The JR Academy – Week 7

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The Academy – Week 7

Firstly, a hearty thank you to Jock for stepping in during my sojourn – a sterling job my friend.

I’m excited and enthused to be back so let’s get straight to the JR Community Ladders!

Firstly The Academy Ladder 



And now to The Graduates Ladder



A very interesting set of Ladders with some familiar names from the Academy contests, such as STIRLSY, sveneris, Defying and The_GameSC all successfully managing to “Graduate” and turn a profit from their $2 investment via the exclusive JR Graduate contest.

It is also interesting to note that the great dpwoodford played his first JR Graduates contest, turning his $2 into $5. Given the experience that Darryl Woodford brings to this form of fantasy gamesmanship, I thought it may be a revealing exercise to anaylse the successful team that he entered in this contest.


Did it surprise you to see that 31% of Darryl’s $100,000 budget was spent in defence as opposed to just 14.9% up forward? This was a play that paid off given that while expensive selections, Docherty and Simpson were the first and third ranked scoring players on the field respectively.

Did Darryl base his selections simply on the prediction of a low-scoring defensive affair? Perhaps his strategic thinking ran a little deeper than that.

Those with an eye for the way in which different AFL teams play would know that Carlton have been very poor in their deep attacking play, or more precisely, getting the ball inside their 50m arc. In fact, as it currently stands, Carlton are equal last on inside 50m entrances per game with Brisbane, averaging just 46.3 entries per game.

Forecasting more ball inside their defensive 50 and a defensive game style would lead to a strong case for an increased spend on Carlton defenders – well played Darryl.

It is interesting to read these type of game insights in hindsight. The following links to just this sort of analysis of the round just gone;

Fantasy Insider’s VALUE HUNTER – Round 16 Weekend Special

As Fantasy Insider’s “Value Hunter” discussed, Rhys Stanley was indeed an excellent pick in his game against The Lions due to the match-up and his price point – Stanley was the cheapest and proved the highest scoring Ruck on the ground!

Those on twitter would be well served following The Value Hunter at @thatsjustrood … his insights are well worth considering when formulating your daily fantasy teams!

Week 7 DOM Player Projection for Sunday’s Free Academy Game – CAR v WBD

For numeric input detail relating to DOM (Draftstars Optimisation Machine)please visit The Week 1 JR Academy post.

[table id=52 /]

My Weekly Lineup for this Sunday’s CAR v WBD contest

IMPORTANT NOTE: Given that each week this post will be uploaded PRIOR to final team selections, potential updates will be re-posted following the release of squads. 

This week I am overlaying the team specific considerations, as discussed in relation to dpwoodford’s team, to my forecasted value selections.

I have noted that while The Western Bulldogs are ranked 7th for inside 50 entries, their conversions, or goals per game ranks them only above one other team. Interestingly, that team is Carlton – What a tantalising weekly JR contest this will be!

Where the Western Bulldogs excel is in tackling. They are ranked number one in the competition with an average of 77.4 tackles per game. Given their recent run of poor form, one could assume that they will be highly motivated to perform in a game that they are expected to win. Increased effort from heightened game day arousal could play out via a high tackle count – a 4 point per tackle game action!

Tom Liberatore, Marcus Bontempelli and Jack Macrae lead the doggies tackling count. These players will form the springboard from which team Peter_Higgo will launch!


How do you expect this contest play out? It would be wonderful to discuss the game in detail in the comments below – STIRLSY, sveneris, Defying, The_GameSC, garysknobs, hedski ….. The Community needs your input!





All the best this week with this exciting new form of Fantasy Sports gamesmanship. I look forward to seeing you in the comments below and on the LIVE game day scoreboard.

Kind regards,

Peter J Higginbotham

**Due to popular demand – please enjoy the TOP 20 Ranked Academy Players (based on raw score).

 Fantasy Insider have a two week free trial on the go at the minute, they also have a SuperCoach ‘who should I pick’ tool which may arouse you.. jump on over and give our great supporters a try!


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Rick Grimes

Thanks Higgo. Starting to get to grips with this game. Doc is a must imo.


I think Kreuzer is a must Rick, and one of Doc/Simmo?


I think this is the 3rd Blues contest in Draftstars. Twice I've gone without Kreuz and he has reamed me both times. Lock

Rick Grimes

I'm taking both.


The big Kreuz is my top pick in this one


I am starting with Kreuzer, Doch and Simmo


I'm Trying to make this triumvirate work too- leaves us very skinny elsewhere…. not guts no glory I suppose.


Big spend, I made a team up Tuesday with 3 big names, it just didn't look right, as Sven said leaves you skinny.


Got some good cheapies to fill in the gaps though. Fisher is a lock this week I think, named on the ball


Both teams when trimmed might offer a few cheap one's Defying, if you take the big 3 its hard not to include him (Fisher)


Hi Higgo,
Well at the risk of sounding petty, I'm a little disappointed to drop down the academy ladder falling below those who have not competed each week…there I said it… still don't feel better.
Also, there must be some comparitive advantage to be found in the Blues midfield with Cripps out- disagree with your call to have a skewed Dogs midfield.
Good Call / Bad Call Academy members?


I'm with you there Sven have dropped out of top 20 (looks like its calculated on average ranking?).
Good call on the skewed mids, I'm 2 dogs 2 blues ATM.


Freako noted on Twitter that Doch went into the middle when Cripps went down. Depends who the Blues bring in for Cripps, if they don't go like for like and Doch finds himself in the middle again, Simmo will see a bunch of the footy down back


Simmo and Doch musts based on that. Take losses elsewhere as required.


Post updated to include Top 20 by raw score. Enjoy Sven – only 19 points off Defying!


A pair of 3rds, steady as she goes.


Pending team selections I'm thinking big Kreuzer and stacked mids, will probably change, Young could be a nice cheapie if he gets a run.


Gday Higgo, any chance you could provide a link to the academy ladder that runs on total points so those of us that have played every week can see where we stand? Thanks, love ya work.


Thanks Higgo- this would be greatly appreciated.
Also any news on how Crouching One is fairing after the latest Tiger debacle?


Please see the new ladder above that has just been added to this post. 12th!
Unfortunately in Week 6 I only played The Graduate game so I have slipped.
Go well my friend!


Cheers Higgo you're a legend, I have a bit of work to do to catch up after an ordinary score last week.


After doing a bit more thinking and tinkering for around 2 hours after friday nights game, iv done a 360 and am going down Higgo's path now with 3 dogs in the guts.
Playing 2 different teams Team 1 with Doc Team 2 without him, Kreuzer leads both teams and is my banker.



Interesting game this one, got 2 slightly diff teams ATM might run with the 2 different this week.
Also looking at playing the Tournament game if they have that up tomora or a $2 mini that covers all games.


Yes Higgo, when I first looked at the game my thoughts went to who wins, the the Dogs will be desperate to perform and yes I expect them to tackle hard and heavy.
So the first player looked at was Libba a tackling machine but then you roll back through his stats, first 3 games great then the lull b4 being dropped and the comeback game was great but thats really about his season, 4 great games and really the rest of his season is just avg.His a pass for me. Could easy prove me wrong but you cant have em all.
The Blues haven't been that bad and are a hard team to score against so I see the game being played between the HB lines and ATM have 3 Blues 1 Dog in my mids this might change after teams are trimmed Friday.
I don't see the Dogs having their own way here and expect Carlton (such a hard word to say when you follow the Pies) to be right in this to the end.
Kreuzer is the must have player in this game for me, is killing it ATM and wont have much to beat, should easy be best big man on ground, even with Cripps missing the Blues have enough Mids to get the job done.


Really enjoying this format. At first I thought it was just a bit of a hit and miss game but now, thanks to this post, I know that it is just as strategic(perhaps even more so) than SC. For example, each week I start in the Ruck position as, due to less choice, I see this as the key determinant of success and failure. Again this week I am looking at going the POD option – Roughhead. This means that I at the very least I put myself in the frame for a greater winning chance as most will go Kreuz. I know you are thinking that if Kreuz goes big …. that's OK. This game is all about risk v reward. Much more so than SC as you live and die on a game by game basis. Thanks for the post Higgo!


Absolutely, DB. I think my favourite part of SC is the preseason and all the research that goes with it (then my season goes downhill after that). DS is like a mini preseason every week


I think this will be the first game I will not be going in with doc.
Kruez must have, all Australian up against a makeshift ruck combo. Locked the crap of him.
Then if u add bont, maccrae or smurph with doc uses a lot of salary.
Really gotta cut corners elsewhere.
Curnow a must have up fwd as start to hit his straps and rolling with SPS in the mids as was given his shot in there when cripps went down last week.
Love to lock the doc but just too much impact.


He only avg 88 against doggies,


Had a few rough weeks, especially last week with Cripps. Still managed to scrape in for 152nd – would have been interesting had Cripps not been injured.

I think I'm sitting at 4,391 total points for the academy – where does that put me Higgo ?


I don't see any Tournament game so iv entered The $2 mini Full round game, I'm branching out, since im playing with there money why not.


THE TEAM….. This is fun picking a team like this…. well not when yr pushed for time…. ill be = last after tonites game no players going tonite…its a 650+ $ game 324 in it 5mins b4 bounce ill let yas know how im going after day games tomoz and as games finish. $2 game and pays down to 85th


I made a full round team also here it is,
FWD: Fisher
MID: Hall
MID: Hodge
MID: Blakely
MID: Hibberd(North)
DEF: Zac Williams
DEF: Simpson
RK: Martin
A lot of fun when you get to choose from all the players, hopefully I can get some cash.


See you on the leaders board Defying, the guy in front 602 from 6 players looks good but his last 3 players total price max is 20,600 so 3 rookies to come for him.


Lost 1 there i see Defying, its a killer in all forms of the game.


310 from 3 players after the Port game those 3 went well Wells up now for the Pies need 80 + from him.


After Wells played its 388 from 4 …. 62 at HT but he ran out of power big time finishing on 78,
Hard to match up where yr at in these games i was 85th after Wells played but now i sit and wait for my last 5 players all Sunday games.
Going on predicted scores im looking ok but with just 2 guns and 3 rookies to play the rooks will need to fire.


First off is the who gives a shit stakes Rich v Brissy no players so i dont give a shit. B nice if Dusty has a quite one as it will help me in SC.
2nd up the game we will all be in Carl v Dogs I'll call this one the get in position stakes…3 players the big Kreuz he is my banker in the 3 games im playing this week, 120+ is my call… Cordy risky pick and ill need him to fire to be in this at the end… and the 3rd of em the 1st gamer Lewis, I don't no much about him other then he can play a number of roles and he had it 22 times in the magoos last week so ill have ago with the new cheap guy.
Game 3 The show me the money CUP… 2 players … Mitchell will need a big game from him and hope the tag doesn't go to him 100 will do me and the last of my lot is Ryan, I think the Derby will suit him 70+ im looking for.
ATM after the nite games iv slipped back to 191st but 5 to come im hoping to slip into the money spots it will all depend on the 3 lesser lites to shine.


84th with 2 in play


34th a qtr to go should pass a few more on the way home.


Nup 34th at the end.