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SuperCoach RD10: Trade Table

Published by Jock on

SuperCoach Trade Table Round 10


The magnificent big bastard tops the list of the dilemma’s of SuperCoach round 10. What are you’re thoughts? Will you offload him or HOLD?
It’s simple..
Let us know what your trade plans are in the comments section below, with a bit of justification for your decision.
A place to come every Thursday to test your thinking, get some feedback – or just perv on everyone else’s Supercoach brain.





Only TWO rounds left to qualify for the CoachKings $10,000 Series Two FINAL!
Finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd at a contest in your venue to get qualified – that bloody easy. Get down with your mates!




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Perryman or McInnes

Trumps Razor

Both have pretty good JS. I would say McInnes by a whisker.


Mcinnes has horrible job security


Just been proven by the teams


Great call Daizy! Thanks for helping out!


Mcinnes is going to be pushed out by Lycett, Petrie, or both.


Maybe not, depends on how well he plays, people said the same about Andy Otten.


True dat True dat


see above


Both traps.


Well done Daizy…McInnes is omitted !!


I'd like an apology Butch. A lot of people very lucky he wasn't named this week. Was only trying to help.


No if he wasn't dropped this week he would be playing for a few more games at that would mean he had solid js

Temet Nosce

Good work Daizy, your solid contribution to the community is appreciated.




Hang onto Sandi. It's Ross. What could possibly go wrong!


You've got to know when to hold 'em , Know when to fold 'em.


Know when to walk away…..know when to run. Let's all sign along with KENNY


Don't count your money when you are sitting at the table, time enough for counting when the dealings done.


Islands in the stream, that is what we are …. s**t, wrong song.


Mono… doh!


Worth going Hampton to McInnes then Marchbank to Adams this week?


I think thats what I'm planning on doing mate


Thinking of uograding balic to ryder but heard balics indefinite leavemight only be a couple of weeks?


Might is the word. You don't want to carry him through the byes. It's when you most need a playing rookie


He will b back at freo but heard he has handed in a transfer request.
Ross won't b pumping any games into someone with no future at the club. Think we have to move him on…


He can become Greenwood next week.


Ditch balic pronto.


Might hold Sandi for 1 week – but I'm nervous


Got Nank the Tank, Sandi and Preuss in the ruck, what do? I already have Ryder in the forward line


I'd probably look at preuss to strndica and swing ryder into the rucks, sandi still got a bit of cash to make


I guess we're all working on the basis that the "one without vowels" will take Sandi's place?It's prbbaly the best option but I wasn't sure of Preuss's prospects.


Either Preuss to Strndica, or Sandi to Martin/Goldy based on bye structure and money in the bank


preuss to apness bank the cash play ryder in the ruck


Hampton to McInness and hardwick to ryder.. ryder covers Sandi this week then move him into forward line next with dpp Darcy cameron.


Going early on Greenwood as I have Butler, Eddy and Balic in the forward line, so going Butler to Greenwood then Sandi to S.Martin. Thoughts?


Wouldn't you go Eddy to Greenwood. Eddy not playing


Doing that I'm short of Martin by $200… anyone have a spare $200 they can loan me?!




Butler not playing, so Greenwood to him works


May even go Balic to Greenwood this week and then offload Butler over the byes


Is it worth going from Marchbank to Newman, or should I just downgrade him to another rookie?


Down to a cheaper rookie. If Newman has an ordinary game, it seems that based on events earlier this year, Longmire will have no qualms dropping him again.

Also you want to maximize your cash generation for the bye trading period


Is michael walters a good pick?


He was last week


And the week before……


Have a look at Mitch Wallis this week. If he stays fit he plays inside mid all games. Ross could move Walters to forward only in a heartbeat. That's my concern. Although I think Walters is a (small) chance to have best average of all forwards from here for remainder of season. I see him as a better option than Yeo for example because Yeo will drop some low scores with his high ones, but if Walters does play mid remainder of season he could go premium mid scores that don't exist in our forwards at the moment. The othe consideration is Ballantine is out again. If he'd been back and fit more chance that would free up Walters for midfield.


dusty or pay a bit more and get sloane?


I know what is going to happen. Preuss will be named on extended bench just as I'm about to trade him to Ryder……… then Friday he is on the emergency bench, too late to get Ryder.


You can just see it coming aye Derek


I'd be happier still owning Lobbe. At least I know he won't play


Same boat as you Derek. He better be named on field just for peace of mind.
Side note, B. Eddy came through the airport yesterday so chance to get a game hopefully too.


Eddy is not even listed as an emergency. He just needs half a dozen Port players to get gastro in the next hour or 2


Just when I thought he was going to be useful, Eddy lets me down again. Back to the spud bar with him.


he must have just been seeing the boys off


Maybe just end the pain Derek, and cut Preuss Loose…I'm a poet 🙂

Jase thompson

Dan Lloyd worth a look??. won't go big, but job security is there due to injury list.


If you need a warm body on your mid bench then yeah, wouldn't go early on a SPP or Barrett just to get him though


You probably get $90k increase between now and Rd 13 so the decision would then be trade him for Rd 13 or hold him after his bye. It all depends on your team's current set up


Locked in with GWS abundant injury list.

Brayden Crossley

I'm thinking Vince to Laird
And Hoskin Elliott down to James Stewart??


Plenty of twitter chat that Butler missed a second week & Bolton retains his spot. Will Butler play Rd 11, which is vitally important for many of our bye strategies? Go a week early on Greenwood? Go Lloyd via DPP?



lloyd and wait for him to be named for a third game


Ok community, below is a mix of a question and my thoughts on certain scenarios.

Think Zak Jones has made as much cash as he's going to, and with Swans guns now firing, his scoring might be limited.

You'd be looking at a top 10 defender average wise from here, and with Rd 11 carnage, need to consider whether one should prioritise byes over potential premos.

Looking at Pittard and want to hear people's thoughts. Averaging an inconsistent 87, bit getting plenty of the ball and averaging a lot of score involvements higher up the field.

Can he average that 93+? He's a sideways move from Jones, but it's a midpricer vs a potential underpriced premo.

See Harbrow as playing far more defensive when Hanley returns, Simpson isn't up to it anymore and Montagna, Hibberd and the like have byes next week.

So, is trading Jones a good move, and is Pittard a genuine option?

luskin start

Disagree on Simpson. Last 4 scores 93, 94, 93 91.


They are not simpson's scores lol.


Haha 148, 99, 82, 77


Like trading Jones – will lose cash and is going to go through some purple patches of form – followed by a few terrible weeks. Can't see him finishing averaging over 90. Would steer away from Pitttard – maybe just look to downgrade at this stage and then before rd 12 turn tom stewart into a rd 11 bye player


I never really saw the Zak Attack as a keeper so moved him on for Hibbo last week. Had made his $150K+ so did his job in my eyes. I expect his scoring to be very up and down as his role changes within quarters let alone across games. So there will probably be some hefty tons to come interspersed across some sub par scores like last week. I wasn't prepared to ride that roller coaster any longer so cashed him out at hopefully his price peak.

Rooster XXX

Jones to Pittard would be a train wreck of a trade other than the fact Pittard as already had his bye see absolutely no upside in that trade and would consider it completely sideways….

Both Jones & Pittard be roller coasters until end of the year mixing some big tonnes with some mediocre stuff in b/w…. No guarantee Pittard averages more than Jones for remainder of season and if he does doubt it would be by enough to justify trade, even taking into account that Pittard as one extra game top lay than Jones for the remainder of the year given he has already had his bye…..

Why not ride Jones out through the byes he could easily tonne up a couple of times then if you haven't got all of Doc, Adams or Laird he could be a great stepping stone to one of the big three back premiums…..

Pittard just a battler


I don't have jones but if I did I'd hold him all year, d7 loop as a worst case scenario.

Jase Thompson

And not sure on McInness Job security with drew peachtree coming back to pinch hit in the ruck.


Notice that greenwood is the most popular trade in this week?
I understand he looks like a gun rookie but what is the harm targeting someone else this week and using one of our 3 trades next week on him on the bubble? Why take the unnecessary risk that he gets injured? Happened to me with Spencer. Food for thought people


Ignore what the popular trade ins are. I'm sure matera was the most popular a while back.


My post was to warn people to ignore it. Clearly I'm making the trade next week


I made the trade this week to avoid a donut


if you have to avoid a donut, ok.

Random Question

Whats the deal with Relton Roberts? I always see his name in memes and things much like I see Zac Dawsons but i don't get why? I did a google search and it said he got in trouble for eating a hamburger before a match once, was that all it was?


Just a cult figure mate. Lots of people had him and he only played two games. We were waiting for him to play a third and make some money, instead he just sat around eating burgers.
Wouldn't be a meme if it made total sense!


See attached just posted. The great mans story from today's Herald Sun SC page…


Ben McNiece or Luke ryan


Someone who's playing would be ideal



Dean Billman

Schaenberg named this week..


Is Jeremy Howe a top 10 defender? If you had to rank Howe, Pittard, Montagna and Hibberd in order, who would be the best option?


Jeremy Howe was going great till Lynden Dunne came into the line up. He took the kick in duties & Howe's scoring dropped by 30 points a game. But he's fun to watch. Hibberd best option there

Rooster XXX

Not sure it is that simplistic Pieman – kick outs don't actually count as stats unless you play on…..
Howe typical of a player who is a middle of the range possession winner and gets most of his points from intercept marks… tends to be a bit up and down – bit like Rance….
Adams, Laird & Doc rack up 30 touches each week hence their scoring much more consistent providing DE is reasonable and they get there share of contested poss.


Don't count as stats but still count for supercoach scores


Not so sure Pieman, Howe has scored 91 and 105 in the last two weeks and over the season so far has only been under 85 twice (3 and four weeks ago) and scored over 100 4 times


Halfway through the season we should be narrowing down looking at the top 10 defenders. Anyone coming in should be top 6 and also consider the run home they have.


Hey guys should I go Pickett to Lloyd from gws? I have 16 trades, is this worth doing


Also should I get Stewart or greenwood


Yes to Pickett to Lloyd (GWS). Pickett is unlikely to get more than one or two games again this season
Wait a week for Greenwood


Lloyd and Stewart, Greenwood next week.


I have 21 trades left and im going Pickett to Lloyd and Sandi to Goldy .

Will get Greenwood next week .

Adam healy

Yes i believe Howe is a great pick gets allot of intercept marks


So the general consensus is that we hold Sandi as he still has cash to make and may be only out for the week.
I just think bringing in Goldstein or Martin now isn't such a bad idea as they too have low breakevens and will rise in value.
Also Goldy will be handy over the bye rounds.


Use your own general consensus Travo, Goldy in, Sandi out for me this week.


It was always my intention to trade out Sandi , just so happens it is happening a few weeks earlier than what i had hoped . Sandi to Goldy for me . Goldy has the Round 12 bye which is handy also .


Can I still use 2 trades tomorrow? Obviously not any of Geelong or Port players.


As soon as the match starts tonight it's lockout. Meaning any trades you fluff around with tomorrow will be final & the reverse trade button will be gone. There will be many victims. Always is


With so many Thursday games this season the reverse trades trap is sure to claim plenty of victims. Can happen to even the best of coaches if they are off their game a tad.


Ah right thanks Pie. Gonna be one bastard short!


I'm in desperate need in help. Sandilands has really screwed me over.
Here's my situation –
Also in this picture I swapped Marchbank to Newman so I'm down one trade, but I don't mind reversing this.
Any ideas on what I should do?


Any cash in the bank?
Reverse trades, Black/Eddy (Depending on your current funds) out for Greenwood, Sandi out for Goldstein/Martin.

Covers your outs in Sandi and Roo.


Just realized you had Martin. Ryder is another option.


Can't decide between Ryder or Witts for Sandi

Any help would be fantastic


1.Tom Stewart to McInnes

2.mcgarth and otten out for McInnes and laird


What should I do


2 or 3


2 for shizzle


DEF – Doc, Laird, Adams, Marchbank, Otten, Hampton (Stewart. EVW)
MID – Danger, Bont, Pendles, Selwood, Yeo, JPK, Fyfe, Barrett (Myers, Fisher, Pickett)
RUCK – Stef, Sandi (Strindica)
FWD – Macrae, Dahlhaus, Buddy, Toby G, Nank, Butler (parsons, eddy)

19 trades left, 7k bank

– trade Eddy and Pickett with byes coming up for Lloyd & Greenwood?

– trade butler as he isn't playing again, use the cash to upgrade marchbank/ hampton? (missing lloyd downgrade)

– other ideas?


is Butler out long term?


Maybe Nate's been dabbling in the dark arts?….teams haven't been announced yet.


Butler at least another week away.


If Houston is a late in, then it's:

Hampton & Marchbank to Rance & McInness

If not, then I swing Sandi to bench, Nank to R2 and go:

Houston & Marchbank to McInness (F5) and Adams.

My preference is to hold Sandi, not sold on Ryder and hoping the "big bastard" gets through a few more games before considering Big Max on his return.


God this week is doin my head in, Sandi and Rooey out, was going to cut deadwood Eddy to Lloyd but now hearing he's made the trip over I'm gonna have to wait for team announcements at 6.30 and then see who makes the final cut for tonights game.
Have Preuss at r3 so no swing for Nank, if Cameron gets named I might have to get him…aaaarrrgh, I need a beer.


eddy isn't listed as an emergency, so shouldn't come in


Cheers Nate, makes the first trade easy.


would recommend against cameron as you are just postponing a doughnut from this week until next week.


Agreed, might just have to punt Sandi, done his job and who knows how long he could end up on the sidelines now.

Baggy Pants

How do we definitely know Roo is out?


Someone posted last night that it was on the footy show, rested.


Throw us a cold one Hedski. My head has been done in as well. Every time a plan is made news filters in that leaves them in smouldering ruins


Yep, shot to shit, not sure I'm keen on Ryder, had planned a double downgrade (if you can call Eddy/Lloyd that) and Preuss to Sterndica, if Rooeys rested that's donut munching now, really need Preuss named or might go Sandi to Goldy.
I need another beer…


Ryder or Goldy? I know Ryder is the logical choice as he's had his bye, but I think Goldy has a higher scoring potential, thoughts……


I'm going with Goldi


Goldy, Rd12 bye shouldn't be causing you any issues.


I'm going Goldy as a keeper where I am not sure Ryder will be.
Jock's not overly confident Goldy can get the job done though.


Goldy for Ruck, Ryder for a forward


Which one should we be bringing in this week? Ryder BE is 36 whereas Goldy's is at 63. Im thinking about bringing Ryder in as a ruck this week to cover Sandi's 0 and bring Goldy in later (after his bye) and swing Ryder forward then.


I have two options, would love your thoughts. 16 trades currently.

One: Take donut with Sandi.

Two: Trade Balic for Greenwood and Preuss for Strnadica.
Option two will allow me to swing Nank forward for this week and avoid a donut (provided Greenwood gets a game).

Keeping in mind the 16 trades, what option do you like?


14 trades with bye weeks to come? hello darkness my old friend…

im actually almost as bad so feel your pain


Last year I was cautious and ended up with a brilliant team. Unfortunately I had already fallen way behind in the standings. This year, bang bang bloody bang. Thought I'd finally hold this week (still might) then Sandi came along.
Starting to think if I'm gonna trade Balic for Greenwood anyway why not bite the bullet on Preuss and avoid a 0


Preuss might get a game……………. sigh


Thoughts on this:
Marchbank to Neale
Pickett to Greenwood


Very good, very nice


Personally I wouldn't pay top dollar for Neale who is more than $40K more expensive than any other player in the game! Sure he is flying right now but we all saw what happened when folks paid top dollar for Dusty and Sloane earlier this season.

All players will have a down patch, even the guns, so you really want to pick them off as cheap as possible like Dusty, Jelwood and Pendles this week, who all have a chance of averaging higher than Neale from here imho and more than $100K cheaper than Neale. In fact I'd rather go Titch and save $50K over Neale who is also going great guns atm if those other 3 guys are of little interest to you and also has the same bye as Neale.




that will feel so nice getting rid of pickett


Top trades. If I was cashed up Neale would be traded into my team. He can win the brownlow this season, good odds too.

Rick Grimes

My approach to Sandi from the start was to hopefully get 7-8 games out of him and some decent scores/coin before he broke down. If anything he's exceeded my expectations, but I'm not tempting fate. You were well met sai Sandilands, but youve forgotten the face of your father.


We all thought Beams was stuffed as well. Rubbed 132 of the best in my face last week

Rick Grimes

This is true. But Sandi hadn't shown he can go overly big yet this year and now his leg is stuffed (or so I'm trying to convince myself).


I reckon he's done his job Rick, he saved those who chose him big bucks on starting with expensive rucks, so we could use that dosh for other lines.
P.S Season 7 sucked, hope you and your army smash some Negan ass next year 🙂


T Stewart/ T Williamson – Lloyd vis DPP
Pickett – Walters//JJK

Keep in mind I need to start getting rid of Rd 11 bye players


thoughts on sand to mcevoy. is big boy a top 5 ruckman


Yes. In the VFL.


well Stevie, would gold be a better pick


Yeah I think so. Goldy has the rd 12 bye as well.


he has over-achieved


How many people are going early on Greenwood this week?




Wouldn't be doing it unless it spares you a donut this week. As good as he looked last weekend how many went early on Black or even O'Connor or McNiece and then regretted it?


I hope to God that no one went early on O'Connor


I'm playing someone who has him on his bench.


1 more week


Too many!


I did, only to avoid a donut and ran out of swings to get Lloyd. So needed a forward.


Thoughts on Taranto and Otten to Rance and Oliver


Cutting it real fine gents!

My question is should I keep the below midfield (just reached full premo). I have a couple spudding it up and not sure if I will be keeping Clayton all season..

Mitchell, Danger, Murphy, Bont, Oliver, Kennedy, Fyfe, Treloar (SPP, Barrett, Myers)

Should I sit on this until I am forced to trade or be proactive and boot someone.


Who from your midfield is spudding it up?


Well I expected more out of Fyfe/Treloar, was tempted to go Fyfe to Martin but I think its a waste


Treloar just bounced back with a 125. If he scores similarly this week his BE will be really low and his value will shoot up again.

Fyfe isn't worth trading out and is doing ok.


Trade elsewhere


Stewart out or Marchbank

Bringing in McInnes



The Bird

Keeping Sandi for now – will look to upgrade him at the bye…unless Ross does something….Rossy. Also banking some cash by going SPS – Greenwood and Marbang* to Mcinnes

*Actually Caleb Marchbank, but ever since one of the podcasts where Crouching San called him Caleb Marbang i havent been able to stop


Is Ryder likely to be a top 8 forward for the rest of the year?




I'm an Eagles supporter mate. Check back here round 13 and see who's correct


I'm a supporter of truth and fact…. And you being an eagles supporter means nothing as long as you read the information correctly. Unless you have super Eagles supporter powers then…. I apologise I didn't know they existed!


It means I know our list better than most.
Lycett due back straight after the bye and Petrie fit means Mcinnes for mine is a trap.
Trying to help the community. I understand he has a great bye and is dpp but all that means very little if he doesn't play round 13, which I believe he won't. Just trying to help. Check back here and see who's correct


You won that one Daizy. I've been saying all week that Petrie will be back this week. I am already seeing a lot of McInnes on the benches in my leagues.


I agree Daizy and I don't even follow WC. Drew Petrie straight back in this week or next. At the expense of McInnes


Garbage … Petrie is 34 yrs old, hasn't played a single game of football for 8 weeks … will come back via WAFL, if he comes back at all … he was only recruited as a back up for Lycett… no way they will replace McInnes for Petrie …


Hey played in the WAFL last week
They have been talking him up all week
Petrie is in mate

Bob Butter

You were saying?


WTF would I know 🙁 .. WCE Desperados playing Petrie after 8 weeks out …
Hopefully he will breakdown and teach those losers a lesson..


I guess it wasn't garbage afterall and you now have McInnes on your bench for the rest of the season.


Yes he was dropped smh






I went Sandi to Goldstein, Sandi's served his purpose for me, now I want a high scoring keeper Ruck, and Hampton to Mcinnes.
Ended up with 100k in the bank.


Sandi to either Goldy or Ryder should be a popular trade this week. Even coaches who aren't completely sold on the idea will likely pull the trigger to either dodge a donut or to avoid dealing with the uncertainty on when Sandi may actually return.

I think many would've preferred to trade Sandi out during his Rd13 bye but somewhat predictably the Supercoach gods want to force our hand this week instead.


yep, Sandi done good. Now he will play only 2 of the next 4. Ryder will play 4 of the next 4


Selwood or Dusty?


Dusty. No Selwood. Actually Dusty.






Jelwood, and chuck the VC on him


Cousins to debut for the Hawks, another to watch.

The G Train

Fellas i need some last minute trade advice, i've been torn on this one all week. Uprgrading Marchbank to Rance, then unsure on whether to swap Stewart to Lloyd (via Berry ddp) or wait until next week and do the same trade except Greenwood instead of Lloyd. If I swap Lloyd this week it will mean potentially doing early on trading out Fisher next week. Thoughts greatly appreciated!


Rookies with good JS are hard to come by I think Lloyd is a must have.


Looking for some trading advice this week community.
Here is my current team before any changes:

My bye structure is currently 19, 21, 16. So obviously trading in Round 13 players can't happen.
Pre team announcements I have 2 options I think:

Option 1: Otten and Marchbank ———-> Hibberd/ Harbrow and McInnes
Option 2: Sandi and Marchbank ———–> Goldy/ Ryder and McInnes

Any other trade ideas I may have missed on are also welcome. Thanks community.


Balic and Eddy out for Lloyd and Stewart.


Was thinking of holding Balic for another week and checking if he returns


What do I do now my trade plans are ruined.


Is trading Sandilands to grundy to avoid 0 and Dylan sheil to Pendlebury the right idea? I only have 17 trades left


I have 85k in the bank
My potential outs this week: Sandi, Marchbank, Otten, Z. Jones, Balic

In options: Hibberd, Ryder, Goldstein, Mcinnis, J. Lloyd, S. Martin

Right now i'm leaning towards going Sandi and Zak for Martin and Lloyd/Hibberd. What do you think?