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NRL Supercoach Round 19 – What Are You Playing For?

Published by The Cowboy on


Round 19 is the perfect time to remind ourselves, “What is my ultimate goal for SC 2017?”

Whether you’re out to win a head to head comp or chasing your overall PB, we need to be prepared for the grand finale.

Head to head finals are just around the corner so you’ll be starting to stalk your opponent’s teams in the coming weeks. You’ll also want to keep a few trades up your sleeve in case a POD is required for victory. My main recommendation for head to head players is to ensure you don’t use all your trades before each round commences. Keep at least one trade handy for a mid-round manoeuvre that’ll allow you to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Overall players have it much easier when it comes to prep work. They’re simply trying to produce the best score possible without having to worry about what other coaches are doing. This week is the final bye round and there are only four teams that won’t take the field this weekend. If finishing in the top 1000 is your ultimate goal then you should be fielding a strong seventeen from this point on.    

If you’re a greedy SuperCoach like me then you simply need to find a nice balance between the two. I’m an overall player at heart but I always enter numerous head to head comps to maximize the excitement. This sets me up for disappointment nicely as I usually make each of my finals then lose by a few points at the back end of the finals.

I had a fairly average week, scoring 885 and dropping another 50 spots to 217th. I have two trades remaining but I’m not planning on using them this week.

Let’s take a look at the popular trade options for round 19.

The Controversial

  • Andrew McCullough ($354.3k HOK) is an 80 minute hooker who is being considered by numerous coaches this week. Is he worth the punt or are we better off waiting for Cameron Smith?

The Verdict: McCullough isn’t a viable option for head to head players but overall coaches could consider him as an option this week. The theory behind the McCullough trade is fairly straight forward. McCullough will play eight rounds and averages 62 PPG where Smith will play seven rounds and averages 73 PPG. Mathematically they’ll score around the same total which makes McCullough a more than suitable option for your run home hooker.

If you need some more convincing then let’s look at the advantages McCullough has over Smith. The Broncos’ hooker is a whopping $146k cheaper than the Melbourne alternative. This could be the difference between being forced to hold a Middie and gaining an additional POD or Gun. Additionally, the chance of Smith being rested prior to the finals is definitely a possibility. The Storm are at the top of the table and it would be a great tactical move by Bellamy if Melbourne have the Minor Premiership wrapped up. Don’t rule McCullough out as an option!

  • Tohu Harris ($315.7k 2RF/CTW) has been a genuine Keeper over the past two seasons but coaches are losing patience after a run of low scores. Is it time to give Tohu the flick?

The Verdict: We’re down to the business end of the season and it’s hard to hold on to someone who’s averaging 30 PPG over the past three weeks. Tohu has been struggling with a knee injury in recent times and hasn’t been able to stay on the field for the full 80 minutes. He’s played just eight games this season and has now dropped to a staggering $315k in value.

Tohu owners need to keep a couple of factors in mind. He’s actually averaging 66 PPG when playing the full 80 minutes; this is a respectable output for a CTW. He didn’t play a full game in any of his last three appearances and now has a week off to further improve his knee. Understandably owners are now jumping ship due to his high Break Even (93) but I think he deserves another shot come round 20. Our forwards should consist of more reliable players but he’s worth considering as one of your CTW Keepers.

  • Shaun Lane ($143.6k 2RF) was a late inclusion last week and has retained his spot in the second row. Is he a viable choice for your SuperCoach side?

The Verdict: Don’t mistake Shaun Lane for another Nathan Green or Lewis Brown. He is a hard working second rower that produced respectable base stats against the Panthers last weekend. You probably won’t want him in your seventeen come round 20 but he should generate enough cash to later upgrade him to a Gun. I wouldn’t recommend Lane for those of us with minimal trades remaining; he is more suited to head to head players that will be looking for PODs later in the season.

  • Jarryd Hayne ($361.6k FE/FB) has had an inconsistent season but looms as a solid option as one of your five-eighths. Is he a good addition to our sides this week?

The Verdict: Boarding the Hayne Plane is always a nervous choice but he’s producing exceptional stats while playing at fullback. His three round average currently sits at 89.7 PPG and his price tag is very appealing. Most five-eighth candidates are fairly inconsistent and a lot of coaches will be rotating between players depending on their opposition.

The only concern with bringing in Hayne this week is his opponent. The Titans are up against the Sharks on Saturday night but you don’t have to throw him into your seventeen if you trade him in. He currently has a Break Even of -30 so it’ll be good to pick him before his price starts to rise.

In Short

  • Simon Mannering ($478.4k 2RF) is the fourth highest averaging 2RF and is a great captain option each week. The only disadvantage with Mannering is that he doesn’t have DPP status although he’s very hard to ignore with a 71.3 PPG season average. He’s actually cracked the 80 point average over the last five weeks and his Break Even is 20 points below his season output. This week is the perfect time to pick up Manners.
  • Josh Papalii ($425.2k 2RF/FRF) has a season average of 72.3 PPG which puts him up with the best DPP forwards on offer. The downside is his output since the Origin period began; averaging just 58 PPG since round 12 and scoring as low as 39 points. He should be on your trade radar but considering his Break Even is 75 points, I’d be waiting another week before adding him to your side.
  • Adam Elliott ($300.4k 2RF) / Manu Ma’u ($309.5k CTW/2RF) / Luke Keary ($349.4k HFB/FE) are all ideal trade-outs this week and will give you plenty of cash to add some Keepers into your side. Neither of these players will take the field this week and I wouldn’t recommend any of them for your run home side. Get rid of them and spend your money elsewhere.


Top 5 Break Evens

(Must have played 2 games and are named this week)

Shaun Lane ($143.6k 2RF): -52

Jarryd Hayne ($361.6k FE/FB): -30

Kurt Capewell ($319.1k 2RF/CTW): -24 (bench)

Michael Morgan ($425.3k FE): -14

Matthew Eisenhuth ($186.5k 2RF): -11

Bottom 5 Break Evens

(Must have played 2 games and are named this week)

Jordan Rapana ($525.3k CTW): 150

Josh McGuire ($345.8k 2RF/FRF): 125

Angus Crichton ($554k CTW/2RF): 119

Matthew Moylan ($439.2k FB/FE): 111

Elijah Taylor ($403.1k 2RF/HOK): 110

Team List Tuesday

State of Origin players named

Isaac Luke has returned from injury and will start at hooker

Solomone Kata returns to the Warriors’ side

Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad drops out of the Warriors’ seventeen

Josh Hodgson returns at hooker

Paul Vaughan is named in the reserves

Anthony Milford is named in the reserves

James Segeyaro is named in the reserves

Malakai Watene-Zelezniak is named in the reserves


Leilua/Rapana/Croker to all score 60+ this weekend

Shaun Lane to repeat last week’s effort with a 70+

Josh Mansour to score 65+ against the Warriors

That’s it for this week,  feel free to leave your comments below, or

Twitter : @CKings_Cowboy

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Rick Grimes

I've not really paid enough attention to my team. Only have 6 trades left. How rubbish is this looking:

McCulloch / King
James / Tolman / Kaufusi / Gubb
Burgess / Mannering / de Belin / Gallen / Fitzgibbon / Edwards
Johnson / Mbye / Field / Hampton
Hopoate / Cotric / Scott / Brown
Lolohea / Tuivasa-Shek / Radradra / Johnston

Can only field 14 this week.

Rick Grimes

Oh, also have Dugan.


Rick it could be much worse mate. Use your final trades to get rid of those middies and bring in some guns. Someone like Nofoaluma looks pretty good for his price. Those FRFs will need a boost too mate.


Interesting write up cowboy. Wondering if C smith is an absolute must for SCers playing h2h and overall. If I got him for Mcinnes I wouldn't have a backup hooker so would cop an AE.


I reckon he's a must for H2H players mate and even ideal for overall players too. I think he should be in everyone's team but back-up is highly recommended.Those overall players without Smith or with Friend (now injured) could consider Macca this week. This is where the AE nighmares come into play too.


Fair, think I'll run the gauntlet with CS9, my AE scores should be out of dedwards, semi and Scott so not too bad. Can't bring myself to commit to my POD option of M Pearce after that origin performance, back to the drawing board!


Would you sell Mansor or Harris? Need to sell one to get mannering.


That's a tough one Pat. The Sauce is under performing and Tohu is carrying a niggling injury. I like Panthers' run home too. Honestly, I can't split the two but If I had to pick I'd trade out Mansour, only because his floor is lower.


Thanks mate. That panthers run home is so good…
Thanks for the reply.


Any time mate.


QUEENSLANDER! JT's daughter was so funny. Looked like she thought the whole crowd was there just to see her.


Frankie was hilarious. We all knew deep down that the 52k people were there for her too


Time to give Lamb the chop?


Mate he needs the chop, a roasting and to get cut(let). Sorry it's too early in the morning for puns


Hey Cowboy, love the write ups!
Question, Looking at getting Jurbo & one of Slater or Milf in for run home,
7 Trades & 400k in kitty
Whats your thoughts on how & Who?

Macca, Bsmith
Surgess, Gal, Papalli, Kapow
Lolo, Manners, NBrown, DeBelin, Eishuth(Nuff RD 21/22), Lane(Nuff RD21/22)
Johnson, ARey
Trbo, Munster, Gutho, Crichton, Edwards, C.Scott, Nuff


Hey Westy! The Broncos run home is epic so I'd be grabbing Milf. Jurbo seems to be close to a must too. I actually have Slater but I can't really let him go (had him for a while now). You're in a nice position with 7 trades remaining mate.
Sorry I caught this comment a bit late. Work was a bit crazy on Friday.
Thanks heaps for following the articles Westy!!

Chubby McChubby

Hey Cowboy. Thanks heaps for your tips this year and I've followed closely. Im top of League by 3 games (no cash league though:(). Around 9000 im rank.
Team is
Smith and Smith
Fifita Papali Taupau Matagi
Gallen Burgess Taumolo Fuimano Masters DeBelin
Johnson Widdop
Gutherson Nikorima
Crichton Walker Edwards Rapana Harris Radradra Lolohea
Walker Turbo.
10 trades and 239 k. Any thoughts? Maybe Nikorima to hayne plane and harris to lane?

Chubby McChubby

Or nikorima to milford?

Chubby McChubby

Or plan c – gutherson to Milford and nikorima to hayne?


hold on milford. expensive and returning from injury. gutho is killing it at fullback


Thanks Chubby! I'd grab Milford mate, he's run home looks great and I reckon he has a heap of points in him. Lane seems good if you have the trades to offload him later. With Hayne – I'm not a big fan of the Titans' run home but you could use him from time to time since your halves are pretty solid anyway.
With plan C – hold Gutho! He's a gun performer. Try to find a way to offload Niko and bring in Milf. Lolohea/Matagi and even Rapana could be your trade out options
Thanks heaps for the kind words mate. Glad you're liking the read!


Can I interest you in a bit of jimmy the jet as a POD cowboy? Or am I losing my mind a bit.


And on this who gets nuffed in rd 20 to make the McInnes to Smith trade, Cody or Tohu?


YES YOU CAN! I picked up Jimmy this week 😉


McInnes to Smith is gold Geoff


Chuffed with my trades of cleary (161points) and mannering(99) after mulling it over for an eternity 😀


Same mate. Great round to own the two of these guns


yiiiew. Johnson is a big problem now but. only got Sutton for backup 5/8…. 4 trades left. 2 needed to get Smith back in next week… leaves me 2 trades.


Better than me Rabbits! I own SJ and I'm outta trades mate haha