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NRL Supercoach Round 20 – Brutal

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Those of us who’ve gone crazy with trading will now start to feel the heat!

Round 19 was a high scoring week but a handful of Guns won’t be taking the field for some time. Shaun Johnson and Trent Merrin are now instant trade-outs. They’re both likely to miss the remainder of the season but luckily they’ll supply you with plenty of cash for trading.

Josh Papalii will miss just a couple of weeks due to his grade two shoulder charge but owners shouldn’t be considering him as a trade option. Jake Friend has been ruled out until round 23.

Now that round 20 has arrived we should be fielding a full strength side on a weekly basis. This includes your four reserves so keep this in mind when doing your trades this week. If you can’t manage to achieve this by this weekend then expect your overall rank to take a hit.

PODs should also be considered but you’ll need to be careful when selecting which players are suitable. For example, I brought in James Roberts last week due to the Broncos’ favourable run home and Roberts’ proven SuperCoach ability. Don’t make the mistake of bringing in a low performing CTW simply because he has a favourable draw. It might pay off if you’re lucky but if they haven’t proven themselves already then you’ll be relying on consistent attacking stats.

I had a fairly good round last week; scoring 1359 and jumping 59 spots to 158th Overall. Unfortunately I’m one of the unlucky coaches that’ll have SJ as a NPR for the remainder of the season. This is the downfall with the tactic I use but luckily I can still field a strong seventeen with a couple of backups.    

The Controversial

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck ($412.1k FB) has been supplying the goods in recent weeks but a couple of concerning factors have now come into play. Has he done his job or are we giving up too soon?  

The Verdict: Let me start by saying that RTS shouldn’t be a priority trade for round 20. Most of us will have more pressing issues to attend to so he can easily be ignored for this week. The main concern with RTS is the absence of Shaun Johnson for the remainder of the season. SJ provided the foundation for most of the Warriors’ attacking plays and Tuivasa-Sheck benefitted both directly and indirectly from his brilliance. In saying this, we can easily test the waters when the Warriors play the Cowboys this weekend. Most of us have plenty of depth in our teams so you can simply leave RTS in your NPRs if you’re nervous about his output. Reassessing our stance on RTS in round 21 isn’t an issue.

The second concern is the wave of talent available in the fullback position. Keepers such as Slater and Teddy came with a little uncertainty through the bye period but have now launched themselves on to our trade radar with their regular schedule. Tommy Turbo and Munster are the other strong fullback candidates but I think they’re better used to strengthen your CTWs.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is to show a little patience when it comes to Tuivasa-Sheck. The Warriors will be playing the Knights, Bunnies, Tigers and the struggling Raiders (at home) through the final seven rounds so it’ll be worth seeing how he performs on Saturday night before making a decision. He’s a HOLD this week.

Michael Morgan ($446.2k FE) was traded in by 1.6% of coaches after his 147 point effort in round 17. Is he still a viable POD option after his dismal 20 points last weekend?

The Verdict: Many coaches will tell you that we can’t rule out a player after one poor performance. Putting aside last weekend’s effort, Morgan’s lowest score without JT was 41 points which makes him one of the more reliable halves on offer. Let’s not forget that quality in the halves is hard to come by now that JT and SJ have fallen.

Unfortunately that’s where the positives end. The Cowboys have played just one top four side since JT was ruled out. That was against the Sharks in round 11 where Morgan scored a respectable 57 points. There’s no denying that Morgan needs the attacking stats to produce a respectable score and I’d be extremely worried with Morgan’s output considering the Cowboys’ difficult run home. Morgan may score well in rounds 20 and 25 but I wouldn’t get your hopes up during the other five matches. I don’t see Morgan as a worthy candidate for your run home team.

Anthony Milford ($472.4k FE) was a late inclusion last weekend and scored an impressive 64 points. Is the Milf an attractive pick up or are we simply getting desperate?

The Verdict: Numerous coaches will be looking for a SJ replacement and Milford can be considered as a solid candidate. The one and only downfall with trading in Milford this week is his Break Even of 111. This simply means he’ll likely be around 20-30k cheaper for his round 21 clash against the Eels.

I guess it all depends on what situation you’re in at this stage of the SC comp. If you’re a SJ owner and only have one or two trades remaining then I’d be picking up Milford for the Broncos’ favourable run home. If you’re planning on trading two halves into your side between now and the end of the season, then I guess Milford can either wait or be ignored completely (at your own peril).

Whichever way you look at it, I’d highly recommend having Milford in your run home side.

In Short

Cameron Smith ($501k HOK) will probably be the most traded in player for round 20. He’s arguably a ‘must have’ player for your SuperCoach team due to the dominating stats he produces in the hooker position. He averages 12 PPG higher than his closest rival (Andrew McCullough) and comes with ridiculous consistency due to his high tackle numbers and goal kicking status.

Jake Trbojevic ($451.3k 2RF/FRF) needs to be considered if you’re looking to boost your forward pack. Thankfully the intensity of Origin is now behind him so we don’t need to worry about injury or fatigue as much. He has a season average of 70.7 PPG, DPP status and a very impressive work rate. These are the ideal characteristics when looking for a FRF/2RF Keeper so you can easily bypass the thought process, click his name and let the smooth flow of consistency commence.

Tyrell Fuimaono ($229.4k CTW/2RF) / Esan Marsters ($267.4k) / Matthew Eisenhuth ($215.3k 2RF) should all be on the chopping block over the next couple of weeks. You should prioritise SJ and Merrin due to their expensive price tags but make sure these three cash cows follow shortly after. They shouldn’t be appearing in your weekly seventeen and the money they’ve made will go to waste if you hold them for the remainder of the season.



Top 5 Break Evens

(Must have played 2 games and are named in the starting side this week)

Shaun Lane ($222.6k 2RF): -65

Luke Brooks ($274.7k HB): -21

Chanel Mata’utia ($156.4k CTW): -19

Nathan Cleary ($504.4k HB): -17

Bevan French ($293.6k FB/CTW): -15

Bottom 5 Break Evens

(Must have played 2 games and are named in the starting side this week)

Jordan Rapana ($465.7k CTW): 141

Alex Johnston ($369.4k FB/CTW): 128

Josh Dugan ($400.9k FB/CTW): 126

Josh McGuire ($345.8k 2RF/FRF): 121

Paul Vaughan ($382.6k FRF/2RF): 119

Team List Tuesday

Remaining Origin players have all been named

Trent Merrin/Shaun Johnson/Josh Papalii/Api Koroisau are all OUT

Andy Saunders dropped to the reserves

Connor Watson named as Michael Gordon’s replacement

Moses Leota named as Trent Merrin’s replacement

Young Tonumaipea named as Cheyse Blair’s replacement

Mason Lino named as Shaun Johnson’s replacement


James Roberts to crack 70 points against the Doggies

Michael Morgan to crack 70 points against the Warriors

Anthony Milford to average 70+ through the run home

That’s it for this week,  feel free to leave your comments below, or

Twitter : @CKings_Cowboy

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Great write up mate,
have you run out of trades now?
would you prioritise DCE over milf if half is your only position needed?


Cheers Boz
Yeah I run out of trades around this time each season mate.
I'd prioritise Milf over DCE if you have a spare trade handy in case Milf's shoulder gives in. Ballsy move if you have no trades remaining though.


Keep it going Coach,
Dropped about 600 places into the 2000s this week.
In Slater, Cleary
Out Hayne, Johnson


Nice trade-ins Westy. Brutal drop last week; fingers crossed you climb into the 1000 before season's end


Slater is a Def mate.,Great trade in all over It as well ,5 round ave of 90 and he's a POD still .


Have a bit of a problem mate

Got Francis Tualua from Bulldogs for the byes and now he has a spot on the bench becoming an AE nightmare. I have 5 trades left. But one will have to be johnson and maybe Crighton soon do I trade Tualua out? Or learn my lesson and keep the trade for later? Haha

benn sallabank

once eastwood and/or graham come back he won't be in team


Tualua can wait mate. As Benn said he should drop out of the team shortly. Use the trades on SJ and hold off on Crichton until he's confirmed out. Try to keep a trade up your sleeve each week for a mid-round trade if needed.

Benn Sallabank

My logic on DCE over Cleary, what do you think?
I'm a h2h player, going to make finals, so its round 23-26 I'm looking at, and dce plays tigers, bulldogs, warriors, panthers where as cleary plays cowboys, raiders, dragons, manly (slightly harder). Cleary's Avg is only just more then 4 points per game better, which is one conversion, and with matt wright hurting his leg from kicking last week, hoping dce can keep the duties


Mate that theory is spot on. I reckon DCE will keep those duties (not 100% but looking likely). Walker has been a bum with the boot. It's not guaranteed that DCE will score more but I guess it's looking likely. The only downside to the theory is form. Cleary has stepped up his game compared to mid-season.


Pretty stumped where to go from here cowboy got 4 trades and 354k ITB:
McInnes (Smith2.0)
Surgess, Gallen (JDB, Taulau)
Mannering, LoLo, N Brown (Taupau, Tohu, nuff)
SJ (Widdop)
D Walker (C Walker)
Chricton, Turbo, Mansour, Semi (Dedwards, Scott, nuff)
Munster (RTS)

On my radar-CS9, Gutho, Jurbo, Cleary/Pearce/DCE. What route do you think I should take and who should make way ? Playing OA and h2h, want to sneak into the top 1000 (60 points off)


Thinking B smith to C smith with the cash I have and then SJ to Cleary? Leaves 10k ITB and 2 trades. Looking at A woods as a POD in the future and would love Gutho but not sure I could get him in especially with SJ stuck in the halves allowing me only to get a half back


I can't see a better option than BSmith/SJ > CSmith/Cleary mate. Woods annoys the hell out of me to be honest. I always worry about his output. PODs are more suited in the backs in my opinion. You want consistency in the forwards so I'd be looking at Jurbo or Fifi for your final forward addition.


Great post Cowboy .
I was wondering if Billy Slater is the best replacement using Dpp for SJ and what you thought of that trade ..?
Ranked 1050 and 3 trades left…


Thanks Killer, good to hear from you again. Sounds like you're having a great season mate.. I really like that trade; it's not like we can argue that Slater has been a beast this season. He looks better than he has in a long time and his SC stats are proving it. He'll be one of the top 2 averaging FBs by seasons end, unless his ankle gives him grief of course.


Avoided the C Smith carnage but looking at a fairly dismal 1079. 30s from Walker, Rapana, Kaufusi and Lane didn't help.

Fortunately didn't have Manure in the top 17. My gosh he's had a shocking run.


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