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SuperCoach RD15: The Heroes, The Villains, The Damned.

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The SuperCoach Gods giveth. And the SuperCoach Gods taketh away.

The powers that be blessed us some magnificent scores this round, most notable the stunning returns of Danger and “Sonny” Walters.

But while some have experienced joy, others have felt the wrath.

The once majestic scoring capabilities of Nat Fyfe and Dan Hannebery have been seemingly stripped away by the Gods, with the once-mighty SuperCoach beasts seemingly withering away into obscurity.

Many coaches experienced an improved round after the carnage of last week with the par score around the 2300-mark.

The God

Patrick Dangerfield (195 SC) is fast turning into a SuperCoach immortal. The numbers in his masterclass against the Giants are highly impressive. 45 possessions, 25 of them contested, 13 clearances and a goal. A massive final term helped lift him close to the magical 200-figure and boosted his season average to 132.7, higher than his figure of 131.8 per match in 2016. After recovering from sore ribs sustained in Round 2, Danger has turned on the afterburners in his past 6 matches with scores of 151, 163, 149, 141, 145 and 195. Incredible stuff.

The Heroes

Michael Walters (172 SC) produced one of the great individual games of the season, gathering 32 disposals while also booting 6 goals. The haul also included 18 contested possessions and earning five free kicks.  Despite playing one of the best games of his AFL career, Walters’ efforts were not enough to inspire the Dockers to victory.

Bryce Gibbs (144 SC) continued his splendid form with a 30-posession, 15-tackle outing, kicking two majors to put the icing on the cake. Fellow Blues Patrick Cripps (126 SC) and Sam Docherty (122 SC) also impressed. Docherty registered his eighth 120+ score this season, in what has been a massive 2017 so far for the defender. He’s averaging a superb 119 per game.

The Crouch brothers had a day out against Carlton, with Matt (132 SC) and Brad (122 SC) among Adelaide’s best players. Tom Mitchell (129 SC) continued his stunning record against Collingwood, tearing the Pies to shreds with 35 possessions, 2 goals, 7 clearances and 6 tackles.

Patrick Ryder (127 SC) is firming for All Australian ruck selection after another fine performance for the Power, amassing 42 hit outs and 5 tackles. Opponent Dustin Martin (121 SC) did his Brownlow chances no harm to again be one of Richmond’s best, compiling 36 disposals and a goal.

Other notable scores: Jarrad Lyons (138 SC), Jack Darling (138 SC), Callan Ward (132 SC),  Ethan Hughes (131 SC), Lachie Whitfield (130 SC), Sam Menegola (130 SC), Andrew Gaff (128 SC), Jobe Watson (127 SC), Kieran Jack (124 SC), Drew Petrie (122 SC), Jack Martin (122 SC), Jack Newnes (121 SC).

The Villains

It’s been a huge fall from grace for Dan Hannebery (75 SC) this season. His third double figure return in as many weeks sees him averaging just 99 so far in 2017. The same can be said for Nat Fyfe (84 SC) who has been nowhere near his best so far this season, averaging only 98 points per game.

Pies trio Scott Pendlebury (77 SC), Taylor Adams (64 SC) and Jeremey Howe (63 SC) did not have much impact against the Hawks, with Pendles gathering only 21 touches, Adams giving away 3 free kicks and Howe restricted by a Taylor Duryea tag. Clayton Oliver (80 SC) was kept a little quieter than usual on Thursday night, but we can’t be too hard on a kid who has already knocked out 11 tons in just his second season.

Defenders Rory Laird (72 SC) and Zach Tuohy (75 SC) both had their influences curbed off half back by the opposition and were not allowed to be as damaging as they have been for much of the season. Trent Cotchin (72 SC) was tagged by Brad Ebert (58 SC), which blunted both players’ impact on the game.

The Dogs had plenty of culprits in their poor performance against West Coast, with Marcus Bontempelli (85 SC), Jack McRae (82 SC) and Mitch Wallis (66 SC) all below their best. Saints quartet Jack Steven (77 SC), Leigh Montagna (71 SC), Dylan Roberton (60 SC) and Nick Riewoldt (45 SC) were all down on their usual output, with Steven also reported for striking.

The Redeemers

The old Tom Lynch (126 SC) is back. The Suns forward booted 5 goals and hauled in 8 marks to redeem himself after a horror run of poor scores. Tiger Toby Nankervis (108 SC) also produced an improved performance with 10 contested possessions and 6 clearances to buck the trend of poor scores from opposition ruckmen against Port.

Luke Parker (129 SC) has certainly turned the corner in the last month and looks set to finish the season strongly. He had 38 touches on Friday night, 19 of them contested, as well as 6 marks, 6 tackles and 1.2 on the scoreboard. Teammate Lance Franklin (122 SC) also made a timely return to form, with 11 marks and 4.3 helping him churn out a nice ton.

It’s been a remarkable career turnaround for Liam Jones (117 SC). Once a much-maligned forward, Jones has been reborn into a quality defender and is averaging 91 since breaking into the Carlton side four matches ago. A whopping 17 tackles helped Jack Steele (106 SC) return with a vengeance for St Kilda, while Dayne Zorko (119 SC) bounced back nicely after a horror outing last match, gathering 30 possessions, 8 tackles and kicking 2.1.

The Prodigies

Sean Darcy (99 SC) and Alex Witherden (91 SC) are both on the bubble this week and look like excellent prospects. Darcy will get an extended run in the ruck with Sandi injured again, while Witherden produced a sensation 29-disposal, 8-mark return in just his second AFL match.

There were four debutants this round, three of them from Geelong, with Wylie Buzza (58 SC) the best of them. The others were Tiger Tyson Stengle (47 SC) and Sam Simpson (37 SC) and Zac Guthrie (17 SC) from the Cats.

Ben Ainsworth (99 SC) kicked four goals to be one of the best-performed youngsters of the round, while 19 kicks helped Nic Newman (88 SC) produce another respectable score. Hugh Greenwood (84 SC), Declan Mountford (82 SC) and Blake Hardwick (79 SC) were other rookies to produce respectable totals.

Other rookie scores: Jarrod Berry (69 SC), Luke Ryan (65 SC), Will Hoskin Elliott (61 SC), James Stewart (59 SC), Hugh McLuggage (59 SC), Mitch Hannan (57 SC), Aaron Black (47 SC), Brennan Cox (46 SC), James Parsons (45 SC), Mitch Hibberd (51 SC) Jono Beech (35 SC), Jake Barrett (28 SC), Daniel Lloyd (26 SC).

The Damned

Aaron Sandilands (15 SC) suffered a reoccurrence of his hamstring injury and looks set for another stint on the sidelines. Those who have loyally held the big man during his time out injured should certainly offload him now.

Jason Johannisen (62 SC) was tagged by Hutchins on the weekend and the West Coast players made plenty of effort to unsettle the damaging play-maker. This has become a theme of the last couple of matches and one JJ has had difficulty overcoming. Based on this he should not be considered as a trade-in target despite his bargain basement price. He’s now bench cover at best.

Shaun Higgins (68 SC) has done it again. Hi third double figure score in a row has seen his season average drop to 89. He will not be a top 6 forward, so his owners should be looking to upgrade him if they have the trades to do so.

How did you go this week?

 Twitter: @CarlPfeiffer9

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Who is on the bubble this week and has decent job security?


Brad Ebert was killing through the midfield earlier in the season so why have Port turned him into a tagger? Shouldn't that job be given to a lesser light?


He has tagged b4 this year so not new to him.


Ebert was already their designated tagger


You just don't lock in port mids. BUUUUUUURNS.


Hey all,

Quick update.
I have created an account so can add an gravatar.
But some bugger already had my name so added a slight twist
reckon the pic is kick a$$


"[Higgins] will not be a top 6 forward, so his owners should be looking to upgrade him if they have the trades to do so."

*looks at trades*

Oh. Five. Strap yourself in, Shaun, you're here for the long haul.


Higgins and top 6 foward_they are two words that are mutally exclusive!
5 trades – patch my man could be in for more pain.,


Greenwood is stuck at F6 for the rest of the year for me 😐

Tex at F5. NRoo at F4. Higgins F3. Nank F2. Jezza Cameron coming in as he's the best I can afford and is a POD to Buddy


so 3 key fwds, a ruckman, a spud and greenwood
lacks bite without some dogs


In the same type of boat as you Patch but just the 2 trades left but ill take my fwd line over your's
Yeo, Macrae, Dahl, Ryder, Nank, Greenwood….. but only just


Good to know I'm not the only one with 2 trades left. I didn't trade last week!

Top Gun

Am stuck with Higgins 🙁


I'm going all in – my last upgrade target will probably have to be Kreuzer. Is trading Greenwood to him (swinging Nank forward) a good idea? Or would you trade Nank instead. I've held tight but Greenwood could go along nicely for the rest of the season and Kreuzer is probably on track for AA and I've been waiting for his price to come down – current BE sits at 148.


The trade above is proposed for next round.

Also, I've shifted out Priddis and Fyfe out this week to afford getting in Dusty and Darcy. Am I crazy? Have been looking to minimise spending on the bench to maximise scoring and have gone the POD route far too often this season (Howe, Williams, Ebert etc) and they've all burned me. I'm unsure of who out of Kreuzer, Zorko, Neale and Dusty I trust most to help see out the season. The money I'd save going for someone like Ryder, Whitfield or Hibberd is really tempting. Help!


Have you considered Gawn….cheaper than special k and likely to avg similar. Dusty out of that mob for mine.


Thoughts on what to do this week
Definitely going Sandi to Gawn but have to decide whether to go Fyfe/Scooter to Rocky/Gaz

Here's my team:

Def: Doc, Laird, Adams, Simpson, Tuohy, Hibberd (Ryan, Hibberd)
Mid: Danger, Selwood, Pendles, TMitch, JPK, Bont, Fyfe, Scooter (Cousins, Bolton, Witherden)
Ruc: Mummy, Sandi (Strnadica)
Fwd: Heeney, Macrae, Dahl, Lynch, Nank, Greenwood (Eddy, Beech)

7 trades and 415k left



what is up with rocky


Is very cheap
It's between him and Gaz for me
They both look good and I think they will both have great ends of the year


It's my first year playing so I just want to know, why are people trading in players that are unlikely to make finals? Won't they just be rendered useless after 8 weeks?


SuperCoach finals end in round 23, when all teams are still playing.


Would prefer someone like Dusty or Zorko if you can afford them over Gaz or Rocky.


Scooter to Rocky for me, his price is just too good and I reckon he'll lift for the lions

Bock Choy

Blake Hardwick has been a bit of a slow burner and floated under the radar a bit (only 3% ownership) but is now likely to remain as a worthy F7. He's now playing a linking / mop-up role in Hawthorn's defence and has scored well over the past few weeks. A B/E of 16 and a value of just over $300k, he's now earnt $166k and with the promise of some more over the next few weeks.


I'm a big fan of his, Bock Choy. Due for a Rising Star nod before the season is through.


I cash cowed him a while back. Turned out to be a better pick than Fisher at the time when both bubble boys. Not likely to tonne up so wouldn't run the season out in my team under any circumstances.


For now I've locked in SPP > Witherden, Sandi > Gawn. 10 trades left. I'm got J.Lloyd at M8 for now so I would like to go Ryan or Scharenberg > Witherden to open up a rookie DPP, but I think there isn't enough value in offloading one of them now.


does anyone have premos like Hannebery and Rockliff. also have Bont. what the hell is going on with these boys, feel rocky might be carrying something


Have all 3… have to just sit tight atm. The only saving grace is it seems the majority of teams have someone or someone's leaving a stain every round.


I have Hanners, Rocky, Bont & Fyfe… its good times


Horse said Hanners did his corkie mid match which is probably the reason for his crap second half. Expect him to go bang next week.


Carrying brisbane….with one arm…tough work.


Rocky should be in the Villains. 68 points in a come from behind win is not good enough. At least his finding the pill and starting to tackle again. Just needs to polish up his disposal efficiency.


Rocky was one of the Bombers better players. Couldn't miss them


Oh yeah and how exactly did Rocky work out for you this week champ?? And congratulations genius for holding Sandilands all those long weeks. You really are more clever than the rest of us after all. Aint it hard to compete when you have a fetish for injured pricks lol! So yet another dazzlng display of champagne fantasy footy by the assclown Pieman. :)_


It's quite the complement to be stalked by a fat fury turd with nothing better to do. How about you reveal yourself? Until then your a Muppet

Rick Grimes

Anonymous Wombats posting shit comments is about the only thing we can rely on this year.


ease up mate. So what if Piemans 'sources' turned out to be and herald sun at least he's trying. Sure plagiarism is a crime but I don't think pieman gets any financial gain for being a conduit for information from other sites to jockreynolds, it just makes him feel important when others praise him for it. Taking praise for the efforts/information/intellectual property of others isn't anything new in web forums.
If you want original new information on SC pieman obviously isn't a recommended source but if you can't be bothered reading afl website or herald sun and just want the highlights pieman is ok. It's only when he strays from the script and adds info that he hasn't read elsewhere that his comments become death to our supercoach teams.


I don't write anything that forces anyone to do anything. It's just information. Make of it what you will. Your just another keyboard warrior who has run out of trades. How about some contribution rather than hiding behind your keyboard. Faceless key board warriors are useless & a surplus in society. As they run out of trades they become more prominent & look to blame anything they can


Wombat you obviously have no life if all you can do is Troll Pieman, I don't agree with all he say's but he has the right to post without a moron like you going on and on and F-ing on. For god sack move on and give us all a break!


Score was Villain worthy….agreed.


I have got Martin Witts (Vardy) in my Ruck combo – who should I trade out and in?


Lycett could get picked this week. on that basis i'd think vardy should go


Lycett had a massive game in the WAFL. 67 Hit outs 21 disposals 6 tackles & a goal. Reasonable form. As Derek said Vardy may need to make may. Unless they play both


i heard he was rucking against pygmies. 127/17 hitouts for the day.

i can see them playing Vardy and lycett


Vardy > Darcy


Less than 7 trades leave.
7 or more trades Witts to Gawn, if you can afford also do Vardy to Darcy


Thanks Guys, Vardy it is


Rockliff is in neither the Villains or the Damned list, but is definitely in my NEVER AGAIN list!!!

Thinking of side swapping him to Parker, maybe Wines OR downgrading to Witherden. Fyfe could go too grrrr!

Rooster XXX

Hold Rocky – only a matter of time before Rocky starts hitting triple figures again…….
Can certainly go big and has a history of reeling of big tonnes in succession………………

Certainly beautifully priced at $486,700 for any coaches looking for a final mid upgrade..

First 8 rounds he went 137, 118, 104, 176, 104, stunk it up for 53 then had 147 and 148……

Crazy value at $486,700 for a proven fantasy pig with one of the bigger ceilings in fantasy football…



Rage traded Fyfe last night. Will revisit the team in a few days but he's just about run out of chances. Can't even hold down M8 at the moment


Hold rocky.. huge ceiling and can go big multiple weeks in a row..
Rocky should be on alot of watchlists.
He will burn you monumentally if u give him the flick


Thoughts on this team to finish off the year. 4 trades 30k left.

DEF: Docherty, Adams, Laird, Simpson, Lloyd, Shaw (Witherden, Ryan)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Merrett, JPK, Selwood, Hanners, Fyfe (Greenwood, Mountford, Cousins)
RUC: Gawn, Goldy (Strnadica)
FWD: Yeo, Macrae, Dahlhaus, Buddy, JJK, Nank (Stewart, Bolton)

Trades this week were Sandi to Gawn and Newman to Lloyd.
Greenwood is basically my M9, R3, F7 for the year using a range of loopholes but stuck with Witherden at D7.


Treloar is also in mids oops


My team is similar. Im getting rid of shaw


Ending up with Shaw and Fyfe is gonna hurt … those guys will not turn it around and are no longer ''premiums''


Why not Shaw to Lloyd? I know Newman isn't a traditional 'premo' per se but he looks like he can average at least 90+ for the rest of the year, pretty much same as Lloyd. Shaw however has looked completely out of his depth this season, and has hardly demonstrated any capacity to turn it around, at least for me.


Fyfe is strife?__ 84,81,104,78 last 4
Thinking? of going Fyfe to cripps or parker who have been tearing it up since their bye.
thinking, thinking.,


Cripps has been dominant.


Loves a clanger though Cripps


parker or rocky i'd say considering their prices


Bit of conundrum community. I've got one premos upgrade to make in defence and have been trying to hold off and wait for Docherty to get a bit cheaper, but that doesn't look like happening now. With $236K in the bank and 5 trades left, do I wait a bit longer or look at getting someone else? Backline at the moment is: Adams, Laird, Roberton, Rance, Lloyd, Witherden (Ryan, Scharenberg).


Rest of my team looks like this:

Dangerfield, T. Mitchell, Kennedy, Bontempelli, J. Selwood, Treloar, Wines, Fyfe (Greenwood, Mountford, Cousins)

Grundy, Goldstein (Strnadica)

Yeo, Macrae, Greene, Dahlhaus, Lynch, Kennedy (Parsons, Bolton)


he is having an insane year.

91, 124, 111, 108, 93, 149, 103, 132, 101, 124, 144, 153, 120, 122

when you write his scores down, you realize how good he is going


good as anyone going around just so consistent

I remember heated debate over the preseason that threre is no way a defender can average 115 for the year despite how good of year that Doch had in 2016.

Current Avg 119
Lock the Doch.


He started at 591k which most considered ridiculous given he'd been at that price. In actual fact it was a bargain


Joined my team in R12 $596,300


Yep he's been super impressive Derek. I'm almost sold on the idea of a Fyfe to Docherty trade via Witherden's DPP status.


Great work once again Carlos! I held off trading on the weekend in the hope that Jelwood may play and drop $. Have 7 trades & $112k. Finally produced a decent score this round and could roll the dice again this round.

Do I wait another week for Jelwood & Gawn or take the punt? I would need to double trade though.

Near full premo but Mountford at M6 covering Scooter, Ryder at R2, Nank at F5, Greenwood F6.

Some options to finish the team this week include:

1.Cousins & Scooter to Witherden & Gawn;
2. Scharenberg & Scooter to Witherden & Jelwood;
3. Scharenberg & Scooter to Witherden & Neale;
4. Bolton & Scooter to Witherden & Yeo


I'd wait for Jelwood to bottom out in price. Go Gawn.


Gawn this week and see what you can do to get Jelwood in a couple of weeks


Thanks Derek. Wanted to see how Jelwood goes on his return. He may struggle his first game back. That was a big hit he got.


Gawn's BE is 95 think its get Gawn week if you want him. Jel can wait a week or 2

Ima Librarian

………way out here in left field …… perhaps take a punt on Darcy at $117k over Gawn. Cousins and Scooter for Witherden and Darcy may let you update Bolton and Scooter to Jelwood and Yeo in a week or 2.


Gave Fyfe the chance to redeem himself after his bye but is clearly not right and looks like he should be traded.
Would anyone support me if I was to trade him to Luke Parker who has picked up the last few weeks?
Or I can downgrade Parsons as well which will allow me to go Nank–> Yeo next week, while going Fyfe–> Neale/Zorko this week


Trading fyfe is a great final touch to a completed team.

Try to find the $ to get Neale.

Rockliff and selwood both likely better than Parker, and are also cheap.


I like the second option of 'upgrading' Nank and Fyfe to better performing premos. But only if you don't have any rookies on field.


Parker is in great form and we know what he is like when he is in great form.


Great work again carlos.

you must be like me when it comes to Robbie Gray….. no-one knows what category to put him in.


50 shades of gray has definately lived up to that moniker this year from dazzling gray to dull and gloomy
switch hitting between hero and villan on a weekly basis


Should I go Nank or Ryder to Gawn?




Gawn. Ryder. Nank I that order. Nank forward line worthy only.

Jager Bombs

Got a couple of spots in my mids to fill what are communities thoughts on top 2 of the following options with run home:

Pendles, Dusty, Neale, Sloane, Zorko, Rockcliff & Jelwood.

I'm leaning towards Neale & Dusty.

It just doesn't seem right going through a whole year without Pendles


I'd go Dusty and Selwood in a week or two. Bang for your buck.

Big G

Sloane, Rocky and Fyfe should have poo put down their chimneys.


Rocky will come home harder than Bugg's daddy did when he beat him with a stick as a child.


How many trades does everyone have before this weeks?
I've got 9 left and two from full premo


I've not enough … 2 off full premo (I have Newman & Greenwood on field) with 5 Trades left. But 2 of my Premo's (Rocky & Fyfe) are misbehaving. Snookered. Will look to bring Yeo in this week, then hold trading for a few weeks.
I'd maim for 9 trades.


Keep or trade shaw?

He was only on track for 60 points until he had a good/lucky finish.

Llyod is still a good price. Only 5 trades left but full premium.



You playing for rank or leagues? If rank, pul the trigger.


Offload Shaw.
I did and have no regrets.


Sloane is a good keeper in your situation.

Your suggested trades are good. You need to use them to upgrade Scooter, and depending on the rest of your team, heppel might have to go too.

Fyfe might have to be a keeper too, but he'll be a good pod if he returns to form. I quietly think he'll improve a lot.


Without sandi? I've lost faith.


Can turn Nank into Gawn with 1 trade. that's a no brainer, right?

leaves me with around 42k, 5 trades, and Greenwood and Newman as my only 'non premos' on field. both producing pretty decent scores too.


Newman is basically a premo in his current form, Greenwood not to far off it either with a lack of reliable forward options.
I wouldn't trade out Nank, but if it's the only way of bringing Gawn in then do it.


It's either Nank, Parsons or Greenwood to make way, and I feel like Gawn is going to average higher than them all for the remainder of the year. Parsons and Greenwood aren't worth enough just yet either for me to get rid of them for Gawn


If you had to keep one due to trades who would you keep? Higgins or Riewoldt


What a shite situation … If you have 6 or more trades I'd dump both … else toss a coin…


If he has 6 trades then that's down to 4 for real problems. Too low


I'd rage trade them both. But… um, Higgins… maybe? Both are awful right now


I feel like Roo would need to go as he is more likely to get injured. You need warm bodies when the trades are low!




Higgins. Not injured, not doing douche bag acts, not a key forward, not got teeth the length of bugg's suspension, actually spends some time In the mids. Just have to deal with his yeo-yeo scoring, hang on yo-yo scoring, don't get confused there :p


Ha. I hear ya random


Just 6 trades left and have to off load Sandy. Will cost me 2 to get to Ryder (miserable $1100 short),Gawn or Kruze. leaving me well short of cover for the remaining 8 (hopefully) rounds. I'm calling Greenwood a keeper at F6, and Nank at F5. As well as Fyfe, Hanna and Shaw. :o(

Or, I could take the punt on Darcy. 1 trade, and can still upgrade in a week or two if he stinks it up. (Also depends on league matchups)
Or I could move Nank to ruck and bring in a F – Greene, Cameron, Buddy. Current Fs are Yeo, McCrae, Dahl, Heeney, Nank and Gwood (Parsons, Eddy).

I'm sure there're many in the same posi. Thoughts appreciated.


If it were me I would use two trades and get Gawn.


Yep was in that type of posi…. I was 500 bucks short of a str8 swap to gawn with money I had on hand, so it cost the 2 trades.
I had Peddersen for the swap to Gawn and had to let Ryan go for the extra cash needed the brissy kid can fill in on bench.
Taking Newman all the way home and Greenwood will be last one out in a couple of weeks but i rate him highly will be a really good player in 2 years time.
FWD LINE… Yeo, Macrae , Dahl, Ryder,Nank, and Greenwood who will turn to just Green in a couple of weeks.


Feeling a bit devastated that I brought in Rockliff 4 weeks ago when he came back from injury after being in great form.
Payed over 590k and since then he has averaged about 70 a game.

Running low on trades now but am contemplating whether I sideways trade him to a Sloane or Parker.
Maybe wait a week or 2 then swap to Jelwood.

Are other Rocky owners holding?


Yeah Pro i'm the same, gotta hold though he will come good. Although i've said that with Fyfe and Riewoldt.
Rockliff showed better signs yesterday and he's getting his hand on the pill


He'll come home like a steam train. hold.


In the same boat & agree with dice


As soon as you trade him he will pop out a 150 plus…..HOLD and wait for it.


I think ProTravo should take one for the team…. I'm in exactly the same boat … but can't afford to lose another trade .. Do it PT so that the rest of us can breathe easy …

Bock Choy

I traded Rocky out when he did his shoulder for $590k in a straight swap for Danger ($560k). Feeling the warm glow of seeing Danger now priced at $732k!


So you missed Danger's scoring all year?


He didn't miss many points. Rocky outscored Danger over the first few weeks I think


Nice move. Lucky though, if roughy didn't knee him in the back you might have never afforded moggs creek.


I'm in the same boat. Hold him mate. He will come good.


Looking for any advice on my team community

Doc, Adams, Laird
Rance, Lloyd, Hibberd
(Ryan, Scharenberg)

Danger, Titch, Zerret, Pendles,
JPK, Hanners, Treloar, Greenwood
(Junker, Berry, Bolton)

Kreuzer, Witts

Yeo, Macrae, Dahl
Buddy, Nank, Heeney
(Parsons, Eddy)

Sitting on 7 trades and 76k in the bank. Originally planned on getting Rocky as my final mid this week but not so sure anymore on his recent form. Berry to Witherden is pretty much locked for me this week also.


After Berry to Witherden you could consider trade Parsons, sub Greenwood to Fwd Bench for swing with Bolton & get a Mid for 530ish. You then can keep Greenwood as covering 2 lines. Maybe Parker. He's looked good lately


I did look at Parker but look at all my Swans players


Maybe wait a week or 2 for Jelwood or if Rocky can hit a target


Yeah I think this is the most valid option


Is that Melbourne Hibberd or North Hibberd?
If Melbourne Berry to Witherden and wait until Jelwood is cheap
If North also trade Parsons and use DPP to get a premo defender


Florent to Witherden

Do I give either Hoskin Elliot or Steele the flick or do I wait one more week?

Also jumped on Matt White last week and that has payed off $$$


What about witherden to florent


Would ya


Matt white scored 73, looked shocking in front of goal. Will be lucky to hold his spot I reckon.

Has gone up a measly 50K so far, will cost two trades won't he? Don't see how he has already paid off.


looking at a short term investment. got 150,000 the bank


Gawn, Goldy or Grundy?

Swinging nank fwd this week. Team is then done 🙂 with a bit of luck should go well for the rest of the season.


Surely big maxy


Wouldn't go Goldy as i think they will want to get games into Preuss from now on, Grundy is up and down Gawn looks the go hasn't been let loose in the Ruck yet and still scoring as well as anyone 510k time to get him in.


8 trades left with 19k in the bank. Not the greatest position to be in but consider myself 1-2 off being full premo.

Doc, Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Tuohy, Newman (Scharenberg, Ryan)

Danger, Dusty, Pendles, Bont, Treloar, Hanners,Jelwood, Greenwood (Mountford, Cousins, Hibberd)

Grundy, Nank (Strnadica)

Yeo, Macrae, Dahl, Heeney, Buddy, GC Lynch (Brown, Delucca-Cardillo)

I want to find a way to bring in Witherden but only if it generates enough cash. Could go way early on Scharenberg, Ryan or Mountford.

Not sure what to do, help would be much appreciated.


If you want the cash gen then trade out Newman. You can get a much better defender for 100k more. Then Witherden can come in and when you are finalizing your team, Greenwood and Witherden May be at risk. Your teams problem is that you don't have very expensive rookies


I'm in the exact same boat as you, but worse off as I already cashed in Newman previously.
I'm thinking Scharenberg to Witherden but it only realises some $85K. Not really worth the trade at this stage in my opinion.
In your case, I'd go Newman down to Witherden and upgrade Greenwood next week.

The G Train

Any advice on my team greatly appreciated lads

Doc, Howe, Laird
Williams, Lloyd, Shaw
(Hibberd (NM), Ryan)

Danger, Titch, Murphy, Pendles,
JPK, Jelwood, Treloar, Fyfe
(Steele, Lloyd, Cousins)

Gawn, Witts

Yeo, Macrae, Dahl
Buddy, Nank, Lynch
(Greenwood, C. Brown)

5 trades and 30k left in the bank. This weeks trades baring injuries were Parsons to Gawn via Nank and Newman to Titch via Lloyd. Thoughts on these trades and my team? Happy to sit on this until finals and then look to upgrade the likes of fyfe and shaw if they dont improve


Team looks solid
Nice trades this week probably just have to run the season out with what you have got
I'd definitely look to flick on shaw and Fyfe though


Back: Doc, Adams, laird, rance, shaw,Simpson
Mid: Danger, pendles, treloar, Cripps, Martin, Bont, Neale
Ruck: grundy nank
Fwd: Kennedy lynch heeny Dahl yeo greenwood
6 trades 165k gonna wait one more week for gawn allow greenwood to go up so I can get him then swing nank forward
Is it worth flicking shaw for Lloyd while I still can
Will have enough cash to go gawn and Lloyd or should I just hold shaw and stick the rest of the season out with my 5 trades


I had 8 of the Villains and 1 of the Damned.


You swinging Nank?
I wouldn't be doing this if it means Darcy is on field. He is only 19 and won't produce that every week against the biggest men in the league. Get Gawn or Martin


Nah Nank is still in my ruck; I move that Stradinica or whatever his name is to my fwd bench and darcy goes to my ruck bench.


Really torn community, looking to bring gawn in, however i've only got 3 trades left (after scharenberg – witherden). 150k in the bank, do i wave goodbye to Nank the Tank which still leaves me about 60k, or Tommy Lynch (GC) which would wipe out my bank.

Conscious of running out of trades but know Gawn wont get cheaper and will likely outscore both Nank and Lynch


Do you need to trade sharenberg to witherden? What's the benefit? With so few trades left you don't need cash generation. Seems like your trading just for the sake of it


Trading out a on again off again rookie to bring in Gawn is the only reason to make that trade, otherwise i am realistically one premium ruckman short


Hope your premos come good. Trade one out and he'll double ton


Tough call between nank and tjl as to who to drop. I'd prefer to keep both and work a way with whatever rookies you have to make gawn happen.


Why would you trade sherenberg to Witherden with 3 trades left? Only do that if you are facing a donut this week and with 3 trades left you should be at full premo anyway and not worry about JS


Leaving yourself with 2 trades & 7 rounds to go is going to need a lot of luck. It's likely you'll be playing rookies when you could have traded a premo to another premo when they go down. I'd be surprised if Scharenberg didn't get another crack shortly


Trading out Nankervis this week and have 570k to spend on a midfielder. Who should i bring in out of Cripps, Neale, Pendles, J.Selwood or Oliver?


Pendles will go bang this week


If you don't care about his price drop, Jelwood. Otherwise go Neale


Seen players take some low scores after major concussion. Wait and see on Selwood.


I'd go with Cripps


Definitely not Pendles. He has put the que in the rack for the year. Wait 2 weeks and get jelwood for about 450k


Ok, giving that i can get in a forward this week. I can get Heeney but that would mean i have 4 swans on the field, the next best option is Greene, good choice?


Get in pendles


Defence: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Rance, McDonald, LLoyd (Ryan, Scharenberg)

Mid: Danger, Mitchell, Treleor, Crouch, Bont, Sloane, Rockliff, Fyfe (Berry, Perryman, Cousins)

Ruck: Kreuz, Grundy (Cameron)

For: Dahl, Macrae, Buddy, Lynch, Nank, Greenwood, (Bolton, Paraons)

I've got 8 trades left and only 29.1k in the bank. I was thinking maybe berry to witherdern and upgrade greenwood to Yeo?

Any suggestions would be great!


Good choices. I'd actually choose Heeney over yeo though


Keep greenwood for at least 2 more weeks


Greenwood on a negative 8 BE………………


Probably wait a week on greenwood will go up another 50k I'd bring in witherden thoigh


Had it with Roo. Held off on him every year because he's too old to keep his massive ceiling going. Sure enough the year I jump on is the year he hasn't crossed 100 since R6


time for a good old roo cull


Is Wallis playing forward now? Two poor weeks.
I went Pendle for C over Danger. Sums up my life atm.
Thinking of downgrading Witts to Darcy to make a quick 200k.
As I only have 4 trades left this is ridiculous, but I need to turn Scooter into his brother somehow.
Then Darcy to Gawn. Leaving me 1 trade left for season.
I'm clearly mad.


Too many risks and still doing it. Trainwreck. Mustn't of had many when u traded in Wallis.


Yes, clearly.
You don't need Gawn. With 4 trades you need to keep Witts, and possibly scooter if it takes 2 trades to upgrade him


BELLS!!!! Stop trading mate! Get your finger off the mouse. You would have to be insane to trade Witts down to Darcy. Gawn is no Danger. So with 4 trades left he is definitely not a priority. And you don't "need" to turn Scooter into his brother, you want to. But if it means burning multiple trades it's just not worth it. Just chill and don't trade this week. I know it's hard to not pull the trigger, but you'll thank me next week!!

And for Christ sake… Lock Danger in as Captain!!!


Mad. Witts BE 15 points lower than Gawn. May be able to close the gap a bit more over the next couple with Gawn having tough matches. Find a different trade pair to upgrade scooter. Actually. Just ride the scooter for a few more weeks, if he come good could be a straight swap to Rocky or his Bro….hold for now. Cheers Grasshopper


What you are proposing is Supercide … deliberately killing the chances of caring about your results. With one trade left,

What did with not putting the C on Danger (with a whole day to do so after Pendles scored 78) is called Voluntary Coachslaughter.

Forget about Gawn.


Love to hear of who the community think have the best runs home:
I need a midfielder, ruck and forward. 10 trades remaining

Defence: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Hibberd, Rance, Newman, (Ryan, Scharenberg)
Mid: Dangerfield, Tich, Pendles, Hannerbery, Treloar, J Llyod, M.Crouch, Fyfe (Bolton, D. Llyod, Mitch Hibberd)
Ruck: Grundy, Nank, (Strdica)
Forwards: Macrea, Heeney, Dalhuas, Buddy, T Lynch, Greenwood, (Parsons, Eddy)



Parker, Gawn and Greene/Yeo


Thanks Daz – solid options I might grab them all!

James T

Hey guys, heres my squad as of this week

Doc, Laird, Rance, Lloyd, Shaw, Newman (Ryan, Scharenberg)

Danger, Pendles, Merrett, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, WInes SPP (Witherden, Cousins, Hibberd)

Martin, Nank (Strnadica)

Yeo, Dahl, Macrae, Heeney, Buddy, Greenwood (Bolton, Eddy)

9 trades left, $200k in the bank.
Thinking I'll just go SPP up to a premo mid this week out of Neale, Cripps, Rocky? Any suggestions guys?
Cheers 🙂


I like the looks of Parker, think he's turned. Cripps/Neale/Rocky on your choices.


or trade SPP, swing Greenwood to mid, Nank to forward and pick up Gawn, creates ruck cover as well.


This is what I would do

James T

Cheers Defying, would you pull the trigger on that over SPP to Neale?

James T

Cheers Daz, I was looking at Parker too, but feel that would be overkill having 6 Sydney players in my squad hahah. Neale is the one that is really tempting me. I was going to wait another week or two on Gawn and maybe trade Nank to him, but Nank's ruck cover could be invalueable if anything were to happen to Gawn. I'll be tossing and turning all week thinking about Neale or Gawn hmmm.


Hey all,
Any thoughts on my team?? Currently have 7 trades and 140k in the bank.
Looking to upgrade D5/6 and F6, any suggested targets?

Docherty, Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Shaw, Newman (Ryan, Scharenberg)
Danger, Titch, Merrett, Bont, Pendles, Kennedy, Jelwood, Rockliff (Witherden, Fisher, Myers)
Martin, Gawn (Cameron)
Macrae, Dahl, Franklin, Lynch, Higgins, Greenwood (Parsons, Stewart)

Best of luck for the run home!!

Joe T

Is Witherden going to be the only rookie with reasonable JS coming up? I can go Sandi to Gawn without doing a downgrade this week, but I will have to do a downgrade at some point in the next 2 weeks.

If he's not essential I'd rather hold that extra trade for now but if he's the best option for the next couple of weeks ill have to go with it. Witherden just means trading Myers, Schranberg or D. Lloyd and none of those will earn me a heap of cash (not getting Darcy so I can keep Nank DPP)


He certainly looks a quality downgrade whilst giving on field cover if needed. It would be brave to pass on him. I'm at full premmo and will take him with 6 trades left.


Best option maybe for the rest of the year.

Joe T

Cheers guys, I'll still need to do one upgrade in the forward line and will be down to 6 trades after Witherden + Gawn which is why I was a bit hesitant.

He has looked good in both games though so ill bring him in


29 touches 8 marks 6 R 50's at 72% DE. Reasonable for a 2nd gamer. 5 clangers & 2 frees against kept him from a staggering total. If you can get him in it's a no brainer & he has DPP. Wishful thinking to hope for something better down the track

ahmad rubas

first year playing supercoach whats the best way to utilise dpp bench players my bench right now
scharenberg ryan
cunningham fisher greenwood
stewart eddy

whats the best way to use greenwood as a dpp? and im planning to bring witherden in this week what is the best way to use him trade him in as a midfielder or defender and why?


Assuming your field is full premo, just wack them on the bench with a e on, and if they tonne up whip a premo off and put on a floating donut. Here is my setup. You'll see I get quick look at Howe's score before seeing if scooter plays and I want to take it instead. I also get to see if I want Greenwood over Nank. Or scooter over fyfe. Or Greenwood over fyfe Cheers


Do I get Zorko now for greenwood or wait till next week and upgrade greenwood to Dusty?


OMG….. Why are so many people talking about trading Greenwood this week.

Please stop.

Greenwood projected to go up 40k this week and Zorko is projected to drop 33k.


I guess because people want to finish their teams


Damn straight, I think Dusty with 7 games could beat zorko +50 but it's going to be tight. Wait, especially if doing leagues not overall.


Sandi, Sandi, Sandi…. I held you while you had a bit of a spell and now you do this to me.
What to do community!? I have 5 trades left and 3k in the bank. Should I downgrade him to Darcy and throw the hail mary, bank the cash and sideways trade underperforming Mids eg. Fyfe/Priddis or downgrade say a Ryan from the def bench to Witherden and get say Big Maxi Gawn? Always have Nank as cover in the fwd line.
Thoughts, comments and opinions very much appreciated!!


Scooter to Witherden locked in this week, Greenwood to Jelwood in a few so heaps of cash to play with. Not many trades however (7) So should I be getting rid of Fyfe and Shaw? Holding Nank for now.


Hi Joshua.

Scooter to Witherden should be done deal now.

Your trade situation BTW with 7 left is pretty good mate.

The way it is going, Greenwood to Jelwood upgrade in 3 weeks time could be a 'timing" masterpiece. The old sell high and buy low situation in all its glory. Looking to do the same switch myself. That said, the SC gods are watching…….Need I say more.

Now for Fyfe and Shaw.

Do these guys really need to be traded out now? That is the question you have to ask yourself.

You have them, you are stuck with them, BUT they are playing…..

Is Fyfe capable of turning things around? Bloody oath he can.

Heath Shaw should be a hold also, as Zac Williams is injured and will miss another couple.

Hold your trades where you can. They will be gold at the end of the season. Good luck mate.


I would think you would need greenwood fwd/mid and witherden mid/Def for when the dreaded general strikes.