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Supercoach team reveal

There is no doubt this has been one of the most difficult lead ups to a season in SuperCoach history.

Unlike previous years, we have no Essendon, GWS and Gold Coast leg ups meaning our rookie stocks are bare. Different structures have had to be considered. More mid-pricers entertained. The whole thing makes me sick to the stomach. But it has become a reality.

The other bloody nightmare we face is that a large majority of the popular rookies are playing on Sunday, as flagged in the Jock Reynolds podcast. This means our plans could be thrown into disarray depending on the finalised squads of North Melbourne, Geelong and Adelaide on Friday night. It will be a stressful little period!

However, we must remain calm and every coach should approach this year with a clear goal in mind.  This season I’m aiming to better my overall ranking from 2016. I went pretty well last year, coming home like a steam train after the byes to finish 410th overall. It will be a significant challenge to improve on this, but by learning from my mistakes last year, I think I’m a chance.


Key lessons learnt from 2016:

  • Limit risk profile. Last season I started Gazza, Rocky and Fyfe in the midfield, only for them to all go down injured early in the piece. This cost me valuable trades. Durability is critical in SuperCoach.
  • Don’t pick players based on pre season form and perceived “role changes”. I started with Daniel Rich at D3 last year. Obviously with the benefit of captain hindsight, it was a terrible move. I got sucked into his pre season form and the dreaded “more midfield time” slogan.
  • Pick premos who will be reliable and definite keepers. My starting forward line premos were Barlow, Tobias Greene and Aaron Hall last year. I rode the roller-coaster with all three, keeping Greene and Hall for the entire season. None of them finished as top 6 forwards.
  • Avoid mid-pricers where possible. But I’m the first to acknowledge this season is different and we have been forced to look at a few more than we would like due to lack of decent rookies. In 2016 I went in with just 2 mid-pricers, this season I’m looking at double that.

Supercoach thinking mate

But, without further ado, here is my side as it stands:



The biggest risk in my side. The 2-0-6 structure has previously been flagged by Higgo and our good friend Patch has committed to it also. For mine, it’s simple. We have the most valid rookie options in defence out of anywhere on the field, so it makes sense to open up more spots for them.

Heater came out in the last JLT game and went “yeah, nah I’m still a pretty good defender”. I said “yeah, nah good call” and went down from Doch to Shaw at D1. Can’t go wrong either way, I reckon. Shaw will have his ups and downs, but is guaranteed to be a top 6 defender. His ceiling appeals to me more than Doch or Simpson. Lock.

Rory Laird’s risk profile is my only concern with his selection. He looked shit-hot during the JLT and should push up into the midfield more with Adelaide’s lack of depth in this area. However, as highlighted in my Dodging Premium Donuts feature in the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine, Laird has a high risk profile. He’s missed 12 games in the past 3 seasons, ranking him equal 16th (along with Taylor Adams) for durability out of the top 20 defenders during this period. It is for this reason I can’t justify starting with Laird and Adams at the same time.

As Patch has mentioned, Marchbank and Hampton’s job security gives me a degree of confidence to pick them at D3 and D4, and I’m hoping anyone of Otten, Vickers-Willis and Stewart will be good enough to fill the remaining two on-field spots.



The most points traditionally come from this part of the ground so it’s logical to load up on it as much as possible to enhance your team’s point-scoring capacity.

The awesome foursome of Danger, Pendles, JPK and Treloar form the absolute backbone of my side. This quartet are ultra-durable and should all average north of 110. I’m expecting they will miss only 1-2 games between the four of them this season. They are the ultimate set-and-forget players. This allows me to concentre my efforts on strengthening the rest of my side as the year rolls on.

As number one attack dog in Hawthorn’s midfield, I can see Tom Mitchell pushing his average up to 110 and beyond this season. I think he provides some good value and am banking on him to be a keeper.

Fyfe and Beams are the two with significant risk profile, but their high point-scoring capacity is just too valuable to be overlooked.

I’m avoiding the Swallow and O’Meara options to both decrease the risk profile and amount of mid-pricers in my side.

Starting only one rookie on the field is also important I feel. Powell-Pepper and Barrett are the only two decent options in this department and I think it’s imperative to have one of them as bench cover in case a Beams or a Fyfe goes down early in the piece.


Ruck by Carl

I just can’t buy into all this #Nankilands and #Wittilands hype. I accept the Nank is a good option as Richmond’s number 1 ruck, which is why I’ll start him at F3 as insurance for Sandi. I think Gawn and Goldy both remain excellent options and it gives me much more comfort to have one of them at R1. I may go down from Max to Goldy to free up some cash depending on rookie selections on Thursday.


forwardInitially I had 3-0-5 structures for my defence and forward lines, but the lack of forward rookies has forced my hand. The Bulldog pairing of Dahlhaus and McCrae are absolute locks in my opinion, and are likely to finish top 6 forwards. Both have upside in their scoring capacity after injury-impacted seasons in 2016.

Nankervis provides ruck cover and should score well in his new role at Richmond. Based on the way he looked in JLT and the fact he has the number 1 ruck role locked in at the Tigers, I think his selection as a forward is a no-brainer.

Jack Steele has been preferred at F4 over Jarryd Roughead. We all know what Roughy can do, but I have my doubts on whether he can hit an average in the 90s after a year out of the game. As with the Essendon boys, it might take him a little bit to find his feet and get up to the speed of the modern game. He’s still a good pick, but this is the logic I’m going with in selecting Steele over him. Plus the fact Steele is 20K cheaper helps with my other structures.

I think Steele is still a risk and am concerned about what his role at the Saints looks like once the real stuff begins. He was brilliant in the JLT, and the Saints love his tough inside work. He can rack up contested possessions and the kid tackles lots as well. If he gets plenty of minutes, I think he will be a great selection. It’s a big ‘if’ though.

Tim Taranto looks an incredibly impressive young kid and worth forking out the extra $ for over a basement rookie in the forward line. Showed plenty in the JLT and should be a certain Round 1 starter considering the Giants’ current injury list.

F6 will be open for a basement rookie, most likely a Brett Eddy. I’m under no illusions this spot might not score well, but if I can get 60s until I’m able to upgrade it, I’ll be happy with that.

Well, there you have it.

All in all, it’s a pretty cookie-cutter side, with not many really ballsy points of difference. But I’ve been burnt in the past by starting with too many speculative picks and I’m not going to make the same mistake this season.

My risk profile is reasonably low and I’m rolling with 4 mid-pricers as well. I’m comfortable with that.

So, let me have it Community. Feel free to unload on me in the comments or tweet me at @carlpfeiffer9

Good luck to everyone in what will be an enthralling season!









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Nice team Carl


Wow, near identical side to mine. Have Adams instead of Marchbank, Hanners instead of Tom Mitchell, Witts instead of Gawn and Roughead instead of Steele. Only 4 differences!


Nice team Carl. I think you need a rock solid contingency plan in defence if rookies in defence are named on an extended bench & don't make the cut. I can see it happening


You are spot on Pie, it's certainly my biggest worry. I have a few back up plans if this is the case. Might have to downgrade T Mitch to another rookie and start Barrett on field at M8. Then I can bring in an Adams or Doch into defence. Selection on Thursday and Friday nights are going to be stressful!


Better get your skates on if it is Doc there will be about 1 hr between when the teams drop and doc gets his first kick and even then if named will be on extended bench. As I said to patch with 6 out of 8 rookies in the back line better have plenty of prozac on hand as gonna be rough as most of those boys play Sunday. .


Nightmare scenario. Christ some teams will be im disarray


Hopefully they all play. But the SC gods don't have a great history of rewarding hope


Love your work Carl. Its quite similar to mine so I don't have a lot of issues with it.

PODs are overrated at the start of the season anyway, if you get a good one every bastard jumps on by Round 6 and then you're back with the pack.

Recent trends suggest Gawn is becoming less prevalent in sides with most going with the value options.. if the big man goes large you'll be right ahead of the game.

You've avoided the JLT traps and the mid price madness, just a hint of insanity with the 5 mid-pricers, which is a low figure this year.

My only suggestion: do you think Steele and Nank will score better than Roughead? I feel far more comfortable with Rough given he's a proven commodity. But a good side all in all mate, good luck


Thanks Billy. I'm more hoping they score better rather than basing it on logic. Probably not the wisest move. Roughy has the runs on the board and has ave in the 90s for plenty of seasons in a row, so I might have to re-think that theory. Might have to swap him for Steele, but I'll wait until teams come out and go on gut feel!


Its not out of the question. My theory is if Steele and Nank were good enough to average mid 90s then they'd have been getting games in their respective sides last season. Both had good NEAFL numbers but were behind the likes of Naismith and Palmer last season


Steele will Ave somewhere in the 90's – where abouts in that range is what we'll have to wait for. He is guaranteed lots of midfield minutes at the Saints. They purpose recruited him for a reason. Our line up against the swans in the last JLT game was near full strength and he played a large % of his time in the guts. Good luck!


What's people thoughts on Priddis having points taken off him by Mitchell.


I dont think so personally. Priddis has an insatiable appetite for the pill and I think he'd manage to find it no matter who he's playing with.

Theres no evidence that multiple premo mids stop each orher from scoring. Pendleoar, Dangerwood, Sydneys mids etc.

I'd be more concerned about Nic Nat's injury and him being denied first use. But Mitchell's presence shouldnt affect him


Also Mitchell will have a more outside mid role this year as he's been transitioning towards at the Hawks the last year or 2. Priddis obviously the definition of inside mid and those contested numbers won't change


Dammit this team is the same as mine.
Only changes are, i went:

Adams instead of marchbank
Selwood instead of T. Mitchell
Roughhead instead of Macrae

Dam you carlos! Lol


Oh and a rookie over jack steele


Great minds think alike 😉


Join 116791
8 spots left


Looks good Carl.

I was having the same thoughts regarding Roughy and Steele – Roughy has been in my side since Day 1 but I feel like Setele will be a better option.

You're point about rookies in defence is spot on! We need to have the best rookies on the field, regardless of the position they're in and this year it looks like Defence is where we'll find them.

Are you worried about Byes? You'll be without Pendles, Treloar, Fyfe, Mitchell in the Midfield in Round 13 (as well as missing Laird and Shaw).


Yeah, byes are a concern. I've always been a bit of a fan of "crossing that bridge when I come to it" with a bit of forward planning. I'll be looking to trade in players up to that period who are playing round 13 to even things out a bit.


Round 13 is never a problem. By that stage you would have traded alot of other rounders in. Plus, try as i might, my starting team (even set and forgets) always looks very different by rd 13.


You shouldn't expect to win all three games during the byes. You should make sure you win 2/3 of them.


Throw some feedback at me pls community!

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Lloyd, Marchbank, Hampton, Stewart
(Otten, Vickers-Willis)

MID: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Treloar, Fyfe, T. Mitchell, Beams, O'Meara, Powell-Pepper
(Barrett, Pickett, Hibberd)

RUC: Martin (if only ruck named), Sandilands

FWD: Dahlhaus, Greene, Roughead, Nankervis, Taranto, McCarthy
(Butler, Eddy)

37k left. Where am I falling down? Still not quite as happy as I want to be when I look at this side..


Cheers JJ and highly considering that. I liked Greene as a POD hoping his consistenceny would improve this year because he sure can play. He doubled in ownership after his 5 snags v North though so may as well go with proven premium rather than potential ay?

Bravis Toak

"There is no doubt this has been one of the most difficult lead ups to a season in SuperCoach history."

Do we not say this every year? 😛


This year with the lack of rookies makes this year far more difficult. Also lots of fallen premiums and mid pricers to tempt people.


is marchbank a lock? havent seen him play but i see him in heaps of teams


Job security very good and the ball will be in Carlton's backline a shitload this season.


Yeah not for me. Would have to hold his JLT average in the real thing to be worth it and has had injury troubles.

JS is good, at least for now. His spot in the team might be reliant on Carlton playing their No.1 draft pick, who was a defender his whole life, as a key forward.


cheers guys


Can easy hold his JLT, mate! He's a gun playing for a shit side in defense. How much more can you want


You reckon he'll average 80 in the season?


I agree with Billy he's not one for my liking. Dont think he will avg 80 + and can't see him making much money. I also dont like any of the higher priced rookies this season except Hampton but depending on lineups I may have to pick Marchbank.

In blunt terms, for me, he isnt a first picked/locked player but if you need to get him fpr structures then do it.


I haven't seen much either and initially wasn't interested because of his price.

Then I thought about the fact I went in with Weitering last year at over 200K. The other reason Marchbank appeals is that he plays on Thursday. I won't want to leave him out and then discover some of the other DEF rookies I banked on don't get a game on Sunday.


yeah, it works both ways…..I would take a 123k any-day…but with a 2-0-6 structure and Sunday….as Arnie would say I'm going to have to FOR GET DA BOUT IT! If running a 3-0-5 or 4-0-4 then don't hold him….there will be rookies #fingers crossed.


Interesting Carlos, certainly for some rich was a killer last year.

Thoughts on team would be much appreciated thanks community.

Def: Simpson Laird Lloyd Marchbank Hampton EVW (Otten Stewart)
Mid: Dangerfield Hanners Selwood Treloar Titch Beams JOM SPP (Barrett Hibberd Parfitt)
Rucks: Martin Sanilands (Strnadica)
Fwd: Dahlhaus Macrae Roughy Nank Taranto butler (Houston Eddy)

90k in the bank

Gone without the likes of Fyfe and Adams due to the risk of JOM Beams and roughy. Cant possibly have all those injury/risks in one team and most have Fyfe and Adams so decided to go with those player sin less % of teams like Selwood and Simpson. Hopefully works.

Any comments about team would be much appreciated.


Fyfe mate. Fyfe.

Russ in W.A

Agree with Hedski, Fyfe Fyfe Fyfe Fyfe and Fyfe, did I mention Fyfe?


Loved your key lessons from 2016, Carlos. Nothing wrong with taking a punt on a breakout or LTI returnee. It's when you've got these blokes everywhere it becomes a problem, SuperCoach always finds a way screw you over completely!


Seeing Tom Mitchell in Carlos's team gave me an idea.
Last year Addict run a league that had one rule. You had to have Gaz in your team.
If run again this year it would be a pretty exclusive league.
But I thought why not run one with the next big thing – Tom Mitchell or Titch as we know him?
So this is my fun league.


League code is: 612682.

Thinking of a league name of:
Titch to Scratch
7 Year Titch

hit me up in the comments on which one you prefer or if u can come up with another let me know 🙂

So if you have Titch in your team as crouching would say – Welcome.


#Nankilands league?


League full. Oh, well, at least I can drop him when teams are named. If you would like to join my league, please do so 515057 community. Cheers


Would love your thoughts on this community.

I've been considering nankilands for a while now, but have just thought that what really that wrong with goldy and Gawn?
1) it's not like goldy and Gawn are going to drop completely and not be top ruckman by the end of the year unless they get a a bad injury.
2) there superstars we know that and so do their coaches, I can see their coaches trying new things like preuss and spencer to give them a go so they can be experienced so that when the time comes that goldy and Gawn are gone they can come into the team, but also how can these coaches be that stupid to take out the influence of the two best ruckman in the league for more than a few games.
3) I know Gawn will probably go down in price but what I'm saying is he will still be one of the top Ruckmans comes years end and so will goldy because they are true guns so why not save two trades to get these guys in and start with them both with confidence because we know there proven guns and guys like nankervis is not proven and could be a huge trap, and sandi could get injured any moment despite his great pres season.
This is just my opinion and I might only start with one of these guys but what I'm saying is that at the end of the year I still think they will remain at least the top 3 ruckman in the league.


your correct they may still be top 4 ruckman. but the cash generation from nankilands is tempting and the $$ it'll free up to start premos else where is arousing. im on the nankilands! 650k for them v 1.1m for goldy & gawn. are they really gonna score huge enough to justify that difference… and they will drop in price there's no doubt there.


We can't start all the guns, I see little difference between in premo rucks and Mids in terms out output. but like harry says, I agree the risks are higher this year in the rucks than mids….I'm running Beams at M7…..If you can do that with Gawn/Goldy and sleep at night with your rookies, you are better man than me. All the best.


Don't rate Cam McCarthy as a forward option? Or Ben Ainsworth?


I think Taranto will score better for the same money. McCarthy probably has better job security though.


To be honest no. Ainsworth scored two scored below 30 if I recall and McCarthy scored 80 pts by kicking a bag of 5 I think it was? The probably isn't great for someone his price, imagine he only kicks one or goes godless? At their price there are better options


Howe or T.Adams


Howe. more durable better avg once he moved down back last season


I have gone howe as well. Very consistent




doch, shaw or adams? will shaw be able to shake that forward tag that bought down his scores late last yr??


and Mccarthy v taranto? does taranto have the job security at GWS?




With Titch being the main hawk in midfield, will he become the tagee instead of the tagger?

Will this have an effect on his output?

What do people think?


this is what worries me so great question! look forward too hearing others thoughts on this because his currently in my mids.
I'm hoping his hard running, toughness and clearence winning ability will still allow him to post scores north of 105 and jaeger can maybe take a tag eventually


Yeah I think JOM will be targeted eventually but early on it will be Titch. JOM still finding his feet (or should I say knees) again so it'll take some time before he is super damaging.

Johnny Bee

BlueBoy as a hawk supporter I think O'Meara will be getting tagged most weeks. As he gets fitter his speed and run will become crucial to the Hawks. Opposition coaches would already know this. Mitchell is more your in & under type. Good Luck!


Thanks Johnny 🙂

Just based on JLT form (not the best thing to base it on), I think Titch would be viewed as the main threat in the midfield at the moment.

I think that might change once the season starts and JOM has some games under his belt, but I'm sure you've been paying closer attention than I have.


you can say that about most of the premiums

Boltons Blues

Is it worth it or am i batshit crazy doing so, having Wiits at R3?
my set up is


Why not if you've got the cash, especially if your playing nank at r2. might leave the opportunity for a bit of emergency loophole action if you've got strndica or similar floating around…..


i'd prefer to hold the cash, and if for some reason you need him, you use a trade then


Is witts going to play round 1 and could he justify a selection is R2 behind Sandilands. The cash it frees up is unbelievable!


guys! SC rule #1. Is said player any good at football?


He is I believe. Had excellent numbers in the VFL last year


Sandiwitts has been discussed extensively, looks likely to play round one, is an option….


if you're happy to make a little money but bleed points #turnovers


Thoughts on Grundy as R1?


Hes my R1


should finish the year in the top 3, probably not top 2 though. not good enough regards HO to advantage


He was mine when I first started. But gawn and Sandi for me with nankervis at f3


Hey community want some thoughts on this side

Shaw, Laird, Llyod, hampton, otten, hibberd (NM).
EVW stewart.

Danger, pendles, kennedy, treloar, fyfe, titchell,beams, barrett.
Wigg, lyons, parfitt.

Sandi witts

Roo dahl lynch nank taranto pickett
Long, eddy.

Bench rookies clearly not set however rookies on field are about done.

Think my problem lies up forward any suggestions how to better it with $21.5k left.


I think you want Powell pepper in your team rather than a risk like wigg


Yeah true, not sure how i missed him!
Cheers mate.

Dr Trade

Your problem is in the ruck Witts = TRAP!


Its nank or witts!

i have nank as back up at F4 hoping one comes off ha ha.


Why have both then? Law of averages will say 1 is likely to fail – that being the one who's worse at football – Witts. Can't see him ave over 75-80 which won't be enough to make serious $$

Karlos Santana

Throw some feedback at me pls community!

Docherty, Simpson, Shaw
Hampton, Otten, Vickers-Willis (Stewart, Guthrie)

Dangerfield, Hannebery, Selwood, Treloar,
Bontempelli, Fyfe, Beams, Powell-Pepper (Barrett, Pickett, Hibberd)

Sandilands, Witts (Strnadica)

Kennedy, Dahlhaus, Roughead,
Nankervis, Taranto, Eddy (Butler, Houston)

$11,400 in the bank.
Any feed back would be appreciated


I currently have nank up fwd but I just looked at his first six rounds and he is versing all the teams with the best ruckmans in the league, and he is not a proven premo ruckman, does this worry many?? .


This year there aren't that many 'best ruckmen'


Beams or Tom J Lynch




I'm with you Carlos, I keep cutting Gawn and it doesn't look right, or more importantly feel right. He's in, locked back in, will not leave my team, I'm a little further down the midprice road than you, I think swallow and jaeger are too good value to pass up, the 100-150k they will each make whilst scoring 80-100 is important imho, and keeps midfield spots open to pick up premos as they drop off the perch into bargain territory. Anyway I'm rambling, good luck


Which Forward would be a good pick up for 490K?




Higgins Ryder Nank Steele Roughy Caddy oh, yeah Cyril but I can't do it.


Higgins vs Roughead vs Nankervis

I want all three but need to cut one of them.

Pretending that durability was not an issue (22 games in 2017 from all 3), and no ruck swing is required, who would you pick?


roughy for mine


yep, Roughie will be in the mids alot this year


Higgins, greater scoring potential but can't go wrong either way


I'm running all 3….if I didn't need the ruck cover #Wittilands Nank would probably go. I think you can add Ryder to the cohort if Lobbe not named.


Option 1
pendles, shaw, Taranto in mid and McCarthy fwd.

Option 2
Treleor, Adams, swallow and Taranto fwd

Help me out I feel like option 2 is better but it hurts not seeing Pendles in my team as I haven't not started him since I've played

Karlos Santana

Take the option with the most keepers every time.
Pendlebury and Shaw are 100% keepers. and neither has missed a game the last 2 seasons. How many games is Adams gonna play this year? Reduce your risk


Titch or Selwood or Bont


Can't go wrong either way


Selwood for me. Gun.


Pendulbery and Nankervis
Titch and T. J Lynch




First option


Do we start with o'meara over Titch because he could be better or because of the cash he will make? I have enough for for Titch or o'meara, but is the amount of cash o'meara will make enough to warrant his selection over Titch, and do we think Titch will crumble if he gets a most everyweek?


i think you will see JOM struggle to get through games, especially a few weeks into the season. watch his TOG


Anyone like mzungu upgraded to senior list


$245K. Too expensive for a mid only.


hell no, dont see him playing very many games this year. Even though i cannot name a bad player with dreads, stay away from him

Don't Blush Baby

Rough or Nank at F4 -who's going to generate the most cash before the byes ?


i see Roughie getting a good run in the mids this year. hawks are looking for a big body to crash and bash and match it with the other teams 6'4' mids


Really noticing all these high price midfields. Making me reconsider my side, I'd especially love Treloar if possible. My issue is going three premos deep in the backline, which I'm dead set on.

How does this midfield look to you?
Danger, Fyfe, Bont, Cripps, Titch, Beams, Jaeger, Swallow (rookies)

I currently have $400 only in the war chest, so no easy way to upgrade to a Treloar/JPK/Hanners/Pendles. But open to suggestions!


i have a problem paying $590k or $578k for a Defender.

i'm going with just Adams, and laird and waiting for the others to get cheaper.

TMitch, Dahlhaus, Buddy, McCrae, Cyril, ….. all cheaper and better value than the expensive defenders, especially when there seems to be some decent cheapie rookie defenders


Yep my three are Adams, Laird and Rance.
I have those guys plus Doc, Shaw, Simmo as my top six.
Still leaves me with five rookie defenders, many of whom play Sunday.

I just downgraded Aaron Black to Dan Houston then went Cripps to Treloar. I feel good about that one. Always wanted Cripps as a trade up.


be careful with Houston, i see him as a one game wonder. filling in for pittard


Thanks Derek….Houston has been in there instead of Black in my team as well…..


Yeah I'm just hoping and hoping another decent midfield rookie will present. I'll happily downgrade one of those boys if so.


I think you should only have 1 of JOM and Swallow and play a player like SPP on the field. Will fee you up cash too


Join the league 879479
6 spots available
9 spots available


Where's Jocks rookie cheatsheet?


no rookies to put on it 😛 Use the spreadsheet with JLT scores.


Like this team Carl. Big risk on the defence line but the mid depth is very good. Do you think Macrae will outscore Buddy at F2?


50/50 I think Rivo. The fact McCrae is playing as a pure Mid and has (I think) more upside than Buddy this season (based on last year's aves) helped me justify the decision.

Clock Management

Really like the team overall Mate, I personally don't like Steele but could be a Steal at his price (Pun intended)

Geez rucks are fusterating question marks in every single one,


Cheers mate. Yeah Steele still concerns me a bit. We shall see once teams are named on Thursday. His upside is appealing though.


Anyone looking for a competitive league?


No harm in trying to win the round one cash!


Highly competitive league from last year 🙂



Excellent stuff Carlos, this is a truly honest and accurate justification of your entire team. I reckon a few teams will change based on what you've written here and how you've written it. Instinct and character type mean that I have to disagree with your philosophy/strategy though.
I agree that it's a tough year rookie wise compared to the last few years but there are probably 20,000 plus players who could say "suck it up young fella, it used to always be like this".
It's time to understand that as far as team selection is concerned 'everything old is new again' i.e. have a look at team structures from winning teams when this current rookie scenario was the norm.
Higgo is sure to have photocopies of those team structures somewhere.


Guns n rookies used to still win back in those pre Gold Coast days, but you're forgetting 1 vital piece of information. The premium on 1st round rookies was much much less. Off memory Bryce Gibbs (number 1) was bargain priced. A premium was added for Kreuzer (again, number 1) but he was still only 144k. A listed rookie was 94k, compared to now 123k….and a rookie listed player was 83k (who could forget Broughton) compared to now 102k.

Given the salary cap was always 10 mill, it means everyone else was slightly more expensive (magic number different)

We're heading into uncharted waters folks


Nank v Roughy as of today?
Nank v Roughy after Kruezer towels Nank up like he did Max a couple of weeks ago?


Kruezer injured in first. VC on Nank's 155 good enough for me.


Team here, thoughts?

DEF – Docherty, Shaw, Adams, Laird, Hampton, Vickers-Willis (Ryan, Stewart)

MID – Dangerfield, Kennedy, Treloar, Fyfe, T Mitchell, O'Meara, Powell-Pepper, Barrett (Hibberd, Parfitt, Bolton)

RUC – Nankervis, Sandilands (Strnadica)

FWD – Dahlhaus, Macrae, Caddy, Hrovat, Hoskin-Elliott, Taranto (D Cameron, Eddy)

Precisely $0 left in the bank.


Everyone's thoughts on George Horlin-Smith. $234,000. 119ish and 80ish in his two JLT games. Hasn't managed to crack into gee longs best 22 previous years, coming of good preseason form could be a good chance, almost rookie price, gun player potential mid price POD..?


Has JLT trap written all over him. Avoid


Great stuff. I had considered as a POD but he just doesn't fit my structure and have taken a different more expensive pod over him. Now that its out there, I think he is a very valid selection, better than Taranto for those running him in the mids for mine.


Rance vs Docherty
Just thinking because Carlton also have Simpson and marchbank????

Russ in W.A

Rance is a safe 90 + average but only for the last 2 seasons, before that he was in the 80's for 4 years. Doch will go bigger possibly averaging 110 + and is 56 k more expensive, had his breakout year last season averaging 20 points per game more than the previous year so…your call.


Who would you choose Russ? I'd take the Punt on Docherty, I think Rance has recently secured a future beyond football and might be a bit more aware of injuring his body or face


I've updated my list after some great feedback.

My list of cheap rookies under $175k is very thin.

Confident will play round 1.


In my "Highly likely" group I have:


And in my "Possibles" list I have


Does anyone have players to add?

Reports as to chances of playing etc.


As a Cats man I'm not sure Black is currently in our best 22. Didn't do much in the 2nds on the weekend. Think Guthrie has a better chance of getting a game assuming he can get promoted off the rookie list.


Eade said again on Friday that Bowes and Ainsworth are in the mix for round 1 without mention of Brodie. Brodie looked pretty good in JLT 2 but might not have convinced Rocket he is ready after limited pre season. Stewart slipped under my radar – must get some games.


Apparently Balic had ripper in the WAFL. So maybe a possible.
It is Ross though so that may mean "possibly debuting in 2019".

Great list btw.


Which McKay? Is it true that Marboi Chol's name is pronounced MyBoyJoy?


either McKay, don't think either will get a game round 1 😉


Oh yeah.

Tim English. Bevo's a big fan and the Dogs have no rucks.
Even if named round 1 (which is a possibility) please don't .


That's why I didn't add him


Kelly to surprise with naming over often (crows)? Scores well when playing.

Top Hawk

Perhaps you can add Harley Balic and Griffin Logue to either your "Possibles" or even "highly likely groups". Both had very good games for Peel Thunder in the WAFL on Saturday. I would not be surprised to see at least one of these guys on Freo's extended bench for their match against the Cats on Sunday. Cheers


Simpkin is pretty much locked in. Doesn't look good for hibberd or VickersW though. latest from the roos


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Russ in W.A

Nice one, thanks Derek.


Thanks Derek..


Tom lynch (gcs) and O'Meara (Taranto mid)or Tom Mitchell and swallow (Taranto fwd)?


2, better structure…but I'm not running swallow.


how do you think titchel will handle the extra attention from tags this year?


I can't actually see him getting tagged to often this year Mich. It's hard to tag a guy who ends up at the bottom of every pack.

I think he will be a great pick this year in a Libba(a few years back) or Rockliff mould. Not a gamebreaker but everyone is suprised when they check the stats to find he had 40 possies and 10 tackles.


N. Roo & O'Meara with 5k left or Treloar & McCarthy with about 70k left ???


Regarding Derek's rookie list above …

When we are seriously considering starting the supercoach year with Ryan Schoenmakers things are very dire.

Four horsemen of the apocalypse dire …


Maybe next year it will be Zac Dawson!


You are right. When I find myself researching James Stewart – good job security, maybe extra ruck time given the ruck stocks at Essendon – I knew it was time to push the reset button.


you never know, another Oxley or McIntosh may step forward

haiku bob

Buddy looks like he's gonna start the season with a bang. And at the 11th hour he's pushed Roughie out of my team. All along, I've been wanting to keep some money aside to cover risk. But there's just too much value to be had this year. Whaddyareckon fellas?

DEF: Heater, Laird, Mills, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (EVW, Stewart)

MID: Danger, JPK, Treloar, Priddis, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, SPP (Barrett, Hibberd, Parfitt)

RUC: Nankilands (Cameron)

FWD: Roo, Dahl, Buddy, Ryder, McCarthy, Eddy (Miles, Pickett)

Byes: 3, 10, 7, 10

Kitty: $4,400

The Bont

Is it worth having stdmica as zero scoring player or have someone like Cameron or prues to make money off. I know it's good for a loop whole but with the uncertainty of the rookies playing every week I'm sure most weeks we will have a zero scoring player anyway. Thoughts ?


I've been thinking the same thing. Maybe Cameron or Prues on the ruck bench, I think Robbo from the Sun put Myers on his midfield bench to save a trade and make a captains loophole. With a shortage of mid rookies this might be the go and look for a ruck rookie to make some cash?


Preuss will probably make dosh, so it's definitely worth picking him IMO. I am going to use F6 for loophole purposes.


Cameron is not going to make anyone money, because he won't be playing.

Cameron is where Nankervis was last year, 4th in line for ruck at the swans. Even if Tippet goes down with his fragile body, Sinclair will come in and work with Naismith.

Going with Cameron is betting that two ruck at the swans will go down.


This is the best team I have seen this Pre season!


Thanks Troy

the nank

Thoughts community, structure 1 or 2

Structure 1:
DEF: Shaw, Laird, Howe, Marchbank, Hampton, Vickers-Willis (Otten, Stewart)

MIid: Danger, JPK, Jelwood, Trealor, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, SPP (Wigg, Parfitt, Miles)

Ruck: Nankilands (Strndica)

Forward: JJK, Dahlhaus, Buddy, Roughie, Taranto, Butler (Cameron, Eddy)

Structure 2

DEF: Shaw, Doc, Marchbank, Thurlow, Hampton, Ed Vicker-Willis (Stewart, Otten)

MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Jelwood, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, SPP (Miles Parfitt, Wigg)

Ruck: Grundy, Sandi (strndica)

FWD: (same as structure 1)


1 for me. But either is good


Like 2 because the defence has plenty of price potential


I reckon im nearlly done —

D- simpson, shaw, laird, marchbank, hampton, stewart, (VW, otten)

M- danger, jpk, treloar, priddis, fyfe, beams, JOM, SPP (hibberd, barret, parfit)

R – nankilands (strndica)

F – roo, dahl, macrae, taranto, mccarthy, eddy (picket, black)

Got 61k left in the kitty.. to be honest im pretty cotent with it now.. running the risky ruck combo but risk im willing to take..


Rick Grimes

Running with a very similar structure. I feel you either go balls to wall on your rucks or you pick premiums. Not a fan of running a back up player in the forward line. It will certainly be a ride for those first 6 weeks.

Rick Grimes

I put Higgins into my forward line just to see what it looked like. I didn't like it. But now every time i try to change, the spreadsheet crashes. What are the SC trying to tell me? Keeper or crash and burn??


Step away from the computer very slowly…


He was in my team for about 5 minutes. I couldn't stop spitting at the screen. He's gone now


A burnman for the ages. You are clearly sleep deprived and have been deviously brainwashed by Peter J Higginbotham if he found his way into your team somehow. The community is here for you bro!


N. Roo, O'Meara, DEF rookie
Treloar, Marchbank, FWD rookie

Would leave me with 2 on field def rookies and 3 on field fwd rookies which I'm not sure about


Both good. 2 at a stretch.


I need some help. Team 95% I just need to decide.

– I either have 106k left over and a rookie on field in fwd line.

– Nank at F4 with witts as R2

– Nank as R1 and Taranto in fwd line.

Which one guys.



The Ranger

Hey Carl,not going near the Nank myself, I'd argue he goes against numbers 1, 2 and 4 of your key lessons from last year!
Gotta take risks somehwere Good luck this year mate.


Im hoping there isn't much durability risk associated with Nank but I agree he is a mid pricer who has a "role change". But the landscape is different this season with not as many good rooks meaning unfortunately more Mid pricers need to be considered. I like Nank at F3 mainly as cover for Sandilands who is a big durability risk.
Good luck this year too mate, should be an interesting season.


I agree with patch. i see Sandilands going all year

The Ranger

He's bloody tempting at that price eh Derek?
If I drop Grundy down to Sandilands it gives me some nice coin to play with but I'm buying in to more injury risk and the 250K odd that I'd have to spend doesn't get me an uber premium no matter how I work it, just maybe a 450-500K player that also comes with risk.


Do you have Beams?

I am only considering mid pricers who are fallen premiums.

Sandilands, Beams and Roughie are currently in consideration

Does having sandilands, give you room to upgrade an expensive rookie to Beams or Roughie?

The Ranger

Got Roughie. Beams is the one I'm considering but he's not exactly without risk himself.


i was against beams as well, until i thought about it a bit more…….. if you are going for overall rank you need guys like Beams to get you out of the blocks fast. ride them for all they are worth and be willing to trade them when they are done.

The Ranger

You might be right Derek.
As always the final decisions will come down to waiting until the teams are named and seeing how many rooks are playing and where.
i currently have Swallow, Taranto and Pepper Pig onfield in the mids but Swallow or Taranto could become Beams.via the Grundy – Sandi trade.


Nice team overall Carlos, only concern for would be 4 premo mids out in round 13 (pendles, treloar, fyfe and mitchell), maybe swap 1 to another round 12 (selwood or priddis perhaps?)

All the best with 2017 season though, and we may all need to go to plan B if some north and geelong rookies dont get a game round 1!


Thanks Kim, yeah ill definitely be looking to trade in players who don't have the round 13 bye early in the piece to try and even that out.
Really worried about rookie selections and the fact it may force me to change my defence structure. Will have to wait and see. Fingers crossed!


Hi Guys few spots left in league 471900 if anyone interested

the nank

Whipped up a few projections using a series of algorithms, just wondering if these projections seem about right (I need to know in order to keep using this formula)

Tom Mitchell
111.5088 proj.

proj. 115.7585

proj. 112.275

Joel Selwood
proj. 110.2

Scott Pendelbury
proj. 110.268

Nat fyfe
proj. 130.8

NOTE: The game in which Fyfe got injured in (53.4) was not included within the average


Fyfe seems a bit high

Rick Grimes

Fyfe looks a bit juicy. A gun for sure, but out of the game a while. He's in my side so i hope you're right. The others look passable, although Pendle owners are probably hoping for more.


You could feed your model previous years data and compare it's estimates to the real results from last year.

This is the only way of proving your data model.


Fyfe seems 4-5 points too high which is probably the coming off such a long injury period factor. Pendles 2-5 points too low and JPK similar. Otherwise spot on I think


i'd still have Fyfe even if he was $675k


Community thoughts on either Priddis or Tom Mitchell??


i had priddis most of the pre-season. liked his Bye.

Saved $30k and went to TMitch on the back of OlOker having big wraps of Tmitch


Priddis proven and a pod. Mitchell better value, I see them both averaging the same.

Rick Grimes

Not sure you can go wrong with either. Priddis is a proven gun with a big ceiling. TMitch will be in the guts of it all season long and I expect him to lift his average to the 110-115 range. For the record I've gone Titch and I'm leaning to Shuey over Priddis, but that has been in flux at various times.


Carlos, that midfield is incredible. Personally, I don't think defensive rookies increase in value quickly enough, prefer forwards, As I said, a personal choice. Agree with the rucks, but it does require compromise on other lines. Lack of JS rookies really trying SC skills. Fore what it's worth, this is my current team.
Almost a lock on the structure.
Def; Simpson, Shaw, Laird, Lloyd, Hampton, Otten (EVW, Stewart)
Mids; Danger, JPK, Treloar, Jelwood, Fyfe, D Swallow, SPP, Barett (Parfitt, Picket, Hibberd)
Ruck; Gawn, Sandi (Strndica)
Fwds; Roo, JJK, D. Smith, Taranto, Turner, Eddy (Butler, Houston).
$300 left.
Lloyd and Smith will end up as D6/F6, giving a possible 13 keepers to start with. Swallow and Taranto should score points while increasing in value. Believe forward rookies score better than defensive rookies. The three bench rookies in the mids, none of them may start, then we will all be in the poo. What do you think of the structure community?


one of the only teams I've seen without Dahlhaus.

What do you know? Tell us!


I'm a Saints man, Roo will be another Richo and score plenty from the wing. JJK will be getting silver service. Expect both to average 100+ and will be top 6 forwards, don't expect their value to drop much in the first few rounds with the draw they have. Devon Smith will score well, no Lids or Coniglio first few rounds and he should be able to cement his role as a mid/fwd. Plus the three suit the bye rounds. Will get Dahlhaus adn McCrae as soon as practical. Anyway, starting with three KPPs is certainly a POD call.


not sure about the "silver service"

WCE don't have a decent ruck, Sammy and pridis will have to fight for the ball. not as easy when they don't have the Nicnat playing.

i think JJk will suffer

The Ranger

I like the structure Kevan but I prefer Dahlhaus and Roughie to Roo and Smith.


Thanks for the reply Ranger, the reason for Roo and Smith and not Dahlhaus and Roughie is A) Dahlhaus will not have the freedom he had towards the end of last season, he will be a major focal point for the opposition, B) I don't think Roughie will play all 22 games, expect him to be rested, even though he is the captain. See above entry for Roo and Smith in the side.

The Ranger

Nice to see you've thought it thru and have solid ideas behind ya thinking Kevan. Good luck mate.


Roughie will be playing like a midfielder this year. big points me think

Wizard of Ertz

Carlos, really like that team.

I'm still playing around with mine. My team has some injury risk in the mids, but i feel better about that risk than some of the other risks, especially in the ruck, that i'm seeing.

$9,500 cash

DEF: Shaw, Adams, Laird, Hampton, Otten, EVW (Mitch Hibberd, Stewart)

MID: Danger, Selwood, Rockliff, Fyfe, T Mitchell, Beams, O'Meara, Swallow (SPP, Parfitt, Atley)

Ruck: Gawn, Sandilands (Strnadica)

FWD: Dalhaus, Hogan, Roughead, Nankervis, Turner, Pickett (Eddy, Houston)


Howe and O'meara or Thurlow and M.crouch?


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Well done to you Derek And the Pieman

neil Demons Delight

Echo Gators sentiments to you both legends


Does anyone know if Jake Barrett has been upgraded to the senior list yet?


691070 got a few spots left


Good day community,
Don't really rate myself as a super coach expert, however this year I feel this is a strong outfit heading into round one. If you have a thought on it share it with me.. cheers.

DEF: Shaw, Johannisen, J.Lloyd, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (T. Stewart, Z.Guthrie)
MID: Danger, JPK, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, Swallow, SPP (Barrett, M. Hibberd, Wigg)
RUC: Martin, Sandi (Witts)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Lynch, Greene, Nank, Taranto, McCarthy (Pickett, Eddy)

*$136,600 left.



whose the must have in the engine room down at GWS this season.

C.Warde (575k) or J.Kelly (475k) ??
completely open to suggestions under 575k.
currrently running with danger, treloar, warde/kelly, fyfe, tmitch, beams, JOM and SPP


How do lockouts work this week ?


rolling lockout


Full rolling lockout just like any round of Supercoach. Only diff is that you have infinite trades. Bur captain's and emergency loopholes work like any other round.


I'm a bit confused with emergency loopholes, could you explain please? Captain's loophole is not confusing.


Emerg loophole, works like captain loophole, but is to get the best rookie score. Stick the first playing rookie on the bench, with the E on him. If like his score, put the donut on field, hate it, put a scoring player on. Cheers


I'm feeling pretty good with this team was just wondering if I could get some thoughts on it.

DEF: Shaw, Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (T. Stewart, Vickers-Ellis)
MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Fyfe, Beams, O'Meara, SPP, Barrett (Pickett, T.Miles, M.Hibberd)
RUC: Grundy, Nankervis (Strandica)
FWD: Dalhaus, Franklin, Greene, Roughead, Steele, Houston (Eddy, Parfitt)


*$100,400 left in the bank


i'm not a big fan of the Nank. But if you do want him, have him at F4, not at R2.

the best thing about him is his DPP. Starting him at R2 you miss out on that


Join my League 374740 , trying to avoid auto fill !

This is my Sons League 522210 , we have both been playing for five years

sc tragic

Hi community , what are your collective/individual thought Mills v Lloyd


Mills will be a star but id give him another year. Lloyd looks to take.over from McVeigh, may not get more midfield time but will get a couple of extra kicks a game. Should see his output increase by 5-10 points a game.


I think you will get belted in the early rounds with this team Carl. Both FWD and DEF are too shallow


what do you mean

neil Demons Delight