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NRL Supercoach Round 9 – A Well-Earned Break

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I think we’ve all deserved a well-earned break after a unique start to the SuperCoach season.

The best advice I can give all the SuperCoaches out there is to give your brain a rest from the hectic schedule that is the SuperCoach season. There’s no point contemplating your round ten trades at this stage. A number of things can happen over the representative round and your original trades could change completely. Take advantage of the week off by watching some representative footy with a cold one.

Now to completely contradict my last point, I’m going to return to my regular overview of buys, holds and sells.

Get Rid Of ‘Em

The bye period is a few weeks away so it’s time to identify who’ll be of minimal use to our teams. A handful of players have been slowly generating cash since the opening rounds of the season and there’s a chance we could swap them for a more bye friendly options.

  • 12% of Frank Winterstein ($305.8k 2RF) owners gave up on the second rower through the opening eight rounds of the season. He’s generated around $130k but it seems his services won’t be required for much longer. The Sea Eagles have their bye weeks in rounds 12 and 15 and Winterstein isn’t expected to generate significant value. It’s time to go.
  • Jarrod Wallace ($365.2k FRF/2RF) has been one of the more beneficial SuperCoach forwards. Not only has he been averaging close to 60 PPG prior to last week’s HIA affected performance, he’s also earned his owners $113k since round three. The Titans will play just one of the three big bye rounds and Wallace will start hovering around the same price tag (give or take $20k) with a break even of 82. It isn’t a poor decision to hold Wallace but I feel your money can now be better spent elsewhere.

The Controversial

  • Felise Kaufusi ($439k FRF) has been a surprise package throughout the opening rounds of the season. He’s made a whopping $246k for his owners and he’s averaging the same as some of the players we consider keepers. Many coaches are now considering spending his $439k elsewhere. Is this a wise move?

The Verdict: The short answer is no. In fact, the pros considerably outweigh the cons when it comes to keeping Kaufusi until round 19. The Storm’s byes land on rounds 12 and 19 but they’re available for the final two big bye rounds. Unless you’re a head to head player you’ll want a high averaging player like Kaufusi in your seventeen through this period. Even head to head players will benefit from having him but significantly less than those chasing a respectable overall rank. The only thing we need to keep in mind is that his average has been boosted by a number of attacking stats in recent weeks; but this can be easily monitored. We need to remember that Kaufusi is averaging 61 PPG and his breakeven this week is 60. Why are we panicking?  

  • Jarryd Hayne ($272.7k FE/FB) will play his third game back from injury against the Storm in round 10. He seems to have regained his hunger for the game and has shown impressive form with his two 70+ games in recent weeks. Is it time to bring him into our sides or are we simply jumping the gun?

The Verdict: I can completely understand why some coaches would be put off by the thought of having Hayne in their sides. He didn’t exactly raise too many heads when he returned to the NRL and his opening two rounds this season weren’t spectacular. Well, I think we may have been a little unfair with our premature judgement.

His hunger and involvement over the past two weeks has been nothing short of epic. I don’t know about you but I can see signs of the Jarryd Hayne of old. He isn’t afraid to run the ball and he realises the effectiveness of his off-the-cuff plays. This will lead to one thing – SC points. Tackle busts, line breaks, assists and tries are all on the cards when Hayne has the ball. We need to be careful though; the trade situation will be completely different if you’re considering holding off on getting Hayne into your side.

He currently has a break even of -23 and can be picked up for the tantalising price of $272k. Ignore the fact that he’s up against the Storm in round 10; he’s already scored an impressive 72 points against the Sharks in round eight. This shows what he’s capable of against a good defensive side. The Titans may not have the best bye coverage but Hayne’s DPP status will make it easier to shuffle players around. Take advantage of this situation.

  • Adam Elliott ($207k 2RF) will be one of the more popular trade-ins for round 10. This is a very unique situation as he isn’t your typical trade candidate. Elliott has scored under 30 points in two thirds of his appearances but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

The Verdict: Elliott was named as part of the Bulldogs’ round nine starting side and scored a couple of tries to boost his score to 93 points. If we look at his opening eight rounds his output is very poor, but we need to remember his minutes haven’t been consistent coming from the bench. Yes, his PPM has been disappointing but really, what’s the worst that can happen if we trade him in?

He currently has a break even of -23 which means there’s no chance he’ll be losing value throughout the bye period. He’ll be available for two of the three big bye rounds (including round 12) and he’ll probably be part of the starting side with Klemmer and Jackson both being likely Origin candidates. In a nutshell, he’s a low risk option that’ll prove beneficial for your team. Get him in.

  • Cody Walker ($418.7k FE/FB) has been a popular talking point among the community. His lowest score through the opening six rounds was 59 but he now has a three round average of 42. Some Walker owners are now concerned with his 109 break even and are considering trading him out.

The Verdict:  I’m going to keep this very simple. Coaches that don’t own him should hold off until round 12. You’ll be able to get him at a discounted price and we’ll know whether he’s somehow made the Origin team (unlikely). Walker owners simply need to hold. There’s no point trading out a player of Walker’s calibre with perfect bye coverage. Be Patient!

We’ll take a look at some more candidates next week. It’ll be interesting to see how the representative round affects our future trades.

How are your numbers looking for the bye rounds?

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Nice work, Coach.

corey stivey

Thoughts on buddy and nankervis straight swap?


Dude, this is the NRL thread.

Put them both in the front row. 😉

Corey Stivey

Haha crud. Cheers mate


Going Elliott for sure.


Anyone know Stones B/E?


Well nice posting


Great one post thanks for this post,,