I believe Cathy may have appreciated later that night)
As discussed last week on this forum I had a few players who I loved, DeGoey, Grundy, WHE and Sheed who all gave a good return. Most importantly I checked that they were all PLAYING before the bounce! (sorry Higgo…too soon?)
This weeks locks…Sheed, Kennedy, Hurn, Martin, love your analysis of the tagging scenarios Higgo, in a word…astute.
Deefying, Stirlsy and the rest of the crew- what do you reckon about the locks?
Tricky game I reckon.


Can Hurn continue in this rich vein of form? Take out his last two weeks and he has delivered many poor results.

In relation to your fictional "Day at the races" story; I agree on a strategy that will enable a better run for ones money yet for the record, I fervently disagree with and wish to disassociate myself from the sentiment behind the innuendo your story eludes to. I will take this in the spirit of good gamesmanship with which it was intended.

Thank you for another fine contribution, Sven!


Apologies Peter…must have been another bloke I saw that day with Cathy….
No worries


I'm on the Same 4 locks as you Sven, throw in Gaff and Shotgun there too as forecasted by Higgo.


Hahaha love it Sven… Yes those 4 all look good options.
The weather has been bad here all week with most of the rain coming tonight and in morning with showers forecast after that.
And clearing during Sunday …GAMEDAY….


Thanks for the support Stirlsy, just trying to get a rise out of Higgo but the man is too much of a gentleman to take the bait. I will break him down one day perhaps.


There is a Peter… Higgo playing in the $2 mini im playing in Sven but im not sure its the real Higgo as his playing 5 teams this week, if it is Higgo his going to be in trouble with Mother raiding the piggy bank.


I am locking in those 4 also.


Easily my worst result of the year finishing 355th thanks mainly to Moore (14), Schofield (20) and Gaff (51).
Still hanging just inside the top 20 sitting 18th.

Very interesting game this week with a big blowout on the cards. Higgo, your write-up makes for some good thinking. I think the winner will be someone who nails the cheap Eagles players who go big, and 1 or 2 Lions PODS.


You get them weeks Bucks, only need a couple to be off and your in the back rows.


I reckon Barrett could be one to watch here for a greater role with Zorko out. Those 30's against Dons and GWS were from him struggling in the forward 50.

Went back into the guts v Blues and managed a 64. Not bad value at 8.5k


Agreed Kev in my lineup.


Same. Agree.
Good one Kev.


Picking Vardy over Grundy last week cost me….won't happen this week, welcome Stef.


Sticking with the same WC boys who shot me up the leader board last week.

JJK and Yeo up fwd
Hurn and McGovern down back
and as Grundy took WC ruck to the cleaners last week I expect big Stef to do the same.

Maybe Gaff in the middle.

Where r u on the ladder Higgo?


Got the exact same bookends as you, Trigger. Going with value Lion cubs in the guts – Mathieson in particular has been in a rich vein of form and is the one I'm expecting to take most of Zorko's heavy lifting


Looking at the game in the same way Higgo, a bit of stacking with Eagles, that's the way I was thinking early in week when I had a quick look. I'll talk about this game a bit more tomoz as I think the weagles might blood a new kid…. Parlington.

Academy– 780pts finish 44th
Graduates-753pts finish 14th
Full Round $2 Mini-708pts finish 77th Paid down to 70th
MONEY— 000000000000000000


Partington throws up a bit more cash to splash ay Stirlsy? Meant to be a bit of a pig too.


Gets it a lot for East Perth but that doesn't mean a thing Hedski, it depends how they play him, picked on a wing and that would suit him but he wont line up there. More like all there kids high HF so he will have to find a couple of goals if played HHF but his capable of that.


$200 short to bring in partington with the team I want on the park! Doh
probably go Lyons if he gets a gig inside mid me likey.
Why is partington $200 more despite not playing a game? Just curious.


To stuff us around Trigga … im 50 short of my prefered line up and looked at the same thing.


I've stuck a sneaky Foote in my lineup tonight Stirlsy…


Oh shit took him out for Hayward!


ill have to look for you Hedski seen higgo's 5 teams didn't see you


Its the freebie


Don't play em


I only play the ones where you can win cash, turbo and salary tonight cats v blues


Higgo I am finding this week to be the toughest week yet. So many unknowns. Im thinking crazy thoughts like Daniel Rich.


The Rich selection is a classic Daily Fantasy make or break move. With so much uncertainty in their mid-field, he may indeed step in and put your team in a winning frame. The most likely scenario is that he works off half back – he has been named in the back pocket … which may not mean much at this stage. I would hate to let Rich disappoint me in this form also!


Just wanted to say a huge THANKS to all involved on this Super site. Never before have I had so much pleasure and satisfaction in pocketing a tenner after coming 6th last week. Woohooo.


Great! Yes, I too seem to be extracting much interest for my $2 investment regardless of a return.

Just trying to decode your user name … hmmmm


Higgo it's 4 of my favorite sporting teams. I didn't put the Red Wings in but I love my Ice Hockey too.


Still wet over her in the West, was getting blown all over the road driving to Mandarah today hurricane bettsy out this way..
Well i pretty much got the game right last week close all day and pies would get over the weagles just at the end.
This week Eagles will want blood so ill be running a 6 eagle 3 lion line up ATM Martins a must even b4 Vardy pulled out but now he should have a picnic in the ruck but Petrie could score well around the ground if Martin don't kill him at the first bounce.
I'll run with the new kid Partington if he gets mid time he will be good for 60 70 on debut JJK likes playing against the lions expect 6 plus from him, I haven't seen him getting up on the wings yet after his calf seems to be staying at home more so goals will be a must from him.
Yeo can lead the mids and ill back Hurn in down back to continue his big scoring down back.
Eagles by 10 goals plus in this one.


Playing the Full Round $2 Mini again.

FWD- Daniher 127 pts Great game from Big Joey
FWD- JJK 115 pts Pretty much done what I expected him to do.
MID- Coniglio 104 pts will only get better
MID- Whitfield 88 pts could of been better.
MID- Yeo 82pts DISAPPOINTED with him think he is carrying an injury.
MID- Neal Bullen 54 pts disappointing again
BAC- Hurn 47 pts Should of listened to Higgo but I thought the game would suit him and it would be more of the same as in last 2 weeks.
BAC- Corr 55 pts Steady was hoping for 60
RUC- Simpson 98 pts pick of the round


Come on Big Joey get me in this contest


Keep it up Big Joey 75 first half now bring it home….


3 Eagles to bring home the bacon 530 with them 3 to play looking ok for a prize.


Weather is fine and sunny in Perth right now.


Terrible week for me in sc and Draftstars, Sven killed it again, well played those that punted on Daniel Rich.


Academy Score 768 Place 242nd

Graduates Score 780 Place 42nd

Pros $2 Mini Score 774 Place 51st =$3.00 for a net loss of $1 for the wild ride of a weekend