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Patch Supercoach Team Reveal

Published by Patch on

Supercoach 2017 Team Reveal by Patch


What a pre-season. Never have we seen so much analysis, thinking and collaboration as this community – and indeed the entire internet – have come together and given us more information than we can poke a stick at. And I pride myself on being very good at poking things with sticks.

And so, in the lead up to the pre-season, I over-analysed every single selection in my side, and as such my team comprised of twelve pages of notes, a detailed trading plan up to round 11 and notes on the JLT.

Four pre-season games in, I tore my notes into little squares and lit them on fire. I then jumped up and down on the flames to put them out, then put the ashes in a little glass jar and said very mean things about their mother.

It was somewhere between an insult about her girth and insinuating her lineage was… ah… “unconventional” … I realised I was the one with the problem. I locked my team up, went down the peninsula and tried to not think about it.

I came back last week and opened my side for the first time in two weeks, hit “clear team” and went to work. I looked at my handiwork and screamed. Rinse and repeat. Clear team, fill it up, yell loudly. Over the course of two days, I invented a total of 647 different swear words and have vaguely resembled this:

This year is one of the more complicated years we’ve faced since the dawn of the Gold Coast Suns. Rookies are non-existent. Mid prices are flaunting their scantily clad, sexy selves all over the bloody place, wearing nothing at all (stupid sexy midpricers).

Let’s just get into it: the version of Patch’s Potatoes that have lead to me screaming the least.



2-0-6. This is where the cash generation is, plain and simple. I’m happy with this, there is exactly zero screaming is being caused by my backline. The job security of Marchbank and Hampton allows me to slot them comfortably into D3 and D4. Simpson is a no-brainer after last year’s consistency, and is a POD (5% ownership?!?) for some ludicrous reason. Laird was my first picked this year.

The only thing I’m annoyed at is being unable to fit Taylor Adams into my starting side. Playing as a pure midfielder, he’s a no-brainer but just doesn’t slide above Laird and Simpson. Still has time to slide into D2. I also like Lloyd but can’t fit him in.



The engine room. This comforts me. Fyfe and Dangerfield pick themselves, JPK, Selwood and Priddis have been at the top for years. That people aren’t picking these blokes is simply baffling. Treloar looks like he’ll go huge this year.

I’m struggling to split him and Pendlebury, but have done so purely on Treloar’s goal kicking potential, as he had the most shots on goal from a midfielder in the pre-season. Beams was a firm no until he was given the captaincy – surely they wouldn’t give it to a bloke who’s only going to play 12 games. Lock. Possible keeper.

SPP and Barrett are the two rookies, Hibberd and Parfitt are links. It’s just carnage down there. Significantly, I have no Jaeger, Oliver or Swallow. I’d be happy with Jaeger if he fit my structure, but still fear he’ll be rested here and there. Swallow is a firm no after watching two Suns games and seeing him do diddly squat. Oliver will break out but I’m gonna pass because I like the idea of starting 6 top 10 midfielders.



This is where the screaming starts. And what screaming there is. Sandilands picks himself. I firmly believe he’ll play 20 games this year. He’s done it before on the comeback from injury and is Freo’s only hope of making the finals. No third man up locks him away and has me throwing the key down a drain.

Jarrod Witts is a rookie. It’s been so long since we’ve had a viable rookie in the rucks that now one has popped up, no-one has any idea what to do with it. Combined with his round 9 bye, the pending price drop of both Gawn and Goldstein due to Spencer and Pruess and the fact that I have absolutely no idea who the top ruckmen will be this year, I’m going to start him on the field and upgrade him as soon as I can.

NOW – if Witts isn’t named as the solo ruck in round one, he’s gone, and… well, that depends on who else isn’t named. If Longer isn’t named, I might go Hickey. If Archie Smith is playing NEAFL, Stef might come into calculations. Paddy Ryder might turn up. I might just collapse in the foetal position and cry. FINE, YES I’M CONFUSED. I DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS HERE. I’M LOSOT AND SCARED AND DON’T KNOW WHO TO PICK. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? ARE YOU HAPPY?!?

Come on, Patch, deep breaths. We’re not done screaming yet.



Alright, say it. Just go ahead. I’m crazy. I’m deluded. I’m the most important of the ten commandments Lek and I wrote. I’m picking a speculative, breakout midpricer, which I explicitly and repeatedly told everyone not to do. I am picking Shaun Bloody Higgins. Go ahead, throw your tomatoes. Seriously, THROW THEM. SEE IF I CA-

Sorry, I’m just… I’m just having a lot of emotions about this side. North Melbourne no longer have a midfield. They’ve got a whole bunch of kids, and three blokes who they can throw in there for stability. One of them is Ben Cunnington, who isn’t all that good at football. Another is Jack Zeibell, who gets suspended for sixteen matches every year. The other is Shaun Higgins. Look at his preseason form. He scored 100, 123 and 61 (from 42% TOG).

Nick Reiwoldt will average about 215.3 before his bye, and Luke Dahlhaus is just a solid selection. Jarryd Roughead is too much value, Toby Nankervis is absolutely, 100% required ruck cover (see RUCKS section), and Tim Taranto is both good enough and has enough opportunity with Deledio and Coniglio down to overlook the 200k price tag. Eddy is locked, Houston is dependent on being named. Could become anyone.


We’re done. I survived. Somehow. Now, if anyone is still here and has staunched the bleeding from their eyes, I’m going to lead a communal screaming session in the comments.










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Nick Wealands

Witts is a ballsy move patch, but I like it, love that 2-4 defensive structure as well


I've got the same def structure


im so scared. hold me, Nick


LOL bloody funny write up Patch. Ballsy team, that's for sue. Have been a big Priddis fan for years, but his over abundance of handballs and complete aversion to kicking, added to no decent ruckman this year have put me off him. I also have decided Taranto wont make enough cash. I like the Higgins pick, I agree North will need him in the mids. Not sure about the 2 0 6 backline, can't see defence rookies making the cash, despite there being so few rookies to pick from. And Witts, well, make or break init! Good luck and keep the great writeups coming.


Cheers RoDog! I'm terrified but feeling more okay than the rest of my drafts!

Pridda does sort of worry me, but feel the addition of Mitchell will boost him. Taranto wouldn't be anywhere near my side if Coniglio and Taranto weren't out for 8 weeks… still may switch!

The Stiv

If not the defenders, what rookies do you see as making cash RobDog?


thoughts on Tom Lynch (GC)?


After the bye


Agree. Love the kid but post bye


In my side. I think he'll destroy a lot of backlines this year and be a top 6 FWD


No Zerrett?! I shed a single tear for you Patchy.

Backs: Tick (what's the go with Newman? Horse doesn't want to play him)
Mids: Love 'em
Rucks/forwards: This is where it starts to break down for mine. Lot of midpricers over the two lines. Yeah rookies are thin but I reckon you can get away with playing one at F6 in a swap for Rough or Higgins. Your mids will carry the bulk of your scoring power early and the extra rook will help with cash generation needed to upgrade your backline


It's funny how we each choose to view things as Patch's forward and ruck lines actually appeal to me. Plenty of value to be had there and you could definitely make a pretty good case for the midpricers he selected. Defence would be more my concern as the JS of the cheap ass rookies (sub $125K) could prove a little dodgy.

Would be surprised if Newman is even named Rd1 given he got overlooked for JLT3 although Horse does like to play his rookies so time will tell. At least Zach Guthrie had a good game for the VFL Cats yesterday so could be elevated to the senior list next week which could present another cheap bench option.

So if I was going to change anything it would be to downgrade one of those ultra premo mids maybe to a JOM/Swallow or rookie and then upgrade one of the cheap defenders to a premo defender, maybe a Lloyd/Tuohy if cash is tight or an Adams if he can afford it.


If he makes the changes you're suggesting it becomes a genuine mid-price madness team! Tuohy, Lloyd, Marchbank, Beams, JOM, Sandi, Witts, Higgins, Nank, Roughead. Yuck.
Just like one of our favourite sitcoms on the Simpsons Patch, Dont Go There!


Look yeah I'm terrified but I don't really see any other options – none of the forward rookies are doing it for me. If we get a juicy one out of nowhere things might change but gee whiz it's… wow.


Oh and Nic Newman probably needs to go, I forgot to switch him out post JLT3


Huge bean bags patch!! Rolling the dice with def/ruck but could pay huge dividends


Wow! I feel your pain Patchy! Mate in the end we just have to ignore everyone else saying this is the au to go and back your gut instinct. Love the balls in the ruck but with no fat rooks to lock in we have to hope some of these mid pricers accumulate enough to be a keeper or a stepping stone. Where is the cash going to come from? Has to be somewhere and may we'll be the rucks this year.
Thanks for the inspiration to go with my gut Patch


Cheers Jedders! Hoping the backline, Witts and Nank find me some dollarydoos but there's not much more I want to trust!


Docherty, shaw, laird
Marchbank, Hampton, otten
Bench- Vickers- willis, Stewart

Danger, Pendlebury, JPK, Fyfe
Dusty, swallow, o'meara, Powell pepper
Bench- Pickett, Barrett, Hibberd

Bench- strandica

N. Roo, McRae, Dalhaus
Roughie, McCarthy, eddy
Bench- black, Houston

Please leave some feed back and let me know what I can do to improve and what rookies to have only 2nd season


not too sure about mccarthy, will play most games but i dont think his scoring output will justify his price


Along with Black and Eddy there's 3 KPF rookies there. Cash generation will be slow


Don't mind it Wilbur! I don't like Macrae as a pick and would take Buddy at the same price point. McCarthy also worries me – you're going to get a lot of 30s out of that bloke.


I was thinking, wow Patch has done a pretty good job with his team after I read the Defence and Midfield, and then came the last two lines. As you've written or BT would say "Boy Oh Boy, Wowee". 4 midpricers for both lines combined! A big play and massive risk. You've convinced Lek and a lot of people with Higgins, but not me, the graph shows it all. I hope you have a few spare trousers in handy…


I've given up the pants life up, Danners. Ruined too many of them to be worth buying more


Love the fact that you are playing only one onfield rookie in the forward line. I have fully convinced myself this is the right play.
I am concerned about Otten and Newman in defence. They are great for the structure, but I am really nervous about their job security.
I am going to make a suggestion, for what it's worth
Simpson to Adams. (You do say you want him, and you will be able to get Simpson cheaper later)
Priddis to Titchell
Then Higgins to a proper premo.


Don't mind that, Keen, but I've given it a long look and this way gives me the most peace of mind. Starting to waver on The Prid but Higgins and Simmo are locked away


Heath shaw or Taylor Adams I'm torn
Help me out with some reasoning


Shaw has the runs on the board mate & a higher ceiling I would try to get both





The Saltshaker


Bowls of dongs

Lads… Adams might be tempting but look at the games played over the last five years.
He's got no plums.
He will miss another 4-6 games this year.
That's a premo down in your backline and a trade down the shitter.
Great upgrade target once he strings 12 games together…the bloke needs to prove he doesn't have a set of beef venetians dangling between his legs.


Gawn and rookie or nank and beams?
Treloar and roughy or nank and TJL?
Please help I want nank but if I get him I have a useless 300k to spend that I cant get rid of.

Def: Doch, Laird, Touhy, Marchbank, EVW, Hibberd, (Hampton, Guthrie)
Mid: Danger, Hanners, Selwood, treloar, Fyfe, Tichell, JOM, SPP, (Barrett, Parfitt, Junker(Loophole/DPP))
Ruck: Gawndilands, Sterndicka
FWD: Dahlhaus, Buddy, Roughy, McCarthy, Bowes, Eddy, (Pickett, Butler)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
By the way great team, Patch


if spencer is named then nank, otherwise stick with gawn


Nank and Beams. Sounds like "There's Something About Mary"!


What combo should I go with
Pendles, swallow, shaw, McCarthy
Treleor, beams, Adams and a rookie for 188k or under already have parfitt, eddy and houston


Treloar, beams and maybe Laird would be a better option


Go k turner he's only 160k


Patch mate no joke before reading this article my midfield was and still is the exact same as yours, premos/rookies and everything. Great mind think alike I guess…


Nice! Where did you make the cash savings to get it in?


I have gone with nankilands in the ruck, and that free-ed up a ton of cash. Have gone with 3 premos in the backline and 2 in the forwards, with roughy at F3. In doing this I am relying upon my midfield to do the bulk of the scoring early, however due to the fact that there are no real consistent performers in the forward line I have decided to hold off and make the forward breakouts my first upgrade targets. I would stack my backline, but most of the guns have a rd 13 bye (adams, shaw, laird ect.) so I have restricted myself to three and just splashed out on the midfield. Also most of the rookies this year are in the backline. I am really happy with my structure and have only gone with 4 midpricers (3 being beams, sandilands and roughy) all of whom are proven premiums so I have no qualms about picking them.

I have gone with a 3-7-3 structure in terms of keepers and am pretty bloody happy with that. Unlike you I have tried to stick with G&R as much as possible and I reckon that that is going to supply me with consistent scores week in week out.


Stupid sexy mid-pricers indeed there every where


Swallow or O'Meara community??? Reasons for and against, currently have Swallow just. Bit more worried about JOM's body


I would just stick with Swallow and not overthink it too much. Should make an easy $150-200K which is all that you need from a stepping stone. Fwiw I expect to run with both these guys although that's probably an unpopular way to go for a lot of coaches.

One slight advantage JOM has over Swallow is his Rd13 bye so that could upgrade him to someone who has already had their bye if you were to hold JOM for the first 12 rounds.

But if JOM really concerns you I'd say just give him a skip as it's unlikely to make or break your season one way or the other.


JOM definitely, hes a gun


Gold coast medical team are shight Gazza, Jaeger, Prestia, Rischitelli, Hall, Touk, Rosa, Swallow and a sh!t load more, #Untrustworthy and Jaeger has gone to a team where the medical team is excellent (Reason why he chose hawthorn) still prefer swallow ?


All Goldcoast players mentioned have been injured while playing for goldcast


I'm technically in neither boat but that's because I don't like swimming but if I did I'd be in the JOM boat paddling my way along


"Swallow is a firm no after watching two Suns games and seeing him do diddly squat".
67% JLT game time, 1.04 PPM. He's done more than enough…


I saw him about 4 times and was shocked each time I looked at the stats, I don't know where he got the football from. Didn't realise he'd gone at 1.04ppm though.


Swallow did smash it in 1 game (the 1st one) though, where off memory he scored 80 odd from 50% game time. Maybe Patch watched his other 2 games. Must say, I agree with him too….stats can be misleading, watching the game is usually better.


Simpson, Docherty, Rance
Thurlow, Hampton, Otten
Stewart, EVW

Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Fyfe
T. Mitchell, beams, Taranto, SPP
Pickett, Hibberd, Barrett

Sandilands, nans crevis

N. Riewoldt, Dalhaus, McRae
Roughead, HoskinElliot, black
Eddy, houston

Any feed back would be appreciated


I'd steer clear of Rance, but aside from that, nice stuff Jayden!


Patch super funny always a great read.
Two things missing:
1. Zac Merrett. C'MON you know you want to. With pridda gives you 3 premos missing rd 12 in the mids where you have loaded for points. Pridda up to Zerrett – be a huge bomber pod.
2. No simpsons reference. Don't tell me you were having dumplings again?

One thing it is not missing is a huge set of plums! Lot of faith on def rookies! Make sure you have some prozac handy next week as 5 of your 8 defenders are likely to be on an extended bench and play on Sunday!

If you find yourself in a dark place "find a happy place" maybe at than Trig's Happy Place. 🙂


"Stupid sexy midpricers"

He snuck a reference in 🙂


I can't do me a Zerrett this year. At least not to start with. I'm worried what the influx of returning midfielders will do to his scoring; I think it more likely than not he'll dip a bit this year. 2018 LOCK though


My concern is that apart from Taranto, SPP, Witts and Hampton there won't be any available on field rookies in R1 to fill out our desired structures. I'm also concerned that many of the R1 'likely's' will disappear for a few rounds. What to do? Take a gamble that some will come on in R2/R3 or deploy a mid-price structure.
I've got two teams ready to go .. one with a maxed out mid price structure with Taranto and Hampton on the field and all other rookies on the bench.
What are others doing?

John James

Until I see which rookies are playing I only have three true rookies on the field,Hampton at D6 SSP at M8 and Taranto at F6,mainly because as you said they seem the only rookies you can hopefully depend on,so yes I'm going with a mid price structure.I have 13 rookies 7 mids and 10 prems.

John James

That should be SPP at M8,but of cause most already know that.


It is a worry, Lazza. Reckon the backline is safe but beyond that it's terrifying


Forgot to include Stewart…


Need some advice on my team community!

Docherty Shaw Laird Marchbank Hampton Otten (VW Stewart)

Danger Pendles JPK Treloar Fyfe Beams Swallow SPP (Barrett Wigg Parfitt)

Gawn Sandi (Strnadica)

N. Roo Dahl Nank Taranto Pickett Eddy (Butler Cameron)

Thanks guys!


i think wait to see if spencer is named alongside gawn, if he is then gawn is gone in my books


Id downgrade a couple of your more expensive premos to a cheaper but still viable premo so u can fit Roughie in for Cameron/Strnadica. Maybe Roo, Docherty, Gawn, to a Greene, Adams, Goldy for example. Then jump on these guys later coz they are priced at their ceiling and should drop. Altho I like the Roo selection, he could really do anything this year on a wing.


Nice team Patch. I have gone for a similar set up except Hickey instead of Witts (assuming Longer isn't named round 1) and a rookie instead of Higgins. Was also just going to throw out if people are after a Sydney rookie Melican might be the go, I know he's a key position but could be good to just keep on the bench.


Cheers Holmes! Will have a gander at Melican!

Hickey close to my side but not risky and pants-seaty enough at this stage!


Aliir and McVeigh coming back soon-ish not sure how that will change their defensive structure……….my guess is Pelican flies away.




I have buddy at F2 and am quietly confident of a very good season from him.


After looking at your team Patch and seeing that midfield I did some deep thinking and reset my team and went with a guns and rookies strategy with only 2 mid prices and its the best looking team I've had all year!


I just don't see the attraction of Higgins


If his body had the reliability of a Jim Stynes or Kade Simpson he would've been a good brownlow vote getter. Was seriously skilled when he first came onto the scene.


He would look good in a floral gown, he is quite feminine. So tell me, say u had Toby Nankervis, Shaun Higgins and Barry Stoneham who would you snog, who would you rim and who'd you have in your SC fwd line. Higgo 4 Rimmie for mine.


I wouldn't want to snog or rim Barry Stoneham so looks like he's in my SC FWD line


What you wouldn't like to lick Barry Stoneham's pie hole? Are you serious bloke? Barry would have the tastiest lil butthole


His skills are first class, his durability is whatever class dirt would be if it had a class. But not that fancy store-brought dirt, he can't compete with that stuff. He's a risk, yes, But I'm taking it


Is a good player, and was a bargain a couple of years back for 240K.

420K? No way.


Why I'm entertaining taking him is

Looks set to plays Wells' role from last year, he's their classiest midfielder & first time he will play as a pure mid for North, averages 95 playing as a flanker,

It pretty similar to Tuohy for me it's all about role and reliance.

Shake n bake

Wells Boomer Del gone you will see him step up with more midfield time. The only problem is his durability. Im selecting him as a keeper and at 420k im happy with that.


Give me a hand boys!

Def- adams, laird, jones, marchbank, hampton, stewart (otten, VW)

Mids- danger, Treloar, fyfe, titch, lloyd, beams, JOM, SPP, (hibberd, parfitt, barret)

Ruck- nank, sandi (Strnadica)

Fwd- Dahl, Macrae, Caddy, rough, steele, pickett (black, eddy)

Rooks will change.

Not sure about touhy, j.hunt or johannisen for the back and ryder, hoskin elliot anf mccarthy for the forwards



Why do I keep seeing teams with N.Newman? Have I missed something? Also Parfitt (sounds like a french pastry) where is he fitting in cats 22?


Forgot to drop Newman after the Swans didn't play him. Need to find another bloke, dependant on teams


Otherwise Ben Long will come in in round 3 and I might start him early?


Risky I think for Long. As a saints fan he'll play 10+ games for sure this year but not sure they'll start at round 3. Could be one of our first downgrades though.


Parfitt ain't playing. Geelong team won't be named before lockout either. Pick at your own peril.

There is some simple rookie pickijng strategies that people are overlooking this year, but it's purely because of desperation so understandable.


If Parfitt doesn't play round 1, do you think he'll play early? Not selecting rookies who'll play early can mean missing out on them altogether as you won't want to sideways trade from another rookie and the rookies you do have won't have earned enough to downgrade to them. I think if you're confident enough that a Mid rookie will play not in Round 1 but early you can afford the risk of selecting them. Also gives you an emergency loophole for the opening few weeks.


DEF: Docherty, Laird, Adams, Ottens, Hampton, Vicker-Wlillis (Newman, Stewart)
MID: Danger, JPK, THE BONT, Shuey, Fyfe, Titchell, Beams, SPP (Maynard, Wigg, Miles)
Ruck: Nank, Sandi (Strndica)
Forward: Dals, Macrae, JK, Picket, Black, Camroon (Smith, Eddy)


Like the structure my though would be one mipricer / high priced rooke in the forward line for job security, love the JJK and Shuey picks. And the up and comer picks of Titch and THE BONT


Very mid-pricey Patch. Plenty Guns and Rooks avocadoes are goung down this route this year but for mine it isnt the year to do it.

The lack of quality cash cows this year means we will have to be so so careful with our trades. It will probably take more than two rookies to move up to a premium so we may have less to play with than usual.

That means if you end up with a dud mid-pricer then chances are youre stuck with him for a long time. It will be exceptionally difficult to become full-premo just out of the bye weeks as we have in years past, and even more so if youre burning sidewards trades on dud mid-pricers who arent generating cash.

Please, please be careful Patch and all of the community


Good point Billy. Hard to make cash this year. We may not even get to $13m.

This means buying premiums when they have fallen in price.


Surely that follows that you shouldn't be starting with a bunch of full price premiums then, but rather go with more value options. Then upgrade to the more expensive players when they fall in price later in the season. You aren't even making sense guys. A lot of these rookies won't make you much cash anyway and most have fairly ordinary job security so you could have a side full of bench zeros in no time. Sorry but more value selections is the way to go in 2017 like Patch is doing.


Whatcha talkin bout Willis? This is exactly the right season to go with more midpricers. This appear to worst collection of rookies that we've seen in a long while. If you just proceed with guns and rookies regardless you just have your head stuck in the sand for mine. The most important attribute of a Supercoach is to be adaptable and flexible. So I applaud you going this way Patch!


Agree with you Steve. The quality of the midpricer is key, meaning a fallen premo over a speculative pick. Think this year has a solid selection of the former. You take what they give you and this year midpricers with good scoring histories it is.


I agree that fallen premos are the way to go. Im more talking about the speculative, breakout picks, such as Marchbank, Tuohy, Nank etc. Trades will be at an absolute premium due to difficulties we will have with cash generation. In previous years you might he able to get out from under a couple of crap ones with corrective trades but this year well likely need most of the 30 just to get full premo.


Agree in large part, big B. Think this year you need more than usual. And you counter that risk with a stouter than normal mid.

Tuohy is the biggest risk of that bunch. MB is a close second yet feel his role and how busy that Blues backfield will be he should be good for 80-85 and be a quickly fat cow. Nank is relatively low risk as a forward. As a R1, well…

Haven't been playing the game as long as most of you but what I learned is you really just need to be prepared for what is inevitably given. G''R, mid madness and whatever name structure is merely an ideal that can be destroyed during Round 1 selections.

Have about 5 structures and am under no illusion that correctives will probably need to happen. The in-season thinking and adjustments are what make this game so damn great.

Top Hawk

I agree Billy. This is the year of the vultures. In other words, "Pick off" fallen super premos , "Claw" (grab) experienced rookies (150K+) coming out of injury or (any other setbacks) who may generate points and cash. And be as tight as the fish's nun's nasty when it comes to trades.

Nick V

It seems like Patch amd Lekdog have spent a lot of time consulting each others teams this preseason! Higgins, Simmo similar structures


We have spent a long time arguing each others' ears off and somehow came to a consensus neither of us would have dared think of early this year – I never wanted to go cheap in the rucks and Lek repeatly said he would disown me if I picked Higgins but here we are haha


Adams, Laird, Simpson or Montagna, I would like 2 or 3 but I don't know who to drop


Montagna is Injured rd1

Russ in W.A

Simpson and Laird are the 2 most reliable, Joey's getting old, and Adams has injury history.


Inspired!!!!!!….Inspired by your team Patch, truly…….maybe because it resembled mine a little bit. …..So inspired (deluded?) I tinkered with my team again and ….GULP…..downgraded PENDLEBURY from my team for the first time in 5 years….dropped the Nankilands and went to Nankiwitts and I am ready at the top of the roller coaster for my white knuckled ride to fortune and glory or crash and burn in the attempt… is my team

DEF: Simson Shaw Laird Marchbank Hampton Otten ( Stewart Vikers-Willis)

MID: Dangerfield Merrett Treloar Fyfe TMitchell Beams O'Meara Swallow (SPP Barrett Pickett)

Ruck: Sandilands Witts (Smadica)

Fwds :Dahlhaus Higgins Roughhead Nankervis Phillips Taranto (Eddy Butler)



What do people think of my PHILLIPS pick….had 300k or so left and he seemed best mid-pricer…partial breakout contender….or should I go a rookie and spend the money elsewhere?


Rookie him and move Higgins up to a roo/ buddy/jjk type and bank the rest as you've got a pretty sound team


I'd move JOM or Swallow up to a midfielder instead. Slightly too much white knuckling for mine, Beaglie! Feel Phillips is a JLT trap


I like Phillips. Think he'll score well


I've always imagined what being a fly on Patch's cerebral wall would be like. This article delightfully and at times frighteningly fulfills that.

I won't comment about Witts because I feel saying that in such a dismissive way snootily says enough. I would suggest a fwd rook on the field. Feel Eddy will be a fine earner. And the savings you could certainly buy some Gold or make your troubles be Gawn.

Sublime write up, my friend. Look forward to locking horns with you this season.


All the flies on my cerebral wall have PTSD and wake up screaming in the night. I wouldn't want to be one of those.

Witts isn't great, but he is a rookie. A 70 average will do me from him. Anything more would be nice, but I'm not banking on it. If Gawn is named as the solo ruck I might have to try and squeeze him back in.

The feeling is very much mutual – raring to go for my debut in the Throttledome!


MY Biggest plus about your team Patch is that there is no Simpsons reference. That was my biggest fear when I logged on.
Witts? but you do have cover.
What a great write up mate, the team is pretty good too.
Sometimes we tend to over analyse stats and that is why I try and keep them simple.
I can understand frustration this year in regards to rookies, They will appear throughout the year.


PS: I heard the other day that Spencer will play VFL. Don't ask me where just trust the source of this message.


I've also heard this from inside Melbourne but will believe it when I see it. Goodwin's comments, however, are very worrying from a SC perspective, and from a purely football sense they've got all their eggs in the Gawn basket, which is dangerous.


I snuck one in, Ock! "Stupid, sexy midpricers". There was no image for it as I already had enough of those, but rest assured I'd never put up an article without a subtle nod to the Simpsons in there somewher!

Cheers mate! I'm hoping the rookies appear!


Beams and Taranto or swallow and o'meara


I got all of them….lol…..but in order i like Beams, Taranto, Omeara and Swallow last… Beams and Tarranto if i had to choose


I've got all 4.


Beams and Taranto, Callum!


I wouldn't pick more than two of those guys due to JS and injury concerns.


Great job Patch. Love the 2-4 structure in DEF. Going the same way myself, although really wanted to throw Lloyd into the mix at D3 ….. oh well. Not convinced on Witts at R2, but tough times call for tough decisions. Good luck for the season.

My current team ….. aka Version 28 –
DEF : Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, EVW, Stewart, Hibberd (NM), Guthrie
MID : Danger, Treloar, JPK, Fyfe, Cripps, Titch, Beams, SPP, Barrett, Parfitt, Pickett
RUC : Goldy, Sandi, Cameron
FWD : Saint Nick, Dahlhaus, Greene, Roughy, Taranto, Butler, Eddy, Strnadica

At least until ver 29


Cheers Mark! Don't like Witts at R2 either but not much I can do about it! I'm not sold on Greene but if he pays off diggidy damn he'll go well. Love the Titch pick


At the moment I'm running with 3 lineups all pending rookies. As in the podcast I think it's smart to be prepared to avoid the donuts.

I do have a question from about which combos are better:

1. Adams and JOM (3-0-3 in DEF, making JOM my M7, Beams is M6)
2. Marchbank and Selwood (2-0-4 in DEF, making Beams my M7






1. There is no way you can guarantee the JS for 4 on field defensive rooks.


Thoughts on this team community, still unsure with my F3. I will also be selecting Gawn IF Spencer isnt named round one.

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Tuohy, Marchbank, Hampton, Hibberd( Otten, Stewart)

MID: Danger, Treloar, Gray, Cripps, Fyfe, Beams, Omeara, SPP ( Barrett, Parfitt, Bolton)

Ruck: Grundy, Sandy ( Strnacida)

FWD: Dahl, McCrae, Greene, Roughy, Taranto, Pickett ( Houston and Eddy)

I have $100 in the bank which is abit concerning.

All comments are welcome.


I'm not sold on Macrae as a pick, Gray's bye worries me too much (I'm looking at picking him up in round 10) and Cripps is underdone after back problems – but as long as you're across those three you look ready to go!


Ouch, my eyeballs {(Ralph)}.
7 mid pricers!!!
Patch get a grip mate. Surely not after all the hard work you have done this pre-season.


If the rookies were there, I'd be picking them. But they aren't, so mid pricers it is. I've sent a letter off to the Herald Sun asking for a bigger starting salary but they said very mean things in their response so I'm sort of stuck.


Champagne comedy again Patch! I like it, but 7 mid pricers, Bl00dy hell! Now I don't want to "out" anyone, it would be to my detriment. However, the rookies, if you look hard enough, this year, they are definitely there! The mid price strategy, I agree, provides a number of options also, nevertheless, I think that you can only take 5 at ABSOLUTE maximum! Patch you are going against everything you believe in. Be strong mate.


Thanks for your support AMAC, it means… *wipes tear from eye* it means a lot to me. I'm just going through a tough time with the midpricers and *chokes up* it's nice to have so much support.

There's still plenty of time for a few changes if they do emerge


Well it depends on the way you look at it. I see 5 mid pricers of those 5 3 are fallen prems amd the only 2 are in the forward line which is the hardest like to pick im 2017. Witts and Marchbank are expensive rookie and that is how they should be treated


Didn't see this team coming from you Patch.

One of the best articles of the pre season was your effort regards " Why do Mid Pricers Suck"

You really need to read that again!!!!


In poker it's called being on tilt…. impossible that the author of that article could be fielding this team! But that's what happens when emotions grab hold – tilt.

There's still time to right the ship Patch!


This is absolutely my side… at the time of writing. I'd wager one or two players might change, but there is no tilt running here, Valens! Would I do that to the community?


Glad to hear it 🙂 The community is definitely indebted for all the hard work and sharing of the journey.

Think everyone is a bit too negative on rookies. Let's see selections for round 1. Witts a risk too far in my view. Can see u giving up one of the forward mid pricers to updgrade in the ruck – will be interesting to see how things develop from time of writing to round 1 🙂


As I just said to AMAC, if the rookies were there, I'd be picking them. But they aren't, so mid pricers it is. Beams, Roughead, Sandi are all fallen premos who have been to the top, so I feel are a bit different.

On top of that, I'd had factual inaccuracies pointed out from that article – I missed Robbie Gray, Sam Docherty and quite a few players who I'd forgotten were injured – I'd go back and done a re-write if I had the time! They still suck, but not as much as I first thought


Love me some Buddy. May go him over dahl. Lock him away!

Feel Prid will be lifted by Smitch


Simpson Laird Lloyd
Marchbank Hampton VW Newman Stewart

Dangerfield JJK
Selwood Treloar Priddis
Fyfe Swallow SPP Barrett Hibberd Bolton

Grundy Sandilands Srtndica

Roo Dahlhaus Gunston
Taranto Pickett Houston T.Smith Eddy

Am I a little thin in the FWDs? Unsure on Grundy, Marchbank and Swallow.

Still playing around with Gawn, Z Williams, Sidebottom and T Mitch.Is Stef Martin a No No this season?


Houston and Smith very much up in the air as to if they'll be picked, let alone score well – would look at Dan Butler from Richmond, who'll score terribly but is locked in for 5 or 6 games. Other than that, you should be alright up there


Great team patch. Looking similar here. Reminds me of that fat man I used to ride to work.


Ok so I am considering selecting a backline of Simpson, Docherty, Marchbank (Blues) and Laird, Hampton, Otten (Crows). It fits well with my bye structure perfectly (It is actually what makes it work), however the thing I am wondering is whether the distribution of points is going to be OK. Simpson and Doch are both quality backmen and every team is going to have either one of them, so why not have both?Marchbank is an elevated rookie but he has security, hampton likewise. Laird is a lock for me and otten is shaping up to be a decent rookie with scoring potential.

What do you guys reckon?


I think you'll be generally right. Put it this way, even when Carlton get flogged Simmo and Doch still find a way to score, they have no issue doing it tandem. If you can fit both that's great. Laird is another that has great scoring potential, even in losses.

As for Marchbank, he's looking like he'll play the 2016 Weitering role across half back.
I would say he looks like working to a low 70s average this year. Basement might be a bit low in big losses is the only thing.

And for the likes of Hampton and Otten I wouldn't worry too much as everybody is going to be in the same position; They'll be fielding Hampton and a rookie (likely Otten).

I guess what I'm saying is the likelihood of you suffering if Carlton or Adelaide get belted is minimal, and the fact most of your picks are quite common mean you won't slide down rankings or face poor h2h matchups.


Beautiful stuff Jake – completely agree with this. I don't think it's a huge worry, Finnius – the rooks will likely be gone by the byes anyway. Crows won't lose many early, and Blues will, which will get the ball down the right end for defender scoring.


I like the structure and has me thinking. Rucks dictate the rest of the team. I have the same ruck structure. If Cameron is named I'll probably add him at R3 and use O Junker as my loophole on the mid bench.

Other than that, compared to your team I'm one prem mid short in mid with Oliver, Steele in Fwd and one more cheap rookie which allowed Adams and Howe/Lloyd in defence.


I'm running a similar structure patch so I like it obviously, not as deep in mids, but Gawn still part of my team (just), and an extra defender premo. Forward line nearly identical, but I've got Steele instead of Higgins, though it's line ball between the hig, steel and roughy for f3/4. I could almost take them all…..I ended up deciding swallow on field for an extra 80k was a better bet than witts, but this could change yet……

Bravis Toak

I think in a season where we are all being forced to be risky (love it!), the safest risk (?), is to go Nankilands.

Nankiwitts without cover is insane!

Bravis Toak

Sandiwitts is insane too!

All the best.


Patch has gone Sandiwitts with Nank as cover. He has just chose to treat witts as a playing rookie instead of say Taranto or WHE


What ya think fellas

Shaw Adams laird
Mills Hampton hibberd
(Scharenberg stewart )

Danger Neale treloar
M crouch gaff beams
Taranto SPP
(Barnett picket parfitt)

Grundy n vardy (English)

JK dahihaus green
Begley eddy Steele
(Black Butler)


Need a few more teams for league. Please come and join.
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A little tip for everyone out there for your backline. Richmond & Carlton has a a lot of options down there that are going to be locked away before all teams come out.
So, if you are like me and have your Rucks & Mids locked in (at least structurally) and just waiting on rookies to see if you go an extra premium FWD or BACK you might wanna consider this.
I'm running 3 defenders ATM but will change to 4 if there is a lack of rookies. My 4th, 5th & 6th option would be Simpson, Docherty & Rance so instead of being caught out Im gonna throw one of these guys into my 3.