Port v Freo: Jock’s CoachKings play-at-home lineup

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Port Adelaide v Fremantle Play at home

Sunday arvo. Few beers. And FREE CoachKings play-at-home.

You little beauty!


By now you’ll know that Fantasy Insider help to make this all possible and free as a bird. They’re the reason we’re able to give away $500 in prizemoney to the 6 best performing play-at-home CoachKings each Sunday arvo.

This week I’ve dipped into Fantasy Insider’s throbbing fantasy footy tool set to use their lineup cruncher to select my 9 man CoachKings squad for Sunday’s big one.

While I’m keen as mustard to support this great mob, I’m also bloody curious to see how these automatically crunched lineups perform.

  • I’ve selected the Draftstars system, which is exactly the same as CoachKings
  • Adjusted projections towards players ‘floor’ projections, I’m looking for a bit of reliability.
  • Ten lineups were crunched, and ten different 9 man team options spat out at me

I’m not smart enough to explain the statistical predictive genius that works behind the scenes at Fantasy Insider. But it’s science. And it’s maths. And folks win a crapload of cash using these things on the pay-to-play Daily Fantasy Sites.

I’ve gone with the last of the 10 lineups that were presented to me;

Fantasy Insider Cruncher

Don’t pay too much attention to the projected score of 509.15. Remember I’ve adjusted things towards player ‘floors’, which means they’ll outperform the projections shown 90% of the time. Significant.

I was attracted to this lineup for a number of reasons;
  • Connor Blakely. Like this kid. I strongly believe that we’ll see him emerge over the coming weeks and this contest could be the beginning of something significant.
  • Ollie Wines. Could he back to his best? Was last year just a blip on the radar? Is the man with the beautiful thighs back? Based on last week he could be. I’m happy that he’ll comfortably outperform his price point today.
  • Cam McCarthy. I noticed he was in almost every variation of lineup crunched. The obvious reason being he’s dramatically underpriced after a year off last year.
  • Sandiballs. This will be interesting.. put some thought into leaving him OUT of my lineup as a point of difference, I was concerned with the way he got around the ground after quarter time last week. I’ll back in the cruncher for now.
Look forward to your thoughts on your Sunday lineup below!


Fantasy Insider have a two week free trial on the go at the minute, they also have a SuperCoach ‘who should I pick’ tool which may arouse you.. jump on over and give them a crack!

Fantasy Insider


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Russ in W.A

Yeeeaah bring it on!, good fun Jock.


Settle down Jock.

Russ in W.A

Haha, you said it Jock…go the bloody Saints!!!


Steele a bust huge trap


Gday Jock,
I just finished the play at home coach kings and came in the top 5. Was wondering how to claim my prize? Thanks


You will receive an email soon mate.
I know I did.

Well done mate, GOOD ONYA.


Great fun
Can't seem to at the moment to bridge that gap of about 60-80 points. close but not close enough. Should have probably revved up fine wine instead of teen wolf.