The JR Academy – Week 3

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The Academy – Week 3

1.     The Academy Community Ladder & Teams after Week 2 

This will be updated weekly, only showing the cumulative point score of the Top 20 place holders. All will be tracked so long term performance can be monitored.

Those who prove successful in their Draftstars gamesmanship are encouraged to contribute their strategic wisdoms within this post – don’t be shy, The Academy needs your input!


Download ENTIRE JR Academy Ladder HERE (excel file)


An Academy tie for first place in Week 2! Well done to teams Popette and AnthonySmith. As discussed in this week’s podcast, the winning move for both teams was to NOT start with the rookie priced Callum Brown. Brown started in just over two thirds of the competition. While not starting him was a risk, it was a risk that actually increased the chances of success! This is known as the contrarian strategy.

Below I have linked a excellent article written by the great DPWoodford, founder of and highly successful DFS player, outlining the contrarian DFS strategy;


Congratulations also to our current Top 20 Academy performers and in particular, team TheTeletub. I would like to hear from these teams in the comments; Have they employed certain selection strategies? Do they have their own ranking systems? Have skills gained via SuperCoach been relevant to this game?

Contributions are key to the success of this academy as we are all very much in the learning phase in our DFS journey.

2.     Interrogation of the Player Score Projection Tool – “DOM”

Using as a comparison, as expected DOM was beaten by the Fantasy Insider projections in Week 2 – the score now is DOM 1 v Fantasy Insider 1.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.23.48 AM

DOM’s forecasts last week were on average just under 1 point worse than those projected by Fantasy Insider.

For further information and to sign up for a free trial visit

3.     Analysis of the Performance of Team Peter_Higgo

A better result this week for my, team finishing in the top 25% of competitors. I am improving and have learnt already of the importance of Risk V Reward gamesmanship. See below for my lineup that will be focused on a more contrarian strategy.

4.     Week 3 DOM Player Projection for Sunday’s Free Academy Game – MEL v WBD

For numeric input detail relating to DOM (Draftstars Optimisation Machine), please visit The Week 1 JR Academy post.

[table id=46 /]

5.     Comparison of MEL v WBD  predictive scores as delivered by DOM against an established forecasting model
Using forecasts as supplied by, DOM performance data will be routinely checked against Fantasy Insider’s forecasting model and adjusted post-round as required.

[table id=47 /]

6.     Apply DOM forecasts and key selection strategies to finalise a weekly contest lineup for Sunday’s FREE Academy Game – MEL v WBD.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Given that each week this post will be uploaded PRIOR to final team selections, potential updates will be re-posted following the release of squads. 

Risk V Reward – Here I come! I forecast this lineup to either do very well or very poorly. This is the nature of the contrarian lineup.

I am going without Nathan Jones and Todd Viney who, in terms of premium selections, I expect to be quite popular. This has enabled me to go in with a mid-priced spend. Players such as Suckling, Bugg and Oscar McDonald should prove relatively unique selections.



I will leave the JR Academy Community to discuss the pros and cons of the above lineup – consider it, challenge it, and by all means BEAT IT IN THIS MONDAY’S ACADEMY CONTEST! 


I wish you well for Week 3 and look forward to continuing to share in my explorations in the weeks to come.

Kind regards,

Peter J Higginbotham


 Fantasy Insider have a two week free trial on the go at the minute, they also have a SuperCoach ‘who should I pick’ tool which may arouse you.. jump on over and give our great supporters a try!


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I'm a fan of the contrarian strategy, Higgo. Something I've used with some success in non-JR contests. I've found it's best not to go balls to the wall with it, it generally works best with players at the lower end of the price scale (as was the case with the winners last week not having Brown – only one of top 10 teams had him)

A quick look at the numbers has Jones as the top player using both fantasy and DOM. As is the case with SC, pony up the cash for the best and hunt for value elsewhere


Going to be looking into that this week, Kev. Will be doing the same

Just Sayin

Don't mind Draft stars but prefer coach kings

If someone is stinking up your team you can give them the ol heave Ho in coach kings at half time and correct your error of judgement

The stench lingers till the final siren in draftstars


Flys into 4th spot with a bullet…. Nice work Higgo


Great stuff Stirlsy! Spill the beans for us mate, what's you secret to date? Points of difference? Guns n Rookies?


Just gut feelings Jock, I think Higgo is reading to much into it with the numbers, like maths was one of my fav subjects back at Mordi High School but i just use basic stuff like looking back at there season so far (avg) how they have been scoring in past half doz games nothing real exciting …. The Team And Why I Picked Them…
OK before i start abit about myself from Mordialloc but now living outside of Bunbury WA in a caravan park so no foxtel only free to air tv for me. Listen to other games and always have a stats window open. I'm 53 and a Magpie fan. Maybe that helped.
FWD- Broomhead 84pts Liked what i saw the week before in Perth was a cheap option was hoping for 70+ and got it.
FWD- Hunt 78pts Dasher who had been quite of late, so after the bye the thinking was he would be fresh and could get back to some of his good scores from early in the season, looked good value at 8,450 was hoping for 80+ so close enough.
MID- Pendles 126pts picked himself as top Premo at the high price of 16,650 but you pay for class. The top Pie for 1 more year
MID- Oliver 96pts Couldn't get into it early, a better 2nd half. 2nd Premo at 13,900 a little disappointing expected 100+
MID- Petracca 93pts The mid pricer MID 11,000. I didn't see a matchup for him so expected him to have a big game as we all know he can. The human factor at work here Higgo…. had to ignore the numbers and think football here.
MID- Crocker 82pts The rookie priced 6,400 over Brown 6,700 the price made no diff to my selection. Was simple as Crocker has played a couple of ok games last year looked ok against Freo in 1st game this year ball just didn't fall for him against Freo but he got the nod over a handball friendly 1st gamer Brown…Higgo I did look at ownership here but the gut said Crocker on past performance.
DEF- Aish 104pts I picked my team on Thursday nite before teams were out for this game and had Wagner sitting here. When teams were out I had to make a change so went looking for a player of similar priced to Wagner as i was happy with the rest of team. I wont lie it just pushed me to Aish Lucky pick!!! at 7,700
DEF- T.Mac 66pts The POD Jock yes i went looking for 1 and picked the wrong one, reason… I picked him up in my SC team as well, STOP laughing….. on the back of something Patch i think it was penned preseason on T.Mac and the way he finished off last year. Still might happen when Melb get Gawn & Hoges back. Anyway I go with T.Mac and at end of 1st qtr im thinking im on a winner 37SC pts and 27 Fantasy pts …. Everything was looking good i was ranked well so right in the game with a few of my better players down a bit in the team and the POD was on track for 90+ as i expected/wanted….. But then as yr good friend Crouching would say BANG some bastard shot my POD he puts out a lazy 9pnt qtr and is just avg in the 2nd half. FAILED.
RUCK- Grundy 158pts Only real Ruckman on the ground you just had to pay the bucks for him 14,450 well spent if you didn't have him you weren't in this game.

So that's how i do it, look at everything Yes Higgo i do look at yr numbers and ownership ect ect but also the human factor and how things might pan out, I know its hard but try not to over think it just go with yr gut.
It could of been better a 1st place finish, I did look at Maynard as a POD and Salem instead of T.Mac but only because i wanted Pederson up FWD i couldn't get the cash either way to get him so stayed with the line up.
I'll give a quick rundown of game 1 below no player names just where i ranked qtr to qtr….



I was in the game str8 off sitting 30th most of qtr then scoring stops near end of qtr im 70th at QT 40pts off lead. going ok.
Q2 Team goes MIA all but 1 scoring 8 spudding it up bigtime ifinish qtr 301st 150pts off leader, its a long way back from here.
Q3 We are floating between 300th and 370th through Q3 then BANG they start to score as a pack again near end of qtr.
WE rise a staggering amount in the ranks to end Q3 ranked 300th woohoo i went up 1 spot, here i come… but they held was what i was thinking and the leader was around the same in front.
Q4 Im watching the game on tv and my players are getting plenty of it early on in the last i look at the rankings…. yep sure enough the team is playing 227 189 99th the have come back to life …. getting into the 60s b4 finishing 75th…
Team could go all right just put in 1 shocker of a qtr as a group.


One big thing people should be aware of and most should already know is this is Fantasy scoring and as SC players on a SC page(and the bloody best page at that) we need to be thinking Fantasy here when playing DRAFTSTARS.
Well I hope my ramblings helps the Community, but i doubt it will as all games are different some look easy to pick in others harder to settle on a line up.
Be interesting to see how I go this week without Pies in it but i get to look at Dees again, all i can tell you about what my plan is for this week is the team looks mid pricey and ill run T.Mac again as a POD
Top player valued at 13,500 lowest player valued at 8,550
Good Luck Sunday Community.


Wonderful insights, Stirlsy. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts – precisely the intention of this post!

I do tend to agree with you on the importance of factoring in the "human element" into our selection processes. This coming Sunday two players will need to lift given their poor recent performances; Johannisen and Lewis. Risky selections that could reward given their discounted price.

Another key game factor is the recent poor form of The Dogs as compared to the fine win from Melbourne. Added to this is the fact that last time they met The Dogs dominated possession at 426-373.

There is much to consider! Thanks again Stirlsy – if back in the Mordialloc region, let us know. It's very close to Jock's bungalow and he is always looking for a reason to open his esky.


Thx Higgo

I'm expecting the Dogs to take the Dees to the cleaners, Dees coming off a 6 day break a hard running game against the Pies and hitting the hard running surface will bring them undone.
I'v more or less named 3 of my players for this week 2 by price and the Pod T.Mac, I have to run with him again if he scores well and i left him out id be kicking myself all the way back to Mordi.
And yes Higgo im due for a trip back to Melbourne maybe even a move back home for keeps and remember you and your great mate Jock getting around the pubs in the area Stantons my main watering hole in my youth and down on the creek at the Bridge.


Bloody fantastic insights here Strilsy. Gott say – it gives this old prick here a bit of comfort that there's NOTHING that can trump A) Gut Feel B) Knowing your footy – with a sprinkling of C) Analyticals.

Like the fact that you've highlighted the scoring paraletics between Draftstars and AFL Fantasy (and not SC) as well. Clutch point.


Thx Jock
I had a couple of good finishes in CK as well a 14th and 22nd so go ok in this form of the game.
No bloody free to air footy in WA today so its the radio for me listening to doggies and the dees.
Think the dogs will win this by 5 goals, yet iv gone for a 5dee 4dog lineup not sure how that's going to play out but im happy with team picked for this game.


Balic to Westhoff OR Lynch (GC)




Zorko or Dusty?


Goldy or Stef Martin?


Really enjoying this weekly Draftstars comp guys, any chance we can see the full overall ladder ?

I'm on 1503pts, would like to see where that puts me.


Wonderful idea – I will add a link shortly to a downloadable full weekly ladder.


Awesome, thanks Higgo !


I will be updating this post shortly with a new lineup – Matthew Boyd out – full restructure required!


Flying right into the top spot after two weeks of consistent work ethic for theteletub


Any thoughts on an overall prize for say top 5-10?
If someone is good enough to select the best team week in week out from different AFL teams i think they should be rewarded after the final game.

Maybe hit up the fantasy boys for an overall prize?


Have discussed a few ideas with Jock. We are considering a weekly prize pack of perhaps a Jock Reynolds stubbie holder and signed JR magazine – suggestions welcome. We will also ask the good folk at Draftstars for some input here.


This is the week I do well, I feel it


Any idea how we might get some sort of indication before the game of percentage ownerships? I see this as forming a crucial part of the strategy for this daily fantasy game. Perhaps if you put up a poll within this post we could gather some selection insight.


You see %age ownership…. go into Roster trends it gives all %age owned players.


WinrzRGrinrz here team. Currently sitting 8th on the academy ladder and figured I may as well put in my two bobs worth as I’m also interested in hearing about everybody else’s approach to these contests.

A couple of the strategies/rules I’ve been generally sticking to:

-Always pick a cheaper ruck option. Very few rucks warrant some of the high end price tags they come with. The exception here was Brodie Grundy last week where he was always going to destroy Melbourne’s depleted ruck. If you can scrape a 70-80 and use the extra cash elsewhere, that’s a win.
-Avoid looking at a players average pts in isolation. Be sure to look deeper into performance across the year – often there can be 1 standout game that inflates a players average making them appear better value than they really are or 1 dud game that brings an average down and on face value makes them look an unattractive option. A great example of this recently is Jimmy Webster, who has an average of only around 71, however this was heavily impacted by a score of 8 when he got injured a few weeks ago. In games around that he has been up around the 90-100 mark.
-Aim for ceiling per player of 14k and avoid bottom dollar rookies if possible. Much maligned in SuperCoach, the mid price strategy has often worked wonders for me in daily fantasy. Here you find the best value in terms of $/pt and your POD. I can never justify paying 16/17k for one player whose ownership is likely to be high anyway. The cats and eagles game last night was a great example of the benefits of this strategy. We had Dangerwoods priced at around 16k but other better value picks like Priddis(13k), Yeo(13k), Sheed(11k) and even McGovern (10k) which came up trumps and meant you could load up elsewhere instead of having to pick a bottom dollar player like Jed Bews or Tom Cole.

Anyway, there’s a couple to start with but look forward to sharing more and discussing everybody else’s strategies.

Keep up the awesome work team, love it.


Thanks for this. It looks like that for this Sunday's game the ruck decision will be a big one. No real confidence in any of the selections so perhaps it's just a value pick. Both lineups in the post have Boyd. He may be prove to be a strangely popular selection.


Very bloody interesting Winrz!! That third point is interesting.. I thought it was a bit weird that guns n rookies came up trumps for some in week 1, a lot of the best performed CoachKings lineups over the past few seasons have been teams with a good spread from that upper-end mid price bracket so what you've noticed makes sense to me.

Might go with more of your Clayton Olivers, your Jack Macraes and your Jordan Lewis types this weekend.


Spot on Jock, Oliver to go big this week and Neal-Bullen to be that real mid pricer to go well although he might not be a POD any longer.

Should be pretty right with Boyd this week discojim!


Yes my team is very mid pricey this weekend Winrz and Jock as seen by my price range I gave in an earlier post.
Looking for the even spread across the board this Sunday.

Steve V

Thanks Higgo,
How does this sound?
Tom Mc
Little Rough

Struggling to get my head around format- and research time conflicts with Friday Beers- what to do?


It seems your lineup is assuming a strong performance from the Bulldogs. My forecasts have generally predicted higher point scores from the Melbourne players. However, as has been very much the theme for the week, your lineup is very much adopting the contrarian approach.
As for Morris; he has averaged just 51 Draftstars points over his last 5 games and …. goodness, I fear I may have missed him in my forecasting table above. I have him scoring just 47 points this week with a low ceiling of 68. Not for mine.
Good luck this week!

Steve V

Thanks Higgo- I'm hopeful we might catch up for a cup of tea or a hearty ale sometime soon to discuss such matters of import.


Gday Higgo, I've had a combined total of 1474 from my two games so not sure where that puts me overall.
Line up so far for this week is.

T. MacDonald

Not sure on Frost but it allows a bit of cash elsewhere, any thoughts? Cheers.


The Ruck selection certainly shaping up to be a clincher. Boyd will be popular given the relatively small difference in spend between him and the others. Frost is a hard one to select given his recent form … but you never know. Back in a player for a good game and the rewards are yours!

Mountain Maulers

Tried to enter again and get the following …We are sorry, these games are reserved for new Draftstars players. Please join another game.


Yeah, I'm in the same boat MM. Been in contact with Jock and unfortunately there was a bit of an issue with non members of the JR community trying to muscle in on the contest for the free prize money. Jock wanted to create a safe space for the community that are learning the game and not go up against blokes that have been playing the format for a while.

If you've had your DS account for a while and played over a x-amount of cash contests, you're locked out.


In the same boat here can't play in this weeks dfs comp.. Bit disappointing. Played ck last year but isn't available in our area now…so was enjoying Sunday games. Started Draftstars this year and been playing a few games but wouldn't be an expert by any means so not sure how many games means you can't play the academy comp?


Quick note – we've restricted entry to folk who have played less than 20 paid Draftstars games. Apologies if that counts you out – we're just keen as mustard to make the Academy a safe place to learn the caper amongst others just learning the game.


Quite chuffed with my final finishing position of 18th. We are learning!


Good job Higgo ! I took the gamble with Top Deck and got stung…. Wish I had of seen that tweet from Bugg !

A Roughead or Salem pick (who were both cheaper) over Top Deck would have jumped me from 80th up to around 12th.

Shows the absolute importance of every single player in your lineup


Since the game was over early for me when Jong went down i started following you Higgo as i noticed you in top 30 and SC Kev another reg, it was good to see you both in top 35 this week and yes Hedski seen you in there too… well done fellas.
JONg out in first 10mins and Melksham tagging (*didn't see that coming) put me way down the ranks finishing 217th on 707pts but after doing a postmortem on the team it didn't look that bad, if jong plays the game id say i just miss top 50 not to bad when unwittingly taking a tagger in as well.