SuperCoach RD12: The Heroes, The Villains, The Damned.

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Vanilla. Plain. Bland. Ordinary.

These are some of the words that can be used to describe a very uninspiring round of SuperCoach.While a few of our premos performed impressively, others were well below par. But on average most players were just that: average. There were plenty of 80s and 90s. A par score was around 1800 for the round.

The Heroes

The majestic Gary Ablett (146 SC) looks back to his best. His numbers were beautiful on Saturday night: 37 disposals. 10 tackles. 2 goals. 15 contested possessions. 8 clearances.  The most encouraging of these stats is the tackle count, proving his troublesome shoulder issues may be a thing of the past.

The two Daynes – Beams (146 SC) and Zorko (129 SC) – formed a potent partnership as the Lions put Freo to the sword on Saturday afternoon. The pair had 66 touches, 11 marks, 13 tackles, 3 goals, 30 contested possessions and 19 clearances between them.

Sam Docherty (145 SC) is hands-down the best SuperCoach defender this season. Put it down in the book now, he will finish 2017 with the best defensive average for the second consecutive year.  He was everywhere for Carlton in their shock victory over the Giants, racking up 35 disposals and 12 marks.

Isaac Heeney (131 SC) and Jack McRae (123 SC) were the standouts for their respective sides on Thursday night, with the former demonstrating that his Glandular Fever diagnosis earlier this season isn’t slowing him down just yet.

Yung guns Zach Merrett (135 SC) and Lachie Neale (125 SC) continued their prolific form and are shaping as must-have players for 2018. Towering Blue Matthew Kruezer (133 SC) has well and truly arrived as a genuine top-two ruck prospect. The big Kruz now has the best average (106) for any ruckman in the competition. He looks the real deal.  

Other players to break the 120-mark this round were Cale Hooker (140 SC), Justin Westhoff (133 SC), Jeremy Howe (126 SC) and Tom Papley (121 SC).

The Villains

One of the highlights, or should I say lowlights, of this week was the absolute train wreck performance of Jason Johannisen (21 SC). No, he didn’t get injured. He played a full game and gathered just nine disposals. He was targeted physically by the Swans and didn’t react well to it at all. The concerning thing for his owners is other teams will now use a similar ploy after seeing how effective it was on the damaging line-breaker.

While he still managed a plausible score, Marcus Bontempelli (91 SC) gave away five free kicks and went at just 38% efficiency on Thursday night. If anything, this highlights the outstanding SC scoring ability of the Bont, who still managed to trot out a reasonable tally despite his efficiency woes.

Adelaide’s Rory Sloane (62 SC) was tagged by Koby Stevens and was kept to just 14 disposals. As brilliant as Sloane is when the going is good, when things get tough and a tag is applied he hasn’t been able to deal with the extra attention. To be a consistent uber premium, he must find a way around this dilemma.

Many traded in St Kilda defensive options Dylan Roberton (82 SC) and Leigh Montagna (77 SC), but they failed to hit the heights that were expected of them. The same can be said for Melbourne’s Michael Hibberd (83 SC), Sydney’s Zak Jones (71 SC) and the Giants’ Zac Williams (64 SC), with the latter unable to back up a career-best performance last week. Collingwood’s Taylor Adams (73 SC) also had his first real blemish for the season.

Jack Steven (73 SC) has not yet found the level required to be a must-have SuperCoach midfielder. Just as it looked like Patrick Cripps (70 SC) was on the brink of something big this season, he took a step backwards against GWS.

The Redeemers

Rory Laird (134 SC) bounced back from a horrific 59 last week to produce a majestic performance. The gun running defender accumulated 34 possessions at a precise 85% efficiency to help the Crows overcome St Kilda on Friday night.

Some thought Jack Gunston (121 SC) was a potential top 6 forward at the start of the season, but sadly this has not proved to be the case. Amid talk of him being potentially traded at the end of the season, Gunston turned out a sublime game for the Hawks with 19 touches, 12 marks and five goals.

Mr Potential Dylan Shiel (122 SC) again has not lived up to the hype so far in 2017, but with two tons in as many weeks, maybe he’s starting to turn things around. He’s now averaging 96 after 12 games this year.

Brodie Grundy (117 SC) is starting to hit his straps nicely now that Mason Cox is out of the side. He had a whopping 51 hit outs and completely dominated in the ruck for Collingwood.

The Prodigies

Jake Barrett (97 SC) was the standout rookie and rewarded many coaches who have held him with 24 possessions and 2 goals in Brisbane’s shock upset over Freo. Defenders Nic Newman (91 SC), Caleb Marchbank (87 SC), Jarrod Berry (84 SC) and Matthew Scharenberg (68 SC) were all in fine touch for their respective sides, sending a message to their coaches that they are valid on-field options.

Freo’s Luke Ryan (87 SC) shone in second match for the Dockers with 13 disposals, four marks and six tackles. On the bubble after Freo’s bye next week, he looms as a must-have defensive rookie.  Jono Beech (57 SC) impressed for the Crows on debut, kicking a goal, but job security remains an issue. Brennan Cox (30 SC) played his first game for the Dockers but didn’t have much impact, while Callum Brown (53 SC) looked at home at AFL for Collingwood in his first game.

Ben Ainsworth (73 SC), Lewis Melican (71 SC), Hugh Greenwood (68 SC), Hugh McLuggage (64 SC), Will Hoskin-Elliott (63 SC) and Andrew McGrath (61 SC) posted respectable outputs, while players in that mediocre 60-30 bracket were: Charlie Curnow (56 SC), Zac Fisher (55 SC), Will Hayward (53 SC), Mitch Hannan (51 SC), Harry Perryman (49 SC), Tim Taranto (45 SC), David Meyers (41 SC), James Cousins (40 SC), Tom Williamson (38 SC) and Tim English (31 SC).

The Damned

The jungle drums are beating louder every week Nat Fyfe (81 SC) fails to produce a score of substance. He’s nowhere near the player he once was and he may be and option to trade out if you have trouble finding 18 starting players next week.

Andy Otten (62 SC) has served us well this season, posting some decent scores. But he has the bye this week and has an unachievable break even, so now is the perfect time to offload him.

One of the hype breakout players in the pre season, Jack Steele (53 SC) has been poor the past three weeks. After averaging a respectable 92 from his first eight matches, average has dropped down to a paltry 75 in the past month. He’s gone from being a potential keeper to someone that needs to be upgraded.


How did you go this week?

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Ok, so at minimum how many trades should I have left at end of this week? I am hearing diff numbers from coaches.


I'll have eight. And then I only need one for Lloyd the following week. Leaves me 7 with Steele and Shaw to consider. Probably have approx 100k in the bank. Have bench cover and lots of dpps so I should be able to get to finals with at least four trades.


I will have 7 with 2 needed to get Lloyd and another two to get a DPP swing. Another one for Sandi to Gawn leaves me with 2 trades left (Probs not what you want lol)


I have 13 currently, with 2-3 used over next couple of weeks. thought that somewhere between 8-12 would be par. Interested to hear from others too


Seen many people post they are very low. Might cause some problems later if there are injuries to popular players


If I use all three this week I'll have 9 with three upgrades needed. I'd say you wouldn't want any less than 6.


Depends entirely on how many upgrades you still need to make…


I'm on 11. I'll use 2 in the next fortnight to make my team full premo.

The plan is to then sit tight until the finals and only trade when i have a premium who is injured and won't play sc finals or if I am going to miss the finals and i need to go hard.

I'm hoping that I can hit the finals with about 300k and 8 trades.


Dangerous words…"must have rookie"


Especially when they play for freo


Would usually be against trading Fyfe but with one trade I can upgrade him to Bontempelli.
Thoughts community?


got rid of him last week for Rockliff. Didn't pay huge dividends right away, but still think it'll be the best move going forward


Done deal.


Yep, do it, I'm going to


Considering doing it for Lloyd, so I can see whether Bont will turn it around or of he drops another stain in the jocks. Costs 30k to go early on Lloyd though.


Currently ranked 1580 and looking to finalize my team.
Here's my starting 22.

DEF: Doc, Laird, Adams, Shaw, Lloyd and Hibberd.
MID: Danger, Dusty, Rocky, Kelly, Treloar, Beams, Hanners and Bont.
RUCK: Goldy and Mummy.
FWD: Yeo, Dahl, McRae, Nank, Greene and Greenwood.

Thinking of going Greenwood to Heeney to complete full premo.
What are others thinking of as possible premo FWD options?


I wouldn't do that, Greenwood still got more cash to be made


Just feel if I wait to long I'll be left behind in the ranks.


Buddy over Heeney imo

Joe T

Buddy, TJ Lynch, or if you're willing to wait another week potentially JJK and Roo coming back from injury. The latter could give you a push up the rankings if you take a punt considering his low ownership

Heeney looks good value but I still feel his galandular fever fatigue will catch up to him soon. JJK and Buddy are proven performers especially in the 2nd half of the year, and Lynch could have a few favourable match ups


galandular fever fatigue? seems to be getting better every week. fatigue shmatigue

Joe T

Heeney's gone on record saying he's had to take extra steps to try minimise the effects of the fatigue catching up to him (he takes naps during the week as part of his recovery now). Galandular fatigue takes a while to kick in after people seemingly recover from the initial effects, so taking all that into consideration it's is a risk bringing him in.

He could be over it however and go on to keep scoring well, but looking at the last F6 spot I personally prefer to back history

Rooster XXX

I would have thought Heeney will only get better and better with more games and training continuity having go over glandular fever……. Not sure there is such a thing as "glandular fever fatigue" once you have recovered, then I would think he will be only get better and better….. Said as much himself when interviewed after the game on Thursday night……. More and more midfield time should result in the potential for better SC output…..

I think you are over thinking it Joe T if you are sighting "glandular fever fatigue" as a reason to stay clear of Heeney!!!


Actually there is such a thing as Glandular Fever Fatigue. It can come and go a lot…

Rooster XXX

Yeh that would be just be glandular fever relapse, if not having recovered properly in the first instance??

I would have a thought a young and fit elite athlete with access to first class medicos would have a better chance than most to manage his recovery and just get better and better…..

Rooster XXX

I'm no medico so happy to be corrected – but isn't fatigue just a symptom of glandular fever in itself?? So if he has recovered from the illness and has taken and no doubt continues to take all the necessary precautions, reasonable to expect he will only get better and better….


Fatigue from glandular fever can come and go for a long period of time. Just becuase he is over it doesnt mean it wont still be there. Its one of those sicknesses that is actually still there and never full goes away, just stays dormant in the body.


Yes, Infectious mononucleosis (glandular fever) stays dormant in the body after infection. No, symptomatic fatigue doesn't 'come and go'. Different people are effected in different ways in about 8% the only visible symptom is a sore throat. Most people are fully recovered within 6-weeks but some cases where the liver and spleen have been swollen or inflamed fatigue can last for months.

Joe T

You'd think he would get better over time Rooster but like Mavs said, the fatigue comes and goes. True you'd expect a professional athlete to have a quicker rate of recovery and to be monitored closely, but the opposite could be argued that because of his profession his body hasn't actually had time to recover from the fatigue that may or may not come around, and could potentially hit him harder than it would for a person with a regular job

So too many question marks for me to go for it. He's not going to score better than an F4/F5 and there are a lot of proven forwards in that slot to choose from

For what it's worth, he was in my sights as a top 6 fwd pre-season, but I ruled him out once it was Galandular


It's called chronic fatigue syndrome you nuffie. You can get it as a result of having glandular fever.

smart as s

how can u live without titch?!


It's been tough. I am more than happy with my mids as a whole though.


Also I am considering bringing him or Neale in for Beams once he has maxed out from his good form.
I think Beams will drop off or get injured at some point.


Solid team. You might wanna let Greenwood fatten a little so you have some cash to splash when injury hits.


I think it's a good idea to trade now, I went early on some Rookies so I could hit full premo earlier than any year i've played before. Cash generation isn't as important once your team is complete.


Thoughts on a 4 team midfield to finish off the season:
Cats (Danger, Jelwood)
Pies (Pendles, Treloar)
Swans (JPK, Hanners)
Freo (Neale, Fyfe)


I've got the cats and Swans sorted. Already have pendles and fyfe so I only need Neale and treloar to complete my set


Thoughts community? Need to bring in a couple of Rd 13 players this week, so I'm thinking of either going early on Lloyd even though his BE is still high, or going early on Ryan despite him not playing this week and bringing in Scott Selwood who will make quick cash.

Myers -> non-playing $102K MID/FWD rookie
Otten -> Lloyd
Shaw -> Docherty


Myers -> Scott Selwood
Otten -> Ryan
Shaw -> Docherty


2. Lloyd with a b.e of 150ish can wait a week


That's the way I'm leaning as well Kev. Those trades also leave me with a handy $82K in the bank to grab Lloyd next week by moving on Vickers-Willis and Stewart.


Marcus Bontempelli: 18 possessions at 39% DE, 11 tackles, 6 marks, 3 clearances, 5 freekicks against & 6 clangers = 92 points



Champion Data put out a table of Bont vs JPK. It was interesting to say the least. Looked like they received a truck load of hate mail & cooked something up to try to satisfy the haters. Some of it made sense but not all of it. None of us understand the scoring system as it's well hidden


It's called administrator intervention. Apparently the administrator/CD can intervene and change scoring factors for individual players e.g. PlayerX coming game is against a team with good tagger so the administrator will factor in % increase in that players score tabulator maybe 1.15 instead of 1.0
In relation to Bont the admin seem to think that he will suffer a team shutdow/18 taggers so they give him a wildcard Boolean which ramps up his score by a factor of 0.2 to 1.5 meaning that his minimum uplift =1.2 times his stat score but his max uplift=2.5 times his stat score.
With all the heat CD are copping over Bonts scores this year I wouldn't be suprised if the wildcard boolean is deleted soon. So, I wouldn't trade him in





Do you want to have a word with someone about bumping up Fyfe and Shaw?

smart as s

last forward spot from round 14, heeney or kennedy?

smart as s

or touk miller 🙂




Someone posted a twitter link on Friday of how champion data awarded every point. I'll see if I can find it


Plenty of people attacking the umpiring yesterday saying it was biased. The free kick count was only +4 to the Dees & not like it was +15 as many were complaining about. Whilst I thought a couple were 50/50 in the last quarter incorrect disposal is a free kick & there was plenty of them. Sometimes umpires are blind sided & miss some. No one is perfect. I thought the team that wanted it more won the game. Simple as that


I agree with you Pieman, but some of those decisions against the Pies in the last qtr yesterday were shockers. The reason people are upset is the exact same thing happened minutes after a dodgy freekick but yet no free to the Pies. For whatever reason, it deed seem to be one way traffic late on with the frees.
That said, we were comprehensively outplayed in the 2nd half and whilst Oliver was burrowing in head over the ball, Pendles was waiting outside for the cheapy.


Agree Rocksta. I was extremely frustrated watching Pendles. Just labour around when the game was in the balance. Especially when you've got the C on him. When the big boys needed to stand up they did not. The Dees players did & Watts got his Queens B'day revenge


Umpires never have the guts to pay frees in a tight last couple of minutes. Too scared to make an error so it's usually what they don't pay that gets them looking stupid.


I love them not paying frees late on, let the game play its course when its intense and exciting.

Sure if its blatant pay the free – but way prefer it when they just let the game go.


Umpiring changes depending on size of crowds and lead up to the game, as well as being a Monday game, i'm sure of it.
Yesterday they umpired like it was a final especially with the dropping or holding the ball rule, and loved watching it….but should have been umpired like any other round 12 game


What about the fact 3 of the melbournes first 4 goals came from frees or lack of?

Rick Grimes

Gaz or Dusty?


Nice problem to have. I'm envious. Perhaps Dusty just based on durability & less likely to have to trade out

Rick Grimes

Oh I have other issues to deal with – Fyfe, Steele and Shaw being top of mind – but I'm choosing to ingnore them and hope the problem goes away.


Steele is good at Etihad. Anywhere else & he needs a loophole. Fyfe I just don't know what to say. How the mighty has fallen. But we can't get rid of everyone we'd like to or you'll run out of bullets


I'd say Dusty. Tiges are competing for a top four spot so they'll be relying on Dusty in the midfield.


Dusty. Very durable doesn't miss games. You don't want to be trading Ablett out again if he gets injured


Gaz is high risk, but high reward if it pays off.


Fyfe to Oliver will leave me with 17,800 in bank.
Next week will be hoping Parsons and Berry generate enough cash so I can trade in Callum Brown and Lloyd. Should I trade in Cotchin instead this week so it's a sure thing or hope Parsons and Berry generate at least 20k between them? (This is all assuming Lloyd drops to 410kish)


You could always trade in Tim Smith from Melbourne and gamble that he'll get back in the team again. He should be over his injury now and potentially back in the mix. 102k fwd. Mature aged. That's if you're short on cash


Smith out for the year?


If Fyfe keeps this poor form up and ends up being traded at the end of the season, he could be the bargain of the century next year. Imagine picking him up for 400 to 450k and have him play like he did in 2015. I for one am very excited by the prospect


Might also dish up the same crap we've seen this year


Players dont lose skill. They may lose motivation but they dont just forget how to play footy. Surely at a club with decent finals prospects he can get back up to where he was before?


There is a problem with his body. He doesnt look the same anymore

Dean Billman

Heard on MMM today that he has a chest injury.




problem is – that's what everyone thought he was going to do this year :/


the blueprint is out on JJ. soft


fyfe to scott selwood to free up some cash or is that a waste of a trade


Don't like it. Unless you consider Scooter a keeper. I don't


might not be a keeper, but you cant argue so far, plays a tagging role and is a selwood, so he isnt soft, which will get him some tackles, could make his way to the 500k price tag.


yeah but hes not a keeper, so no need if youre looking for full premo

Big G

Dusty or Gary?




Levi Greenwood played on Doch for 25 minutes & I don't think he scored. Nobody else goes near him. Must use shit for after shave


Next week i will be downgrading T.Stewart to L.Ryan and upgrading Barrett to my final mid premo, but i cant decide between Neale and Merret. Who does the community think is the better option? It might just be one of those coinflip scenarios.




50:50 on SC scoring

100% Zerrett in terms of watching the player (look up his highlight reel on youtube, sexy af)


Fyfe to the bald master for me this week, it just has to be done, convince me otherwise community!
Next week SPP > Ryan and Newman > Laird, completes my backline (Shaw if he can get 90s ill be contempt for now)


Nice win on the weekend Mr Bolton


You're safe. If I was trading Gaz in this week I'd warn you off. Only my 3rd year of SC but has never been uninjured in my side for more than a round … ever…


I am in a weird place this week. Have traded conservatively through the byes so far and am absolutely not able to identify any trade this week. Every attractive rookie has a bye. All of my existing rookies are rising in price. Too many of my premos are out (shocking score coming) and there is no trade I want to make that actually makes my team better for more than 1 round. I'll be holding until teams are out. Any in a similar position?


My rules on trading is unless you can find multiple reasons for it to work for you don't bother. I've made so many trades in the past that have looked good & delivered nothing beyond what I had. If your not sure just wait. I don't see any point wasting 3 trades this week trying to a league win


Good advice Pieman. Thanks.


Agree, I am holding, riding Harbrow's second week out, riding my cash grab that was trading out tom Lynch for Walters. Have 18 on field, will let them be. Hoping Walters and Harbrow can turn it around.

Sandi back may be the only thing that gives Walters value, bigger fish to fry atm


Even though i only have 8 trades left with one rookie on field Greenwood. Should i trade steele for Heeney or McRae and hold Fyfe or just hold trades until after the byes?


If you only have 1 onfield player that isn't a Keeper ( regardless of whether they are a Rookie or not), then I'd make that trade. That then means you will be 1 player from full Premo with 7 trades left which is okay. NB. I don't consider Steele or Scooter as Keepers.

You'll want to hold your fire for a few weeks after that for your remaining Rookies to fatten up and then paint the fence for your last Premo.


Thoughts on trading Fyfe to either Ablett or Rocky?

Have to trade out Fyfe this week just to field 18 players. Whoever I don't get now out of Ablett or Rocky, i will upgrade to from scooter in two weeks.

Ablett low breakeven and a good finals run. Rocky higher BE so I'm thinking of getting Ablett now and rocky in 3-4 weeks


Michael Hurley after his bye has got to be a defensive option. BE of 144, so could even wait another week after the bye. 97.9 average. 5 round average of 103.2. will be under 500k soon. softer draw than others. looking at him very closely. short jump up from a Zak Jones or Nic Newman


I think Hurley is a real solid option


Also only in 4.2% of teams


Newman could be worth a hold if he keeps up his output, though Hurley does look tempting at 500K


Heppell or Fyfe to someone who has had this bye to allow me to field 18 this week?
Does everyone agree Bont is also the best option at his price?
Also going Newman to Doc this week, just need to get him into my side.
Neale in next week for me too.


I'll struggle to field 18 this week unless I offload one of Fyfe/Sandi.
Fyfe downgrade to Luke Parker looks tempting although I already have JPK & Heeney plus I'll be getting Lloyd. Is it too much Swans mids for one side?


Steer clear of parker I think. hasn't had many good rounds at all this year.


He did come off knee surgery in the preseason & missed heaps of the preseason as a result. If you've already had JOM & Swallow this season you might want to think twice about that


I'd think about offloading Sandi to a premium ruckman like Kreuzer. Fyfe may come good in a week or two (we can hope) given that sandi's currently struggling to get on the park, you'd rather bank Fyfe's 90 odd next week than face a donut or a rookie score in the 30s-50s range if you've got a swing


Won my 3 leagues with a reasonable score of 1869.

Down to 10 trades, $30k and only looking to field 16 this week. Trade or not?

D: Doc, Laird, Simpson, Rance, Shaw, Hibberd (Scharenbeg, Ryan);
M: Danger, Sloane, Pendles, JPK, Hanners, Treloar, Fyfe, M.Crouch (SPP, Pickett, Cousins);
R: Martin, Nank (Strnadica);
F: Dahl, Buddy, Lynch, Heeney, Greenwood, Bolton (Parsons, Eddy).

Prefer to hold Fyfe and waiting on Gawn/another Ruck option to open the fed swing back up. Any ideas?


SPP to Brown. Parsons to Anyone


Thoughts on giving Johannisen the arse and go up to Docherty? Yes it will use two trades. Yes it may be considered sideways trading of premiums. However Doch is the top defender without question, JJoh was anus horribilus on the weekend and other teams are likely to put the same attention into him with the same output. Community, time for some wisdom


That's the trade I'm making this week


You need Doch. Whatever it takes


Need the community opinions, critique or advice on these trades; Greenwood and Fyfe to The Doc and Selwood.

The Doc is looking not coming down in price and he's giving me nightmares every weekend before he plays. Fyfe is just killing me with his SC and on ground performance, he seem just not interested and doesn't want the Captain responsibility.

I know Greenwood still have cash to make, so does Selwood has a better JS and higher scoring output. He might be very will be a keeper(Oliver 2.0) or an M9 cover.



Who's in your back 6 donkey? If you've got the money to make those trades (300K by the sound of it) there might be an option to upgrade in the backline up to Doc?

Fyfe appears to be carrying something, whether its a niggle or a disinterest in the Freo footy club and its impacting on his game and his SC output. Cant knock the trades you've suggested, its a serious warchest, I just wonder whether you've got mid price players that have fattened up that you can offload rather than eating into it all


280k in the bank 10 trades left really want to make just 2 trades this week.
Defense atm
Laird, Simmo, Lloyd,
Hibberd, Shaw, Perryman
Ryan and Lil Hibberd

Danger, Dusty, Pendle, Hanners,
Macrae, Priddis, Crouch, Fyfe
Greenwood, Bolton and Cousins

Mummy and Witts

Yeo, Dahl, JJK
Buddy, Nank, Lynch
Hannan and Cordillo


I tipped Brisbane


Should I keep Newman or Shaw as my current D6? Newman currently averaging more…


shaw is a tricky one, another poor performance and hes gone for mine. id say newman


15 Trades, $260,000 in bank

3 away from full premo. with barret, Ssellwood and greenwood hopefully turning into Sloane, dusty and yeo by the end of the season. However also not sure I want to finish the season with shaw, fyfe and Sandilands, which could end up being luxary trades to the likes of hibbered, mumford etc. My dilemma being that barrett, greenwood and S.selwood all have money left to generate and im not quite sure where to go with trades this week, potentially thinking of using luxuary trades now as ive still got afew trades, going fyfe to J.selwood and sandi to mumford, however this may be abit risky as id still have to upgrade 3 players with only 88K and not much cash generation happening on the bench.

DEF: Doc, Laird, Roberton, Adams, Simpson, Shaw (Scharenberg, O’connor)

MID: T.mitchell, Danger, Pendles, Trealor, M.crouch, Fyfe, S.selwood, Barret ( Cousines, miles, hibbered)

Ruck: Grundy, Sandi (Strandica)

Forward: Macrae, buddy, dahl, nankeveris, heeney, greenwood (eddy, j.jones)


Is it out of the question to bring in Liam Jones?


Jack Steele – pull the trigger now and switch to Lynch or punt some dough to move him up to Heeney or Macrae (got Dahl, Franklin, Nank already.)

Spending cash would mean I'd have to go to Roberton as my last Def upgrade rather than Doc.

Or run with him – as pointed out, 8 of his last games are at the Etihad where he's been scoring pretty well.


Trigger pulled to go up to Yeo. As long as either Berry or Stewart don't have complete stinkers, then I'll switch one of them to Ryan and Newman to Doc next week.


Looking at the final piece of my DEF puzzle.

I've got Doc, Laird, Hibberd, Rance & Lloyd.
On paper (the digital kind), Adams looks the best to bring in, but also have Roberton, Hurley, Williams as candidates.

I could also stay with Newman and leave him for the run home.


Thoughts on mid to bring in for fyfe? Got about 568k to use. Thinking JPK.

Got Titchell, Pendles, Danger, Jelwood, Dusty, Scooter.


Is Newman a keeper? He is avg 90 with the potential to go off. Assuming his job security is high now are there really better options? I say this with a back line of Laird, Doc, Harbrow, Howe, LLoyd once his price drops. Is Shaw, Simpson Rance, roberton worth the extra coin?

Yes Harbrow did not pan out however hopefully he returns a motivated individual.

James Sykes

Hey Jamie.

Newman is a keeper at the moment for me. Probably the last upgrade if I do trade him out.

As long as he averages 85+ from here then he will stay in my team.


James Sykes

Hello Gentlepeople.

I, as many of you, have to deal with the news of the vickers-willis injury and the very likely donut on field if I dont trade him out.

I dont have the cash to trade up at the moment so I'm looking for a down grade. Thanks to some DPP I can trade across any line.

I use the term loosely but the 'best' options I can see are:
Shai Bolton
Zac Fisher
Florent or

Is there anyone else? I can't say I love any of these options.

Any help greatly appreciated lads.



Genuine Pimp my Team here. Is it worth it though?

Newman -> Doch

Steele -> Yeo

10 trades left, 2k in the bank

Team is:
DEF: Doch, Laird, Adams, Lloyd, Simmo,Hurley – BENCH: Melican, Shaz

MID: Danger, Jelwood, Dusty, JPK, Oliver, Titch, Treloar, Fyfe – BENCH: Barrett, SPP, D. Lloyd

RUCK: Martin, Witts – BENCH: Soldo

FWD: Yeo, Dahl, Nank, Higgins, Stewart, Greenwood – BENCH: Parsons, Miles

In the next couple of weeks i will cull SPP, Barrett, Greenwood and Stewart and go bang bang with 2 premo forwards (who ever i want) and be full premo. If Fyfe continues to soil his pants he may be moved on to Bont after the bye. Projected score for this week is 1884 with 18 playing so hopefully this week boosts me up the ranks. Currently ranked 8502.

Cheers Lads


you chould upgrade fyfe to lachie neale next week,his BE is 100 and he's the lowest he'll ever be for the season


i this any good for when gawn hits his lowest price

out taranto, switch nank to tyhe forward line, and chuck big max

James Sykes

So I have the ability to go Fyfe to Ablett this week.

For some reason I am actually considering it.

Could someone please talk me out of this………..



nah, goi fyfe to neale next week, he's only 563,000 and with a BE of 100…….