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Supercoach RD9: LekDog’s Cheat Sheet

Published by Lekdog on


G’day Community, I think the Supercoach ship is beginning to right…

I’ve excluded big players like Dangerfield and Fyfe from this week’s Cheat Sheet because anyone who doesn’t have them sure as hell does not need me to tell them it’s time to bring them in.

Yet again we are limited with cash generation but Myers certainly helps that a little.

I think we need to focus heavily on the bye rounds with our trading and that goes for when we decide NOT to trade, for example I think the best thing we can do is hold Sam Powell-Pepper, why limit our warm bodies during the bye rounds?

Hit up my Twitter to see how last week’s Cheat Sheet did and make sure to hit me up in the comments with questions.

I’d like to thank our sponsor Fantasy Insider for helping get the Cheat Sheet done every week. Make sure you check out their free trial offer and of course if you don’t like the service you can just cancel it at anytime. Fantasy Insider covers a whole range of games including Supercoach and our very own game Coach Kings!

GREEN= Buy, buy, buy!
RED = Get rid of em

See you in the comments, Lekdog



Lekdog's Cheat Sheet R9 2017 CLICK TO VIEW

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Butler and Houston
Durdin and Myers


For Heeney and Myers


Hampton spp to Myers and hibberd(Mel)
That's my plans this week


Is there anyone else who can go before SPP..? He'll be real handy rounds 11,12,13…


Cheat sheets preseason are important, these are brilliant! Outstanding work lekdog, miss you on the pods. Do your own!


Is Isaac Heeney a must have ? This is probably the cheapest he will be.


I'd say so but I don't see into crystal balls


He looks pretty good.


Bought him in last week thankfully and he looked superb. I'd say jump on he ain't getting any cheaper!


I want to see him against a good side. He's beaten up on some pretty ave teams so far. Saints at etihad will be a test. I'm happy to pay the extra after his bye if he does well


I wanted him before he got sick at the start of the season
Have him now, looks good but can he still play well against Adelaide, GWS etc

STAR though


I can't fit another round 11 bye in. I still not sure he will not be rested or his output affected by his illness.

A genuin midfielder with FWD status is usually gold.

Krazee-Eyez Killa



Who is better downgrad option mcinness or anyone..need to downgrade otten




Hibberd Jnr is bloody close to being named. Still 123k


Ablett is annoying me off late…gets heap of the pill but it's useless


Sideways trading premos is a dangerous move. Those trades will be needed further down the track.


keep him…. he will go 140 plus at some stage from here on.


Must've been his brother who scored 200+ 3 weeks ago.

Jock jnr

Love your work Lek


Usually these don't really apply to me but wow I needed this this week


Half colors Lekdog WTF? Do you have splinters??


I'd say Hoskin-Elliot is a hold right now. Collingwood's next two games are against an injury ravaged Hawthorn and Brisbane. There are bigger issues to sort out this week.


Balic and Butler OUT
Myers and Durdin IN


Butler and Otten OUT
Adams and Myers IN

And cop a donut in the fwd line
But have to cop Otten's price decrease

Thoughts community?


Thanks Lekdog
Will go with that
I won't be too far behind the curve because many will have donuts in the fwd line this week


No Jenkins this week could lead to a bigger score for Otten. I'd go the first option.

Bock Choy

Josh Jenkins is dropped so maybe Otten will get back to his high scoring ways.


Someone able to tell me Houston be on phone. Cheers


I'm sorry. Nobody is available to take your call


Brett Eddy transferred to Brisbane and playing this week. Is this too much to ask SC Gods?




Houstons b/e???


Only thing Shaun Burgoyne does these days is leave turd stains on the silk sheets. He shouldn't be green, or orange, or even red. A darkish reddish brown seems more appropriate, the colour of my toliet bowl after the mrs whips the Pataks out.


I thought Hodge would have been a better call


Nice cheat sheet Lek. We are going to need it after today.

Balic out indefinately for a "personal issue". I am shaking my head in disbelief………WTF!!

The rookies are dropping like flies. The byes are looming and here we are with rooks in our sides like Eddy, Hibberd, Parsons, Hannan, and now Balic. All 5 are likely to miss or be dropped. (I have 4 of those rooks……)

I was planning to not trade this week purely as an act of disclipline to conserve trades. I may still do so.

However, now with Balic's departure it might force my hand. It is now a super fine balance between trade preservation and trading not to fall behind the curve. Behind the curve meaning, not trading enough now so you do not have enough cover (too many donuts) during the byes and thus losing crucial rank and league momentum.

I am not going to trade tonight. Whats the point. The reverse button will be flicked with 100% certainty.

Tomorrow night's team announcements will be massive, and the decisions made thereafter by coaches will make or break their season. GAME ON.



Game on indeed. I have Gary SPP Witts Preuss Eddy Balic & Parsons. And the monumental if not impossible task of avoiding a donut! Haven't even had teams yet! The game is more challenging & I like it

Rick Grimes

Good call INP. It's bloody tough out there but it's better than everyone cruising with the same team. Gonna take some ballsy and creative trading to get up the leaderboard.


I have too many non-playing rookies and not enough discipline to remove them. I think come bye rounds that will be my third trade but until then if any forwards are dropped I'm over


Was hoping Michael Walters might've made a Cheat Sheet appearance


yeah he wouldve been in the red zone..

Rick Grimes

I'm considering. With cash generation so tricky, we have to.look at a few speculative mid price trades. Could wait all season to get a MacRae type in there.


I can't believe I'm thinking about it but you'd think he'll stay in the midfield till Hill gets back after there's a good chance you bring him in now he averages 80+ & you trade him out for Tom Lynch in R13 for a profit. It's not something I'd really consider usually but I've got to get Hannan off field & cash gen is just awful.


Hill could be back this week!


You are spot on re: picking a few bargains
I'm eyeing of Ward this week, has so much upside on his scoring output, coniglio out will benefit, Kelly will tire imo as season goes on. Can see Ward closing out season averaging 100, for that to happen he has to go at 106 from now on. $483k is a bargain


Is it stupid to bring in Heeney if that means ill have 4 premo fwds out with the likes of Hanners, Bont and Doc also out in RD11.


Here is my team as it stands community
22 trades left and 11k in the bank

Shaw, laird, Howe (Stewart)
Adams, Marchbank, Newman (Hampton)

Dangerfield, Merrett, Fyfe, Neale
Jpk, Treleor, Barrett, Powell-Pepper
(Taranto, Fisher, Pickett)

Grundy, Sandilands (strandica)

McRae, Dalhaus, Nankervis (Eddy)
JJK, Roughead, Hoskin-Elliot (parsons)

What to do next community ?


Roughy to Myers via Taranto and Hoskins Elliot up to Buddy


Why don't you try thinking of some trades that will improve your position? Now that would be a great idea instead of using someone elses opinion. It is YOUR team after all.


This forum is all about people sharing opinions about what will improve their positions. It's only the people that ask for other opinions too much, that I have a problem with.


I wouldn't trade out Roughy if you've held him this long as he's had 114 and 99 in the last 2 rounds.
Maybe a double downgrade, or rookie swap for playing players, Pickett for Myers, if he plays, and Eddy for Stewart or McInnes, depending on which one you can afford.

Or, you could go Hampton to McInnes, and WHE to whoever the hell you want.


Good team btw Isaac, I'd try to get your midfield to full premo asap.


Hey all, looking for some opinions on ryder? does anyone think he is genuine chance to be a top 8 fwd?

bob the builder

Is it stupid to consider bringing in Toby Greene this round?
Averaging 100 and can't doubt his talent.
Other options are Heeney who is similar price or Macrae who i feel is a tad overpriced.
Bye structure is not an issue


Thoughts on Otten -> McNiece

bob the builder

if McNiece isn't named, no


Hold often. Jenkins is out




Bloody heck… Otten


Whats the chance of Parsons getting dropped this week?
If so I may have to go early on James Stewart or bring in Durdin. Both would be terrible moves but i want to avoid copping a donut this week.


Very high chance. He has been totally lost the last two weeks. Well out of his depth.


Named on field


Anyone out there think that Pederson can keep his current average? Opinions??


He only will until Spencer/Gawn comes back and he changes role. So maybe 3 weeks



Daniel Z

I got him in last week. It was a bit speculative but my forward line was a pile of hot garbage and couldn't afford the big names.
Plan is for it to get me through the byes and if he's dropping off, I'll upgrade him at that point.


I think he's playing career best but once the big fella returns, he'll be back to old form.


Hey Lek was gunna bring in Ryder for Sandi after his bye but you have him as hold. Is Ryder a worthy R2? Port are playing well or is his year off to risky later in the season?


Was originally trading SPP but now tryna hold him through the byes which seems logical to me so now I'm in a bit of a conundrum

First trade is Otten to Myers via Adams which seems like an obvious one and second trade was SPP to Stef Mart via Balic and Nank which brought WHE to my F6 moving Parsons to the bench

If I trade WHE to Stef instead of SPP, Parsons will be F6

Opinions? Because I'd much rather have Barrett or Myers on the field then someone like Parsons



Be cautious about Paraons on field. Scott may be writing his termination notice if he does that. Brad is starting to look like the safer Scott right now.


Having said that. Because I said that. Parsons will not only be picked tomorrow night bu will do a "Newman". It is fate…


But now he won't because you said that?


I'm holding through byes as well
Looping with Myers


Want to bring in Heeney and Myers… trade out:
Preuss + SPP or
Balic + WHE or
Preuss + WHE ?


Balic + WHE


Balic has to go

Just sayin

I'm going parfitt and hannan


Does the community think Robbie Gray can pump out consistent big scores after his bye, coming home strong and finishing a top 10 midfielder? If yes he could be a great trade in option next week and may finish the season off strongly


No. Now a forward.


Everyone will have him as a mid/fwd next year.


Can go for big scores but not often enough


Playing injured.

Just sayin

Groin issue
Maybe the dreaded OP.
Hence playing fwds not mid.
May even get 2-3 weeks off after bye to deal with it.
Wouldn't be surprised if not named next week


So who's more important to hold? WHE or SPP?
I'm leaning on SPP, so maybe I'll trade WHE to Heeney.


Laird, Adams, Roberton,
Tuohy, Shaw, Hibberd
(VW, Stewart)

Oliver, Yeo, Pendlebury
Zorko, Kennedy, Fyfe,Barrett, Myers
(PP, Fisher, Hibberd)

Martin, McEvoy

Dalhaus, Franklin, Greene
Steele, Nankervis, Hayward
(Parsons, Eddy)

What do people think??
I traded down balic to myers, then traded Taranto swung Nankervis forward and looked at a ruckman and chose McEvoy who has been tearing it up.

Worth the trade??
Should I reverse and do something different??

Got 16 trades left and 10,400 left in the bank, will be looking to downgrade PP and stewart in next few weeks to get some cash to get a premo MID.


You will be the only person I have seen with Big Boy. I have him in my draft team when Max went down, he has won me many games. Not sure I'd get him in classic


Who would be better to get though…


Grundy is cheap

Jacobs is good

Who do you have now?


Is grundy really worth it? His form has been horrible..
I have Martin atm and Nankervis forward.

Top Gun

Can you swing Nankervis to the ruck with Martin and then trade in a fwd eg Heeney?


Otten & Hannan to Myers & Durdin
Otten & Balic to Myers & Durdin
Otten to Myers

Hannan's BE scares me, but if Parsons get dropped then he could save me from copping a donut.


T.Stewart -> Myers (via dpp)
Balic -> J. Stewart
Stewart is a week early but at least I can the loophole his score and parsons. Looks like he fills a big need for the dons.

Is this too risky? Should I suck it up and go wth durdin?


Hold T.Stewart. His BE is 33 which he should beat fairly comfortably. I'd look to trade him closer to Geelong's bye.


Agree with Damien. Can you do 1 trade Balic To J S?


Hey community, who do you guys think are the best 5 mids under 580k?
In need of any help, all appreciated!



Morphin Time

Zach Merrett
Josh Kelly
Scott Pendlebury
P. Dangerfield

Just 5 off the top of my head, there are more..


Danger or Zerrett


James Stewart from the Bombers. Looked good on Saturday.

Essendon fans – JS? Yay or nay?


Thoughts on matters prodding lekdog? Looks a shoe in for a 108+ average, is super consistent, and has that amazing Rd 12 bye.


Matt priddis*** in regards to my comment above


I'm pretty sure Father Time is one of the angrier SC Gods


Don't know whether to hold Balic or not, mid/fwd swing is handy for the moment. Hopefully it's no longer than a month.
Not sure if I'll bother with myers. There seems to be similar mids coming up.
Hampton down to McNiece, PP up to JPK?

neil Demons Delight

reckon it might be a lot longer maybe never to be seen over there damm lying u do it all the time


Thoughts please.
Otten to lloyd
otten is hurley
Both can work with the bye rounds. Have no idea who is the best option. Will the return of rampe have any impact on Lloyds scores? I have very little knowledge of essenon and hurleys role. Please help.



neil Demons Delight

either are good choices both are or will be in my team soon

Top Gun

Hurley great choice.


Steele, D Smith, Higgins, Petracca or J Riewoldt…need a value pick fwd around $450k


Steele or Petracca, Leaning towards Steele

neil Demons Delight



None. Better off saving your trade until you can get someone better
If you are really desperate maybe try walters. At least he might make you some coin


Might as well have a punt on Hampton. Higgins is very bye friendly.


SPP to Myers
Otten to Adams.
1 or 2?


Sorry it's only one option but I'd like thoughts on it.

neil Demons Delight

spp invaluable next few weeks


Won't catch up paying top dollar for premos. Pick off a fallen one.


Thoughts on toby green please?


Great scorer, you'd hope he stays out of trouble though


Highly rated flog campaigner

Captain Awesome

Would love to punch him repeatedly


strongly considering due to bye and ceiling … but wary of flog factor


Scores well and hopefully Leon Cameron gets stuck into him to stop him from getting suspended again


Couldn't meet a nicer flog!


Not much


Small man syndrome.
Needs a good punch to the head.
Can play.

neil Demons Delight

I have or had 2 lynchs stewarts Lloyds hibberds but only one pickett

neil Demons Delight

started with 2 kellys too


SPP to Myers
Otten to Adams
Otten to Myers
Stewart to Rance
If I do Otten to Myers will have to swing Hibberd back and have no playing back rookies.
If option 2 is the way to go should I go early on a McInnes instead of going Myers?

neil Demons Delight

spp will be very usefull and going ok CHOOSING rance or adams is more difficult both are good maybe rance


Gotta get Adams if you don't have him yet.


Hi all,
What do you all think of cripps going forward here and there, reminds of a role similar to what bontempelli does. Will this increase his scoring output?


Going forward instead of resting is what a lot of the bigger midfielders can do. Saves using interchanges. I think it is good, still out there scoring points


Oliver, Priddis, Selwood, Cripps or Murphy??


selwood cheaps as chips next week. great bye round too – thats my plan!!__cripps on the up also


One of the frustrating things is that these rookies as in Hannan, Parson, Pickett even Fisher are pretty much maxed out price wise and so we now have to spend $250-300k to upgrade them to a premium player. The lack of rookies going up around that 300k area is making it tough but it's gonna sort out the contenders from the pretenders I guess.


One good score, just one is all they need.


Unfortunately Hannan and Parson had their big scores first game, sucked us in then delivered turds ever since. As for the others we'll I won't hold my breath waiting for that big score haha. Certainly makes it more interesting and definitely more planning required this year!

neil Demons Delight

agree k. that's where the skill and player research comes into play New rookies that are any good will be sparse unlike last year where they were replaced in waves such as papley. This year is different and when they pop up grab them..My research says stewart from the bombers will be one It becomes a must to grab these even at the expense of paying more for your chosen prem/.The skill is to let your Hannans and Fishers slide


Can someone please tell me if Walters $383K & B/E of negative 30, scores 100 points this week.
What price would he be next week, roughly?

Want to get him in but Balic being out has stuffed me right up


hill might be back this week, definitely next. Walters points will suffer


good point there Derek.
i just think if he stays in midfield he will definitely dominate.
avg 128 over last 2 weeks from majority of midfield time. he's got talent this boy. bloody ross you just can't trust

Baggy Pants

Approx $440k


cheers Bags

Just sayin


Forgot about that site, that's a rippa


With Balic out I'm trading him up to JJK.

Only problem is I need TWO of Hannan, Parsons, Butler and Eddy to play this week. Already copping a donut with Witts, might be two. What a stinker of a year.


You can count Eddy out too


Decent chance NONE of them play this week so brace for team sheets tonight Steeeve!


looks like you need Hannan and Parsons to play then, Steeeve cause Butler and Eddy aren't. Good luck.


Butler confirmed out? Injury or just because he's been terrible?




Saving grace is that most of these fools were only giving you 20s and 30s most weeks anyway so it's not such a massive point loss if they don't play.


If they play they stay


Sensational work yet again Lek.

The photo of you and your girl is still one of the top highlights of this season

Curious George

Most people worried about Rd 11 bye.
Looking ahead Rd 13 could be the big one.
Rookies coming up/in all Rd 13
Myers, s-berg, Perryman, Ryan etc.
Myers may be OK to trade out by then but the rest you would have probably just bought in.
Couple that with your fyfe, sandi, pendles, adams etc could be carnage.
Also if planning to keep SPP till after the byes you will need to trade out before hand rd 12 probably to get enough cash to being in a premo once they have had their bye.


Yes Curious George, I have been keeping an eye on this.
Rd13 is going to be the big one due to many high ownership premo and upcoming rookie byes that round.
SPP is a lock for me until bye round are all finished up. I am even hesitant to move on Stewart, Parsons, Black and Butler due to their Rd12 byes.
Be prepared for donuts.

neil Demons Delight

maybe in a few weeks our rookie problems will be solved. Also ran no hopers like Collingwood will surely dump players who wont be there next year such as Jessie White and Mayne though he has a contract and promote Kirby daics Mitch McCarthy all three are exciting and will be there longer or will they recruit another mayne the new coach wont


Callum Brown is right in the mix to line up this weekend. He's a bull just like his old man. 177k Mid/Fwd DPP. Hello sir

neil Demons Delight

had him in my original team new coach will love him


Zerrett JPK or Danger?

H Lee

do yourself a favour and go danger


Danger then Zerrett


thanks H Lee an pod!