Round 10 Supercoach Panic Room

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Due to a scheduling error, there will be no introduction this week..

This scheduling error is the fault of the AFL, who insist Thursday Night Football is a good idea despite its horrific implications for fantasy football. IT’S LIKE THEY DON’T EVEN CARE.

Anyway, there’s no time for an intro. This week is ‘nothing at all’… nothing but PANIC


Stupid sexy panicking.


Absolutely bloody carnage this week, for the potatoes this week at least.

Aaron Sandilands will miss this week, and could possibly miss more according to whispers on twitter. I trust whispers on twitter about as much as I can throw Sandiballs, which safe to say isn’t very far.

Absolute superstar and potential Supercoach GOAT Gary Ablett will miss his first game for the year with a shoulder niggle. However, the Suns regain David Swallow and Pearce Hanley.

Nick Riewoldt will also be rested this week after suffering an injury called ‘old age’. As a young whippersnapper, I have no experience with the knobbly knees and awkward ankles of old men. However it’s safe to assume he’ll be out somewhere between a week and 40-odd years.

West Coast rookies Fraser McInnes and Kurt Murtimer have been dropped following the beautiful shellacking of the Eagles by a rampaging Essendon, in which Zach Merrett racked up 37 of the most sublime, arousing disposals you’ll ever see in yo- oh right, sorry. Where was I? West Coast are bad. Also they’ve dropped our rookies.

Hawthorn have heard the call and will be debuting two kids this week, with James Cousins and the exquisitely named Dallas Willsmore to play their first games. Although it’s a bit useless now none of us have trades left. THANKS, OBAMA CLARKO.

Curly Hampton and Jordan Gallucci have made way for the Crows, with Hampton sidelined by an ankle injury. If you have still got him, flick him now.

North big man Brayden Pruess is back this week, just in time for the 15% lucky enough to have him as cover for Sandi *mutters curses under breath*. However, for owners of Todd Goldstein, this is bad news. In other rookie ruck news, Tim English will debut.

Speaking of, Archie Smith has been named on an extended bench. Say hello to a Stefan Martin price drop if he plays.

The rest of the news is pretty much irrelevant, unless you’ve been collecting Collingwood discards, as Daisy Thomas, Sharrod Wellingham and Travis Cloke will both miss.

Also shoutout to Lek for posting the teams on Twitter the second they drop. Makes my life in hostel wifi so much easier than opening every club’s website at 6.25pm AEST.




Mobile sites make it incredibly annoying to check breakevens, and don’t even start me on the Supercoach app. So here’s an abridged breakevens corner.


You bet your bottom dollar it isn’t. Only three rookies are on the bubble this week, those being James Stewart, Daniel Lloyd and the returning Cedric Cox. I wouldn’t touch any of them with a barge pole, and would go early on Hugh Greenwood instead if you need to downgrade.


Bont has a massive breakeven of 165, while Yeo, Dahl and Sloane have breakevens of 143, 142 and 141 respectively. Kade Simpson also has a 137 BE, and Buddy is also floating in that vicinity.


Things are bad for Stefan Martin and Todd Goldstein owners. In fact, things are bad full stop, but in the rucks things are especially bad.

Especially with Sandi gone, some are looking at a donut plus a sub-par output from a premium.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my biggest regret is not starting Witts. And that’s saying something considering I started with Shaun Higgins.


I’m writing this during the first half of the Geelong/Port game, so I hope you had the VC on That Player That Did Well (which at this stage is Selwood, who I switched from after it looked like he might be a really, really late out because the world hates me regardless of if I’m paying attention or not). Otherwise, who have we got?

I don’t even know who’s playing this week to be honest because I’m in a country where football isn’t a thing (yes, it’s as barbaric as it sounds). Scott Pendlebury’s good at football yeah? Can we make him orange this week? Good, sweet.

If you haven’t got him, have a squizz at Barron von Crow’s spreadsheet because it is beautiful and he is beautiful and I owe both him and this spreadsheet several beers.  

I’m outta here, I’ve got two more days in NZ and I’m not spending them looking at what’s supposed to be my Supercoach side (Le Premium, what the hell is that?!), which is actually just a lot of donuts surrounded by Shaun Higgins and underperforming midfielders. However, I land on Sunday, so normal services will be resumed next week in The Panic Room.

Good luck this weekend, community!

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Taylorw · 26/05/2017 at 11:54

S Selwood – worth the injury risk?
Anyone at Geelong likely to take his spot?

    INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 12:01

    The risk is injury. He's as durable as Tippett. But if you can get a bloke at 280k scoring tonnes it's where do I sign

      Wedge · 26/05/2017 at 12:22

      2012 and 2013 averaged 104 from 22 and 18 games. Hasn't played more than 12 games in a year since. His output is fine. Body not so much.

    Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:20

    No his js is rock solid, the only question is can he stay on the park

      Clint · 27/05/2017 at 01:03

      Just 2 or 3 more weeks would do to leap frog to an uber premium…. is it worth the double trade? What's a trade worth in $ to make it worth while? 100k? 150? 200? Could be easy money here and who doesn't need some cash generation?

      Northerner · 27/05/2017 at 06:33

      17 tackle average over 2 games. And we all know tackles is the Geelong barometer. No issues with JS.

Brando · 26/05/2017 at 11:58

Guys I'm stuck! Help!

My structure as it sits is:

Martin, Sandi Pruess
Nank, Butler Stewart, Eddy (locked)

In order to avoid the 0 from Sandi I need Pruess to play (highly unlikely). Thinking of going Sandi and Pruess to Yeo and stranadica/D.cameron (I already have a donut in the mids).

Am I going in the correct direction? Sandilands was always a stepping stone and Nank is good enough cover until Gawn comes back in 3-4-5 weeks…

    Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:21

    Yeah cull preuss can't rely on Scott one bit

      Brando · 26/05/2017 at 12:33

      There have been tweets in the last 15 mins from NMFC where BS said he wants to squeeze Pruess in. I guess we find out at 5pm…

        Wal · 26/05/2017 at 13:32

        That's strange as his presser today all but ruled Pruess out

INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 11:58

Love it Patch as always. I'm going to the game on Sunday to watch 1 man. Junior uber prodigy Matt Scharenberg. Let's hope we get to see a run of this mans sublime ability. If he carries his VFL form into the AFL he'll be licked into team next week. And if your ballsy you may even want to slot him in this week. I'm considering doing that with English to cover Sandi

    INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 11:59

    Oops licked / locked perhaps both

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 15:55

    I am going early on him Pieman. No back rookies has forced my hand but he is supremely talented. Thanks to stewart's 90 odd he is sitting on the pine though, so there isn't too much risk (at least for this week)

      INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 16:04

      Love the balls out call Finnius. If I didn't have other priorities I'd probably do the same

        Noirlust · 27/05/2017 at 03:17

        The swelling of my nuts increased this week, i now have luke ryan and scharenberg in my side.
        Its only a matter of time before ryan gets a gig.

Rick Grimes · 26/05/2017 at 12:00

Hope you're enjoying your time in Aotearoa, Patch. Sorry my compatriots care nothing for this great game. If you can find channel 23 (Duke) you'll get a Saturday arvo game live, or there's delayed stuff after midnight. But I suspect you'll be out and about.

Notorious mac · 26/05/2017 at 12:08

Isnt preuss named on an extended bench. I cant see him playing with goldstien wood and waite

    Hoot · 26/05/2017 at 12:15

    Yeah I'm still waiting on the VFL list… any news?

      Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:16

      He was named in the ruck for the Magoos

        Hoot · 26/05/2017 at 12:22

        yeah i just heard. darn it

        what now….

          Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:23

          I'd get rid of preuss bro swing nank in

            Notorious mac · 26/05/2017 at 12:26

            Im bringing in goldy this week for sandi so im over the moon

            Hoot · 26/05/2017 at 12:30

            Problem for me is I brang Nak up last rd and sold Witts… Now with Sandi & Nank (preuss) im almost forced to trade Sandi…

            Goldy for Sandi may have to be the outcome (at least I didn't get Ryder last night)

            Just not sure about who is better i.e top 2

              Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:33

              Goldy plays well without Preuss and he scored 173 last time he played the dees

                Wedge · 26/05/2017 at 17:09

                Dees have no ruck. Sandi out. Goldi in.

    Tommo09 · 26/05/2017 at 17:43

    Not named

      Notorious mac · 26/05/2017 at 17:59

      Welcome goldstein

Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:13

Thanks Patch! Great stuff as usual!

Community, do you think it's worth trading Balic to Lloyd simply to plonk on the bench? I don't have any donuts anywhere, and thought maybe I should hold off and wait for different rookies next week
Thanks in advance!
I have 21 trades

    Seeker · 26/05/2017 at 12:30

    Balic is stranded on $215k and who knows if and when he's back. Lloyd could play 3-4 good games and help you through the byes. You can then use the $98k to upgrade other rookies over the byes.

    Do it

      Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:36

      Thanks for the advice mate, another option is to go early on greenwood or should I wait a week and downgrade a Fisher/barrett/spp to him for extra cash?

        Seeker · 26/05/2017 at 12:41

        I'd wait, you are not losing money waiting on Greenwood an extra week, as long as you have bye coverage too, you get him for Fisher who will be out Rd 11 with the bye

        Davisp · 26/05/2017 at 12:52

        If you've got no donuts I suggest you wait a week. Greenwood will still be sitting there and you'll have 3 trades per bye round. A week is a long time in footy as they say.

          Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:53

          You think grab Lloyd this week or skip?

            Seeker · 26/05/2017 at 13:28

            I think Lloyd will be fine. Good Job Security, will make cash and help with Bye structure to most. He probably won't score 100s but will be handy relatively short term option

The Wyld One · 26/05/2017 at 12:16

i had the emg on T.Stewart last night and will be able to take his score that the expense of either Marchbank or Otten. Im leaning towards dropping Otten with the return of J.Jenkins. What does the community think?

    INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 14:35

    I'm doing that. Jenkins back & Marchbank named in the backline makes that call easier. Off to the pine Mr Otten

    CoachDamo · 26/05/2017 at 14:48

    I'm going to drop Marchbank – I was going to trade him next week but might do it now to avoid a price drop.

    Marchbank plays Sunday too – safer to take him off field in case you have a late out you can always put the E on him to take his score (whereas if you take Otten off field and Taylor Adams is a late out on Sunday there's nothing you can do).

Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:19

I'd drop Otten I think, however I am unfortunate enough to have Z Guthrie and so cannot loophole

    Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:19

    In reply to The Wyld One

    Randomcliche2 · 26/05/2017 at 14:02

    Me 2….Oh, well nice cover for a late out…..

Luke · 26/05/2017 at 12:21

Best downgrade out of Greenwood, Bolton, Stewart to get in for Butler? Have to do a downgrade to avoid a donut this week.

Also, is Jarrod Harbrow worth the punt in defense based on what he has scored so far this season (a couple of tons when I last checked)? Pretty sure his highest averaging season was in the mid 80s a few seasons back, although on the other hand he's already had his Bye and will play through the rest of the Bye rounds, hmm…

    Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:25

    If you have to trade to avoid a donut I'd probably go Greenwood, Bolton might make way for a returning Butler and Lloyd screams Pickett like performance

    I wouldn't pick him myself, but trust your gut, he could pay nice dividends

Seeker · 26/05/2017 at 12:23

I wouldn't trade in 'Johnny' English just now even to cover Sandi. The Dogs have the bye next eeek and Roughead almost certainly returns for Rd 12

    ToughBretts · 26/05/2017 at 12:44

    Bevo very high on English at today's press conference – says he is essentially a half back flanker/winger who had a massive growth spurt, and when he's in the ruck he's a "fourth midfielder" – definitely watch closely.

      Seeker · 26/05/2017 at 13:30

      Yeah but I'd definitely wait until he's on the bubble

FiL · 26/05/2017 at 12:34

My round is already ruined, accidentally had the C on Sam Powell-Pepper (VC Danger). Leftover from last week when he had the bye. Just take the Sandi donut since I'm not getting a great score this week anyway?

    Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:39

    Aww man that sucks, you should do the important changes Monday morning I think
    Anyway it would depend on your structures but id probably hold sandi

      FiL · 26/05/2017 at 13:58

      Yeah dumb mistake. a late reverse trades caught me out

    Rick Grimes · 26/05/2017 at 12:43

    That blows, I did a similar thing a few rounds ago and got Bonts 70 odd. Still recovered to get a decent score. Don't give up! I'd take this as a sign and trade Sandi to the Goldmember. I don't have him but I see a 150 coming and wish I did.

    Derek · 26/05/2017 at 13:21

    Don't give up. It isn't 200 you missed its only 100.

      Steeeve · 26/05/2017 at 14:01

      You're right, might go bang bang… unless Press is named

BigBoyBananana · 26/05/2017 at 12:35

Found this on North's twitter lads

Scott: We're keen to work out a way to get (Preuss) in the side, we'll try to work out a way to get him in

    BigBoyBananana · 26/05/2017 at 12:36

    Also, this off Brisbane's twitter for Stef owners

    CF: Guys like Rhys Mathieson and Archie Smith will be playing their first games of the season.

    Choppers · 26/05/2017 at 13:00

    and the opposite from the AFL website

    Ruckman Braydon Preuss appears unlikely to play despite being named on North’s extended bench for Sunday’s game. North coach Brad Scott said at his Friday press conference that it had become increasingly hard to play two ruckmen and, with No.1 big man Todd Goldstein in good form, Preuss looks set to spend another week in the VFL.

      BigBoyBananana · 26/05/2017 at 13:08

      Haha welcome to supercoach Choppers

        Derek · 26/05/2017 at 13:21

        They lied

    INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 13:28

    Brad Scott made that statement many weeks ago Big Boy. He sure hasn't found a way to play them both yet. Like Derek said we've been lied to. Hibbo Jnr Mountford & Preuss….I hate Brad Scott

INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 12:37

Stef Martin owners be afraid. I'm hearing Archie Smith will play

    Rick Grimes · 26/05/2017 at 12:48

    Rucks are such a conundrum this year. Remember everyone talking about 'set and forget' earlier on the year. How far off is Gawn and do we have the stomach to bring him back??

      Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:51

      I'm thinking nic Nat could be a sneaky pod

      INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 12:59

      Nightmare Rick. He's due back round 13 then needs 2 weeks to crash in price

Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:41

Archie Numbnuts to play

Westy · 26/05/2017 at 12:41

Had a bad moment while trading. Had the C on SPP last week to take advantage of Danger's VC. In the haste of last night bringing in Ryder for Otten and Greenwood for Eddy, I didn't get to fix that. I therefore have Danger's 160+ and SPP's 50+ x2.
Oh the humanity. 🙁

    wightyswarriors · 26/05/2017 at 13:09

    Did similar thing with Ryder…new I didn't need to trade before cats/port so left things unchanged.

hedski · 26/05/2017 at 12:54

Myers or Fisher onfield instead of SPP peeps?

    Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:56


    BigBoyBananana · 26/05/2017 at 12:57

    I'm going Myers but Fisher vs North isn't a bad shout hedski, think myers is due for a 70-85 game

      Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 12:59

      I'm hoping my bombers will have a big one against the army tonight

    hedski · 26/05/2017 at 14:10

    Yeah leaning towards Myers.
    (Bombers play tomorrow night Imgonna, Thursday games throw me out of whack too)

      Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 14:16

      Oh right of course, damn Thursday night games…

Choice · 26/05/2017 at 13:34

What would you do with ablett? 2 years of shoulder problems and now it's happening again. Trade or keep?

    Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 14:13


    INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 14:23

    Depending on your trade situation it's worth noting Gary has a BE of 197 & a high cash value. You could trade him to a cheaper player that would be a top 6-8 on another line & then use another rookie to get him back later if he's back in form & cheaper. That's what I'll be doing

      Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 14:34

      Who would have thought gaz would be one of the most expensive players???

      Choice · 26/05/2017 at 20:54

      Wise words.
      Do you think McRae? Or Robertson/Rance

murray · 26/05/2017 at 13:34

This week I dont need to trade
I am loopholing Stewarts score with Hibberd
loopholing Myers OR Fisher score with Mountford
captain loopholing Sandilands to get Dangers score
and loopholing Grundys score with Sandilands

hope these hold up

INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 13:38

Confirmed! Fagan has stated Rhys "The GOAT" Matheisen & Archie Smith will play this weekend

    Eric · 26/05/2017 at 14:16

    Well FML I brought in Stef last week!. So it better be a brief cameo by Archie and he f#$ks off back to the NEAFL sooner rather than later.

Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 13:42

Let's be honest guys, who has been already thinking of next year's selections, I know I have after a horror few rounds

    Randomcliche2 · 26/05/2017 at 14:10

    Nah, just lessons learnt from this year. I've got 3 so far. Brad Scott is not to be trusted. Brad Scott doesn't give a kiss about supercoach. Brad Scott lies.

      Callum · 26/05/2017 at 14:20

      You sound a fraction bitter RC2…

        Randomcliche2 · 26/05/2017 at 15:28

        I should have already learnt this lesson. Daniel wells calf a couple of years back. Taken off at half time, said he was fine, named next week, NMFC put out twitter saying he was okay, then late out (already made other trades) I was a trade behind where I wanted to be for like 12 rounds. This year, I will play the kids. Then drops Mountford and Hibb Jnr. Oh, we will make a way for preuss and goldy to work, with respect to the firsts, hasn't played since. Not bitter, owned every single one of the above, just reinforcing lessons I should have clearly learnt by now.

      INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 14:43

      I'm with you Random. You could add Brad Scott wants you to have donuts & no cash. Ross, Horse & Brad Scott in a league of their own for hated coaches ATM

        Randomcliche2 · 26/05/2017 at 15:30

        Haha will add that!

        Tommo09 · 26/05/2017 at 17:47

        Horse drives me nuts

          Adam · 26/05/2017 at 18:50

          So do cows

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 15:52

    I definitely have. Must haves: Zerrett, Cripps, Bont, Neale, Oliver, Titch and Doch

Matze · 26/05/2017 at 13:56

Take Stewart's 91 as loophole and bench shaw with the way he's playing?

    BigDropKick · 26/05/2017 at 14:01

    I was thinking the same ….

    BJ Collins · 26/05/2017 at 14:23

    Not sure I'd do that champ. You'll be filthy if Heater pumps out a 150 and worst case he might score 10-20pts less than that.

      BigBoyBananana · 26/05/2017 at 14:43

      Can see him pulling out a 120 up there Matze, shawly better options

    INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 14:46

    Shaw does AV 107 at Domain Stadium

outside the box · 26/05/2017 at 14:08

Looking at getting in someone with a huge POD in the backline.

Trading Hrovat to Lloyd and Marchbank to either Harbrow or Roberton – thoughts please??

    Imgonnalose · 26/05/2017 at 14:12

    None of them will be a huge pod Next Week
    Probably harbrow but rance before them

      outside the box · 26/05/2017 at 14:16

      Harbrow already having his bye is very enticing… a Bomber supporter, I can't take Rance this week!!!

    FCAbel · 26/05/2017 at 16:34

    KK is a huge pod. Harbrow a decent pod. Roberton still a pod, but looks a chance at top 4 scoring.

    Tommo09 · 26/05/2017 at 17:44

    Not massive pods
    Robertson looks good though

Dusty Spurs · 26/05/2017 at 14:44

Do we get three trades in R11, R12 & R13?

    Randomcliche2 · 26/05/2017 at 15:21


      Tommo09 · 26/05/2017 at 17:47

      I may need all three next week

Mickey P · 26/05/2017 at 14:49

Need some community wisdom please. I am ranked 172 and have been top 500 all year, pretty much proves SC is a game of luck, but I want to ride it for as long as I can.

Backline trades for this week is where I need help. Have 21 trades and $353k in the bank and my backline is currently:
Docherty, Laird, Lloyd, Otten, Marchbank, Newman (Stewart/Berry)

So choices I am playing with are below, can field a team throughout byes regardless (just and barring injury/selections)
1. Marchbank > Adams, use one trade only, still carrying Otten who I can try to get to Roberton later
2. Marchbank > Adams and Otten > Hibberd, backline almost done
3. Marchbank > Adams and Otten to non playing rookie like McNiece and take Stewarts 90 from last night and build cash

Can think of strong arguments for each option, so need some wisdom to consider what I may have missed? Maybe another player would be better?

    ToughBretts · 26/05/2017 at 15:42

    I would do option 2.
    You have plenty of trades and cash left, and Newman could very well prove to be the perfect D6.
    You don't want to trade in a non-playing rookie and get caught out with a couple of injuries. If you were looking for the money route then I would trade in Scharenberg. He will play out the rest of the year barring injury and I would be shocked if he averaged under 70.
    People will say he might get injured – but if he does he'll still likely play as many games as Mcniece.

    FCAbel · 26/05/2017 at 16:36

    Love option two. Keep pushing. Scooter Selwood as an m9 at 280k is worth considering too next week too. Will be great through the byes.

    JohndJames · 26/05/2017 at 17:18

    Option two wins hands down.

Eve · 26/05/2017 at 14:55

Geelong vs Port finished. 19 trades left. Only 27k. No trades made this week yet. Should I hold??
DEF: Adams, Shaw, Tuohy, Otten, Marchbank, Newmann (Berry, Hibberd)
MED: Danger, Pendles, JJK, Fyfe, Merrett, Beams, Taranto, P-Pepper (Balic, Myers, Barrett)
RUC: Nank, Martin (Sandi)
FWD: JJK, Buddy, Dahlhaus, Macrae, Roughy, Parsons (Eddy, Strnadica)
Looking for best trade advice with Byes in mind.

    FCAbel · 26/05/2017 at 16:37

    Looks like a hold

      Eve · 26/05/2017 at 17:15

      I actually put the (E) on Pepper and Parsons with Strnadica on field.
      Looks like i'm copping the 40 from Parsons.
      Would you swing Taranto FWD and put Macrae in the middle or
      leave Macrae where is and which ones to play out of Taranto, Myers and Barrett.

    DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 17:07

    Otten and Marchbank have to go before they bleed

      Eve · 26/05/2017 at 17:13

      Problem is who to go to, with guys on the bubble?

        DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 17:16

        Can take a chance with the collingwood player, because you need to start upgrading your defence to premos. You don't have Laird and Doch

          Eve · 26/05/2017 at 17:27

          With three trades next week, would it be best to wait for him or see named sides next week. I can go down and up in defence this week or next week? Not sure, as still need to make money

Luke · 26/05/2017 at 15:01

In terms of EMG loopholes from last night, definitely taking Stewart's 91, who would I take off to put Hibberd (NTH one) on to get the score, Otten or Berry?

And my other loophole in SPP who got about 55 from memory, worth banking that or taking a punt on Barrett/Fisher? My gut probably says to have a go on Barrett.

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 15:20

    Take a punt on barrett and take off otten I reckon

    redgumwon · 26/05/2017 at 15:39

    Luke I've got the same problem as you in defence. I'm going to trade either Marchbank or Otten's out for Adams & put Hibberd (Nth) on the ground to get Stewarts points. Then I'll to move Berry back into defence by DDP with Adams. The million dollar question is Berry or Otten / Marchbank on the ground? I'm thinking of taking a punt and put Berry on the ground. Otten's doesn't score that well when Jenkins is in the side. Marchbank hasn't scored much above 60 to 70 other than the one ton he score. So I think take the punt on Berry on ground this weel

      Luke · 26/05/2017 at 15:45

      Hey mate, fair enough yeah I've rolled with Berry the last two weeks on field at D6 and it resulted in good returns in the 70s for both weeks so think I will make the percentage play.

      Yeah tough dilemmas in defense isn't it for sure…

    murray · 26/05/2017 at 15:57

    agree with finnius

matt · 26/05/2017 at 15:16

ben mcniece – will he work his way back into the essendon side? had stewart onthe bench with emergency on, but all of my defenders are playing. in a line-ball game and would really like to take stewart's score. I've still got otten in my side, and need to take some cash of the table for future trades, so would be trading him out. however, i'm not too sure if i'm keen to already start bringing non-playing players into my side and use up a trade that I would possible need to downgrade to a playing rookie. however, my problems (well, this weeks problems anyway!) are all solved if people think mcniece can break back in…

    Juzzy · 26/05/2017 at 15:37

    Hard to say Matt.

    Has been playing well in the 2nds but am tipping he won't be back for a while. Essendon are on a roll. Hurley, Hartley, Dea in def, Daniher, Hooker and Stewart in attack. Their structure looks really good at the moment. Not sure there is a spot for him. The fact he is not named as an emergency doesn't bode well either.

      matt · 26/05/2017 at 15:47

      that's what i thought. I was just hoping to hear different haha. I just can't really afford to lose this game after the start to the year I've had! In my league, I'm ranked 17th by wins, but 8th by points! Things haven't gone well for me, but team is climbing out of the hole it was in and shaping up nicely now. Can still make the 8 from here, but gotta keep making the right calls.

      so, apart from mcniece, are there any other defender rookies that are likely to get a call up later in the year that are showing promise and worth taking a punt on if absolutely necessary?

        Juzzy · 26/05/2017 at 16:01

        If you are hell-bent on this harebrained scheme you might want to check out Ryan from Freo.

        Be wary of the Ross Lyon path before you take a step though. He might debut this week only to be dropped and never heard from again or he might debut round 7 2019.

    David · 26/05/2017 at 15:50

    Save the trade. Otten may score 91 or higher anyway. Not worth a trade for 40 or less points, even if you were trading in a player who is likely to play again this year…

      matt · 26/05/2017 at 21:24

      yeah, fair enough. the trade isn't worth the small handful of points. and looking at the teams, I think I can get the win without it…

        matt · 26/05/2017 at 21:28

        also, on a different note – who would you play onfield? Otten or McGrath? One of the 2 will need to be playing. Pretty torn at the moment

Eve · 26/05/2017 at 15:38

Worth trading Balic to Greenwood this week, or waiting a week to be sure?

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 15:50

    If you are facing a doughnut then yes – but if not then there is no harm in waiting a week

      Tommo09 · 26/05/2017 at 17:47


    Saundo · 26/05/2017 at 18:13

    Do it if you need cash for upgrades

Sam · 26/05/2017 at 15:40

A rucking headache for me…my big men are Sandi, Grundy and Preuss. I'm thinking Sandi to Goldy…is he back to his best?

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 15:50

    I have gone with goldy

      Sam · 26/05/2017 at 16:08

      Hope he keeps pumping out big scores, Good price and works for byes

    jez_m · 26/05/2017 at 17:41

    I've gone Sandi to Goldy. The reality Sandi was never going to be a top 3 ruck whereas if Goldy keeps his form up he could be.

Juzzy · 26/05/2017 at 15:48

Been holding (and praying for) Mountford and Hibberd (Nth). Have both looked close to selection recently.

With byes approaching just checked when the Kangas 2nds play this week. They don't ….

Who bloody came up with the idea to have no 2nds games the week before the round 11 bye ?!!
Don't these people care about supercoach !!

    Juzzy · 26/05/2017 at 16:06

    Both have … not Have both …

    Supercoach stress has made me dyslexic.

      hedski · 26/05/2017 at 18:02

      Works either way Juzzy, and no, no they don't give a toss about sc. Bastards.

Jigglyblues · 26/05/2017 at 16:02

Otten to Adams.
Marchbank to Perryman or Sharenberg?

    CoachDamo · 26/05/2017 at 18:52

    I'm thinking of the same thing! Trading out Marchbank to free up cash for next week…but not sure who to…

LifeGuard · 26/05/2017 at 16:04

Guys I need some ideas for some SHARK MOVES. Who are some risky PODs I should consider? I brought Walters in last week, right now I'm observing Josh Jenkins and Josh Caddy.

    Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 16:24

    Ty Vickery

    INPieman · 26/05/2017 at 16:27

    I'd be happy with Walters & move on. Too many ballsy moves will take it's toll

      Tommo09 · 26/05/2017 at 17:44

      Too risky

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 16:29

    Jenkins and Caddy…hahaha good one! Zac Dawson?

    FCAbel · 26/05/2017 at 16:39

    Like the ideas. Very risky very cheap huge potential

Jim_bob321 · 26/05/2017 at 16:04

What do u guys think of hampton to Scharenberg?
Already have T Stewarts score

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 16:32

    If he's as good as everyone thinks Jimbob, could be a great call, a bit risky but this whole game is a bit risky. I did the same for a cash grab this week.

Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 16:23


You are in a room with only a table. You are sitting on a wobbly bench as a tall shady figure walks in and pulls out a machete. He walks towards you while chanting an ominous speech. Blood starts dropping from his eyes.

The next story is far more scary trust me:

Supercoach byes

    DavidSA · 26/05/2017 at 16:28

    I know! Less footy on to for 3 weeks

      DavidSA · 26/05/2017 at 16:28


    Nate · 26/05/2017 at 16:43

    damn, i was actually enjoying the story… was wondering where it was going haha

    Tommo09 · 26/05/2017 at 17:44

    The byes can make you or break you

    ALF STEWART · 26/05/2017 at 19:14


    hedski · 26/05/2017 at 19:46

    Where did the bench come from if there's only a table??? Good story but.

    jockreynolds · 27/05/2017 at 08:53

    Haaaa love it Tyrud

Josh Goldstein · 26/05/2017 at 16:48

Hey guys, can anyone tell me if Butler should be back next week or injury has gotten the better of him? and is Bowes just out with illness? Could he be back next week to help me through the byes?

    Stanks21 · 28/05/2017 at 13:29

    Move butler on…..

DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 17:08

Preuss is not playing

    Russell · 26/05/2017 at 17:25

    Tell us something new. Preuss the biggest tease of the season.

    Tommo09 · 26/05/2017 at 17:43

    Thank God I didn't pick him up when he was on the bubble

      Col · 26/05/2017 at 20:41

      He did make about $150k. I have had less from a number of my rookies

DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 17:08

Also archie smith is playing

    Tommo09 · 26/05/2017 at 17:43

    Bad news for Stef owners

Jacko · 26/05/2017 at 17:13

Sandy to Goldy… Is this a decent move?

    FCAbel · 26/05/2017 at 17:33

    Decent move

    jez_m · 26/05/2017 at 17:44

    I think so.

Wedge · 26/05/2017 at 17:22

Everyone talking Lloyd from gws. What about scheer from gc? Does anyone think he will play next three weeks?

Benny · 26/05/2017 at 17:31

Who's buying S Selwood next of the week?

    Tommo09 · 26/05/2017 at 17:34

    Me probably
    Will check fixtures to check if he may tag anyone
    Anyone who is averaging a ton at 280k is gold

    bUCKET__ · 26/05/2017 at 18:15

    He has looked pretty good last couple of weeks Benny! More like 2012 Scooter, less like the clanger king that played for WCE the years following his BnF. Very tempting given his bye

      Benny · 26/05/2017 at 18:36


    CoachDamo · 26/05/2017 at 18:49

    Definitely looking at him.

itchyloophole · 26/05/2017 at 17:45

J.Stewart or Greenwood?
And how long do I put up with Heater?

    Top Gun · 26/05/2017 at 17:54

    Give him time through the byes. Give him the boot after you have a fill team if still not satisfied.

      Top Gun · 26/05/2017 at 17:54

      Full team

Tommo09 · 26/05/2017 at 17:48

Bench Newman or Hibberd for Stewart's 91?

    Pitch 72 · 26/05/2017 at 18:03

    Take Stewarts 91, don't think Newman will get much more than that, Sydney's prime movers and Buddy are going to do some damage against the hawks so the points might not be there for Newman.

Top Gun · 26/05/2017 at 17:53

Scott no friends is full of sh!t saying he will find a way to play both Goldy and Pruess. Bastardo!

DukeCambridge · 26/05/2017 at 17:54

Have gone Sandi to Grundy this week. Grundy I believe has bottomed out and can hopefully turn the corner, at $435 there is value there. Expect a 95-100 hundred average from here.

Saundo · 26/05/2017 at 18:10

Bolton, Greenwood or Cousins?

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 18:16


      Carl · 26/05/2017 at 18:32


SuperJake · 26/05/2017 at 18:20

jock the cock moite!!!

wtf moite!!! bloody McInnes betting the boot! madness!

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 18:47


Stupid Coach · 26/05/2017 at 18:21

Great work Patch. Stupid Flanders. Thoughts on Mummy instead of Goldy to replace Sandi. Averaging 106 and doesn't have the bye til Round 13 compared with Goldy and Nank (most people seem to have both) who have the same bye in Rnd 12.

    hedski · 26/05/2017 at 19:48

    Only four teams have the round 12 bye.

Carl · 26/05/2017 at 18:31

With hampton injured I think its time to move him on. Are there any good downgrade options that might be able to get me some points in the byes that anyone had there eye on?

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 18:35

    Scharenburg – but if you don't have a doughy I would wait a week

SCdonkey · 26/05/2017 at 18:37

An off topic.

Just wanna say best wishes to Tom Downie from GWS on his journey to recovery. Tackling mental health is more priority than tackling other players on the ground, hope you get the best help you need.

I know what it's like you're going through, I for one suffer with Anxiety and Depression.

    neil Demons Delight · 26/05/2017 at 19:33

    well said doncs

      Don't Blush Baby · 26/05/2017 at 20:24

      Yes,I concur with you words SCD , best wishes

    jockreynolds · 27/05/2017 at 08:54

    This is marvellous stuff SCDonkey and very true. All thoughts with Tom

Jimmy · 26/05/2017 at 18:39

Is it worth trading out Preuss to Strnadica to take Parson's 42, or just hold my trades and cop the donut and hope Preuss gets a game soon and makes more cash? Want to try save trades for the bye's as I only have 17 left

Daniel · 26/05/2017 at 18:45

Who is the best option this week to field out of myers, barrett or greenwood?

    DukeCambridge · 26/05/2017 at 19:29


DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 18:48

Is it worth downgrading to Scharenburg to get cash for an upgrade?

    Holty · 26/05/2017 at 19:01

    I am seriously thinking the same but selecting someone who has been injured most of his career is holding me back.

Holty · 26/05/2017 at 18:51

So annoying. Marchback is primed to downgrade but noone this week to trade too. If Newman scores well tonight, i think ill be playing Marchbank on the bench which is frustrating when he is almost 400k

    Pman · 26/05/2017 at 19:05

    In the same boat but holding out for Scharenberg or will look to turn Marchbank into Docherty after Carltons BYE.

    TOPHAWK1 · 26/05/2017 at 19:11

    Hi Holty.

    Marchbank is departing my side this week. With a BE of 98, there is a big risk of him bleeding serious cash after this round. As I have the Doc also, I cant afford both out with the bye next week. Time to bite the bullet.
    I am trading him out for Alex Rance tomorrow. Rance with a BE of 78 is great value at the moment and is a proven, reliable and durable defender.(First time I have picked Rance in my SC team). His round 12 bye is perfect for my back line structures. It means I have two playing defenders out during each of the 3 bye rounds.

    If you don't have him, fits your byes, and can afford him, then why not get on him!


      Holty · 26/05/2017 at 21:17

      I have newman at d6. Have rance howe shaw adams doch so really looking to downgrade and when time is right, get laird for Newman. Wish i had someone to swing into the backline.
      But agree hawk, he needs to go.

TEM · 26/05/2017 at 18:58

who should i loophole for stewart? laird adams simpson shaw marchbank newman? im thinking shaw or marchbank and most likely marchbank

Pman · 26/05/2017 at 19:04

Hi Community, I've got myself in a bit of a jam and could do with some wisdom in regards to the following. I forgot to put the E on Parsons last night which means if I swing Nank from Fwd line to Ruck via Strndica to cover the injured Sandi I'll cop a donut in my Fwd line as Eddy is my other bench player. As I'm playing only for cash leage glory I can't afford a donut and/or loss I'm consdiering trading Sandi into Goldstein and Otten to Daniel Lloyd via DPP. This trade will suit my team structure for Rd 13 BYE and he appears to be back in good form (averaging 117 in last 3) and I was only ever planning to use Sandi as a stepping stone. What are peoples thoughts on Goldy? Is now the time to strike and do you think he'll finish as a top 3 Ruckmen at season end?

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 19:14

    Yeah I'd pull the trigger Pman, Goldy could easily be top 3 by season's end, as long as Preuss keeps getting left out, a lot of guys went to Ryder instead of Goldy yesterday. I've already locked Goldy in, Sandi's done his job well but not a keeper.

      TOPHAWK1 · 26/05/2017 at 19:44

      If I didnt have Nankervis or Stef Martin , I would have grabbed Goldy in a heartbeat. I will watch Stef tomorrow with his buddy Archie Smith playing alongside him. If Stef like before, spits the dummy and spuds it up, I can consider getting Goldy in after the byes.

        Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 19:49

        I hope for your sake Hawk, that Smith spuds it up and doesn't get another game…be a bummer to have to trade a healthy ruck because his points are getting stolen.

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 19:22

    I brought Goldi in this week.

      hedski · 26/05/2017 at 19:50

      Doing the same

    TOPHAWK1 · 26/05/2017 at 19:40

    Perfectly rational argument. Do it.

      Pman · 26/05/2017 at 19:59

      Cheers fellas I'm sold too now on Goldy, especially with Archie Smith now potentially harming Martins score this week. Having slight reservations about Daniel Lloyd, I'm not overly concerned about his scoring as he'll be on the pine but just wondering about his JS and if I should go a week early on Greenwood which would be breaking my own rule of never trading rookies unless ib bubble.

        Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 20:11

        Apparently his JS is pretty good at the Giants Pman, but going early on Greenwood could pay off as he's a tackler, 191cm, 93 kg, ready made, and 25 so, not a kid.

          Pman · 26/05/2017 at 20:54

          Cheetrs Rusty, didn't realise Greenwood was mature aged…definitely worth considering going early and DPP status is useful too.

Trev · 26/05/2017 at 19:50

Random question, i understand why buddy and burgoyne are wearing different numbers for indigenous round. but why is rampe?

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 20:04

    The Australian Aborigines used to live in Estonia before their rents got raised too high, then they moved to Australia in Viking Boats 🙂

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 20:24

    Just a stab but I would say that he is aboriginal?

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 20:30

      No, his family heritage is from Estonia, a small country near Finland. I guess he's just doing it out of respect.

    Nuggety · 26/05/2017 at 20:46

    50 years since the referendum apparently…

DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 19:53

Lloyd is down. I nearly brought him in

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 19:55

    He'll be allright…fingers bloody crossed!

      DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 19:56

      If he misses the game he could be really cheap after his bye

      Pman · 26/05/2017 at 20:02

      Any word on how bad he is? Will be be back on ground?

        Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 20:07

        No word yet…bloody hell!…he copped a knee to the head.

          DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 20:11

          Lloyd in the box with a jacket on. All over for him

            Captain Risky · 26/05/2017 at 20:12

            Bugger! Need a big night from Newman now.

    Jigglyblues · 26/05/2017 at 20:09

    Bargain boiiiiiii

DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 20:07

Whenever I check the SC scores I feel sick looking at Newmans

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 20:12

    I gather you don't have him?…I feel sick looking at Lloyd's 6 points.

      DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 20:15

      Traded him out over Hampton a few weeks back…

        Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 21:31

        Haha I traded him then got him back. Not sure why but it worked

          DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 21:32

          Umm why he is no keeper?

TOPHAWK1 · 26/05/2017 at 20:07

What a magnificient kick by Buddy. Brilliant

    TOPHAWK1 · 26/05/2017 at 20:12

    Jake Lloyd on the bench with the jacket on? Is it so?

Rick Grimes · 26/05/2017 at 20:14

Nice one Lloyd. There goes My h2h and ranking. I feel a rage trade coming. Faaaaaark

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 20:19

    Feeling the pain also Rick,,,as are many coaches…fark it.

SCdonkey · 26/05/2017 at 20:18

Yeah!! That'd be right. Just when i thought my luck has come my way having VC on Danger this week. Nekminit Llyod goes down with concussion. Smh!!!

Need Buddy and Hanners to go big tonight to cover Lloyd

hedski · 26/05/2017 at 20:19

Lloyd out for the rest of the game.

    AuroraBorealis?! · 26/05/2017 at 20:22

    Very good news for myself, was already planning on bringing him in after his bye but this means ill get him a bit cheaper, heartbreaking for anyone who brought him in this week

    TOPHAWK1 · 26/05/2017 at 20:30

    I nearly brought him in this week. Sydney's bye next week swayed me not to. Thank you round 11 bye. Jezus, this is insane!

JohndJames · 26/05/2017 at 20:21

Lloyd 5 points,Stewart,my emergency 91 and I cant use him,bloody hell

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 20:28

    Went down in the first minute…did it to himself too, bloody bummer.

      JohndJames · 26/05/2017 at 21:02

      SuperCoach should have a mercy rule that if a player goes down in the first five minutes,you can use your emergency score.

        Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 21:30

        They should have a mercy rule where you can trade out for players and get their scores even after they played

        Randomcliche2 · 27/05/2017 at 01:23

        Just checked the SC gods. No mercy there either. But yeah, 1 Q1 injury rule, lets call it the team power sub where everyone else lifts and you get the emergency score from that line. Special button, once off. Like it.

AuroraBorealis?! · 26/05/2017 at 20:21

Is a kick only considered effective if its marked by a teammate?

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 20:28

    I think it is if it is to the advantage of the team mate

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 20:55

    Backwards kicks aren't rewarded with points now as well.

Jigglyblues · 26/05/2017 at 20:25

Lloyd out for the rest of the game, heartbreak for owners but will be cheap and in my team in a few weeks.

Bells E Bubb · 26/05/2017 at 20:26

Zac Jones you useless prick!

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 20:45

    Looking like a bit of a witch's hat, at least he's on 16 now…more than Lloyd!

      Pman · 26/05/2017 at 20:51

      At least Lloyd has an excuse!

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 20:49

    Dont speak too soon

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 20:53

      Yeah right?…38 now, not too bad.

        Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 21:31

        73 – 2nd top for sydney

          Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 21:37

          Yeah …there are times when ya regret comments you made too early ay?…lol He could end up 100+

            Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 22:53

            lol He did* end up with 100+

    wombatsfc · 26/05/2017 at 21:59

    Yep I switched him to harbrow a week early to save 50k and wanted him to truly spud it to justify the call. He's justified it as another rash trade that might cost me points

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 22:08

      Not really wombats, Harbrow could still end up doing better than Jones…he's in great form.

garfield_da_cat · 26/05/2017 at 20:49

Lloyd (sydney) out for the game with concussion

    Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 20:54

    Yep…in the first minute of the game.

Jigglyblues · 26/05/2017 at 21:01

No donuts but have Otten and Marchbank.
Was thinking Otten to Scharenberg and Marchbank to Adams this week, Balic to Greenwood locked in for next week. Should I hold trades this week or fire away?

    Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 21:28

    Way too early for Sharenburg. He hasn't shown he can play at AFL level yet.

      Joshua · 26/05/2017 at 21:38

      Balic to Greenwood this week and upgrade Marchbank or Otten to 490k or less?
      or normal trades but Perryman instead?

Pman · 26/05/2017 at 21:02

All ya spuds who got Heeney ahaha. Buddy was the pick easily

    AuroraBorealis?! · 26/05/2017 at 21:05

    Was planning on getting Heeney at the start of the season before he was ruled out with glandular fever, im not completely upset with the pickup, he can still have a good second half from here

    DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 21:23

    Buddy will go back to being a useless spud next week again you watch

    Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 21:28

    I already had Buddy smh

    Top Gun · 26/05/2017 at 22:11

    That spud is looking pretty good now numbnuts 😉

    DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 22:19

    Called this one

Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 21:12

Half the right time, to make and bake a fresh homemade Pizza 🙂

    Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 21:27

    Half time is the right time to burn the pizza

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 21:31

      No burning when you have a timer on the Oven.

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 22:23

      Just ate a whole Pizza, and it wasn't burnt, haha

Bob Butter · 26/05/2017 at 21:14

Assuming Lloyd reaches his normal average in the coming weeks, what will his price bottom out to approx?

    Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 21:27

    Look it up on footy wire. It will say real price and that is the price based on the average

      Bob Butter · 26/05/2017 at 21:31

      I mean now that he's scored 6 tonight what will he bottom out at assuming he scores his average (100.1) in the coming weeks. Around 440k?

    Rocksta · 26/05/2017 at 22:11

    That's not the problem.
    AFL prorocal is out for 2 weeks with concussion.
    One is a bye so not the end of the world

      Bob Butter · 26/05/2017 at 22:33

      I dont own him so I don't really care if he misses a couple of games. Looking to potentially bring him in as a M9, will be handy to cover adams if need be.

        Rocksta · 26/05/2017 at 22:40

        The guy was averaging 100 before tonight's first qtr concussion.
        Get real!

        Rocksta · 26/05/2017 at 22:42

        Wrong Lloyd by the way……….which O dodn't notice with my ladt post.
        The guy should ve your D3/D4

        Rocksta · 26/05/2017 at 22:45

        Try Again:

        Wrong Lloyd by the way……….which I didn't notice with my last post. 
        The guy should be your D3/D4 keeper.

          Bob Butter · 26/05/2017 at 23:06

          at low 400's he is the perfect price for a m9. Come the final couple of rounds you need a full premo team plus a couple of good players on the pine, cant be relying on rooks, plus offers a great loophole option. Seeing as I already have Doch, Laird, Roberton, Hurley, Howe and plan on getting Adams in my last Def position there is no room for him down there aside from a sideways trade which I wont be doing. And having the ability to potentially cover an injury and save a trade (have hibberd current at m8 aswell) will prove invaluable. Last season I ended up with Callan Ward as my D9, and being able to loophole a premo in the final rounds has got me over the line in more than a few cash league matches over the years. You need someone who averages around 100 in the position

Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 21:34

Tommy Mitchell's looking good for another 130+, gotta get that fkr into my team!

    Rocksta · 26/05/2017 at 22:09

    I've had him from the start of the season.
    Ball magnet!

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 22:18

      Wish I had Rocksta

      The Ranger · 26/05/2017 at 22:33

      Swapped him out for Hannebery a couple of hours before Rd.1 started Rocksta….I'm struggling to get over it.

    Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 22:52

    Haha I brought him in so I could join a league called TITCH TO SCRATCH. Best choice

DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 21:41

Hanners is down…

    DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 21:47

    He's back

Top Gun · 26/05/2017 at 21:41

WTF Heeney going at 18%

JigglyBlues · 26/05/2017 at 21:46

Can go
Balic to Greenwood, Otten to Howe.
Balic to Greenwood, Marchbank to Howe/Harbrow.
Marchbank to Scharenberg/Perryman, Otten to Adams
Hold trades.
Options 1,2,3 or 4?

    Top Gun · 26/05/2017 at 21:48


      JigglyBlues · 26/05/2017 at 21:50

      Scharenberg or perryman?

        Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 21:55

        Don't pay the Perryman, don't even fix a price, don't pay the Perryman until he gets you to the other side!…lol, Scharenberg.

          JigglyBlues · 26/05/2017 at 21:57

          haha Schazza it is

        Top Gun · 26/05/2017 at 22:00


Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 21:54

2 bloody good games so far this week, hope it continues.

    hedski · 26/05/2017 at 21:57

    Lookin like its gonna be a cracking last qtr Russ.
    Go Budwah, lift Parks and Newman, break a leg Mitchell (don't have him).
    Need Swan's to win to stay in my multi.

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 22:09

      Dammit, wish I had Mitchell….I think I'll trade one of my backline spuds to get him in next week, money is no object lol.

    JigglyBlues · 26/05/2017 at 21:58

    Think the average will be right up there like last week

Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 22:16

Looks like all our illusions of Hello Newman being a keeper have been shattered this week, when it comes down to it, he's just a rookie and still capable of dawgshite scores…..unless he does something miraculaous in the next 8 minutes.

    Billioux · 26/05/2017 at 22:33

    Never a keeper IMO Russty. 70 odd good. cash cash

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 22:35

      Yeah I was just hoping Billioux, he has been a great rookie.

    Rocksta · 26/05/2017 at 22:37

    The only one with the illusion is you!

    Last upgrade maybe…….unless you have Witts

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 22:46

      don't see why it was unusual to expect good things from a rookie who was averaging 101 in his last 3 games.

        Rocksta · 26/05/2017 at 22:54

        He's a Rookie Rusty.
        He's a promising player but the lad has played 7 games of AFL football.
        Whom was the last Afl footballer you've seen average 90 plus in their first 10 games?

    DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 22:42

    He will be dropped this week anyway

    hedski · 26/05/2017 at 22:52

    Newman = Hello Adams in a few weeks

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 23:12

      You should already have Adams you spud…:) just kidding mate .

Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 22:27

Oh Jeez why didn't Mills just go for goal then?….fkn knob

DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 22:30


Holty · 26/05/2017 at 22:31

Well this might seem tough but if Mills does not get dropped after that, ill be surprised.

    Ja191 · 26/05/2017 at 22:37

    why would he get dropped?

    DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 22:41

    Newman will be dropped I can guarantee it

      Top Gun · 26/05/2017 at 22:48

      He played a reasonable game. Hayward might get dropped imo

        Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 22:51

        Lloyd will be dropped

          CJay · 26/05/2017 at 23:05

          The whole team will be dropped next week.

Top Gun · 26/05/2017 at 22:31

Annoys me when scores go backwards all the time

Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 22:37

No one will ever win that perfect 9 crap, who the hell would've ever tipped Burgoyne to top score in the game?

    Tyruddanaut · 26/05/2017 at 22:50

    I picked Lloyd, I think I deserve that

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 23:08

      Hahah classic.

    hedski · 26/05/2017 at 22:53

    I forgot to do mine this week, was to worried about covering a donut.

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 23:08

      No big loss mate, unless you care about your league in that fixed crap that no one will ever win.

        hedski · 27/05/2017 at 08:38

        Its a bit like tattslotto I think, gotta be in it to win it, bugger all chance though.

    Juzzy · 26/05/2017 at 23:12

    LekDog maybe …

    Pretty sure he had him as a buy in a couple of weeks ago.

      Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 23:17

      True Juzzy, I remember him talking him up, even recommending him in the cheatsheet.

    Randomcliche2 · 27/05/2017 at 01:12

    Gave up on that Sh1t a long time ago…

Russty_ · 26/05/2017 at 22:38

Wasn't meant be for them this year mate, next year, they'll be a force again.

    neil Demons Delight · 27/05/2017 at 07:28

    not over yet might sneak in and do a doggies

DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 23:03

Who should I trade to Scharenburg, Marchbank or Otten

    Juzzy · 26/05/2017 at 23:09

    Marchbank has a breakeven in the mid 90s. Not good.
    Jenkins out should help Otten. Good.

    Depends on your byes though.

      DefyingMadness · 26/05/2017 at 23:15

      Jenkins is back in

        Juzzy · 26/05/2017 at 23:34

        Sorry Mate.

        My bad regarding Jenkins.

    Finnius123 · 26/05/2017 at 23:14

    Marchbank rd 11 bye

Swans2012 · 26/05/2017 at 23:03

Yep it's painful……2 down for the second half was brave though I guess ……

Juzzy · 26/05/2017 at 23:06

Cousins looked pretty bloody good tonight.

Clarko just bigged him up in the press conference as well.

    Off The Bench · 27/05/2017 at 07:55

    Had composure and can find the pill. Looks a juicy downgrade option in a few weeks.

DukeCambridge · 26/05/2017 at 23:42

Thoughts on Luke Parker! I've held all year but he just isn't the same player. Do you think the off season op has affected him or is it a role change. May have to cut my loses next week!

    SF4 · 26/05/2017 at 23:53

    Doesn't look like coming good, probably have to move him on.

    Randomcliche2 · 27/05/2017 at 01:11

    Knee surgery off season from memory. Delayed preseason. Very risky selection to begin with…..but Hanners come good, , cripps come good…you get my drift…those with limited preseason can take time to come good…. but if you're flush with cash and premos and trades, sure pull the trigger.

      DukeCambridge · 27/05/2017 at 02:13

      Thanks think you're right Just frustrating seeing those double digits every week!

    Top Gun · 27/05/2017 at 08:35

    I agree with all the comments about Parker. He did look better in the second half ending up with 22 possessions. If he can lift his efficiency he could be a POD in a few weeks.

JohndJames · 27/05/2017 at 00:34

Six of my eight league opponents don't have Lloyd,I WAS projected to win them all,oh well,them the breaks.

    Randomcliche2 · 27/05/2017 at 01:06

    bad luck pal, about 1/3 top teams are running him….so it will hurt the rankings as well, but not as badly as you might think…..

    neil Demons Delight · 27/05/2017 at 07:23

    in the same boat could happen to anyone pendles could bump into adams and both out in first minute with a one or two points score each happens our turn this week others later I am sucking it up cheerslloyd owners

JohndJames · 27/05/2017 at 00:39

Anyone looking at Hodge as a D6.

    Randomcliche2 · 27/05/2017 at 01:04

    Mate, owned him since rnd 1 (yep, ran a non-playing player rnd 1). He is still good but slowed down from previous years unfortunately. Also with the Hawks defensive injuries he is not going to get to play +1 like he did tonight every week. Scores better when mid, like burgonyne did tonight Disposal efficiency with some quick rushed kicks forward can really hurt the scoring when picked off and sent back over head in a goal scoring chain. Plenty of risk, but not without its potential rewards. I'd still take the big 3, +Lloyd (even after concussion tonight) Howe, Roberton, Rance, Shaw or even Zac Jones or given post bye Harbrow over him. Also suspension risk is higher than average. All the best if you do pull the trigger.

      JohndJames · 27/05/2017 at 02:24

      I like your write up Randomcliche2,did have Hodge on my watchlist before the season,but after he was suspended,took him off.Have Doc,Adams,Lloyd,will be getting Laird next week and Hibberd the week after which will leave me one more to get,have Hurley in the mix as well,Hodgy keeps drifting in and out of my calculations.

        Randomcliche2 · 27/05/2017 at 03:04

        Look if your still doing defensive upgrades post bye rounds 4 sure consider, but if Heater has turned the corned you'd be mad to skip him, he might even be cheaper…. I won't be buying any more pre-bye round players now (did Chopsix this week). My pre-season thesis rested on him playing a mid role with S Mitchell and Lewis going, which has eventuated in part, but is certainly busted for the next few weeks.

        PS someone on the community suggested him rnd 2 as Roo replacement and the majority considered it to be a no-go strategy at the time….

        PPS Hurley is going well. I just don't need any more players who have had a year off in my team, hence why he didn't make my list above, not front of mind at all, but perhaps should be….oh, he's rnd 13 bye and I'm full on them as well….

    DukeCambridge · 27/05/2017 at 01:04

    Shhhhhhhhh! I have my eye on him after his bye!

    Top Gun · 27/05/2017 at 08:36

    I dont bring in snipers!

      Julie-Anne · 27/05/2017 at 11:38

      Yep, sure to get reported again.

neil Demons Delight · 27/05/2017 at 07:27

two or three players short most of the game 2 wore red and white the other ?

Mike · 27/05/2017 at 07:57

Morgan Freman->Tom Cruse


Morgan Freman > Pavarotti

The BONT · 27/05/2017 at 07:59

BONT or Doherty
Who gets the C

    jez_m · 27/05/2017 at 10:35

    Bont for mine. Has been down for a couple of weeks.

      Hawkas2017 · 27/05/2017 at 10:38

      Only avg 100 against STK look at the table above but has been down so could have a huge one.

Top Gun · 27/05/2017 at 08:32

Whether they like it or not they are in rebuilding stage.

Swans2012 · 27/05/2017 at 10:28

Lloyd heavily owned up there in the top couple of 100, won't be as bad as you think…..maybe

Davo · 27/05/2017 at 12:57

Hi Community. Trade Otten up to Harbrow or Hibberd? Cheers.

    JohndJames · 27/05/2017 at 21:13

    I'd keep Otten for the byes but still try and get Hibberd in.

    Stanks21 · 28/05/2017 at 13:25

    Hibberd! Should have got him in weeks ago

ewoks8stormtroopers · 27/05/2017 at 14:21

Damn you Jake Lloyd!!!!! Just brought you in to get some regular tonnage … thanks for the 4 points. Go get a Caleb Daniel hat!
With this season going the way it is, I'm just about ready to give it all away and try my hand at macrame or scrimshaw or something.
I think I need to adjust my parameters for success this season.
Win the $50k? Forget about it.
Get the league win? Not looking likely.
Beat Jock in the league? My new goal. 🙂

    Doggy · 27/05/2017 at 17:37

    I played jock last week and he had a donut on field, last I looked he has a donut again this week. Easy to beat when he doesn't field a full team.

Emmanuel · 27/05/2017 at 14:39

I know the round has started but need some help. Was going to go SPP to GWS Lloyd but missed that boat.

Any help would be great!
D: Doc Laird Adams Shaw Newman Marchbank (Berry, Stewart)
M: Danger Fyfe Bont Beams Treloar Taranto SPP Barrett (Rockliff, Myers, Fisher)
R: Nank Goldy (Sandi)
F: Dahl McCrae Steele Heeney WHE Parsons (Eddy, Strnadica)

Was thinking Marchbank to Hibberd.
Wanted to go SPP to Lloyd for cash but missed the cut off.
Most others are due to make some more cash so was thinking to hold for at least one more week.

Any suggestions from the community?

Thanks heaps!

    Emmanuel · 27/05/2017 at 14:45

    The other thought I had was to go March to Scharenberg and Taranto to a premium like Dusty or double down to Lloyd for some cash.

    JohndJames · 27/05/2017 at 16:40

    Marchbank to Hibberd works for me,was going to do the same trade but I had to fix up my Rucks after Sandy was rested.I would keep Taranto for now,could be a good long term bench cover.

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