Crouching One SuperCoach Team Reveal

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Watch and behold as the oracle from the orient presents his 2017 starting team


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i don't know how i feel about this


Surely Crouching should add another Midfield Premium.

Take out Strnadica and put Parfitt onto the Forward Bench.


I'm all for keeping some cash free for early injuries/correction trades, but having over $600K in reserve is way too much. You'll miss out on points from premiums you could have had from day dot and then be too far behind in total points to catch up. Happy to be proven wrong though.


Not if your midpricers are scoring premo points. Cash is irrelevant in that case.

If his midpricers fail he can go bang and fix them with minimal trades.


If overall rank is the aim, all that needs to happen is his midpricers spud up for one week and you basically have no chance of making up those lost points because you'll be trading into premium players which most people already have. So you'll end up with the same players (Dangerfield is the most obvious one that he doesn't have currently) but you're now behind the game because, for example, Horlin-Smith scores 50-odd in Round 1 and Danger pumps out a 120+. You're then 70 points behind everyone with Danger and now need to burn a trade to get him in.


That's the thing I guess, we don't really know whether he is playing for overall or for league wins.


He's 100% playing for rank aha


Yes, Crouching One always plays for rank. Mrs Crouching "promise love make" if he cracks the top 100.


And if Horlin-Smith scores 75+ and Danger gets 80-90 playing up forward?

Sure he's taking risks but it's not as terrible as people are making it out to be.

Personally I'd get Danger in for Neale or Selwood.


Not enough keepers for mine, plus relying on guys like Swallow, Sandi, Beams, Fyfe and Thurlow to stay fit long enough means that I fear this team runs out of trades early, and without full premo team.


I don't know what to say…

Very bold!


Can you give me some feedback on team

DEF: Doc Shaw Tuohy Marchbank Hmapton Otten ( Stewart EVW)
MID: Danger, Ablett, Trealor, Fyfe, Kelly Beams, JOM, Swallow ( pep brodie barret)
RUC: NANK, Sandi ( preuss)
FWD: Roo, Dal Higgins, Roughead, Steele, Tarranto, Butler ( eddy, Butler)




Big Daz

Swallow is a risk and need real cover when Sandi has a rest.


starting to see a trend with these team reveals, they seem a bit ummmmmmm, bogus, $600 od in the pot still?? happy chasing,,,, too many cans of rum for you crouching, Tiger win flag? your dilusional, maybe, you and slipper need get out a bit,Welcome

Bells E Bubb

Yes it’s great. They are more points of discussion than real teams to cut and paste. Well done Jock et al.

Ranked Top 200,000

Pulled back your skin a bit too far on your own flute Bro… Stop being so dayummmm #SALTY playa xx


Whats that? ranked


I'm speechless. The cash remaining. Neale at M1. Crouching One must have plums the size of watermelons.

Yeah, wow.



Competitive league with a few spots left. Jump on to reach the top with us.


Joined thanks.
last year finished within top 1000, hopefully 500 this year.




Too many rum can


Wow, balls to the wall start Crouching. No Danger, no Gawn! This is either genius or lunacy. Many Pinky Snapper & Rum cans if this proves to be a master stroke.


Many can rum also if it proves to be a stinker


I love it very ballsy team it gives me food for thought welcome

General Soreness


There is a lesson here.

Don't do Drugs!


Too late for Crouching me thinks


The gym probably needs a visit from ASADA


i was thinking the same thing hahahahaha


The true answer is to always do the drugs


If yas go alright, join my league 466803


Can someone post the team in text? Can't view video at work.


You should thank work for banning videos


Is the team that bad?


Hmmm it's unique! Not many captain options let's just say


If an actual Rum can was on the team that would be his Captain


You can zoom in on a phone while it's playing


Losing 120 points weekly with that cash on bench
And a chance to use that on a caption so effectively losing 250 points weekly
That will put you out to 80/90k overall and that's if the rest of your team does wonders from round 1
Not to happy with this crouching


Seriously? I'd rather the admins not even post their teams if they're going to "reveal" their bogus SuperCoach teams.
There is no way Crouching goes into R1 2&5$ a team even remotely similar to this and $600k in the bank is ludicrous. Almost insulting trying to sell this to the community, my opinion anyway… too many pages creating bogus SuperCoach teams just for a few views

Nat Is Stoopid

Let's see your team then ya Salty little minx…


I've started with 1 million in the bank and finished top 10% so dunno what people are on about.


Relax Nat,

Nobody is coming here to find the covenant of the arc.

If you find it "insulting or bogus" then move on my friend.

Good luck, Juz.


5 spots left community get amongst it if you're a serious supercoacher. 319318


Oh and could someone please find Crouching's plot!!!


Interesting Crouching! I am in a very different boat. Only $400 remaining! Packing my dacks that rookies will be announced and I won't have the money I need to fill out the rookie spots. Also wish I had an extra $20,000 to put Cameron/Pruess on my ruck bench. Any suggestions community?

BACKS: Rance, Adams, Laird, Hampton, EVW, Stewart (Otten, Z Guthrie)

MIDS: Danger, Fyfe, Treloar, Bont, Titch, Beams, Jaeger, Swallow (SPP, Barrett, Hibberd)

RUCKS: Goldy, Sandi (Strnadica)

FORWARDS: Dahl, Macrae, Roughy, Nankervis, Taranto, Eddy (Pickett, Houston)

Ty Webb

Florent instead of Taranto


Downgrade Swallow to a rookie and all problems solved


I agree to an extent. I'd have trouble choosing between Swallow/Jaeger. And also will there be a viable rookie? Parfitt?

I might also consider dropping Range for a Marching type… that would help my bye structure…

Big Daz

Farewell Swallow.


Thoughts on my team so far? Quite happy with it at the moment. Rucks a concern, but feel the reward is worth the risk if it pulls through. Rookies on bench subject to change pending lists.
$1,900 left in the bank

Hampton, Vicker-willis, stewart (Otten/smith)

Danger, Hannebery, Priddis,
Ward, Fyfe, Watson, Beams, Powell-pepper (Barrett, Hibbered, Parffit)

Nankervis, Sandilands (Strnadica)

Reiwoldt, Dahlhaus, Greene,
Steele, Taranto, Eddy, (Pickett Miles)


For 1053k which 2 forwards would you get?
I already have Roughy and Dahl.


wont get anyone for that coin


Upvoting your own comment huh? lol


Macrae, Greene


Lynch and frank

Jager Bombs

Serious Supercoachers 803130 join. CHeers


No Comment!!!! I'm still in shock.

Walk on crouching

Just lost all credibility Crouching one…this is garbage mate.


Not really. Replace neale with danger and it's far from garbage.

Danger and Fyfe as captain options. A little bit of cash to 'fix' any errors and he'll do quite well.


Hey community, if i can get some thoughts on my team that would be great

DEF: Doch, Adams, Tuohy, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (VW,Stuart)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Selwood, Bont, Fyfe, M.Crouch, Beams, SPP (Miles, Parfitt, Bayok(random west coast player))
RUCK: Gawn,Sandi (strndica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Roughy, Taranto, Pickett, Butler (eddy, Cameron)

thoughts on this real quick
– sell tuohy to a def rookie
– use money to upgrade fwd rook to jack steele
– left over cash to upgrade bench

or should i leave it how it is

Cheers Community


My guess is Cameron (syd) won't be named and unlikely to play more than 2-3 games all year. Is the 4th ruck in line at the swans.
Like your thoughts at the end re Steele. I can see him Ave 95 this year


Keep touhy
You win the 50grand


Hey guys wold appreciate any feedback

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Howe, Lloyd, Hampton, Otten (EVW, Stewart)
MID: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Treloar, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, SPP, Barrett (Pickett, Miles, Hibberd)
RUCK: Goldstein, Sandilands (Strndica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Lynch, Nankervis, Taranto, Eddy (Turner, Parfitt)


Big Daz

Howe not an option. Need to improve your MIdfield. You have too much $$$ tied up in your fwd line.


Why is Howe not an option???


Would probably get rid of one premo in the defensive line and try and get another midfield premo. Just because you need barrett to be on the bench if you suffer an injury so you can sub him on rather than scrambling around for another consistent rookie. I would be confident in picking Howe, but only if it works with this changed structure. If you are still strapped for cash I would try downgrading lynch to maybe WHE or Mccarthy and look to upgrade him after the bye. ATM you are probably one premo too heavy in the forward/backline, or 2 midpricers. If you removed Lloyd and the Nank then you could easily get another uber-premium in the mids who will carry you early.

In saying that this is your structure so do what you want, however I personally reckon you are a bit light on in the guts.


Thoughts on my team
B- Simpson, Shaw, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, EVW (Otten, Stewart)

C- Danger, JPK, Hanners, Tealoar, Fyfe, Beams, Taranto, SPP (Barrett, Hibbered, Parfitt)

R- Goldstein, Sandi (Strnadica)

F- Dahlhaus, Macrae, Roughead, Nankervis, Picket, Miles ( Houston, Eddy)
50k in bank


Upgrade danger to gaz jr. and upgrade beams to zaharakis


^^^^^ don't do that. Gaz is injured half the season, Danger is a gun who you will be missing out on 20 points per round if you don't have him, 40 because he is a valid captaincy option. Zaharakis has no where near the capability of Beams' max, and you will be stuck with an awkard midpricer averaging 75 if you pick him. If anything I think that you are a bit light on in your forward line, with two risky on field rookies. Miles' job security does not look certain at all, so I would try and find a substitute. If you can free up 50k more (maybe downgrade marchbank because there are many good back rookies), and upgrade him to Will Hoskin Elliot. I would also upgrade switch Taranto into your forward line and put barrett onfield in the mids. He will be more consistent that Pickett I think, mainly because Pickett will be playing as small forward and may not get much of the footy some weeks.

Rick Grimes

Bahaha brilliant. Not sure about the team but it's certainly bold.

Tim Smith

thats such a bad team wow


Steele or namkervis? I have sandy so nank is good cover but steelers scores in the jlt were crazy good with them those two huge scores over 110 and one game of 50 from 36% game time. And the other saints mids all had around same game time as him in his big score games so I doubt he will be affected by them to much.
Though s?


You have to look at the compotition he was against? noone really, dont get sucked in mate,


I've got the same problem and decided to go with Steele. I've gone with Preuss as ruck cover for Sandi. If needed I will use a trade and cash to upgrade Sandi if injured. Looking at North in the JLT I'd take Pruess over Daw's any day of the week.


Sorry wrong thread I've posted in.

I do like your rucks and I've gone for the same set up. I'd leave Nankervis our and go with Steele.I think Nank is a trap and will be lucky to average 90. St Kilda go Steele for a reason and he was a ball magnet in the NEAFL


Steele is new to the team and his place wasn't guaranteed, he was playing for his spot while everyone else was getting some run into the legs. I don't reckon he's going to be nearly as good as everyone thinks this year


What do you guys recon

DEF:Simpson,Adams,Laird,Thurlow,Hampton,VW (Otten,Stewart)

MID:Danger,JPK,Treloar,Fyfe,Kelly(GWS),Beams,JOM,SPP (Barrett,Hibberd,Parfitt

RUCK:Hickey,Sandi (Preuss)

66k in the bank
Any improvements?????


Swap riewoldt for a cheaper option and then get witts


I've got the same problem and decided to go with Steele. I've gone with Preuss as ruck cover for Sandi. If needed I will use a trade and cash to upgrade Sandi if injured. Looking at North in the JLT I'd take Pruess over Daw's any day of the week.


preuss isn't looking like playing. Word from North Melbourne.


i love how everyone's complaining about this team.
why don't we all just create the same team, do the same trades and divide the 50k up amongst 300,000 players.

16c each! woo hoo!!


Agree! It's great seeing others go with different players. It's the $600k im baffled about


He obviously has reasons for all his picks. Fair enough.


I'm all for this team. One less person to compete against.

the nank

Should I start with
Danger, JPK, Jelwood, Trealor, Fyfe, Beams, JOM and SPP

Danger, JPK, Trealor, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, Swallow and SPP and 327k for upgrade for NANKILANDS


$327k too much to leave in kitty


Normally yes but this year ruck uncertainty means if you go thin then having 200-300k is probably sensible


A or B are both valid. 3 in my opinion is too many midpricers, bit if you have 300k in the kitty then you can easily upgrade. The only issue with that is that you may be starting too far behind. Back yourself and your Premo's to carry the team early. I would go with A


Does anyone know if Bont has had a full pre season, is he a valid starting premo for the M3 spot or are people thinking of picking him up during the year??


He didn't. Ankle issues. Looked fine in final JLT hitout though. Was always going to be an upgrade target for me


Bold team, but he'll do better than most of the cookie cutter crap around.


Last years winning team was Cookie Cutter except for 1 player which was Mitch Robinson. He realised his error & traded him to buddy in Round 2. Most winning teams start cookie cutter. It's how you use your 30 trades that makes the difference


This year there's not enough rookies though. Last year was easier. ie lock in a bunch of bombers rookies.

Whoever gets their combination of mid price and rookies right will win this year.


Fair argument Burnmen but the collective so called cookie cutter team does have a few mid pricers this year – and those players end up in the base team for a reason. My take is that the cash in bank theory can only really work in a year when the rookie pool is strong. By saving 600K and having say, two less full premos on field, you would have the opportunity to have two extra rookies. Those rookies then make extra cash and you can use this cash to boost your team quickly post round 7 and catch up with the other teams. This year most of us can't come up with 16 good earners as it is so may as well get your cash and put 13/14 premos on the field. Crouchings team has some great picks but 9 premos isn't enough.

Johnny Boogaloo

Looking for a league … who's got spots going?


150273 for those who have done their preseason homework


374740 has spots Johnny


Good day community,
Don't really rate myself as a super coach expert, however this year I feel this is a strong outfit heading into round one. If you have a thought on it share it with me.. cheers.

DEF: Shaw, Johannisen, J.Lloyd, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (T. Stewart, Z.Guthrie)
MID: Danger, JPK, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, Swallow, SPP (Barrett, M. Hibberd, Wigg)
RUC: Martin, Sandi (Witts)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Lynch, Greene, Nank, Taranto, McCarthy (Pickett, Eddy)

*$136,600 left.


Dac Zawson

You may have personal reasons for picking specific players, but with all that cash in the bank plus having Nankervis as ruck cover I think you could make some small upgrades.

My thinking is that you could go JJ up to a Simpson/Docherty or even Laird as they are much more likely to be Top 8 Defenders at the end of the year.
Also, I imagine Stef is in your team as you believe he will play as a lone wolf ruckman all year (if so he will be a great pick), however going up to a Grundy/Goldstein may be a safer choice.
Lastly, while I believe McCarthy should play the full year, his scoring potential is low for a 'rookie' of his price so downgrading him to a Butler type player who will be named round 1, may free up some more cash to be used elsewhere.
Best of luck mate


Cheers mate, JJ -> Simpson




Wow The Bold and The Beautiful!


Great vid Crouching.

Never thought I'd say this about a preseason team but you could swap Parfitt for … I dunno …DANGERFIELD.

Lots of negative comments about your team but if people have another look and imagine you made that trade they would find that this structure (along with many of the players) is not that dissimilar to their own.

All the "Crouching's on drugs comments" may turn into "Strong side with some great PODs" 🙂


Spot on


But he doesn't have Dangerfield instead of Parfitt! That's the point.

It he did, he wouldn't have $600k+ in the bank and he wouldn't be 50-80 points behind every other team.


Still a couple of sleeps to go.


Hi everyone,

What do you think of my team?

DEF: Shaw, T. Adams, Tuohy, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten || Hibberd, Steward

MID: Danger, Pendles, Kennedy, Selwood, Fyfe, Beams, Powell-Power, Barret || Parfitt, Atley, Bolton

RUCK: Gawn, Sandi || Strnadica

FWD: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Greene, Steele, Taranto, Eddy || Pickett, Houston


Like meatloaf through a straw so are the days of our lives. WELCOME.

Wow. That team certainly is UNIQUE! Lone wolf.
Not sure about having that much money in the bank?
Do you mind if I come to you for a loan? Looking at using the majority of the green.
Not sure how this team would go with capt options?
Guess you will work that out as you go along.

But you live and you die by the samari sword.

Good luck. You may need it


I havent seen one team with Rockliff in it..
If he stays on the park he'll be a top 2 pick.
Didnt light it up in jlt, but considering his overall tog he was pretty good. Take out the two injury affected games and he averaged around 120 last year. Just saying


Talk of him playing a more forward role this year too, may impact his scoring….


I dont believe the hype of him playing forward, but will be watching the team lists when they roll out. If anything, he is fitter and more determined considering what happenned last season:

"Rockliff has stripped kilograms from his frame over the pre-season, and Beams says the work ethic has not gone unnoticed."

We all know what a determined/motivated rockliff can do (double ton).

In other news, does anyone want to buy some rockliff t-shirts?


Like you've said "If" he stays on the park. Mid season upgrade if he can get through


I have him Jess.

Stats , TOG, midfield rotations, time in fwd half etc, etc …. aside.

I have him because they tried to trade him, nobody wanted him, they stripped him of the captaincy and he is internally seething.

Think he might get a bit Russel Crowe in Gladiator this year to prove a point.


I'm still considering him for my starting lineup, he's spent a lot of time in my teams over the past 3-4 years. He's in the mix with Treloar, Hanners, Selwood and Co. Still not sure which Premos to go with though.


Petrevski Steven, carltons top pick may debut, and butler is a definite


It's too much cash in the kitty but I think this year having a chunk left over could be very advantageous, especially If your running a few midpricers. With the Gold Coast/Port bye at Rd9 there can be some quick and painless upgrades. I have Thurlow and thought he could be an easy stepping stone to Pittard to cover the byes… Could also jump onto Robbie Gray, Tom Lynch, Gary Ablett quite easily too…. Still, $627k is prob a bit much…

Also, no Danger is obviously a massive risk but not sure why Neale is being mentioned as such a bad pick. Finished 6th mid last year ahead of Parker, Selwood, Priddis, Treloar etc so maybe not THAT bad a selection… Not in my team but just saying…


Agree with you on, Neale. Has Sandi tapping it down to him this year. Had 37 touches v Fyfe's 38 in JLT4, so they can work together it seems.

Alas, interrupted preseason. I'll see how he goes


Lachie could be a very good pick Kev. Had him couple years ago came home hard, pi$$ed I didn't pick him last year.
Don't have him tho.


Difficult to start with him with the R13 bye set up….

Gold Rush

League 112344
So far it's me along with the so called experts (exception being the Great Jock Reynolds and the Phantom), so if you reckon that you can rip Robbo and Co a new one – jump on board.


League 374740
Competitive bit of fun , all welcome …. trying to avoid auto fill !


This is my Sons League 522210 too
We have both been five years


My team is not auto filled. Did OK last year. Would like to join


Greene or T J Lynch




Both keepers.. Greene now, Lynch upgrade target after China


Docerty or Simpson




simpson . come season end he will have avg'd much the same as doch


Nank or Grundy
Spend Nank money else where


I know you want your fishing boat for pinky snapper Crouching, but having money in your Supercoach bank won't buy it. An alright start though


Team version 100000001
DEF. Laird, Murphy, Jones, Marchbank, Hampton, VW. Often, Stewart.
MID. Selwood, Treloar, Fyfe, TMitch, Kelly, Beams, OMeara, HorlinSmith. Taranto, PepperPig, Hibberd
RCK. Nank, Sandi. English
FOR. Rewoldt, Kennedy, Dahl, Caddy, Rough, Houston. Strdnica, Eddy.
150k left. Options.
Adams for Murphy.
Steele for Rough or Caddy
Selwood becomes Danger.


Danger is bad
Mitch for gaz


DEF: Shaw, Laird, Mills, Marchbank, Hampton, Vwillis Otten, Stewart

MID: Dangerfield, Treloar, Bontempelli, Fyfe, Tmitchell, Beams, O'Meara, SPP Barret, Pickett, Parfitt

RUC: Gawn, Sandi Strnadica

FWD: Dahlhaus, Greene, Ryder, Roughead, Taranto, Eddy Butler, Houston

Let me know the changes you would make to my squad


Hey dudes and dudettes. What are peoples thoughts on Swallow or O'Meara? I want to pick one but I cant decide


I'm going with JOM purely from comparing the two over the JLT games.


I'm thinking Swallow.
JOM is more expensive, has even bigger injury concerns, and could cop a tag.
Swallow only has to average 80-85 and he'lol make you some nice cash by his round 9 bye


I love that it's different and not the same as all the rest, good luck crouching one!

I've set up a league, as an international member of the community who has only seen the game on TV would love to see who ass I can fight in tiger ones gym. Code is 514546

Many thanks


Well done Crouching. Ignore the harsh critics and detractors mate your team has just as much chance of winning as any other truly rubbish team


Think you have a bit of brown on your nose there wombo


Wow. On a slightly more serious note re M6&7

Beams & Bowes or
JOM & Swallow?


JOM and Oliver


Extra $100k required to do that and not going there for that.

Dac Zawson

First option as only one player needs upgrading


Hey Dac,
What about Beams & Florent? Sydney playing him this weekend, better option than Bowes? Both DPP.

Dac Zawson

Florent a much better pick than Bowes I think, hopefully his attack on the footy can keep him in Longmuires good books for 5-6 rounds at least

Like it Rivo


Thanks Dac, this good be a good move.


Thoughts on my team community please.
Worried about being light on in the ruck.
Shaw, laird, Adams, Hampton, VW, Stewart, Otten, Hibberd
Danger, Fyfe, Treloar, jelwood, titchell, Cripps, Beams, Omeara, PP, Barret, Parfitt
Sandi, Witts, Strndica
Dal, Macrae, Roughie, Steele, Taranto, Eddy, Miles, Butler


Does anyone know the TOG of Jackson Thurlow throughout the JLT?




Have created a league for everyone running #Nankilands this year. 935075 is the code. The only condition is that your ruck combo has to be Sandilands and the Nankmeister. Good luck!!!


Choose 2 out of
Buddy, T.Lynch (GC), Greene,


Buddy and greene


Lynch and Buddy


Crouching taking the P … 5 cats in the team and no Danger. Interesting R12 coming up. Though probably will have traded most out by then.


My mum's auto-fill side is way better than this rubbish. This joker is either trolling the community or is running multiple sides. Herald Sun needs to investigate!


Jump on the bandwagon 'OMG money in bank….TEAM must be rubbish blah blah'


Hey guys any feedback on my team would be much appreciated! Tried to go for a slightly less bold approach than Crouching One…

Def: Docherty, Shaw, Adams, Laird, Hampton, Otten (Vickers-Willis, Stewart)

Mid: Danger, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Beams, O'Meara, Swallow, Powell-Pepper (Barrett, Hibberd, Parfitt)

Ruck: Goldstein, Sandilands (Cameron)

Forward: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Roughead, Taranto, McCarthy, Miles (Pickett, Eddy)

I know my backline is stacked compared to say, my forward line, but I just see those 4 premiums as such easy choices come the end of the season whereas the forward-line premiums seem a lot more difficult to predict from my point of view so thats my thinking there.

I had Gawn for most of the preseason but just a bit nervous about Pencil Spencer so went for Goldy instead, who I think has been disregarded a bit because of the last half of last season.

JOM, Swallow and Roughead are a bit risky I guess but there's just so much value there I don't see much risk. Similarly, I think it's more risky starting an unknown like Nankervis based on a few good JLT games and potentially having to carry him at his awkward price through the season when the worst case alternative situation is that I just trade Sandilands out if I have to if he gets injured down the track.

As far as rookies go, as with everyone they're so variable based on team announcements that I've just picked a lot of expensive ones so I know I'll have money to play with if they don't get named or I have to make other changes.

Would appreciate any of your thoughts!

Dac Zawson

Immediate thoughts are that you'll need a pretty good trading strategy because all players are very common, no POD's


Which PODs do you think warrant selection? In general I think most are PODs for a reason but would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Dac Zawson

When I say POD's I don't really mean potential 'breakout' players but more like players such as Kade Simpson, Tom Lynch, Matt Priddis, Joel Selwood, Robbie Gray, Jack Gunston, Nick Riewoldt etc. that may not have 15%+ ownership


Yeah fair enough. I did consider Gray but thought JPK was a better bet as he frustrated me a lot last year. Gunston and Lynch are key forwards who I tend to avoid and Riewoldt I wouldn't start with based on his age and price thought I'm sure he will be a good pick.

As far as Priddis and Selwood go, neither of them excite me that much. Their price probably won't increase a whole lot and their upside isn't as big as JPK so I'll probably just get them later. I don't see the point in picking PODs for the sake of it when I don't think they'll score better than the ones I already have. I haven't looked at many other teams but I didn't think many would pick Treloar?

And re Simpson I just feel the 4 premiums I picked will score better than Simpson though I'm sure he'll be a good pickup and I'll probably get him later on.


Nice team Sam. I contemplated the four backs approach and I think it is pretty low risk as far as the premiums you have chosen go. However, majority of the good cash cows are in the backline this year meaning you are missing out on one.

Your midfield will make or break you. Your first 3 are super safe. But Fyfe, Beams, JOM + Swallow all coming off injury affected years. You obviously can't go without Fyfe and I would stick with Beams but maybe consider one of JOM or Swallow to be downgraded.

Only criticism of fwd line is McCarthy. As a young key forward coming off a year out of the game, I don't think he will score too well. With the money made from downgrading a mid, I would think about getting another premium fwd in if you can afford it.

Hope it helps ☺️


Cheers Fuzzy.

Agree about the defence, I would like to get Marchbank in and actually toyed with that tonight but it would mean downgrading a Docherty and then upgrading McCarthy to someone like Nankervis. Ultimately I just don't feel Marchbank + Nankervis would necessarily be better than McCarthy + Docherty as I wouldn't want to keep Nankervis or Marchbank all season but I will want to keep Docherty. Pretty lineball though and hopefully when teams are released I can find a way to get rid of McCarthy.

Re my midfield I agree the first 3 + Fyfe are locks. Beams and Swallow are amazing value so think it would be more risky to not pick them. O'Meara is the riskiest one but his upside is so big and worst that happens is he gets injured and I down/upgrade him if need be. I must say I did have to stop myself from going for more midpricers because of the risk involved and thats also part of the reason I'm not going for a Nankervis or even a Ryder.

Appreciate the feedback. Definitely food for thought!


Very nice team. Pods are very over rated mate, if they don't work out it's a shit pick not worth it in my opinion, like Steele etc I think they are a big trap, unlike roughy who has averaged 95+ plenty of time s before. Trading and good capt loopholes will be the difference, plus reliable premos who don't have an injury risk. Promos coming back from injury is the only risks I'm going with as I have learnt from mistakes from seasons past.


Agree Kim. Had to really restrain myself from going for guys like Steele, Nankervis, Hartlett, Thurlow and Kolodjashnij.


Sounds like Jy Simpkin right in the mix for round 1 at the Roos.

Captain Risky

Yes, Along with Hrovat & Marley Williams, BUT no mention of Hibberd or Vickers-Willis which will stuff a few of us..

On the plus side the cats now have a rookie spot for Guthrie


It'll be very interesting if Spenser isn't named for Melb also how many people change their rucks back to either godly or Gawn or maybe even both! Should be a very interesting SuperCoach season all due to rucks and rookies (or perhaps lack of rookies I fear!)




Lloyd, Touhy, Mills, Salem, Wellingham, Hunt (Hibberd, EVW)
Danger(for captain) Kelly, Watson, Beams, Murphy, Oliver, O'Meara, Swallow (SPP, Barret, Miles)
Nankervis, Sandilands (Pruess)
Wingard, Miller, Higgins, Billings, Roughead, Steele (Pickett, Eddy)


well that seriously is midprice madness….


I must have missed a memo.
Do we have 40 trades this year ?


Love Wellingham, think he will have a career year. (Although that's not saying much)

Dac Zawson

I would love to give this a go if two teams were allowed per person


Haha wow, good,luck buddy might struggle to make top 50,000 with that team. Hit reset and maybe start again?


Thoughts on my team??? 50K left in the bank, want cash in bank to start the season off.

Docherty, Shaw, Laird
Hampton, Otten, Stewart
(Vickeer-Willis, Guthrie)
Danger, JPK, Treloar
Bont, Fyfe, Beams
Powell-Pepper, Barrett
(Pickett, Parfitt, Balic)
Gawn, Sandi
Riewoldt, Dahlhaus, Rough
Nankervis, Taranto, Turner
(Butler, Eddy)


please tell why there is no love for josh Kelly?

Captain Risky

I'm banking on him rising in price just enough to do a sideways trade to a fallen premo. say 550-575k. Don't think he'll be in the top 10, but represents enough value for me and I should only burn the one trade.


I'm with you captain will be a nice pod till jock picks him!


I love him. Had him from the start. Not top 6 but in the crowd after that


I reckon Josh is an absolute ripper. He's been in and out of my team but have gone M Crouch instead. I just think there is too much talent in the GWS midfield and points will be shared around.

Back your gut.


Hey community! For anyone who is a keen supercoach who wants to be a part of a competitive league can join The Bounty Hunters.
Its the fourth year running and we usually get a pretty good rank. Im looking for people who usually finish top 10k, if this is you, welcome aboard! 565382


DEF: Adams, Laird, K.Kolodjashnij, Marchbank, Hampton, Vickers-Willis (Otten, Stewart)
MID: Danger, Hanners, Treloar, Fyfe, Titch, Watson, Beams, Powell-Pepper (Barrett, Wigg, Hibberd)
RUC: Goldilands (Strnadica)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Lynch, Roughead, Steele, Taranto, Pickett (Eddy, Butler)

$35,200 in the bank, any constructive criticism is appreciated, cheers


Don't mind the KK pick. The prevailing wisdom seems to be to make sure you have cover for Sandi. Would suggest that means either Steele or Roughy for Nankervis as the obvious choices.
The Watson pick is a little different. Are you looking at cash generation or possible keeper? I think the reason he is not in more sides is that the prevailing feeling is that he's not enough of either


Watson could be a keeper – averaged 90 in the JLT off 69% game time (on average). I'm not going with him initially though – could be a slow start to the season but I'll be watching him as a potential upgrade mid season.


I'm potentially thinking of having Watson as a keeper by season's end, I'm tossing up between him or downgrading to an O'meara/Swallow/Horlin-Smith

I think if Ablett, Swallow etc. can have injury free seasons and Barlow and Lyons filling the engine room, it'll free up more room for KK to get higher scores


Don't know how the name John came up


Going a bit lighter on mids to have an all round structure

Defence: Simpson, Adams, Laird, Z.Jones, Hampton, Vickers-Willis (Otten, Stewart)
Midfield: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Treloar, Fyfe, Beams, O'Meara, Swallow, Powell-Pepper (Wigg, Barrett, Hibberd)
Ruckman: Goldstein, Sandilands (Strnadica)
Forward: Dahlhaus, Lynch, Roughead, Steele, Taranto, Pickett (Eddy, Butler)

$180,800 in the bank


Hi All,

Is there any reason why not many people have got Horlin-Smith in their team… Averaged 99.5 over two games in JLT???


I have him. Prefer him to Swallow


Dont have either but agree with you a better choice then Swallow


I have Gary Ablett


Me too. You only live once


Need help community,
Is Adams, Pendlebury and Treloar in my team a bad thing ??

Tiger Man

I have all three, Treloar is set for a monster season, Pendlebury is Pendlebury and Adams is a pure midfielder in defence who should go 100+ barring injuries


You forgot Howe. 🙂


C.Warde or J.Kelly?
I need a GWS player in my engine room.


Kelly relton more up side but worth the risk I hope.


A poor mans Supercoach Spud?

Dac Zawson

Just wondering your reasoning for 'needing' a GWS player in your mids??


Just feel like gws are going to be dominant this season dac zawson. Meaning the mids will control the middle and hopefully dominate clearances disposals and possesion if the mummy stays on the park and feeds them. The only problem is there depth and workload being shared between conglio (when fit) warde, kelly shiel griffin even… or am i completely going about this thr wrong way dac? Open to another suggestion 600k n under


If Hibberd for North doesn't play rd 1 will he be traded out or kept in for all those who have him?


Saw an article on afl website today and I think he won't play, not even sure evw will either as they suggested going in with strong experienced backline to combat potent west coast fwd line. Gentlemen get your plan b team ready in my opinion. I personally hope z Guthrie plays but again not holding my breath. Those people going in with a 2-0-6 def strategy I think could be in for a very nervous weekend when teams are named due to bugger all injuries in a lot of sides.


I am not starting hibberd by the way, very unlikely he and evw will play, both may not I feel. Hope I'm wrong but that is why I am starting with 3 premo backline. Plus march bank, Hampton and hopefully otters will be my d6 so I don't have to rely on any rookies in def down back.


If he isnt selected ill swap him for jones or thurlow. I dont think either are keepers but at least they have good js and wont have the risk of a donut

The Ranger

You absolutely have to get on the right rookies from the start and perhaps even more so this year Declan.
He does have the DPP which is handy and will prob get games at some point but this year I'll be trying to make sure I only have one donut in the mids and def Rd1 and that's just so I have the loophole option.
For those going with the 2-0-6 structure down back the loophole might be really handy.


I like crouching one's thinking however i think it's a little too conservative and while upgrading will be easier, the lack of point generation will put him too far behind to catch up. That said, gives more time to drink can rum..


Jake Lloyd or Jeremy Howe?


As a swans supporter I've been watching Lloyd very closely and i believe he is going to have that breakout year where he clearly becomes 500k+, lloyd for mine


Close call. I've got Howe in my side.


thoughts on patrick cripps as a POD? I know he has had an interrupted preseason but reckon he is only going to improve this year plus he has no one in the midfield that is going to steal any points from him.


As an Essendon fan I appreciate Murphy and Gibbs being labelled as "no one"


DEF: Laird, Ward, Docherty, Marchbank, Hampton, Z.Guthrie (Otten, Vickery-Willis)
MID: Danger, Treloar, Fyfe, Bont, O'Meara, D.Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Horlin-Smith (Parfitt, Wigg, Hibberd)
RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Simpson)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Lynch, K.Stewart, Nankervis, Eddy, Taranto (Pickett, McCarthy)

Captain Risky

Kade Stewart might be a rippa, or he might not… on my watchlist but not game to pick him.
Ward Ain't a defender…
strong rucks take away a bit from the rest of the team in my opinion but it's not a bad side.


Would love some feedback on this:

B: Shaw, Simpson, Adams, Hampton, Otten, Stewart (Vickers-Willis, Smith)

M: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Fyfe, T.Mitchell, J. Watson, Beams, Swallow, SPP (Pickett, Hibberd, Jarman)

R: Goldstein, Sandilands (Cameron)

F: Dahlhaus, Franklin, Macrae, Roughead, Taranto, Eddy (Butler, Strnadica)

I know Watson is a huge risk, but as a POD i may be willing just to take that.

Captain Risky

Looks good, Well balanced. Other than Watson no real PODs so might as well go for it…


Surely you add another Midfield Premium.

Take out Strnadica and put Parfitt onto the Forward Bench.


Any love for George Horlin-Smith at M7 instead of TT? Bit more $ and no DPP but better JS and bye.


Dunno if ur tlaking about my team…. but TT is my m6..




was just posing the Q re GHS but your team looks pretty good to me … maybe a bit thin in the MIDS and no ruck cover. Could down grade a fwd and upgrade jobe to an uber


WOW.. Crouching had to many can rum.. Some one must have blind folded him and he had 30 darts in one hand and threw them all at once
at a spinning wheel with the players names on it… or it might of been pin the tail on the donkey

Only one way to go here and that's upwards… But still admire him for having the plums for this team..

Scared Guy

I had a bad dream last night.
He's back! Tom Sheridan is back in our SC teams, but this time he's changed his name to Jake Lloyd and plays for Sydney. The guy that averaged 90 in the second half of last year, therefore he must do the same now. I should have seen it coming!
And it doesn't stop there!!! Lonergan is back too. But not only has been changed his name & colours but also he's a FWD now, going by the name of Jack Steele. He has tore the NAB apart, averaging 1.6 ppm….where have we heard that b4

Brad Crouch not you too. Hawthorn? Why? At least you chose a cool name. Love me a Jaeger Bomb!

When is this going to stop?


Hearing "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream" in my head.

Seriously go see The Book Of Mormon.

It is fu**ing brillant.


Wayyy to much cash in the bank, I have 250k and I'm thinking of just upgrading someone, that said I have a few mid pricers floating around which it may be needed for! How much is to much to have in the bank?


David Swallow or George Horlin-Smith
Leaning towards G.H.S ?


swallow has much more job security


Geogie has a pretty solid SC game when playing and his role looked great JLT3 but geeez it'd be a big punt to take him in SC.


Hi all. First year SuperCoach player. Please help with my team.

Backs: Rance, T. Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (V.W., Stewart)

Mids: Danger, Hannebery, Treloar, Fyfe, Viney, Beams, Swallow, SPP ( Barrett, Hibberd, Parfitt)

Rucks: Gawn, Sandy (Strndica)

Forwards: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Nankervis, Steele, Taranto, Pickett ( butler, Eddy )

Thank you for your feedback.