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SuperCoach RD6: The Heroes, The Villains, The Damned.

Published by Jock on


He has risen.

The resurrection is complete and the messiah has come back to life.

Gary Ablett’s majestic performance on Saturday night will go down as one of the greatest individual performances the AFL has ever seen.

Many had written him off as a spent SuperCoach force, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes he has levitated back to significance – gracefully registering a heavenly 210 SC points.

The statistics are mind-blowing: 45 touches – 26 kicks and 19 handballs. 27 contested possessions. 18 clearances. 9 tackles. 1 goal. All at 80% efficiency.

Such was this performance that he has been elevated past Hero status this week to a new title: God.

Gary’s exceptional outing masked what was a dismal round in general for many SuperCoaches. While the odd premo fired, many more failed miserably. Coaches were doing well to pass 2000. It was a bloody horror show.  

The Heroes

Scott Pendlebury (149 SC) could have easily featured as a Redeemer but his epic score means he is above that. He described last week’s performance as his worst game in 10 years and boy did he a make amends. Had 33 touches and nine tackles which propelled him to a colossal total. Fellow Pie Taylor Adams (120 SC) also helped the Woods to a clinical victory over a poor Geelong.  

Righto, I’m going to say it *clears throat*… Elliott Yeo (150 SC) should be considered as a premium forward option. In typical Yeo-Yeo style, he rebounded impressively after a down match last week. Had 32 touches, 14 marks, 6 tackles at 84% efficiency. His kick to handball ratio was outstanding.    West Coast team-mates Josh Kennedy (141 SC and 6 goals), Jeremy McGovern (121 SC) and Matt Priddis (120 SC) were also in splendid form as the Eagles routed the Dockers in the derby. Lachie Neale (122 SC) was the only player who could hold his head high for Fremantle.

Do we have a bolter here for a defensive premo keeper? Dylan Roberton (149 SC) has been in exhilarating touch so far this season, knocking out 4 tons in 6 matches for an overall average of 109. Should be strongly considered.  Speaking of standout defensive options, Blues duo Kade Simpson (148 SC) and Sam Docherty (149 SC) were exceptional in Carlton’s shock win over the Swans. GWS’ Zac Williams (120 SC) is another throwing his hand up to be considered in this area.

Rory Sloane (140 SC) continues to be the highest scoring player in SuperCoach and helped the Crows to a big win over Richmond. Fellow Rory, of the Laird variety, also had a prolific game (122 SC) while Adelaide team-mate Tom Lynch (121 SC) joined in on the party as well.

Big men Callum Sinclair (142 SC), Ben McEvoy (125 SC) and Ben Brown (122 SC) enjoyed decent games for their respective sides, but there’s no doubt there are better options out there.

Port duo Charlie Dixon (150 SC) and Chad Wingard (127 SC) were the two that most benefited from the Power’s demolition of Brisbane, with Wingard in particular providing some SC relevance as POD up forward.

The Villains

Highly-rated Geelong duo Patrick Dangerfield (65 SC) and Joel Selwood (73 SC) were bloody terrible in their side’s second-rate loss to Collingwood. With few decent loophole VC options, many coaches had the C on Danger, and to a lesser extent Selwood, and they failed miserably, letting thousands down in the process. With Dangerfield’s dip in form in 2017, it has become a scary proposition that we no longer have a gun perma-captain to fall back on this season. It will make things very interesting in the coming weeks.

Freo leaders Nat Fyfe (62 SC) and David Mundy (61 SC) failed to stand up as their side fell to a West Coast blitzkrieg. They will both be eager to rebound next week. Popular Collingwood picks Brodie Grundy (82 SC) and Adam Treloar (72 SC) also left their coaches with rather large underpant stains.

Brisbane were insipid against Port and SC relevant selections Tom Rockliff (52 SC), Dayne Beams (66 SC), Dayne Zorko (68 SC) and Stef Martin (68 SC) all had games they would rather forget. Todd Goldstein (77 SC) and Jarrod Witts (73 SC) rucked against each other on Saturday night and were both substandard. One difference, though. One costed nearly 600K at the start of the season, the other a bit over 200K.

The curious case of Tobias Greene (92 SC) continues. Going by recent evidence, it appears as though he’s a bit of a dick on the field. Or in Rugby League terms, a “grub”. A couple pretty ordinary acts will see him suspended for at least 1-2 weeks. Definitely worth holding if you’re an owner, though. Some were flirting with the idea of bringing team-mate Jeremy Cameron (56 SC) into their sides. He proved on the weekend this is a bad idea.

Toby Nankervis (68 SC) was one of the many Tigers that disappointed against a rampant Adelaide, but we will let him off due to his outstanding previous form so far this season. Jason Johannisen (65 SC) and Bernie Vince (63 SC) both had off games and fell further in our thinking as defensive keepers.

The Redeemers

Of course, Shaun Higgins (121 SC) comes back after missing a week and bangs out a decent score. He just loves toying with his coaches, does Higgo. Full credit to him for coming back with a bang. Finally, Jack Steele (116 SC) had a game to remember. Unlike previous matches, he did not sit back and rest on his laurels after couple of good passages of play. Was consistent the entire match and was one of the Saints’ best in their demolishment of the Hawks. Could this be the start of something big?

Giants Heath Shaw (111 SC) rewarded his loyal owners with a nice ton, while Dylan Shiel (104 SC) was better of a lacklustre season so far.

The Prodigies

Ironically the trio that many coaches would have chopped the past few weeks in Will Hoskin-Elliott (125 SC), Sam Powell-Power (97 SC) and Tim Taranto (86 SC) registered excellent returns in their respective matches.

Bomber Andrew McGrath (89 SC) looks like he is worth keeping for another few weeks, while Docker Cam McCarthy (78 SC) continued his resurgence as a SC forward. Harley Balic (78 SC) and Blake Hardwick (77 SC) provided their owners with superb scores on the bubble.

Most of the Carlton rookies enjoyed excellent days out in their upset win over Sydney, with Sam Petrevski-Seton (78 SC), Tom Williamson (71 SC) and Caleb Marchbank (69 SC) posting respectable scores. Those who traded in Zac Fisher (38 SC) would have been disappointed as he gathered just 11 possessions. The Sydney youngsters didn’t fare as well as their Carlton rivals. Nic Newman (59 SC) was quiet on his return, while Lewis Melican (54 SC) and Will Hayward (47 SC) were also below par.

Dan Houston (51 SC) couldn’t cash in on Port’s instrumental victory over Brisbane, while Lions Jarrod Berry (62 SC) and Huge McCluggage (19 SC) did their best to stem the flow. Young Kangaroos Kayne Turner (61 SC), Ed Vickers-Willis (58 SC) and Jy Simpkin (28 SC) did not stand out against Gold Coast and neither did Sun Jack Bowes (55 SC).

Melbourne’s Mitch Hannan (53 SC) will be lucky to keep his place in the side when Jesse Hogan comes back while Essendon’s Ben McNiece (48 SC) was OK in his second game. West Coast’s Kurt Mutimer (21 SC) looked a little overwhelmed by the Western Derby in his first match. He’s got limited job security so I would steer clear anyway.  

Tom Stewart (68 SC) was the best of the Geelong rookies in their surprise loss to Collingwood, while Aaron Black (48 SC) and Brandon Parfitt (41 SC) would not have been satisfied with their performances.

Now Josh Jenkins is back in the Adelaide side, I have serious concerns about the scoring capacity of Andy Otten (61 SC). He has been an absolute champion in our backlines but there are doubts as to whether he can keep it up no JJ is back. Curtly Hampton (41 SC) couldn’t back up last week’s solid game while Tiger Daniel Butler (54 SC) will have a decent break even this week after a low score.

The Damned

Those who have been loyally holding onto Hawks pair Jaeger O’Meara (39 SC) and Jarryd Roughead (64 SC) must offload them immediately. Their extended break away from the game has taken its toll and they have not at all been themselves this season. Their team-mates Jack Gunston (43 SC) and Josh Gibson (49 SC) were also horrid. They all need to go.

Sydney’s Callum Mills (63 SC) is certainly not a defensive keeper, while those who traded in Brandon Matera (59 SC) two weeks ago were let down by a second straight mediocre score.

How did you go this week, Community?

 Twitter: @CarlPfeiffer9

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Bock Choy

On Saturday, in these hallowed pages, I 'fessed up to enraging the Gods and suffering an appalling Captain's run as a result, culminating with Fyfe's substandard 62. This confession seems to have appeased Them as I was blessed with big scores from Pendles, WHE, Adams and Laird while also benefiting from the low scores from Dangerwood.

1957 is not great but it is a lot better than I was looking at on Saturday night.


Ablett captain 10 minutes before his game. best.decision.ever


You stiff trouserd genius mother f*cker.


Decision of the season thus far. Brilliant


Fyfe over Doch VC last second
Danger over Laird C last second
Some people just have luck


*great captain picking skills


Bont was also a hero, saved me putting the C on Danger!



Happy Gilmore theme.

The SC gods have spoken. If you were sitting in your recliner, whiskey in hand, smoking a cigar feeling pretty good about your team and for those of us with the little master would have had a grin from ear to ear Saturday night. Most would be sitting on 1,200 to 1,400 with maybe nine to come and either Captain Danger or Selwood. How good is this? How big is the score going to be Sunday night? The SC gods response. I will strike down thee with furious anger as I hate smugness. It was the Sunday straight out of hell. No one was spared, rookies, premos, middies didn’t matter. Whack.

By the end of the day it was the SC gods with the smile. Lesson learnt. It aint over until the SC gods decide it’s over. How does your score look now? If you made it 2,000 it was a good effort with a 2,200 breaking into the top 1,000 scores for the week. Such was the shite that was dished up yesterday. Pendles was exceptional but we all knew he would bounce back and is still a very tempting trade in target at under $580k. Sloane took the title of #1 midfielder.

Some extremely close games in the happy place where if you scored 2,000 you won except if you were Rick or I. When the dust had settled the winners were:


LEK2,036 Def TRIGGER HAPPY 2,029
INPieman 2,093 Def Billy 1,921
SC Addict 1,985 Def Neilsdemonsdelights 1,883
Dontblushbaby 1,973 Def Shake n Bake 1,921
Patch 1,899 Def BVC 1,791
Tophawk 2,012 Def Rick Grimes 2,012
Swans2012 2,020 Def Kev 1,876
Mo 1,992 Def Jock 1,940

• As I said if you scored over 2,000 you generally had a win expect for poor old Rick who lost by 2 points to Tophawk and myself who lost by 7 stinking points to LEK. LEK did have Ablett, JJK and Simmo as PODs! If only … nah we don’t deal in “if only’s” congrats LEK.
•Addict remains the only undefeated team at the top of the ladder with the rest of the 8 one game behind separated only by percentage.
•To put this into perspective “the shiteness” of yesterday. Last week Neil punched out a mammoth 2,395. This week 1,883. That is a 500 point swing in a week. This is how easily it can turn in this game!

League ranking now sits at 88.

Biggest drop in Price
Josh Jenkins – $57.1k. Danger just missed the embarrassment of being named here.

And the award goes to: (lowest scoring premo – starting price > $480k) and not injured during game
Ben Cunnington – 34 SC points

Jock has also set up a JR community Group where any team can join and compete against one another under groups:
Overall JR Group Leaders:
Well done Brendan still leading the way – Team Sheeds leading all and sundry community group members with an overall rank of 16!
Must have avoided all the turds that were dropped on the freshly cut Sunday lawn.

Hopefully one of this great community can be standing on the winner’s dais at the end of the year!
Good luck to all.

neil Demons Delight

Thanks for the mention trig enjoyed that what a week to forget 7 and 2 points wow Still mate got to stick to your guns and original structures. Panic trading whether in or out would be the wrong way to go.. one trade for me Parfitt who was going this week to a former burnman of mine YEO .Still have faith but forwards have too many rooks Parfitt butler BALIC eddy too many good luck cheers mate


Come on Barron, Sub 1800! I don't think I'll trust your articles ever again

Brett H

Great write up again Carlos!!

Didn't see the incident, but will Nank get suspended.

I would prefer to double downgrade this week whilst there are a few options (EVW, Melican, Black, Parsons, McNiece), but may have to get either S Martin or Grundy this week to cover Nank (even though they have high break evens).

Also, can anyone see any decent downgrade options for the week after (round 8)?


Reckless and high. Could get a week. His good record and the fact Mackay only had a blood nose might save him… I hope


Might b on bubble in 9 not 8 but I reckon Myers would be bloody close especially with the couple of quick turnarounds for bombers


Nank 1 week, Greene 2.


It's going to be an interesting Team meeting at the firing range this week! Great stuff Carlos. Nailed it. Love the God status inclusion


Hope you visited the local ammunation recently.


I'd suggest there's going to be a lot of rage induced shots fired all over the joint this week


Looking fwd to that one Pieman.


At this stage I'll be calling the lads in tomorrow morning


So thinking of trading Parfitt to Pendles and Marchbank up to T.Adams… thoughts??




24 Carat Gold options, do it!


Very good trades.


Ottens would be better to get out won't score high much anymore. His Be is highest in defence and plus marchbank averages 60-70 so will still go up


Peddles is a bit pricy don't ya rhink

Top Gun

Pendles breakeven is 124. If he another big match the lower price now you will never see again this season


Like it.


Wines very fortunate to not get mentioned! Brought the prick in this week haha

All hail King Gary!


O'Meara > Yeo
Otten > Hibberd
~50k left

Good trades? Pendlebury was the other I considered but doesn't work as well with byes.


Looking forward to the Hibberd discussion this week


How big a problem is buddy and JPK? Holding but very concerned.


I'd hold. JPK is a gun and Buddy drops cash from his starting price every year before bouncing back.

Choo chok

What's pendles BE?

The Numbers Man

131, try using too. I find their BE's more accurate


123 on the actual Supercoach site.


Who should bring in for 495k? need a forward or a defender


At the moment trades are


Plenty of defenders to choose from. Simpson, Lloyd, McGovern, Shaw and Rance all under $495K at the moment.


Yeah, agree with jez. Add Hibberd to that list if you want to save a bit of coin.


Bring in Shaw, Simpson or Hibberd?


All 3


What order you reckon Flub?


I'd have shaw first myself


Simpson first his Be will be low and he is a bargain


I'd take them in the order you listed them, Dice


Simpson, could wait a week with Heater since he has a higher breakeven


Looking like Parsons likely to come in for Parfitt this week, meaning he'll be on the bubble.
The thing is that I need defence rookies and not forward ones.

Should I this week bring in:
Parsons for Butler + Hampton for a Premo Defender (preferably sub 500k)
EVW for Otten (meaning Hampton or Stewart on field) + Butler for Pendles

If I choose the first option I will get Pendles next week.


I'd go option one Zac.

Not sold on the bubble boys this round. Parsons probably the best of a bad bunch. Problem seems to be most of us are still starting the likes of Otten and Hampton down back. I wouldn't feel confident trading both out for a premo and a Melican, McNiece or EVW. Wouldn't be confident starting any of them. Same with Black up fwd. I really think if you haven't got Hardwick or Balic, play the extra coin and get them. I'm thinking that way with Balic (got Hardwick last week). More confident starting those two than the new bubble boys. Started Hardwick over Butler on the weekend.

Top Gun

Not sure you want to burn Butler with only 47 BE but my choice would be Option 2 as Ottens breakeven is much less than Hampton. Pendles might get 10k less but he might score big this week too.


Another awful score of 1939 with terrible output from Danger (Captain stain-pants), Fyfe, Treloar, Nank, Otten & Houston.

Would love to get Gaz in but would have to offload Buddy, and not sure that's worth the punt.

23 trades & $44k. The obvious trade looks to be..

1. Hampton & Parfitt to Hibberd (Melb) & Black.

Or do I bite the bullet and go…

2. Buddy & Parfitt to Ablett & Black?

Buddy has been ordinary and leaking cash. Black worries me with JS. But Parfitt injured, so he may survive a few weeks to make cash.

With Option 1, I get Hibberd before cash rise and lock him into D4. Black goes to the bench at F7.

With Option 2, mids go close to full premo, within M.Crouch at M8. But I lose DPP from mids and put SPP on the bench. Forwards then look shaky with Nank at F2 and his risk of suspension. Rookies sitting at F3 to 6 (Houston, Butler, Ballic & Black). F7/8 become Pickett & Eddy.

Option 1, 2 or Hold?

neil Demons Delight

awful trades rivo Hampton still got more in him Hibberd not convinced IT would be good to get god in but Buddy will come good my F6 to come my opinion hold but must offload Parfitt maybe to Black good luck mate this is where it starts with good trading cheers


I definitely wouldn't be doing Option 2 Rivo. Black at F6 yuck, and not too keen on starting Butler again. Richmond have the Dogs this week. Hold Franklin.

Agree with Neil, could hold Hampton one more week. I don't believe Black is a "must have" either. Otten could be the better trade out option if wanting to offload one of those Crows. But it really depends what your bench looks like. I'd have no confidence starting any of these DEF Bubble Boys.

Maybe hold for now. See what MRP throws up, see what the teams are on Thursday and then re-assess. I find myself going batty looking at trades this early in the week. All the hard work can be out the window come 6:25PM Thursday.


Agree t_woof. I'm going crazy already. Bench set up at the moment is below. 2 x injuries and a a couple or non playing…

D: Hampton, Stewart
M: Pickett, Barrett, Fisher
R: Strnadica
F: Parfitt, Eddy.


Tough one. Need to offload Parfitt, with Parsons probably the likely best option. But then breaks the DPP.

Could always pay a little extra for Balic if you don't already have him. Retains that DPP rookie link.


Thoughts on this one? With Nank missing a week another dilemma and the need for 2 trades more pressing…

Option 4. Otten & Parfitt to Macrae & McNiece.

Gets another premo to Fwd line & can swing Hampton or Stewart to D6.


Nank, damn spanner in the works! Have him also, and looking to hold and cover with bench.

I don't know much about McNiece, but if you're happy with him then that option could be the go. Macrae sf definitely a top 6 forward, brought him in last week myself. Now 28K above starting price, isn't that much of a premium cost and comes with DPP. Hampton at D6 is fine.


What a wrap Carl.
beautifully done.

Case of the haves v the have nots this week

if u were on the right side of the ledger would have rocketed up through the rankings.


two trades up for hibberd and heeney?

or two down for say VW and Black?


keep in mind no good rookies for next week…


This was the kind of round that could shoot a person way up the rankings.

I was not that person.


yep went from 5900 odd to 709 great jump in rank.


I lost 9218 positions !


Need help guys

I have 67k in the bank which is just not enough to to a straight swap of marchbank to hibberd, I have Jobe Watson and wondering if I should downgrade him and then get hibberd for marchbank or downgrade marchbank and upgrade Watson to a premo, but this means I miss out on hibberd before his price rises. Help please


Responded to this on the Fat Chew Page KSinny.


thoughts on Michael hibberd

Real talk

Not a top 6 defender, everyone will jump on and live with his 80-85avg


seems to be playing a heath shaw like role at the demons tho

Real talk

Trust your gut, I'll be targeting proven premos personally. But it's tempting I'll give you that


Im tempted chief. He averaged 90+ in 2013 and 2014. At his price if he can average the same he will be relevant.
Just have a look at the defenders you dont have. I have 3 spots left in defense and dont have Doch, Adams, Simmo or Laird. I think he will average similar to Simpson but have a feeling he will need to average 100+ to compete with the other 3. Thats why i probably wont select him.


Wait a week and reassess. If he pumps out another 100, he only goes up $40k


I think it's wort the punt if you've nailed your Def premos already, you want him slipping into D6 no higher longterm @ 400k it's not a horrible move.

bob the builder

Upgrade Otten or downgrade Hampton??
Already going JOM>Pendles


I think Ottens maxed out Robert the builder


Perfect for you ottens to hibberd costs you 30k. Might be doing those two trades as well.


Downgrade Hampton to VW or McNice.


had enough of beams now he is driving me insane and i just cant see him averaging around 110 like i thought he would..
trade options are
keep beams and trade otten to shaw

or otten – hibberd, beams- martin

Real talk

Option 1. There's higher priorities than beams in your team. Use your head not your heart.


I don't really see that many rookies worth bringing in and with Newman, marchbank, often, Hampton, Stewart, Taranto, SPP, WHE still there aswell as Barrett I feel that these guys can generate me cash whilst I try upgrade elsewhere.. first sideways trade it would be

neil Demons Delight

real talk spot on mate


I'm in the same boat with Beams would only trade up to Sloane,pendles or Bont he will have the quiet games and score below 80 ,bottom side plus Rockliff and Zorko will average more.


Anyone know where the button is to delete your Supercoach team?


There isnt one.


Let me know if you find it!

Top Gun

It ok you're gonna lose anyway 😛


Who is decent on the bubble this week?
I've got JOM and need to bring in a fwd or mid.
Also, would you trade Vince out to a vickers Willis? Is he a fail? I need cash to get in a decent midfielder… Brought in Wines this week.. over it


I don't think any of them are decent this week Westy, Parsons the best of a bad bunch. Prefer paying extra for Balic or Hardwick.

I'd be holding Vince. Could not start EVW with any confidence whatsoever.

Top Gun

On the bubble Parsons, Black, Melican and McNeice. Very similar type players but would lean to Parsons or Black with Parfitt out for 3-4 wks


Dustin martin down to 538k… thoughts?

Booper dooper

Goes quiet too often for mine


3 sub 100 scores in a row. I've already got enough blokes giving me those scores


Great option. I'm looking at Pendles first and then my mids will be complete. If I already had Pendles I'd be looking at Dusty and Rockliff for sure.

Top Gun

Pendles for me this week too via DPP and Ottens.


Still capable of going huge just incosistent better options i like Robbie Gray at similar price his touches all quality and efficient but Dusty is still.a bargain


Two trades this week (pending selection committee on Thursday night):
Ed Vickers Willis in for Otten
Parsons in for Butler
Next week a double upgrade all going well 🙂


Silly trades mate because Otten still has a B/E of 55 with his average being 85
Same applies for Butler as he will still make you cash, however I can justify getting Black or Parsons for Butler. If u can afford Black over Parsons go Black.


Hampton to Hibberd? Or bring in one of Lloyd, Simpson, Docherty?
Have Laird and Adams


Simmo and Lloyd are exceptional value right now. I like Lloyd


Docherty is a must have but he's close to top price right now, I think Simpson's last season is a bit of an outlier expect a 95 ave not 105.
Jake Lloyd's consistency is impressive but hasn't shown any ceiling & you;'d think a 60 odd score isn't too far away another 95 averager.


Parsons, EVW, Black or Mcneice?


Def: McNiece, EDV. I think they're really close but McN just shades EVW because he's 20k cheaper
Fwd: Parsons, Black. Parsons already been flagged by Scott as coming straight back. A good sign


Im assuming parsons has added job security with Parfitt going down . It would have to help Blacks as well


Black might get dropped for Stanley who's been BOG in the VFL last 2 weeks.

The Nank

having the same problem. Dont see McNeice holding his spot for long


EVW didnt start in the side, do you think he can keep the spot?


Parsons if forced to choose. Don't really like the other three, wouldn't have any confidence starting them.

Don't mind the idea of paying extra for Hardwick or Balic.


None of them, last week was the week for rookies, this week is for upgrading.


Operation 'Get Pendles' is in action this week.

Out goes Marchbank and Parfitt for Melican/EVW/McNeice and Pendlebury. Then the VC tag is going straight to Pendles.


If you have Otten get rid of him instead, won't score high again in the position he is playing in. Marchbank is consistent and has a few weeks of making more money. Otten Be is higher than marchbank as well


Pendles has a 124 BE, operation get pendles is actually in effect next round.


Kinda understand waiting a week but for what realy?
For him to drop another 6k while scoring 110?
I mean the upside is that he is up against Carlton and me thinks he will feast again then ur paying 590k instead of 577k


I'd get him in if there weren't bubble boys and cheap defenders like Simpson set to go up 20K.


doesn't look like much downgrade wise next week,I reckon it might be a double down this week for me, then maybe a pendles and Shaw next week.

Top Gun

And if he scores 150?


If you have a look at his recent history vs Carlton, he's every chance to get that this week.


Looking at offloading Houston this week. 513k to play with. Liking Wingard's new midfield role. Article during the week read that he's effectively swapped roles with Gray. I was a big fan of Heeney in the preseason before he went down. 21 CBA's is a good sign of his "promised" role change of more midfield time.

Or i can go straight to the top and grab Yeo or JJK. Eagles have no more games at the 'G this year. They can both flat track bully all they want


I wasn't convinced with Heeney in preseason but after Sydney's start they desperately need him in the midfield so I actually brought him in first week back, he looks a lock for top10 forwards if not top 6.
I'm monitoring Wingard till after his early bye.

Real talk

Stand by your premos


Hello Community,

Tough round just passed, and decisions to be made.

My team-

Def – Simpson, Shaw, Touhy, Otten, Hampton, Newman, Marchbank, Hibberd (Nth)
Mid – Pendles, Danger, Oliver, T.Mitchell, Fyfe, Kennedy, Beams, Hannebery, SPP, Barrett, Fisher
Rucks – Martin, Sandilands, Strnadica
Fwd – Dahlhaus, Macrae, Butler, Parfitt, Hardwick, Balic, Hannan, Eddy

Cash $266,700

My dilemma is that my forward-line needs the most upgrading, but most of the guys I had considered as upgrade targets have not impressed (Buddy, Greene – week off, JJK – hot or cold).

Whereas my upgrade plan for the defense is so much clearer, with guys like Laird, T.Adams & Rance all seemingly good upgrade targets.

This means I am considering upgrading the likes of Marchbank & Hampton, instead of Parfitt & Butler.

I would appreciate your thoughts, on my plan to strengthen my defense in coming weeks, whilst fielding 4 rookies in the forward-line (hopefully generating cash), or is there a more even approach I should be taking.

If I saw the forward-line top 8 or 10 players more clearly I would probably take an even approach of upgrading both lines at a similar pace.


Parfitt to buddy.


I would paint the fence by trading out Parfitt for Parsons this week (if he's named) and then upgrade Marchbank to a defensive premium. This means you can then perform another upgrade next week without needing to chop another rookie.


Laird is a must have your correct forward line needs lot's of work get Parsons if he's named and offload Parfitt then keep generating cash for warchest to tade in anothet premium forward

Jai Paynter

My thoughts are make the money where its at and take the points where they are at.
So it doesn't matter if you have 4 rookies in the fwd and none in the def, or 2 in each. Either way you've still got 4 rookies.
The fwd line might become clearer in time

The Nank

omeara to penddle & otten to hibberd


Nice moves


Hold Otten, wield the axe on Pendles. Hibberd is not a must have yet


hampton to EVW

D swallow to tom mitchell ??


Real talk

32 BE for hampton. Too soon to jump off imo considering he has cracked the ton.


Im aware of that but EVW is on the bubble…


I like it


Problem is that 100 looks to be an anomaly among crap scores. Otten can take contested marks and kick a goal, which is equal to about a half of hampton's game sometimes.


Like both trades. Would be nice if EVW kicked the ball more (2 kicks & 12 handballs last weekend)


Any good DEF rookie downgrade options heading our way soon? Would it be better to upgrade Otten or Marchbank to T.Adams

Jai Paynter

I'm pulling the pin on marchbank


I'd move Marchbank before Otten.

Vicker-Wills for Nth is probably the best cheap defensive rookie.

Dean Billman



Parfitt and Otten to Parsons and Shaw.
Leaves me with five upgrades, one def, two mids and two fwds.


I have a feeling that will be a popular set of trades Hedski. Looks good to me

Jai Paynter

Bring in Docherty, Simpson, Roberton, Adams, or other?


Of those four I would go Docherty, Adams, Roberton and then Simpson


Have you considered Michael Hibberd from Melb, he has averaged in the 90's in past years, and started well after 18 months off, his on the bubble, and wont be cheaper. Bit of a risk, but could provide plenty of reward.

Alternately I would select Taylor Adams, but his price will dip a little after next week, so perhaps wait a week. Simpson is also huge value.


Do we need more time to look at Heeney BE 73


We know what Heeney brings, Sydney will lift, and start playing better football, Heeney will be a part of the improvement.

No need to wait.


And the swans draw is pretty good up to the byes
Surely they'll get some wins


I've been saying that since rnd 2. Still waiting


good for their opposition.

EVERYONE thought they would beat Carlton.

The lions are looking like good things to me, even away from home. I'm not touching any sydney premiums until they show something as a team.


Swans have no structure. It's almost every single player doesn't know where his role is or what position to play in

Top Gun

Surely its time for JPK to show something this week?


Any love for Dylan Robertson? I can get him with a Marchbank trade but would have to trade Otten to get Docherty.



He had a good year in 2015, with 5 scores of 110+, but also 4 scores of below 70.

Capable of high scores, but lacks consistency in output that you can get at his price from Laird, Adams, Rance, Simpson, etc


What a POD. The question is can he keep it up


Missed the bus, save $50k and go Simpson/Lloyd or more by going Rance


heaps of love, but missed the boat.


Just did:
WHE> Parsons and Parfitt > Balic

Got 390k in bank to upgrade swallow to anyone i want next week.



Why are you getting rid of WHE just pumped out 120+ and has breakeven of 30.


Too early on Hoskin Elliott still money to be made and balic ship sailed last week

Try trade parfitt down to parsons if he's back


Whatever you had in your coffee this morning please send some my way Adam


Don't mind the Balic option for the extra price as this weeks bubble boys look ordinary. But hell, don't be trading out WHE bro!


Pendles next week for Swallow. As stated trade someone else for Parsons.

neil Demons Delight

who is the first prem to get in given their price and their future price rise..Pendles Shaw Simmo God yeo were all good on the weekend though we cant have all of them this week by not selecting one could put that player out of reach.All are at bargain prices the one that stands out to me is Pendlebery.. He like the others will rise but he will give you fantastic points ..the others wont they will be more up and down than pendles have a look at his sc history .I think he is a must have this week and hope the others flounder


Simpson and then Ablett.


Pendlebury B/E 124




Thoughts on bring in ablett and trading out beams?


Personally I'd work on getting my team to full premium before trading Beams out.




Don't go bus chasing


See how gazza looks after his bye.

Top Gun

Watches the boat sail past…..


Who's everyone getting
Vickers-Willis or Melican?
Black or Parsons?

Who's everyone trading
Otten or Hampton?
Butler or Houston?


Won't be going anywhere near the DEF bubble boys.


Hampton and Houston.


And McNeice

I'm done

This year has been the messiest year in all of supercoach history.
I'll be going into hibernation this year.
See you all again in 2018


It's rough out there.


I feel ya bro but hang in there. This season is as difficult a season as I can recall, but it's a marathon, not a sprint. Frankly, some of the weekly round winning SC teams have been what I would consider SC abortions, that no-one in their right mind would have picked! The worm will turn, and adherence to trade discipline will right the ship. Best of luck with it mate!


Thanks Guys for the feedback on my team issues above.

I have decided on the following moves, pending team selection.

My current team-

Def – Simpson, Shaw, Touhy, Otten, Hampton, Newman, Marchbank, Hibberd (Nth)
Mid – Pendles, Danger, Oliver, T.Mitchell, Fyfe, Kennedy, Beams, Hannebery, SPP, Barrett, Fisher
Rucks – Martin, Sandilands, Strnadica
Fwd – Dahlhaus, Macrae, Butler, Parfitt, Hardwick, Balic, Hannan, Eddy

Cash $266,700

This week-
Marchbank to Laird & Parfitt to Parsons – leaving $180k
Next week-
Otten to Taylor Adams

Thoughts please.


Good trades, but I would personally try and strengthen that forward line. Buddy is on the cheap cheap and many other good premo options afforable too. But its your team, so whatever you feel helps you best


Thanks, I am watching Buddy & Greene, but Buddy and the Swans are so cold, and Greene will be suspended.

I just cant get a grasp on the likely top 6-8 forwards this season, whereas the defense looks easier to pick. Perhaps the forwards will present in a few weeks when Im looking to be full premo.


Nice Carlos! Even though I have $320k in the bank, I am thinking of doing a double downgrade. Only one rookie (Mutimer) played their first game last week meaning that there will be limited rookie options coming into Round 7 with most only having played one game


your on to it


If I'm in the top 4% do I have a chance of winning?

psychic robot

computer says no


Yes, but dont play the safe moves, need some good POD's, including captains choices.


I reckon you might.
I moved up from top 6% to top 2% last round with a score of 2163. So who knows? It's still early days


Things can change very quickly, especially in a season where even premos are up and down in a large range of scoring.


Best performing mid this week in my team. SPP (and he was on the bench)!

Big G

Will Aaron Black get regular games from here on?


No, his never been able to cement a spot at AFL level.

He is a depth player, who will get 10-12 games this season.


Geelong did just get their arses handed to them this week, can't see the Cats taking the same team (minus Parfitt of course) into next round. Black is at best a fringe player and could be one of the first to go, especially considering Rhys Stanleys good VFL form.


Agree 100% Cr0magn0n.


Do we wait for Sloane or we gotta get him ASAP… the only way I can get him sideway trade beams or treloar


Definitely wait – plenty of players who will give you the same output for the rest of the year at a much lower price (e.g. Pendles, Bont..)


I got sloane 2 weeks ago and people thought he was too expensive then.
I jumped off danger this week for captain and put the big C on Sloane. Trading in and then making captain this week are best 2 moves ive made all year.
Dont sell the farm for him but i think he will finish top scorer for the year so get him if you can afford him.
Gotta go close to the brownlow this year too


Nice call Sloane is most reliable option going around so to off load Beams makes you 40 points per round and double when capt why not spend the coin,we all need go to vc or c especially with Dangerfield dropping off from early rounds.


Same as me bud! Literally won for me in H2H this week!