Excel-ent SuperCoach 2017 Tools

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Settle into your research chair, download these tools to your laptop or desktop and go absolutely NUTS


Ocker has delivered again – Supercoach scores and every stat you could want to poke a stick at from the JLT Series



All the scores, key stats, including adjusted SC scores based on a projected 85% TOG



Needs no introduction. The #1 team planning and analysis tool in the nation.

Automated bye coverage analysis, structure analysis, THE WORKS



Historical detailed stats  and Supercoach analysis of every player over the past 3 seasons.


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Thanks, when do we get ya rookie locks jock?


Should be enough info out now mate to get it right. Keep an eye on team sheets next week


DEF: Docherty, Laird, Adams, Ottens, Hampton, Vicker-Wlillis (Newman, Stewart)
MID: Danger, JPK, DePendles, Shuey, Fyfe, Titchell, Beams, SPP (Maynard, Wigg, Miles)
Ruck: Nank, Sandi (Strndica)
Forward: Dals, Macrae, JK, Picket, Black, Camroon (Smith, Eddy)
I want to get in The BONT but dont know hoow to fit him thoughts


Bont for Shuey?


Hey Krups, good line up. To answer your question, I would replace either Pendles or Shuey for Bont. Pendles may spend some time in the forward/ back half this year, as Buckley tried this at the beginning of last year, before realising it was a mistake and shifted him back in the midfield. this year however Bucks hasmore guns in his midfield, so he may experiment with this again. As for Shuey, he is not a midfield clearance beast like Bonts is, and with the added experience of Mitchell in there to contend with who is a bonafide clearance beast, Shuey's numbers will drop. I would pick Bonts over Pendles or Shuey. Infact, I would look at replacing both with Bonts, and/or Parker, or Hannebery, or even Sloane.


Could go Nank to Witts to free up a bit of cash – love how far you're pushing the GnR approach here, it's gunna be a bit rare from the looks of it this year!


Bont for either dahl or mccrae otherwise thats a lot of premos missing when dogs have their bye round.


Awesome, Jock! Cheers to Old Ocker, Trigger, and Higgo for taking on excel and putting it all together


Can I get some thoughts and opinions on my current team?
DEF: Simpson, Adams, Laird, Hampton, EVW, Stewart (Long, Otten)

MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Bont, Fyfe, M.Crouch, O'Meara, SPP (Hibberd, Parfitt, LLoyd)

RUCK: Grundy, Sandilands (Strndica)

FWD: Riewoldt, Dahl, Roughy, Taranto, McCarthy, Eddy (Black, Pickett)

Thanks gentlemen.


Who is McCarthy?


Cam McCarthy, Fremantle


Love the Crouch selection at M5. You are exposed however in the ruck bench if Sandi goes down. You may want to consider Witts at R3 or Nank at F4.


Nice team. Different enough from the cookie cutter teams.


like the Rooey pick – what is his selection %? I bet it is low. My feeling is JPK starts seasons slowly but comes home with a wet sail, I plan to get him after his bye


Well done Ock what a collection of stats, everything you ever wanted to know.
Apologies ol mate if I had of known you were putting together such a comprehensive analysis of the JLT series I wouldn't have put together my meagre offering but as I hadn't seen anything on the site thought i would quickly put together a quick and dirty.
Interesting fact.
If u do filter on who scored over 100, played over 80% TOG and had a DE of over 80% only 4 names come back as having achieved this in two games. Interestingly west coast had 3 Hurn, McGovern and Gaff. The only other player was Touey. Hurn and McGovern are surprising. Pod in defence anyone?

To quote the great man in the pod cast it was JLT so when viewing these stats "keep it in perspective" don't let the rose coloured glass cloud your judgement and ruin all your ground work before a ball has been bounced in the real deal.

Kenny Powers

big fan of the Governator


How many rookies do we want to start on the field is 7 too much


Depends on who they are. I'm more confident in the JS of Hampton than I am with Parfitt


Def: shaw laird Howe marchbank hampton vickers-Willis otten Stewart
Mid:Dangerfield jpk treloar selwood Fyfe beams Powell-pepper Barrett picket hibberd parfitt
Ruck: goldy sandi strndica
Fwd: Dahlhaus McRae Roughead Steele Taranto Houston eddy black

Thoughts on the team? 50/50 on getting Buttler for black and upgrading Steele to green, any glaring issues?


I'll throw this out there for some discussion, but what do we think of Jake Stringer?
Scores of 103 and 116 in JLT 2 and 3 from 77% and 81% game time respectively.
Priced at $410,100, good player when he plays well.


Classic example of a JLT trap. Those two scores in isolation are fantastic, yet his history shows that he has never averaged over 75.


Boy oh Boy wow wee! He can burst out like tarzan and dominate or go completely missing like in the GF. Don't touch him


Looking for a couple of guns to fill a league – 413431


Def – Shaw, Simpson, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, EVW (Hibberd, Stewart)

Mid – Danger, Treloar, Titch, Priddus, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, SPP (Barrett, Miles, Parfitt)

Rucks – Nank, Sandi (Cameron)

Fwd – Roo, Greene, Dahl, JJK, Pickett, Eddy (Houston, Begley)

$3,700k left. Thoughts please anyone.


Risky running Nank and Sandi, sand goes down and you don't have cover your going to need to double trade to go up to a premium.


The point of taking a risk really. Sandi probably won't last the season but he can give similar or above the output of the top priced rucks for 300k cheaper.

Cameron gives short term cover.


Have about $1.475m for D3,F3 & R1 … want ideally 2 keepers and one value pick.


Any other thoughts?






Adams Roughie Goldy is 3 keepers. Roughead is ur value pick but should be looked at as a keeper. If ur not expecting him to be a keeper I go with ur other choice.


Thanks … I like Steele but he will need to go past a lot of players to be a top 8-10 fwd. Not sure roughead is a def keeper but does have R13 bye so that is handy. If they are both stepping stone options then I wonder if JOM
is a better choice (swing TT fwd) … cheaper but prob more risk


Don't pick your team like that

Get a piece of paper and Write down who your best (money no object) team is.

It's your team, don't worry what other people say, especially if you have Cyril.

Pick them carefully as if they deserve to be in your team.

Don't make the mistake of asking "I've only got $550k, what premium should I get…..".

Then pick at least 12 of them for your starting squad. You could go 13, but try 12 to start.

I suggest you look for a bit of value, pick the guys who you think might drop in price, I didn't go for any of the expensive defenders, get them later.

Once you have your best value 12, put them in your team and see if you are underweight on any line, at least 2 forwards, 2 defenders and 1 ruck is my suggestion, but nothing is wrong.

Next step is pick 3 to 5 midpricers.

Be very careful, this is usually a trap. I personally decided to only pick fallen premiums this year, you might be more of a young breakout guy.

This is where you need to think about Sandi, Roughie, Beams, Swallow, Mills, Touhy, the Nank, Ryder.

Think about your midpricers in isolation, rather than where they will be in your starting team. I see too many questions about Roughie should be a F4 not a F3…,, seriously.

Pick your Mid pricers carefully.

Read Patch's great article on Mid pricer players Suck before your decision.

Slot them in your team

The rest of the team are rookies and really can't be done until Thursday.


Thanks for your detailed response Derek. I always read your posts with interest.

I have got to this point after following many of the steps you suggest. I plan to run the following structure:

10-11 x keepers, eg danger
2-3 x 'value' keepers, eg. beams
2 x mids, eg. sandi
4 x elevated cash cows, eg hampton
10 x cash cows
1 x loop hole

If I end up with 12 genuine keepers, them it's 10 upgrades (20 trades + 2 correctives). Should have 6-8 trades left over for injuries and maybe even some icing on the cake at the end.

Re. Nankervis, I plan to hold him all year … if he isn't a keeper, he will become my F7/R3. Had similar thoughts on Jake Lloyd for D7/M9 but he is a bit pricey for that strategy I think.


Def- Shaw, laird, Howe, Hampton, otten, vickers-willis, m,hibberd, Stewart

Mid- Dangerfield, j,Kennedy, treloar, priddas, fyfe, beams, swallow, spp, florrent, Barrett, parfitt

Ruck- ryder, sandi, strnadica

Fwd- dahlhaus, Franklin, macrae, nakervis, taranto, pickett McCarthy, eddy

Peoples thoughts


Instead of just posting your team, what do you want advice on? Otherwise I'll tell you to get rid of the Nank.


I don't have excel. So was wondering if someone is kind enough to tell me David Swallows average, time on ground and points per minute in the JLT?

Tiger Man

One spot left in a strong league. Anyone welcome 149246


I joined mate, looking forward to the challenge

Tiger Man

Now full, thanks guys


Alright community I need some help with my selections. I am a player who thrives on playing risky, picking those who might rise to be popular who sit in the shadows at this point, or just players who will never have above 3/4% (Coniglio was with me all season last year and was my most happy pick 🙂

My team as stands:

T.Adams, M. Hurley, H. Hartlett, T.Cutler, C.Marchbank, C. Hampton (BENCH: A. Otten, Z. Guthrie)

T.Rockliff, R. Sloane, R. Gray, N. Fyfe, D. Heppell, D. Beams, J. O'Meara, T.Taranto (BENCH: S.Powell-Pepper, M. Hibberd, B. Parfitt)

T.Hickey, T. Nankervis (BENCH: D. Cameron)

N.Riewoldt, C. Wingard, P. Ryder, J. Roughead, C. McCarthy, B.Eddy (BENCH: M. Chol, D. Houston)

Yes as you can see I am a Port fan, and I'm backing a few of my fave bois to have a great bounce-back season. Not too many usual picks as well, and my Ruck could be extremely disastrous. Lemme know if you guys have any extra help!


Tough year to load up on port players due to Round 9 bye


Also Tom Cuter in 0.2% of teams! The ultimate POD


Matt I really appreciate the testicular fortication, real balsy stuff, but mate you have gone to the enth degree and back, you are in for a horror run, round 9 is the killer too many port players, I actually love your rucks, hickey is a brilliant pick! Wingard is a good pick put I would go Steele free up cash, downgrade gray to wines and upgrade Rockliff to danger and consider trading Houston to a Pickett because of the bye. That's just my 2 bond worth.


Hartlett to VickersW

Tarento to Cyril (via swing)


How does everyone plan to loophole Danger this year?
Use Danger as VC and select a captain if he spuds it?
Or pick an early VC and have Danger as backup captain each round?

Sydney has the most games before Geelong (10) if you want JPK or Hanners as VC
Freo has the most games after Geelong (13) after if you want to VC Danger with Fyfe as backup.
Richmond has the most games that overlap times with Geelong (9)


Some handy research there


Long time fan first time poster
Backs Shaw, Adams, Laird,Touhy, Hampton,Otten
(Vickers, Stewart)
Mids DangerWood, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, JOM, Salt n Pepper, (Barrett, Miles, Parfitt)
Ruck Nank, Sandy,(Cameron)
Forwards Roo, Ryder, Rough, Steele, Toranto,(Picket, Eddy)
Would love some feedback
Not sure if I've gone to much Adelaide in the back and I'm not sold on the mid bench.


Lads, any interest in Scott Selwood as a stepping stone this year.
Haven't heard too much of his preseason but at $281k is well priced for his scoring history.
Will he get a game?


Won't be ready for round one but Chris Scott is desperate to have him relieve Dangerwood so he will have a lot of time in the action. (Geelong fan)


He does a bit of tagging and probably won't fit into Geelong's midfield too well


Where do we get the stats for hitouts to advantage?


Thoughts Lads

DEF: Doch, Shaw, Laird, Tuohy, Hampton, EVH (Mackie, Watson)
MID: Danger, Sellwood, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, M.Crouch, Beams, SPP (Grewar, Fox, Delcua Cardillo)
RUC: Nankervis, Witts (Strnadica)
FWD: Kennedy, Dahl, Steele, Taranto, Mccarthy, Eddy (Simpson, Pink)

Feedback really appreciated


Who are all your bench rookies!?


Your rookies need to play to make money to upgrade your team.


You need to have bench rookies who will play to earn you cash. I'd swap Docherty (because he will drop in price, so you should be able to pick him up later) or Tuohy (because he's never averaged over 85) to Marchbank and then fix your bench and then bank the remaining cash. Robbie Fox might be you're only bench player who might play round 1 providing any cover.


Hi all,

What's every ones thought's on Gary Ablett this season, haven't seen much of him in any ones teams.

Will he be playing to much up front?



More injury prone than ever and Round 9 bye


On ya Jock, great work mate…. Cheers!


Thinking of starting both jpk and Hannebery its friendly on my byes! Last year started with danger and Selwood what's thoughts on this ?


Do i go with PENDLES or THE BONT


G'day all I've got a league I'm hoping to fill with some of the top 1% players from this forum!
I finished 982 last year so use that as a bit of a gauge.. If you finished top 1k or think you're gonna push close to it this year then join up!


Joined. Finished in top 20 overall last year.


Sweet looks like its gonna be a strong league!


I joined, i was 828 last year


Currently have 120k sitting in the bank and I have no cover for sandi.. is it a good idea to go strndica to witts as r3?


kerp the cash

If Sandi misses a week and you want to keep him, get Witts then. Might cost you a trade

neil Demons Delight

nank for roughy solves the problem


JJK or Buddy?


JJK by the skin of his teeth.


Give me a hand boys!

Def- adams, laird, jones, marchbank, hampton, stewart (otten, VW)

Mids- danger, Treloar, fyfe, titch, lloyd, beams, JOM, SPP, (hibberd, parfitt, barret)

Ruck- nank, sandi (Strnadica)

Fwd- Dahl, Macrae, Caddy, rough, steele, pickett (black, eddy)

Rooks will change.

Not sure about touhy, j.hunt or johannisen for the back and ryder, hoskin elliot anf mccarthy for the forwards



Solid Team, wouldn't change the backs, Mayb move Llyod down there for VW or Otten, not shaw Otten will play, grab your self a WHE or Toranto, in the words of Croching this kid a bloody lock. Get rid of caddyshack for Ryder, cover a must for Nankilands

the nank

Is Dahlhouse worth pick 25 in a draft?

neil Demons Delight

there are two main issues left for us as we strive to get to a round 1 team. One of those is rucks.Believe me its driven plenty nuts but who do we choose Nankilands Gawndilands or Goldy gawn. Simple we strive to get to our two best prems and that's gawn/goldy. One issue has been the emergence of Spencergate and goldys injuries both of which have imo been overplayed however to have Goldy Gawn from the get go makes our forwards and defence thin particularly with the non appearance of quality rookies. So what do we do to get to Goldy Gawn so it doesn't affect our structures Byes and money earning cash cows.I think we must go with Gawndilands .Reason is simple Sandilands is a fallen prem Nank is not The other issue is rookies vs midpricers.In previous years this is where I have not had too great a problem .I read all the relevant material Jocks mag is the prime source with all the talent giving us their undoubted wisdom and attend as many tac and junior games as possible.I seen Cyrils cousin up Darwin 17 kgs overweight and he was brilliant now much much lighter Richmond have a potential star and this type of research is very relevant its what makes all the Jock Reynolds people gold. So 2017 we have crap rookies and potential doughnuts and midpricers raise their heads Which ones .My thoughts are FALLEN STARS. Up and coming Oliver types are rare and hard to pick whereas Swallow JOM types its only their future health that's is a concern. Cheers neil


All very valid points Neil but i'm straying and going SandiWitts and Nan$Crevi$ at F5.. The rest of my structure i am happy with and we just have to sit back and see what rookies will be named and whether they look like having JS..

neil Demons Delight

Makes sense to have nank at F5 Good back up and good JS probably better than your high priced rookies TARANTO types who will be rested .Cant see that happening to nank


Yep and i'm not having Taranto at all..


I personally will be going with Goldielands I'm not at all concerned by don't bring me down Preuss, are we forgetting Currie in a hurry who played second Fidel to Goldy in the pre season tearing it up, only to be playing in the VFL now the poor bastard is up at the Suns being over shadowed by yet another Collingwood reject. I'm a bit of a risk taker usually I tend to think one year someone is going to break the mould of GNR and win it with Mid price Madness, I believe this year will be the year, a man or women will emerge from the shadows with balsy down right crazy selections in Steele, jones, Oliver , swallow , JOM the Nank the Nank for goodness sake billings Hell even Hickery smoked bacon.. This my friends will be the year that changes the game forever!!


Hoping so, I'm running Steele, nank, rough sandi jom swallow and looking for a way to squeeze in higgins


is Cam McCarthey and aaron black worth it??


Not sure mate, C.Macarthey worries me 6goals for only 84pts obviously needs to kick a bag every week for enough points to justify selection , A.Black may not even play JS not as good as MaCarthey so for me it's a no to both, Would rather Go with a Taranto WHE or Turner around the same cash.


Thanks guys, love your work, and love the passion and generosity of this fine community.