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G’day Community and welcome to the new and improved weekly Cheat Sheet.

The biggest difference (other than my cute new photo) is the addition of our Jock Reynolds Draftstars Academy section.

This section aims to help educate our community in the ways of daily fantasy footy, particularly for Draftstars and CoachKings which use the same scoring system. It’s basically a warmup to Higgo’s exciting weekly article which will hit the web tomorrow, keep an eye out for that, and of course a helping hand for this week’s free JR Draftstars Academy contest.

As the byes hit us we have decisions to make, do we make a triple downgrade in preparation for premium players coming of this week’s bye? Do we try and catch up to pack by picking up risky players like Robbie Gray? Hopefully the Cheat Sheet can help you work out what to do but one thing is for sure, I love the challenge of the bye rounds.

In terms of the big Draftstars contest this Sunday my big selection, like Jock’s, will be Aaron Sandilands. He decimates Collingwood almost every time he plays them. Lock him in for your ruck selection.



Hopefully between our weekly Supercoach articles, our Draftstars Academy content and of course the wonderful Fantasy Insider packages you can sign up for (free trial, cancel at any time) we are hoping to create the greatest cross-platform fantasy footy community in the world.


GREEN= Buy, buy, buy!
RED = Get rid of em

Cheat Sheet Round 11 Click To View

I’ll be floating around the website commenting throughout the byes so come and have a chat.

Cheers, Lekdog.

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Snitch · 31/05/2017 at 21:50

Is turftoe sandiballs even playing lek?

    LEKD0G · 01/06/2017 at 11:22

    Read that he would be but I'm not holding my breath

      Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 18:48

      It's your unsureness that made it happen. If you said literally anything else then he would've broken all his bones at training

Joshua · 31/05/2017 at 21:50

Balic to Greenwood
Taranto to Greene
SPP to Scott Selwood
Ok trades?

    Underthepump · 31/05/2017 at 21:53

    I would keep SPP – he's playing every bye game

    ProTravo · 01/06/2017 at 08:35

    If you have bye coverage, then yes.

Juggers · 31/05/2017 at 21:54

Is there a possibility that Scooter could be a keeper?

    Jason · 31/05/2017 at 22:30

    You could possibly keep him at M9 but you're foregoing too many good mids for him to be viable in M8 IMO.

      Northerner · 01/06/2017 at 04:33

      I prefer keeping Taranto style player as M9 as DPP.

Paul · 31/05/2017 at 21:59

Is Berry to Perryman worth it? Feel as though Berry still has some good cash to make before trading.

    Leeds17 · 31/05/2017 at 22:14

    It does feel weird trading out Berry and/or Barrett but got to think if Rocky comes back both their mid time gets limited, if they go back to scoring their 30-40s the cash gen will dry up real quick.

VARC · 31/05/2017 at 22:07

Who is the best defender under 518k that's playing this week? Looking to upgrade Marchbank, current defenders are Doch, Laird, Adams, Shaw, Newman, Marchbank, Berry, Stewart.


    Ken · 31/05/2017 at 22:16

    Probably hibberd or rance- I'd look to upgrade to hibberd next week after his bye

      VARC · 31/05/2017 at 22:19

      Ideally looking for someone playing this week to minimise the damage – have scope to get Newman sideways to Lloyd / someone else in time. Tossing up between Rance, Williams or possibly Tuohy. I worry about Rance's 50-60s scores that happen semi-regularly!

        Ken · 31/05/2017 at 22:50

        Ahhhh apologies, didn't read properly- in that case I'd have to say probably Tuohy or maybe Howe as a sneaky pod at a discount-although Howe has been horrifically inconsistent, still feel he'll average High 90s + comeseason end

    Rooster XXX · 01/06/2017 at 06:24

    Wait a couple of weeks and get Lloyd from Swans… ultra consistent and set to be outstanding value after being knocked out in the first qtr v the Hawks and only scoring 4. His BE is off the charts and he will soon be a bargain

      ProTravo · 01/06/2017 at 08:36

      Yep. Round 13 straight swap Newman – Lloyd

    Rooster XXX · 01/06/2017 at 06:26

    Apologies didn't read your 2nd comment in relation to Lloyd.

savemebarry1 · 31/05/2017 at 22:45

For anyone who's watched a fair bit of him, would you say Harry Perryman is capable of producing good scores? Really like him for his DPP but favouring Daniel Lloyd at the moment due to the better SC numbers.

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 10:00

    personally going Perryman for the DPP option. needed that link between MID and DEF

    Dice · 01/06/2017 at 13:26

    Both kill it in NEAFL, Perryman only because of a very handy DPP.

Carlos · 31/05/2017 at 22:50

Sitting around 2200 overall;
Doch, laird, Adams, touy, Newman, Stewart; McCinnis, mcniece
T Mitchell, danger, Bont, murph, treloar, Fyfe, Powell pepper, Barrett; greenwood, fisher, Myers
Martin, sandi; strnifc
Yeo, McRae, Dahl, Riewoldt, Nank, Steele; Taranto, Hannan

Option 1 –
sandi – shaw via dpp
Steele – pendles
Powel pepper – sloane
Leaves with 12k and 17 playing
Option 2-
Steele – wines
Powel pepper – Sloane
Newman – rance
Leaves with 14k and 18 playing this week
Option 3-
Give me something community; would love some help

    Defying_Madness · 31/05/2017 at 23:02

    Don't consider Shaw

      Sam_01 · 31/05/2017 at 23:17

      Yeah I got shaw thinking he was good value…. he was that value for a reason because he's a bloody spud. Love the idea of bringing in pendles and Sloane tho, pendles is an absolute lock in my opinion. Saying that it will cause you trouble in round 13 which is my problem at the moment

        Sam_01 · 31/05/2017 at 23:19

        Would be looking at rance, simmo, hibberd to Finnish of your backline

Sam_01 · 31/05/2017 at 23:06

Conundrum community
Round 13……..
Was just whipping up a post with the details but long story short I'm stuffed I will have the following out
Adams laird shaw pendles treloar Fyffe sandi groundy and roughy
Most of my half decent reliable cash cows will have been culled by this round my question i… I currently have Newman on field is it worth downgrading him to a rookie which none of which are appealing and running that rookie on field for however long (will have to be upgraded to docherty at some stage) and using this coin to upgrade roughy and sandy to minimise the damage also Bont will be brought in this round 100% or is it worth just accepting I'm totally stuffed for the round and holding Newman

    Sam_01 · 31/05/2017 at 23:07

    Probably did a horrible job of explaining that these byes have got me absolutely rattled

      ProTravo · 01/06/2017 at 08:39

      Half the problem is all the good rookies coming through also have the round 13 bye with the exception of Bolton, who may be out of the tigers side by then.

    Beezneez · 01/06/2017 at 12:18

    Thinking everyone is in the same boat in Rnd 13.

    randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 13:07

    Not real clear bud.

    Here are some questions:
    1. How many do you expect to have playing each week per-trades?
    2. What trades to you propose to fix it?
    3. How does it get you to full premo?
    4. Are you going for overall? If not, just buy as many rnd 13 players as possible because you're going to lose that round anyway.

    If overall, look to do some switcheroo trades from Rnd 13 into post bye players, you probably can't trade into many rnd 13 rookies so look at scooter to raise you some cash.

James · 31/05/2017 at 23:12

I don't understand, why trade Barrett and Berry when both can still make us cash for maybe another 2 weeks?

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 08:30

    Depends on who else you have. Preuss and Pickett my only non players, Barrett has to go this week. I'll keep Berry because of his DPP.

    If you still have Eddys and Miles etc, they should go

      Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 10:33

      I still have Balic and Eddy should I chop them both?

    ProTravo · 01/06/2017 at 08:41

    I think given that there's a lot of under priced premos avaiable trading Barrett and Berry will free up enough cash to get in a Pendles/Martin/Sloane which will all likely rise in value at the same rate as holding the Brisbane rookies.

    LEKD0G · 01/06/2017 at 11:25

    Because if you can go from them to a premo it isn't worth the extra week or two of cash generation imo, they are still valid to hold if you can downgrade or upgrade other rookies at their peak

Ken · 31/05/2017 at 23:17

Sloane or Jelwood? Sloane has more upside without the tag…

    LEKD0G · 01/06/2017 at 11:25


Jamie · 31/05/2017 at 23:20

After Otten scoring so well after all the advice to trade him out, not sold on moving marchbank when his Be is close to his average. one big score and him an lloyd will be pretty close.

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 08:27

    Just be happy you had Otten. Not all of us were that lucky.

    Marchbank has bye, perfect time to sell him and pocket the cash. Get Lloyd later.

    LEKD0G · 01/06/2017 at 11:26

    otten has been annoyingly inconnsistent although producing some nice scores, I do think that Marchbank is at his scoring capacity though

    Daniel Z · 01/06/2017 at 11:54

    Marchbank has 3 scores over 80 (which is about his b/e): 97, 82, and 108.
    Those came in (respectively), rounds 1, 2, and 7.
    His 3 round average is 65.

    On the upside, he'll probably have a bit more run after the bye round. Having said that, even if he matches his best score (and then returns to his season average), he'll only increase by 35k after round 14 (when Lloyd will bottom out).

    It might happen, but I wouldn't put much faith in it happening. The Otten thing was the exception, not the rule.

    wombatsfc · 01/06/2017 at 15:04

    I'd hold marchbank as D7 Jamie. He's in the best 22 and will play every week averaging about 70. not good enough for on field but brilliant if Doch,Laird,Adams,Roberton,Hibberd have a week off for some reason

    Jamie · 01/06/2017 at 16:32

    Some excellent thoughts. I think i will hold for now, conserve the trade and see how i feel next week. Agree Otten was an exception, it's just mighty difficult not being reactive to the ups and downs.

garfield_da_cat · 31/05/2017 at 23:24

Hibberd (north) and Eddy out
Ryan (freo) and Greenwood in
leaving me with 16 trades and 97k in the bank.
What are people thoughts on this move?

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 08:24

    Just the Eddy to Greenwood for now

Joshua · 31/05/2017 at 23:33

Greene or lynch? Lynch is more bye friendly but i feel Greene is more consistent.

    Stanks21 · 31/05/2017 at 23:53


    Top Gun · 01/06/2017 at 17:46


    Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 18:49

    I'd go with Lynch but I have him in my team so….

garfield_da_cat · 31/05/2017 at 23:43

is luke ryan a decent option to bring in?

    Yeeee Boi!!! · 01/06/2017 at 10:13

    If named.

    The Ranger · 01/06/2017 at 12:33

    He plays for Ross Lyin'.
    I wouldn't go near him until he's on the bubble and named to play a third game.

    Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 18:50

    Not yet son

Daniel · 01/06/2017 at 00:43

Tom Mitchell VC or Danger VC, Pendles or Treloar as Captain?

    Northerner · 01/06/2017 at 04:35

    I'm going TMitch into Danger

    LEKD0G · 01/06/2017 at 11:26

    Titch into Dangeris probably safe

    JohndJames · 01/06/2017 at 13:37

    I've gone with Danger into Pendles.

    Top Gun · 01/06/2017 at 17:47

    Dependlebury to Danger for me.

      Top Gun · 01/06/2017 at 17:48

      Oops other way around. Lol. It is Friday…. πŸ™‚

    Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 18:50

    Titch VC, Danger C.
    Or Danger VC, Pendles c

    redherringfc · 01/06/2017 at 19:07

    I'm Mitchell into Danger, but only because I don't have a decent option after Friday night.

Oliver · 01/06/2017 at 00:48

How much safer is Ollie Wines to Robbie Gray? I can't decide which one to bring in?

    Northerner · 01/06/2017 at 04:37

    Wines will deliver 105. Gray could be 115 or 95 depending on whether he gets back to full fitness and then starts playing as a permanent mid.

      LoganJosh7 · 01/06/2017 at 12:21

      havnt we been waiting for half the year for gray to be back to 'full fitness'

min0008 · 01/06/2017 at 01:06

Hampton, Newman and SPP out
Bolton, Docherty and Scott Selwood in. Leaves me with 15 trades and 202k or leave the S Selwood and be left with 16 trades and 170k.

Other option is Hampton and SPP out for Bolton and J Selwood and have 120k with 16 trades left

    Northerner · 01/06/2017 at 04:41

    I assume you took Greenwood early. Bolton and Docherty. Doch is clear best def. There are many Jelwood equivalents in the midfield you can get in later if he becomes too expensive.

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 08:22

    SPP to SSelwood, can't see much value in that trade. Small cash, SPP had his bye.

      KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 09:58

      SPP made what, 200k? SSelwood may make another 100k? value seems alright to me. I'll be taking the punt and doing the same thing

    Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 18:52

    Docherty is a must! There are 3 backmen that are absolute outstanders and one of those is Doch

Ripper · 01/06/2017 at 01:37

Seriously need some advice guys.
Def : Laird, Shaw, Howe, Newman, Berry, Williamson (Stewart, Connor)
Mid : Rockliff, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Bont, Kelly, Cripps, Fyfe, Martin (Barrett, Balic, Fisher)
Rk : Martin, Sandilands ( Strnadica)
Fwd : Dahlhaus, Greene, Nankervis, Steele, Yeo, Taranto (Butler, Parsons)
17 trades.
Obviously I am waiting to get Docherty after the bye, but what's the best thing to do this week..?
Triple downgrade to get a war chest for next week or try to get a upgrade?

    Joe T · 01/06/2017 at 17:00

    Double downgrade at the minimum this week and see how your match ups are over the byes before deciding who/ when to upgrade. There's not a heap of point upgrading this week because theyll miss a game the following 2 weeks

    I'd be upgrading a fwd and a def for you in the next 3 weeks

    Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 18:54

    Which Martin is in the midfield? I'll forget about it for a sec and tell you that Taranto to Greenwood is your best option. Don't hold on for too long

Rivo · 01/06/2017 at 08:01

Lekdog, well presented again, keep it coming.

I have 16 on field with Sandi selected. With only 16 trades and $10k, it's getting harder…

D: Doc,Laird, Simpson, Rance, Shaw, Marchbank, (Stewart, EVW);
M: Danger, Pendles, Hanners, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, M.Crouch, SPP (Barrett, Fisher, Pickett);
R: Nank, Sandi (Martin);
F: Dahl, Buddy, Heeney, Greenwood, Parsons, Bolton (Eddy, Strnadica).

Options being considered….

1. Marchbank & Barrett to Scharenberg & S.Selwood? Free up $200k for premo next week.
2. Marchbank, Barrett & Picket (swing Fwd) to Scharenberg, Cousins & Yeo. Premo Fwd added;
3. Marchbank, Barrett & Fisher to Dusty, Scharenberg & Perryman. Gets midfield to full premo (?).

I was also considering Wines which is more bye friendly but don't think he will finish top 10 mids.

Any other suggestions Community?

    Rivo · 01/06/2017 at 09:34


      LoganJosh7 · 01/06/2017 at 09:47

      bit impatient are we?

    LoganJosh7 · 01/06/2017 at 09:48

    out of those options id go option 2… dusty is a gun but you don't have the bont/neale and they are gonna be cheap as chips in a couple of weeks!

      Rivo · 01/06/2017 at 11:41

      Thanks LoganJosh. Hard one to call. Bont is also very tempting but Dusty suits this week.

    SCdonkey · 01/06/2017 at 09:56

    I would take option 4
    Dusty, Perryman and Bolton or Cousins

    You can wait another week for The Berg and Cousins

      Rivo · 01/06/2017 at 12:51

      Thanks Donkey. A bit to think about now. JS always a concern with rookies though they are only there to generate cash.

ToughBretts · 01/06/2017 at 08:48

How do we feel about pittard for D6?
Had his bye, averaged 94 last year, 3 games in the 70s and 3 games 85+
Missed the start of the year with injury so should only get better
Traded Joel smith up to him, am I nuts?

    bob the builder · 01/06/2017 at 09:17

    you are if you still have Joel Smith πŸ™‚

      ToughBretts · 01/06/2017 at 09:21

      I think everyone has a couple non playing rookies on the bench at this stage – had more urgent matters to attend to around the field

TOPHAWK1 · 01/06/2017 at 09:18

Must have traded and reverse traded 150 times this week. Its like a compulsive obsessive disorder! Cant wait for the teams to drop at 6.30 today. I can then make a calculated decision and end this madness!!

    LoganJosh7 · 01/06/2017 at 09:46

    im low on trades so just bringing in greenwood this week… gets a bit complicated the next two weeks!

    ProTravo · 01/06/2017 at 09:57

    Same here Tophawk. I think I've made the SPP – S.Selwood trade dozens of times and reversed it with my self doubts!

    SCdonkey · 01/06/2017 at 10:04

    I Hear Ya! TH

    Really contemplating on whether i should move JJK on or not, for a better output this week.

    Or I double downgrade and 1 upgrade will leave me two maybe 3 premos/keepers to go.

    6:30pm seems like an eternity!!

      Top hawk · 01/06/2017 at 13:36

      I am in the same predicament. Do I move on JJK??? At this stage I think I will. I just can't stand the thought of $500K sitting on my bench for 3 weeks. The fact that it is a calf (soft tissue injury) there is a real possibility that the eagles will not risk him for another week or two thereafter. I like to play a calculated yet aggressive style of SC. With the likes of Pendles, Tom J Lynch and Robbie Gray at current bargain basement prices, I feel I just have to snag one or even two of these blokes this week. It will all come down to those teams at 6.30 mate! Good luck this round.

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 10:10

    i put Wines in my team, and could hit the reverse button fast enough.

    The Ranger · 01/06/2017 at 10:26

    Only 150 times TH? I think I'm up around the 340 mark!
    I usually try and do three downgrades to raise cash this week or at least two down and one up but I'm not liking the look of any of this weeks rookies so really struggling to know what to do. Hampton getting injured has left me a few grand short of where I was expecting to be too which is not helping.
    Might just have to bite the bullet and sideways Pickett to Bolton, Berry to Perryman and Fisher to Cousins but it raises little cash and leaves me with a lot of risky rookies which is not ideal at this stage of the season.
    I think there's a chance I might not trade at all.

    Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 18:55

    6:25 mate. You can breathe slightly easier

Krazee-Eyez Killa · 01/06/2017 at 09:22

Fisher to Perryman, opening up dpp swing with Adams in DEF
SPP to S Selwood
Williamson to Scharenberg. Going early on him. If he can stay fit you've gotta think they're gonna get games into him.

Leaves me with 14 trades and 237k in the kitty. Ranked 926 overall.

DEF: Doch, Laird, Adams, Lloyd, Newman, Jones (Scharenberg, Melican)
MID: Danger, T Mitchell, Pendles, J Selwood, Fyfe, Bont, JPK, S Selwood (Myers, Perryman, Deluca-Cardillo)
Ruck: Grundy, Sandilands, (Strnadica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Nank, Buddy, Heeney, Steele, Greenwood (Parsons, Eddy)

I’m thinking I can easily turn Steele, Jones, Newman and soon S Selwood into anybody I like. That would leave me with a team which is pretty close to complete. Will just need to ensure I have some

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 10:08

    inside the top 1000 you need to score points. Not sure if SPP to SSelwood does that. Need to be going SPP to a premium, just too sideways for your ranking. I would cull newman this week instead of SPP and get a premium, keep those points coming

      KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 10:20

      currently 887 points off the lead. big ask.

      my problem is at the moment I only have 72k without doing any trades. also trading Newman up to somebody else is a pain given the lack of DEF options, in my opinion

        joe · 01/06/2017 at 11:21

        Is it just me, or have you only got 16 players on the field this round? Injuries and selection could leave you with only 14.

        Def: Laird, Adams, Scharenberg (3)
        Mid: Danger, Titch, Pendles, Jelwood, Bont, SSelwood, Myers, Perryman (8 = 11)
        Ruck: Grundy, Sandilands (2 = 13 … IF Sandi plays)
        Fwd: Nank, Greenwood, Parsons (3 = 16 IF Parsons is picked)

        I might be wrong, but if I am not you need to reverse changes now.

          KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 11:28

          16 if they all play. yeah. I feel trying to base trades for remainder of the year around having 18 players on the field across 3 rounds is a little risky, and annoying ha but that's just me. still not 100% sold on this weeks trades

          Beezneez · 01/06/2017 at 12:26

          Bont is not playing (bye).

            joe · 01/06/2017 at 14:21

            Yep. Oops. So now Krazee is down to 15 on the field and possibly 13. Man, that's ballsy.

            My trade strategy has me with 19 on the field every week and hitting full premium by round 13. I suspect you might find teams like mine zooming straight past you this week.

    SCdonkey · 01/06/2017 at 10:19

    As much as i like to bring in Selwood, i have to agree with Derek. Get a premium for SPP to finish off your mids or other lines that needs upgrading for much better scoring output.

      KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 10:30

      okay, so what about:

      Newman to Scharenberg
      Fisher to Sloane (tasty)
      Williamson to Perryman

      Soon-ish when I cull SPP, I can then put Perryman in the MID to open up the swing.

      I still worry that I'll regret missing the boat on SSelwood

        KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 11:08

        my other concern is now having only 32k to play with, and not overly plump rookies.

        Soon I can maybe cull SPP, Parsons and another rookie and get in another premo FWD.

        Cogla13 · 01/06/2017 at 11:09

        That's 3 round 13 bye players. Might want to be careful with that.

          KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 11:19

          tbh, I've never really paid any attention to the byes. with those trades, I'd have 15 players if they're all named for round 13. not terrible / not great.

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 13:16

    throwing out some other ideas.

    Fisher to SSelwood
    Myers to Perryman
    Steele to Lynch

    Allows me to keep guys like Newman, Z Jones, SPP who can turn into premos pretty soon. leaves me with 45k in the bank and 14 trades. I dunno.. I'm even questioning this trade idea as I type…

      gator59 · 01/06/2017 at 13:46

      just go with what you think suits you better so you feel comfortable

        KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 14:03

        I'm liking the idea of SSelwood, Perryman and Lynch. see how it goes!

          joe · 01/06/2017 at 14:24

          Yes, Steele to Lynch occurred to me.

          Newman can go down to Perryman and then you can grab someone like Roberton after his bye.

          The other player to consider is Ryder.

          Again, I think you are being VERY cavalier about the byes. Teams like mine, which aren't spectacular but hanging around the 1,000 mark, are going to leave you for dead because I'll have 18+ players on the field every week.

            KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 14:34

            you're probably right re: the bye's. to be honest, I didn't even expect to be in the position I am now ranked around 900. put together a team last minute, and missed the boat on some rookies at the start by not paying attention initially haha I don't suspect I'll be in the running at the end. some teams at the top are basically full premo and will be pumping out good scores every week. hard to catch them

              Top Gun · 01/06/2017 at 18:05

              You are going to drop a long way if you don't prepare for the byes. Good team so far but try to get 18 players on the field

                KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 22:52

                I ended up trading out Williamson, Fisher and Steele and brought in Scharenberg, SSelwood and Yeo. Didn't want to miss out of SSelwood purely as a money maker.

                If all goes to plan I'll have 17 on the field this weekend, which isn't ideal but it's also not terrible. Glad I kept SPP. His 90 odd really helps

Gareth Iggo · 01/06/2017 at 10:13

Im think Ebert for the extra cash as his consistency is pretty good and he will be a big POD, thoughts on Ebert over Gray/Wines – upgrading Barrett..

    Josh · 01/06/2017 at 15:35

    Yeah go Ebert

    SC_Kev7 · 01/06/2017 at 15:38

    Would you want Ebert if this wasn't a bye round?

      Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 18:58

      That's what I ask myself everyday. Would you want Ebert if it wasn't a bye round, would you want Harbrow if it wasn't a bye round, would you want Vickery if it wasn't a bye round.

    Top Gun · 01/06/2017 at 18:07

    Agree excellent POD

    redherringfc · 01/06/2017 at 18:14

    I haven't checked his stats out, but think he is averaging 103. I might be wrong and/or he might improve, but is this all you want from a premo mid?

    Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 18:57

    He's started off averaging more but I don't think he can keep it up. By the end of the season I think he will drop to 104 avg. while Wines will go up to 108-9. But if you want recent history and stats on your hands then Ebert is nice

      Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 20:52

      Pre sure Wines will stay shit all year

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 22:53

    Ebert. Master stroke

Marianne · 01/06/2017 at 10:27

Anyone having trouble clicking onto the cheat sheet? When I click, Jock comes up with the Draftstars stuff but I'm not interested in it, so how do I by pass that spiel?

    Choppers · 01/06/2017 at 10:53

    Just under the Draftstars thing is


    Just click on that

    Moustachio · 01/06/2017 at 17:47

    You log onto a previous year of the site where the ads weren't rammed down our throats so much

    Trev · 01/06/2017 at 17:52

    Yeh I dont like draftstars, theres enough gambling adds being shoved in our faces during the footy matches, im lookin at you sportsbet!

      Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 18:59

      I actually don't mind the odds. I hope that's what you're talking about otherwise I'm embarrassed

Big G · 01/06/2017 at 10:27

can anyone guess Bolton's js?

    LEKD0G · 01/06/2017 at 11:27


    joe · 01/06/2017 at 14:30

    Not great. But if you're just recruiting him to be a warm body for a week or two and grab the price rise, then okay.

Joffa · 01/06/2017 at 10:33

Will Clayton Oliver's magical season continue or do I just premo him? Also will Fyfe come good lads?

    stêvΔ™ · 01/06/2017 at 10:35

    yes and maybe

    Top Gun · 01/06/2017 at 20:24

    I have faith in Fyfe

    Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 20:36

    I have no faith in Fyfe however I will give him until his bye to improve

stêvΔ™ · 01/06/2017 at 10:34

dusty or jelwood?

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 11:25

    toss a coin

    LEKD0G · 01/06/2017 at 11:28

    Selwood is the safer option but I like Dusty a lot

Sellars1226 · 01/06/2017 at 10:50

Traded out JJK, Fisher, SPP and brought in Sloane, S Selwood, Greenwood

Good trades?

    Josh · 01/06/2017 at 11:17

    Hold JJK, the prognosis is only to miss this week as he has a bye next week. Maybe also hold SPP since Port Adelaide have already had a bye, he will help you get through the byes even if he loses some cash. Definitely bring in Greenwood, see if you can swap a forward/mid dual position if you can and trade out Fisher. If you need/want to trade out JJK and SPP and bring in Sloan and S.Selwood, it will depend on your team balance and obviously you know what you need better than I do. Good luck!

    joe · 01/06/2017 at 14:31

    Depends on your team/bye situation.
    Sloane and Greenwood won't be playing in round 13.

TRIGGER HAPPY · 01/06/2017 at 11:29

Nice one Lek
Hope the galloping lamp post is back.
any news good or bad on him?

FEARTHEBEARD · 01/06/2017 at 11:37

Yeo Greene Franklin or Lynch?

    Stanks21 · 01/06/2017 at 11:41

    Yeo or greene if you want top premo. Lynch if you want fallen premo

Ben · 01/06/2017 at 11:48

I don't understand the logic of trading out Barrett with a low BE of 10.. he can hang around through the BYEs and make another $30k or so.

    Rick Grimes · 01/06/2017 at 12:00

    It's the opportunity cost. Is $30k and 70-80 points worth more to you than trading to a premo who with pump out 110. And if it's Pendles you grab, he'll likely raise more than $30k anyway and you might miss the chance to get him.

    LoganJosh7 · 01/06/2017 at 12:25

    all depends on your situation. im holding him and will look to trade up to bont round 13 or neale rd 14 πŸ™‚

Joe · 01/06/2017 at 11:58

Balic -> Cousins
Fisher -> Wines

Leaves me with only $4k, 16 trades remaining, and a full premo midfield

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 13:12

    what are the other lines like? no point being full premo in the middle if the other lines are struggling

      Joe · 01/06/2017 at 13:30

      1 more upgrade in def, and 2 more in the forwards.

TheGreatBozza · 01/06/2017 at 12:39

Currently have only $25k and 22 trades left:

DEF: Adams, Laird, Howe, Shaw, Otten, Stewart (Newman, Berry)
MID: Danger, Pendleburry, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Barret, SPP, Balic (Bont, Fisher, Beams)
R: Sandi, Grundy (Cameron)
FWD: Dahl, Macrae, Heeney, Nank, Taranto, Parsons (Eddy, Hannan)

I'm thinking this week:

Fisher > Scharenberg via DPP (opens DPP link to play Adams in Mids, giving me +1 body this bye)
Eddy > Greenwood
Barrett > S.Selwood

Only problems with these trades is that it'll leave me with $100k left for upgrades next week which is nothing, however it has cleared out the deadwood. All this is pending team selections and I may turf Balic if he looks like he's not any closer to playing. Any other trade suggestions?

I'm not 100% sold on Shai Bolton as of yet however I could go him or Cousins over S.Selwood or Scharenerg for more cash in the bank

    Cogla13 · 01/06/2017 at 12:56

    I'd be going Balic out instead of Barrett.

    Hammer Twofall · 01/06/2017 at 14:43

    would look at getting Gray in over Selwood TGB. save a trade later.

Steven · 01/06/2017 at 12:53

Sloane or pendles?
I already have adams and treloar if that makes a difference

    NickMacMan · 01/06/2017 at 13:01


NickMacMan · 01/06/2017 at 13:46

Fisher to Scooter or Bolton?

    NickMacMan · 01/06/2017 at 14:29


    David C · 01/06/2017 at 17:24

    Scooter for the points if on the field. Bolton for the cash.

DavidSA · 01/06/2017 at 13:59

Newman > Perryman
Barrett > Bolton
Fisher > Cousins
Bank > 666,700 field best 18/19 this week.
Next week McGrath, Berry & Parsons = $1,500,000 for triple upgrade
Bring in JPK, Higgins/Greene, Montagna/Hibberd


Same first 2 trades
Fisher > J.Selwood
Bank > 221,700 field best 18/19 this week.
Next week same 3 trade outs = $1,050,000
Bring in Cousins and premo FWD and DEF for $470,000 each Higgins/Greene and Montagna/Hibberd

Thoughts community plz >.<

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 15:04

    Get JSelwood

Heath · 01/06/2017 at 14:05

1. Fyfe > Neale
2. Fyfe > Bont
3. Marchbank > Docherty


    DavidSA · 01/06/2017 at 14:05


    TRIGGER HAPPY · 01/06/2017 at 15:23

    Out of those 3 you are:

    1 trading a Rd 13 for a rd 13. Neal will be much cheaper after his bye.

    2 trading a player this a non player with a Rd 11 bye?

    3. Trading a non player this week to another non player?

Tommy · 01/06/2017 at 14:16

Which would you go with?
Option 1: Wines (leaves me with 150k)
Option 2: Selwood (leaves me with 75k)
Option 3: Cousins (leaves me with close to 600k to launch an assault next week, would be targetting Doch and Zorko)
If i go option 1, i will be bringing in Doch, option 2 makes it very hard unless i use all 3 trades, which isnt ideal.

    Tommy · 01/06/2017 at 14:17

    FYI he bottom line refers to next week

      Derek · 01/06/2017 at 15:03

      Wines won't be top 20 mids

Gibralter · 01/06/2017 at 14:19

I need one defender to complete my six. Harbrow this week or wait for Hibberd next week. Similar price. Will probably wait but interested in other viewpoints. If Harbrow had tonned up again last week many would be trading him in.

    ProTravo · 01/06/2017 at 14:21

    I'd take Hibberd without any doubt.

      Beady Eye · 01/06/2017 at 14:46

      Agree with this

    Hastings boy · 01/06/2017 at 14:23

    The fact that Lekdog did not mention Harbrow in his cheat sheet despite him having had his bye would suggest that you should wait for Hibberd next week.

    SC_Kev7 · 01/06/2017 at 15:47

    Depends on your definition of "complete". For mine, Doch, Laird, Adams are absolute must haves. Target those guys before Hibberd/Harbrow

      David C · 01/06/2017 at 16:27

      Exactly. There are 2 or 3 must haves on each line that you have to get before racing to "full premo".

Joshua · 01/06/2017 at 14:29

Barrett to Perryman
Balic to Greenwood
SPP to Joel Selwood
Balic to Greenwood
Barrett to Scott Selwood
Taranto to Greene.

    Wattsieesq · 01/06/2017 at 17:45

    Depending on your bye structure, I'd go option 1

Steve · 01/06/2017 at 14:40

Just some food for thought, Tom J Lynch has averaged 105 without his abysmal scores of 43 and 29… Not looking like a bad option for the byes anymore…

    Beady Eye · 01/06/2017 at 14:46

    Shades of Lekdog's "if you take out his sh*t scores, his scores are great" logic from last week with this one…

    I've had Lynch from the start and he's about what you'd expect from a key forward. Scores very much dictated by the Suns' performance any given week.

      Steve · 01/06/2017 at 14:52

      So as long as the Suns dont get absolutely walloped do you think Lynch could averahe 85+ for the rest of the year?

        Derek · 01/06/2017 at 15:01

        Greenwood will get you 85

        Beady Eye · 01/06/2017 at 16:01

        Yeah I'd think 85 average at minimum, his scoring has been pretty efficient given his lack of touches.

        I picked him because his average has increased every year, even in bad GC teams. A few guys (Ablett, Hanley) back from injury and some newcomers (Barlow, Lyons, etc) better integrated and they should improve as the season progresses IMO.

          Tommo · 01/06/2017 at 16:44

          Thanks for that

    Floppy Johnson · 01/06/2017 at 16:32

    You have a good point, unlike myself, so so floppy.

Tommo · 01/06/2017 at 14:40

Thoughts on going Berry -> Scharanberg, Fisher -> Greenwood and Eddy -> Lynch (GCS)

    Tommo · 01/06/2017 at 14:41

    Leaves me with 95k in the bank and 14 trades left if that makes a difference

      Derek · 01/06/2017 at 15:00

      Lynch has high BE. Could save cash and get him later.

        Tommo · 01/06/2017 at 15:27

        Anyone else you would recommend then? Parsons and Stewart will be my only players in the fwd line if I dont bring anyone in…

Hammer Twofall · 01/06/2017 at 14:47

Balic to Greenwood
Barrett to Scott Selwood
SPP to Gray

murray · 01/06/2017 at 14:50

I want to trade out Newman this week, any ideas on a cheap rookie DEF downgrade option who has reasonable job security and will play a few weeks. Ultimately is to generate cash for next week(s)

    NickMacMan · 01/06/2017 at 14:53

    Perryman possibly? Also is DPP

    Tommo · 01/06/2017 at 14:53

    Scharenberg from the pies is an absolute gun. Kid can hit a target, great mark, was getting better as the game went on last week so as long as he gets some game time in the coming weeks he should average 65+

      murray · 01/06/2017 at 15:51

      thanks Tommo

Richard · 01/06/2017 at 14:55

Which is the worst bye round ?

    ProTravo · 01/06/2017 at 15:53

    I would say round 13 for most.

    David C · 01/06/2017 at 16:21

    Round 13 I reckon. All those recently arriving rooks are mostly round 13.

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 22:32

    Round 24. I don't think anyone is playing

      Richard · 03/06/2017 at 18:16

      we have all moved on BYE then Derek ca-ching

KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 14:57

Thoughts on Zac Williams?

Jim · 01/06/2017 at 15:05

What's everyone projected for this weeks bye round?

    Josh · 01/06/2017 at 15:10

    1780, don't know how that compares.

    randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 13:02

    1913 with C on pendles (vc danger) 21 playing, 18 playing the following weeks. Depends which weeks you are strong/week.

Jack · 01/06/2017 at 15:10

@ Russty_ Just noticed that you have not been active today on jock reynolds, just wondering if you have been at the burns clinic for the roasting you have been receiving?

    Russty_ · 01/06/2017 at 18:28

    What are you on about numbnuts?…I don't know you and have no idea what you're talking about, nor do I care.
    I have a life and work for a living running my businesses during weekdays.
    Why don't you go back to jacking off to internet porn.

      wombatsfc · 01/06/2017 at 18:42

      'Hi how ya goin Jack I've been working'. Would have been a lot friendlier

        Russty_ · 01/06/2017 at 18:46

        Yeah well, you haven't seen the other things he's posted about me…I don't know this guy from a bar of soap, not interested in being "friendly" to some spud who's trash talking me for whatever bug he has up his ass.

        Jack · 02/06/2017 at 08:56

        @Wombatsfc i would of thought the friendly approach would of been a lot better, for some people tho ( Russty_) he is just a troll behind a key board he thinks his better then everyone on jock reynolds but really we all know he has James aish and Zac Dawson in his supercoach team…

wombatsfc · 01/06/2017 at 15:10

Do you seriously believe that wines and/or Gray will be top 20 midfielders this year? They'd great for starting a midfield potatoe farm but not as midfield point scorers.
Sometime players are cheap because they're rubbish

    Millsy999 · 01/06/2017 at 18:50

    Take out Wines 2 worst scores for the year (56 and 70, which were in a row) and he's averaging 114.5. Not sure if he had a niggle or not for those couple of games. Seems to be a year where all the big names are throwing in a spud score here or there…..

    Sloane – 70
    Danger – 65
    Neale – 55
    Pendles – 67
    Selwood – 73
    Hanners – 52
    Fyfe – 62
    Rocky – 53

      wombatsfc · 01/06/2017 at 21:16

      Sure Millsy but heaps of players would have good averages if you delete their worst scores. He's on 45 at half time against a team that's only kicked 3 points. 45! Westhoff is in the 60's without a goal Hartlett 67 even willsmore playing for the brown and yellow witches hats has scored 30.
      A top 20 mid against this opposition would be 60 at least by half time

      Doggy · 01/06/2017 at 23:42

      At the end of the season can I take out all my players 2 worst scores to improve my ranking?

      Millsy999 · 02/06/2017 at 06:47

      My point by highlighting what his average would be is that he is capable of scoring and scoring well. At 469k a lot of people would have brought him in as an M8, if he can average 100+ from here on I think it's a solid selection. Ended up on 105 last night, which is acceptable.

Jimmy · 01/06/2017 at 15:27

Anyone have news if Ainsworth will play? If he does seriously considering trading him for Zac Fisher. Not a massive trade on scheme of things but will greatly assist. He is on the bubble, they've had their bye, fwd/mid eligible and an avg of 70 from the two games.

    SC_Kev7 · 01/06/2017 at 15:43

    Not this week. Eade already confirmed Gaz and Rosa only changes this week. If you want a mid/fwd dpp get Greenwood or Bolton

      Jimmy · 01/06/2017 at 15:54

      I've already got Greenwood, but not convinced about Bolton. Thanks for the info

Stupid Coach · 01/06/2017 at 15:40

Nice work Lek Dog. Team is as follows:
DEF: Doc, Shaw, Laird, Hampton, Stewart (Marchbank, Newman)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Treloar, Yeo, Fyfe, Ward, PP, Myers (Lloyd, Fischer and Mountford)
RUC: Martin, Goldy (Strndica)
FWD: Dahl, Nank, Steele, Hannan, Parsons, Greenwood (Cameron, Reiwoldt)

I'm thinking either Hampton or Fisher to Perryman and Marchbank to either Adams, Rance, Z Williams or Harbrow.

Wanted to upgrade Hannan because my forward line is weak, however, he still has some cash to make and looks to have held his spot in the team. Might look at him next week.

Appreciate any advice.

    Stupid Coach · 01/06/2017 at 16:32

    Sorry, should clarify that Lloyd is J Lloyd (Syd) and Reiwoldt is N Reiwoldt (StK) which is why they are on the bench.

Billioux · 01/06/2017 at 15:51

Having looked very closely at Port and GC players due to the obvious reasons. I think this. Wines is a waste. If Gray was able to train and played even 30% mid he would be gold,however he isnt and wont so no. There is a bloke avg 108+ that has hardly been mentioned and can be M8 no problem. B Ebert for me.

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 18:21

    He has had a great year. Overachieved. I doubt there is any improvement in him

    Hoot · 01/06/2017 at 18:32

    And… if Gray was to become "fit" and utilised more in the MID then one could assume he would take some of the role Ebert was indulging in… Im punting on Gray.

      Billioux · 01/06/2017 at 23:56

      I respect both of your opinions guys over various posts and all i do is also offer an opinion on occasion. Numbers rarely lie. Go well.

        randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 12:32

        Numbers! hahaha love it.

Jordan · 01/06/2017 at 15:54

Wines or gray please help
I feel like gray will get more midfield time due to his injury starting to wear off

    Joshua · 01/06/2017 at 15:59

    Wines if you must pick out of those two

James · 01/06/2017 at 15:58

Get Sloane now or wait a couple on Neale? (bye structure irrelvant)

Chris · 01/06/2017 at 15:59

Why is Titch named at half forward

SC17 · 01/06/2017 at 16:00

Get rid off Barrett or Fisher for Bolton.

    David C · 01/06/2017 at 17:06


      SC17 · 01/06/2017 at 17:57

      Barrett leaves 145K in bank.
      Fisher leaves 47K in bank

murray · 01/06/2017 at 16:00

thats it, I have decided my trades this week
Newman to Sharenberg
Pickett to Greenwood
Eddy to Wines


Need consistency · 01/06/2017 at 16:12

Looking at
Barrett & Fisher Z —-> Greenwood & Ebert

Think that Ebert is a little more consistent than Wines.


Stinga · 01/06/2017 at 16:27

Zac Fisher, Barret or Berry to Scott Selwood? Which one has the most cash potential from here/job security?

    David C · 01/06/2017 at 17:05

    Keep Barret for now. Berry might lose midfield time with Rocky back, Barret too but his BE is still low. Fisher needs a big game like Hannan and then he might start rising in price.

    Wal · 01/06/2017 at 17:28

    Fisher or Berry, probably Berry

Will · 01/06/2017 at 16:32

Can we trade out players with byes during the round ?

    Steve · 01/06/2017 at 16:42

    Yeah man

dustbin · 01/06/2017 at 16:50

Don't play the Perryman,
don't even fix a price,
don't play the Perryman…
until he gets you to the other side…..welcome

    gator59 · 01/06/2017 at 16:59

    Thanks for that Chris!!

Josh · 01/06/2017 at 16:50

Barrett to Perryman
Balic to Greenwood
SPP to Joel Selwood
Balic to Greenwood
Barrett to Scott Selwood
Taranto to Greene.

gator59 · 01/06/2017 at 16:57

Who will average more come seasons end.. Dusty or Jelwood.. thanks in advance

    Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 16:59


    Wattsieesq · 01/06/2017 at 18:06


    FizzEm · 02/06/2017 at 15:04


Liam · 01/06/2017 at 17:00

Wines or Gray.

Wines seems to be the safer option but gray has the ability to average 115 from here on.

    Wattsieesq · 01/06/2017 at 18:06


Shaun · 01/06/2017 at 17:12

When are bye players locked out?

    David C · 01/06/2017 at 17:25

    They're not. You can trade them until the last game.

    redherringfc · 01/06/2017 at 17:27

    Pretty sure you can trade them/move them anytime. Perfect for loophole captain.

    hedski · 01/06/2017 at 17:31

    Start of last game sunday

Daniel · 01/06/2017 at 17:15

Thoughts on bringing in wines/gray (leaning towards gray) as m8 for the byes but then move him to m9 after the byes when i bring in bont or sloane to finish off my mids?

    JEL · 02/06/2017 at 09:28

    Seams like a lot of cash sitting on the pine after 3 weeks.
    If all the rest of your on-field team is full premo, then go for it.

redherringfc · 01/06/2017 at 17:26

Thoughts on Barrett to S Selwood? It means Myers goes to the bench this week, but probably 50 points better off. I'm currently projected at around 1800 this week, which seems ok, but have a few tough matchups.

I make a little money, but after the byes I'll be full premo mids so he goes to the bench.

I need round 13 players, esp mids, so that's a big plus.

Eve · 01/06/2017 at 17:48

19 trades 27k. I need a Super Coach mind to help me field a team this week.
Best trade advice needed. Very much appreciated
DEF: Adams, Shaw, Tuohy, Otten, Marchbank, Newmann (Berry, Hibberd)
MED: Danger, Pendles, JJK, Fyfe, Merrett, Beams, Taranto, P-Pepper (Balic, Myers, Barrett)
RUC: Nank, Martin (Sandi)
FWD: JJK, Buddy, Dahlhaus, Macrae, Roughy, Parsons (Eddy, Strnadica)

    neil Demons Delight · 01/06/2017 at 18:28

    I would get rid of both JJKs both out for three and replace with a couple of jpks

      Eve · 01/06/2017 at 18:36

      Hehe, saw that, JPK is in the mid, JJK is the worry in the FWD

    redherringfc · 01/06/2017 at 18:29

    I'd suggest, trade out Balic, Barrett and Marchbank.

    Bring in Greenwood and Perryman. With dpp players, this leaves you the choice and probably the money to bring in any player in any position you want.

    You may want to dump Berry or Eddy instead of Barrett.

      Eve · 01/06/2017 at 18:39

      If you had to hold one of Eddy or Balic who would it be, or should both be looked at for the chop

        redherringfc · 01/06/2017 at 19:39

        Balic to go. Eddy might get a game when/if port get a few more injuries. I'm still holding him.

    wombatsfc · 01/06/2017 at 18:35

    It'd help a lot if you told us how much cash you have.
    Balic to Greenwood
    JJK to scooter -switch Taranto
    Hibberd or Berry to Laird

      Eve · 01/06/2017 at 18:38

      27K was in my original email, would it be good to go JJK to Lynch or Ryder? maybe

        wombatsfc · 01/06/2017 at 18:47

        Much prefer Greene over Lynch or Ryder

        redherringfc · 01/06/2017 at 19:45

        You have a few forwards with the bye this week, so you can probably forget about Lynch and Ryder and get a real forward instead. (if you can find one)

        I bought Ryder last week, bad case of buyers remorse. Lynch might be a good buy, but will probably drop big $$ this week.

          Eve · 02/06/2017 at 09:28

          I think JJK to Lynch is about 20K cheaper. Dickson last night looked to be a real pick.
          I didn't trade Eddy last night. So looking at my team, not sure if I should wait on defenders this week, or look to bring in Rance Bye Friendly or move on Balic, Barrett/Berry and JJK.

    randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 12:26

    Marchy, Balic and Eddy out, I think 2 donuts, Hibb jrn plus Strndica is max. Best buys this week all have wood in the name. Jelwood, Scooter and Greenwood. At a rough glance your byes can support it, but you are DPP short of doing it. So consider Marchy to Perryman, Balic to Greenwood and either Eddy/Taranto to Scooter/Jelwood. I've done this without the calc, you might even be able to go Eddy to Jelwood just…..not sure.

Saundo · 01/06/2017 at 17:54

Please help !
WInes or Gray
Adams or Laird

    DukeCambridge · 01/06/2017 at 17:55

    Wines and Adams for me!

    hedski · 01/06/2017 at 18:23

    Adams and Laird

    Ken · 01/06/2017 at 18:26

    Gray and Laird

    Hoot · 01/06/2017 at 18:29

    I went SPP to GRAY

Beno246 · 01/06/2017 at 17:56

Greene Or Dixon to bring in??
Need to bolster my FWD line, leaning towards Dixon purely due to the fact he has had his bye???

    Josh · 01/06/2017 at 18:00

    im bringing in Greene, stuff the byes!

    Josh · 01/06/2017 at 22:14

    Hope you didn't listen to me hahaha

Mitchell · 01/06/2017 at 18:00

Is wines or gray really worth bringing in? cant justify picking them with confidence. prove me wrong -_-

    David C · 01/06/2017 at 18:02


    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 18:15


Banga · 01/06/2017 at 18:09

Is Wines justifiable to bring in? Thinking he or Selwood. If I take Wines, would only need to do one downgrade to get to Doch, while if i get Selwood, i would need to use the remaining 2 trades. I will have 13 trades left at the beginning of next week with 4 upgrades left. Which would you pick community?

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 18:14

    Selwood. But get him in two weeks

      Banga · 01/06/2017 at 18:19

      So you would triple downgrade and upgrade next week? Only downgrade targets i'm considering is Scharenberg, Perryman, Bolton and Cousins. (already have Greenwood) If i triple downgraded, i would have close to 600k which i could triple upgrade.
      Parsons to Lynch
      Barrett to Zorko
      Stewart/Newman to Doch

      Banga · 01/06/2017 at 18:20

      Those triple upgrades would be next week of course

TEM · 01/06/2017 at 18:09

17 trades 359k

DEF: adams, laird, shaw, stewart marchbank newman (simpson, hampton)
MID: Dangerfield, mitchell, pendlebury, fyfe, treloar, powell-pepper, myers, berry (hannebery, barrett, fisher)
RUC: grundy, sandilands (strnadica)
FWD: roughead, taranto, parsons, greenwood eddy franklin (dahlhaus, steele)

i have 16 playing, assuming parsons and myers dont get dropped, i want to trade hampton to docherty however i may next week and i still believe that berry and barrett have money to make, so im thinking of hampton to perryman through and fisher to bolton, this will give me with 568k and i could upgrade berry to lynch this week or upgrade next week. i could go marchbank to docherty next week, and then berry to martin? bont? would really appreciate the help guys

    randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 12:57

    I count, 2 defense, 2 mid, 2 fwd spots to full premo/keeper, Hampton to perryman, someone to greenwood, perhaps barrett/fisher, Myers to Jelwood/Dusty/Sloane. Doc next week. Gives you 19 this week and more cash to upgrade next week.

Sully321 · 01/06/2017 at 18:11

should i trade out fisher, parsons or eddy for greenwood? fisher doesn't give me enough $ to upgrade so i'm thinking i should eddy the flick so i have more players playing

    David C · 01/06/2017 at 18:15

    Yep, Eddy.

gary · 01/06/2017 at 18:28

been throwing him back and forth in and out of the team but have decided not to go selwood based on waste of a trade and i've been burnt to many times by mid pricers already.
OUT: n.riewoldt (think he is buggered), balic, barrett
IN: greenwood, dusty, toby greene


only rookies on field now are newman and stewart.
next week i trade out stewart and taranto for docherty and a rookie. the following week newman to jake lloyd. full premo

team will look like as of round 14.

DEF: docherty, adams, laird, tuohey, hibberd, lloyd (scharenburg, hibberd)
MID: danger, titch, dusty, merrett, fyfe, treloar, JPK, hannebery (myers, mutimer, picket)
RUCK: martin, ryder (strnadica)
FWD: macrae, higgins, nank, franklin, greene, steele (greenwood, rookie)

will have 9 trades left for injuries/underperforming players/ undervalued players for D7, M9, F9 (also looking out for big gawn when he comes back)

current rank of 2500.

thoughts on my plan?

    randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 12:49

    very strong….. ideal world, Dahl + Rocky

Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 18:28

Ryan on the bench. Sandi is named and Bolton was not dropped. so far so good

    hedski · 01/06/2017 at 18:31

    Parsnip held on too, Callum Brown debuting for pies, Butler back.

TOPHAWK1 · 01/06/2017 at 18:34

Butler and Parsons both named. Thank f-ck. Was worried about Parsons getting the chop. Will have 19 warm bodies this week after doing some serious trading which is starting right now.

    Terrence · 01/06/2017 at 20:41

    Hows your Burnman ryder doing?

Joshua · 01/06/2017 at 18:34

Bolton or Scooter?

Shake n bake · 01/06/2017 at 18:35

So after our trades how many bodies are we starting with this week? I made 1 trade and will have 20.

    hedski · 01/06/2017 at 18:41

    19 Shake and looking for revenge this week (got you in a different league than last week).
    Not banking on it though.

      Shake n bake · 01/06/2017 at 19:47

      Haha hope for a close one! Only made the 1 trade this week!

        hedski · 01/06/2017 at 20:04

        Got the thunder thighs in?

    randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 12:34

    21, 18, 18 across each week.

iLoveNMFC · 01/06/2017 at 18:37

Trade Barrett or Hannan? Need to trade one to get D. Martin and have 18 on field. Cheers.

    Pom · 01/06/2017 at 19:33

    Hannan has negative BE mate. So chop Barrett, but his is only 11.

Rick Grimes · 01/06/2017 at 18:41

Who are people out the vc on? Titch, Danger?

    gator59 · 01/06/2017 at 18:49

    titch for me

    TOPHAWK1 · 01/06/2017 at 19:34

    Going Titch into Danger. Danger back down at the cattery this week in front of his mates and family. He tears it up down there.

    hedski · 01/06/2017 at 19:48

    Danger into Pendles/Treloar for me Rick.
    Am considering vc Jelwood tho.

Tim · 01/06/2017 at 18:42

Which trade should i do?
Option 1: Fisher – Perryman (leaves 467k in bank)
Option 2: Fisher – Cousins (leaves 527k in bank
Option 3: Newman – Perryman (leaves me with 685k in the bank)
Option 4: Eddy – Cousins (only generates 40k and means i lose Mid/fwd DPP in mids, leaves me with 462k)
Next week, i plan on bringing in Doch, Zorko and Tom Lynch. Which option should i go with?

    Tim · 01/06/2017 at 18:43

    Option 3 might have the most cash, but means i would be trading Tom Stewart to Doch instead of Newman to Doch

Jimmy · 01/06/2017 at 18:43

With both Bolton and Butler both being named, does that make Bolton's JS seem better? Who is Bolton's other competition?

    Ja191 · 01/06/2017 at 18:55

    I mean elton is absolute shite house I see his job security (with a few good games) reasonably solid

    David C · 02/06/2017 at 08:59

    Lennon is going well in the 2's, he'll get a run at some stage. Small forward line at the moment. If Griffiths gets back from his head knocks a small forward will get the chop.

Top Gun · 01/06/2017 at 18:47

Pruess still emergency….Groundhog Dayyyyyyyy!

Ryan on extended bench

Jim · 01/06/2017 at 18:49

Who should I bring in, Perryman or Cousins? If I brought in Perryman, whichever I pick will be brought in for Fisher

    Jim · 01/06/2017 at 18:50

    Sorry that wasn't English. Whichever one I pick will be traded in for fisher

    Ja191 · 01/06/2017 at 18:54

    I'd go cousins, looking at picking him up next week

    Josh · 02/06/2017 at 14:24

    Cousins has more job security so go with him.

Alex · 01/06/2017 at 18:51

Newman – Scharenberg
Barrett – Bolton (via DPP)
Berry – Perryman


T Williamson – Scharenberg
Hannan – Cousins
Eddy – Bolton

Or Any variation of that??

    Top Gun · 01/06/2017 at 18:56

    You do realise Hannan has a BE of -27?

      Alex · 01/06/2017 at 19:34

      Not helpful dickhead

        Thomas · 02/06/2017 at 09:07

        In what way is that not helpful?

Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 18:51

Looking for some last minute trade advice community.
My team appears as follows:
Bye structure is currently 19- 21- 16
I want to bring in Pendles or Jelwood this week just wondering the best way to get this done. Open to any other trade suggestions for this week. Happy to hold onto Eddy for now however I think Balic needs to go.
Thanks community good luck with the bye rounds

    Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 19:14

    Considering Taranto and Balic to Pendles/ Jelwood and Bolton

wombatsfc · 01/06/2017 at 18:54

Don't count on Sandi playing. Sandi will be a late out Griffin will ruck and Ibbo Sheridan or Ryan will come in for Sandi

The Ranger · 01/06/2017 at 19:04

Butler in and Bolton keeps his spot = Eddy – Bolton for me.

Declan · 01/06/2017 at 19:07

Fisher or Eddy out for Greenwood?

    Ja191 · 01/06/2017 at 19:13

    Eddy – not playing

Rick Grimes · 01/06/2017 at 19:08

Bolton or Cousins. See them scoring similarly, which one better JS??

    Ja191 · 01/06/2017 at 19:13

    Bolton marginally, both worth getting in though

    Pom · 01/06/2017 at 19:35

    Cousins job security? I'm thinking of going Balic to him in the next 15 minutes!

      Relton · 01/06/2017 at 19:40

      did that exact trade only a matter of seconds ago Pom. i went cousins over bolton!

        Pom · 01/06/2017 at 19:44

        Is Perryman a better go?

          Relton · 01/06/2017 at 19:45

          i don't like his output but his DPP is Huge advantage if u have a berry in ya backline

TOPHAWK1 · 01/06/2017 at 19:13

hahahaha. For some reason Kim Jong Un got booted. Perhaps a bit too controversial for this forum. Maybe Tyruddanaut knows something about it. HEIL Hawthorn tonight! hehe

    hedski · 01/06/2017 at 19:56

    Tipped the power……

Joe T · 01/06/2017 at 19:30

Is Eddy to Bolton a good move? Not confident on either's JS but unless Bolton plays another 5 games I'd consider it a wasted trade.

FizzEm · 01/06/2017 at 19:30

balic down to Bolton or cousins ?? whats cousins JS like community?

    TOPHAWK1 · 01/06/2017 at 19:41

    If you really want to get rid of Balic right now, then trade in Bolton and keep your DPP play. You have another week to look at Cousins.

Chris_Judd · 01/06/2017 at 19:37

I've got 600k to spend on a midfielder. Thoughts? Alternatively i can get Scott Selwood and upgrade next week.

    B-rian · 01/06/2017 at 20:03


    Whitey · 01/06/2017 at 21:17

    Depends who you have but JPK is hitting some goos form and priced nicely, after his bye of course.

Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 19:38

Eddy can't even get a game even with a late out

TOPHAWK1 · 01/06/2017 at 19:40

Anyone trading in Robbie Gray or Ollie Wines tonight? I just cant bloody do it.

    Oliver · 01/06/2017 at 19:48

    So close to doing it. I reversed Z.Fisher -> Wines about 10 times in the last 15 minutes. Ended up just grabbing Sloane – hoping it was the right decision.

Don't Blush Baby · 01/06/2017 at 19:41

Put the VC on T.Mitch ,anyone else in for the ride ?

    TOPHAWK1 · 01/06/2017 at 19:43

    I am aboard! T Mitch has the VC cape.

    gator59 · 01/06/2017 at 19:44


HB prince · 01/06/2017 at 19:49

Help me community, thinking of doing the following trades:

Marchbank to Adams

Swallow (too inconsistent) to Sloane

Barret to S Selwood


Jim_bob321 · 01/06/2017 at 19:50

I brought in Ollie Wines this week… lets hope it pays off

    Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 19:51

    Good luck I considered it but he burnt me already a few years ago so I passed

    TOPHAWK1 · 01/06/2017 at 19:52

    I am hoping for ya mate. I held fire.

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 21:00

    Not even top 20 mid

      Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 21:02


    randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 12:39

    Might not be a top 20 mid, but gets you an extra 55points (i.e. other pre-bye premo over a rookie) so might just bump his avg up there from here out. Good luck.

Holty · 01/06/2017 at 20:02

Ummm, what is Clarkson doing. Hawthorn has only 1 inside mid in Mitchell and he is playing in the forward line.

hedski · 01/06/2017 at 20:08

Might have to consider a dead man soon, killing it.

Go Hawks · 01/06/2017 at 20:24

Hawthorn by 3, At least we dont cry at quarter time like those collingwood supporters lol that lady in the cheer squad

    Captain Risky · 01/06/2017 at 21:06

    Well, 3 points to half time isn't bad I guess..

Will · 01/06/2017 at 20:31

Can Josh Kelly keep up his great form?

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 22:55

    Not getting offered a million a year for 9 years for nothing. Can play

    ProTravo · 02/06/2017 at 10:49

    He is very consistent Will. Not a massive ceiling though.

    pod · 02/06/2017 at 11:19

    Sure can, he's very good.

Finnius123 · 01/06/2017 at 20:31

Hawthorn really suck lol

Gregory · 01/06/2017 at 20:52

Williams, Tuohy or Rance?

    Finnius123 · 01/06/2017 at 21:00

    Rance for mine

gator59 · 01/06/2017 at 20:59

As a Saints supporter I'm loving what I'm watching..

    Go Hawks · 01/06/2017 at 21:09

    Until the end of the game when its 90 to 93

      gator59 · 01/06/2017 at 21:12

      I doubt it very much

      Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 21:17


        DavidSA · 01/06/2017 at 21:23

        113-41 final scores

        See how close I get

          DavidSA · 01/06/2017 at 22:33

          -15 +6 pts, was pretty close

    Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 21:22

    Saints need all the charity they can get. Even their 1 premiership was a struggle, I guess that's what happens when you have a losing culture.

      Bob Butter · 01/06/2017 at 22:10

      Someones been triggered

    Top Gun · 01/06/2017 at 22:39

    Draft pick is getting juicier by the minute

Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 21:04

Put the VC on Dixon…..
Just Kidding, but I did trade SPP to Wines πŸ™

    David C · 02/06/2017 at 09:05

    SPP went pretty good tonight.

Derek · 01/06/2017 at 21:14

Ryder 34sc at half time. Seems low.

    Tyruddanaut · 01/06/2017 at 21:17

    I know. Looking at him, I would say he is the best rickman in the league

Russty_ · 01/06/2017 at 21:25

Wow…man!, I just got home have the Hawks been really bad or have Port just been really good?

    Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 21:26

    A bit of both I reckon

    randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 12:37

    fanfooty had pumpkins across the whole Hawks line-up bar Hodge at end Q1. LMFAO! Hawks were shut down, made errors, generally smashed, you need a bit of column A and B to go zero for a quarter.

Swans2012 · 01/06/2017 at 21:27

Damn you spp!! The worst bit is i busted my arse to trade him and get quality Premos on the field and you watch he'll score more than one of them.

    Russty_ · 01/06/2017 at 21:46

    He's on 63 at 3/4 time, could still end up on 63 lol

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 22:49

    There's one positive here. You have a posting rating of 69. Nice

      Swans2012 · 02/06/2017 at 07:47

      Definitely a positive…..although I did trade spp for jelwood so might be a win yet…

TOPHAWK1 · 01/06/2017 at 21:30

Be nice if Paddy Ryder could mark a footy in front of goal? Only dropped about half a dozen. Gee wizz

    Russty_ · 01/06/2017 at 21:33

    By the looks of the points, looks like Charlie's gobbling em all up.

      Derek · 01/06/2017 at 22:27

      At least 6 in the last quarter he dropped

        hedski · 01/06/2017 at 22:55

        Easily, he just couldn't stick them, front spot, first grab???!

Joshua · 01/06/2017 at 21:52

Cmon SPP 80+

Josh · 01/06/2017 at 21:54

Does anyone know how I can find Supercoach live scoring? Thanks.

    Will · 01/06/2017 at 21:55


      Josh · 01/06/2017 at 21:56

      Thank You.

Josh · 01/06/2017 at 22:06

Greene better replicate Dixon in two days

Thomas · 01/06/2017 at 22:15

I noticed that a quite a few of Ryder's hitouts to advantage havent resulted in points. For example, about midway through the last quarter, he clearly palmed it down to Wines who sharked a point. Fanfooty registered it as a Hitout but no points were scored. Noticed similar last week as well. Is Ryder being scored a little harsh?

    Russty_ · 01/06/2017 at 22:20

    I think you could be right there Thomas, sposed to get 4 or 5 points for that.

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 22:26

    Ryder 10 HO to advantage. Seemed a lot more than that

    Leeds17 · 02/06/2017 at 06:23

    Did Wines have a clear possession? I think a lot of people think a HoTA is just tapping it to a team mate but that team mate has to then clear the ball from the stoppage, I've noticed a couple where he'd hit it to Wines or SPP and they've been tackled ball spilt out and gone Ports way that doesn't count as a HoTA.

      Derek · 02/06/2017 at 09:23


Josh · 01/06/2017 at 22:16

Cmon SPP, crack that ton baby!

Ja191 · 01/06/2017 at 22:19

thanks SPP

KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 22:23

Kept SPP. You beautyyy

    Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 22:28

    Kept SPP traded Taranto I am happy

      Josh · 01/06/2017 at 22:29

      Same but could've went Dixon instead of Greene πŸ™

    Derek · 01/06/2017 at 23:00

    No one would have traded out SPP. Already had his bye. Look at Ports draw.

    pod · 02/06/2017 at 11:21

    I think he has some big scores ahead. Love the way he plays.

      Derek · 02/06/2017 at 12:22

      Agree. He is always in the thick of things.

TOPHAWK1 · 01/06/2017 at 22:30

PEPPPAAA PIG!! The kids watch it all the time. I am warming to it.

    Ken · 02/06/2017 at 08:28

    That's my team name

KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 22:31

Whoever went Ebert over Gray, shot m8

    Defying_Madness · 01/06/2017 at 22:32

    Wish I got him in I was pre close though

      Billioux · 01/06/2017 at 23:58

      Posted it as option and did.

        randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 12:31

        Will still be an option next week as well…. will consider! Nice trade.

Josh · 01/06/2017 at 22:37

If you traded in Gray, you are in my prayers.

    Top Gun · 01/06/2017 at 22:42

    I did warn people he is continuing to play forward

    Steeeve · 01/06/2017 at 22:49

    Yep that would be me. Even in a blowout he couldn't sniff it. Only goal was from hawthorn lacing him out by accident. Abysmal. Will end up being my m9

      jimmy_raiders · 02/06/2017 at 01:53

      Will get him as M9 but only pay 350k for him

        pod · 02/06/2017 at 11:23

        What a dream pick up at $350K, let's hope you're right.

    TOPHAWK1 · 02/06/2017 at 09:51

    Robbie Gray named in the guts. As soon as the game starts, straight back in the forward line. Just like I suspected. Relieved I avoided the temptation to get the bloke this week. He is just a shadow of his former self these days.

      randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 12:01

      He was named in the guts last week as well. Put it out there in the first response to podcast as well. N1 TopHawk. There was also a pretty frank discussion about where he was named pre-game, saying it was a load of carp. At 350k I still won't pick him unless he actually play 75% mid time for a match.

        Derek · 02/06/2017 at 12:24

        Dixon is now the forward target, not Gray.

KrazeeEyezK1lla · 01/06/2017 at 22:59

Danger captain? Seems the obvious choice.

I feel like taking a punt on Pendles. Think he can do a number on freo. Worried I'll check the SC scores at half time tomorrow night and Danger will be on 100 already

    Ja191 · 01/06/2017 at 23:03

    vc on danger for myself, c on pendles.. expecting a big 1 from pendles

    Moosehead · 02/06/2017 at 08:40

    You need to learn the Captain's loophole so you can have Danger going into Pendles.

      KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 09:18

      this ain't my first rodeo. thank you anyway.

      I decided to take a punt on Titch as VC. didn't pay off

hedski · 01/06/2017 at 23:01

Didn't realise Ebert is only 27 y.o.
Isn't that the prime?
(He looks 40).
Those with the plums who traded him in will be laughing, Port look real good and he'll drive them, only missed one game out of 126 since in SA, madness.

    hedski · 02/06/2017 at 08:07

    They have a massive % and look to be clicking into gear.
    No match for the mighty cats though.

Leeds17 · 02/06/2017 at 06:10

Yeah don't know about good but they seem to get the job done against the teams they should beat.

    Derek · 02/06/2017 at 09:15

    At home against weaker teams they are all guns

Leeds17 · 02/06/2017 at 06:30

Would love the communities opinion on Sloane, has he taken his game to a new level? has been a consistent high 100 averager with one season up at 114 before now a 10-15 point improvement seems unlikely to be kept up to me.

    Derek · 02/06/2017 at 09:13

    No doubt he is overachieving and I put a lot of that down to no Scott Thompson in the team.

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 09:51

    Sloane usually one of the first picked in my sides at the start of the year. decided against it this year. spewing. gun. want him or rocky(again) for my final mid spot soon.

      randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 12:17

      Rocky is gong to be a tricky pick, at 590k with a low BE and shoulder injury risk, I don't think the cash generation of this season allows for $600k plus spends on premos. So that means taking the punt on putting him on return. Risky. Might be worth going sloane this week….

    whatyasmokin · 02/06/2017 at 16:50

    580K is a fair price for him. Lock him in.

Chippa888 · 02/06/2017 at 07:26

Silly question, but i just wanted to make sure before I made a costly mistake. I have the VC on Danger, and if he goes big can I put the C on an on field, non playing bye player for the loop hole? Or because I have more than 18 on field warm bodies does the non player get cancelled out?

    hedski · 02/06/2017 at 08:08

    Yes it will work

      Chippa888 · 02/06/2017 at 12:26

      Cheers hedski.

dontcallmebob · 02/06/2017 at 07:58

I know it's kind of off thread but can anyone tell me whether the Captain Loophole applies during the bye round. Looks like I'll only have 17 or just the 18 on field but keen to use Danger as VC. If I stick Bont on field as my C will I get Danger's double score or stuff my team up royally?

    hedski · 02/06/2017 at 08:08

    As above

      MellisaK · 02/06/2017 at 08:32

      I am still not 100% clear on the explanation – sorry, my first SC year! So, I put the VC on Danger tonight and if he fires, I can put Barrett on the field as C and Heppell on the bench as Emergency because fortunately through luck and not design, I have 22 playing.
      Therefore I would get double Danger's score and Heppell's score as well.
      This SC game is difficult with many twists and turns.

        hedski · 02/06/2017 at 09:02

        That will work a treat, you'll get Dangers captain score and Heppells emergency score, assuming he is in the top 18 of your 22 scorers.

          Millicent · 02/06/2017 at 10:22

          I have 21 playing with Newman on the field so if Danger as VC goes well I put the C on Newman, Swans.
          I think this is right and if so the C loophole is easy for a change.

Wombat · 02/06/2017 at 08:38

I didn't pick him because I didn't think he would keep his place but I am wrong and I wish I had him for this bye round. How does Parsons – Geelong, keep getting a game when he has not set the world on fire. Maybe Coach Scott thinks he is tough because of his hit on Hodge? or is it because he seems to get a few tackles.
Good luck to those who picked him first up and I'd like to know Cat supporters views.

    hedski · 02/06/2017 at 09:05

    Yeah he applies pressure as you said Wombat, I honestly thought he would be dropped this week but they have big wraps on him at the cattery.
    I plan on upgrading him during his bye next week.

      INPieman · 02/06/2017 at 09:38

      McCarthy & Parfitt are out injured. He would lose his spot to one of them. So he's lucky. He does a few good things. But not much

        Wombat · 02/06/2017 at 10:18

        Thanks all. Your reasons make sense particularly guys out like Parfitt. If he scores 80+ tonight he maybe kept.

        neil Demons Delight · 02/06/2017 at 13:05

        Scott loves McCarthy in particular played him a lot when spudded and said pre season he was in their best 22 not in my book maybe scooter taken part of that role .Scooter the more annoying could be a dud or a good bench option like swallow he,s cheap enough

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 09:16

    need Parsons to get back to some 60+ scores. tempted everybody those first 2 games. still some money to be made I think

      Derek · 02/06/2017 at 12:27

      He showed s bit early. Big Boy who can tackle. There might be a decent score in him but this is my last week with him.

Derek · 02/06/2017 at 09:21

Wines will be good for his price. Plus he has had his bye. It was a pity you had to trade out SPP.

SPP is getting better. I posted a few weeks ago that I think he has a few 100+ scores in him this year, just because he plays so much midfield.

Lynch will be a good pick up

    Defying_Madness · 02/06/2017 at 10:10

    Derek do you think Taranto has much more cash in him or should I upgrade him to Pendles?

      Derek · 02/06/2017 at 12:21

      Taranto has been getting better every week. He is getting enough midfield time to have a good score, especially against Essendon or Carlton. I'm holding him until his bye.

      I'm also getting Pendles this week.

        Defying_Madness · 02/06/2017 at 13:08

        Unfortunately Taranto is my only way to Pendles

Big G · 02/06/2017 at 09:43

Does anyone know why my newspaper printed vastly different final scores for players than those on the official website?

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 09:53


      Big G · 02/06/2017 at 10:07

      Ha. It was badly out as well (had Wines on 70 when he scored 105).

    Moosehead · 02/06/2017 at 10:13

    It happened last round as well.

    hedski · 02/06/2017 at 10:30

    At a guess they have to start their print run early so don't wait for scaling etc.

    INPieman · 02/06/2017 at 10:44

    I blame Robbo. He's a spud

Nick · 02/06/2017 at 10:19

Hi community,
Who would you pick between Scharenberg and Ryan (if named)

    INPieman · 02/06/2017 at 10:29

    Ryan. But only becuase he's nearly 50k cheaper. And currency is tough this year

    B-rian · 02/06/2017 at 10:29

    Don't go early on either. Wait until they on the bubble. Both could be a trap

    ProTravo · 02/06/2017 at 10:54

    Ryan will be a target after the RD 13 bye.

    SCdonkey · 02/06/2017 at 11:05

    I'm waiting on both on the bubble Ryan has "Ross the pain" who doesn't like to play Rookies much.

    pod · 02/06/2017 at 11:18


    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 15:17

    I like Scharenberg's job security. everybody seems pretty high on him as a player. just needs to stay fit

Dusty Spurs · 02/06/2017 at 10:24

First year at Supercoach, but having an ok year – ranked in top 3000.

Couple of questions as I am worried I am about to have a fall from grace.

What are par scores in the bye rounds? I'm looking at high 1700s

And how many trades do people expect to have at the end of the byes? I will have 10 with full premium or 8 with upgrading shaw and crouch to uber premiums. Will this get me through to the end of the season?

    Bradk · 02/06/2017 at 10:37

    You will get different answers but im happy with a full premium team and only 5 or 6 trades after the bye.

    Its the only way to go if you're trying to win this. Just hope like hell injuries dont come.

    Last year alot of people were saving trades for an injury flood that never came.

    Good luck

      Alfiewhite · 02/06/2017 at 11:06

      Disagree Bradk. Our wonderful game is getter faster, stronger players have increased momentum which lead to more injuries and more will occur as the year progresses. Better to have a couple left over than to have a doughnut or two. I aim to have 10 trades at the end of the bye unless of course I get an injury, suspension etc. Far better to be safe than sorry. Good luck because you may need it.

    Rick Grimes · 02/06/2017 at 10:50

    I think1800+ is the target. If you can get the captaincy right it's still possible to get 2000. Buy depends how many premos you can field each round.

    randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 12:13

    Yeah, like the last few weeks where par has been about Nx100 where N= number of players, I think you'll continue to see that across the byes. Rnd 12 might be a bit higher. Rnd 14 par becomes about 2300-2400 onwards as most are full premo/keeper or that bloody close to it they just need to jag one decent rookie score.

    I'll have 3-6 trades left depending on how things pan out. Running 17, 16, 16 keepers each week, which is a little higher than most, reflecting I haven't missed a trade this season. #grasshopper I also aim to be at 23 keepers post rnd 13, which is a bit higher, which means my trades can be a bit lower to cope with injuries. So trades left is really just a function of whether you are at full premo, over or under. (Oh, I had 4 LTIs rnd across rnd 1 and 2, I don't normally trade that hard, just the way it played out).

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 16:40

    fielding 17 this week, and should have the minimum 18 for the next couple weeks. if I can get around 1800 this week, that'd be cool, then I'd be hoping for at least 2000 for the next 2 byes.

    should have maybe 9 or 10 trades left after the bye periods, and hope to be at full premo by then. we'll see!

Rick Grimes · 02/06/2017 at 11:38

I didn't watch much of the second half but was pleasantly surprised to see Roughie got 89. Was on 25 at halftime. He's been that guy I've wanted to trade every week but always found a more pressing concern. Had actually averaged 90+ over past 5 weeks.

    randomcliche · 02/06/2017 at 11:58

    Same, same. I looked at team 2 weeks ago and say a rnd 13 fwd bye player and thought, I knew there was some reason I kept you!

    Gold leaf · 02/06/2017 at 13:19

    Good point Rick. Only had Roughy playing and being so one sided and Roughy looking slow and not getting many opportunities up forward because a lack of ball in Hawks forward fifty, I switched channels to watch The Medici's of Florence which is a great show especially if you have been to Florence, Italy.
    I don't think he will be a keeper but he has been ok in a hopeless side.

      KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 14:49

      fun fact for you, the airbnb I stayed at in Florence is in the old convent which is connected to the Medici Chapel. pretty cool

neil Demons Delight · 02/06/2017 at 13:11

With all the site problems this week decided to keep Scooter after all Thanks to Cogla13 Russ and David C for their site and computer advise hope it doesn't happen again Don't mind making a C on a dud but when it ,s out of our control it ,s frustrating thanks fellas

HarryO · 02/06/2017 at 15:01

torn between whether to trade Z.fisher up to S.Selwood or not… can he make the $$$ fast like everyones saying? would give me 18 warm bodies this round also… i think he will tag sloane :/ makes me nervous!

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 15:15

    both sselwood and Sloane tackling beasts. gotta think they're gonna tackle each other a fair bit. good points on offer I reckon. fisher to sselwood is a no brainer, imo

Dave2008 · 02/06/2017 at 15:25

Option 1

Balic Newman Williamson for J Selwood S Selwood Greenwood
(Means I have to switch both my D/Ms Berry and Hibbert to defense and down to 18 trades. Sitting in top 4 in league 7-1. Need to make these trades to be an even chance to win my league game )

Option 2 just trade in Greenwood for Balic not worth two extra trades and losing probably 2 Rd 12 and 13 players when even after the trades it will be a 50 50 game.

    KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 15:26

    I wood go with option 1

      Dave2008 · 02/06/2017 at 15:43

      Thanks. So regardless of whether I get the league win they are good trades moving forward ?

        KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 15:48

        well you gotta think long term, right? joel selwood will be in your team at the end. scott selwood in theory is going to be a stepping stone to another premo, and greenwood is the must have rookie this week.

          Dave2008 · 02/06/2017 at 16:21

          Yep they all look pretty solid dont they? I have 21 trades atm and the only potential loss is Newman,

            KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 16:45

            man, 21 trades is a lot to have 11 rounds in. get trading!

              Dave2008 · 02/06/2017 at 16:50

              Yes. 4 for finals and an average of nearly two a round until finals. I think I can afford 3 this week. If I can get over the line in my leage then ill be 8-1 and pretty much a lock for top 4.

                KrazeeEyezK1lla · 02/06/2017 at 17:01

                well if you're just playing for league position, all good!

Ryan · 02/06/2017 at 17:37

Berry out – Luke Ryan named cant decide between him or s-berg

    manolaki · 03/06/2017 at 02:03

    Too risky for mine bringing in a player who hasn't played yet. SBerg has better JS in my opinion. Maybe wait a week? Unless you need to bring one in to avoid doughnut

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