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PODCAST: Supercoach Round 18

Published by Jock on

Round 18 Supercoach Podcast


Scott Pendlebury is down. Dangefield is in doubt. Round 18 is shaping up to be a real pain in the Supercoach guts folks..
..could it be time to break out some left-field trade moves?


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 As discussed in this week’s podcast.

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4 trades left, worth going Parsons to Young/Simpson and Newman to Hurley? Banks me 120k which means I'll only need one trade to upgrade Greenwood to Greene/Heeney in the coming weeks. Cheers community.


Probably not. 1 extra trade to cover 6 weeks is pushing it, especially with the way this season has played out. That said, if you need a final push to make the 8 in your league/s you may as well


Talking Footy,Footy Classifieds worn out and stale .That young McClure gives me the shits.What i wanna see is the Jock Reynolds Footy Panel in 2018 on a Monday night CH 7 or 9 or whoever.Imagine watching Jock,Higgo,Crouching,Carlos,Lekdog,Patch and the Baron ripping into the round that was it would be fantastic viewing.NITV have got the best preview show with fantastic guests.Jocks Footy Panel
would be the best review show.


And Crouching taking over from Rebecca Madden on Ninja Warrior. That woman gives me the shits. Crouching handing over a rum can as they get out of the pool would be gold


He'll hate me saying this, but they actually asked Jock to run The Front Bar at the start of the year. He turned them down so his good mate Mick Molloy could get his big break on telly. He's a bloody good bloke that Jock


Who to trade Pendles to?
Have 130k but also need to upgrade Greenwood to Buddy next week
4 trades left
Midfield: Danger, Titch, JPK, Bont, Fyfe, Pendles, Selwood, Rocky (Witherden, Bolton, Cousins)

Pitch 72

Young Zachary Merrett..


That will mean I am 65k short for Buddy next week unless Greenwood and Buddy get 60k closer this round which is very unlikely


wait to see how long he's out for. any longer then 2 weeks trade him out if not replace him with witherden.


Hannebery? Wines?


What about Sidebum. He must get more midfield with Pendles out


Is it worth doing an extra downgrade (Ryan, Bolton) to have enough to get an uber premium?


DEF: Doch, Laird, Shaw, J.Lloyd, J Martin, Witherden (Ryan, Perryman)
Mid: Danger, Titchell, Bont, Oliver, Kennedy, Jelwood, Fyfe, Pendles (Hibberd (NM), C Brown, Atley)
Ruck: Martin, Witts (Strnadica)
Forward: Macrae, Yeo, Buddy, Dahlhaus, Westhoff, Nank (Schoen, McInnes)

7 trades left, 166k in the bank.

I'm thinking J Martin for Hurley and Pendles for T.Adams.



I like it


Great! And the DPP provides the flexibility to get in any Premo you want except Ruck


DEF: Doch, Laird, Adams, J.Lloyd, Simmo, Rance (Scharenberg, Nielson)
Mid: Danger, Dusty, Bont, Zerrett, Hanners, Treloar, selwood, Neale (Berry, Witherden, Cousins)
Ruck: GAwn, Grundy (Strnadica)
Forward: Macrae, Yeo, Buddy, Dahlhaus, Greene, Nank (Parsons, Heeney)

Over the next few weeks, baring injury. i want to bring in 2 of these 3 Heeney, Hurley, Titch
I have 4 trades left and itll cost 3 to bring in two of them.

Im leaning towards Hurley and Heeney?


Like the Heeney choice. Dahl and Yeo are in a bit of rut at the moment. If you can get him in with one trade I'd leave the other two and take 3 trades in for the finals.


Hi all, pretty happy with my team and have cover on all lines, but Pendles is likely done for the year. Time for a luxury trade! Suggest your best PODs for Pendles. Or should I go for a Dusty/Zerrett/who else?? Can be onfield or M9, I can afford anything up to $590,000.

Back: Docherty, Laird, Adams, Lloyd, Howe, Shaw (Touhy, McNiece)
Mid: Danger, T Mitchell, Murphy, Oliver, M Crouch, Hannebery, Fyfe, J Selwood (Pendles*, Witherden, C Brown)
Rucks: Goldstein, Gawn (Strnadica)
Fwd: Yeo, Franklin, Dahlhaus, Ryder, Nankervis, Wingard (Higgins, Eddy)


a good POD might be blakely, chech out his recent form, but a safe optiion is zerret, the kid is a bloody gun


As a Freo supporter I am big on Blakely. 21 and playing the kind of footy Mundy was back in 2010-11. Looks as though Suban will remain tagging leaving Blakely to roam off half back, if he is not surfing that is :). I have taken the punt. Great POD.


I like Zerrett or Neale, FiL. More POD's than Dusty


Blakely for a POD. Or Neale and Zerrett if you dont want to take the risk. Id hold a bit of cash if i were you though. Goldy may get dropped for Preuss at some stage.


Insane with your bench covers, Higgins, touhy, pendles. You've done well


I think you need Macrea.

My POD is Sidebum, will benefit most with Pendles out


Like that thinking


Zerrett only sitting at 12% ownership leans me towards him – although with whispers he may only miss one or two, you could hold him, have him as a POD on the way home and upgrade Nan's Crevice into a premo forward like Macrae, Heeney, Tex Walker if you're feeling dicey, or if you're feeling crazy, General Patton from GWS. Something to mull over.

Also your team is absolutely insane and I want it


Thanks haha you can have my rank as well — only around the 1500 mark.

Seems good having bench 'premos' but last week I couldn't really loophole any of them. Very frustrating. This week I should be able to. Need Port to play some Sunday games so I can use Eddy!

I've explained how I got such good bench coverage above if you're interested.


Newman to hurley? Leaves me with 5 trades left and 1 more premium upgrade to be made in the next 1-2 weeks

Riot act

Gday community, after some advice!
I've got 6 trades left and $125k in the kitty and am looking at trading Newman. Considering Hurley or Adams. I don't like sideways trading but I've just about had enough of rockliff. Is rockliff to Selwood worth it? Cheers!!


rocky to selwood and newman to hurley if you want constensy but youll have to pay abit more than fo the 50 k cheaper adams

Josh J P Kennedy

Who should we trade out first? Shaw or Newman?


Newman. For me Shaw is just doing enough to hold.


McVeigh has taken Newman role.

Newman might be lucky to hold his spot in team


If that's the case would be the perfect time to go Newman to Adams or Laird.

Graham Harris

What to do with Rockliff?


I'm holding and hoping. but in the meantime loopholing with Scooter, if possible and he ever comes back.


who do i swap pendles and sloane for, maybe neale or connor blakely as a pod as he has hit some greta form over last 8 weeks


What a magnificent podcast…the danger trade had crossed my mind


It's round 20. First week of finals. Your playing your mate in an elimination final. You've traded Danger. Your mate puts the VC on Danger on Friday night at Skilled Stadium. Over the next 3 hours you age 20 years & end up diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome unable to say anything other than "WTF was I thinking"

Pitch 72

Yeah, that would be a ridiculous trade, just drama for the podcast me thinks.


Sounds like a Shake n bake fake move

Shake n bake

If you have about 8 trades left do it! I traded Pendals to Ebert after rd 12 has worked out well! I have 8 trades left and if Danger dont play he could become Beams. I have 8 trades left. Perryman would then be Danger the following week.


How many trades do you have left?


If Pendles ends up being out for more than 2 weeks, who does everyone think would be best?
Fyfe, Dusty, Neale or Merrett?
Leaning towards not getting Dusty as a point of difference in finals and hope he has one or two down weeks.


how about Ablett as a POD? injury risk but 5-round avg of 130


injury risk. I got him a few weeks ago. Owned him for 4 weeks and got two weeks out of him. Happily traded him to Doc a couple of weeks ago


Why would you trade him after two scores, he duly put up a 160? Crazy


Thursday night could be KAOS night

Boner Contention

thank you Maxwell Smart


I also have Pendles along with Danger,Tich, JPK,Neale,J Selwood, Parker and Treloar with Witherden,Bolton,Mountford on the bench.

I was thinking of trading Pendles to Wingard, with Macrae going to the mid, leaving Yeo,Wingard,Dahlhaus,Buddy,Nank and Greene up front with Greenwood and Parsons on the pine.

My 2nd option was to trade in Fyfe for Pendles but Fyfe already has 39.8% ownership, while Wingard is at 4.3%.

Is it a mistake to move Macrae into the mids.

Would welcome any advice.


Regardless of positioning Fyfe should average more than Wingard for the rest of the season and is therefore the better option


Thanks. Greatly appreciated

jonhhy mcphee

anyone backling blakely to continue his recent form

Boner Contention

yep and K.Jack


Wouldn't shock me… buuuuuuuut Ross does use him for tagging roles. Prefer Neale at a similar price


Yep. Ross hasnt been using him as a tagger for over a month. Swings between the middle and half back. Im putting him in for Pendles for a POD

Jock Rocks

Heyo community! – looking for some loving advice.

Team looks like this:




Im looking at trading out Heppel for selwood and pendles for gary ablett and then the following week move out Newman and greenwood.

-Newman to Roberton +100k? or Newman-Hurley
-Gaz, Tom Mitch, Zach Mer, or another midfield option not listed?

Thanks heaps <3


I'd go with Duncan right now. Bargain!


How you going this year without Dangerfield in your side?

Mitchell or Zach Merrett.


Newman to Hurley is a must


Not so Dependalbury to Brad Ebert?? Thoughts community. My last trade and $4000 in bank Dooh!!


Hold. Last trade.


BREAKING NEWS! Pendles may be back as soon as round 19. Will you still trade or hold?


The broken finger give you a good excuse to trade him. Take it. He is finished anyway


Good excuse for me to finally get Titch in…so I'm doing it, Pendle's baby brain has screwed his scoring.


Pendles needs to have s chat with Daniel Chick.


Nice work Derek. Was the finger a footy injury or a night out with the West Coast boys?


Did it when he was still a struggling Hawk

Disco Duckbill

Final upgrade: Ablett / Dusty / Zorko ?




Hi community,

Need some advice
Playing for league wins (need one this week), 6 trades and $115K

Doch, Laird, Adams, Shaw, Hibberd, Newman (Ryan, Witherden)
Danger, Titchell, Zorko, Neale, Bont, Fyfe, Treloar, Hannebery (Berry, White, Cousins)
Martin, Gawn (Stradica)
Yeo, Dahlhaus, Billings, Nank, Lynch, Heeney (Greenwood, Bolton)

Trade 1 – Hannebery to Jelwood (is this worth it)
Trade 2 – Lynch to Macrae or Newman to Hurley

These will be my last unforced changes

Thanks in advance for your help.


Newman to Hurley no brainer.

The other 2 are a waste.


My team is

Doc, laird, Adams, Simpson, Newman, shaw – Ryan, sharenberg
Danger, titch, treloar, Fyfe, mcrouch, jpk, jelwood, Bont – witherden, Bolton, cousins
Gawn, Witts
Ryder, lynch, Riewoldt, jjk, McRae, Dahlhaus – parsons, Pickett

6 trades left and $325k in the bank

Thinking parsons to t Greene.
Newman to Robertson.
Will leave about $100k and 4 trades.
Lynch to act as mid and forward cover by swinging dpp players.



I like it.
Go for it


Newman to Hurley.


Ok all,
I'm only playing for a cash league win and am currently on top and guaranteed Top 4 finish.
Thus, I don't have to trade until finals ( rd 20 ) but don't want to miss out on Jelwood.
Is Pendles going to be back Rd 20? If so, I won't trade him to Jelwood, but rather Greenwood.
I have 7 trades left.


Hopefully pendles kick to handball ratio goes up on return…whether it's rnd 1 of finals or rnd 2 you should be well positioned with fresh legs pendles.


With 7 trades left, you have the luxury of getting the team balance right. If you can bench Pendles and trade Greenwood to JelwoodJelwood without losing the DPP swing, then yes, do it now.


Ebert or Wines who should be the better selection for my final mid fielder.


Wines for me Shannon. Just.


I like ebert more – has been more consistent this year


Trading Danger seems insane. Pendles out for 2-4 surely. Sloane doubtful and stinking it up.

Just 5 trades and $29k. "Pain in the guts"…

D: Doc, Simpson, Laird, Rance, Hibberd, Shaw (Ryan, Scharenberg);
M: Danger, M.Crouch, JPK, Treloar, Pendles, Hanners, Sloane, Greenwood (Witherden, Mountford, Cousins);
R: Gawn, Martin (Strnadica);
F: Ryder, Heeney, Franklin, Dahl, Nank, Lynch (GC) (Bolton, Eddy).

Option 1: Pendles to Jelwood;
Option 2: Pendles & Sloane to Jelwood & Bont;
Option 2: Nank to Jelwood, Greenwood to F6, lose dpp swing but hold Pendles.

Help please!


Or go for the crazy Higgo "Biscuit" trade..

Option 4: Danger & Ryan to Ablett & Adams. Swing Witherden to defence bench, Adams to cover Pendles.


Don't want to trade Pendles seeing he is only out for 1-2 weeks.
My team is:

DEF: Doch Laird Simpson Rance Lloyd Hibberd (Ryan Witherden)
MID: Danger Zerrett Bont Oliver Pendles Adams JPK Fyfe (Bolton Cousins Freeman)
RUCK: Martin Nank (Strnadica)
FWD: Macrae Yeo Buddy Dahl Lynch Greenwood (Pickett Eddy)

I have 7 trades remaining and thinking of trading Greenwood to Heeny


What do you do if Danger and Pendles are both out this week


Don't know might just go two down.


Looking to upgrade Parsons (FWD)
I've got $434K to spend.
Already have Yeo, Macrae, Dahl, Franklin & Nank
What about Nick Graham as a POD
MID – FWD $408,900, AVG 83


How many trades do you have and is Parsons in your field?


7 trades
Parsons is on the bench


Anyone under that price is going to be a speculative pick, red. Not convinced on Graham, may as well look at guys who can really tear defences apart like Tex (133, 117 past 2) or Daniher


Id go TEX, but would probably wait unless parsons is on field


any dop midfield options


At what price point? DPP with which position. The only viable DPP Mid ruck is blicavs…. Witherden and Perryman are both still cheap enough with good BE's to make you cash and look to be getting better each week, but there are other bubble rookies this week. Macrae and Adams are the picks of the fwd/def combo mid DPPs. But for mine, the best DPP is Sterndica…..but I really have no idea what you are asking…..


*Spark up


So traded Sloane for Selly because the only thing good about him at the moment is his beautiful blonde hair. Given that Pendles came out of surgery with flying colours I cant help feel that I need to hold especially considering i brought him in last week and I only have 5 trades left. Who else is thinking of keeping him? Or in reality will he be average on his return and we should get rid of him anyway? Would love to hear the thoughts of the community.


If it's just one week I'll hold. But one week can drag out to 2 or 3 so it's a risk.


I am thinking of doing the move.

Danger > Docherty ( T Adams to Mids)
Scooter > Z Merrett

Pendlebury is a hold for mine.

Leaves me with 2 trades and 96k remaining.

I can't see his output staying the same with a sore foot and if I need to I can always trade Shuey / Pendles + witherden/parsons to Danger


Those last 2 trades will disappear before you have a chance to get Danger back in.


Agree with Cogla. His output with a sore foot was 11 scoring shots, 12 marks (4 contested) and 15 score involvements.

Applaud the thinking, but not having Danger when finals are just around the corner is suicide


Not a good idea imo.


what are some good POD midfield options


Looking at the top 10 averaging midfielders, six of them are under 15% ownership
Zerrett – 14.7
Kelly – 12.6
Gaz – 10.7
Zorko – 10.3
Neale – 8.7
Gibbs – 2.2

Like Zerrett, Kelly, Neale from that list


Gaz. I won't buy him yet as he is too likely to miss games, but I'm nervous when an opponent has him. I'll look to bring him in 1st week of finals, if i have any trades.

Alan A

Pentair legends team looks like
Backs , Docherty , Laird ,Adams , Roberton Touhy , Scharenberg
Mid ,Danger ,T Mitchell , Dusty , Murphy , Duncan , Cotch , Wines ,Witherden
Ruck , Ryder , Nankervis
Fwd , Mcrae , Yeo Dalhaus , Roughy , Hoskin Elliott , Heeeny

4 Trades left $390k in the bank
Think I want Nat Fyfe and then a Forward ??. Also look to Hurley to complete Backs,
Thoughts and suggestions please?


So is Pendles got any firm news?


he had a pin and a small metal plate in his finger. are there any medicos in the room who can tell us how much that hurts?

Rick Grimes

He's done for the season, IMO. At best back might be able to play in 2-3 weeks. But by then Collingwood will be well and truly gone, so why risk him with nothing to play for. He gets an early holiday and they play the kids.


i need a few wins in my league to make the top 8. If danger is out as well as pendles, i'll have to call on Greenwood & berry/witherden to fill the gap. Not bad if opponents have danger and pendles as well.

Rick Grimes

There will be plenty with both. Things will get very interesting if Danger is out. VC and C decision making will be back on the table.


Time with the new bub also

Shake n bake

Danger 40-60 against.


Don't think danger will play
If Sunday game big chance but as Friday game 2 less days to recover puts him in highly unlikely category for mine.

Shake n bake

I will trade him if he doesn't get up! Then Perryman will become Danger after this rd!

Rick Grimes

Yep, if he's not playing i will pull a Higgo biscuit move.

Shake n bake

I did it with pendels to ebert after rd 12 worked out ok. But with danger will only be 1 week.


Could potentially have a danger, pendles, yeo bench
What is up with Yeo? What's the latest?
Traded parson poo at 9.01 on Sunday night to Jelwood so that is one covered, will wait and see on the other two.


Apparently Yeo is fine to play this week


Excellent one less to worry about


5 trades left, 53k in the bank and playing for leagues. Sitting locked in 8th so finals should be on the way.

Looking for thoughts on a couple of options:

A) OUT: pendles and nank , IN: Jelwood and Macrae. Damage limitation for potential selection carnage this week with Pendles out, Danger and Yeo under a cloud – 3 trades left and 15.7k in the kitty

B) OUT: Pendles – IN: Hurley (swinging Adams into the guts) 4 trades left and 7.2k in the kitty

Def: Laird, Adams, Roberton, Rance, Hibberd (demons), Newman (Witherden, Perryman)
Mid: Danger, Titch, Bont, Pendles, Hannerbery, Treloar, Fyfe, J. Lloyd (Mountford, Cousins, Atley)
Rk: Grundy, Goldy (Strnadica)
Fwd: Yeo, Buddy, Dahl, Nank, Lynch, Greene (Parsons, Greenwood)

Next week I downgrade a parsons or greenwood to get Doch into the backline for finals…leaving with 1 or 2 trades depending on the above.


if you think you are safe for the finals, i would hold this week. less than 3 trades left is way too little to head into the finals with.


It would leave me short, and as we've seen this week a few knocks to players and the team starts to struggle


pendles and sloane to blakely and another rookie and play witherden


would you guys say Elwood is better than Ablett, zerrett, Neale and Oliver. can trade in whoever but Selwood is the cheapest


Better value by far, yes.


Hope he can keep it up if you have him, I'm not sold…

Actually thinking I might wait a week and use my coverage. Then if Pendles still isn't playing I could take a massive punt on… Sloane or Rocky!!!


Rockliff to Jelwood?
Have 6 trades and 260k
Current team:
DEF: Doc, Laird, Roberton, Adams, Lloyd, Newman – Bench Melican and Ryan
MID: Dang, Merrett, Neale, Treloar, Bont, Murphy, Oliver, Rocky – Bench Witherden, Bolton, Mountford
RUC: Goldy, Gawn – Bench Strnadica
FWD: Yeo, Mccrae, Dahl, Ryder, Nank, Greenwood – Bench Ainsworth, Stewart
Definitely upgrading Ainsworth to either Lynch or JJK.
Is it stupid to offload Rocky for Selwood?


Why not just trade Mountford to Selwood?

Could trade Greenwood for a gun forward. You'll still have swingsets in ainsworth/Bolton.

Could also destroy your Def/mid swing and trade Newman to Selwood for peanuts, using Witherden who is a gun and has rock solid js as your D6?

You can always get Witherden back in the mid later if required.


Interesting. Cheers mate, worth some thought


You have plenty of options there. Just go with your gut.


Pendles-Jelwood still a go despite the optimistic messages by Collingwood officials?


My biggest fear is that Collingwood have no finals hopes so will therefore not risk him unnecessarily. Thinking of just cutting my losses with him I can only cover two midfielders this week and Danger and Sloane are almost certain not to play.


He wasn't playing very well anyway…Selwood all day.


Sitting third in my league but must win this week against first, or miss the top 4…first scored one point more than me this week. I have pendles..he doesn't. D Swallow was going to be final upgrade this week. Five trades, $217k. Pendles/swallow to Neale/Cotchin for massive pods, or hold and hope. If I trade and still lose, may as well have held trades.

ahmad rubas

id hold


I'm seriously considering Higgo''s left field call to trade Danger. Danger to Ablett. Bolton to Wingard/Heeney. Leaving Wingard/Heeney, Greenwood (Mid) and Witherden (Def) all on the bench. as loophole options

ahmad rubas

how many trades left?


You shouldn't have to trade Danger to get Ablett. Only a fool would trade Danger out.

You don't trade the best player in the league out due to minor injury, not worth it.


Madness. Absolute madness. Keep things in perspective Tigernut.


Trade out nank or billings for jselwood

ahmad rubas

keep nank if u can play him forward and use him as ruck cover


Dangerfield has arrived in Adelaide tonight.

Probably catching up with a few old mates tomorrow. No training, just a bit of R&R, and to rest his foot of course.

I reckon he will play, and not only will he play, but tear Adelaide a new one on Friday night!


I think he's a good chance to play or he wouldn't have travelled. But last week was a freak show. He'll sit forward again but won't go big. I'm with Quattter, not going to VC danger this week. Hope it doesn't kill me.


Even a one legged half fit danger will score 110-120. Could pay off though


ebert, blakely, neale or duncan
ebert has a 23 BE and is 477 k, blakley has 3 round average of 121 and a 0.5 ownership and is 540 k, neale has an average of 111and is down to 544 k and duncan has 1.5 ownership and will thrive without danger and is as well 544 k


Ebert if you want bang for your buck and a POD.

Neale if you want pedigree, class, and prepared to pay the extra $60K.

Forget the other two.

Good luck mate!


My forward line is quite slim
Dahhause, Heeney, Yeo, Macrae, White, Greenwood, Steward, Parsons

Parsons is to go to help me paint the fence – down to Simpson

But, who else to remove to build up my forward – get rid of M White or J Stewart – in order to make way for maybe Wingard, Gray, Ryder or Franklin

Greenwood might have to stay as my F6 as only got 3 trades left


Hearing Goldstein likely to miss.




Yeah they are bringing in Larkey (ruck fwd), so either daw or goldy will go.. fingers crossed

No one

Damn, the dam wall may bust.

Slimer FC

Who is holding Rockliff and who is trading him out?


Playing like a unmotivated piece of $#/^. Always going for the player, not the ball. We have to keep him now, unless u have trades galore. Im looping him with good bench cover.


With only two trades left do I trade Scooter to Jelwood. or Pendles to Jelwood?
I'll have to keep the one I don't trade and prob loop with Witherden each week and take the bigger score.
If I trade Pendles at least I'll have 100k bank left if I have to use the last trade and bring in a replacement for a LTI.


2 trades left. Bang Bang, dead grasshopper have big smile on his face. Good luck.


GAJ may be the GOAT, but it's me who is the goat for bringing him in some 6 weeks ago. He's been like a fly-in miner. One week on, one week off.


Pendles and parsons to Hurley and j Thomas

Thoughts or just go Pendles to Hurley?


Thoughts on Parsons to Durdin, Greenwood to Selwood – will then wait a week to get rid of Pendlebury, if he is out again then go to any mid under 600k.


Should I trade in Yeo?
What's happening with him, will he reach the same numbers after having time off?
Can someone please give me 3 other fwd options?
Was thinking of buddy, not only will he go huge this week but his run home should be ok only problem I've been burnt before…lol
I've got Macrae, Heeney, Higgins, Dahl, Nank, Steele (Hannan, Hardwick)


You dont need to trade Yeo… he will be fine. He had one week off, not a month


Roberton, Martin, Montagna or Williams for my last spot in defence?

Ball Holder

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Any good mid/fwd downgrade targets this week?

If I'm able to trade out J.Stewart I bank enough cash to trade Pendles to Dusty.


Also just thought I would mention, I have 8 trades left.