CoachKings Preview: Carlton v Richmond

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Patch CoachKings Preview


Oh boy am I hyped. It’s like the excitement of Christmas Eve had a love child with the anticipation and hedonism of New Year’s Eve, and that child was raised by a wild and debauched Jordan De Goey’s 21st Birthday. Round One is here.

And so is the second year of the community’s VERY OWN game – CoachKings.

Thursday marks round 1 of the venue series.. you absolutely must download the season guide here to get your head around some of the changes to the season structure, with $70,000 of free cash to be won in venue land this year.

Yes, CoachKings has grown up over summer, and the wide eyed child we came to know and love last year is back as a giant orange and black snarling beast, here to take Australia by storm. There have been a few changes to the scoring system, it has been simplified to make it easier to swallow for folk new to the game.

These are now the stats that’ll grab us points – and subsequently dollarydoos, in both the venue and play at home formats;

CoachKings Stats

Key changes include tackles DOUBLING in points (hello Tom Rockliff and Jack Steele) and goals being worth less points, which will have us looking at midfielders who rotate forward, such as The Chad and Josh Caddy.

The pricing system has also had a slight touch-up, with the cap now at $100,000, and players ranging from north of $15,000 down to $5,000 for the cheap as chips rookies.

So, who am I looking at locking in down at my local to watch the Richmond bandwagon fall apart after all the pre-season hype?

Let’s have a gander at The Potatoes

Patch CoachKings Team

I have a long-standing adage that Yellow is not a fantasy relevant colour, especially in terms of Richmond and Hawthorn. We’ll see the occasional bloke worth poking a stick at, but normally I give them a wide berth, and tonight is no different.

You’ll notice I’ve loaded up on Carlton’s big guns in the middle, with only recruit Dion ‘The Human Meatball’ Prestia making up the numbers in the middle for the yellow and black. Patrick Cripps and Marc Murphy can  both rack up the pill and will score points for doing so. Fantasy Insider has got these Carlton boys racking it up, with The Human Meatball also expected hit 105 or so.

Because of that, I’m shoving all my eggs in the ‘Carlton are going to win’ basket (sorry Crouching, I’ll shout you a rum can) and going with Jarrod Pickett at bargain basement price and… Levi Casboult.

I’ve had a good week with picking terrible forwards, but he should be target numero uno and will clunk down a hell of a lot of marks, worth three points each, and hopefully scrounge 8 points. Sam Docherty and Caleb Marchbank are as locked as you can get, especially with Marchbank at basement price.

Feel like I’m forgetting someone…


Ah yes. The Nank. Locked. Loaded. Will dominate around the ground. Tackles, marks, handballs, hitouts – the lot.

Who are you looking at tomorrow night, community? Time to jump onto to find your nearest venue.. this will be absolutely bloody HUGE.

Make you sure you also keep your eyes glued to the site tomorrow for the ROLLING round one Panic Room!




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Hey Jock, still no coachkings in Yarrawonga old mate?? Whats the go there?? You've got us surrounded, an hour away in Albury, an hour away in Shepparton and an hour away in Echuca… How long until I can go to a local in town here and enjoy some quality fantasy footy??


Relton Roberts, Connor Menadue, Dan Bultler. The 2017 Tigers Rookie spud has been announced

Russ in W.A

Butler did pretty good tonight..with 96


anyone still looking for a sc league 227148

lets make it competitive


177918 and 230190 if ur looking for a competitive league


Pickett on field! Arrrrrrggggghhh!

Brain methew

The coachings preview cartlon vs richmond wide eyed child we came to know and love last year. We can get more here with this site for the more objectives on easier to swallow for folk new to the game.

Luci an