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PODCAST: Supercoach Round 19

Published by Jock on

AFL Supercoach Round 19 Podcast


We approach the final round before Supercoach finals kick into gear, and she is HOT in the kitchen folks.
Run yourself a warm bath. Whack a few candles on. Sprinkle some Himalayan rock salt in the waters..
It’s time to prepare for the end game.


DraftStars Rd 19


1st – $100, 2nd – $50, 3rd – $30, 4th – 35th – $10


Limited entries – so get in quick sticks! Click here to catch up on Higgo’s Draftstars genius so far

 As discussed in this week’s podcast.

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Just before the season finishes, I'd like to thank all the regular commenters on this page.
Your advice is almost as beneficial if not greater than the articles posted by Jock and the Crew.
You deserve recognition.


The mind is already drifting towards season 2018, DZ. A lot to unpack and learn from this season!


Liam Jones is a beast weapon Kev. That's just how strange this season has been. If someone had of said that would happen in the preseason you'd put them in a nuthouse


It give hope to players like Zac Dawson. I saw he kicked a few goals in the VFL this year………


If Zac Dawson becomes a Goliath key forward next year Derek I'll shoot my TV & take up knitting


Endorse the original post above. Discovered this site 80% of the way through last season and logon to see most posts now.
Apart from a few wallies and piemans mate the majority are informative giving a different slant to my thinking…

6 trades left
In two leagues
Sitting 8 and 5th..

It's been fun..


The first time I came to this website was earlier this year and somehow after a year of not playing. I have boosted my rankings up by 50,000. It's fantastic to have all these opinions especially if you are torn and maybe they can teach you something you never thought of


That's what I love about this website.
We all talk supercoach except for a few cockroachs and all have an opinion, mostly informed and passionate.
In the end you make your own call but never hurts to get a second opinion.


It's been an awesome year in the Jock Reynolds community, thank you all!

Sherring Sniffers

What are the chances that Lewis Young plays out the supercoach year?


He will especially now morris is out and adams is still injured.


Yep, he'll play. Future star.


Trades this week:
Option 1. Pendles & Parsons > Sloane and Beams (Greenwood to fwds)
Option 2 Pendles and Sselwood > Sloane and any mid under 580k

I am thinking I will go for option 1.. The main prick I need to beat has Martin, Zerrett, Zorko etc so picking any of them won;t really give me the edge. I am set on Sloane. The only disadvantage to option 1 is that I lose my DPP link but I think Sselwood and Witherden will be good enough cover.


Team after option 1:
Def: T Adams, Laird, Roberton, Lloyd, Shaw, Hibberd (Witherden, McNiece)
Mid: Danger, Titchell, SLoane, Jelwood, Hanneberry, Treloar, Shuey, Beams (Sselwood, Perryman, Cousins)
Ruck: Martin, Ryder (Strandic)
Fwd: Macrae, Yeo, Dahlhaus, Franklin, Higgins, Heeney (Greenwood, Bolton)

2 trades remaining, $53k


I like Dusty and Ward @570k.

Blakely at 560k only in .5% if teams


Don't fall for Beams. He's a trap.
I'd get Dusty if I were you. Obvious brownlow contention for a winning side


long time listener/reader. First time poster.
Do I bring in Kreuzer or Gawn this week? Is Kreuzer a greater injury risk?


All ruckman have almost equal injury risk. Get in any that you would think will score higher


Call me crazy but thinking of trading Rance to Glass and then starting Witherden in his place. Will leave me with 3 trades and $350k in the bank. Would allow me to upgrade Greenwood, Heppel and Nankervis.


With the way witherden is scoring it's definatly not crazy. Especially if you need other upgrades over the field.


Considering a similar move of moving Rance to Sloane and moving Witherden to D6. Sloane would be loopholed with Treloar and Hanners every week to avoid their frequent turds.


Treloar and Hanners will score higher than Sloane now teams have seen what leaving a tag off will fo

Rick Grimes

I traded out Shaw a month or so ago and have used Witherden at D6 since. He's pretty consistent. Rance I also own and will hope he pulls out a massive score soon. When he collects the points they can be yuge.


G'day community, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, Would love some advice PLEASE!!!

I have 2 trades remaining and have SFA bench cover, main ones are Berry and Greenwood

My question is this,I have Pendles on the bench injured ,,should i trade him and Parsnip and swing Adams into midfield and swing Greewood forward,,,,, there for i can afford Witherden into the mids and Howe down back i only have 33K to play with

Good idea or bad Cheers in advance


Bad Idea. Witherden is not worth it so get someone who is. If you trade Pendles alone then you can get one of these: Gawn (With Suffickient DPP), Neale, Oliver, Parker, Ebert, Bont, Heeney (With Sufficient DPP), Witts (WSD), Jelwood, JPK, Laird (WSD) or Adams. I bet you don't have all those


Connor Glass an African Jock? Not to many red headed Africans that I know of????


South African?




Yes, they said he was Irish tv, coach, and he sounded Irish in his interview.


G'day all. My current team is:
Laird, Simpson, Hibberd, Howe, Roberton, Lloyd (Guthrie/Junker)
Danger, Titch, Fyfe, JPK, Bont, Hanners, Treloar, Jelwood (Witherden/Cousins/Bolton)
Kreuzer, Martin (Strnadica)
Macrae, Dahlhaus, Yeo, Buddy, Heeney, Billings (Greenwood/Brown)
5 trades and $84.9k in the bank.

Sitting 7th in my cash league and playing bottom this week so pretty much guaranteed finals.

Billings is giving me the shits…has gone south since I've bought him in. Also looking to get Adams or a POD (McGovern/Hurn/Hooker/Savage/??) into my backline to bring me home. Happy with the bench cover I have.

Option 1: No trades

Option 2: Billings -> JJK, Patton, Gunston, Daniher, Curnow (or someone else for a POD)

Option 3: Lloyd/Howe/Roberton -> Adams/POD

Option 4: Both 2 and 3 leaving 3 trades and a little bit if cash for finals.

Thoughts and comments much appreciated


G'day Steet.
As long as you proetect DPP status then yes go for it.

I like Option 3 best. Personally I would go with Howe or Robertonn to Adams.

If you wanted to go Option 2 also, I would go Billings to JJK. Another option I like is MacLean. Good luck!



Daniel Z

If you're upset about billings' consistency, none of the guys you suggested will fix that.


Weird I'm thinking of trading Billings in.


Another brilliant Podcast Jock & the team. Just love it.

Have 4 trades and $75k. Trying to squeeze into finals for leagues. Still holding Nank, Lynch and Greenwood on-field. Almost full premium but help needed Community…

D: Doc, Laird, Simpson, Hibberd, Shaw, Rance (Scharenberg, Ryan);
M: Danger, M.Crouch, Treloar, JPK, Jelwood, Sloane, Hanners, Greenwood (Witherden, Mountford, Cousins);
R: Gawn, Martin (Strnadica);
F: Ryder, Franklin, Heeney, Dahl, Nank, Lynch (GC), (Bolton, Eddy).

Option 1: Nank to JJK or MacLean;
Option 2: Nank & Mountford to T.Mitch & Young;
Option 3: Lynch & Mountford to Dusty & Young.
Option 4: Hold

Any advice much appreciated. And good luck to all…


Hopefully some good news comes through soon re: Gawn's ankle. No structural damage but in some doubt. If he doesn't get up you'll need Nank.

Dees play first Sat game so I'd hold until Gawn is a confirmed starter. If so, I like option 2. Option 3 if he's out


McCrae is almost a must have


Thanks Derek. Can't afford Macrae in just the one trade for Nank. Not sure he is worth a 2 x trade option when Martin and T-Mitch are options.


Jock: "To-be, or not To-be, that is the question. – William Shattner."
Higgo: "I'd like to propose…"
Jock: [interrupts] "I do."

LOL – Keep it up Jock. Tony Hancock finally has some competition.


News is pendles needs more surgery and will unlikely return this season


Who should I trade Pendles to?
Thinking Martin Merrett Kelly or Neale?




If you can afford Kelly he is the 3rd best this year behind the obvious 2


Holding Greene and covering with Greenwood with 5 trades left. Gonna hold Witherden with the plan being to offload him for Titch in time for finals but will leave me scarce of cash. In saying this, hold Nank, straight trade to gawn or trade Schazza for Glass and Nank for Kreuz?


I'd wait a week before bringing in Glass. Not sure his job security is all that solid.


Probably not really an issues whether he plays or not, most likely looking for the swing


With 4 trades and 30k in the bank

Is it worth downgrading Mountford to a non playing 102k mid/def player in order to upgrade Pendles to Dusty or bring in either Bont or Ebert with 1 trade

Bringing in the swing player will make a connection with Witherden down back and leave me with 2 trades and 107k left


Have a look at Conor Glass, Winter. 117k mid/def. 80 odd on the weekend


Didn't even notice he was a swinger, cheers mate


I would go with Ebert, Is a solid POD has a soft draw and saves you a trade.


No worries, Rivo. Good luck getting into your finals mate


Thanks Kev. Good luck with your team too.


Thinking of going rockliff or jack steven to either beams or cotchin(already have selwood) because rockliff just isn't producing premium scores. Thoughts?

ahmad rubas

when will round 23 fixtures come out?


Pendles, it's time to go.

Dusty or Sloane in community (or someone else)??

Other mids are Danger, Titch, Jelwood, Bont, Steven, Hanners, Zerret.


Dusty consistently good.. will Sloane be able to hold off the tag … I'd go Dusty if cash no object, but can't ignore Sloane's price … if you have other upgrades to do .. the moneyball option says Sloane.


I'm seriously looking st Didebottom to replace Pendles. He will get a lot more midfield time. He got tagged closely last week by Hutchings but still managed 91.


I thought you already got him in Derek, you were talking him up all week.

Pitch 72

St Didebottom?, is he any good?


5 trades left and 31k. Want to get in Kruezer for Nank, Glass in the mid for cover and would like to get Dusty or Titch

DEF: Doch Laird Simpson Rance Lloyd Hibberd (Ryan Witherden)
MID: Danger Zerrett Bont Oliver Jelwood Adams JPK Fyfe (Bolton Cousins Freeman)
RUCK: Martin Nank (Strnadica)
FWD: Macrae Yeo Buddy Dahl Lynch Heeney (Pickett Eddy)

Thoughts are greatly appreciated


Giday Mate!…if you went Bolton out for Glass and Pickett out for Young this week, that would give you the money to get Kreuzer next week if you still want to.
Then you'd have better flexibility and cover on all lines except Ruck.


Have 5 trades left and 31k in the bank. 1st and 3rd in the leagues I'm trying to win. Need help with this weeks trades:

Option 1: Maybe sacrifice on of your back 6 (Rance imo) and shift Adams back. Glass in but will be M8. Nank to Kruze
Option 2: Ryan to Glass. Rance out, shift Adams back. Think you'll have the cash for Titch/Dusty.

Thinking option 2 with Titch. Team below is without this weeks trades.

DEF: Doch Laird Simpson Rance Lloyd Hibberd (Ryan Witherden)
MID: Danger Zerrett Bont Oliver Jelwood Adams JPK Fyfe (Bolton Cousins Freeman)
RUCK: Martin Nank (Strnadica)
FWD: Macrae Yeo Buddy Dahl Lynch Heeney (Pickett Eddy)

Thoughts are greatly appreciated


Option 1 fo sho


I know this is not an option but just throwing it out there. How bout Rance to Beams then Nank to Gawn/Mumford. Think you have just enough cash


Great podcast gents!

Back to business.

Seriously stewing over my trade strategy this week. (4 trades in the kitty)

Nankervis has to go. End of story. Made the reasons very clear in previous posts.

However, is it worth placing Ryder at R2 with Stradnica on the bench, and Nankervis forward……..

Now, here is the conundrum……I can then trade out Nankervis for JJK. BANG! Straight switch.

I save a trade, but obviously lose that ruc forward swing flexibility.

At this time of the season, is that one saved trade worth it for that loss in Ruc/Fwd swing flexibility?

I am seriously pondering this move.

Max Gawn's BE is still around 109, and with this latest ankle problem, it makes me think to hold off another week. Not paying an inflated price to secure Kreuzer at $585K.

OUT- Nankervis



JJK kicked 6 and didn't ton up. Be prepared for a wild ride.
I'd Gawn plays then I'd lock him in. He can make his BE easy

Daniel Z

He's been out for what, like 5 or 6 weeks?
He'll start getting more points off pressure acts as his fitness returns.


Giday Hawk, I reckon Nank to JJk could be a good move, he does have the ability to go huge and could make all the difference in your finals matches, but would you still want to trade out Martin, averaging 99 …for Gawn after that ?


I'm spewin over Nank. Didn't start with him, traded him in after 2 weeks, traded him OUT when he was suspended….. but somehow traded him back IN during the byes. Have to deal with Wingard and Pendles this week.


If feeling adventurous Jesse Hogan is very cheap, 106 from only 3 goals & no contested marks, around 70K cheaper than JJK, good draw maybe a rest worry.


For those looking at Conor Glass this week, bear in mind that Hawthorn haven't usually kept rookies in their side for long. Teia Miles only played a couple of games early this year, Cousins played three games and Wilsmore only played two. Don't be surprised if Glass is just given a couple of AFL games before being sent back to the VFL.


keep nank or Greenwood. who finishes better?


BCrouch could miss a few weeks. More TOG for Greenwood


Whichever one you trade out If your lucks like mine


I laughed very hard during Crouchings Toby green story, well done


Nank to Gawn with 5 trades remaining? Another trade will be spent next week when I bring in Titch for Witherden. Will then have 3 trades for any problems that arise during finals.


Sounds like a good plan, Josh. Just keep an eye on the injury reports, Gawn is struggling with an ankle injury.


Who should be the priority of getting the flick: Rocky, Nank, Newman…6 trades left, if only I could get rid of em all


Newman. Wouldn't be surprised if he got dropped soon anyway. McVeigh has taken his job


I've got 4 trades left and 229.9k in the bank. I've got both greenwood and m.white in f5 and f6, but I think I'll trade white out this week, swing nank from ruck to forward and bring in gawn. I'll then trade Toby Greene and bring in JJKennedy which leaves me with 100k odd next week to upgrade Greenwood just in time for finals. Thoughts?


Thoughts on the following options to trade in for Rockliff and Greenwood:

A) Kreuzer (Nank goes to F7) and Sloane (M8)
B) Gawn (Nank goes to F7) and Zorko (M8)
C) Gawn (Nank goes to F7) and M.Crouch (M8)

Already have Danger, Dusty, Zerrett, Selwood, Fyfe, Mitchell and Bont.

Appreciate the feedback!


Zorko suspended for the week.

A – Kruze/Sloane. MCrouch in ripping form though but doubt over Gawn's ankle


Hi Community

I need to cement myself in my league top 4 but i am in a pickle $254,300, 3 trades and I have problem areas everywhere my rank is decent in the top 2-3% but I really want to win my league now. If I lose this round i am out of the top 4.

DEF: Doch, Laird, Lloyd, Rance, Hibberd, Witherden (Newman, McNiece)
MID: Danger, Mitchell, ZMerret, Oliver, Bont, Jelwood, Kennedy Treloar (SSelwood, Cousins, Hibberd NthMelb)
RUC:Nank, Goldy (Darcy)
FWD: Macrae, Yeo, Dahlhaus, Buddy, Lynch, Greenwood (Durdin, Strndica)

What I have been toying with is
Newman > Adams
Nank > Ryder
Nank > Gawn
Lynch > Ryder

even looking at trying to get Dusty. Does anyone know how I can beat my situation with the 3 trades and 254k to get 3 upgrades 🙂


witherden or scooter on field?

Rick Grimes

Tough call. Will Withers get more of it with Zorko out?


Witherden for sure.


I am in the same position except have Rockliff (unfortunately) to throw in the mix – and no loophole option. At this stage I have Witherden on the field over both Scooter and Rockliff. Correct choice?


Have Nank (R2) & Steele (M8) to upgrade. Steele and Greenwood DPP as M8/F7. Keeping Greenwood as M9/D7 as I think he much more consistent than Steel.
Have 7 trades and $800. Current MID – Danger, Titch, Fyfe, JPK, Bont, Jelwood, Parker, Greenwood
Thinking Ryan (D7) to Glass moving Witherden to D7 (losing DPP link).
Steele to any MID under $572K.

Is Dusty worth no cash in the bank? Best option under &572K?


Glass is a def/mid, POTS. You'll keep your swing with Witherden in the mids.

If your other rookies are a bit thin I'd suggest keeping a few bucks in the bank as you've still got a few trades up your sleeve. Neale at 529k is pretty proven. Oliver at 525k hasn't had a bad game this year


One trade left (consistently picking injuries this year) … Walters needs to be replaced but can sub in a mid.
Don't have Martin, Zerret but am thinking MCrouch or even Abblett.
Thoughts Community?

Rick Grimes

I wouldn't touch Ablett due to injury risk. MCrouch playing exceptionally well.


If you don't want to pick another injury then don't bring in abblett.
Go a pod. Bring in Blakely.

benjamin B

5 trades Left, $103 in bank
Full premo however have pendles, greene, rance and nank causing problems.

Which two should i trade out?
Thinking rance to hibberd and nank to Lewis?
i have an easy win this week and then going pendles to titch and greenwood to heeney the first week of finals?

sound good?


Have to trade Pendles first after his second round of surgery. Are you going to leave Greene on the pine for 2 weeks?


pendles to someone like a beams to free up cash. Then nank>JJK/Gawn


2 trades left, 100k in the bank, Greenwood F6 looks like a keeper. Rocky stain in the midfield. do I upgrade him to Sloane, leaving me with 1 trade and not much cash? or just keep the faith?

full premo otherwise.


You'd just be trading one problem for another. Keep the faith. Bris have an easy run home.


move greenwood into the middle n trade in kennedy


Damn , u guys just dished up all my POD's to the whole community , my 770th rank might be in trouble this week


Silly post but …
I have read many posts regarding trading in junker. Having never heard that surname I began to assume that "junker" was new supercoach vernacular for a non-playing, late round loophole option.
Was talking to a fellow footy tragic last night ….

" I am thinking of trading Ryan to a junker" I said.
"So you are going to trade him to Junker ?"
"To any late round junker"
"So you are trading in Junker ?"
"I am trading in "a" junker" etc, etc …

After a couple of minutes of a who's on first style conversation he convinced me that Oscar Junker is a real person and that I am mildly retarded.
Living and learning ….


Hibberd (of the north variety) now injured is my junker.


Does anyone know when playing for league only, what round do the finals start?

The Hoff

Should i bring in Connor Blakely or to risky he has scored 10 hundreds in the last 11 games the other score was a 74 or do i go a proven promo


Blakely will be a great POD and I think he is a great pick considering many teams have a lot of players that are the same.


Option 1 – Trade Pendles for J. Selwood and downgrade J.Stewart to Lewis Young? Leaves me with 240k in the bank to upgrade Nank or Greenwood in the forward line.

Option 2 – Trade Pendles to Dusty and J.Stewart to Lewis Young. I'll have less money in the bank although I feel like having Dusty in the run home is a must.

I have 8 trades left


Anyone considering trading out Greenwood? I got the notorious Greene on the bench for two weeks and Greenwood taking his spot on the field. You reckon I should trade Greene or upgrade Greenwood (I have $470k to spend) and get Wallis? Thank you!


Is Wallis enough of an upgrade for Greenwood? And will he end on your bench when Greene returns – that's a lot of value on the bench. If there is a top FWD you don't have, suggest you bring him in for Greene and use your cash at another strategic point.


Who should I trade Pendles to? I have $523 700 available cash, I'm thinking either Marc Murphy, Brad Ebert or Cotchin. There is also the option of Beams but after this trade I'll have 1 left so I don't want to take the risk due to his injury history.


I have Walters, Greene, Wingard, and Zorko all in my team and it has totally screwed my structure and strategy going into finals and will most likely stop me getting full premium 🙁 stuff this great game!!