SuperCoach RD15: LekDog’s Cheat Sheet

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G’day Community,

Welcome to a confusing yet slightly arousing Cheat Sheet.

Straight off the bat, I’ve excluded Beech and Brown (both rookies) from the sheet. I do not expect either of them to be named on Thursday, if they are we can revisit this.Β You’ll also notice that the Nank is a trade out, we can discuss this in the comments.

The Nank


After last week I’m a little disheartened (my team isn’t great and I don’t know how to fix it haha) so I’m here for you, let’s turn those frowns upside down…no that’s a smile not an upside down frown.

Hope you’re all enjoying the Sunday JR Academy Contests – nothing like having the odd poke at some free fantasy footy cash. Enter this week’s Hawks v PiesΒ contest here, and while you’re at it – wrap your hands around the toolchest of the best DFS mob in the business – Fantasy Insider – right here.


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Let’sΒ do it in the comments,


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CheatSheet Post


Kyle · 28/06/2017 at 15:35

Love your work lek! i have to hold nank one more week i think. Trying to save the last half dozen trades i have left. Then i can trade nank for gawn and greenwood for a forward maybe. Probably looking at yeo. Sound plan?

Tempted to go nank to gawn this week tho

    Jake.B · 28/06/2017 at 17:16

    I'm i the same boat. I just traded Stewart down and upgrade lynch to Yeo. Next week it's nank to gawn! could potentionally hold for a bit I rekon!

      Northerner · 30/06/2017 at 04:56

      Keep Lynch if you can. Yes he's hurting us, but he's too good a player not to turn it around. He's going to be my F7 and I'll look to loophole him. Those looking for an F7 high ceiling loophole option for finals will have Lynch at ~$370k next week and should be strongly considered at that price.

Bingobangojingojango · 28/06/2017 at 15:38

Team is full premo, 60k in bank. 6 trades left. Do i upgrade shaw or nank or hold my trades? Love your work Lekdog!

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 16:08

    Shaw and Nank are on the edge, but I would be saving those trades for when you really need Them. Give them a few more weeks I reckon.

    Moustachio · 28/06/2017 at 17:56

    Up Nank, hold Shaw I reckon

    Lazza · 28/06/2017 at 22:03

    Neither are Premos… so you are not at full premo.. get rid of them …

      Fisting · 29/06/2017 at 11:18

      Are they on the bench? Not sure how you can be full premo if those two are on field.

    joe · 30/06/2017 at 21:40

    If your team has Shaw and Nank in it, the only way it is "full premo" is if they are on the bench.

Gerard · 28/06/2017 at 15:50

Hey all, need some advice.

Doc, Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Tuohy, Newman (Scharenberg, Ryan)

Danger, Pendles, Bont, Treloar, Hanners, Jelwood, Dusty, Scooter (cousins, Mountford, Hibberd)

Grundy, Nank (Strnadica)

Dahl, Macrae, Heeney, Buddy, GC lynch, Greenwood (Bolton, Brown)

Here are a few options that I have

Downgrade 1 of Scharenberg or Bolton (purely for cash gen)

1) Scooter>Rockliff (leaves me with 200 bucks)

2) Scooter>Yeo (via Greenwood)

3) Scooter>Greene (via Greenwood)

4) Scooter>Stef Martin (via nank)

I have 10 trades left prior to making any.

Thanks all.

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 16:07

    Although it is risky as Rocky hasn't been great the last few weeks returning back from injury, with beams out for a month, I'd assume rocky will be getting some extra points.

    If he has passed his injury troubles he would be a lock to have a great run home as he can dominate the midfield by himself.

    Finnius123 · 29/06/2017 at 00:00

    Yeo is a must have

Winter · 28/06/2017 at 15:58

Not sold on any of the rookies this week

Thoughts on bringing in Witherden, but will be needing to make another downgrade next week

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 16:09

    Wait and see if Brown is named.
    I would expect the pies to give him a few more weeks as they have to set him up for the future.
    Now would be a great time to get some experience into him.

    bUCKET__ · 28/06/2017 at 17:10

    Witherden would make a great swinging donut, if he wasn't playing!

mickyB · 28/06/2017 at 16:02

i want to trade nank and have to trade beams. the 3 mids im looking at are dusty, merret and kelly. if i go nank to greene i cant afford dusty. which mid should i get and is there a better forward option than greene? i have dahl, macrae, heeney and yeo

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 16:10

    Do you have Jelwood?

      MickyB · 28/06/2017 at 17:26

      I think the others are better

      But no i dont have him

        B T · 28/06/2017 at 20:04

        In 2 weeks, Jelwood will be below 500k and probably the lowest he has been at in years. It will be very hard to pass up on him, allows you to save cash and get a top 8 mid for an absolute bargain.

          Daniel Z · 28/06/2017 at 23:25

          Yeah, except for every other year that something similar has happened:

          Year Lowest salary
          2015 479,200
          2013 491,300
          2011 453,000
          2009 489,200

          Apparently, we shouldn't start with Jelwood in odd-numbered years…

            Dean · 29/06/2017 at 22:53

            WAIT and bring in Jelwood in 2 or 3 weeks – He will average the same as Merrett between now and season end yet Jelwood will be over $100k cheaper.

            If Jelwood does play this week, don't be surprised if he scores below his average due to being heavily concussed – It's very normal for a GUN player who has been concussed to score well below average for a week or two.

            Jelwood could quite easily reach $450k or lower if he scores a couple of 80's or lower due to being concussed.

    pod · 28/06/2017 at 20:07

    Zerrett is a gun and good value.

    The Ranger · 29/06/2017 at 23:10

    Merret just keeps getting it done.

Captain Risky · 28/06/2017 at 16:05

As a Nank holder, I'm taking this as a potential positive. Doing the opposite of what's on the cheat sheet seems to be working ok so far!

    SC_Kev7 · 28/06/2017 at 16:56


    He's been going alright Lekdog. Who would've predicted Bont's fall after the first 6-7 rounds he had! Been bloody tough this year

      Captain Risky · 28/06/2017 at 18:26

      Tongue in cheek really, I do like the cheat sheet, promise! , although an added section 'Lekdogs Leftfielders' might be appropriate some weeks.. Tex, Westhoff, lynch etc… although it's hard to pick a forward line winner this year as we all know!

      Truthfully I would trade Nank if I had more trades though. At the moment I have Nank, Buddy and Greenwood at F7 so i am looping one of those 3 each week. Buddy is E this week, if he scores well Nank will be on the bench again..

Seeker · 28/06/2017 at 16:08

Hi Lekdog,

lovely write up. Although I'm loathe to trade a premo, I'm thinking that you are right about Lynch. He's currently 30th ranked fwd, and is averaging 72 since his bye.

I just don't know who to trade him to. I've got $144600 in the bank and was hoping to finalise my last Def.

Do I actually hold, because I also have JJK who's confirm out and Jelwood who might not play and … oh gods its all to much…

    Jake.B · 28/06/2017 at 17:23

    Yep I bit the bullet and traded him to Yeo. Only because I downgraded Stewart and had 147k in the bank beforehand

    Jamie · 29/06/2017 at 00:33

    Dumped him 100k ago fro Waite…. Then swapped for Walters a week later. Burnt trades, still better than lynch though. At this point If you can afford it almost worth keeping him as a loop option. Could still drop 140 in a game.

Dan · 28/06/2017 at 16:26

Got tom lynch. Trade down to Schoenmaker/Cox or hold until Gawnw back (Ryder switched forward). Only got 7 trades and $900 left. I got downgrade Lynch this week and upgrade greenwood to Gawn next week. Only rookies with decent cash are Greenwood, SPP and scharenberg. What should I do?

    Dean · 29/06/2017 at 23:02

    HOLD Greenwood and don't trade him at all, he makes great bench cover in MID/FWD and will continue to do so until the end of the year.

Mattyboy · 28/06/2017 at 16:29

Is it worth looking at Robbie Gray or Luke Parker to fill my M9 ?

    Dega · 28/06/2017 at 16:52

    Not as an m9.
    What is your current midfield?

    The Ranger · 28/06/2017 at 17:00

    Jeez you must be going ok if you can afford either one of those at M9 Matty!
    I prefer my M9 to be a DPP but either of those options are great assuming you can loophole them,

      Mattyboy · 28/06/2017 at 17:03

      sorry guys meant m8….

      Have got Danger Bont Pendles Jelwood Treloar Fyfe Macrae

        B T · 28/06/2017 at 20:06

        I would be more confident in Parker.
        He isn't playing majority forward which means he has a better chance to score well every week.
        Swans are trying to make the 8 and get as high as they can and they need their leaders to do so, I'd expect Parker to have a huge second half of the season. He has already shown some good form post bye.
        He would be the safer option.

    pod · 28/06/2017 at 20:30

    Parker improving and not carrying niggling injury.

      Leeds17 · 29/06/2017 at 06:14

      I think Parker is playing better but not sure the improvement in scoring is real, looks to have just had a couple weeks at a better DE% (well above career DE%) he's shown he can't keep that up, if his disposlal averages had gotten up to last season I would be keen.

    Jamie · 29/06/2017 at 00:34

    Get Macrae into your forward line!!

Stirlsy · 28/06/2017 at 16:33

Nank is tiring and playing sore, and the scores are dropping. Holding this week but he goes out the door next week for Gawn.

Pies and DRAFTSTARS = Stirlsy's return to top 35 this week…..

    SC_Kev7 · 28/06/2017 at 17:54

    Same plan re: Gawn, Stirlsy. Itching to do it this week but got Barrett/TStew to deal with.

    joe · 30/06/2017 at 21:48

    Absolutely. Waiting a week on Gawn may be crucial to affording another trade.

    Good luck to Nank, but even if he scores 100 he's out for mine. He's 22, carrying a ruck division for the first time. He's cooked.

Joshua · 28/06/2017 at 17:20

For Lynch traders, keep in mind he has the Roos this week and with Ablett potentially back, could go back

    MickyB · 28/06/2017 at 17:27

    Not with robbie tarrant all australian 2017 πŸ˜‰

    Joshua · 28/06/2017 at 18:20

    to his best*

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 20:07

    I'm hoping so. Since I've traded him in he has dished out 37 and 39.

      Beezneez · 29/06/2017 at 11:49

      Me too. I have Beams to deal with first so will loophole Greenwood as E with Lynch (using Eddy if needed).

    pod · 28/06/2017 at 20:27

    Could not believe what I saw last time Lynch played. He looked very ordinary dropping easy marks, kicking like a spud but so late in the season got to hold and pray GAJ plays every game.

Alex · 28/06/2017 at 17:21

Leaves me with 3 trades

    redherringfc · 28/06/2017 at 17:28

    Are you full premo? Do you have cover for Beams?

    3 trades is getting into dangerous territory.

    If the answers are yes, then i'd hold on Beams to Bont.

    If you go ahead with them then at least consider White instead of Greenwood, saves you 100k. Don't go chasing last weeks points?

    Cogla13 · 28/06/2017 at 17:47

    Beams to Bont is ok. Then hold, you'll need those trades later.

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 20:08

    Cant be left with 3 trades with still such a long way to go.
    Wasting them now will be your downfall.

garfield_da_cat · 28/06/2017 at 17:25

Is it worth trading sloane out and bringing in bont?

    Free Kick · 28/06/2017 at 17:26


      garfield_da_cat · 28/06/2017 at 18:24

      but teans have figured out that sloane doesn't do well when tagged so he doesn't score well and bont is super cheap?

        Free Kick · 28/06/2017 at 19:09

        Sloane is too good to stay down for long.. Trading premiums often comes back to bite, especially when you need trades at the end.. Back Sloane..

    MickyB · 28/06/2017 at 17:28

    Im thinking of trading sloane next week. Would do it this week but got beams to worry about. Im gunna get dusty or merret

    redherringfc · 28/06/2017 at 17:33

    Yes, for the love of god do it.

    That might be the trade that kicks some life back into Sloane.

    The Ranger · 28/06/2017 at 18:44

    Only if that's your biggest problem Cat, and if it is you're doing bloody well.

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 20:10

    Jeez, that is a tough one. When he isn't tagged he dishes out incredible numbers.
    Although when he is tagged and I presume that, that will be the case for the remainder of the year. He dishes out spud scores.

    Really depends how many trades you have left.

    Tommo09 · 28/06/2017 at 21:46


    Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 21:54

    Hard to say cause if he gets tagged every week, he becomes a spud….anyone else you could trade out for Bont?

      garfield_da_cat · 29/06/2017 at 06:42


        redherringfc · 29/06/2017 at 20:38

        Yes. Again someone has to do something to get these spuds scoring again.

        Take one for the team Garfield, trade them both.

    Beezneez · 29/06/2017 at 11:52

    My wife traded Sloane for Ablett and Fyfe for Beams – that went well last week.

    Willy · 29/06/2017 at 19:02

    meow ive got a saucer for you garfield

Matt · 28/06/2017 at 17:33

Somehow I still don't have Docherty, is it worth just doing it now or waiting a couple of weeks and praying he drops a bit in price?

    Cogla13 · 28/06/2017 at 17:49

    Last game of the season you'll still be waiting. Do it.

    Moustachio · 28/06/2017 at 17:58

    Try to wait until he hits 800k

    Jake.B · 28/06/2017 at 18:16

    I'm in the same boat. Might hold out another week or two and hope he drops back down to about 620 haha.

    INPieman · 28/06/2017 at 19:00

    Sell your family to get him

    Dean · 29/06/2017 at 23:14

    Keep waiting mate, soon he'll be $700k+

Hayfield · 28/06/2017 at 17:41

Would you trade Heppell? Lost a lot of $'S and more to lose with a high BE. Thinking of trading to Z. Merrett who is so consistent or the Bont who is cheap.

    SC_Kev7 · 28/06/2017 at 17:49

    Depends on your situation (how many trades left/upgrades still to make). A 35k upgrade to The Bont is super tempting

Jess · 28/06/2017 at 17:41

11 Trades – 102K
Def: Adams, Shaw, Doch, Touhy, Hibberd (Melb), Newmann (Ryan Hibberd (Nth)
Mid: Danger, Pendles, Fyfe, JPK, Merrett, Bont, S Selwood, Beams (Berry, P-Power, Cousins)
Ruc: Martin, Sandi (Strnadica)
Fwd: Nank, Dahl, Macrae, Lynch, Buddy, Greenwood (Parsons, Eddy)
What trades should I make this week or hold?
Thanks for all your help so far.

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 20:13

    Beams>Premo mid

    Will leave you with some decent cash to trade out Scooter soon.

    Having 9 trades left will really help you in the run home.

Rick Grimes · 28/06/2017 at 17:50

Does White have any JS?

    Mike · 28/06/2017 at 18:05

    I was wondering the same thing

    INPieman · 28/06/2017 at 18:20

    Hard to say. His scoring history is nothing to get excited about. Smells like another trap to me. But the way this season is going who knows

      Don't Blush Baby · 28/06/2017 at 18:33

      Polec,Broadbent back this week ? might have a say but the coach liked what he bought to the team

    Steeeve · 29/06/2017 at 18:31

    Trap. Was standing James Aish last game. Your malnourished son Carl would have tonned up.

Cogla13 · 28/06/2017 at 17:52

Get rid of Beams. Downgrade Berry or PP to Witherden if you need cash to get to your preferred target.

    Cogla13 · 28/06/2017 at 17:52

    Meant to reply to Jess.

Goat · 28/06/2017 at 18:01

Fyfe to Bont? is this necessary or a luxury trade?
Also – any news on Preuss playing? Is a downgrade to Darcy a good move?

    Jess · 28/06/2017 at 18:28

    I traded fyfe last week. The way he's going and cinsidering he's a mid, he's clearly a necessity trade (+10-20 points)

    The Ranger · 28/06/2017 at 18:31

    Any premo – premo is a luxury trade I reckon Goat so unless you're all sorted on every other line I'd hold Fyfe.
    If you are sorted on every other line then do the trade and wait for the SC gods to smite you. That's what usually happens.

    INPieman · 28/06/2017 at 18:39

    That's a luxury trade. You'd want a few in the bank to do it. Fyfe should play this week. Darcy is out for the season & not a good loop option. Go down to Straindick & get another 20k. Brad Scott lied to us about Preuss. Prick

      Beady Eye · 29/06/2017 at 10:32

      Think Goat means Sean Darcy, not a Darcy Cameron.

    CANONLYUSE20WORDSFML · 28/06/2017 at 20:16

    I went Fyfe>Jelwood when Fyfe had his bye.

    Although it hasn't worked out Fyfe has been poor and now with injury news I would recommend you trade him aswell.

    As long as you will still have trades left for the run home.

    Goat · 29/06/2017 at 08:01

    Thanks guys. It feels right and I have 9 in the bank before this week and don't want to miss the Bon on a low.

    Beezneez · 29/06/2017 at 11:58

    Fyfe has been playing injured but may be back this week. Newspaper reported Ross may use him as a forward for his next game. I am thinking if he can get over the injury then he will bounce back. I traded him for Beams to help with the byes – that went well.

cashcows · 28/06/2017 at 18:10

Lack of trades have limited my options. Switched from overall to league focus now.
6 trades left, 160k in the bank.
Eyeing Gawn next week but still got some issues across the board depending on who you consider premo.
Biggest issue would be Nank and TLynch.

Doc, Adams, Laird, Robertson, Shaw, Newman (Ryan, Perryman)
Danger, Neale, Bont, Pendles, Jelwood, Hanners, Treloar, SSelwood (Bolton, Cousins, Junker)
Martin, Nank
Yeo, Macrae, Dahl, TLynch, Heeney, Greenwood (Hannan, Deluca)

What you guys reckon?

    INPieman · 28/06/2017 at 18:26

    Make the 160 count. Hold this week if you can. Nank to Gawn next week looks good. Hopefully the cash left can allow a Selwood exchange in a few weeks

      cashcows · 28/06/2017 at 19:04

      thanks for the look in INP. You think TLynch is more of a concern than SSelwood? Or is loading up the engine room better than doing an upgrade on Lynch, and just stick with greenwood as F6?
      Wanted greenwood as my mid/fwd bench cover, thoughts?

        Free Kick · 28/06/2017 at 19:15

        I'd downgrade Hannan to grab some more cash then Nank to Gawn and S Selwood to Dusty or Zerret.

        INPieman · 28/06/2017 at 20:00

        Mids are more important than forwards & Scooter has a dodgy hammy. Jelwood is far more durable. I think anyone with Lynch would love to get rid of him. Me included. But trades are low & he can score. I like Free Kicks suggestion but it would leave you at 3 trades with more than 1/3 of the season to go. Couple of weeks of carnage & your playing players you don't want to. Be very careful using those last 6 bullets. Like I said use the 160 wisely & try to get 2 players you want in your team & leave 4 for carnage & pray. I'm sure the gods are not done with us yet

Jake.B · 28/06/2017 at 18:22

My team with 8 trades to go & 126k in the bank!

Hurley, Laird, Hibberd, Newman, Shaw & Lloyd (ryan/witherden)

Danger, kelly, merrett, zorko, Pendlebury, Oliver, Bonti & fyfe (fischer/miles/deluca)

Grundy & Nank

Yeo, Macrae, Dahlhaus, Franklin, Higgins & Greenwood (Parson/Bolton)

Obviously without Docherty who I still could potentially get in but apart from that does it look like a serviceable/solid team?

    Jim · 28/06/2017 at 18:56

    That is my defence except I traded Newman to Docherty already

Dougal · 28/06/2017 at 18:23

Hi community,

Thanks for that cheat sheet Lek!
As a poor soul who's holding both T Nankervis (F5) and T Lynch (F6). Who's the priority to trade? Or hold both?

Looking at upgrading T Stewart down back for D6. Probably to Lloyd (though that would leave me with 5 Swans – Heeney, Franklin, Hanneberry, Newman). Or do I trade Stewart down to a rookie and upgrade that forward line? Or someone cheaper than Lloyd?

Currently $161k in bank and 9 trades. The Stewart to Lloyd leaves me with $55k for the Lynch/Nankervis upgrade (probably not enough).

Thanks in advance community. Decisions, decisions.

    Dougal · 28/06/2017 at 18:26

    Forwards are Macrae, Dahlhaus, Heeney, Franklin. Missed Greenwood.
    Defence holds Docherty, Laird, Adams, Newman, Shaw.

      The Ranger · 28/06/2017 at 18:35

      Get Lloyd Dougal, too much value to miss out on.
      Then ditch another rookie this week if you can to raise funds for an upgrade to your fwds next week.

        pod · 28/06/2017 at 20:10

        Agree with Ranger.

    TOPHAWK1 · 28/06/2017 at 19:53

    Grab Lloyd for Stewart. That has to be done now IMO. I agree that $55K in the bank will be enough to do the straight Nank to Gawn switch. (Prob 40K short). I reckon you need to use your second trade this week for a downgrade to a rook like C Brown, M White (bubblies) or Witherden to raise some cash. Then next week you can go Nank to Gawn without a care in the world and still have 6 trades! I reckon having 6 trades going into round 17 is decent. I will only have 5.

    Good luck!

      TOPHAWK1 · 28/06/2017 at 19:53

      *not enough

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 20:18

    I have both and I think I'm going to hold both, at least for a little longer. Hoping that they can bounce back into some form.

SirSamuel016 · 28/06/2017 at 18:37

Got one predicament with trades this week in whether I should prioritise upgrading Tom Stewart and wait a week to trade nank or trade nank now and hold stewart for a week. Other trade I'm making this week is barrett to white.

    INPieman · 28/06/2017 at 19:15

    Upgrade Stewart. Lots of good defensive options. Nank to Gawn next week looks a nice trade

      SirSamuel016 · 28/06/2017 at 20:20

      Thanks for the advice INP. With $472k odd to use, I think I'll look at Montagna or someone cheaper like Birchall.

        INPieman · 28/06/2017 at 20:44

        If you haven't got Lloyd get him over Joey or Birch. And depending on your trade situation Stewart to Witherden is a nice cash grab & a good rookie in return with DPP

          SirSamuel016 · 28/06/2017 at 22:18

          Yeah I have Lloyd, Doch, Adams, Rance and Shaw in the backline. If I make the two trades this round I'll have 7 left so upgrading is the way I need to go.

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 20:19

    Stewart>Premo Defender

    Next week

      B T · 28/06/2017 at 20:20

      That is if you have Stewart on field.
      If not go

      Tyruddanaut · 28/06/2017 at 21:06

      Haha when I saw this I thought you were saying Stewart is better than a premo Defender

    Haze · 29/06/2017 at 00:31

    Was all set to cash in Stewart to a rookie to free up cash to fix Nank issue (have him in the ruck).
    Now I have beams plus Barrett's high BE to deal with.

    Do I trade Barrett to a rookie (witherden or brown) then go Beams to premo mid (currently have danger, Merrett, tmitch, jelwood, Bont, SPP)
    Or trade Barrett to rookie, then trade beams, swing Greenwood to mids, swing Nank forward leaving me to bring in Gawn or Kruzer?
    Going for league win and I still have 14 trades and $74k in bank. Thoughts?

Nick · 28/06/2017 at 18:55

I have neither of Bont or Jelwood and one premo spot left in mids. Surely it makes sense to hold until jelwood drops to Low hundreds rather than Bont now at low 5 hundreds. Can anyone not see jelwood as a top ten mid and bargain of the year at his predicted price in the next week or 2.

    INPieman · 28/06/2017 at 19:07

    Wait for Jelwood & send Ballantyne a bunch of flowers if you have someone decent to hold the spot like Greenwood. If your running a crap rookie at M8 move now on Bont

      Nick · 28/06/2017 at 22:24

      Thanks Pieman will do. I have J loyde at M8 for now, who will drop back to replace Shaw and make room for Jelwood when he bottoms out.

    Boi · 28/06/2017 at 23:17

    If Jelwood gets in the 400s then he will be bargain of the decade.

Bobbybots · 28/06/2017 at 19:01

I need one more mid, fwd and ruck.
I want Heeney, Gawn and jelwood.
10'trades left.
Have Stewart, berry, SPP, sharenberg, cousins, parsons, Hannan and greenwood as playing (when named) bench.

I want Gawn next week selwood in a few and heeney whenever.
Who should I trade out, when and who for?

    Free Kick · 28/06/2017 at 19:13

    Stewart has fractured his eye socket so trade him and Berry or SPP would be my next choice, downgrade them to any available bubble boys and cash up for your upgrades.. Then grab Gawn and Jelwood at their cheapest..

TOPHAWK1 · 28/06/2017 at 19:38

"Basher" Houli has received a new invitation to attend the AFL tribunal on Thursday evening.

The AFL has appealed the 2 week suspension handed out by the tribunal as "manifestly inadequate".

Well done AFL!

You have actually made a good decision for a change.

Character "references" by politicians or celebrities whether good or bad, should bear no influence on the penalty imposed for an off the ball "dog" act committed on the football field. He did what he did. Period.

Hopefully, Houli is going to get some extra holiday time. Nothing less than 4 weeks is acceptable IMO.

    pod · 28/06/2017 at 20:05

    Do players get to challenge a tribunal finding? Should work both ways or not at all.

      TOPHAWK1 · 28/06/2017 at 20:28

      Of course players can challenge MRP/Tribunal rulings.

      Let's say Houli ends up with a 4 week suspension on Thursday night, Richmond/Houli can appeal that decision also.

      I know they won't, because they know 4 weeks is what he should have got in the first place.

        pod · 28/06/2017 at 20:32

        True, just never hear of any, too risky for the player/team. No risk for the AFL.

          hedski · 28/06/2017 at 20:44

          Schofield challenged this week Pod and got off.

          TOPHAWK1 · 28/06/2017 at 20:50

          There have been many successful club/player challenges after a guilty-suspension verdict.

          Remember Steele Sidebottom in 2014 when he copped 4 weeks for "rough conduct" against Mav Weller (Saint Kilda)?

          Collingwood/Sidebum appealed that decision by the tribunal and it was reduced to 3 weeks…….

    INPieman · 28/06/2017 at 21:02

    A highly talented heart surgeon died today from a random sucker punch. A reference from the PM to get down to 2 weeks is an absolute disgrace. It's a shocking example to future generations. Thug act suspensions should be enormous to stamp that shit out

      TOPHAWK1 · 28/06/2017 at 21:22

      You are so right Pieman.

      A heart surgeon is killed for asking a bloke not to smoke in front of the hospital entrance. Gee wizz…what a tragedy.

      I know this is a fantasy footy forum where this kinda stuff should not be discussed, but sometimes you just have to say something.

      I do not have any issue with Houli as a person, but punishment must fit any poor act on the footy field.

      Cheers mate.

        Daniel Z · 28/06/2017 at 23:40

        Whenever I see an incident like this, I wonder 'what would happen if it wasn't on a footy field?"

        I'm always surprised that a guy who knocks another player out is allowed to finish the game and face consequences a week later. It just seems that if he put his team at a disadvantage by being red-carded (and reported), it might deter similar behaviour in the future.

      Leeds17 · 29/06/2017 at 20:18

      lets not confuse what Houli did with a King Hit.

    Tyruddanaut · 28/06/2017 at 21:04

    But…… it's Malcolm Turnbull…… Waleed Ali

      Billioux · 28/06/2017 at 22:55

      Agree with these thoughts totally. Good words.

    Cogla13 · 29/06/2017 at 08:49

    Richmond will try again to downgrade it from intentional to careless which would leave it at 2 weeks. But suspect the public pressure will insure they increase the suspension to at least 3 weeks regardless.

    Bock Choy · 29/06/2017 at 13:57

    I was expecting a suspension of 2 weeks, so when that was given, I was not surprised. It was clearly never the intent of Houli to strike Lamb in the face, especially given the strike did deflect off his shoulder. It is also very difficult to knock someone out while actually trying to run away from them.

    Also, I do not believe that Oliver was staging with the Schofield strike. A forearm can generate tremendous power and a light clip to the right spot on the jaw is enough to drop someone, even if only for an instant. It did appear the tribunal came to their decision without any expertise in martial arts.

    Kindergarten Cop · 29/06/2017 at 19:02

    Stop Whining! STOP IT NOW

Randomcliche · 28/06/2017 at 20:21

Lekdog coloured Howe in Carlton colours…Bloody wishful thinking there!

    INPieman · 28/06/2017 at 21:15

    Maybe he meant Daisy

    Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 21:15

    I bet Melbourne wish they had him back…he's played much better at Collingwood.

      Sana · 30/06/2017 at 14:38

      Nah Melbourne are OK mate

    Daniel Z · 28/06/2017 at 23:40

    I saw that too and thought, man with Docherty and Simpson, that'd be a formidable back line.

B T · 28/06/2017 at 20:22

Should I look at moving on Scooter this week?

Rocky or Parker?

    Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 21:15

    I guess wait till teams come out tomorrow, I'm gonna hold regardless, unless they say he's out for 2 weeks +

Mac · 28/06/2017 at 20:49

My team 9 Trades $295,400

Def. Doc Laird Lloyd Simpson Rance Newman ( Stewart Witherden )

Mid. Danger Martin Titch Ablett Oliver Treloar Adams Fyfe ( Scooter SPP JDC )

Ruc. Martin Sandi ( Strdn )

Fwd. Yeo JJK Dahl Nank ABN Greenwood (Parsons Bolton )

Thinking next week Sandi to Gawn.
My question for the community is should i trade stewart to get Adams into backline (newman D7)
and pick up Bont or just start loading up forward line ( 3 of greene macrae heeney wallis )

Just outside top 1000 so going for leagues.

Any thoughts much appreciated

    Tyruddanaut · 28/06/2017 at 21:03

    Trade out Newman for Adams. Newman won't score nearly as well as Adams but is also wasted on the bench.
    I would trade Newman, move Adams back, move Bolton mid and sub Scooter into play. Then choose a forward of your liking. I would recommend Macrae, Heeney or Buddy.
    Also a second trade of downgrading Stewart may be necessary so you can double upgrade next week

      Mac · 28/06/2017 at 21:19

      Thanks Tyruddanaut makes sense.
      Only problem is that i went Otten to Witherden last thurs.( because Ryan was on ext. bench)
      Would u recommend getting a non playing rookie for Stewart or too risky

        Tyruddanaut · 29/06/2017 at 07:48

        No need. Brennan Cox is on the bubble this week and is a Def/Fwd. I wouldn't worry about his JS as much because with Fyfe coming back the obvious replacement is Josh Deluca-Cardillo. He should last a while and at 117k, he fits your team

Tyruddanaut · 28/06/2017 at 20:58

You want me to trade out Nank AND Lynch Lekdog? Worst idea ever.
I have 4 trades left and one of them is set in stone so 3 that I can use. I would actually trade in Lynch this week, if I didn't have him

    Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 21:12

    Maybe he meant Nank and Lynch assuming you had 10 trades + left…I wouldn't do anything if I were you, unless I had to, no offence but I think you might be struggling to make it the end of the season with only 4.

    TOPHAWK1 · 28/06/2017 at 22:09

    What? Only 4 trades left mate!

    You are starting to run out of options.

    1- Do not waste another trade getting in Tom J lynch……or trading him out…he has burnt me and you.
    2- Next week you can grab Gawn for the Nank. U have the $90K for the straight switch mate?

      Tyruddanaut · 29/06/2017 at 07:49

      Yeah, I have the 90k, but I'm strongly considering Scooter for Jelwood. Which one do you think is better

    Cogla13 · 29/06/2017 at 08:36

    Grasshopper go Bang Bang!

Mike · 28/06/2017 at 20:59

Bont or T . Mitchell

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 23:15


    Very good value atm.

      jez_m · 29/06/2017 at 10:20

      Agreed. Bont is a value buy this week.

Jordan · 28/06/2017 at 21:04

Hi Community!
I have 8 trades left and 50k
here are my options for this week
Option 1: beams to shuey/Bont
Option 2:beams to shuey/Bont and shaw to hibberd
Option 3:beams to Neale
Option 4 Ainsworth to witherdon and beams to any mid(maybe Merrett)

Thanks in advance!!!!

    Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 21:08

    I reckon just Beams to Bont Jordan, and save the rest.

    Tyruddanaut · 28/06/2017 at 21:10

    Pocket the cash with Beams to Bont

    INPieman · 28/06/2017 at 21:17

    Beams to Neale. Only plays as a Mid

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 23:14

    Bont back in form and is crucial for the Doggies run home.

    Beams>Bont is a great idea.

      Cogla13 · 29/06/2017 at 08:34

      I wouldn't say he is in good form on the back of one game. Bont plays forward to much as well.

Tyruddanaut · 28/06/2017 at 21:09

What's everyone's predictions on the top PODs?
I think that someone like McEvoy could be worth a look and maybe even an underperforming midpricer like Mills or Vlaustin

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 23:13

    Very risky business but could be just what some need to boost themselves up the rankings.

    High risk v high reward.

    Randomcliche2 · 29/06/2017 at 01:01

    Howe still very low ownership….Harbrow to finish strong after a mid season break. Kruezer not owned by enough but he's expensive as a PM character reference….

    jez_m · 29/06/2017 at 10:14

    Everyone was talking about Vlaustin during the pre-season and how he would get more midfield time this year. Avoid like the plague.

James T · 28/06/2017 at 21:15

Hey guys, here's my team down below. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚ $125k in bank and 11 trades left.

Doc, Laird, Lloyd, Rance, Shaw, Newman (Sharenberg, Ryan)

Danger, Pendles. Zerrett, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Wines, SPP (Cousins, Berry, Hibberd)

Stef, Nank (Strnadica)

Dahl, Macrae, Heeney, Buddy, Petracca, Greenwood (Eddy, Bolton)


    Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 21:20

    Giday James, you're in a good position, Team's pretty good.

    I would go Berry out for Witherden, and Petracca out for Yeo or Billings.

      James T · 28/06/2017 at 21:25

      Thanks for the response Russty, I always look out for when I see you post πŸ™‚

      I was 100% thinking the same in regards to the Berry to Witherden trade… but I hadn't considered trading Petracca until now. Was just thinking of him as my POD fwd.

      Is that Petracca trade more urgent compared to me trading out Shaw to Adams? or Nank to Gawn next week?

      Thanks mate!

        Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 21:34

        Hey James, I think Berry has to go…low scoring trend, and Petracca needs to make way for a proper premium forward for you who'll get you good points every week, not just 75 to 80.

        Greenwood could be a keeper which will mean your fwd line is complete if you get Yeo or Billings.

        Nank and Shaw can wait as they're not injured and could turn their recent bad form around.

          James T · 28/06/2017 at 21:45

          Cheers Russty, I feel the same about Berry. He served his purpose and Witherden will be the man to replace. And you are right about Petracca, Yeo would probably be the pick for me.. but I must admit Toby Greene/J. Cameron are tempting me too.

          Yes that is true, I planned on trading Greenwood once/if he started to dip so I'll keep that in mind.

          True! But it could also be a good shout next week to go SPP to Adams, Nank to Gawn and keep Shaw until Jelwood is bottomed out, swing Adams to def and Shaw almost straight to Jelwood? What do you reckon? Thanks mate

            Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 21:53

            Yeah I'd wait till Selwood and Gawn have reached achievable break-evens and then look to get em in…then you'll have a kickass team for the finals.

            I'd be looking to get Selwood and Gawn in before Adams….your backline might be fine if Shaw gets some form back soon.

              James T · 28/06/2017 at 22:10

              Yeah good suggestions, thanks mate! Yeah I hope so, my gameplan was always to push hard late and save trades as most people run out even before finals!

              Selwood will be a steal for the price and Gawn will be a must have in my book, Adams is just going to be tempting for his lowest price of the year next week is all haha. Hows your squad looking as of now Russty?

                Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 22:24

                I'm pretty happy with it James, except for Lynch (Adelaide) being out this week..I'm ranked in the low 3000's but not really playing for rank this year, just league wins.
                Still have 9 trades left so i'm hoping Fyfe and Scooter play this week so I can hang onto them for this week.

                Good luck mate…hope you come home strong.

                  James T · 28/06/2017 at 22:34

                  Ah sorry to hear mate, Lynch is an excellent POD I would have thought, plays a big part in that great crows squad. League bragging rights are better anyways πŸ™‚ Fyfe better get up, I need him back and healthy, ill pray that Scooter plays for you Russty.

                  Cheers mate!! You too!

jez_m · 28/06/2017 at 21:26

I wouldn't be advocating a Schoenmakers trade in. Stratton is due back from injury soon and I suspect that Schoey will be the man who makes way.

    Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 21:30

    You'd have to desperate wouldn't ya?….trading in The Cobbler.

      jez_m · 29/06/2017 at 10:16

      Yep. Hawthorn have said that Stratton is available this week, so I'd expect him to come straight back in. Schoenmakers drops out, Sicily goes forward and Stratton slots into defence.

    HuI · 28/06/2017 at 23:12

    Yep he will be out very soon

Finnius123 · 28/06/2017 at 21:28

If sandi is not named would anyone go early on him to Gawn? I have cover but it would mean starting lynch on field and not loopholing him with nank.

    Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 21:42

    $550K isn't too bad a price for the best Ruck in the competition, and playing Lynch might not be such a bad thing, you'd have to think he can turn it around soon as he's capable of much more than the lousy 30 somethings he's put up lately, he hasn't actually had such a bad year barring some crappy scores if you look at his season's record.

Say NO to Drafts · 28/06/2017 at 21:28

When I click the ''çheat sheet' button i do not want to see an add for draft stars, so can you add a button that says "bugger off im never going to play draftstars" ?

    Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 21:46

    I don't mind it mate, I reckon Jock and his crew have been doing this caper for a long time trying to build their brand probably for zero or very little profit and a lot of time put in…so, if there is some extra advertising/diversifying, whatever you want to call it, for them to be able to deliver our favourite Footy Forum fulltime, I'm all for it.

    P.S, there are free Draftstars games to play….and it's quite fun!

Jordan · 28/06/2017 at 21:57

Dusty, Neale, merret or Bont for last premium spot

    Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 22:26

    I'd want Merrett if I had to choose out of those 4…he's a solid option.

    B T · 28/06/2017 at 23:10

    Hard to pass up on any of those players but…

    Bontempelli at that price is VERY hard to pass up.

Russty_ · 28/06/2017 at 22:16

Should've listened to Ranger last week, I was asking the community whether or not I should trade out Koby Stevens (who dropped two 50's scores the last two weeks) to Tom Lynch (Adelaide).

Low and behold, Stevens scores a 97 and Lynch scores a 77 and is now out of this round with some kind of mystery FKN Virus!

Not meaning to be a whiner, cause I hate whiners, but in hindsight, it's a trade I shouldn't have done because it wasn't necessary.

Let that be a lesson to all you fellow, non whiners out there, don't trade unless it's necessary! lol

    Boss · 28/06/2017 at 23:10

    Its just been one of those seasons.

    Its happened to everyone, don't feel to bad about it.

    Randomcliche2 · 29/06/2017 at 01:03

    Might just use my last two trades next week so I do think have to make any more mistakes…hehhehe

Karamal-Kid · 28/06/2017 at 22:35

I think I will trade Barrett for Witherdon which will give me enough cash to get Zerrett this week and Sandi for Gawn the following week. I have cover for Sandi but sick of wondering what is really wrong with the big fella.
Still tempted to get Bontempelli instead of Zerrett which would free up an extra $70K for any emergency trade in the run home to my league finals and perhaps to use if/when I trade Greenwood for my last spot in my 22. Thoughts community?

Noah · 28/06/2017 at 22:37

Advice on this trade:
t stewart – witherden
buddy – docherty

    Donkey · 28/06/2017 at 23:07

    Not a great idea

    Why would you trade Buddy?

    What is your current forward line?

    What is your current backline?

    jez_m · 29/06/2017 at 10:19

    Yes to the first trade, no to the second.

Pete · 28/06/2017 at 23:46

Does Rockliff score more with Beams out?
I heard Zorko got tagged out last game, would this lead more points Rocky's way?
I haven't had a chance to watch Brissie play this year…
Any help would be awesome, considering Rocky for my final mid spot.

    Haze · 29/06/2017 at 00:49

    Rocky has super good ceiling and yes, should score more with Beams out. I am a lions supporter and the issue is on the games we suck, players just don't get enough points. In saying that Rocky tends to top score though and loves being the main mid so beams out will help him. Zorko has had a super year, just had a quiet game last week

      Pete · 29/06/2017 at 07:23

      Thanks mate, do other teams ever bother tagging rocky?
      Wasn't he injured recently too, would you get him as your last pick mate or would you go Neale or zerret.

        Haze · 29/06/2017 at 10:38

        He does gets tagged now and then, but doesnt bother his scores too much. And yes, just coming back from injury so is risky. I tend to avoid him as he is very up and down (although his up is super good – depends on your team balance). If you have enough consistent players, he is always a good option. For a safer pick, go Merrett

          Pete · 29/06/2017 at 16:27

          Thanks haze, your a champ, very helpful info mate

Daniel Z · 28/06/2017 at 23:56

I'm at a bit of a loss as there seems to be issues across all lines on my team (even issues that weren't there 1-2 weeks ago).
I have 10 trades left and 84k in the bank.

D: Docherty / Howe / Lloyd / Newman / Harbrow / Hibberd // Shaw / Stewart (injured)
M: Danger / Pendles / Oliver / Adams / Ebert / Hanneberry / Priddis / SSelwood // Fyfe (injured) / DLloyd / Cousins
R: Martin / Kreuzer // Sandi (injured)
F: Franklin / Nankervis / Pedersen / Greenwood / Hannan / Bolton // JJK (injured) / Parsons

I'm reasonably happy with my backs and rucks, although I need to clear out some $ from the bench (I missed d/g Luke Ryan by 1 second last weekend…). I wanted to move Adams back into defense and have JLloyd take over M9 spot (don't know if I'll be able to get there now). Mids, I'm concerned most about Priddis and Fyfe and don't want to have $ on the bench to loophole one of them. My forwards are a hot mess and have been most of the year – I am targeting Yeo and one of Macrae / Dahl / Heeney (for now – again, don't think I'll have the trades or $ for two of them).

What would you do if this was your team (aside from start planning for 2018)?

    Daniel Z · 28/06/2017 at 23:57

    Sorry, I don't know why I put Sandi in – I traded him out two weeks ago for Kreuzer.
    Replace Sandi with CAMERON.

    Tyruddanaut · 29/06/2017 at 08:05

    Stewart should be your first out. Move Adams to your back line and Bolton to your midfield. With the money upgrade your forward line ASAP.
    Next decide out of Newman or Shaw (I'd go Shaw) for who to give the boot and downgrade to Brennan Cox.
    This should give you 200 odd dollars in the chest

    Next week trade out Hannah and Parsons and move Cox forward via DPP.
    Ins: Witherden and Premo forward.
    6Trades left

    Boner Contention · 29/06/2017 at 10:20

    C'mon DeeZee, keep positive…lol
    Shaw to Cox / Ryan and Yeo in for Lloyd. Bolton to mid bench.

DumbStruck · 29/06/2017 at 00:05

WTF Houli gets 2 for an errant backhander that KO'd lamb but Dusty didn't even get a fine for the throat punch that put Ed Curnow in hospital with a bruised larynx. I'm not suggesting that the match review panel are racist or play favourites but I'm sure Dusty would have copped a couple if the media even mentioned it once.

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 17:39

    Alright mate

Jamie · 29/06/2017 at 01:11

Is newman to Adams a must next week? Adams is due an injury surely??

    Cogla13 · 29/06/2017 at 07:49

    Nobody is "due" an injury.

    Tyruddanaut · 29/06/2017 at 08:06

    Why do you say that? A history of injury proneness doesn't mean he still is. With ruckmen it's a different story because their jobs put lots of strain on legs

    Bruh · 29/06/2017 at 17:38

    People still tend to find excuses when they miss out on one of the best premos for the year.

    He has played every game this year, and at a high level I might add.

Ja191 · 29/06/2017 at 07:03

Message for the fyfe holders. Ross said he may put Fyfe permanent forward if he comes back this week

    INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 07:32

    Same bloke that said Sandi would only miss a week with a tight hammy

      Sensat22 · 29/06/2017 at 08:19

      Yeah Pieman, he sure doesn't have Sandi in his team like me. I have had Ryder to cover via his non playing team mate with the odd name but will trade Sandi out in week 16 just when he returns ahh. Thanks Rosser you tosser.
      Hey Pieman who is very knowledgeable at SC. I am sideways trading Heppell is is ordinary for Zac Merrett – expensive or Bont who is cheap for my last mid spot. Who do ya reckon?

        INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 09:15

        I've been patiently holding Sandi as well. Trades are not unlimited unfortunately. Over the last 6 weeks Bont has played a lot of time forward & his scoring has been impacted. With the exception of last week. Zerrett can only play in the guts. I'd go zerrett

          Horse · 29/06/2017 at 10:37

          Thanks mate.
          When are you trading Sandi – week 16?

            INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 10:53

            See how he looks this week

            Finnius123 · 30/06/2017 at 00:51

            Burning him for Gawn next week

      Tibor · 29/06/2017 at 11:31

      In future seasons will give serious consideration to avoiding any player in ross' team. Always plenty of options

    Boner Contention · 29/06/2017 at 10:24

    If he snags a couple of goals, plays like a mid then his score has to be better than now. Go Ross you beauty

Big F · 29/06/2017 at 07:30

hey lads… need some advice….. fyi only going for leagues.

6 trades left…. yes its dangerously low with $539k to spend.

Is it worth trading stewart to lloyd leaving newman as D7 , and always having decent cover for the rest of the year ?

Am thinking of trading hannan to R.Gray via greenwood for my last mid spot, this would leave SSelwood as my M9 , too dodgy to use as bench cover for the rest of the year??

also need to use 1 trade next week for sandi > gawn

i'm hoping form there i'lll just glide into league finals hahahahaha * shit is def doing to hit the fan*

    Derek · 29/06/2017 at 08:29

    If going for leagues you need trades up your sleeve.

    If you are in the top 4 or confident you will make finals, I would hold back

      plugger · 29/06/2017 at 14:17

      hold off on trade, stewart will not be out all that long may even come back next week

Doc · 29/06/2017 at 07:56

Doch, Adams, Laird, hibberd, Lloyd, Shaw (Stewart, Junker)

Danger, Zerret, Titch, Pendles, Hanners, Jelwood, Bont, Steven (Bolton, Hewett, Greenwood)

Witts, Gawn (Strndica)

Yeo, Dahl, McRae, Wallis, JJK, Hannan (Bayok, Nank)

Will look to trade Hannan to a forward in the next couple of weeks (will have 550k to spend) – thoughts on best target (? Billings)

Any other major issues to fix?

    Doc · 29/06/2017 at 07:57

    Sorry, Newman is at D7 (not STEWART).

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 17:36

    Newman > Witherden
    No point in having him as a D7

    Hannan > Heeney

Joe T · 29/06/2017 at 09:31

Thinking Hannan to Brown or Cox and Barrett to Zach Merrett. Good POD premo option or should I look at JPK to finish off my midfield?

    jez_m · 29/06/2017 at 10:17

    I like the Merrett trade. I wait until teams are named tonight though until trading in Brown or Cox – both have shaky job security.

Morphintime · 29/06/2017 at 10:08

nic newman….

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 29/06/2017 at 10:58

    holding. if you've already got guys like Laird, Doch, Adams, Lloyd, Hibberd, etc. I can't justify attempting to trade him up. who else is there? Roberton? Hurley? that's about it

    plugger · 29/06/2017 at 14:15

    has premo like scores, definitely a hold

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 17:34

    Easily a good D6

    Tehee · 29/06/2017 at 19:01

    doesn't like guessing sentences

    redherringfc · 29/06/2017 at 20:40

    Who to?

    It's probably a wasted trade.

Sellars1226 · 29/06/2017 at 10:09

Gawn or Kreuzer?

    jez_m · 29/06/2017 at 10:17


    Robert · 29/06/2017 at 13:11


    plugger · 29/06/2017 at 14:15

    gawn but wait until next week

KrazeeEyezK1lla · 29/06/2017 at 10:14

Billings worth a look? Averaging 109 since round 7. one spud score in there and the rest over 100, and a couple 130+. nice little POD if he can average 100 in the way home

    SC_Kev7 · 29/06/2017 at 11:10

    Don't mind him. Suspect a lot of teams have at least one KPF and my god man they've been shite of late! (looking at you, Lynch!)

      KrazeeEyezK1lla · 29/06/2017 at 11:41

      think I'll roll the dice. not in any cash leagues, so just going for overall position. not going to win, so stuff it, let's see how he goes!

Matt · 29/06/2017 at 10:28

Thoughts on these trades:
Nank to witherden
Stewart to doc

    Derek · 29/06/2017 at 12:07

    have you got anyone else besides nank you can trade out to get cash?

      Matt · 29/06/2017 at 16:59

      Only one that gives me enough to get Doc in

Big G · 29/06/2017 at 10:32

Interesting no callum brown in the cheat sheet? Is his js that bad?

    SC_Kev7 · 29/06/2017 at 11:13

    Hasn't set the world on fire so far and the Pies need a re-jig up forward, might get squeezed out.

    INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 11:23

    If Jamie Elliott passes a fitness test today he's likely to make way

      Robert · 29/06/2017 at 13:11

      or he makes way for the superstar Cox

      Stuffla · 29/06/2017 at 17:33

      I think he is a huge priority and the way Buckley has been speaking about him, I'd expect him to get a few more games at least.

    BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 18:03

    He made mention of him in his intro to the post (before you click the link)

Haze · 29/06/2017 at 10:41

Was all set to cash in Stewart to a rookie to free up cash to fix Nank issue (have him in the ruck).
Now I have beams plus Barrett's high BE to deal with. Stewart can wait as he wont drop in price

Do I trade Barrett to a rookie (witherden or brown) then go Beams to premo mid (currently have danger, Merrett, tmitch, jelwood, Bont, SPP), leaving Martin and Nank as ruck.

Or trade Barrett to rookie, then trade beams, swing Greenwood to mids, swing Nank forward leaving me to bring in Gawn or Kruzer?
Going for league win and I still have 14 trades and $74k in bank. Thoughts?

    Beezneez · 29/06/2017 at 12:57

    I have the same issues and have been trying to upgrade Barrett to a premo but now I also have to deal with Beams. 14 trades gives you a great opportunity to fix your problems in the next week or so. I wish I had 14 and all my problems would be solved – i.e Lynch, Nank, Shaw and Barrett. You could trade in two rookies (Brown this week and Witherden next) and trade in a premo for Beams and depending on the$$$ could get a premo for Barrett or another rookie (if you trade out Barrett this week – price is expected to drop $22K next week). I would do these if I had 14 trades but I have more $$$. For me, Fisher to Jelwood in round 15 or 16 is looking good after doing Beams to Zerrett and Barrett to Witherden this round – Fisher/Bolton to C Brown was another extra option for more $$$ but don't want to use any more trades than I need to. For me, Greenwood and Witherden should be good loophole options.

Jim · 29/06/2017 at 11:54

Think my team is just about premo, anywhere you reckon needs work on?

DEF: Doch, Roberton, J.Lloyd, Tuohy, Newman, Hibberd (Scharenberg, Ryan)

MIDS: Danger (C), Titch, Zerrett, Sloaney, Bont (VC), Oliver, Adams, Fyfe (M.White, Florent, D.Lloyd)

RUCK: S.Martin, J.Witts (L.Strndica)

FWD: Dahl, NankTank, Higgins, Hoskin-Elliot, Steele, Greenwood (J.Stewart, B.Eddy)

Steele is probs next to go on my radar. Got 7 trades left and not much in the kitty..

    Just Sayin · 29/06/2017 at 12:32

    You r about 5 short of full premo
    With 7 trades good luck.

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 29/06/2017 at 12:51

    yeah sorry jim, not near full premo by a long way. you've got maybe 1 legitimate premo forward. that line needs a lot of work. 7 trades and not much money isn't a great situation to be in.

    when did you bring M White in? this week? maybe reverse that trade and save the money

      Jim · 29/06/2017 at 17:21

      This week, if he is named I'll be starting him

    B-rian · 29/06/2017 at 13:07

    Agree with the others jim. Forward line is very bad

    Jim · 29/06/2017 at 17:20

    Steele, WHE, Nank probs trade.

    I'm gonna keep Greenwood

    Higgins stays.

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 17:30

    Shocker of a fwd line.
    No where near full premo.

      Community Member · 29/06/2017 at 17:35

      Jeez boys, can we try and help out rather than just giving Jim snide comments?!
      If you haven't got any useful suggestions just don't bother commenting.

    BockChoy · 29/06/2017 at 19:29

    Suggest you give the forward line a jolt by paint the fence with Stewart out for a rookie on the bubble and then turn someone into Yeo

      Jim · 30/06/2017 at 01:01

      I like ya thinking. Either Yeo or Heeney

bendy · 29/06/2017 at 12:08

5 trades and $200k, my teams is as follows
Doch, Adams, Laird, Howe, Lloyd, hibberd (stewart,ryan)
Danger, Martin, Pendles, Treloar, JPK, Bont, Murphy, Selwood (greenwood,cousins,hibberd)
Grundy, Witts (stryndica)
Dahl, Greene, Higgins, Heeney, Wallis, Nank (McInnes, Brown)

Nank > Billings
Stewart > JJ this week as it gives good coverage if i have any players go down with injuries short term

Witts > Gawn next week
will leave me with 2 trades (serious injured premos only) but need to take a risk as currently inside the top 400.

    B-rian · 29/06/2017 at 13:34

    Looks like a solid plan mate. Good luck with it. But consider this. I'm tipping that almost everyone above you will trade in gawn next week because of fear of missing out. So trading him in won't really be any good to you. What if you save the trade. Keep witts, who plays every game for an average of 95 ish. And if gawn was to get injured again you could be in the box seat. He had about 12 weeks out with a hammy so how fit is he? Trades could be very important in the last few weeks.

    Just a thought.

    Valens_FC · 29/06/2017 at 13:39

    Stewart to JJ has some merit – depending on fixture timing you might be able to use Hibberd (NM) to loophole JJ's score and flick Lloyd or Adams to midfield in place of Selwood (I assume Scooter). Nank to Billings seems excessive especially as he gives you valuable ruck cover if one of them goes down in the run home. You need that cover with low trades left. Have to ask what is worse – taking a donut in the ruck in future or Nank possibly scoring 10-30 points less than Billings per game. One donut costing you 100pts could be the same as 6 weeks differential of Billings v Nank, which isn't a given anyway despite Nank's recent form.

    I guess it all depends on whether you want to say you enjoyed being top 400 or higher for the first 75% of the season, or you want to be there at the end πŸ™‚ Good luck, great season so far!

INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 12:09

Gary completed training this morning! Barring another mishap he's playing

    CJay · 29/06/2017 at 12:33

    Niiiice Gary as Wade would say.

    Derek · 30/06/2017 at 12:57

    did he have his little orange cap on?

Jess · 29/06/2017 at 12:32

Beams to Neale or T Mitchell? Cheers
or should I go to Yeo?

    Robert · 29/06/2017 at 13:07

    T Mitchell

Lachlan · 29/06/2017 at 12:44

9 Trades – 62K
Def: Adams, Doch, Lloyd, Hibberd (Melb), Newman, Stewart (Ryan Hibberd (Nth)
Mid: Danger, Neale, Mitchell, JPK, Heppell, Bont, S Selwood, Beams (Greenwood, DLloyd, Wigg)
Ruc: Martin, Sandi (Strnadica)
Fwd: Nank, Dahl, Macrae, Lynch, Walker, Parsons (Bowes, Eddy)
What trades should I make this week or hold?
Thanks for all your help so far.

    Cogla13 · 29/06/2017 at 17:21

    You need to trade Beams out, can't have that much coin on the bench for 4 weeks.

      Cogla13 · 29/06/2017 at 17:26

      Could go Beams to Heeney via Dpp (Macrae), move him back into the forwards later when you upgrade Parsons.

AuroraBorealis?! · 29/06/2017 at 13:42

Im trading Nankervis to Yeo this week, watch him tonne up

    Robert · 29/06/2017 at 14:34

    thanks for taking one for the team πŸ™‚

jason · 29/06/2017 at 13:50

hey fellas advice required

6 trades left 90 k

laird adams shaw hibbered lloyd docherty (berry ryan)

treloar j kennedy danger merrett hannerbery r gray bontempalli ablett ( brown, d lloyd, florent)

ryder sandilans

macrae buddy daulhaus t lynch nank greenwood (eddy parsons)

was thinking of going berry to cox (cash in to bring balance to 280)

then trading nank to billings
leaving me with 4 trades
which i plan on trading sandi possibly to gawn next week and greenwood in a few weeks to greene

not sure if its worth ridding nank ahead of those two things

    plugger · 29/06/2017 at 14:13

    WOULD hold off on trades, wait next week sandilands/nankervis/ryder up to gawn

    Derek · 29/06/2017 at 14:31

    If sandi doesn't play you will have to trade him first. even if he does play, i'f look at getting gawn next week.

Benjamin B · 29/06/2017 at 14:17

HI Community,

Ive got Stewart and berry i want out. However there isnt really any good bubble options this week.
Would you go a week early on witherden? or are there others to go for?

Im thinking trade out berry first as Stewart wont lose money whereas i dont think berry will hit his BE

Ive got 9 trades left btw. (SPP, Greenwood, Stewart, berry, Hannan all with decent value to use for trading up)
Jelwood, Gawn and Heeney to get it with $0 in bank

Derek · 29/06/2017 at 14:45

after this week, Gawn has the following opponents, kruzier, Jacobs, Ryder, Goldy, Mummy, Longer (an easy one), Martin, Grundy.

i guess we will see how good his hammy is.

    Benjamin B · 29/06/2017 at 15:05

    Just looked at the lions run home.. much easier (In terms of ruckman)
    Maybe hes the better pick up? and for cheaper?

      Derek · 29/06/2017 at 18:02

      yep, already got him

    Don't Blush Baby · 29/06/2017 at 17:53

    Good info Derek, tread warily

    Valens_FC · 29/06/2017 at 21:12

    Apart from Kruz the rest not fit to polish his boots. Since when has Gawn not been able to score against any of that lot? The only genuine premo (110+ av nailed on) ruck going around.

    Liam · 30/06/2017 at 12:51

    Gawn will average near 120 if he stays fit. He is the number one ruck in the comp.

      Derek · 30/06/2017 at 12:56

      yep. that is why i'll be getting him next week.

    joe · 30/06/2017 at 22:14

    Ruckman after a SERIOUS hamstring injury? No thanks. With Pederson not dropped? No way, no day.

    If Ped is dropped and Maxy's price goes down in the next two games, then maybe. Now, just a stupid move if you are chasing points.

    The points lie in one direction: Kruezer.

Dave · 29/06/2017 at 15:17

Shaw to Llyod?
Expecting this to increase my score by 15 points a week.
Would leave me with only 4 trades.
Ranked in top 500 and this will be my last chance to get rid of Shaw for a premium using only one trade.
Rest of the team is full premium (including nank)
Thoughts please?

    Guest · 30/06/2017 at 10:34

    You have only 4 trades left for the last 9 weeks of the season and want to trade for a potentially sideways move, absolute best case scenario 15 point increase? Upgrade Nank and get an extra 30pts here on out from a Heeney, Yeo type

Swans2012 · 29/06/2017 at 15:21

Seeing a lot of nank trade out going on, I mean I know he hasn't been going great but isn't his secondary purpose to cover the ruck line from those 1-2 week annoyances? If you've got Ryder or piles of trades trade out by all means but surely if like me you don't have either of those, surely he's a hold. Or at worst get him to f7 loop…..

    BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 15:28

    Couldn't agree more!

    Pablo · 29/06/2017 at 15:31

    Totally agree. Nank was always in my plan to be F7/R3 swing. The fact that he has been scoring better than that in the first half of the season was a bonus- but it doesn't change the plan.

      Borko · 29/06/2017 at 16:50

      Totally agree … my plan too and will stick to it! hopefully he punches out a 125 in R20 that we can loophole!

    Robert · 29/06/2017 at 16:04

    silly move on their behalves

      Defying_Madness · 29/06/2017 at 17:02

      Not sure if you can call it a silly move. Some people will have him sitting at R2 in which case he has to go in the next few weeks. Other will have him sitting at F6 with no decent loop holing option in which case he should also probably go. I will most likely be holding him and loop holing him with Greenwood for the rest of the year however for some people trading him out is a great move.

Jordan · 29/06/2017 at 15:36

Is Ainsworth to witherdon and beams to dusty/merret(leaning towards dusty)a good move as I will have 100k for my last premo spot(which will be greenwood to Selwood? Or should I just go beams straight to Neale/bont

    Robert · 29/06/2017 at 16:05

    dont hold back son, go for glory!

JDP · 29/06/2017 at 16:24

Has there been any news on how long Stewert (Cats) is going to miss?

    King Rooboy · 29/06/2017 at 17:35

    4-6 weeks

      Don't Blush Baby · 29/06/2017 at 17:51

      Its a shame as he was going to have a good score last week and was going save a lot of coaches a trade.

Jimmy · 29/06/2017 at 16:48

Heppel worth holding on to or trade him to Bont. Have 30k in the bank and 10 trades so only need to burn one.

    Otter44 · 29/06/2017 at 20:15

    I'd trade him. Heppell is losing cash fast so don't even look at it as a sideways trade. Pity you haven't the cash to get Zerrett.

Justin · 29/06/2017 at 17:12

Martin, merret or Neale

    Wattsieesq · 29/06/2017 at 18:07

    Merrett is cheaper than dusty so I'd go him. In my opinion, both with have similar outputs for the rest of the year.

Deeboss · 29/06/2017 at 17:29

Ablett playing this week?

    BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 17:38


Jim · 29/06/2017 at 18:20

Priddis out… Here we go

Finnius123 · 29/06/2017 at 18:33

F%!# me Joel Selwood is tough. Bloke was knocked out cold and doesn't miss a week.

    Don't Blush Baby · 29/06/2017 at 18:34

    Scooter gone though

      Finnius123 · 29/06/2017 at 18:39

      That sucks. They probably shouldn't have risked him last week. Lucky I didn't jump on!

    INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 18:49

    Decision 24 hours before the game. They said they would name him

      hedski · 29/06/2017 at 19:17

      He'll play Pie.

        Swans2012 · 29/06/2017 at 19:46

        I reckon your right, surely he would have the concussion tests Sussed by now

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 19:38

    Jelwood is the toughest player that I have had the privilege to watch.

    Although some may not like him, you have to respect what he does every week and how much heart he has for the footy club.

    He is the perfect example for a captain.

Defying_Madness · 29/06/2017 at 18:34

Why is Zerret on the interchange bench. Please supercoach gods don't do this to me…

    INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 18:48

    He will play

    Moosehead · 29/06/2017 at 19:08

    Just playing mind games with Fagan and SCers.

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 19:37

    Bit odd.

    Although he is their best player and I would expect him to do his usual thing.

    Maybe he has a niggle?

Jim_bob321 · 29/06/2017 at 18:35

Scott Selwood out………

    BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 18:37

    I'm holding him

    INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 18:48

    Playing a bloke a week after doing his hammy came with great risk

    Tehee · 29/06/2017 at 18:59

    BURNMAN scooter back at again

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 19:36

    Nah, he's gone for me.

    I'll turn him into Parker, Yeo or Rocky.

BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 18:36

Hoping inclusion of Jones and McVeigh does not affect Newman and Lloyd job roles

hedski · 29/06/2017 at 18:38

Shai Bolton out, Hibbo junior in (Sry loopholes), Shaz back, Scooter out, Picket and SPP out, Lloyd (GWS) out, Jack Steele, Sandiballs and Fyfe back. Zac Guthrie in for cats.
Bye bye Scooter, welcome Zerrett.

    INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 19:01

    SPP named onfield. The Prid out with the General will hurt a few. Zac Guthrie would have been handy round 1 next year

      hedski · 29/06/2017 at 19:18

      Sorry mate meant SPS.

        INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 20:09

        Ah fair enough. Both guns anyway

          hedski · 29/06/2017 at 21:18


      hedski · 29/06/2017 at 19:42

      SPP is my emergency if Jelwoods bonce is stuffed this week.

    James T · 29/06/2017 at 19:01

    SPP is playing I believe

GloryDays90 · 29/06/2017 at 18:38

F#ck you Scooter… now what do i do…

    Billy Jean · 29/06/2017 at 19:00

    sleep in that bed you made, sleep in it glorydays

BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 18:39

Hibberd in for North!!

    INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 18:44

    About 13 rounds too late

      Richo · 29/06/2017 at 19:07

      Have had him on the bench since the start. Has been a valuable loopholer, now providing some coverage for ross stuffing around with Ryan. Means I don't have to blow a trade finding coverage in the backline. Definitely should have played earlier given dominance in the 2's. Hopefully does better than his round 1 effort that got him dropped

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 19:34

    Have had him on the bench since RD1, has been a very useful DEF/MID swing and has come in handy for a loophole every now and then. Now hopefully he can make a bit of cash. Very pleased

    Moosehead · 29/06/2017 at 20:12

    Great. He has been very handy and now he may? appreciate in value.

    TOPHAWK1 · 29/06/2017 at 21:04

    Great! I still have him, the poor loophole slave…..Now he is back when he might actually become useful as a swinging warm body and hopefully a handy cash cow.

GloryDays90 · 29/06/2017 at 18:46

I only have 6 trades left… so unless im upgrading i dont want to touch them

    hedski · 29/06/2017 at 19:20

    Zerrett is a good upgrade GD.

      GloryDays90 · 29/06/2017 at 19:27

      Yeah but my goal is to bring in Gawn and swing nank fwd. Or should i just go someone cheaper and then bring in Joel Selwood in a few weeks for Greenwood

        hedski · 29/06/2017 at 19:38

        Maybe hold scooter if you have cover and switch to Joel in a few weeks and stick with your Gawn plan? Greenwood could be worth keeping.

          GloryDays90 · 29/06/2017 at 19:46

          Yeah im not sure :/ think ill bring Witherdon from brisbane in this week for Parsons swinging Brown fwd onto the bench giving me a def/mid swing with Hibberd. Giving me 231,000 to go bang next week

            hedski · 29/06/2017 at 20:10

            Nice, getting Witherdon too. Have fun banging that cash.

            INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 20:10

            Be careful with those trades Glory

Albentley · 29/06/2017 at 19:06

Need your opinion community. Robbie Gray, Ollie Wines or Luke Parker….

    hedski · 29/06/2017 at 19:21

    Parks working his way into form

      Albentley · 29/06/2017 at 19:25

      Gray has a huge ceiling but his inconsistency worries me

    Benjamin B · 29/06/2017 at 19:24

    id take none. wait for jelwood unless you really need the premo now.. then id have to go parker

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 19:33

    I'd go Parker.

    BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 19:48

    Robbie has to come good. To good of a player not to avg 100+ from here on. Parker hitting form but competes with do many other Sydney relevant SC players. They can't all avg 100+ (Reid, Buddy, Hanners, JPK, Lloyd, Jones, Newman, Heeney etc.)

Millsy999 · 29/06/2017 at 19:40

Team currently;

Laird, Adams, Hibberd, Shaw, Harbrow, Newman (Stewart, McInnes)
Danger, Titch, Oliver, JPK, Murphy, Wines, Fyfe, Scooter (H.Greenwood, D.Lloyd, Cousins)
Witts, Nank
Dahl, Macrae, Buddy, Heeney, Greene, Yeo

10 trades and 165k in the bank

Considering Shaw to J.Lloyd and Scooter to Bont
Then next week Stewart to Witherden and Nank to Gawn, and 6 trades left for injuries/finals.

Other option would be to go early on Witherden this week for cash gen with the aim of keeping Nank long term for r/f cover.

Thoughts or alternative suggestions community?

BockChoy · 29/06/2017 at 19:41

Houli 4 weeks.

    INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 20:01

    Malcolm to appeal

    TOPHAWK1 · 29/06/2017 at 21:00

    Great news!

    Well done AFL. (Can't believe I am saying that)

    Race, religion, "I am a good guy", blah blah,blah…… has nothing to do with the incident that took place on the football field last Sunday.

    I reckon 4 weeks is the correct price to pay for that.

James · 29/06/2017 at 19:57

Hey guys, here's my team down below. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. $43.8k left and 11 trades.

DEF: Doc, Adams, Simpson, Laird, Newman, Shaw (Stewart, Ryan)

MID: Danger, Merrett, Zorko, Treloar, JPK, Jelwood, Bont, Fyfe (Bolton, Lloyd, Cousins)

RUCK: Grundy, Nank (English)

FWD: Heeney, Macrae, Dahlhaus, Franklin, Greenwood, Stewart (Parsons, Strnadica)


    Hawkas2017 · 29/06/2017 at 20:14

    Stewart (GEEL) ->Witherden (BL) or any rookie then parsons or stewart to a elite forward

Jordy · 29/06/2017 at 19:59

cox or guthrie in at D8?

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 20:27


      Jordy · 29/06/2017 at 21:06

      who would you get

        Joshua · 29/06/2017 at 21:47

        What about Sheehan from carlton? Pretty good player and good history (of what there is) from 2014 before he got injured.

        Russty_ · 29/06/2017 at 22:06

        Witherden is named onfield.

      B T · 29/06/2017 at 22:17

      They both have shocking JS and poor scoring potential.

    Derek · 29/06/2017 at 22:01

    They have to have DPP

Reece · 29/06/2017 at 20:00

11 Trades – 100K – Thinking Beams to Neale, T Mitchell or Yeo or to make cash J Lloyd Any other options you thoughts?
Def: Adams, Shaw, Doch, Touhy, Hibberd (Melb), Newmann (Ryan, Hibberd (Nth)
Mid: Danger, Pendles, Fyfe, JPK, Merrett, Bont, P-Pepper, Beams (Berry, Selwood, Cousins)
Ruc: Martin, Sandi (Strnadica)
Fwd: Nank, Dahl, Macrae, Lynch, Buddy, Greenwood (Parsons, Eddy)

Hawkas2017 · 29/06/2017 at 20:06

Quote Joey-jo-jo on Supercoach Talk
"Nank is a warning why you sometimes have to avoid mid price mayhem.

They have a big start to year and appreciate in price but then you get seduced into the thought they may become keepers and dont upgrade them when they hit their peak price.
by the time you realise their form was fleeting you are stuck with them as you are low on trades and theyve dropped in price again so you cant do a straight swap for a good premo.

Same thing was happening for me with steele but luckily he was dropped which forced my decision.

same thing happened to me last year with hall and libba, if libba didnt get injured I prob wouldve carryied him through season."
So true

    BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 20:42

    I guess it depends on your circumstances though. I got Nank for nothing and now he is a F7/F8 and good insurance policy for the run home if one of my rucks (inevitable) is out for a week or two. I don't care what his price is, I'm not trading him

    INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 20:44

    Extremely good point. But Nank differs from many other mid pricers. He can cover multiple lines & rucks lone wolf mostly. His ideal position is F7 with an R3 Swing. It's just a matter of whether you can make that happen given everyone's independent situation & lack of trades. Given we have Yeo Dahl MacRae types & players like Bolton Greenwood Brown (in the mids) it actually means Nank as an F7 can cover Mid Ruck & Fwd if you look deeply enough into the equation. 3 lines of coverage as an F7 from a mid pricer is what Gordon Greco would say " Greed for a lack of a better term, is good"

      INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 20:53

      If your confused lets say Danger is out then you sub a Bolton to Yeo to cover Danger & bring Nank on the Fwd Line. If a Ruck is out it's a simple switch & of course if a forward is out put him on in replacement. Hence he can cover 3 lines assuming you have the Mid/Fwd swing

        BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 20:57


        TOPHAWK1 · 29/06/2017 at 21:14

        But the Nank can not go into the midfield. Nankervis himself can cover only 2 lines. Only those DPP players around him can be manipulated around the Nank to cover theses three lines. Nank still bloody handy. Still got him.

          Hawkas2017 · 29/06/2017 at 21:19

          Great responses everyone

          Derek · 29/06/2017 at 21:39

          Richmond play a lot of late games, therefore he can cover for you

          INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 21:43

          TopHawk if you have a Mid out then you can swing a Mid Fwd Premo like Yeo Dahl MacRae into the mids & you can swing a Bolton to the Fwd bench & bring Nank on. It covers the Mid premo not playing. Look at your team & play around with it. No Thursday night game this week or lock out

            The Ranger · 29/06/2017 at 22:52

            I can't remember if you had him Pieman but Lycett played this role toward the end of last year very nicely. Won me a couple of leagues.

        Derek · 29/06/2017 at 21:59

        Gotta have the swingers.

        If you can plan it, make sure your non playing Seing set is from same team. Ie match Berry with Witherden or match Greeneood with BJarmen

    Derek · 29/06/2017 at 21:51

    I was an Anti-Nank at the start of the year. Went with Cyril instead.

    After 2 rounds I had him but traded him out after he was suspended, made a nice profit

    Then I had a look at the forward options and could see he was a valid option, plus had a good bye round, so bought him back in a few weeks ago.

    He will be a good option

      Ross · 30/06/2017 at 08:46

      You bat-shit crazy. Wasted 2 trades. Did smart thing and dumped. But got him back!?!

    B-rian · 29/06/2017 at 22:04

    I think ye need to stop kidding yourselves. Just have a look at scoring over the last 2 months. His scores are nose diving. He is not providing much cover if he is only going to score 50, and that is where he is heading. Trade him now while he is still worth over 400k. Because next week he won't be.

    Rocksta · 29/06/2017 at 23:17

    The problem with Nank is that he just doesn't get enough hit outs and as such his scoring relies heavily on his work around the ground. Thus, any form slumps or playing sore would hurt him more than the better tap ruckmen.
    I was always skeptical about this when I traded him in, and should have trusted my gut.
    I reckon he will average 80 tops for the rest of the season, but like most others and inline with Hawkas post, don't have the luxury of using a trade on him at this point.

      The Ranger · 29/06/2017 at 23:35

      He's playing his first full season of AFL and was previously playing a fair bit of NEAFL which isn't even at VFL standard so I guess it's not surprising he's dropped off Rocksta, I still think he'll be a handy F7 toward the end of the season at least.

Joshua · 29/06/2017 at 20:19

What price will Greenwood reach in the next two-three weeks?

    BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 20:37

    Two weeks: $387k
    Three weeks: $408k

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 20:40

    In 2 weeks he should almost be at 400k.

    TOPHAWK1 · 29/06/2017 at 21:19

    Barring injury, I reckon Greenwood will fetch $380K in 2 weeks. Happy days!

B T · 29/06/2017 at 20:19

Alright community.

Have a big one here for the lot of you.

It's time for Scotty Selwood to go, to who is the question that has my mind constantly distressed over.

Have 3 options and boy oh boy are they good ones, although picking the right one is another thing that has me sitting in my bathtub contemplating whether to give up supercoach or not, as the tears flow the decision becomes harder and harder.

Tom Rockliff, Elliott Yeo, Toby Greene or Stefan Martin.

Argh, this is just one of those decisions when you know the one you pick will score significantly less than the other 3.

I have 547k to ponder with and I have concluded that these 4 would be the best options.

Please oh please community give me your extremely insightful and incredibly significant advice to which specimen I shall find within my team as the lockout nears, only for him to utterly disappoint me, just as Jelwood and Gold Coast's spud Tom Lynch did. I cannot deal with this any longer and would love you eternally, if you would please help me with this matter.

    Snickers · 29/06/2017 at 20:21

    Relax Brian, you're not you when you're hungry.

    Have a snickers.

    redherringfc · 29/06/2017 at 20:30

    i'd back big stef in out of those 4. I think/hope a 110-120 average from here on.

    BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 20:35


    Finnius123 · 29/06/2017 at 23:14

    Yeo is a must have in the forward line. Top average by 5 points per round

Parko · 29/06/2017 at 20:27

OUT Lynch

IN Yeo or Cameron

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 20:36

    Trading out Lynch may seem as a good idea, BUT he can still score acceptable scores and although he is in a form slump, that is very popular or Key forwards, I would expect him to bounce back.

    Although if you do somehow not have any other major problems with your side, then I would trade Lynch to Yeo.

    Although I'd advise against doing that, btw I presume you mean Tom Lynch from Gold coast.

    Defying_Madness · 29/06/2017 at 20:37

    I like it Yeo is a must this year. Try get him in another way though

Bibbyb · 29/06/2017 at 20:34

Start Martin this week or Gawn next week.
Gawn is obviously better but Martin has much better draw

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 22:04

    Looks like Archie will find he's way out of the side this week.

    Martin could have a good run home

      Cogla13 · 30/06/2017 at 07:33

      Yep, Josh Walker starting and Archie last on the exchange bench. Looking good for Stef on the run home. Schache will come in at some point as well.

    Finnius123 · 29/06/2017 at 22:49

    I am having the same dilemma. Leaning towards waiting a week – but stef could be a good POD and has a much better draw as you said. My other ruckman is Goldie so I don't really want two big fellas with fear of preuss or archie smith getting named every week. I am too young for stress lines.

Jordan · 29/06/2017 at 20:36

There's not so much difference between Neale and dusty/merret right? If I get Neale I use one trade if I get dusty or merret I use two

    Ja191 · 29/06/2017 at 21:17

    Will average similar from here on, lock neale in

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 22:03

    Save the trade and bring in Neale.

    He'll probably finish as a top mid anyways.

Albentley · 29/06/2017 at 20:51

Need your opinion community. Robbie Gray

    INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 21:15

    I'm still angry

    Derek · 29/06/2017 at 21:35

    He ticks a lot of boxes, but i with few trades left I'd be going someone who won't miss a game.

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 22:01

    It's a no from me.

    Too inconsistent and while he is playing sole fwd I cant see him having a worthy run home

BlueNath · 29/06/2017 at 20:55

I am surprised Scotty Thompson isn't in for the crows. He will provide some bulk and protection for Sloane, because none of there other pi$$weak mids seem to be capable. Thompson in assures Sloane gets back to 110+ scores. Then again, Curnow is out for the mighty blues so Sloane may go large this week anyway

    INPieman · 29/06/2017 at 21:19

    Very good points

    The Ranger · 29/06/2017 at 22:55

    They can't play the Crouch brothers and Thompson surely? Too many inside midfielders.

Albentley · 29/06/2017 at 21:29

Who's everyone putting the VC on this week

    Ja191 · 29/06/2017 at 21:31

    danger vc into zerret/pendles

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 22:00

    Yep, I'm going Danger VC.
    And if by the slim chance that Danger doesn't dominate then ill whack the C on Pendles, milestone game and he had a blinder v the hawks earlier this year.

    Danger VC, Pendles C

    Defying_Madness · 29/06/2017 at 22:04

    Kreuzer into Danger

    Finnius123 · 29/06/2017 at 22:46

    Doch into Danger

      Albentley · 30/06/2017 at 07:05

      My thoughts also

    Leeds17 · 30/06/2017 at 06:34

    Really want to VC Danger as very worried about his scoring in this game, only really got Rocky, Neale & Fyfe after that though.

    DeadBuried1 · 30/06/2017 at 06:45

    Bont VC into Danger

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 30/06/2017 at 09:20

    thinking JPK into Danger

TOPHAWK1 · 29/06/2017 at 21:30

Hi community,

No trades for me this week.

There is nothing on offer right now that excites me. Just recycling the rooks. (Bubble boys this week no good)

Well done Mitch Hibberd for getting a game you poor loopy slave. Now you are gonna really get the whip boy!

Gawn and Jelwood on the radar…….

King Rooboy · 29/06/2017 at 21:34

First time posting guys any help will do
Backs: Doc Laird Adams Shaw Roberton Lloyd
Mid: Danger Pendles Hanners Bontempelli Wines
Ebert Fyfe SPP (S Selwood,Mountford,Cousins)
Rucks: Goldstein, Nankervis (Cameron)
Fwds: Dahl Heeney Dixon Franklin Higgins
Greenwood (Bolton, Brown)

7 trades left $22,700 in bank

    B T · 29/06/2017 at 21:58



      King Rooboy · 29/06/2017 at 22:59

      Yeah I thought about that but I really want Gawn and J Selwood when they drop in price

Thomas · 29/06/2017 at 21:52

Hey community, got 6 trades left, 200k in the bank and my team is stuffed.
I was planning on having scooter as my m8 but now I probably have to trade him. I could upgrade him to Neale/Oliver however i have Ryan and scharanberg as my D6. If I upgrade scooter then I will probably be stuck with these guys in my defence. Thoughts?

    Darc · 29/06/2017 at 21:57

    Sorry mate, your fckd

      Thomas · 29/06/2017 at 21:59

      Hahah yeah ik

    Jigga · 29/06/2017 at 22:18

    NEVER give up. Your opponent could cop it?

    B-rian · 29/06/2017 at 22:27

    You need to target cheaper players. Maybe trade scooter for JJ, swinging Adams or Lloyd into mids. Then target Joel in 2 weeks

Haze · 29/06/2017 at 22:19

Help needed fellow community!

Need to trade Beams for a premo mid and money is no obstacle… I have danger, Bont, Merrett, jelwood and Tmitch. (Plus SPP and rookie, but will upgrade in comings weeks)

Please submit best option….my thoughts its between Dusty, Pendels, Neale, and Rocky…but open to suggestions…

    JEL · 29/06/2017 at 22:51

    I'd go Dusty or Pendles.
    In fact, I have gone Dusty!

    Apart from a blip rds 4-7 , he's cracked the ton every week and is ranked 3rd behind Danger & Doc

      Haze · 29/06/2017 at 23:17

      thats what I am thinking…. Although his breakeven is right up there so wondering if I wait a week hoping to save some cash and get him next week…

        Choice · 30/06/2017 at 09:32

        Check out his finals opponents

Paul · 29/06/2017 at 22:33

I've been avoiding Supercoach all week because I knew I wouldn't like what I was going to see. Sure enough, I have all five of those 'red' players. And Scott Selwood. And Fyfe, who I was hoping to get rid of this week…. Think I've had enough of this season…

JEL · 29/06/2017 at 22:45

Priddis out with General Soreness, didn't see that coming.
He has been a blight on the scoresheet for a few weeks, and the bye didn't change his output.

I could upgrade him to the Bont, or wait a week or 2 and get Jelwood.

Any thoughts?

    Haze · 29/06/2017 at 23:19

    Depends on if you can wait for Joel and still win games……Would go the Bont

    Tyruddanaut · 30/06/2017 at 08:51

    Jelwood is way better.

Dean · 29/06/2017 at 23:33

Do you think Merrett will play? Not sure why he is on the extended bench.

    Finnius123 · 30/06/2017 at 00:55

    Just starting on the bench mate i'd be pretty confident he is playing. I'm screwed if he isn't lol – I have him and Joel as possible late outs.

      Tyruddanaut · 30/06/2017 at 08:48

      Joel passed his fitness test he should be good

    Rick Grimes · 30/06/2017 at 03:48

    I think it's a concern. Remember watching him last week and he took a knock early on. I'd just bought him in so was cursing my luck. He played on obviously, but perhaps he's not 100%. Still reckon he'll play tho.

      KrazeeEyezK1lla · 30/06/2017 at 09:18

      brought in Zerrett before last weeks game. bloke then got his biggest score of the year. legend

garfield_da_cat · 30/06/2017 at 00:05

I want to trade Nank out of my team before he losses more money. I will have 520k and 10 trades left who is the best possible player to bring in for Nank Fwd or Ruck or DPP? I also want some cash left over since i want to trade Fyfe to Selwood in rd17. Any suggestions would help?

JohndJames · 30/06/2017 at 02:08

Bont or Doc for VC ? just got a feeling GWS might try the hard tag on Danger,so looking for a good score before he plays.

    garfield_da_cat · 30/06/2017 at 06:23

    VC Doc

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 30/06/2017 at 09:19

    imagine tagging Dangerfield. rough day

      JohndJames · 30/06/2017 at 14:13

      Mummy might run into him,like he did Beams.

Stupid Coach · 30/06/2017 at 06:25

Great work Lek Dog and loving the discussion amongst the community. 11 trades and $91k in the bank. Team:
B: Doc, Laird, Lloyd, Shaw, Hibberd, Newman (Ryan, Scharenberg)
M: Danger, Fyfe, Pendles, Yeo, Treloar, Adams, SPP, Ward ( S Selwood, Mountford, Bolton)
R: Martin, Goldy (Strndica)
F: Dahl, Lynch, Heeney, Nank, Hannan, Greenwood (Parsons, Cameron)
Want to bring in BONT or Zerrett but would need to do a downgrade and bring in Witherden or White. Other option I was thinking was Nank to Ryder. Do I downgrade Scooter to Witherden and upgrade SPP or do I downgrade Hannan and upgrade Scooter. Thoughts on which way I should go.

    The Ranger · 30/06/2017 at 07:40

    Scooter – Witherden and SPP upgrade.
    Next week paint the fence with Hannan and Parsons.

    Tyruddanaut · 30/06/2017 at 08:47

    I would actually trade out Newman. Then you can move Adams into defense and get in a premo somewhere else. I would actually also move Greenwood into midfield so that you can strengthen your forward line.
    Is that Charlie Cameron or Jeremy Cameron? If it's Jeremy that would be the only trade I would do this week but if it's Charlie then I would also bring in Witherden for SPP

    Derek · 30/06/2017 at 09:05

    You have only 4 front line gun midfielders. Yeo and Adams need to go to defence and forward.

    First thing to do is list the 4 mids you want and how much they are. Jelwood, JPK, Bont and Zerret would be a start.

    You should have Macrea as well.

    What will those 5 cost?

    The trade outs will be SPP, SSelwood, Ward, Hannan, Newman, Parsons and Greenwood.

    What will you get if you traded them out?

    Do the maths and see what you can affor

      Stupid Coach · 30/06/2017 at 13:35

      Thank you all for your advice. I was thinking similar to you Ranger except Hannan this week to White and Scooter to Bont or Macrae (would not have enough to get Zerrett) and swapping White with Yeo in the forward line and move him to the bench and have Bont or Macrae on the field. Just not sure about White's job security given it has taken him this long to get into the team.

      Was planning on holding Newman as he is scoring as good as anyone else in the DEF. Could trade him to Witherden, however, this means he would have be on the field unless Ryan or Scharenberg make the final cut tonight. Unfortunately, I have Darcy Cameron who I have held onto since R1 and have not traded him out due to other issues and he is now out for the season. That decision continues to haunt me.

      Derek – you have been me a lot to think about. I will crunch the numbers and see how it turns out.

    Dean · 30/06/2017 at 19:09

    No disrespect but first things first because your team is all over the place.
    This week Round 15 – Look to trade out Scooter and bring in Brown then trade out Lynch and bring in Macrae. This will give you $230k in the bank for next week.

    Next week Round 16 – If I were you I would trade Shaw OUT and bring in Witherden this will then allow Adams to go into your Defence where he belongs and Witherden into your Midfield.

    Then get rid of SPP by this time you will have $903k (This price is based on SPP being $560k but he should be $370k or more after this week as his breakeven is only 43)
    Then look to bring in Zerrett for SPP or whoever you wish, if you bring in Zerrett it will leave you with $283k in the kitty. (This is based on Zerrett costing $620k next week as he is projected too)

    As Derek stated its pointless having Adams & Yeo in your midfield because they are both top 3 scorers in Defence (Adams) and (Yeo) in the forward line so its important to make use of that so then you can really improve your team by selecting the very best midfielders which is where the real points are generated.

    You then need to get Jelwood in for one of your mid bench players in 2 or 3 weeks once Jelwood price is $500k or most likely less especially if he plays this week and scores a 80 or less as many concussed players seem to do for there first couple of games and if this happens with Jelwood he will drop to around $450k which is a bargain.

    Granted its not ideal but your team would be so much better overall.

Leeds17 · 30/06/2017 at 06:30

Hey Guys would love some suggestions for moves this week, I have 9 trades left & 7K in the bank.

Unfortunately almost any move I make needs 2 trades, Holding may win out.

Doc, Adams, Laird, May, Tuohy, Newman (Scharenberg, Ryan)

Danger, Bont, Hanners, Jelwood, Rockliff, Crouch, Neale, Fyfe (Berry, Cousins, Lloyd)

Grundy, Goldstein (Strnadica)

Yeo, Dahl, Heeney, Greene, Lynch, Nankervis (Greenwood, Eddy)

    The Ranger · 30/06/2017 at 07:36

    Nice team Leeds.
    Berry – Witherden?
    You need to raise some cash from somewhere and have a nice amount of trades.

      Leeds17 · 30/06/2017 at 11:16

      "Nice Team" is a bit of an overstatement haha, yep Witherden/Berry definite option even if i don't use the cash this week.

    Tyruddanaut · 30/06/2017 at 08:42

    Time to give Berry the boot, mate. Witherden could take his llace

    Derek · 30/06/2017 at 09:20

    Ideally you paint fence and upgrade Berry to Macrea and swing Greenwood to mids and Nank at F7, but no cash.

    Hold for now, but not sure if Ryan and Scharenberg will cash up enough.

    Or Berry to Jarman and Nank to Macrea

    Jarman is perfect to swing with Greenwood. Only problem is you lose your ruck cover.

      Leeds17 · 30/06/2017 at 11:14

      You've nailed my issues mate, seems to be a pretty significant downside to almost any option mainly because of the lack of cash and cash gen, Looping Lynch/Nank F6F7 has been my plan for a while but not much point if they're scoring this bad, I do think Nank will come good though not to his lofty early season standard.

        Derek · 30/06/2017 at 12:46

        if i was you i would do nothing this week.

        Put Greenwood on bench with E. He plays before Nank & Lynch.

        If Greenwood does good, put eddy on field. Put Goldy to R3 with E – just in case he has a spud day. If Gold does good you have to choose between Nank & Lynch who to play. If Goldy spuds, swing Nank to R2.

          Derek · 30/06/2017 at 12:52

          you could also look at trading Lloyd or Cousins to Jarmen and Shaz to Witherden. This will free up about $150k but it opens up all your swingsets. If Lynch has another poor week, you have the cash to get Macrae next week

red5 · 30/06/2017 at 08:10

Alex Witherden or Brennan Cox in for Stewart ??

    Tyruddanaut · 30/06/2017 at 08:41

    How many trades do you have left? I'd put in Witherden if you have 6 or less and Cox if you have more than that

      Benjamin B · 30/06/2017 at 09:01

      Would you say are the the best two rookie options available in foreseeable future? Ive got Witherden as number 1 but unsure of cox JS?

      red5 · 30/06/2017 at 15:42

      12 trades
      not not sure who has the best JS

        joe · 30/06/2017 at 21:54

        Freo just dropped Kersten. As a Geelong fan, I can be pretty safe in telling you he won't be back. Cox's JS just went through the roof.

B-Mac · 30/06/2017 at 09:00

Do I:

1. Downgrade J Stewart and bring in T Adams, or
2. Downgrade Parsons and bring in Rance?

Stewart 0 b/e and playing Brisbane at home – could go big.

The monkey boy · 30/06/2017 at 09:20

Is there any evidence that Zerrett is sore? Thinking of bringing him in but now contemplating The Bont? I will wait until lunchtime Saturday. Oh the Agst of SC. Thoughts.

Pablo · 30/06/2017 at 09:38

Who is going to score the most points for the rest of the year- Yeo, Macrae, Heeney or Billings? I can afford all of the above to finalise my forward line.

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 30/06/2017 at 09:41

    if you don't have any those guys currently, what is your forward line like out of curiosity? (not having a dig)

      Pablo · 30/06/2017 at 09:59

      Dahl, Greene, Buddy, Lynch(GC), Nank, Greenwood, Parsons, {Yeo, Macrae, Billing, Heeney}. Have 10 trades left, but want to keep a few back for luxury trades heading into finals. I have made my bed with Lynch so i feel i have to hold him for the moment. N.B trading out a mid rookie + DPP swing to get in premo forward.

        KrazeeEyezK1lla · 30/06/2017 at 10:36

        I feel like any of the options are good to be honest. all 4 could very well average a similar score on the run home. I've got Yeo, Heeney and I brought in Billings this week instead of Macrae as a bit of a POD.

        From memory I remember somebody posting that Yeo and WC have a lot of games at home heading towards finals, and Yeo seems to score pretty well and consistently at home, so maybe him

          Pablo · 30/06/2017 at 11:24

          Thanks for your feedback Krazee

            KrazeeEyezK1lla · 30/06/2017 at 11:27

            no problem Patrón

    Derek · 30/06/2017 at 13:02

    i only have one of those 4.

    And if i was to pick one, it would be the same.

    MaCrae the only genuine midfielder of those 4

      Pablo · 30/06/2017 at 13:19

      Thanks Derek. Your thoughts are appreciated.

KrazeeEyezK1lla · 30/06/2017 at 10:12

Guys, Jelwood, is he playing? is the Geelong doc part of the JR community? give us the hot tip mate

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 30/06/2017 at 10:15

    I'm relying on Deluca from Freo getting a game as cover for Jelwood if he's out. relying on Ross the Boss for anything is a frightening proposition. I have Parsons sitting on the bench in the forward line, so I need to know if I need to swing Greenwood into the mids to cover. bloody hell

    Ja191 · 30/06/2017 at 10:39

    Prob the only guy in the comp that would be playing after that. I'd back him into play

      KrazeeEyezK1lla · 30/06/2017 at 11:09

      Toughness isn't the issue. more the concussion test results

    Leeds17 · 30/06/2017 at 11:18

    I would say 90% likely he plays, Cats' 3 emergencies 2 are KP & other a half forward/back.

      KrazeeEyezK1lla · 30/06/2017 at 11:25

      yeah I was actually looking at the emergencies to try and get a hint, and noticed the same thing

    Derek · 30/06/2017 at 12:28

    i saw footage of the cats training yesterday and Joel was running around with his little orange cap on.

FizzEm · 30/06/2017 at 10:46

To bring in brown or witherden into my mids? brown can DPP with greenwood (fwd line)
Witherden not so important i already have berry at M10 to DPP with Lloyd.. after JS also though!

KrazeeEyezK1lla · 30/06/2017 at 12:53

okay so I was planning to bring in Billings as a POD up forward but it turns out he's been sick this week

    AuroraBorealis?! · 30/06/2017 at 15:31

    Macrae it is!

Shizzer · 30/06/2017 at 16:00

Thoughts community on nank and scooter to bont and Greene?

    Shizzer · 30/06/2017 at 16:16

    Doch Adams hibberd Lloyd laird Shaw (ryan Stewart)

    Danger Pendles titch Kelly jpk priddis fyfe scooter(greenwood cousins hibberd)

    Kruezer Grundy (strndica)

    Dahl macrae heeney nank Hannan parsons ( balic Bolton).

    11trades left $235000 cash

      Hawkas2017 · 30/06/2017 at 17:47

      Greene had a little ankle mishap at training and BONT could do anything
      Might want to try get to full premo first stewart defence to a rookie 200k = 435k then balic or bolton to a premo fwd and play greenwood on field in da mids

Hawkas2017 · 30/06/2017 at 17:23

Thoughts on loopholing
Lynch GC with Callum Brown and Koby Stevens
Lynch bench EMG
Brown on field

Alby · 30/06/2017 at 17:24

10 trades left thinking of getting rid of T Lynch GC and Barret for Yao and White is this a wise move or should I hold onto Lynch and give him a chance as I have only had him 2 weeks and his done stuff all.

Hawkas2017 · 30/06/2017 at 17:56

Im doing the trifector loop
If greenwood plays well then cousins on field if not then keep koby on field if Lynch GC does well loop with brown if not then koby switches with brown. If greenwood and lynch play bad then i will get a premo mid or fwd with koby on field iin Few GLAD I SAID THAT

manolaki · 30/06/2017 at 19:12

Community, usually I have made my trades early in the week. This week I have no idea what I am doing.

Any advice would be appreciated!

D: Doc Laird Adams Shaw Hibberd Newman (Shaz, Ryan)
M: Danger JPK Treloar Rocky Bont Fyfe Beams SSelwood (Cousins, Berry, Lloyd (Syd))
R: Goldy Sandy (Strnadica)
F: McCrae Dahl Yeo Green Heeney Nank (Greenwood Bolton)

Have 9 trades and $90k.

My thoughts are Beams to Zerrett. Put on Lloyd for SSelwood. Other than that cannot think of anything else to do.

What are your thoughts?

    Russty_ · 30/06/2017 at 23:19

    Yeah Beams to Zerrett…and put Greenwood onfield instead of Nank. One trade, Newman and Hibberd did awesome for you this week. πŸ™‚ Shaw could go great too with Williams out.,

      manolaki · 30/06/2017 at 23:42

      I am going to see how Greenwood goes he is playing first and if he scores well I will swap Bolton for Nank. That way I get Greenwood's score. Will do the same with Berry. Not that I expect him to score more than any of the mids but you never know with Fyfe.

      Zerrett over Titch, Dusty, Sloane?

        Russty_ · 01/07/2017 at 00:41

        Yeah i would…he's solid, and well priced, I VC'd him last week and he got me 10 out of 10
        league wins..Titch and Dusty still good options, Sloane is risky though due to his tendency to be negated by taggers.

Corey · 30/06/2017 at 19:17

Hey guys


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