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NRL Supercoach Round 9 – Careful Planning Part 2

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It’s probably a good idea to give extra thought to your trades this week.

We need to juggle a number of factors when looking at the next eight weeks of our SuperCoach season. Not only are certain players becoming more appealing, but we also need to decide which gun performers we need to add to our roster. A handful of players have just been added to our radars and we’ll need to find the funds to bring them in.

Decision Time

  • A number of patient coaches have held on to Johnathan Thurston as he sat the last three weeks on the sideline. Well, further bad news has emerged with the Cowboys’ super star set to miss the two weeks prior to Origin 1. This is by no means confirmed as he seems to be on a week by week basis.

I must admit it’s hard to justify holding on to JT at this stage. He’s likely to play just four of the next nine rounds and his break even of 110 means we should be able to bring him in at a discounted price for the run home. The $449k could be spent on one of the top tier bye players; or for you head to head players – a bottomed out Gun.

  • We need to be careful when it comes to fielding our round ten sides this week. It’s annoying when popular SC players miss just one or two weeks as it isn’t worth trading them out of our sides. David Nofoaluma (in doubt with a knee complaint but named in the Tigers’ seventeen), Josh Dugan (fractured cheekbone), Josh Papalii (disciplinary) and Jesse Bromwich (suspension) all fit this profile and could cost our teams decent points.

It’s not really a big deal if you own just one of these players but you should consider trading in an alternative if you’re unlucky enough to have two or more. I wouldn’t recommend trading out Nofo or Papa but you could maybe upgrade Kaufusi or Frankenstein to counter the potential loss.

The Controversial

Nathan Brown ($419.7k FRF/2RF) is slowly growing in popularity due to his consistency and impressive base output. He has perfect bye coverage, an average over 60 PPG and dual position status. The issue over the past three weeks is his price, which has rocketed to over $400k ($100k more than his round four price tag).  Is it worth paying $420k for his services?

The Verdict: How can we say no such a bye friendly player with the stats of a keeper? Less than 3% of coaches owned Brown in round nine but it’s unsure how much longer he’ll be considered a POD. This is fairly irrelevant though; POD or not, Brown ticks all the boxes at this stage of the season. A huge ‘well done’ to those who took the punt at an earlier stage. He’s a BUY (this week or next).

Cameron Munster ($411.2k FB/CTW) will be among the most traded in players this week. He has a break even of 50 and will be available for the final two big bye rounds. Should we be worried about his potential while playing in the halves?

The Verdict: Keep in mind that Munster should cover Slater at fullback for rounds 15 and 18 if Slater plays a part in Origins two and three. I have to be honest, Munster won’t be in my side this season but he’s far from a poor SC choice while playing in the halves. My concern is what benefits he’ll bring to my team. Yes, he’ll more than likely produce respectable scores but he’s no guarantee to gain keeper status. If you have your heart set on Munster, I’d recommend bringing him for the bye period and offloading him before the run home. Otherwise, don’t feel nervous about giving him a miss this season. 

Jarrod Croker ($354.2k CTW) is an extremely controversial option due to his run of average scores. Head to head players will be all over him this week as the Raiders are up against the Knights. Overall players also have Croker on the brain as it’s hard to believe he’s now available for just $354k. Are we letting his 2016 performance influence our decision?

The Verdict: By no means is Croker a viable choice when it comes to bye coverage. The Raiders play just one of the three big bye rounds. He’s simply become more attractive this week due to his next opponent and he’s availability for round 12. His scores have been slightly affected by the Raiders favouring the Leipana combo on the right edge and he’s currently scoring below 50 points more times than not. Now don’t get me wrong, he’ll probably score well this weekend and you’ll be able to offload him for a profit if you’re not planning to keep him for the run home. My issue with Croker is he’s yet to prove he’s a SuperCoach keeper for 2017 and his run through the bye period/closing rounds isn’t exactly easy. He may not be a high risk option but I’d be looking elsewhere unless you’re going to use him as a stepping stone.

Matt Frawley ($144.1k FE/HB) should now be in the starting side for at least five week with Josh Reynolds sidelined with a hamstring injury. He’s showing some incredible potential but we also know he’s capable of low scores. Is it worth trading him in?

The Verdict: We don’t really have anything to lose if we’re looking for a cheap option in the halves. He’s only around $30k more than bottom dollar and he’ll boost your round 12 numbers. Just be wary that he isn’t guaranteed to make decent coin; he currently has a BE of 39 and the Bulldogs have some tough opponents over the next five weeks. Trade him in if you’re looking for a cheap half but don’t go out of your way to fit him into your side.

Team List Tuesday

Matt Frawley named as Josh Reynolds’ replacement

Adam Elliot named on the bench

Coen Hess named on the bench

Taane Milne named on the wing

Braidon Burns named in the seventeen

Corey Harawira-Naera named on the bench

Tohu Harris returns from injury and is named on the bench

Morgan Boyle named on the bench (cheapie playing his third game)

Latrell Mitchell named in the centres

Bevan French returns from injury and is named on the extended bench


Matt Frawley to average under 50 PPG over the next five weeks

Cody Walker to repay his loyal owners with a 70+ game against the Tigers this weekend

Jarrod Croker to score 80+ against the Knights this weekend

That’s it for this week,  feel free to leave your comments below, or

Twitter : @CKings_Cowboy

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Brown for Hess?


Carmichael hunt would work


For coke


I like it Westy. I got Brown myself this week and Hess has lost some appeal now


Finally got a loophole to work with S Burgess.
Ended up going with Gallen for Vaughan (oops), and Elliott for Hess (also an oops based on this weeks scores).
Brown next week.


Did anyone have Norman, d walker, leilua, Tedesco, Johnson, CHN, all on field???

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