DFS Shark: Fantasy Insider Round 8 Sunday Sting

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Fantasy Insider Sunday Sting

I’m going to let you in on an advanced Daily Fantasy Footy strategy this week.

A strategy that the big dogs of the DFS ocean swear by – THE CONTRARIAN STRATEGY

If you’re competing in contests where there is some serious cash on the line, you’ll be up against hundreds of other players.

The contrarian strategy is all about trying to cut down on the number of these opponents you’re actually compete against for the cash if things fall your way.

This is a strategy you can use on all the daily fantasy platforms, including CoachKings (especially in the big Sunday play at home contest!)

Turning your back on the pack!

The contrarian strategy is all about going against the odds. Take Sunday’s Gold Coast v Port Adelaide game for example.

Port Adelaide are short priced favourites for the game. With this in mind, a large number of DFS lineups are likely to contain more Port Adelaide players, especially in key positions such as the key forwards, or midfielders who rotate forward.

This is manna from heaven for the contrarian strategist..

Let’s say Gold Coast do well on Sunday.

They don’t necessarily need to win the game, but let’s say they get within 15 points. A team with Gold Coast players in key positions is both unique, and competing against a small percentage of other lineups that also have Gold Coast players for the big cash.

With the unpredictable nature of recent AFL results (every team who won last week beat a team above them on the ladder!) this is a strategy well worth trying out.

Let’s build a contrarian lineup for tomorrow’s DraftStars $30,000+ Sunday contest.

As always, let’s use our brain.. but also the standout tool in the DFS business – the Fantasy Insider lineup cruncher. (grab a free trial right here).

Some juicy contrarian selections.

Before letting the cruncher work its advanced predictive projection genius, let’s lock in some nice contrarian selections into our lineup.

I’m honing in on Gold Coast and Fremantle forwards and mid/forwards. Both teams are underdogs, and I predict that the combination of these selections will exist in very few lineups tomorrow.

Perfect – we’ll be competing against a much smaller cross section of the rank and file.

Players Locked

Strongly consider setting your player projections closer to the ‘Ceiling’ for the big contest, you’ll need your selections to perform well to make sure you snag some cash, and this tells the cruncher to work it’s magic based closer to players performance ‘ceilings’.

Projections Ceiling

Crunch time

I like the look of the third lineup presented to me by the cruncher. I’m locking it in. Todd Goldstein looks to be approaching something resembling good form, and the contrarian in me likes the look of six players from Gold Coast and Fremantle.

End DraftStars Lineup

Best of luck for the rest of the fantasy weekend! Why not cut your contrarian shark teeth on tomorrow’s FREE CoachKings play-at-home? There’s $500 of free cash up for grabs so why wouldn’t ya!


Fantasy Insider have a two week free trial on the go at the minute, they also have a SuperCoach ‘who should I pick’ tool which may arouse you.. jump on over and give our great supporters a try!


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