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Supercoach RD3: LekDog’s Cheat Sheet

Published by Lekdog on


G’day Community Lekdog here.

This week’s Cheat Sheet is focused on bringing the right rookies into your side. I’ve tried to include the players who will have the greatest increase in value at the conclusion of Round 3, keeping in mind that most of us already have them.
Some key focuses this week should be in maximising your potential cash generation through rookies, trading out injured players and making decisions on under performing premiums. My rule of thumb regarding premiums is to hold them.
Ablett, Hanneberry, Shaw, Simpson all haven’t had the best start to 2017 but in my eyes they are still rolled gold premium selections who will explode in the coming weeks.
If you have decided to trade a premium you simply MUST trade them to another premium. I don’t want to see coaches trading out a Treloar and bringing in a rookie or even a speculative pick like Marc Murphy. It will just hurt you in the long term. The importance of Supercoach is having ample cash generation whilst maintaining as many keepers as possible.
Also make sure you check out the SuperCoach ‘Who Should I Start’ tool over at our great supporters Fantasy Insider . I used them in the first round and scored 2299, I forgot to use them at the start of the second round and let’s just say…I didn’t score very well. In fact I spent a few days having a good hard look at myself in the mirror.

Best of luck community, Lekdog.


GREEN= Buy, buy, buy!
GOLD = Speculative pick
RED = Get rid of em


Thanks to our supporters Fantasy Insider, the home of the #1 tools for Australia’s fantasy elite!


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I'm using my son's team as a cheat sheet & trying to get his players into my team! Nice work Lek. Everything you've said looks pretty spot on to me


Can you please get your son to contact me and give some advice.


I'm first in the queue Ocker. I'll put you on the waiting list


Thanks LekDog my rookies are all sorted.

So I want to get the Nank the Tank in my side.
Couple of options
Going for overall ranking


Why are people trading treloar it makes no sense


cool ya jets – zero point trading out premiums just off last weeks points.


Sighs and shakes head


Using two trades to get a midpricer in isn't the way to go, Chad


Whilst the Nank is a highly desirable acquisition this week those trades are costing you far too much to get him. Heater and Treloar are absolute keepers and whilst they haven't smashed the start of the season they've performed well enough and it won't be long before they reward their patient owners.


Yeah but I reckon Murphy will average as much as Treloar so $170K in the bank might be worth the trade??


I reckon we might still have a spare spot in our cash league mate 😉


that bad was it?


I wonder what Preuss's long term money making will be once Goldy gets back in.


If he can keep his spot he looks much better than the 30-40 lads we have


Goldy will be back this week. Assuming Preuss keeps his spot the 111 will be in his rolling average for two weeks and the 40 he scored against against west coast is his norm


and you trade him to….?


Trade to anybody I want Derek. Due to my starting structure and a 500k kitty I can trade Pruess and move Strndika into R3 thus opening the fwd/ruck swingset with nank and I trade in the best fwd or, move pickett and get best mid, move pickett then adams and get best defender


Hey guys i have 3 forward rookie spots this week and i don't know who to start. Out of WHE, Taranto, Eddy, Houston and butler who should i play?


Eddy is on shaky ground, Thursday teams may make the decision for you


Good stuff Lek!
Can't have them all, so decided to keep Taranto on field and see what he does this week, instead of trading in WHE.

Opted to trade out J.Smith to Butler via DPP swing.

Notorious mac

Lek should i trade sandilands for witts for cash generation


Sandi has a b.e of 1. Cash gen right there

Notorious mac

Over the next 3 weeks witts should become roughly the same price. Plus an extra 100k in the chest just for the trade. Only got 24k at the moment which could be a concern


I agree with Kev it's just not worth a trade imo. There are plenty of other cash cows out there or on the horizon so I wouldn't be giving up another good one in Sandi to get him.


Wouldn't get too carried away trying to predict the price of a midpricer 3 weeks into the future. Only takes one big/poor game to change everything.

Just because I was curious, tooserious "predicts" Sandi's price in 3 weeks will be 371k. Witts 337k. 90k gained by the trade – 35k difference = the cash generation from the trade is 55k by the end of round 5

Assuming you'll trade Witts again at some point to a proven ruck, there's not much to show for the use of two trades.

Notorious mac

That makes sense. Cheers


VC on JPK, Buddy or Treloar this week?


I think buddy will go BANG this week…


Buddy should do well in his milestone game


I am pretty keen to get WHE into my team this week. I don’t see any point sideways trading Taranto if he is named this week so my two options are:

Swap Nankervis into my rucks and downgrade Sandi to WHE. Sandi was likely to be a stepping stone to Gawn, but on early season form S. Martin and Nankervis could be solid ruck duo long-term (I know its hard to judge after 2 rounds). I am concerned about Sandi’s limited influence around the ground which I believe will impact his score, particularly seeing how Ryder nullified his influence in ruck contests by just jumping into him repeatedly, a tactic other teams may try.


Straight Roughy to WHE. I personally think Roughy will work towards a 90 point average by seasons end.


Very few are as agile as Ryder and Sandilands will dominate all other rucks in the hitouts. The difference between Sandi and WHE is not worth a trade and Sandi has the potential to be a keeper – as does Roughead, so hold onto him also.

Everyone is trading players who are not even injured. There is no way that WHE averages more than Roughead over 10 weeks.


Cheers David. Think I need to think a bit more rationally, my main concern and reason for the trade is cash generation. But I have pretty much all the other top rookies.

Might save the trade and bank on the others to make me some cash.


I'm trading Roughy to WHE for cash as well, the ultimate aim is to trade Hibberd to Marchbank.

Is this a good strategy ?

Normally I wouldn't do it just based on my first trade but the end game was to bring in Marchbank.


In your particular situation the draw of being able to get on Marchbank makes those trades worth doing for mine. Just cover your eyes and ears during the Hawks Suns game as every time Roughie clunks a mark and has a shot at goal you could be feeling a little sick.

However getting Marchbank in as well as the cash generation potential of WHE and what they may mean to the overall value of your team still makes it worth it in my view.


Life is not without risk, but supercoach is bigger than life it self.

Thanks SC


Random question, but what's going on with Nathan Freeman? Was looking promising to play again, but now can't find an update on him anywhere. Like he's dropped off the planet, can't find him on saints injury list either


It's truly remarkable he's not on the injury list. I think VFL starts this week. See if he plays in that. If he does BVC will have him covered in the rookie report


He's like the Derrick Rose of the AFL, has the talent, but just can't get out on the park enough.

clubber lang

Derrick Rose was an MVP though
not sure i can say the same about Freeman..


Hi community, need your help please.

Use 1 trade: Ablett to Pendles
Use two trades: Ablett to Bont
Taranto to WHE

With option 2 I can't afford pendles, only bont.

Thoughts please? (I have all other key rookies)


Just hold onto your trades. Taranto won't be that much worse than WHE and could even end up being better. Plus if you have all the key rookies, you're ahead of others anyway, especially with your trades!

Keep Ablett too. It's been 2 rounds, don't fall into the trap. Shaw, Simpson, Hannebery, Ablett are all ultra-premos who people will want in their sides at the end. This game is a marathon, not a 3-week race.


I'm thinking ablett to Oliver and parfitt to either WHE or or Higgins. As suchablett should be traded Imo. How best to trade is a personal decision. Having the best team you can coming into round 3 is a great goal.


Wondering if I should be looking to get both Butler and Houston into my side? Or Preuss/Witts? Are they worth the trades, considering Berry/Newman/Hayward, etc. are on the horizon and will likely need to be looked at? Any advice??

D: Docherty, Shaw, T.Adams, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (Stewart, J.Smith)
M: Danger, Parker, Selwood, Treloar, Fyfe, Beams, O'Meara, SPP (Barrett, Pickett, Hibberd)
R: Grundy, Sandi (Strnadica)
F: N.Riewoldt, Dahlhaus, Nankervis, WHE, Taranto, Florent (Parfitt, Eddy)

30 Trades | $1,000 Salary


out hibberd – parfitt to mid – in butler
save the rest


Getting Houston is a must, click on Smith in Defence and then you'll see a grey (S) besides Hibberd's name, click on that and scroll down and you will then see another grey (S) besides Florent & Taranto, however chose Taranto and then select Houston to trade IN.
This will then get rid of Smith in defence and move Hibberd in defence to take Smith's place and then Taranto will go to your midfield taking Hibberds spot and Houston will go in your forward line replacing Taranto's spot.
Houston is a MUST have because your current rookies are not going to make you much $$$

With your second trade I would strongly suggest trading Florent straight to Butler, this way you are generating approximately ($44,000) in cash and will also make a ton more cash with rookies such as Houston & Butler as opposed to Smith & Florent.

Lastly Florent will lose you cash by round 6 the way he is playing and secondly expect Florent to be dropped sooner rather then later, he has done NOTHING.

Hope this helps mate.


I'm playing for my cash league and I'll be breaking your rule – I'm trading Hanners and McCarthy for WHE and Houston. Gives me $560k for the week after which will likely see Joel Smith become someone like Docherty.
Last chance to grab the must haves before they rise – I'm happy to take a hit for a week


Aggressive trades but I personally dont mind some high risk trades like these for this week only.
Just prepare yourself mentally for the possibility that Houston might gets dropped and WHE scores 50 and hanners goes bang.
Least you'll be able to get a def premo next week and still have cash left over.

Only concern might be 3 trades used, 0 net premos but 100k in the bank and cash gen from WHE and/or Houston.


Can't you trade Smith to Houston via DPP?

I will be trading out Hanners to Beams or Wines and then Smith straight to WHE


Totally agree this is the rd to fix things, although trading an uber prem always is dangerous. I'm going J Martin and taranto to Houston and WHE. Gives me 311k and every rookie you would now want. Very unlikely any cheap rookies will surface in next two weeks so gotta get them in this round.


Hannebery to Oliver
Pickett to Nankervis

or Steele to Nankervis?


Find another way to free up cash for Nank, dont go Oliver. No way he'll be top 10 mid but thats not to say he wont avg 100~, which I think was what Jock and the boys said in the pod.


Picket to nank


Hannerbery will be the biggest "why did I do that" this year. His price fall the next few weeks will be offset if you have the right rookies. SC101…NEVER sideways trade uninjured uber prems


Which option is best:
Taranto + Mills for WHE + Salem
Taranto + Mills for Houston + Lloyd
Eddy + Mills for WHE / Houston + Salem


2nd if you really have to. A solid no for Salem, dont get sucked into his R2 score. He won't be top 8 defs, cash gen or not that's 2 trades to a premo when you can get a decent one in Lloyd but I personally dont have him or seen him play so not sure about him but people seem to have him and are happy.

Or Mills to WHE if you can. Hold Taranto.


Def second option by a long way.


Hold Horlin-Smith out for only one week.


See a few people here asking about trading Sandi down to Witts or Preuss…(Aye Carumba!)

Sandi plays the Bulldogs this week. He has a current breakeven of 0 and averages 95.6 against the dogs, who will go in with their second string ruckman: Tom Campbell, part-time ruck/fwd: Tom Boyd & might also use forward/occasional chop out guy: Travis Cloke…

Barring injury he should score well and make $40k+. You probably selected Sandi to earn money and upgrade him to one of the big three rucks once we knew who they were. I'd suggest that this is still the best option, otherwise you are affectively using 2 trades to end up with a 1 Premo ruckman.

In my opinion, the only accepted trade this round, would be if you can somehow go Sandi to Grundy in one trade. Grundy does indeed look the goods (so far).

Raging Bulls

Bulldogs were notorious for keeping opposition ruckman to low scores last season, so Sandi might not go as big as you think. Even Grundy failed to ton up against them in Rd 1. Sandi also faces Gawn in Rd 4 as well, so trading him may not be that bad.


I noticed that last season. Wondering if no 3rd man up rule will effect trend




Grundy had mason Cox taking 40% of the ruck in round 1. That was why he didnt ton up. When Cox dissappeared he went big


Agree…this is the round sandi could go nuts…put him in the goal square and kick it to him !!


What to do with Callum Mills? Trade him out or stick with him and wait and see if he comes good?


Dont know what people saw in Mills but expecting a 2nd year player to score premo lvl points was a stretch. I'd be trading.


If you don't have Marchbank, Otten, Hampton or maybe even Stewart I'd pull the trigger on Mills. Not sure McGrath is quite worth it but others would disagree. It was always going to be a tough ask for a 2nd year player to finish a top 10 defender and his first two weeks have only confirmed that.

But if you already have those desirable rookies in defence I'd probably sit tight on Mills and take the slight cash hit. He's definitely a better player than he has shown in the opening fortnight so some decent scores could be right around the corner. If he has a third poor game in a row you could also consider trading him down to Newman next week assuming the rookie holds his spot.


Got all of them. Was thinking going Mills to Salem and Hannan to WHE?


Then I'd hold Mills as I'm not convinced Salem is the answer and Hannan could bounce back this week if he isn't dropped.

Mills is only projected to drop less than $20K which is not much in the scheme of things and he could actually surprise you with a good score. I wouldn't go early on Newman as we saw how that worked out for those who went a week early on Hannan. But if he backs up with another solid game and holds his spot then that's probably your solution to a poor performing Mills.


i was one of them who rates Mills very high, seen alot of him during his days at the Swans academy, absolute GUN midfielder.

I have no doubts he will be 100% midfielder by year end, but seems like he is playing the McVeigh role and not getting much mid time.

I am trading him out this week to the Nank. (but don't be surprised to see him back in bunny colours before the end of the year. Keeping him in my draft team)

Tooth Fairy

Simpson, Laird, KK, Marchbank, Otten, Hampton (Stewart, Smith)
Danger, Hanners, Treloar, Titch, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, SPP (Barrett, Parfitt, Hibberd)
Gawn, Sandilands (Strnadica)
Dahl, Lynch, Higgins, Nankervis, Taranto, Houston (Eddy, Pickett)

Any trades? $3,300 in the bank


Hibberd >> Butler (via Pickett)

Pray that KK has a couple decent games and Shaw has another bad one and make a switch ASAP. Would consider Sandi > Witts in order to bank $100K which might make the above trade a possibility in a few weeks, however it would be risky!


Pickett to Butler.
Other than that, looks mostly fine. I'd be holding hanners. Short term concerns would be Lynch and KK. Could do Lynch to Macrae but some would say thats a waste, which I might agree on. Like someone said on here, to get the benefits of Lynch (or most key forwards) is to ride them out for the season.


1. pickett to houston
2. hibberd to macreadie
3. strnadica to preuss

which one?


If Houston is selected, go Pickett to Houston. I think Byrne-Jones will make way for Pittard


1 and 3 if selected.


im already doing joel smith to otten


3, then you'll have more players generating cash


One thing I've noticed this year is so many teams who went in mid price heavy, left nothing in the bank for repairs.

Now they are scrambling and making poor moves to get in players that have performed in a tiny fraction of the season.

Yet so many people jumped on crouching as a fool when he kept 600K in the bank. Bet he's in a better spot than them right now due to BANG BANG simple repairs.

He only needs to upgrade a rookie or mid price once, not trade out a premo to do so, in other words using half the trades.



Ha, different strategies mate. Crouching definitely took a ballsy approach, 600k might have been a stretch. 400k might have been more accepted. Gamble was that you lose points for 2 weeks but you get the data for selection in R3. Worked well this season, esp with the rookie situation. But Crouching could easily be doing rookie to rookie trades this week and still sitting on 600k.


True, but I think he analyzed what kind of season it would be and adapted well. Probably a 150-300K bank would've been ideal.


Having $600k or whatever figure in the bank means squat if its going to compromise your score output.
Crouching's strategy was to get his boat and PINKY-SNAPPER – The only PINKY-SNAPPER Crouching will get this season is from Mrs Crouchingone.

He is way to far behind.


You don't understand obviously.

There's so many midpricers that have scored like premiums, and premiums performing like rookies or midpricers.

For example I was in the top 3% last week and I have 650K int he bank.

Spending money has nothing to do with it. You could have 1 million and be the top team in the entire competition if you'd fluked all your midprice and rookie picks, captain's choices etc.

Sure it's unlikely, but it's been a funny start to the season. Look at people scrambling for 200K-380K players.


*2,282 last week.
650K in bank.

And that was with Hampton on field not Otten. (+44)

Rockliff captained not Danger (+44)

Simpkin instead of Eddy (+29)

Could've been 2399. Probably close to top score.

Why does money in bank have to do with anything?


Great work Lek! You've got me thinking, seeing that I don't have Nankervis, WHE or Marchbank and that I can only use 2 trades. Which two are more of a priority to get in?


Nank and Marchbank. Nank almost looks like a season keeper and Marchbank is scoring well with good JS.

I personally want WHE in my team as well but I'd be needing to move roughy and it's tough but currently I'm deciding to hold but WHE's cash gen is soo juicy.


Agree Nank and March


Thoughts on Elliot Yeo going into round 3


STAY WAY WAY AWAY if you haven't started him. Not worth busting up your team to get him in. The same goes for Sammy Reid. Of course it could be their years but the risk of it backfiring is substantial if prior history is any guide and not worth the trades imo.


As in a trade in option? well he's Mr. yo yo for a reason but it could be his year. Just know it'll be 2 trades (in and out) if it doesnt work out. Gamble responsibly.


I couldn't bring myself to bring him in but he's had I think 6-7 games over his career where he's had 25 disposals before this season he's had 25 in both games this season so far albeit against North & Saints (@home), something's different, he's more likely to be a premo Forward than Oliver is a prom mid I think.


Prefer higgins


Luv the cheat sheet LEK.
Coluor coded and all
Almost makes it too easy …. almost


Billings – keep, downgrade to whe/butler or sideways to Murphy/yeo?


Hold. He unique. He not injured. Saints had a very poor match. Don't buy Yoyo. Murphy…Yeah nah….Nank….hello!

Ps just seen lek thinks Butler….mmm…..well I don't promote stuffing up your structure….but but Butler is the best of those listed. I'd ask why you bought billings? If a keeper hold, if a stepping stone, trade.


Smith > Houston via DPP if selected
Strndica -> preuss, I've got Goldy

If I go with these, I miss WHE and I have no captains loophole option. But M1-M7 is premo and M8 is SPP. Puts risk onto fwd rookies rather than mid rookies who arent performing.

I do have roughy and taranto to go to WHE but I'm leaning to at least keeping taranto, roughy out the door first for WHE but I'm considering holding roughy as well but I feel this week is do or die with him. Punt now or hold indefinitely.



Thoughts on dropping Zac Jones for Otten to save some cash?


I'd hold jones


Is it worth trading j.smith to WHE if it means I lose my dpp link between the midfield and backline?


Bringing in potentially one of the best cows of the season for a rookie with an LTI makes a lot of sense to me if it only costs you one trade. There will be other opportunities to set-up swing sets during the season but right now getting your cash generation optimised is the higher priority for mine.


I think it's worth trading


Hannan to Houston?


Hold Hannan


Agree Hold


Should I trade Strnadica to Preuss?
Had him for loop but have smith and Hibberd not playing


Good trade if big man's named


1. Can he hold his spot?
2. Can he score enough to make cash?

Those are my questions

Russ in W.A

I reckon so Tommo, I think he's better than Daw and should get the backup ruck gig over him and yes he can score.


This is the exact conundrum that I am facing…. decisions…. I'll probably end up Holding and banking the trade


I have an idea for Supercoach in future years. Allow five trades per round, to a maximum of 30. Most people will run out after round six and the rest of us can be rewarded! Boy are some people trigger happy


Thoughts on Houston's JS? Is he worth bringing in?


Only Hinkley knows, Dave. Though he's made it hard for Port to drop him when Pittard returns. Loves to kick it and is efficient


Hombsch is out for 4-5 weeks with a knee, so Houston might have better JS now…even with Pittard coming back.


Is it possible with Trengove touted to move down back, port bring LOBBE in undermining Ryder a bit or do they chop him out with dead man Dixon?


Wait til teams, however I reckon he's done enough.


Not that I necessarily want to trade either of tarranto and picket, should I bring in WHE and butler? cash generation is concerning me this year, playing tarranto and Houston on field as my rookies at this point in time…. are butler and WHE musts for their cash generation ?


Thinking of trading to get in WHE and Marchbank.

Trading out one of Ryder, Hanners or Roughy alongside Joel Smith

Who would you sacrifice?


Have to be Ryder of the three.


Id cull ryder out of those 3


I was also thinking Ryder until I saw that Hombsch is out.
The knock on Ryder so far is that he is sharing the ruck duties with Trengove and Dixon but thinking Ryder's ruck time should increase if Trengove has to play key back?


Refer to SC rule 101 about trading uber prems after a couple of bad games. Always ends in disaster.


Is Houston a must?


If his JS was rock solid then yes. But it isn't

Captain Risky

Injury to Hombsch may help? he's out for a month. might assist indirectly as someone has to be shuffled in.


No, defintely not a must


I can't get either of Marchbank or WHE without downgrading either a premo in defence or midpricer in forward line (Steele). Don't believe it is worth it. My only trade I'm currently pondering is Picket/Parfit to Houston. Hombsch injured increases Houston's chances of remaining in the side.


Don't compromise your structure. I'd feel better about Houston if he was named the on the ground with Pittard & Hartlett in the team. Houston is a tough one


Like one of the P boys to Houston


Thoughts on doing the following via DPP:

Taranto > WHE
Pickett > Marchbank


How would you be able to trade pickett for Marchbank. I haven't found out how to make those fancy trades where you can trade a fwd for a defender.


I have Pickett in my midfield and I have Taranto in my forwardline.

1) Select Taranto to trade out
2) Select Pickett to sub into the now vacant forward spot from my midfield
3) Select Hibberd (North) to sub into the now vacant midfield spot from my defence
3) Bring Marchbank into the now vacant defence spot

As it stands, Taranto is gone, Pickett now in forwardline, Hibberd now in midfield, with Marchbank brought into defence

1) Trade Pickett out for WHE


That's Mad, Thanks so much.


Great trades.


What do I do with Hickey? I'm considering trading him out and moving Bank from forward to ruck but who do I buy as my forward with the remaining cash? Keep in mind I have SFA sitting in the bank.


I'm downgrading him to Witts. Use Witts as R2 and only use 1 trade. Will give you a cash reserve for upgrade time.


if you are considering bringing in one of the cash cows an or in form players but if it disrupts your structure or has a material impact on your structure then don't do it.

Look at the team sheets the rooks are on their way there will be more coming through don't stuff everything around for the sake of getting one player.


Agreed Trigger. I won't be doing a thing until I've made a second assessment of Hayward & Newman Friday night


swans do have a few to come back, but i liked both alot.


Great call Trigger, was weighing that up a little myself but youve hit the nail on the head, and confirmed for me thats the right avenue, cant have em all,,,,,words of wisdom,,,,,,


Rookies over next few weeks are poor….this is the rd to get it right.


Trying to decide between bringing in WHE for cash or Higgins as a keeper. Thoughts?


Keep in mind Higgins since he arrived in 2006 averages 13 games a season. Over 20 games twice & never 22. Be careful calling him a keeper. The gods don't like that. But he probably played the best he's played against the cats. So his form is awesome. Personally I'd go with the bloke half his price


Good advice. Cheers.

Jack Reynolds

I've actually never owned Callum Mills yet….amazing! Do you think I could go through his whole career never owning him?
Challenge accepted!!!


Ok community I am in need of your advice. I currently have Sandi and Nank in ruck with Preuss on the pine. With my forward structure as follows:

Dahl, Higgins, Steele, Rough, Butler, Eddy. Bench: Pickett, Miles

What are everyone's opinions on trading out Rough for Witts via swinging Nank forward? Just for some extra cash gen and also having Nank in the forward line which is where i would like to finish him. All suggestions will be taken on board!


Doing this will give me 312k in the kitty which would be handy for various purposes.


I'd personally pull that move myself. I think Witts is somewhat being overlooked as a fantastic cash cow partly because a lot of coaches find it awkward to bring him in, as sitting at R3 is not exactly ideal. However you are perfectly set-up to make that happen with Nank at R1. Witts might just end up being the highest averaging scorer of all the <$250K players this season and thus represents tremendous value.

I could also understand other coaches wishing to stay the course with Roughie as there is always a chance Witts's form drops away and either Nichols or Currie comes into the picture but I'd doubt that will happen any time soon, if at all, given how well Witts has started the season.


The more i think about it the better it sounds. Especially now that i realise that i could trade out Pickett for WHE as well. Leaving 223k left over. Only problem is i have already used 2 trades last week and i am very hesitant to burn another 2 on uninjured players.


Would these 2 trades be worth it??


I think you should do them Whitchy. Agree with Addict's thoughts. Further, having Nank in the fwd line gives you additional ruck cover for Sandi if Preuss gets dropped. Pickett is struggling and WHE will make you a quick $150k. Having said all of that, if you make the trades I would suggest trying to avoid trading for a couple of weeks, if possible.


Thanks for your input big horse. Ill make the trades a bit later in the week when teams are announced and ill ditch what ever rookie isn't named to WHE.


Is it worth while trading Taranto to WHE, just on the basis WHE will make cash quicker and may have better JS? happy with all my other rookies!


Not only that, but I reckon he will score better as well over time. I'm doing that exact trade at the moment.


Wait for teams Mike.


Was racking my mind trying to decide if I should do it or not. Will wait and see tomorrow, Cheers lads


Is Ryder worth downgrading to whe. The only issue is he is cover for sandy and probably will score as well as whe

Russ in W.A

As much as I don't like Ryder, he probably deserves more of a chance than 2 games, and WHE could end up being a spud, like he always has been, I'm getting WHE in this week but only for Pickett, who can barely manage 30 points a week.


Ryder needs time, and just played the giant. Hold.


No idea what to do! ranked 855

Def: Docherty, Laird, Howe, Marchbank, Otten, Stewart (Hampton, Hibberd)

Mid: Danger, J. Kennedy, Treloar, Fyfe, T. Mitchell, Beams, O’Meara, SPP (Florent, Barrett, Pickett)

Ruck: Sandilands, Witt (Strnadica)

Fwd: Dahlaus, Macrae, Roughhead, Nakveris, Steele, WHE (Butler, Eddy)

55k in the bank!

What should I do??

Only think I can do is drop eddy for houston… but this might be a wasted trade

I don’t want florent/hibberd but stuck with them for now


No need to do anything. You have all the right rookies. I am extremely envious! Save Hibberd for now. Newman next week could be the right trade there. You will finish very high up in the rankings if you trade well with this team.


Any advice, not sure what to do, not happy with my rookies, ranked 810th

Shaw Adams laird Hampton otten Stewart- hibberd smith
Danger Selwood Rockliff Bont Fyfe beams omeara spp- Pickett Barrett mountford
Gawn sandi- strandica
Dahlhaus macrae Higgins nankervis butler Houston- eddy parfitt


Solid side chief. Not much cash generation, would bite the bullet and downgrade omeara to whe an upgrade smith to marchbank.


I'd be happy rhino, get March in if you have the cash otherwise hold out for Newman.


Unless you really want to compromise your team I'd hold & wait for teams. Just remember no one has high scoring bench


That's a very injury prone side 😮


All valid points. Just I feel like none of my bench will allow me to upgrade at all. Don't mind the omeara down grade idea. If it was just 1 out of march and WHE who would you go?



I will get kicked out of my house if I have another bad round of this game. And you thought you needed to improve. Sorry getting off track. My defense structure has 3 on field rookies (including Marchbank) so my trades this week may involve improving that by moving in Adams and then swapping parfitt for WHE the gun.
OR should I get two others that I will remain unnamed for bias purposes like the time I didn't tell the police to get stuffed. Don't do that it's a bad idea. Be nice to the police. Sorry again getting off track. These two will be keepers and hopefully premo scorers. But this will not affect my defensive line.

So what's your opinion.
1. Two guns soon to be promos, stuff up my back line, feed my dog 3 meals a day or
2. strong back line, stuff up my forward line, except for the gun rookies, get in some Collingwood guys with teeth left, stay away from Collingwood fans who will probably knock their teeth out, resort to canibalism and feed my dog 4 meals a day PLUS snacks

Russ in W.A

1: Feed your dog 4 toothless Collingwood supporters per day.
2: Don't tell the Police to get stuffed, unless you're buying them Pizza.
3: Stop getting off track, cause it's better to be on track 🙂


Great work LekDog, appreciate the effort


How are we all feeling with omeara? Will he appreciate by that much? b/e at 25 already.
Thinking a swap from JOM to marchbank; will pocket 100k and surely marchbank will appreciate more. Will however need to bring either parfitt or pickett onto the field in the mids. Do I just hold omeara and miss out on marchbank? what's the better option at this stage in the season? JOM or Marchbank.


Hold JOM. Keep Parfitt and Pickett off the field if you can.


Tempted on the same move..
Omeara will probably dominate against GC this week though

Hey everybody. Just need a bit of help to see what I trades I should make if any. I'm perfectly fine with not trading at all this week at currently that's what I'm thinking of doing.





Main question is: Is WHE a must have, as of know I'm happy with having Taranto instead of WHE but should I make the move. I have 40k in the bank.

At max I only want to use 1 trade this week and I am perfectly fine with not trading at all this week.
I have only used 1 trade which was Rooey to Buddy last week.

Could go TARANTO>WHE. Not overly keen on that move.
Are these trades worth it. I'm sure we may even have better options further down the track, hopefully some of the freo boys will get a chance and they can slide into my team later on in the year.



Now is the time to get those rookies right in my opinion DTMC. WHE has great job security compared to tarranto. Id make that trade in a heart beat. I think shai is either injured or suspended for a while therefore ii would also make your second suggested trade. It's all about cash generation at this stage of the season mate!

Best of luck


Agree with Chuck. Gotta get playing rookies in. Use two trades.