Round 1 Supercoach Panic Room

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Supercoach Panic Room

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard season 2017.

Please take this moment to say farewell to your loved ones; to any significant others, to any children you may have, to your dog – before season 2017 gets underway.

It’s an exciting time to be alive. Never has so much been up for grabs so early into a season, and so many differing ideas on how to approach the thing. I’m excited. Also terrified, but mainly excited. So welcome to the start of the season, to the ROLLING Panic Room – which will be updated as the day goes on and the panic sets in near lockout!

Now, please take your seat and stow your tray tables. In case of an emergency, there are no exits. In the inevitable event of an accident, collapse into the foetal position as shown, take a deep breath, and scream after me.


SUNDAY TEAMS NAMED: Andy Otten is IN, Jackson Thurlow is NOT. Anyone with Dom Sheed will be disappointed to hear he’s been left out. Myles Poholke and, as expected, Ed Vickers-Willis are not playing! AND – breakout candidate Sam Menegola has been omitted? I have no idea why, but he’s not. If you were banking on him, unbank very quickly.

NO JAKE SPENCER. Welcome to my team, Maxy Gawn. NO BILLY LONGER. Will please those going with either. Joel Smith has been named (see above – moustache selection). Melksham, Lewis, Steele, Carlilse all in. Complete dark horse in Mitch Hannan named for the Dees. 117k fwd, mature aged draftee from Footscray. No JLT games. Midfielder/Forward who according to Melbourne’s website “possesses speed, power and endurance, Hannan was a cross-country runner when he was younger. He is now an architect.”

Oliver Florent has been named for the Swans, Darcy Cameron has not. No Isaac Heeney, either. Port Adelaide have named Dan Houston, Brett Eddy and Sam Powell-Pepper, which eliminates any concerns I had over Houston missing. Not sure on Houston’s job security with a few flankers like Pittard to come into the side. I’ll give him a miss.

Jake Barrett is IN for the Lions, Archie Smith is NOT. REPEAT. STEF MARTIN IS GOING SOLO. Gary Ablett has been named in the centre of the ground. Wow. Jarrod Witts is also riding solo. HUGE.

Essendon has named Ash McGrath, Josh Green and no ruckmen save Shaun McKernan. Cale Hooker has been named, James Stewart has not. Hawthorn rookie Teia Miles is an emergency, but Jaeger O’Meara, Jarryd Roughead, Tom Mitchell and Ricky Henderson have been named.

I covered North Melbourne above so Imma copy and paste it: North Melbourne, that rookie farm it is, have announced six players will don the blue and white this weekend. We’ve FINALLY been given a midfielder, with Declan Mountford, a 123k rookie, named to play his first game. Had 73 and 43 in two JLT games, but only at 50% game time and 1.16 points per minute, but keep in mind Ben Cunnington is suspended for round 1.

Braydon Pruess, a 123k ruckman, will debut after scores of 70, 95 and 45 in the JLT. Have no doubt, this will impact Goldstein, but after 3 goals in JLT 2, expect him to spend more time forward than rucking. Will pass considering most have ruck cover in the form of Nankervis and Pruessy doesn’t have DPP. Good security blanket for those starting with Witts if he stinks it up in the first few rounds.

Mitchell Hibberd finally gets his chance in North colours and our Supercoach sides, after 61% game time across the JLT and scores of 31, 72 and 27, as does Jy Simpkin, who averaged 42.5 at 160-odd thousand dollarydoos. He’s a pass for mine.

Notably, Ed Vickers-Willis WAS named, but on the extended bench and North have confirmed he won’t play. It was always going to be one of EVW and Hibberd, however.

No surprises at the Eagles.

Adelaide have NOT named Jake Lever, meaning Andy Otten should? Play. I hope he does. Should in light of GWS’ forward line. Hard to guage the Giant’s side but Tim Taranto is IN. Rory Sloane has been named.

Brandan Parfitt AND Tom Stewart have been named ON THE FIELD for the Cats, but no Zach Guthrie OR Aaron Black, as expected.


FIRST EDIT: 1PM – rookie news

North Melbourne, that rookie farm it is, have announced six players will don the blue and white this weekend. We’ve FINALLY been given a midfielder, with Declan Mountford, a 123k rookie, named to play his first game. Had 73 and 43 in two JLT games, but only at 50% game time and 1.16 points per minute, but keep in mind Ben Cunnington is suspended for round 1.

Braydon Pruess, a 123k ruckman, will debut after scores of 70, 95 and 45 in the JLT. Have no doubt, this will impact Goldstein, but after 3 goals in JLT 2, expect him to spend more time forward than rucking. Will pass considering most have ruck cover in the form of Nankervis and Pruessy doesn’t have DPP. Good security blanket for those starting with Witts if he stinks it up in the first few rounds.

Mitchell Hibberd finally gets his chance in North colours and our Supercoach sides, after 61% game time across the JLT and scores of 31, 72 and 27, as does Jy Simpkin, who averaged 42.5 at 160-odd thousand dollarydoos. He’s a pass for mine.

Notably, Ed Vickers-Willis was NOT named. It was always going to be one of EVW and Hibberd, however.

Joel Smith has been confirmed to play his first game for the Demons. A former basketballer with a moustache that rivals even Lekdog’s. Is named as a 117k defender in Supercoach, but the Dees are trying to work him in as a forward. Worth a shot if others aren’t named. A man with a moustache like that can’t possibly be bad at football.

The #2 pick from last year’s draft, Tim Taranto (207k fwd/mid) has been confirmed as starting for the Giants. With both Brett Deledio and Cogs Coniglio missing for the first 6-8 weeks, Taranto has great job security for that time, and if he plays well – which he should considering he’s a jet – he should make us coin and score. Locked in for mine.

Gold Coast has announced Ben Ainsworth (198k fwd/mid) and Jack Bowes (171k mid/fwd) are locked in for their first games. Ainsworth managed a modest average of 41 during his 3 JLT games, and Bowes averaged even less, racking up only 35 and 39 from his two games. I’m passing on both lads. We also see a distinct lack of Will Brodie in this announcement.


The deadline for upgraded rookies has passed and… we’ve heard nothing. My pulse is racing but old mate Pat Keane from AFL House has been known to lodge the paperwork and then tweet it out later. This is very concerning for those like Jock who are relying on Jakey Barrett to hold down a midfield slot (or Zac Guthrie in the backline like a certain someone who’s going Marchbank at D3…)

On better news, Curtly Hampton has been confirmed to debut for the Crows this weekend and should be in every team. Dom Pyke also said Rory Sloane was going to be named and was a 98% chance of playing. Curiously, he also said the injured Jake Lever would be named, but a call wouldn’t be made on him until later on. Considering he plays a similar role to Andy Otten, who is on most of our benches, this is extremely concerning. Do not rely on Otten to fill an on-field slot.

THIRD EDIT: 3PM – All Quiet HYPE on the Internet Front

WE HAVE OUR ROOKIE UPGRADES! Jake Barrett has been upgraded by the Lions at should be on everyone’s benches. Joel Smith and his incredible moustache have been upgraded, and is being tipped to play round one by journos at both News Corp and Fairfax. Shaun Edwards has also been upgraded from the rookie list, but isn’t Fantasy relevant. No word on Zac Guthrie from Geelong, however.

Aaron Young spoke to the media today and confirmed Brett Eddy will debut against the Swans in the wet on Saturday, but as it will be very, very… damp… I’d start Eddy on the pine. He also said he was looking forward to Dan Houston lining up for the Power “soon.” WHAT DOES SOON MEAN, AARON? DOES THAT MEAN IN TWO DAYS TIME? IN TWO WEEKS? THIS IS SO IMPORTANT WHY DOES NO-ONE UNDERSTAAANNNDDDDDDDDD

FOURTH EDIT: 4PM – The Fourth (Edit) Awakens

Rocket Eade has fronted up and confirmed that on top of Jack Bowes and Ben Ainsworth, new recruits Jarrod WittsPearce Hanley and Michael Barlow will play. He made no comment on if Witts would be rucking solo, however. There’s also still no news on Zac Guthrie, which is leading me to believe there will be no news on him.

Also in MAJOR BREAKING NEWS the AFL has announced we’ll get to choose from THREE TYPES OF SALT AT THE FOOTY. Wow! Now, we can sample regular salt, or we can top our chips with the tears of Carlton fans or Richmond fans. It’s said they’re working on prefecting Collingwood tear salt, but they’re yet to make them safe for human consumption. But still, it’s huge news.


FIFTH EDIT: 5.30PM – The Calm Before The Storm

Essendon have announced #1 pick Ash McGrath (211k def/mid) will play against the Hawks this week. I’m not going within a Bull’s roar of him at his price – I just can’t see him scoring enough to generate cash. However, if you are desperate for a defensive rookie on field you could go there, but I’d advise against doing so.

It’s looking increasingly likely Harrison Macreadie (117k def) will be named as a late emergency for the Blues, with some speculating Simon White will be dropped and Jacob Wietering can play forward. He scored 44 and 11 in the JLT last year and will be akin to Michael Hartley last year, just with far worse job security. Don’t knee jerk and select him.

Port have released their SANFL trial match for tonight, and Lee Gaskin from has scanned through the names to see who’s missing. Keep in mind, they are travelling to Sydney, so Atley or Houston could be emergencies, but it’s promising regardless!


Harrison Macreadie is in, Jed Lamb is out. No changes to Richmond’s team. Sit tight for the big one in 25 minutes.



Look at that! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Captain McCaptainface! Everyone’s favourite Superhero is back as the great* Captain makes his first appearance for the year!


*great in girth. Any other insinuations from the word great are entirely co-incidental.

If you have the big orange C on a bloke who isn’t named Patrick Dangerfield or Nathaniel Fyfe, you need to have a good, hard look at yourself. The loophole is set up, it’s the last game of the week, Danger scored 155 in his first game last year. Fyfe only scored 61 but the Dockers were pummelled by the Dogs and it doesn’t count. There are only two questions: which one do you pick and why is it Patrick Dangerfield?

But we’ve got a whole great big plethora of VC options: from tonight’s Carlton vs Richmond fest all the way through. Sam Docherty is projected to hit 132 against the Tigers, and I’d wager he’s just about the only captaincy option I’d drag out of Thursday’s game. On Friday, Supercoach’s eternal Prince Scott Pendlebury plays off against the Dogs, as does his heir to the Collingwood Throne Adam Treloar, who is also my VC for the week. He averaged 114 during the JLT but went at a huge 1.4 PPM.

Max Gawn averages 112 against the Saints, and without the 3rd man up rule we may see his scoring escalate yet again. He doesn’t like Etihad, however, and if Jake Spencer is named cross him right off your lists. In the same game, Nick Riewoldt averages 113 against the Dees and 111 at Etihad (over 124 games!)… he could go massive. Who are you thinking of, community?


The newest member of the Panic Room Family makes her debut this week – the weekly track of WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY is going on in the rucks this year. I toyed with a simple #RuckWatch hashtag but #RuckingHell is far, far better according to Me: A Young Person and a Hashtag Expert.

SO: what do we know?

That everything I wrote above is wrong. We’ve now got solo rucks coming out the wazoo, and have the opposite problem we thought we had: we’ve got so many blokes we can pick!

Max Gawn:


Todd Goldstein

??????????????? We think Pruess will play? Pruess WILL play. He’ll probably play more forward than ruck? We think? Is Ben Brown still a thing? Does Majak ruck much? Is Goldstein injured????? WHO KNOWS???????

Post team-release there are still too many question marks for mine

Brodie Grundy

Has had Mason Cox elevated from the rookie list, but Cox is there as a chop out – he’ll play mainly forward according to those in the know at Collingwood. Clear number one ruck.

Tom Hickey

LONGER WON’T PLAY. Was identified as the standout to benefit from the 3rd man up rule in the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine. Now has a clear run at achieving that.

Stef Martin

NO ARCHIE SMITH. Tore the JLT apart when he played without him. Has a draw as soft as a baby’s bottom in the lead up to the byes. Injury free.

Aaron Sandilands

Will be playing alongside Jon Griffin and spending stints forward according to everyone’s favourite [redacted], Ross Lyon. However, he’s done this before. We’re fine.

The Nank

..beam him up, Scotty. Number one ruck.

Paddy Ryder

Just to throw another spanner in the works. I’ll be avoiding him for a while due to match fitness. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have an iteration of my team with him in. Think Nank is ahead of him though. Just.

Jarrod Witts

..erm. Um. I think he’ll be solo? Surely. Currie’s useless and no-one up there like Nicholls. Ah wait they have Brooksby. Oh god. Cross your fingers, boys and girls.

You all crossed your fingers well enough! He’s riding solo!

Jonathon Giles

no. Even more so considering he hasn’t been named.


Frequently Asked Questions about how the round 1 rolling lockout works:

Do we still have unlimited trades after tonight? YES – however, we can’t trade players from either Richmond or Carlton, and crucially we also CAN’T MOVE THEM. So, if you pick Jarrod Pickett in the midfield, he’ll be stuck in the midfield until lockout lifts. If you put Nank in the ruck, he’s stuck there.

When are Sunday teams finalised? Friday night, about 6.30. That gives us an hour between the naming of teams and the Bulldogs vs Collingwood lockout to panic about the fact that none of our rookies have been named.

My rookies haven’t been named, what do I do? This is a step by step process. Check the sign by the door – this is the Panic Room. Panic your socks off. Once you’ve done that, scream a little. It’ll help, trust me. Then we sit down and re-evaluate. Are there other rookies you can switch into? Are there other unexpected rookies lying about on other lines? Can you swing a forward premo into a defensive premo? DO NOT MAKE MAJOR CHANGES TO YOUR STRUCTURES.

Rate my team pls: this isn’t a question – if you chuck a question onto your comment, like “should I pick [player 1] over [player two]?”, or “Do I have too many mid pricers?” you’ll get a far more satisfying response as last year there were a lot of you panicking and I am but A Human, in particular a human who gets very distracted very quickly.

Now let’s get cooking!

Who are you hoping will be named tonight?

Who do you need to be named?

Who are you most worried about?

See you in the comments!







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Whats the story with Marchbank tonight????
Reports Macredie may be coming in and people have been saying marchbank has a sore calf?
can anyone shed some light on this?


First i've heard of this Capper, not ideal.

I thought perhaps Macreadie would replace Thomas, as heard doubts around him…..

Geeze….6.30PM gonna be hectic.


I've heard whispers that Simon White will make way for Macredie so Weitering can play forward. Only whispers from Sam McClure's twitter though, nothing from Carlton themselves.

Have heard nothing about Marchbank's calf.


Where have you heard this?


Is this a classic ploy out if jocks magazine?

Shake n bake

Ainsworth Bowes to play


Is marchbank a lock?



Big Daz

No way. AVOID.




First edits are IN – we have rookie announcements, North Melbourne being the most noteworthy


Love it Patch. Check on farewelling friends & family. But I'll raise ya as I even quit my job earlier in the week! I just don't have the time for it


Ha! Love it Pieman!


Now that is dedication INP!


Higgins or Mcrae?


I've gone Higgins – really rate his role in at North Melbourne, seems to be injury free. You won't go too wrong with Macrae though Anth!


Higgins.. Macrae way too popular.. kid can't get a hardball

Jack Attack

Legend if an article! Just want an opinion for my F4, F5 and F6. 2 options.

Steele and 2 basement rookies (e.g. Butler, Eddy)
Hoskin-Elliot, Tarranto and 1 basement rooke (butler/eddy)

Cheers legends!


I'd take option 2, but Steele should have a decent start to the year. I suppose we'll revisit when the teams drop – if we get a Begely or someone else appear you might be better with Steele!

Jack Attack

Very good point. Thanks heaps. Hectic times haha!


Any word about defence rookies? Really don't want Marchbank but almost have no choice unless Geelong or North announce their teams


North have announced Preuss Hibbo Jnr Mountford & Simpkin will all line up


North has said Hibberd WILL play, while Ed Vickers-Willis will not. No word from Geelong or Adelaide as of yet


i like the look of Hibberd, reminds me of JPK. Think i'll still keep him in mids to give me a swingset




you da real MVP, Derek


If your nervous today & you need a good laugh head to the Herald Sun site & have a look at John Ralphs team. Robbo & JC's teams only marginally better


Shaun McKernan? Seriously?


I thought that was one of his better picks lol

Clock Management

The teams are pretty poor but Mckernan isn't bad especially will burger out


Riewoldt vs Buddy vs Lynch vs Macrae

Docherty vs Shaw?

Finishing touches haha!


Riewoldt will start the year like a house on fire, so I'm starting him over the rest. In defence, both will drop but would take Docherty myself.


Agreed Patch! NRoo has not moved since January


DEF: Doc, Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (Stewart, Hibberd)
MID: Danger, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, T Mitchell, Beams, Swallow, SPP (Barrett, Mountford, Parfitt)
RUCK: Grundy, Sandi (Strandcia)
FWD: Dahl, Franklin, Rough, Nank, Taranto, Eddy (Pickett, Butler)

Got 39k left over and want to try and fit Hoskin-Elliot in, anyone got any idea what I could do?


Would have to trade Doch down to a mid pricer (Tuouy) or run Nank as your R1 or Beams down to O'meara but do like the look of your side.


Or even Taranto into the midfield for Swallow.


That'd be move if you desperately wanted WHE but reckon that side is lovely as is!


We no joke have two differences in our team mate, ive got Howe instead of Adams, and Roo instead of Franklin!


Thoughts on team please.

Def:Shaw, Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, otten (Stewart, EVW)
Mid: Danger, trelor, fyfe, tmitch, M crouch, beams, omera, SPP (barret, pickett, M hibberd)
Ruck: Sandi, Witts (Strandica)
Fwd: St nick, dahlhaus, macrae, Nank, Steele, Torranto (parfit, eddy)

I know the fowardline is expensive but dont know where to spend the money better.


Love it


How long do we think Preuss can stay in the team for?

Weighing up is it worth going with him, hoping he can play 3 plus to make cash, or Strnadica for VC Loophole purposes.


I'm keen to make money at r3 as well, but will go with Cameron from Sydney


Cameron out with sore finger


Cameron doesn't have the job security of Preuss. And Preuss has fairly low job security


I reckon his JS is pretty good, and I'd be surprised if he drops before round 8 or so, but I'm not 100% what role Mason Wood will play in that team and if his return would knock him out of the side. He's a corrective for mine.


Thanks guys!

Forgot about Mason Wood. Will leave it be for now, until see lineups.

Also, pretty sure rookie elevations deadline is 2pm today. So we should get some news on Zac Guthrie and Barrett very soon.


Fingers and toes and arms and legs are crossed.


LOL!!! Indeed! Everything.


Top Phillips ??????


You all know who I mean !


Pre-season trap for mine. Would take Roughie, Nank and Steele all ahead of him


The case for Stef Martin:

Round 1 Suns – Witts
Round 2 bombers – McKernan
Round 3. Saints – Hickey
Round 4. Richmond – Nankervis
Round 5. Bulldogs – Campbell
Round 6. Power – Ryder
Round 7. Swans – Tippett
Round 8. Hawks – McEvoy
Round 9. Crows – Jacobs
Round 10 Collingwood – Grundy
Round 11 bye

Round 12 could be shark move to trade to Gawn.

Case against: Archie Smith

Yeah, it's a risk. But some huge upside.


Teams he plays Rounds 1 to 6, has a combined average of 107.3 against them all in 2016 and 2015. Pray no Archie.


Jeez Keen, I was very damn set on what I've got, don't do this to me!

If Archie Smith is named he's scrapped off the list regardless. Very interesting case, I like it!


patch would u prefer stef martin or paddy ryder? both named as the solo ruck


Been saying it for awhile now keen his first 6 weeks are mouthwatering.

Depends on Archie dammit. If he plays Stef looks like jughead.

Do we trust the coach?


have a look at the Nanks first 11 weeks. the opposite!


You are dead set on the money, Derek. Nank has always felt like a JLT trap, but when he popped up in virtually every team reveal, including Jock's, I felt like I was missing something. Feel like maybe Ryder might be the forgotten man, but Sandi Jacobs Mummy from rounds 2-4 put me off. Plus that pesky round 9 bye. I wanted to go 5 deep in the forwards, so Nank was useful.
Have just traded out Nank and Florent, put Taranto in at F5 and JOM at M7. Does look better. Might leave that for another hour before I change it again!




I did change it back. Thank God. My season would have been in ruins one game in. Bad enough taking out Marchbank and never having Butler, but missing Nank would have seen me in tears.

Tim Smith

Roughead or Steele i still just can't decide! Grrr


Roughead the safer option, mate.

Raging Bulls

Nothing's safe in supercoach, go Steele

The Saltshaker

im on the steele train toot toot named ruck rover


Cameron vs Preuss R3


If you need to swing cover into the ruck lines, Cameron. But otherwise, Pruess


Petrovski- Seton or Bowes?
SPS seems to have more job security…


Of those two, would go SPS


top 10,000 supercoach league



Hey guys, only one choice left me pondering in my final lineup and that is to go Ryder or Higgins in f4. Personably I think Higgins will out score but do I need the backup for nankilands?



If you've got either Witts or Pruess at r3 you'll be absolutely fine without Ryder – I'd go Higgins

Joe T

Good luck to everyone this season. Would love some thoughts on the team, I've gone all out in the mids and rolling the dice a bit in the ruck but seems like this may be the year to do it

DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Laird, Thurlow, Hampton, Otten (EVW, STEWART)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Hannerbery, Fyfe, Rockliff, Treloar, O'Meara, SPP (Pickett, Barrett, Hibberd)
RUCK: Nankervis, Sandi (Strnadica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, TJ Lynch, Roughy, Taranto, A Black, Eddy, (Houston, Butler)

Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated!


Like it, Joe! Keep an eye on Black and Houston – I've got a sneaky suspicion they might not be named, but I like it! Good luck!

Joe T

Cheers Patch! Can't wait for the season to get started

Any thoughts on the job security of Teia Miles or James Stewart? They won't be prolific scorers but might be handy as an F8.


2PM deadline for rookie upgrades (Barrett and Guthrie) has passed and…. we've heard nothing. Oh boy.


Barrett out. Mountford in. Welcome my team.


Patrick Keane making us sweat as usual…not ideal.


3 spots left in the Cometti Cup… be quick!



Chose two of:
JJK, Lynch, Buddy, Macrae, Greene


Buddy and Lynch, JJK if you're feeling risky

Bells E Bubb

Buddy and JJK – Lynch after his early bye like everyone else in the top 1000.


JJK and toss a coin after that. Taking Buddy after the bye


Thoughts on who will score better Witts V Hoskinelliot


I'm deliberating exactly the same thing. Probably similar. And probably have similar JS.


Tough one. Would take WHE's JS but feel if Witts has a good run at it he's a chance to average 75/80, which is a touch more than I'd put WHE at. Bigger risk with Witts but think he'd score more


Can't see Macrae being the forward king everyone is suggesting. thinking more along the lines of buddy or saint nick? help!


Would take both Buddy and St Nick over Macrae. Agree with you, Sammy. The stats say he'll be a good pick but I just ain't feelin' it.

Bells E Bubb

If it EVER stops raining in Sydney Buddy should have a great year. Not that he's really a marking forward anyway, but still…
Thinking of ditching Dalh and jumping on Buddy. Club loyalty move. The only proper justification I can see is POD as Dahl will be in every team.


Definitely St Nick over him. Assuming you have Dahl.


he gains a lot of free kicks from ducking and i've noticed in the JLT that he barely got the free kicks he probably would've gotten last year. Due to go down in points based on this i reckon

The Saltshaker

named as rover, if ollie wines was fwd youd take him. Both taken alongside each other in the draft theyve been statistically compatable, will have big year. Buddy looks fit though


Should I pick Patrick Cripps or Matt Crouch ??


I would take crouch


Crouch. Not a fan of picking underdone players

Bells E Bubb

What are thoughts on SPS? I like a rookie who walks in the team without a game – indicates they rate him. Will he get enough of the pill? What's his stich?


Would say he's great on field – poor on the supercoach sheet.


I feel reasonably panic-free now until rookies drop later tonight on the teams… Could I get a look at how my (pretty much) final side is looking guys?

DEF: Simpson, Shaw, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (Hibberd [Nth], Stewart)
MID: Danger, JPK, Treloar, T.Mitchell, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, SPP (Barrett, Pickett, Parfitt)
RUC: Grundy, Sandi (Strandica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Roughead, Nankervis, Tarranto, Eddy (Butler, Houston)

$13.3k remaining over.


Barrets not elevated. What do you think of Parfitt's job security? I like him but not sure if he will stay in the team for long.


Yeah Barrett not promoted and ultimately not playing in Rd 1 is a concern.

Ah well Parfitt played decently in JLT series and he will get his chance, if I'm to be honest on his JS it would be ok for now, but he'd want to play good to probably stay in a quality side being the Cats. Perfectly fine to have him in on my Mid bench for now anyway.


Old Mate Patrick Keane having a longer lunch – Barrett has been upgraded. He's not confirmed for tonight… yet. Parfitt worries me but should get 5 or 6 games to have a run at it


Geezus H Patch what a start.
If this is round 1 imagine what is to come? Magnificent assembly of the English language.

You have set the bar high right off the bat.
Hope u r up to the challenge to rise and rise again


Cheers, Trigger! Need to survive this evening before I can worry about the rest of the year!

Bells E Bubb

So my shark move is Boyd instead of Nan'sKrevice.
Would this be a great white, or a wabbegong?
I'm thinking he's playing solo ruck for at least a few… to make me some fast cash.


Boyd's a big concern in my book – don't think he'll be able to repeat what he did in last year's final series again. However, I haven't given him a close look – back your own research if you've got it!


Tom campbell pulled up well from training i expect him to be named. Avoid boyd


Zacy boy. U beaut.
Nearly tempted to start him at D6


No confirmation on Zac Guthrie from the AFL, Trigger. Rumour on Twitter but I'm not buying into it until I another source on it


How's u team


Is there a jock Reynolds group to join on SC ?


Yeah join the one Derek started a few weeks ago. Nearly up to 300 members now:


Have one league allocation left so may as well offer it to all those suffering in the Panic Room like myself. Any JR'er can join – no conditions.

Code = 721842


Done. Hopefully this season my top 10k becomes a top 5k. Or top 1k


Barrett upgraded 🙂


This is exceedingly good news


Shaw v Docherty ?


I like Docherty more, but you can't go too wrong with either, Will!


Is hibberd and synpkim, preuss all definitely playing it are thy in extended bench?


Article said debut = play but I guess until we see the final Sunday teams nothing is for certain.


What to do with Barret? Go up to a Bowes or SPS? Or pay extra for a swallow? Helpppppppppp


He's been upgraded


Where did u get that info?


Been tweeted by Pat Keane from AFL House!




Can we still rely for him to hold down M8 spot?




Barrett (BL)has been upgraded for Skinner and Shaun Edwards (Syd) for Rohan


and Joel Smith (Melb) for Mitch King…


Marchbank a lock or not necessary if you have 3 premo defence and currently Hampton at D4?


Not essential. But it looks like he has good JS & can score as well


Concur, IN. I reckon he'll average north of 80 though


Pieman your team set?


Not even close. 17 changes today so far!


Panic about my league being half empty. Jump in and fill it up with some stiff competition. 280057


I'm more of a half full type person


Jump in. We need some more people with attitude like this


What is mountford's JS looking like?

Ben Cunnington



Last minute questions.
Do I pick Butler instead of Houston just because Butler was named. Will be on the bench so not worried about the score, more who is a better rookie?
And do I name Pruest as R3 instead of Strdnica? If so do I keep Strd in the forward line as loophole or hope other rookies don't play?


Houston looking unlikely to play this week, so would go Butler. Depends on your ruck setup – if Nank is in the ruckline Pruess is certainly an option, if you need to swing Nank up there to cover Sandi or Witts or Goldstein or whoever, I'd stick with Strndica or Cameron, who should play next week


Vacancies exist in league 898804.

Same group of guys have a top 200 ranked league last season.

If your a top 2% player your welcome to join, trying to improve on league ranking, and have competitive fun.


Version: no 3,582

I thought i was set.Will hit 4,000 by night's end. Grr help me Lord. Yes i'm in panic mode. Just picked Watts and Dawson HELP !!!


DEF: Shaw, Laird, Lloyd, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (EVW, Stewart)
MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Beams, O'meara, SPP (Strnadica)
RUC: Nank, Sandi
FWD: Dahl, Macrae, Higgins, Roughead, Pickett, Houston (Buter, Eddy)

107k remaining
not sure on the ruck combo or if i have too much cash banked doing nothing
also not sold on Pendles (definite future upgrade target) so maybe swap pendles/Roughead for Cripps/JJK or pendles/Roughead for Selwood/Greene?
happy to hear any feedback, Cheers


107k is fine. I have 212k but I have more midpricers and need cash to fix if one fails. Don't like to start with Pendles. But not to Cripps. Hannas or Selwood maybe.
Or TMitch for cash and get JJK


DEF: Shaw, Laird, Lloyd, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (EVW, Stewart)
MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Beams, O'meara, SPP (Taranto, Barret, Parfitt)
RUC: Nank, Sandi (Strnadica)
FWD: Dahl, Macrae, Higgins, Roughead, Pickett, Houston (Buter, Eddy)

107k remaining
not sure on the ruck combo or if i have too much cash banked doing nothing
also not sold on Pendles (definite future upgrade target) so maybe swap pendles/Roughead for Cripps/JJK or pendles/Roughead for Selwood/Greene?
Cheers (sorry butchered team format in last comment)


Where was it confirmed Darcy Cameron wasn't playing?


Her out til next week infection in finger




Never mind, found it


Did I see somewhere guthrie has been elevated and named?


Elevated, Yes
Named, ??????????


Ok I wasn't sure?


What's your thoughts on Castagna from Richmond now he's been added to senior list??


Lloyd Braun always a threat


Not even considering him at that price with Marchbank 20k cheaper


Patch – I was actually considering having both of them.


Canstagna, Marchbank and Hampton in the backline is slightly too much for mine. Can't see him getting enough mid time with the new-look engine room to be worth the price. Shaky JS. Very firm no for mine, unless you know something I don't


At D3 D4 and D5 to have the three is a bit risky for sure but is will with my structure enable me to have Nank at F4 for Sandi cover. Castagna.did have two good scores last year in his five games


Thoughts on my team?

D: H.Shaw T.Adams R.Laird C.Marchbank C.Hampton E.Vicker-Willis (N.Newman T.Stewart)
M: P.Dangerfield S.Pendlebury M.Bontempelli N.Fyfe M.Murphy D.Swallow W.Brodie SPP (J.Barrett M.Hibberd N.Freeman)
R: M.Gawn A.Sandilands (L.Strnadica)
F: L.Dahlhaus J.Macrae T.Nankervis J.Steele T.Taranto B.Eddy (I.Heeney B.Parfitt)

$24,100 in the Bank
Looking to get out Heeney. Who should I bring in?


I don't think Brodie was named or elevated


Thanks, He isn't playing


I'm going Shaun Higgins for the same price, but otherwise you could go with Roughead! Brodie not playing as Pies mentioned, and Freeman is out for some time with (surprise!) a hamstring


Thanks Patch I'll look at both Higgens and Roughead


With all the ruck problems why is Mumford not in any teams


He tends to get injured and Lobb eats up a bit of his time in the middle, but I've asked that question to myself numerous times and I reckon he'd be a decent POD. Maybe.


Thanks Patch should get HOTA with GWS mids


Sshhh. I think he will be the ruckman that benefits most from the no third man up rule change


Roo or Greene?


Roo will kill it early but will drop in price, I'd go Roo


Roo, Riewoldt, some daylight, Roo again, and then Greene


Would it be too much to have roo and steele in the same team?


nah dont think so, I have. only problem saints share they with WBD and im assuming you have Dalh and/or mcrae, i have all four , lol gg.




Not if you've managed the rest of your bye players well enough!

mars bar



Starting to get nervous about having Jack Steele. Have 60k in the bank but not sure there is much more on offer


Jet. Get him


Just traded Grundy for Nank and going balls out with no ruck back up and got Buddy in as a security blanket


Today is all about nerves: back the research you've done and decisions you've made.


True Patch – would like to know who you think will go bigger out of Bont, Cripps or Matt Crouch


Cripps will start slowly but finish on top of that pile. Crouch the value pick. I struggle to guage The Bont so am waiting on him. Would start Cripps, then Crouch, then Bont, in that order


Cheers Patch – makes a Blues fan feel better


50 – Thats a pretty slow start Patch 😛


What do ya think

DEF: Docherty, T Adams, Laird, T McKenzie, MarchBank, Scharenberg. ( Hampton, Hibberd)
MID: Dangerfield (C), Hannebery (VC), Treloar, Cripps, Fyfe, J Kelly, Taranto, Petrevski-Seton, (O Florent, Powell-Pepper, Barrett)
RUCK: Nankervis, Sandilands, (T English)
FORW: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Roughead, Hoskin-Elliot, Ainsworth, Simpkin, (Butler, Eddy)


Ahh, great to have you back, Patchy!


It's great to be back! Well, I mean it's terrifying and I feel like we're all going to be majorly screwed over with team selections BUT other than that I am loving the Panic Room


what are cheaper options than selwood (not fyfe or treloar) that should out score selwood? dont feel comfortable with only $8800 in the bank!


There aren't many, which is why so many are looking to lock him away. Possibly Tom Mitchell might be the only one significantly cheaper who might break into that bracket for mine.


i like Selwood because of his Bye


T.Lynch or Greene?




Has the early bye in round 9


Steele or Roughy


Steele looks set to explode this year whereas with roughy, think he might be a little slow early on with time out of the game


Gone both BB – massive value and both likely to go near 500k


Roughy for mine


Clatyon Oliver, thoughts?


Will have a great year. Not top 10. Won't make enough cash. Shame. Champion rising.


will become a future supercoach beast but awkward price this year

Bells E Bubb

Out of my team today for same reasons Abel said.Tempting to roll the dice though, huh?


Am I the only person who thinks Steele is a huge trap?


Pun intended.


Just made a league for all the panickers like myself, join up 638521 if you still have a space left and let's push for top 100!!


thoughts on rance as a D1? with laird and howe at d2 and d3


I'm going rance laird Howe and lloyd


B: Adams, Laird, Mills, Marchbank, Hampton, Hibberd, Smith, Stewart
M: Danger, Treloar, Cripps, Fyfe, T Mitch, Beams, O Meara, SPP, Barrett, Pickett, Parfitt
R: Nank, Sandi, Cameron
F: Dahlhaus, Buddy, Greene, Roughy, Steele, Taranto, Butler, Eddy
Nankilands my major risk


Higgins or Roughie? Already have Steele.


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Looking to go back to back. My team feels really shit this year though!


Is it only players named on the bench at risk of chop from extended squads ?


So my team (which will change with line ups)
B Doherty Rance Laird Marchbank Hampton Otten (Stewart Guthrie)
M Dangerfield Pendlebury Treloar Fyfe T Miller D Swallow SPP J Pickett (J Barrett T Miles M Hibberd)
R B Grundy A Sandi (D Cameron)
F N Riewoldt Dahlhouse Lynch Nankervis Hogan Simpkin (Parfitt Eddy)

Question, am I mad with Touk Miller and Jesse Hogan, I'm guessing there is a reason no-one picks them……


Yep there's a reason


I would only consider touk as a fwd. Couldn't have him mid


Need this league filled up 349781 2016 top 10k+ only please.

Also, are there any spare league spots out there? If so hit me up.


7 spots left in the league



and 985142


Higgins or Rough?


Gday all, me and a couple of mates have just started another league with the aim to increase our chances of winning the highest league prize.
I finished 51st overall last year and my 2 other mates were both inside the top 1000. Please only join if you have a history of high rankings!
League code is: 806319
Look forward to seeing you all in it.


McGrath has been named to debute










Hahaha quality exhange… if you're after a source, there's one, if you're after a sauce, I'd go Mayo instead of tomato. Bit more of a POD


McGrath to play against Hawks sat night…
Still keen on him Derek?


At least he is playing!


I really like him. Looks all class. And when has a #1 draft not lived up to expectations huh?


Ha. He looks better than Watts atm


which swans Mid should i go for JPK, Hanners or Parker?

feeling Parker because i feel he is more of a POD compared to the others thoughts?


I think JPK is more of a wet weather player, as the winter goes, the better he goes (although it won't stop raining in Sydney). I think that is why JPK scores better second half of year.

I think Parker had some off season surgery that made him miss some pre season, might catch up on him a bit after a few big games.

Hanners spent some time on the wing last year, affected his score and reduced his average by a few points, he won't be on wing this year, so might be getting him a couple of pts cheaper.

Parker and Hanners will benefit from TMitch leaving, where JPK won't as he can't get anymore mid time than he has always got.

I'm going With Hanners, but splitting hairs


It has crossed my mind to start with no swans midfielder and jump on the one who starts slower. Do what crouching is doing. Start with a JOM or Swallow plus $200k, jump on a fallen swan after a few weeks……….. or not

I am sticking with Mills though