PODCAST: SuperCoach Round 15

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Jock Reynolds Podcast Round 15


..plain sailing ahead we said ..happy bloody days ahead we said
We’ve survived a difficult weekend of Supercoach folks. But if the Supercoach Gods reckon they’ve gotten the better of this community – they’re wrong.
Enjoy the show friends, let us come together as a peoples to rip round 15 a collective new one.



1st – $100
2nd – $50
3rd – $30
4th – 35th – $10


Note folks, the first of our $2 Graduates Contests is limited to 55 entries so get in quick sticks

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Where is the inspirational theme song that usually gets me motivated for another week of supercoach hell?


For once I dodged the carnage…. Only 10 weeks to late lol…. Season still done.


Epic start !!! Can't wait for the sequel.


Thinking Stewart and Hannan to Witherden and Brown
Will leave me with 425k to upgrade next week and 7 trades
Neither will be on field



Good deal Tommo…lots of nice Cash to use when you need to, hopefully both those rooks continue to play.


I reckon your mad. One down one up.


Docherty Adams laird lloyd Hibberd Shaw (Sharenberg, Joel smith)

Dangerfield Martin Pendlebury Hannebery Kennedy Bontompelli Fyfe Scooter (Callum Brown, Cousins, Hibberd)

Nank, Witts (Strnadica)

yeo, macrae, Dalhaus, Franklin, Greene, Lynch (Greenwood, Eddy)
Thoughts on trades this week? 7 trades left and 22.6k left


Save your trades, no need to do anything.


Can i trust Shaw and Priddis to have a strong end of the season?


nope, both are currently stuffed, both have teammates going past them.


Shaw yes, priddis maybe, hold them though and build cover


Thoughts on Scharenberg to Witherden/Cox. Then upgrade parsons to Yeo, still holding on to Shaw, Nank and plan to upgrade Witts.

Moe Szyslak

Scharenberg had a great game in the VFL so could be back sooner rather than later.


Scharenberg should be back in this week.


What would be more of a priority?

Bringing in Lloyd for Tom Stewart which would move Newman to D7
Bring in Yeo for James Stewart either moving Greenwood or Bolton to F7 depending on whether Kennedy is named

Other trade is Barrett to Witherden


I believe JJK is confirmed to not be playing this week


Looks like I'll bring in Yeo then to avoid fielding Bolton or Stewart.

Hopefully Lloyd doesn't go up by much


You woudnt want Newman as your D7, too expensive.

Yeo will finish as a top 3 fwd, so he should be the priority.


Prefer Yeo because Yeo over f6 better than Llyod over d6.


bring in yeo


What are people's thoughts on Adams v Lloyd?

Last defender spot was certain to go to Adams, but Lloyd looks almost the same since round 7.

Am i better off saving the 85k for possibly only a few points per week?

It would be Lloyd this week or Adams next week, therefore covering the weekly points loss.


Depends on which rookie you have on field this week if you wait for Adams





Troy Rendle

Currently ranked 214. Looking to either trade scooter to Merrett or Nank to Gawn?
Thoughts are much appreciated.


scooter to merrett! zerretts BE is low he will be well over 600k after this round and gettin to privey if u wait. gawn will drop another 40k grab him at a later date. other go a scooter to a parker or robbie gray. premiums at a reduced price. im considering gray his run home is incredible!


Merrett then Gawn in a week or 2.


Go scooter to Zerrett


Nice job with your rank.. you're a chance at the pot of gold… need to make all the right calls from here, getting Zac in is a good call.

Don't Blush Baby

What's Brennan Scotts JS like ? Thanks


If you mean Brennan Cox, it's unknowable judging by what Ross Lyon is capable of…see if he plays this week I guess.


Go Neale this week or wait for jellwood i have 6 trades left i mid off full premo?


Wait for Jelwood, he will be a bargain in a few weeks.


2 trades this week as I'm considering the following:

OUT Stewart, Berry mid to def, IN Matty White
OUT Fyfe, Bolton fwd to mid, IN Yeo

Leaves me with 6 trades & $214K.

My team after trades:

DEF: Doch, Adams, Howe, Simmo, Rance, Heater (Berry, Ryan)
MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Jelwood, Treloar, Parker, Lloyd, Scooter (Fisher, Bolton, White)
RUC: Witts, Nank (Strndica)
FWD: Yeo, Macrae, Dahl, Buddy, Heeney, Greenwood (Parsons, Hannan)

My next trade will be Hannan OUT, Nank ruc to fwd, Gawn IN. Then I sit tight.

Thoughts community?



Stupid to bring in White, use the cash elsewhere.

If you have held Fyfe this long and he's named then there is no point in moving him on. See how he goes, IF HE'S NAMED.


Just not sure that Fyfe will be top 8 mid from here on, need to get Yeo in somehow.


So you are on here as musicissport and poloko48?…cause you seem to be answering for someone else.


How about just Stewart out for Witherden?…Kind of agreee with Jaido, (not that you're stupid)…but if you've held Fyfe until now, maybe see how he goes once he's over his bruised heart.


Yeah I would do that but generally I wait until rookies are on the bubble – if I brought him in now you can bet he'll break a leg or something.


I'd go Stewart to Witherden. Scooter to Bont.


A. No guts, no glory


Another legendary podcast by the boys! Crouching 1, you are one funny hombre πŸ˜‰

Currently underachieving compared to previous years rankings wise at this stage of the season, (5921 hmmmm not happy) but I am hopeful of coming home hard in the last 9 rounds. I just have not been able to grab that momentum to date. I am confident trades made throughout the season will start to bear fruit come the business end of the year. After using my trades this week it would leave me with 7 in total and $35K in the sky rocket.

My current team looks as follows-


Docherty, Laird, Adams, J Lloyd, Rance, Shaw. (Ryan, M Hibberd)


Dangerfield, D Martin, T Mitchell, Yeo, Cripps, Hannebery, Dahlhaus, Treloar. (Berry, Bolton, Cousins)


S Martin, Nankervis. (Stradnica)


Macrae, Ryder, Franklin, Heeney, Lynch, Greenwood. (M. White, Eddy)

Then next week the plan is to downgrade Berry to Witherden and then wave goodbye to Nankervis for the beardless Maxwell Gawn.

5 trades left, full premo, (Go on guys give it to me- I know Greenwood F6…….) with a side which is not "cookie cutter" IMO, and has an optimal mid twenties average age.

Critique my side community. Be great to get some good feedback. Cheers


I'd be looking to move Yeo & Dahlhaus into the forward line, Ryder into the Ruck, and trade Nankervis for Robby Gray.

Leaves you with a fwd line of – Macrae, Dahlhaus, Buddy, Heeney, Lynch & Yeo, and mids of Danger, Dusty, Mitchell, Cripps, Hanners, Treloar, Gray & Greenwood.

Then look to upgrade Greenwood to Jelwood in coming weeks.

neil Demons Delight

don't know whether I would get rid of nank and lose that swing Gray too up and down keep Nank Yeo and Dahl must go fwd


You could just switch Dahl/Yeo into the FWD line via Greenwood. Then In a week or 2 you can go Greenwood>Jelwood who will be at an absolute bargain.


Thanks Darc. Best advice of the day!


yup easily the best move. If youre not sold on selwood (for who knows what reason) rocky will be super cheap in the next round or two also


I like it…what your plans are, that is. With 5 trades left , I would then look at just one more and move Lynch on via Yeo/Dahlhaus and bring in a top MID.


Not sure what your trades were this week, but I think you need two more guns mids and Gawn. Move on Nank if you can't make that happen with ya rookies over the next 3 weeks.

Team Flog

Big KREUUUUUU. Kreuzer. geez his form is sublime


Scooter and Stewart out.

Option A: Zerret and Cameron
Option B: R.Gray and Billings.

Only 1 trade left for full premo after this. (Hannan to Gawn when the price is right).


$1070000 to spend on a mid/forward keeper combo.




ugh is there a C? Cameron isn't in the top 10 forwards… but zerret is such a gun


Best intro ever!!!


Crouching's Bedtime story was a ripper…I was cacking myself! πŸ™‚


That intro was the BEST. FUKING. THING. I'VE. EVER. HEARD!!! I'm really baked so that was exhilarating! Thank you to your parents Jock, for they have given us their son, and we do worship thee weekly! You are an unbelievable specimen of fantasy football royalty, and long may you reign…


And now…for a family sized bag of cheetos…and some really unusual dreams! πŸ™‚


Last FWD to pemo- Nank to heeney, billings or macrae??


JMac, as Doggies seem to have their mojo back until the end of season.


Tough one…flip a 3 sided coin.




Intro for the Ages, felt like the 'Death Star' destroyed my home planet this past round. Licking my wounds and coming out snarling.


I want to get Lloyd this week and I already have Newman. But I'm concerned how McVeigh coming back might change the balance of the Sydney backline setup. Anyone care to offer some wisdom for the community?


Any chance of a Crouching story book out in time for christmas?


dusty or j.selwood to finish off the midfield?, was planning on dusty but the thought of sewood at $450k or so in a couple of weeks seems too good to pass up


I'd wait for Selwood in a few weeks Matt

No one

Let him recover from the concussion.


Looking to ditch either Nank (on my forward line – Have Kruz and Grundy as rucks) or Murphy (traded him in for OMG Mzungu after W1 … did his job early but now out of gas). More likely to trade Nank this week tho.

Anyway – just wondering who of Billings, Robbie Grey (both DPP) or Greene (suspect not a POD) would be the best forward option? Advice and opinion would be hugely appreciated.


Billings could be a good option, he's going really well since round 6..plenty of good scores..and DPP, Heeney too if you don't already have..


Gray isn't dpp mate.


Wish they would allow enough letters for me to call my team Skankyladywithlowerbacktattoo next year πŸ™‚


I'm glad Schofield got off regarding that pathetic obvious dive that Oliver took…I have Oliver and reckon he's a great young gun but have lost some respect after that blousey incident, hope he doesn't make a habbit of that behaviour.

Top Gun

Common sense prevailed.


Hey all, wondering how I should go about things from here on.

Doc, Adams, Laird, Lloyd, Tuohy, Newman (Scharenberg, Ryan)

Danger, Dusty, Bont, Pendles, Jelwood, Hanners, Treloar, Scooter (Cousins, Mountford, Hibberd)

Grundy, Nank (Strnadica)

Macrae, Dahl, Buddy, GC Lynch, Heeney, Greenwood (Bolton, Cal Brown)

I really want to ditch 1 of Lynch or Nank,

If I trade out Lynch than I can choose anyone from 478k

If I trade out Nank I can choose anyone from 502k

I have 10 trades left prior to making any and 79k in the bank.

Thanks fellas


I know Lynch has been doing a super-spud impersonation lately but when you break it down, 9 of his 13 game's scores have been acceptable or good with 5 tonnes thrown in there.
The problem is he's had some real shockers in between, I think he'll either bounce back, (cause he is capable of much better)…or get dropped.


You could go:
Bolton>102k rookie (Prefer MID/FWD)

Yeo to FWD (Via Greenwood)
Then wait for a MID premo to drop in cash in a few weeks and offload Greenwood once his maxed out in price.

Will then have 6 trades leftover for corrections and injuries on the run home.


almost at full premo but not convinced on a few players, disregarding number of trades left,
are blokes like grundy, fyfe, buddy, k.simpson and Nank solid options going into the back end of the year and finals?


Grundy, Simmo and Buddy are good enough.

Nank on the edge.

Depends on Fyfe's injury but you can easily hold onto him.


Thank god Schofield didn't get suspended, he is a crucial player for us and we really need him.


Not a relevant player for sure, but the more important lesson to be learned out of it for Clayton Oliver is…don't be a Soccer Player lookin pathetic diver…good name…really rolls off the tongue.

Top Gun

i love the fact in wikipedia that someone changed his profile to "Clayton Oliver is a professional actor…" Laughed so hard.


Macrae, Greene, Billings who is a must have.

If you want context, Dahl, Buddy, Yeo and Walters are current locks (yes walters is a reach but the last upgrade i need to worry about at this point in time) Plan is to drop Nank back to forwards and monitor form, if it's horrid I will require two forwards. Yes keeping an eye on the eagle Jk also on T lynch who could be rookie price soon as a cover.

In terms of the above i feel Macrae is most consistent, Greene can go big and go out, Billings is having a great run but due a zorko.


You answered your own question with your last sentence…MacRae is the most consistent of the 3 by far.
His 3 worst scores of the season are 70, 84 and 85.
Billings is not due a Zorko…he's having his breakout year, could even get better from here, just food for thought.


hi folks, advice toby greene or elliot yeo , thanks


What to do with Beams?

Pitch 72

Get rid of him, they say 4 weeks, could be longer, don't die wondering.


Hes gotta go


Like Rockliff…you just know Beams will do your head in at some stage with injuries…both on my never again list.


Bachar Houli gets 2 weeks for that hit on Jed Lamb. The bloke turns up to the tribunal with character references from Walleed Aly and Malcolm Turnbull saying what a "good bloke" he is……………And guess what, the tribunal ended up going soft like marshmallows. WTF!!! What an absolute disgrace. I don't give a toss if you are a "good bloke or not", that hit on Lamb was far more serious than the two week suspension handed out. Houli has used his religion to argue that he is a peaceful person. And the tribunal got sucked in………OK Bachar, yes you are a good person with good character, and the prime minister likes you, so instead of 4 weeks, we will give you two. Is that OK mate? What a joke. The AFL tribunal are a bunch of gullible muppets.

I bet there are current and ex players sitting there now, who copped two or more weeks for tripping or "making contact with an umpire" etc etc who would be choking on their Weetbix right now.


I hear ya tophawk. I think it's more his good 11 year record without a suspension why it's down to 2 weeks which is fair enough.


I believe that he was just given a straight 2 week suspension not 3 down to 2


3 down to 2 would only work if he was offered 3 and had an early guilty plee. In this case it was given straight to tribunal and as such the penalty was decided as 2.


Agree here TOPHAWK1. Absolutely disgraceful dog act & only copping the 2 weeks. If the AFL appeal, Turnbull & Waleed won't be happy..


AFL are appealing!!

neil Demons Delight

Sorry Tophawk totally disagree Neitz and co. got it right.. Robbie Flower was the most fair player you would get for many years like Bachar would you go tough on flower no.. Records count he will never do that again deserves only two

neil Demons Delight

That's true brownlow though he did have a punch up with Jacko at training who didn't but the point is if he did he would also get a cut /


Callum Brown or Witherden – which is better option if can only get 1 of them in the next fortnight due to limited trades remaining?


witherden I think would have better JS


Probably a Q for next week.
Will see how he goes this week but will look to bring in Gawn
Only option is Witts as have Kruez.
Witts still going alright Avg over 90.played every game and in the top rucks.
Was initially going to be as stepping stone but surprised us all and could he a keeper.
But surely you have to bring in gawn for $60k changeover?
Would much prefer to go Nank-Gawn but he is F6.


Gawn has some very tough opponents after this week.

I would have a think about going with Witts at R3 for the rest of the season and keep Nank as a swinging R2/F7.

Suns play all there remaining games BEFORE Richmond, meaning you can put Witts at R3 with E and see how he goes.

If he does good, keep your non player at R2 and loop Nank with someone in forward line.

If Witts goes poor, swing Nank to R2.

Only problem is they might both spud.

Will save a trade, give you injury cover, gives you two bites of the Ruck score, gives you forward bench cover AND midfield bench cover via Greenwood/Macrea/Dahlhaus DPP

I stuffed up and have Cameron as my R3 who plays a lot of Early games.


That intro was awesome. Straight away the snoring took me back to 12th Man.


Move the little master on for Bont if he isn't named for his 300th this week?


lol no


Ripper podcast fellas! Getting me through Wednesday at work beautifully.

What's everyone's thoughts on my last forward upgrade?

Can either trade up Parsons or Stewart, who has the most cash still to make and best JS? I'm leaning towards Stewart at this stage, Parsons seems too big a spud to hold. Either way, I can either upgrade to Heeney, Macrae or Billings (bit of a POD which is helpful) which is proving a tough choice. Macrae seems the most consistent so leaning towards him currently, thoughts community?


I've got 2 spots left in the guts and seemingly a buffet of mids available. This week I'll be offloading Beams to one of the below:

2 trades required:
Dusty, Merrett, Kelly

The middle range:
Neale, Mitchell, Cripps

The wait for them to fall:
Selwood, Rockliff, Sloane

The cheap options:
Parker, Gray

I'm playing leagues and have 2 easy games so waiting is an option. I'm leaning to beams to Neale this week, then Scooter to Joel or Rocky in 2-3 weeks. Thoughts?


Beams will be back in 3-4


That's a trade for me. I've got 13 trades left. Plus we've seen how Rocky has been impacted with his shoulder injury. Could take Beams 5-6 weeks to get back to premo numbers


Definitely trake Beams if you have 13 trades left.


Merrett,mitchell or neale? for mid
and for fwds Macrae,Wallis, Cameron or buddy?


Zachary and jackson


Nank to Greene?
Have 8 trades left and have just f6 spot (Greenwood) to upgrade


Nank is still currently a keeper for me. That is, it isnt yet worth a trade and $ to get rid of him. Hold for now?


if i had the trades i do the same. But i don't so i'm holding nank and hoping.


Sloane or Oliver, cant decide who to bring in this week, thoughts?


Dont think anyone can answer this with too much certainty. Everyone has been expecting oliver's form to plummet, but it just hasn't. He has become one of the elite consistent players of the year.

Every part of me is saying he will drop off, and for that reason I cannot bring him in. Even though oliver has proven me wrong do far this year, I really believe sloane remains the better choice.

Sloane for me


Sloane will get tagged every week and dish out 60-80 points. He isn't a Premium until he can play through a tag.


Oliver, Sloane hasn't really been up to his lofty early season standards, Oliver is consistent at 100-110.


Who would you take Green or Heeney. Greene though has a hard last 4 games facing Melb, WB, WCE(in WA) and Geelong (At Skilled Stadium) all these games are late in our season. Does this mean he won't perform as well. Thoughts on which player thanks


Nar greene will be fine. I'd honestly still prefer heeney, but greene is a decent pod if you need a 'hero' to save your team. In other news, god greene is a glog of a person. Good luck johnny


Hey guys, Fyfe changed just before to get the dreaded dotted red line under his name… can anyone give a more recent update on his injury? Thankyou!


Ross Lyon said Fyfe and Sandi were likely to play. Saw this on the AFL website in the Harley Bennell story. Make of it what you will with Ross.


So im down to 5 trades, but have a decent team. A 2422 last week saw me rocket back into the top 500. Go hard or go home is my thinking from here. Heres the team:

Docherty, adams, laird, hibberd, shaw, newman, (ryan, mcinnes)

Danger, Tmitch, Merrett, neale, bont, pendles, rockliff, treloar (bolton, cousins, mountford)

Martin, Goldstein (strdnca)

Yeo, heeney, macrae, dahlhouse, nank, greenwood (pickett, eddy)

39,000 currently in the bank. I really wanr to be aggressive in my trading and just hope for no/limited injuries. Any ideas community please?


Congrats on the excellent rank Bec – doesn't look like you need a lot of advice.

Being aggressive is good and got you this far, but 5 trades could easily go with 5 injuries between now and round 23. With limited trades, setting up your DPP swings to cover future injuries is worth thinking about.

Specifically you don't currently have a DEF/MID swing at the moment so getting Witherden into the midfield could be worth looking at next week when he is on the bubble. The issue is that you only have one MID/FWD swing and your higher value rookies are Bolton, Pickett and Greenwood and if you cut one of them you will lose the MID/FWD swing. Maybe bite the bullet on Cousins if he's not getting picked or Mountford if he gets dropped.

The alternative is just sit tight and if one of your premo mids gets injured, look to replace with J Lloyd. Think you need to keep Nank as ruck cover. When you get a bit closer to the end, if you still have trades you can look at moving on Greenwood and/or Newman.


Yeah. I'm expecting to be able to do a strait swap from greenwood to a decent F6 soon. Hopefully newman is a keeper, which could give me a fightimg chance from here on. Cheers


Congrats on the great rank. To make ground on the top tier you really need a POD. Your team is very similar to theirs. Goldy would be a POD. Most will target Gawn next week. I think you need forward POD's. Greenwood and Nank are the weak links. If you are going hard and taking the risk, then back your rucks in and go without the swing. Upgrade Nank to a Billings or Greene. I would use Bolton. Not sure how much extra cash is in him.


Dont know about that. I moved up from 1500 to 500 in one week last week.

But thanks for the advice. Would you think it's a good move to get down to 3 trades by upgrading nank? Im honestly torn, as his yearly average isn't too bad. Would maybe prefer to upgrade greenwood, as he is most unproven. Totally lost right now


Will i be able to swap greenwood for a decent premium eith one trade in a few weeks?


He's projected to pass $400k in 3 weeks if he scores around the 90 mark


If he keeps scoring 90+ I don't see why you would have to


Hi going well in my leagues just wondered what people are doing with Tom Lynch is he too cheap to trade/Do you back him in? Thanks guys


I wouldn't want to risk him in the grand final – upgrade all your other positions first then maybe worry about him towards the end of the season if you have spare trades


Try and loop him at F7 if you can. He has a high ceiling.


Another great podcast gents. I think Higgo may need I ditch the Sunday service and get on the rum cans with Crouching.

Like many, I have limited trades and cash. Stains include Lynch, Shaw, Nank & Sloane. My targeted players to complete my team are Jelwood, Gawn & Yeo. Team below. $112k and 7 trades.

D: Doc, Laird, Simpson, Rance, Hibberd, Shaw (Scharenberg Ryan);
M: Danger, Pendles, JPK Treloar, Hanners, M.Crouch, Scooter (Mountford, Pickett, Cousins);
R: Martin, Ryder (Strnadica);'
F: Dahl, Heeney, Buddy, Nank, Lynch, Greenwood (Bolton, Eddy).

With some great Community advice, I am planning as follows and would appreciate any feedback…

1. Hold this week;
2. Next week or 2 – Scooter & Nank to Gawn & Jelwood
3. Following week – Greenwood to Yeo/Macrae/Greene

This would get me full premo with just 4 trades to cover injuries. Cutting it fine but is it a good approach?


Apologies – add Sloane to that current Midfield.


I am not sure the $112k will be enough to get those three trades done – if not I would push the third trade back a week or two. Your targets are good although will be cookie cutter if you're ok with that


Thanks Dutch. Any PODs worth considering as alternatives? I've already had a couple of failed trades (Lynch, Shaw, Sloane to name some). Another thought was to go for Billings, Bont, Gray.


Is it time for Scooter to Go?


Ross the Boss saying he's considering playing Fyfe as a permanent FWD this week. This could throw a spanner in to the works, or it could mean he stays there for the rest of the year and we get a nice FWD/MID for 2018


If Ross has taught us anything it's don't believe a word he says


Nat will probably be lining up at full back then


Orange boy duties

Harry H

That probably means he's out for the year


Can I get some advice?

I've bought Witherden in for T. Stewart but I'm not sure if I should get rid of Beams considering his injury, and more importantly the fact I have only 6 trades left. Should I sit him on the bench until he comes back or trade him out for the best midfielder I can get my hands on.

Any help much appreciated cheers guys


4 weeks at this time of year is a must trade


Best forward under 490k?


Great show guys, Yep im in for the $2 DRAFTSTARS comp, may as well spend the 10 iv won so far, and being a Pies game is a bonus I hope!!!


Kelly or Dusty?


White JS?


OUT Lynch

IN Yeo or Cameron


Don't ask just do and enter YEO ahead of any forward in the competition.

If you're after a POD then go Cameron


Merrett on the extended list?
Sandilands listed to play?

Do you think both Merrett & Sandilands will play?


Quick question Parker or the Bont for my last midfield spot?

Current midfield is Dangerfield, Dusty, T. Mitchell, Treloar Pendlebury, J.Kennedy, Joel Selwood…


Should of taken Parker!!


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