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Supercoach RD8: LekDog’s Cheat Sheet

Published by Lekdog on

AFL SuperCoach 2018

G’day Community, I’m not sure what we did to the Supercoach Gods but they aren’t happy with us.

Another poor week o cash generation and premium scoring has coaches down but this is what should excite us community! Finally we have a year in which P.O.D’s have meaning, cookie cutter teams aren’t winning every week and brave captaincy options are adding intrigue to the game. I’m having fun even though my team is pretty ordinary.

Once again we are looking at value picks this week as well as who we need to cut from our sides. Cash generation is an issue so I think we’ll all be waiting for Ben Mc’Niece to be named.

In other news I’ve been posting updated Cheat Sheet’s on Twitter to show the successful and not-so-successful advice I’ve given. You can find last week’s Cheat Sheet below, let me know if you think this belongs here or on Twitter as I’ve been doing.

Lekdog's Cheat Sheet R7 2017 Scores1

A huge shout out to everyone who commented and viewed the Cheat Sheet last week, we had about 1,000 comments and 16,000 views which is just insane. Keep up the great feedback everyone!

I’d like to thank our sponsor Fantasy Insider for helping get the Cheat Sheet done every week. Make sure you check out their free trial offer and of course if you don’t like the service you can just cancel it at anytime. Fantasy Insider basically analyses your side and makes suggestions on who to play during any given round. very useful particularly if you don’t have the 20 hours a week to pump into Supercoach that I do.

See you in the comments, Lekdog

GREEN= Buy, buy, buy!
RED = Get rid of em

Lekdog's Cheat Sheet R8 2017 Click to View

Thanks to our supporters Fantasy Insider, the home of the #1 tools for Australia’s fantasy elite


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Hampton for Lloyd and Berry for Pickett? Swing berry frok mids to def via hibberd to cover Stewart and Newman? Or does treloar need to go?


cheers Lekdog! cheatsheet brilliant as always mate


Beware the bye rounds coming up boys! I'm struggling to get 18 players for round 11.


I've got 15 starting at the moment for round 11, that's cool, other 2 rounds I'm fine. Byes are byes.


Alot of covering this week. Love using the bench every week grrr


JJK or Elliot Yeo community?


Yeo Yeo


Both look good options. JJK can go 180 & 50. Probably Yeo, looks in fine form

neil demons delight

yeo then jjk if you can afford both


Wish I had picked up Yeo weeks ago. A lot of criticism of his past history but he's only 23 years old so still yet to hit his peak I would have thought. Playing up the ground as well so more likely to get consistent results than JJK.


went dusty this week! sneaky must have – cheap as chips


best pick for bye rounds as well!!


Yeah I am going SPP next week to Dusty


great point but with rocky on the big drop next week he was my pickup for next?


I'm a bit confused Lek why you have Elliott Yeo in green as a trade in & then say he's a trap? Maybe you need a new colour for traps

Rick Grimes

I think people will continue to call Yeo a trap right up to last week, regardless of how many tons he posts. Cognitive bias.


Agree Rick. But if he keeps playing out of defence like he has been he's a top 6 Fwd every day of the week. Can't ignore that

neil demons delight

think we are all like that rick but I am giving in think and that's it think he is ok


The battle of head over heart. Cyril does that to me


He does it Bruce to Derek


All week I had him pencilled in but am now starting to look at Heeney for value. Yeo is still predicted to be around $566 in round 13 after his bye in round 12 (according to SC Gold) – that may change of course. It's just his past yo-yo history that is always in the back of my mind. Having said that, I guess by trading him in for Butler, I'm not really losing anything. Decisions, decisions.


He burnt me last year it's hard to go back when they've let you down, but he looks to have turned the corner.

Benjamin B

What are peoples thoughts on Treloar?

If he plays im going to hold him however if he doesn't im thinking of trading him to either: Merrett, Jack Steven, or Cotchin???


Hold him till his bye then reassess

neil demons delight

trade him for ebert after 9

The Ranger

Trading any premo is a luxury trade and you should only be doing those after the rest of your team is full premo.


Rance or Simpson

Benjamin B

I got Simpson last week and getting Rance this week. Both will end up top 6 I believe. Id get Randle now and Simpson week 12 (after bye week)




Simpson for sure.


Should i go for a big bucks premo eg bont/rocky or go for a bargain with merret/steven


Depends on your other mids. I really need a reliable VC/C option. Danger/Selwood/Fyfe/JPK not cutting it. Bont in for me as long as the teams don't screw me over again


With lack of money generation this year Cole, i think selecting bargains is the way to go. It will be difficult to get to full premo come finals time otherwise.


im leaning towards that idea as well but i do need a captain option as well- mids are Danger/Treloar/JPK/Fyfe/dusty and none have been reliable for me- bont likely still a bargain as well at this point-cant see him falling from here either


I'm bringing in Rocky this week and will then likely look for fallen premium as next trade in to forward line or mids (JJK / Roo likely options) – have bombed on my captaincy (and VC) picks of late so need to add more options into my side.


Trades this week
Otten – Shaw
Beams – Cripps
Leaving me with 20k but means I have to hold Hampton for a week and hope he doesn't bleed to much cash

Thoughts ?


Viney is cheaper and averaging more than Cripps. Liberatore, Gaff, Cunnington.

Not telling you not to trade him in, just have to say that Cripps is average this year and shows no signs of big scoring.


I don't like Heath shows role this year with GWS defenders shush as Williams and Kennedy stealing his points I would go a Rance, Laird,Adams, Docherty or Simmo all over Shaw and I would go Beams for a Martin or JPK


Nice one LEK
it looks like the strike rate is about 50%
some work out, some don't.
That's supercoach but the rookies this year have been putrid!
Is it too much to ask for a 60?
Couple that with some underwhelming premos and there are some nasty scores becoming the norm.,

So you try to fix your weak areas (we all have one) but as we are only at round 7 we are still reliant on at least 2 plus rookies on field.
60 lads that is all I ask.,

Like most team will rely on selection or more importantly non selection tonight.
Hoping EVW and Stewart get named. Need one of these two. Newman be nice but aint holding out much hope.
Hibberd? reaching? has been a handy DPP.

Then you got the Selwood and Treloar will they? wont they play?
do have coverage but forces me to push a fwd into the mids and put hannan (if named) on the field – love that not!

With a full team playing only have 3 rookies on field – how that hell is everyone else coping with numerous rookies on field?
heaven help us.

Gets on one knee – oh mighty SC god whatever we have done to anger you we reservedly apologise.
Let us know what we can do to make things right? Can you let the rookies have one good week? 60 is all we ask!. I would take that.


I even found myself looking at Francis as an option. This is how desperate this year is.


if mcneice isnt named – melican or berry? and why 🙂


If you get picked again after scoring 14 you've got JS. So Berry


James 'Nineteen' Parsons must be a top bloke too


Yep js and Dpp makes Berry a better choice


Thoughts on Harbrow?


Im also liking the look of harbrow


Z Jones or A Rance?


Rance has R12 bye. Nice


Agree on Rance here, can only get better I reckon.

Brett H

G'day community!!

Further to Triggers post above.

I am still playing Marchbank and Otten and Hampton and EVW and SPP and Barrett and Butler and Balic on field. Plus have question marks over Jelwood and Treloar this week.

After some wonderful downgrades to star cash generating rooks like EVW and Fisher and Parsons over the past few weeks!!!, I have a bank of 619K.

Therefore, I really should be upgrading the likes of Hampton and Otten (this week) or Butler (next week).

However, there is every chance that this week I will also have these bench players out:

DEF: Newman / Stewart (and maybe EVW)
MID: Fisher / Hibberd / Beams
FWD: Eddy / Parsons (and there is a small chance of Balic also being out)

My question is whether I should be using all of my bank this week to upgrade two of my non playing rooks (eg Newman and Eddy / Fisher / Parsons to say Heeney and Pendles), or whether I should trade out a higher priced playing rook that is about to lose dough (eg Hampton).

Just feel like I am going to be in a world of pain through the bye rounds with so many rooks that may not be playing, but unfortunately all of these rooks are worth less than $200K at present.

Have finished in top 1000 for the past few years, but have found this year really tough. Would probably be different if I have chosen Houston over Eddy, chosen Hardwick over Fisher, chosen Black over Parsons etc etc.

Really appreciate any thoughts you may have on whether we should be ditching the really low priced rooks that are not currently playing.


I would be doing a bit of both. Go hampton and beams to Bont and Adams/Doch/Laird/any other top defender. If you have that many rookies then you are behind and need to get into the game.

Joe T

Hey community! Got a few options this week as I went with the double downgrade last round.

1. Houston and Otten out > 1 premo DEF and 1 premo FWD (leaves me with around 50k)
2. Otten and Hampton out > bring in 2 premo DEFs (not sure if this is the best points generation option)
3. Otten and Hampton out > bring in 1 premo DEF and Berry/McNiece (still leaves me with 400-450k)

My DEF options I'm considering are either Lloyd or Williams, I think both are a tad underpriced at the moment considering they may finish top 8 defenders. Only reason I'm not getting Simpson yet is because I have Doch and Marchbank through the byes. Adams is a post-bye upgrade for me.

Premo FWDs are either JJK and Yeo (R12 byes) or Buddy who is very underpriced but has the R11 bye so means he's really only in for 3 weeks.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, cheers!


What is your thinking on Premo's from GCS e.g. Lynch & Ablett, and Port e.g. Wines, Gray, Ebert post R9? If you have any of them in mind I would go with Option 3 and hold your cash to pick one up to carry you thru the R11, 12 & 13 Byes…
Otherwise either Options 1 & 2 – choose the one that best suits your bye rounds.

Joe T

The only one I would consider is Ablett. I've already got Lynch and aren't too keen on any of the Port players.

Question is can Gaz finish higher than Sloane, Bont, Selwood and Neale from here on in? If not then he's not the best post bye option


I'd go option 1 but Hampton out instead of otten and get in buddy and Rance or Lloyd if u already have rance


Was Zac Fisher injured or omitted last week?

If he gets named this week he might be an ok downgrade, still cheap


Not 100% sure Derek ..think It was a slight hammy !!


Injured. Should be ok for this week.


Did a hammy. Usually players don't come back a fortnight later. I'd be surprised


Ok. I didn't get him on bubble, but he is still cheap


If Newman, Stewart, Pickett or Preuss not named this week, who should I get rid of first?

I'll probably keep Hampton to have a warm body on field. He will lose a bit of cash this week as his 103 drops out of his average, but after that the Crows have a few nice games and he could do an Oxley and knock out an decent score.


That spud Pickett


I'd say Newman or Preuss. At least they have made a reasonable amount. If they don't get back in this week I think that's the end of any relevance. Stewart I'm much more confident on seeing back soon. Pickett….meh….worth nothing


Pickett is hany with his DPP.

Preuss I brought in and he gave me one game. Surely he plays this week.

What do you think about holding Hampton? Could he do an Oxley?

The Ranger

I'm strongly considering holding him Derek.
Another ton would be nice thanks Curtly!


unless all my other spud rookies are named, i'll hold him


I may shed a little tear when I have to get rid of Berry. Has been a love/hate relationship, but he stepped up last week and used his superDPP power and filled in Defence when McGrath was rested.


Started with Berry too. Improving every week.


we just need one good score!

Beady Eye

Which should be the priority to get in this week?

Adams (BE 84)
Merrett (BE 96)
Heeney (BE 42)


Adams for me. I think Merrett will average slightly more but a defender who can average near 110 is a higher priority. Ill be bringing Adams in myself this week


Adams then zerrett. Heeney definately not a must have imo


Adams then Zerrett


B/E 32


Heeney would be first. He will end up being top 6 forward. While Adams will go down at some point. Merrett isn't worth it. Rather go for Bont or Sloane.


Being a non Pendlebury owner, im hoping he does leave half way through the game with his score around 40. Just imagine what his price would be after his bye. 500k?


No way that's going to happen. Would he really leave Bucks twisting in the wind like that with his coaching career on the line?? I don't think so. Worst case he's a late out but he's not leaving mid game.


I'd be very surprised if he left mid-game. If there's even a slight chance of that happening, they may as well not play him.

the barrell

who is best to cut this week?
one of otten, hampton, butler?
dpp means I can still trade in the same players, just unsure of these blokes breakevens


I'm looking first at my players who don't get named before those boys who are actually playing




So originally my trade this week was hampton to zerrett. Was also thinking otten to mcniece if named.

HOWEVER now that houston wont be playing and has the bye, my forward bench has parsons and eddy sitting on it…should i rethink bringing in zerret for dare i say it, yeo for houston?


What do I do
Option 1: Hampton and Otten for Mcniece and Doc
Option 2: Hampton and Houston for Mcniece or Buddy


Would wait on mcniece till he gets named. Doc will be a top 3 defender this year. Will need to bring him in eventually. Maybe now or in a few weeks when he may be cheaper. But buddy is great value atm. Wont be this cheap for long with that monster score in his rolling average.

Also start thinking about your bye structure. A lot will probably not be looking at buddy because of his bye. Lots of premos are with him. Same can be said about doc tho, if you have marchebank and simpson like many do.

Lots to think about with the two of them lol

For me i would bring buddy in this week of the two.


Curious what everyone's rank, trades and team value(including spare cash) are?
I'm ranked 4707, 19 trades after this week, and 1,215,000.


Dropped 9300 ranks the other week 🙁

14717, 17 trades after this week (yikes!), 12,609,900

Doch, Adams, Lloyd, Simpson, Marchbank, McGrath – Newman/EVW

Bont, Rocky, Danger, Oliver, Fyfe, JPK, Treloar, GHS – Barrett/Fox/Fisher

Witts, Sandi – Cameron

Yeo, Dahl, McCrae, Steele, Nank, Butler – Houston/Balic

If Witts and sandi become keepers or at least one of them I should be ok, but with this little amount of trades things could fall apart fairly easily.

Hopefully Steele a forward line keeper and also may keep McGrath for swing he's been pretty impressive.


seriously…. your team is worth $12,609k. that is a serious supercoach team

What r u smoking?

Living up to your name
Looking at your team no way team is worth that.
#1 supercoach team only worth $12.3M?

On the good stuff r we?


$12,609,900 – Mate, get real.


Rank 9583, trades 20,value 11,406,700


5046, 19 trades left after 2 this week, value 11,777,000. Bugger all cash, 18k. Hurt by rookies, had 29 green lights first round, have had 5 rookies corrections with little gain.


Ranked 2319, 24 trades left, Team value, $11.780.00 , $162.000 in the bank


Is it bad that my value is only 11.3m?
20 trades


Ranked 44633, 20 trades left, team value $11,174,200 with $445,500 in cash (after this week's trades)

Painting the fence this week, Berry & Rance in, Otten & JOM out.
Hope to double upgrade next week.


What do we think of Mutimer?

Players who have missed last two weeks with injury are Jamie Cripps and Jackson Nelson, Duggan missed last week only.

All three set to be back from 1-3 weeks.

Looks like one to avoid I reckon.


He certainly hasn't set the world on fire since he's been in the team. Reckon he'll struggle to hold his spot if any of those three are fit.


Just wondering what's happened to Pickett from blues and is there any chance he be back to make any cash?


have you watched him play?

next year we might see him unless there are injuries or Carlton just don't care


Time to get some of these rookies off the field! I Need to upgrade a defender and mid.

Do I go:

Docherty and Heppel?

Rance and Bont?


Can you go Doc and Bont? If not, Rance and Bont for mine.


can't afford Doc and Bont – they are the two I want…just can't do it both at once


Fair enough. I reckon Bont is almost the must-have midfielder this year, so get him first.


2 for sure


Cats are debuting another rookie this week – Mark O'Connor (102K defender)

The Master

Thanks Jez_m, suits my bye round 13 trouble better than Mcneice.


Hows it looking for parsons JS with this new debutant?

I also have similar worries about stuart aswell


Locked (don't need to do any research with such slim pickings :S)


Rejoice our teams are saved! Geelong have upgraded Mark O'Connor and he will play this week. He is like a Zac Tuohy 2.0 although he can also play midfield where he is most damaging. Not too dis similar to Bontempelli. Im trading him in this week. #whywait

neil demons delight

way too early but irish will be good learning the trade down back


not good for Parsons or Stewart


Upto 2 you guys, but 102k for a potential premium it's a no brainer for me


Yep, just gotta wait 5 years. Play the long game. Smart.


Potential premium?, the bloke hasn't played a game.


In fact has played a TOTAL of 4 games of AFL in his entire life!


Hey guys any feedback would be appreciated
20 trades 30k in bank
Def: laird, Simpson, Howe, shaw, often, Hampton (Newman smith)
Mid: danger, pendles, Fyfe, jpk, treloar, hanners, spp, Barrett (Balic, fisher, Pickett)
Ruck: grundy and Sandilands
Fwd: Dahlhaus, macrae, buddy, nank, butler, Houston (parsons eddy)
I have a few trade options:
1) Hampton to McNiece/berry and treloar to bont (only way I can get bont in)
2) often to mcniece if named and Houston to Rockliff or other
3) Hampton to McNiece/berry and Houston to yeo/jjk
Really want Bont but seems a waste to trade treloar


Berry is going to be an onballer on the weekend so get him in


Got a feeling I'll be curled up in the corner a quivering mess when teams are dropped tonight!!!


And Lek I think you should post your updated sheet on here, I don't do the Twitter, cheers mate.

neil demons delight

yes not a twit also and look forward to it


fkn off treloar for merret. Hate a sideways trade, but in treloars case this year its a super upgrade. God he is a piece of sh*t.


Flick treloar at the R13 bye.


Is Docherty worth the buy at 580k?? Got Bont coming in as well.. but its a lot of coin being spent.


he is worth it, but unfortunately i can't afford that this year. i'm like Pieman, will be shopping in the Bargin Bins

Baggy Pants

Both round 11 bye players how does it fit your structure?


Bye structure is fine, I'm losing the same round players with each. also next week i'll still have enough to bring in a dusty with a down grade or two


There is no way we can pay that kind of cash and make all our upgrades this year. Prioritise Bont due to lack of C options.


Best Defender under 500k? Have Lloyd and JJ already


Rance just ahead of Shaw


Am I better to go J Lloyd or Doc currently have Simpson Howe and Laird so leaning towards doc as I can see him being top 3 defender whereas Lloyd is another 5-8 defender and already have simpson and howe in that role, so don't want too many of them. Would be much appreciated Community


Go Doc for sure if you can, im a bit worried about Lloyd's output once Mcveigh gets back into the swing of things


Another debutant Daniel Lloyd $117k midfielder for GWS, mature age, kicks goals.


Wouldn't be going any GWS rookies early. If at all. Major JS issues


Agreed, still iffy on Myers. (Going early)


Sweating bullets, what time are teams anounced?






Treloar out!!! Is he time to go?


Not yet … after 1 week's rest he will come back better …. we will get 4 more games out of him before the Bye … and you will need them to cover the Byes and to save trades … I'd assess then and if he has spudded then change him out for R13.

neil demons delight

pretty good advice to Declan I think I will take it on board some good feedback on this forum well done

Captain Risky

Ankle!? Kicking the ball sideways too often??

Captain Risky

Fisher back for the blues- something at least.


Them = him


Ross the toss at it again
Balic out.

Stewart and Newman in (extended bench)
Fisher also back

The rooks have appeared.


Everyone bagging out Parsons but Black has been dropped and not him!

On another note I hate Adam Treloar. Why did I pick him again?? Have to hold I think – but very frustrated.


Why does everyone say we must keep Treloar,oh yes he's a premo,but if you look at his scores is he?He is no longer in my team by the way.


Woo hoo, Fisher can cover Treloar (groan).
Might be able to stick to trade plans for once.
Told ya Murdoch would get dropped, pleb.

neil demons delight

thinking of getting rid of him never side swapped a premium but treloar has worn me out. Plenty good options Adams for one… Just cant see him getting better.. if I do trade pendles or adams




Trade treloar if it's the only was of getting Bont in?


Yes and don't look back.


Wow lots of great ins!

Newman stuart fisher

And imagine my surprise when parsons keeps his place but black is dropped…wow lol

Top Gun

Newman and stewart on extended bench. Dont start cheering yet!



Trealor & Beams benched. Was culling Otten & hHampton.



Is Merrett a lock?






Im bringing him in this week. Great value.


Got Houston, Hampton and Otten. Thinking of hampton to a rookie mid or def and Otten up to Adams. Will cover Houston with parsons. Thoughts on whether i should keep otten and upgrade Houston to yeo instead of Andy to Adams? What rookie should i get in? Berry, Melican, Myers? maybe even fisher?


Yeo and berry


what does preuss have to do to get a game..


Murder todd goldstein


That answer actually made me laugh out loud


I reckon Goldie's got a lot to with him not getting a game, in the Coach's ear I mean, doesn't want the kid stealing his thunder again. He's just gonna have to wait.


Trade Treloar or Hampton

Berry or Williamson on feild


Hampton and Williamson


Agree Hampton and Williamson