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NRL Supercoach Round 8 – Mythbusters

Published by The Cowboy on


How many times have you doubted yourself when going to do your trades?

I struggle as much as the next coach. There are always multiple options to choose from and we’re constantly weighing up the pros and cons of each trade.

There are also a handful of guidelines we try to abide by that generally push us in the right direction. These are rules created by the SuperCoach community and they’ve been designed to avoid potential disasters. Many of us treat these rules as gospel but others see them as more of a restriction or hindrance.

So how much should we be valuing these guidelines?

The bye period is close approaching so I thought it’d be a suitable week to address these myths. Many coaches will be making shark moves in the coming weeks and we should be leaving our options wide open.

Last week I dropped 800 spots to outside the top thousand. I can’t pick a captain to save myself. I’ve had one successful captain choice in eight weeks and it has cost me a truck load of points. Last weekend my captain didn’t crack 30 points; thank you BJ.

A Trade Is Worth $70k

As a general rule it’s probably not worth trading in cheapies or middies unless you’re going to make a minimum of 70 to 80 thousand from them. This is a fairly accurate rule as anything less may not be beneficial. They don’t need to generate $70k in the first week but you’ll want them to make decent amount of cash before you’re planning on trading them out.

An exception to this rule is when you’re using a player for bye coverage. There’s no issue with risking a player who’ll generate steady points through the big bye rounds but isn’t guaranteed to increase in value.  Don’t let this rule restrict your bye planning!

Potential Is Worthless

This is a fairly confusing rule and it’s only become a common topic this season. Many coaches will argue that potential should be ignored as it doesn’t guarantee points in the bank. Well, we can see where they’re coming from. Basing a trade off a player’s potential can be a disaster as they could score poorly without attacking stats.

Let’s use James Roberts as an example. You could argue that Roberts is a good trade when the Broncos have an easy draw over the coming weeks. This means his scoring potential will be huge and he’s likely to score better than if he was playing a run of good defensive teams. The obvious downside is his base output. If he doesn’t score attacking stats then he’s likely to score poorly and the trade will be a complete fail.

I think it’s very important to use past stats/performances to influence your trades, but considering a player’s potential is also a key to success. It plays a crucial role in identifying successful PODs and it’ll give you an edge if your risk pays off.

Never Trade A Gun/Keeper

We’ve touched on this topic before but the bye period brings a whole new perspective when it comes to considering Guns as part of your trades. I’m a firm believer in holding Guns most of the time but there are certain scenarios where trading them out is justified.

Halfbacks, Five-Eighths, Fullbacks and Centre/Wings can all be exceptions to the rule. I’m referring to the players whose base stats aren’t always respectable but have managed to score well through attacking stats of any description.  These players will score over 100 points on their day but can easily score back to back scores well below their average. This will cause their break evens to sky rocket and their value to drop.

There’s nothing wrong with trading out a Gun if they’re looking to be a burden on your side. If one of my halfback or five-eighth Guns has a high break even, poor bye coverage and/or unfavourable draw, I’d have no hesitation to consider them as a trade option. Many of us make the mistake of holding certain players purely because they’ve been labelled as a keeper. Don’t let this rule hinder the growth of your team!

Never Play Your Captain On The First Night

Some of us may see this rule as more of a head to head rule, but this isn’t entirely accurate. Holding off on your captain choice in the hope of seeing how your opponent’s captain performs is a popular tactic. We gain more information on what they’re likely to score and it gives us the opportunity to choose between low-risk and high-risk players as our captain.

Overall players don’t need to pay attention to this rule as much but it can come in handy when looking at the big picture. If one of the more popular captain choices play early in the round, overall coaches can adjust their captain choices accordingly. As an example, an overall coach may prefer to captain Jack DeBelin over BJ Leilua if a popular captain choice has failed early in the round. This would be a smart move as they’re almost guaranteed to have an edge over those coaches whose captained choices have already failed.

Using The Loophole Is Unethical

This is always a controversial topic but the answer is very simple. The loophole has been available to use for many years and it’s become part and parcel of playing SuperCoach. We can’t look at using the loophole as cheating. It simply isn’t. The option to use it would’ve been eliminated by now if it was. It’s far from being a safe method of getting two bites of the captaincy cherry too. It comes with plenty of risk and can easily backfire on its user.

I’ve used the loophole just once in my SuperCoach career and it completely backfired on me. I actually lost around 40 points and I’ve been hesitant to use it since.

For those who aren’t aware of the loophole and its purpose, here’s how it works.

Let’s say James Tedesco is playing on Friday night at home against the Knights. You’d have to expect Teddy to tear them a new one so you throw the VC on him and he scores 145. BOOM! You can now bring in one of your nuffies (a player who isn’t playing this week) for one of your on-field players and put the captain on him. Your nuffie won’t score any points which results in your captaincy bonus moving to your VC (Teddy). You will also receive points from your lowest scoring NPR as your 17th player.

Team List Tuesday

Corey Harawira-Naera is named to start

Bryce Cartwright named in the halves

Tyrone Peachey named on the bench

Adam Reynolds has returned

Kalyn Ponga named at fullback (Coote remains injured)

Johnathan Thurston named on the extended bench

Luke Yates and Sam Stone both named to start

Mitchell Barnett is out injured


60 points scored in the Titans v Knights game (Is Hayne a worthy trade?)

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck to score a three round average of under 50 (Rounds 9 to 11)

Corey Norman to score a three round average of under 50 (Rounds 9 to 11)


Do you follow these SuperCoach rules?

Twitter : @CKings_Cowboy

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Great explanations & Hindsight Cowboy..
Good stuff mate keep it up & hopefully we get the podcast back 2018 mate ..


Cheers Killer! Fingers crossed mate. Loved the POD last season


Top stuff, Cowboy.

1171 points at the weekend with CHN sitting on the pine and Kelly stinking it up in the 17. That was still in the top 2% of scores!

Went up 3000 places into the top 4000 so definitely not complaining.

This week, not a huge amount of rookies available to swap with Cotric. Only proposing to go Hess to Tedesco at this stage. Suitable?


Are you going for overall? Teddy will only play 3 more rounds before 1st bye! Need to strengthen that team for the round 12 bye and pick up teddy after origin. I'm in the same boat


Hey Casper,
Thanks for that. Definitely overall. Currently have 14 on my list who are available for the bye – but that includes McCullogh and Brailey as HOK.
McC, Brailey, Papalii, Crichton, SBurgess, Matagi, Talaki, Johnson, Gutherson, Norman, Rapana, Moga, Cotric, RTS. Do they both have to be in 17 on the field or can we have an E on one of them?

Maybe I should be looking at Hess to Walker via DPPs (would have less than $1K after this) or Vaughn to Gallen re byes.


Hey westy, Papali will 99.9% play origin! Its same rules as standard rounds re 17 players!


Drat. I'm out of the loop with SOO. Thanks heaps.


But just breaking – he just got done for drink driving! I'd keep an eye on the late mail mate, they reckon he has lost his test spot!!


Hmmm. Saw that and brought CHN onto the field where he scored 36. That should be good for another 50k rise?

Got an E on Papalii just in case he still plays.


Thanks Westy! Boom great stuff on the score mate. I dropped rank after a poor performance and a failed risky C.
I'm with Casper mate. I like the Hess option but I'd only grab Teddy if you're looking good for the byes


The loophole in my opinion only works when you have a player who goes absolutely gangbusters. Taking the 80 or 90 odd is pointless if you are going to be with a 25 point NPR as you have sacrifice one the blokes you were originally planning on playing. Works perfect in the bye rounds as no one has a full 17 playing so gives you 2 bites at the cherry!


So community. Most of the premos who I'll be targeting to bring in soon have the bye in round 11. However if I wait, I'm worried their prices might rise and rookies may have bottomed out well before then. So. Is my best option to keep downgrading rookies to others on the bubble, build a good bank buffet then go nuts after round 11.? Or just get them now… hmmmmmm


Hey mate, you in the right thread? This sounds like an Afl question!

SC Addict

Great read as always Cowboy,
After a slow start – 50,000+ ranking a few weeks ago, I've now climbed up the rankings to 20,000+ and so far looking good this week with a 1100+ score.
My bye planning looks good for round 12 with 15 players. Looking ahead to the 2nd bye round 15, I only have 5 players available – Norman, Crichton, Gal, Surg & Lolo, with 4 doubtfuls – Hayne (origin) Ponga (Coote) Brailey(Seggy)
& Talaki(Gray).
I'm hoping to trade in Guth, Cody & Brown in upcoming weeks as cover for the 2nd bye but don't want to waste too many trades between now and then. Round 15 looking grim.


Anyone know Elliotts break even after his 90+?

Thinking of selling Whare off as he is bleeding cash and dragging Elliott in to try and make some?

Also anyone know Felise Kafusi B/E yet?


-23 but he played 80mins for the first time this season and wont be getting 2 tries every game. anyone know why he got 80mins?


Also anyone have CHN B/E?




And Pongas lol.


14 haha you scrooge ; > )

SC Addict

There is good website where you can find all players stats & B/E's. Go to


ive forgotten my login password anyone know what it could be?

Don't Blush Baby

Semi free to play with all charges dropped – Significant ! @ 324k and a gettable BE of 79 , me thinks get him now as I believe with the weight off his shoulders he will off – remember this bloke was 600k plus 2 seasons ago and Parra have an excellent bye coverage