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Well community, here we are again for the third yearly team reveal of Lekdog’s Puppies.

What an offseason it has been. I traveled to America and spent many hours pumping teams into the Higginator, upon my return I began creating teams in the Supercoach selector, and now I lay my team before you.

This isn’t my first iteration by any stretch of the imagination; in fact I have 47 screenshots of different teams across my desktops. And like the use of carbon dating in the polar icecaps to trace global warming, I can trace my insanity across the last three months by flicking through a few of these pictures…it has been a long road.

Am I happy with my team? No. Am I confident with my team? No. Did I ignore the 10 Commandments article that Patch and I wrote? Yes. Am I going to have fun going with a new strategy? You better believe it!


I’ve done the guns and rookies thing, it’s worked and it keeps me in the top 1% every year, but 2017 is the year that I make a splash. Maybe I don’t win the $50K but hear me now; I will beat my 2016 best weekly ranking of 10th this year.

How am I going to do it? #Nankilands…or more accurately some midprice madness, but it all starts in the ruck.




On the 24th of February I first floated the idea of #Nankilands, mostly out of humor, a little out of fear, and if I’m honest a little out of arousal. Still in its infancy, the outlandish idea of #Nankilands was yet to even receive a hashtag I would repeat many times over the next few weeks.

Very few were convinced…


Even I had my doubts…


But one man inspired a glimmer of hope in my idea and it reshaped my entire preseason, that man of course was the Father of Fantasy.


So why does #Nankilands excite me? It’s the potential for high point production combined with a low price tag allowing for premium purchases around the ground.

I am hoping that Toby Nankervis will end 2017 as a keeper in the forward line. He is the number one ruckman at Richmond and averaged 102.3 Supercoach points on just 77.6% time on ground throughout the JLT series.

Aaron Sandilands is not a midprice player in my eyes. He is a fallen premium, which is a major distinction in my eyes. Sandilands will play 6 of his first 9 games at Domain Stadium, which is big because it will hopefully alleviate any risks of the big fella being rested. He also averaged 100.5 Supercoach points from 72% game time across the JLT series.

If Nankervis can average 89 and Sandilands can average 90 then by Round 10 the #Nankilands duo will have produced 1,790 points and $214,286 in accrued value. All this for the price of Max Gawn!?! Where will I spend all my free cash? Pretty much in my defence.

Just for clarity, Darcy Cameron will probably become Strnadica for loophole purposes.



I have elected to go one “premium” deeper than most in the defensive line. This has been a point of contention amongst my peers but I feel it will pay off dividends.

The first thing you’ll notice is that I’ve broken my own key rule and outlaid more than 10% of my total budget on my D1 and D2 positions. I am doing so for job security and consistent scoring.

I see Kade Simpson as maintaining a 100+ average under Brendan Bolton’s defensive structure. Nothing puts me at ease like seeing Simmo don the long sleeves on a cold afternoon and generally that translates to Supercoach relevancy #SleeveWatch.

Similarly Heath Shaw is as good as they come in defence and whilst some people have fears that he’ll be tagged out of games, his 2016 high score of 203 eases my mind. Sure he had some low scoring games but he was still the third ranked defender for total points in 2016.

Sure both of these older players will lose cash but the pair have missed a combined 6 games over the last three years and should award me with 2100 points by Round 10.

Rory Laird has been in and out of my side this preseason but ultimately if he can get his body right he won’t dip below $500K in 2017. He played very well in the preseason JLT Series and looks set to run through the midfield in the real deal. Lock him in.

Finally I have another midprice breakout contender in my side, Jake Lloyd. Last year I selected Dane Rampe who ended up the 13th ranked defender and this year I think that Lloyd, who finished as the 15th ranked defender in 2016, can reach even higher in 2017. Over his last 10 games (including finals and JLT Series) Lloyd has averaged 98.6 Supercoach points, which is about what I’d expect him to average throughout 2017.

Whilst I’m aware of a decent number of rookies available for our backlines I’m confident that the four I have selected are the best in terms of cash generation and job security.

Hampton tore up the preseason averaging 88 from 76.3% game time; Otten averaged 85.3 from 85% time on ground, Vickers-Willis averaged 65.3 from 83.6% and finally Stewart averaged 62.3 from 83.6% game time. These four players appear to be our best bet for backline security.



The core five players in my midfield haven’t changed this preseason.

Patrick Dangerfield had 18 scores of 101+ in 2016. For the second time this year I’m going to list them and then write nothing else on him.

162, 166, 137, 132, 129, 132, 127, 124, 229, 173, 110, 135, 140, 111, 144, 101, 131, 155.

Scott Pendlebury is probably the least secure of my five uber-premiums due to concerns over his calf but if he’s named in round 1 I’ll lock him away. Since 2008 Pendles has been the second best player in the competition and I see no reason as to why that would change in 2017.


Josh P Kennedy, Joel Selwood and Nat Fyfe (#FyfeIsLife) should all end up as top 8 averaging midfielders come the end of 2017. JPK sits in my midfield as a consistent performer and bye round captaincy option whereas Selwood and Fyfe are in my side for their explosive performances and ability to break games open.

Dayne Beams is my biggest risk in the midfield but I’m willing to risk a trade for his upside. Beams averaged 113.2 Supercoach points across 77 regular season games between 2011 and 2015. He basically didn’t play in 2016 and whilst his body is a concern I believe that Brisbane are confident that he’ll be back to his best as is evident in the club giving him the captaincy.

Running two on field rookies is a risk but I believe that I have offset the potential point loss of not running an O’Meara/Oliver across the rest of my premiums. My rookies are obviously subject to change but I think that Sam Powell-Pepper and a combination of Parfitt/Barrett will allow for consistent point production and cash generation.



Straight away you’ll notice I’m riding a rollercoaster in the forwardline. But when you’re going for overall ranking rather than league wins I don’t think it matters if you get a little bit sick on the occasional big drop.

Josh J Kennedy is perfectly priced for mine, and is ranked as the number one select option for forwards in the Jock Reynolds Magazine. He was the highest scoring forward in 2016 and has only missed three games in the last four years. Yeah he’s going to drop a 50 but he’s also going to score 150 against the Blues…swings and roundabouts.

Luke Dahlhaus has been in and out of my side due mostly to his huge team selection percentage (currently at 42.2%). Between 2013 and 2015 Dahl was the second highest scoring forward with 5,851 points (surprisingly behind Jack Gunston who is still fighting hard to make the Puppies). If he can stay on the park, which I think he will, then he’ll be a top 3 forward for 2017.

Hey remember this?


So yeah I’m ignoring that thanks to the beloved Patch, so when this backfires direct your Tweets saying “I told you so” towards him and not me. Shaun Higgins is in my side despite history and logic telling me not to select him. I watched every North Melbourne game this preseason and Higgins looked good, really good. He averaged 97 from 65% game time in a depleted Kangaroos outfit. I would expect him to average 90 (which will get him close to a top 8 forward) and I’m hoping he can play 20+ games…YOLO.

Jarryd Roughead was in one of my Top-5 articles as a must have. It has taken me a while to actually lock him in but damn he looks good at F4. He’s priced to average 70.8 and I think that conservatively he could average 85 in 2017, making him the perfect F6 at a very cheap price. His role in the JLT also intrigued me as he was basically playing on-ball when not resting forward…I think he’s a very good selection.

Our forwardline rookies are actually pretty decent this year despite the fact that most of them play on Sunday in Round 1. Eddy and Houston have been upgraded for Port and with Pittard out, Houston at least has good job security playing off halfback. Miles and Butler are easily interchangeable with Schoenmakers, Turner etc.



So there we have it community, Lekdog’s Puppies Round 1 side for 2017. There’s a fair bit of risk involved in my structures but I still think that I have 15 potential keepers in my side.

I’ve played it safe every year for as long as I remember so why not try adding some excitement to my 2017 in the form of a rollercoaster/injury prone Supercoach side? If it all goes to hell, well we have 30 trades.

As I say every year, picking your Round 1 side is the easy part but trading your way to glory is where it gets hard.

Let me know what you think in the comments or on Twitter community and may the Supercoach gods shine down upon us all.

You can Tweet Lekdog at @LekBlog

(the hashtag #Nankilands will attract his attention)

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Ballsy ruck combo and Higgins that could make or break you lek otherwise a very good team


Gotta love watching those unique players though!!!(when they score well).

Tim Smith

maybe get Steele for Higgins? has produced well over the JLT


Love it Lekdog. I've gone TheNank too but he's sitting at F4 at the moment with Roughy in F3. I can't get myself to go Higgins been burned before.


I like this.

And I like the magazine, too, because it gave some consideration to taking more risks than usual. After all, are we looking for a respectable third in our little league, or something a bit more interesting? And, if there were a year to take a few risks, would it not be this one?

Supercoach is in its infancy. Many of the Golden Rules of selecting a team – whilst based on lots of data – are based on a very few overall years of competition.

#Nankilands it is.


Love it Lek. Great write up too. Interesting justifications. Did you ever consider running Ryder in the fwd line as back up? Seems to be in decent touch.


Taylor Adams ? Thoughts everyone I'm concerned never played over 18 games but feel he will average top5 numbers but not sure how many games


I'm not 100% sold. But the DPP could be bloody useful to swing into the mids if there's some good cashcows in def and a lack of mid ones.


Won't play more than 18 games this year either. Some blokes just break down.

The Ranger

Had his best preseason ever…worth the risk in my book.


It's a tough one. Looks anywhere from 5-10pts underpriced but his durability record is an absolute shocker. Has had a fantastic preseason which no doubt reduces that risk somewhat but I wouldn't blame coaches looking elsewhere, as frankly he's very unlikely to burn you for not picking him especially in SC with his ordinary DE in the past.

And should he fall over midseason there will now be a stack of coaches who have that headache to deal with just like all those coaches who jumped on Lids late last season believing his unreliable body would hold up. But if Adams can play 20 plus games he will absolutely finish as a top 6 defender.


Nice team Lek. I do like Lloyd at D4 and having the DPP swing with Hibberd. And thats the trade off in having a rookie set up at F5-8. No DPP ruck cover in the Forward line?


Have Darcy Cameron as an onfield rookie in the forward line Lek. Looks better with Nankilands set-up.


Just noticed, no loop hole rookie?


Rough or no

Captain Risky

Good team, I like the structure. I think you might need a backup plan in the forward line though, can't see Miles getting a game. might need to lighten the defence a tad, or Witts R2, Nank F5


I wish I had the stones to pick Higgins and im a North fan. Love the structure, might have to play around with mine a little. Good luck for the season ahead.


Thanks for the headsup on Nank mate in return I need to tell you that Beams isn't your biggest midfield risk your M7 and M8 are


Not really,as most will run rookies at 7&8 or you will struggle for cash generation,plus it's easy to swap rookies if they fail. Mid pricers are notoriously difficult to get out of early in the season,when you lack the cash to upgrade,and hence have the ability to 'stuff your team' as Jock is so fond of telling us. Sandi is the other big risk,as his toe is made of glass,and the only trade option will be Witts who has papier-mâché hands!


A certain degree of faith is required. Going JOM at M8 is an overreaction, in my humble opinion.


Laird, Taranto and omear
Howe, roughy and swallow


All but Howe


A. Laird is consistent, Taranto is a solid rookie option and O'Meara is a gun.


Like to hear your thoughts on why you've gone for Simmo over the Doc. I can't bloody split em, want both but may affect me with byes


simmo is only in 5% of teams


picking a pod for the sake of them being in a lower % of teams isn't the right reason to be picking him. If he's going to be outscored by the bloke everyone else has then your not benefitting yourself at all.


I think Simmo is much more than a pod for the sake of it…. he's an uber premo who has got the job done for many years, averaged 92+ for the past 8 years. Docherty's breakout year only improved Simpson's average so I can't see that changing this season. If anything Doch will receive more attention leaving Kade to do what he does best. Can't go wrong with either.


I agree both will be good. Probably end up 1 and 2 again. completely understand your thinking also, nice.


This is about as close to traditional GnR as I think you can go in 2017. I see you are not currently buying into the popular $200K rookie options either like Marchbank and Taranto.

And whilst you are definitely limiting your midpriced risk compared to many teams your rookie risk looks kind of high for my liking. Sure whilst many of those forward and mid rookies may actually get named Rd1 their JS and/or scoring output could prove very dodgy indeed and it may leave you a little exposed should some of them get dropped in the opening month or just spud it up. This is the worst rookie class we have seen in a long while hence the attraction of midpricers and a few of the $200K rookies.

At least you are going with ultra tried and true premos for the most part so the risk of any of those selections backfiring is fairly low. And good on you Lek for living and breathing #Nankilands. It should be a central talking point for much of the early season so it will be fascinating to see how that all pans out either for good or bad.


you nankilands fanboys play it so safe in the ruck.


did you consider steele among your roller coaster forwards?

Plums for days

What was your justification on opting against Witts? This is my current set-up and reasonably content with going balls-out at this stage


Hey Lekdog,
Love your team and your magnificent justification.
I will be cerebally masticating this article with great delight for some time.
Your risk profile is askew.
End of last season we said:
1. No injury risks next season
2. Up and coming mids will shine
3.Guns an Rookies, no mid price. Period.

Have you followed these 2017 golden rules?

P.S Regret the Period thing………..


Which of these will be the easiest to cull ?


Is the room for Bonner and Houston in Ports team because you think Bonner would be picked over Houston?


Lekdog out of interest what is the projected score for the puppies?

Also just wanted to get the communities thoughts on whether this is important or not.


I wouldn't pay one lick of notice to the projected score. With so many rookies onfied and fallen premiums to start the season it's very misleading indeed.

So a slightly better projected score than another team this early in the season does not necessarily equal a better team.


I hate projected score. It's rubbish. Doesn't take into account any variables


Can't bring myself to going with them 2 rucks, it looks good other then that, yr not taking a backup for Sandi in either, ballsy move Lekdog other then that its hard to fault yr team
Good luck 4 the season Lek…

Bells E Bubb

I hate the whole team reveal concept. Though I enjoy reading about it. Best done after rnd 1 lockout imo.
The temptation to copy is great for many. So many same same teams in league play.

Russ in W.A

True dat GNR, some people who are timepoor and have no time to research will just copy one of the experienced guy's teams, but ultimately, it's how and who you trade and when you trade that makes or breaks your season.


What cash do you have left over Lekdog???


Not a believer in the Sandi rainy day fund btl and I thought I was a tight arse when it came to starting bank balances ha ha.

More seriously you are going to be ultra limited making rookie corrections in the first couple of rounds and you can forget about jumping on some of the more expensive rookies like Taranto or Marchbank should they take off.

So it may be worthwhile downgrading say a Pendles to a Treloar or another $600K mid to at least build that bank up to around the $50K mark to have some sort of wriggle room for early corrections. Also going Preuss to Strnadica as you mention is likely will help out a little too.


A good looking team Lek! I like it other than JJK and Higgins. JJK just is too inconsistent for me, and Higgins well you have the graph there. Shouldn't his average remain low? Even if he does well, he's getting long in the tooth and fragile bones




Love the JJK selection Lek, been toying with him all preseason, especially after seeing how good eagles have looked so far. I've actually selected Lloyd in my real dream team but he hasn't made the cut in my supercoach, think he will be in for a solid year though mate, hope your D4 structure pays off and your two mid rookies don't burn ya! Some nice pods mixed with safe premos should see you do well again, I wish you all the luck in the world my friend.


Lek I was shocked when I saw ur team very similiar to mine…..I play you in the shark tank (sir throtts-a-lot)…now I'm rethinking ……pods.don't want it to look like I copied…..hate that.


True lol


Ballsy team LekDog. Don't think I'd sleep to well but no guts no glory.
Your views on picks is appreciated.
If your planning to trade up Sandi early, I'm buggered if I can work out 15 keepers? Please elaborate.


I count 4 defenders, 6 mids, 1 ruck (Nank as a future FWD) and 4 forwards as the 15 potential keepers in a best case scenario.

You are not starting Roughie, Higgins, Lloyd and Beams if you don't expect them to be keepers. Some of those guys may not survive the entire season but that would at least be the hope, otherwise I wouldn't bother picking them if you are just expecting them to be mere stepping stones only.

For to be decent stepping stone material a player typically needs to generate at least $150K, and if any of those guys increased by $150k they would almost certainly be a top player in their position and therefore would not need to be upgraded.


Great team and explanations for your choices Lek, I agree with you in defence going heavy and those 4 rookie choices. Mids and defence are safest options to lock away players straight up! good work.


hello everyone. cant decide on midprice mayhem options!
DEF: thurlow or marchbank down back and why?

MIDS: JOM or swallow? and why…

thanks in advance


Holy poppin-pantlegs Lek!
Rockin MPM to the extreme.

No doubt plenty will roll three of Beams, Sandi and Crevice but gates have been flung wide open here and the ponies are in the wind.

I think Lloyd is a reasonably safe option for the money and will push top 12 defender.
Roughy has many divided, not sold on him being an F8, expensive stepping stone perhaps.
Oh man, Higgins! No!
I had him in a version for nearly 20 hours, ended up sharting in my party dress and took it as a sign. Yanked him straight out.

Big plums, big pantleg, big reward.
Kudos and prayers.


If Higgins can stay on the park I think he has a strong chance of finishing a top 8 forward. Looks in ripping nick right now and appears to have a juicy SC role this season so here's hoping.


I like Trolls.
Especially the pretty ones with pink hair.

The wasteland that is the mid rookie pool will cause great gnashing of teeth come next Thursday.
I suspect you will be the victim of troll counter attack Lek and Higgins ownership will reach 40% by lockout.

Now I want to see you whack the C on him 🙂


Hannebery and butler
McCarthy and Macrae (already have Taranto)
Cheers community !!


#Nankilands is a risk. Good on you Lek for wearing it and moving on. Maybe Preuss at R3 and Cameron fwd (if both play) gives you just that little bit of flexibility if everything goes upside down early.

No obvious non playing captain loophole player


Nice team Lekdog and great to see someone else running with Higgins!

#Nankilands certainly opens up a lot of options. I'm running with it with Witts at R3 as cover.

Hopefully I won't be making too many more changes to my team. Right now it's:

Doc, Shaw, Laird, Hampton, Ottens, Stewart (EVW, Long)

Danger, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, TMitch, MCrouch, Beams, SPP (Hibberd, Miles, Pickett)

Nankilands (Witt)

NRoo, Dollhouse, Higgins, Tarranto, Turner, Eddy (Cameron, Houston)

I've gone large in the midfield and am hoping that I'll have 14 keepers from my starting line up.



Hey LekDog, curious about your Roughie "F8" comment, do you see him as eventual bench cover rather than a stepping stone to cull around the byes? No criticism, genuinely interested to know if others plan ahead for reliable late season bench cover as it's always been an oversight of mine.


It got me confused as well and then he mentioned F9 an hour ago. Perhaps midfield number of spots confusion? Perhaps someone more learned than me can help out / correct.

And yes, I normally aim for Mid/def premo and a mid/fwd premo with a total of 24 premo players….though I often finish with no trades left with a number, 4-6ish, of rounds to go.

Interested to know what others aim for as well.


No captaincy loophole player Lek? Or u think hibberd or Cameron don't get named and take it from there?


I'm sure Lek will engineer an appropriate loophole once the team sheets drop next week.

By my guesstimation a loop is worth about 20pts per round on average or about 400pts a season so it's a necessary tool for all serious Supercoaches.


To your point on JJK Lek, his erratic scoring still matters if youre playing for rank because he can be picked up on the cheap after a couple of his stinkers, which is why I'm not starting him.
Like many I have an aversion to risk in the rucks but Christ this year is giving me a headache.. mainly Jake Bloody Spencer. #Nankilands might be the way to go as there is minimal risk, worst case for Nankervis is that he hangs around as bench cover in our finished teams. You might have solved the ruck riddle a month early!


No one keen on R. Gray this year…. I've got him locked in my team and just can't move him, not owned by a lot of teams. #POD


Will be looking at him seriously post bye.


His injury-interrupted pre-season is a worry. Will look at him after his bye.


Rd9 bye hurts him


Mate everyone is bringing him in after his bye, hopefully at a significant discount.


yeah…. just like everyone's got the same structure, same plans and same players targeted after the byes. #LOL


Port are going to have another woeful season I reckon. Can't keep a gun like Robbie Gray down but it won't help much.


Jack Bowes thoughts on him community ?

Tiger Man

Hasn't shown enough to justify his price tag for mine


Price and job security a concern. Better options at a cheaper price for mine.


Never actually put my team up since joining the community last year, but don't be gentle fellas!

DEF: Shaw, Adams, Laird
Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (EVW, Stewart)

MID: Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Treloar
Fyfe, Titch, Beams, SPP (Barrett, Hibberd, Miles)

RUCK: Nankilands (Sterndick)

FWD: Dahl, Maccrae, Rough
Taranto, Pickett, Parfitt (Houston, Eddy)

95k left in the war chest. It's bloody cookie-cutter and I'm going to have to trade carefully to avoid some bye-round carnage, but barring rookies I can see myself going in with this. Possibly downgrade a couple players like Beams > JOM, Marchbank or Taranto to cheaper rooks to turn Nank into Gawn but that depends on Spencer's Selection Status. I also wouldn't mind turning Maccrae > Rooey


Looks pretty solid, Lt. I'd sit on that cash mate, the scoring power of your two onfield rookies doesn't excite me, if any of the more expensive forward rooks start strong you can jump on with only 1 trade


STK and WBD both share a rd 11 bye


Cheers mates, I've snuck Parfitt and Pickett to M10 and M11 and put Turner and Florent at F5 and F6. Leaves me with 3k but I'm considering turning Pendles into a Rd12 bye mid (jelwood/priddis etc) to help bye structures and free up a little cash. Under a week away from Rd1 and I'm still trading like a madman


Risky forwards


Just saw you put Turner and Florent to F5/F6 seems wise.


Why no Titch or JOM


Who would you take out of the midfield, Leg? Neither are keepers in my eyes, or must have selections


Titch not a keeper for you Kev … seriously??

Could definitely be a top 10 mid this season now playing for a coach that doesn't actively despise him! 😉


Concerned Titch won't drop much if at all? I see him averaging far more than last year and appreciating significantly. The bargain price is also the starting price for him.


WHE or McCarthy at F5?
If a cheaper rookie is named I will put in a cheaper rookie


Probably would go WHE although not sure I'd invest $200K in either especially if you don't also already have Taranto.


Would it be too much picking Docherty, Simpson, Marchbank (Blues) and Otten, Laird, Hampton (Crows) as my starting backline???


Lekdog mate your teams looking not to bad mate would like to see some more st kilda players in there young man such as jack steven, n riewoldt, armitage, dempster


i love you lekdog, absolute gold.

no marchbank or thurlow in your defense? did they ever come into your side


Significant news community. Jack Viney on SEN this morning was asked about Gawn & Spencer: his response "I expect them both the play". Activate your contingency plan


I just bloody slotted Maxy back in last night….aaarrh.



If Spenser is named, this will turn people away from Gawn in droves.

For those who stick with Gawn and it turns out not to affect his score, happy days.

My thoughts are the death of the Third man up will significantly increase Gawn's score this year. the reduction in the interchange will mean that he rests in the forward line and kicks a few goals.

I might stick with Gawn even if Spenser is named. Will make Gawn a POD.

Spenser might affect him, we don't really know. Spenser might be gone in two rounds.

The Ranger

It's bloody tempting to change tack and bank some cash but at the moment I'm sticking with the two rucks that i first put in place all those weeks ago.
Gawn and Grundy.
Both I see as keepers and both will be top three in their position I hope. Regardless of the rule changes.
There are very few players capable of knocking out those real monster scores and I just can't go in Gawnless.
Grundy is still only 22yrs old so I'm expecting an improvement on last years scoring.
I'll be spewing if the Nankilands gamble pays off I know…


That's ballsy stuff Ranger. Don't see that many set and forget ruck builds anymore after #Nankilands performed so well in the JLT and now combined with the "Spenser for Hire'' phenomenon.

The Ranger

Can't say it's not worrying me SC but I'm trying to keep to my structures and lessons learned from previous years.

Shake n bake

You cant keep him if spencer plays. I know some might think he'll go fwd more, one out rucks hell score more. but we didnt need to see the practice matches to know that wont work! Goldy with daw in the side late last yr stuffed his scoring same happened with martin. Spencer may not hang around long maybe later!!!


Agree Shake. Assuming Spencer lines up then paying 645K for a great unknown seems somewhat irresponsible. I think like the forward line it might be best to go cheap until things work themselves out. I also can't see great cash generation coming from the rookies

The Ranger

Yeah it's the cash generation side of the equation that worries me most Pieman but I don't regard Gawn as an unknown.


The great unknown is the impact Spencer will have on Gawn's scoring. We know what Max is capable of Lone Wolf

The Ranger

Aren't we supposed to ignore what the uber premiums do in the practice matches tho SnB?
I dunno mate, it's worrying me to stick fat but it worries me even more to go in with an injury prone 34yr old and a bloke that couldn't get a run at it in Sydney and has only played 11 games of AFL level football.


Good point Ranger. I think I prefer Nank in the forward line as cover. People going with Nankilands without cover defies logic

The Ranger

If I was going to forgo the set and forget strategy I think I'd just go all in and put Witts and Nank in there.
At least then I could hugely bolster other lines and try and regard the rucks as slow burn rookies.
Can't believe I'm even thinking of that as an option…


If I look at Sandiwitts it does allows Taranto at F6, which is where I like him. The other Fwd rooks are rubbish


Taranto batting a M6??

Shake n bake

I said we didn't need to see the practice matches to know hes scores will be effected. Im goin with what l have seen happen to every ruck combo in the home & away season! All the practice matches told me is if spencer plays l wont pick Gawn same with Daw Preuss & Goldy Archie & Martin. Id just rather use that coin elsewhere. I had Gawn one of my 1st picked when l 1st put my team together, but not happening if spencer gets a gig.

The Ranger

I get it. Just not sure I agree that Gawn will be as affected as the other examples you've given.
The coin elsewhere is bloody tempting tho.
Ah well, plenty of time to change my team another 43 times.


Could someone please explain to me the captaincy loophole? I hear a lot about it but i'm not sure exactly what it is.

the nank

Basically u start a non playing rookie who has his team not playing on a friday and you sub him on for the friday night and put the captaincy on him. You sub off your back up captain and put the emergency on him

You put the vc on someone who is playing on a Friday night lets say a Dangerfield, if he scores 120 or above you keep the vc on him. He will get double points as your non playing is automatically subbed off due to the emergency on ur bench
You receive both scores except the vc is doubled


thanks guys!


I don't mind your team Lek. Can't recall seeing another as close to guns & rookies as this. My main concern is 2 onfield rookies in the midfield & forward line. If you can get away with that & cover Nankilands you'll be in great shape


Lekdog or anyone
please give some insight

Adams, laird, tuohy, z jones, hampton, v ellis, stewart
Danger, hanners, priddis, fyfe, beams, jom, pp, pickett
Wigg, miles, hibberd
Grundy, sandi, cameron
Roo, dahl, lynch, rough, nank, taranto, butler, eddy


Good side, Adam. Jones a preseason flyer I reckon. So many ahead of him for TMitch's midfield spot

ados bday

I love your team lekdogger please put jack viney in there he is a gun


Go there Legdog, interesting,

Whats your thought's on Jack martin and Cale Hooker this season, both have DPP, could run one in def and one in fwd line

Just a thought, haven't looked to far intocheers


Cheers bud 🙂

Clock Management

I had Martin in before pre-season and i thought he looked really good but id didn't equate to sc points, so don't pick him but good signs for the suns.


As a Hawks fan, please pick someone else other than Miles.


Very Unlikely Miles will play, and if he does get named this week, he might find himself gone round 2 when Hodge is back. don't get sucked in.

Shake n bake

Seeing Higgins name getting thrown around abit now appearing ina few team was mentioned im the podcast couple of weeks back. Ive had him in my side since day dot. Just needs to stay healthy is only concern. Senior figure there now will play on the ball and will kick you goals. I say will be a top 8 fwd come seasons end. Rd 12 bye.


I like the nankilands combo, but think you need to have nank in the fwds. Think about it – a premium ruck like gawn is going to score more than ANY fwd. I've gone super light in the fwds with roughhead and nank as F2 and F3


Without putting words in his mouth I'm sure that's Lek's plan Jess.

Nank is just sitting there temporarily in the RUCK line and will either be upgraded if he doesn't work out, or will be eventually moved into the FWD line via a DPP trade to bring in an ultra premo ruck when the time is right.


Each to their own i guess. Rucks are hard to trust this year. Can see Nank being a top 10 fwd with #1 ruck (at least for a while), but he wont be close to a top ruckman. Lek just doesnt currently have a fwd/ruck swing option for nank, which would have me concerned. To maximise points (if only for a while), eliminate unnecessary team changes, and win this thing, its more practable to start him up forward


Fwiw I also have Nank in my FWD line atm like you suggest but there are many ways to go about this game which is what makes it so great. Who comes out on top … well that's why we play. 🙂


I agree Jess, but Lek can move Nank into the forward line later and upgrade one of his forwards to a ruckman. This can be done by trading say someone like a SPP to a rookie then upgrading an eddy after they both reach their maximum to a fallen premo in Gawn you just move the Nank into the forward line after you hit the trade button on Eddy.


Are you still running the Gingers this season Lekdog? Just wondering with all that controversy last year with that guy at the top of the rankings running multiple sides whether it's made people rethink running muck around sides. Although I'm sure the Gingers was always dead serious ha!


From memory the gingers were eradicated mid-season


Hey Lek, Join the JR Community Rank Group

already over 100 of the Jock Reynolds community have Joined.

Open to anyone else who are going for overall rank Glory.


Have joined

Clock Management

I hate it when people say JJK is inconsistent so don't pick him, if you have him for the season you are getting the 2nd most points from a forward, also with the eagles improving this year he could average more.

Also love ya side Lek, my structure is different but im very similar risk wise, I currently have Fyfe at M7 and my back line structure is a 1-1-6.

Clock Management

BTW i know my english isnt good atm, I pulled an all nighter last night watching ncaa tournoment, so forvegive me.


Fyfe M7! WOW. Those 6 rookies your looking for in defence may not eventuate

Clock Management

Hope they do but we will see, Its Zorko vs Docherty for final spot in my team,

If i go zorko my mid structure is 7-0-4 def is 1-1-6

If I go Docherty mid structure is 6-0-5 and defense is 3-0-5

I guess docherty makes sense for structure but i love looking at my midfield with 7 premos, in fact i might weaken my forward line so I have 8 mid premos


I don't like having SPP on the ground let alone 2 in the midfield. I will have JOM or Swallow at M7


You're dreaming pal if you reckon you can run with 6 rookie defenders. Be prepared for a reality check next Friday night and a mad scramble for Clock Management FC next Friday night. Hope you don't have any social plans then lol!

Clock Management

Not till late in the night haha, I did the same thing in 2013 in defense and last year did it fwd line it worked nicely but doesn't mean it will work again but I'm willing to take a punt, wish me luck I may need it!


When Luke Ryan didn't show up & Nick Newman didn't play JLT3 I put the 6 rookie defence to rest


I've updated my list after some great feedback.

My list of cheap rookies under $175k is very thin. At the moment I've only got 8 that I would say with any confidence will play round 1.


In my "Highly likely" group I have:


And in my "Possibles" list I have


Does anyone have players to add?

Reports as to chances of playing etc.


Black I would maybe downgrade to a possible. Was dumped for the JLT3 full dress rehearsal so that is usually a bad bad sign for a rookie / non-established player.

Also didn't Stewart tweak a hammy late in that game? So I'm not 100% confident we can lock him in just yet unless it has since been confirmed it was not an issue.

Clock Management

I would leave Black where he is, Butler has been confimed for rd 1 by dimma. Rest looks pretty good


So you reckon he is "highly likely" to play R1 hey? So why is he barely in any teams posted here nowadays. Would seem a no brainer at $137 grand. I agree with Addict I doubt he will make the trip to Perth next week.


Steve you need to do your research mate, Black will play rd 1, in terms of supercoach he won't socre very well there are better options but he will play.


I agree with Tom. Very likely to play. Did miss last JLT, but so did Pendlebury, doesn't mean Pendles won't play round 1


Pendles was due to an injury concern so not comparing the same thing. When fringe players miss the final JLT it usually spells a VFL/NEAFL/WAFL/SANFL start.


Yeah Blacky actually played for the VFL Cats last weekend so he definitely didn't have an injury niggle. He kicked just the 2 goals so didn't exactly set the VFL world on fire. He will probably get another chance to impress as I think the VFL Cats play again later tonight.

So hey who knows perhaps he may get an AFL Rd1 call up if he can kick a bag. But I still have my doubts there and certainly wouldn't term it highly likely.

But otherwise an excellent list Derek!


Good stuff Addict. Now that's actually called research Tom haha.


Nice SC


Ziebel said today that Simpkin would "go very close" to round 1 selection.


Hello community!
I have a few dillemas.
1. I want ro run two mid pricers in the midfield. That leaves me 8 deep but with 2-4 in defence and 3-3 forward.
2. Not sure with Treloar or Pendles
3. Want to fit in J selwood somewhere but not sure
4.Ruck structures a mess.

Would like to see anyone with an idea out of left field


For what it's worth, I reckon the three forward rookies is a problem. I feel SPP certainly and Barrett probably have better scoring potential and better job security than any of the forward rookies. Logically then, are you not better off having them on field and taking your mid price risk in the forward line? Most of the forward rookies are playing the small forward role, with maybe only Taranto getting any midfield time with Coniglio out.

If you want a left field suggestion, run 3 premos and 2 mid pricers on the forward line. For F6, run Deluca-Cardillo from Freo. Put Pickett as F7 with the E. Put Parfitt on your mid bench. If Pickett scores well on Thursday night, leave it. If he spuds up, bring Parfitt down. Then put DC on field in the mids and put the E on another rookie and do it again.


Forgot to say – the left field suggestion means you run Cameron or Pruess as R3.


Since we're doing 'Team Reveals', I'll include mine. I'll be using a guns and rookies structure.
DEFENCE (in order of D1 to D8):
K Simpson, H Shaw, T Adams, C Mills, A Otten, T Stewart (E Vickers-Willis,
MIDFIELD (in order of M1 to M11):
P Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Treloar, Fyfe, M Crouch, SPP, J Barrett, T Miles (Mit Hibberd, J Pickett, C Maynard)
B Grundy, T Hickey (English)
Dahlhaus, Macrae, Gunston, D Smith, Eddy, Parfitt (D Butler, T Smith)

96.7k left.


the DSmith choice is interesting. Havn't seen him in too many teams, but i'm thinking that GWS are going to kick some big scores this year, and he could do ok.


Enter legue 387434


Beams & Bowes or JOM & Swallow?


Maybe that's a silly question? Both options are a risk.

the nank

JJJ averages 130.55 when he scores over a hundred and he scores a hundred in 40% of his games
when he scores below 100 he scores 75.15 and he scores under 60% of the time
Community I'm torn do I go with the JJJ, Franklin and Dalhaus combo or is that too risky?


Great option for overall not so flash in the leagues nank, as the mag says what SuperCoach player are you? For what it's worth I've gone similar but with StNick in place of Buddywith the reason being KPFs will have a stinker run at some stage so my plan is to only go in with 1 elite KPF (from the top 3 I rate) and pick the other 2 off when the opportunity strikes. Good luck mate, people running KPFs need it we also have to posess the largest testicular fortitude and you seem to have it in spades.


Would you ever consider viney or steven good man? which one is better in your opinion


that is a bloody good question!…Viney seems to score better in Supercoach (lots of tackles, contested possessions) whereas Steven seems built for Dreamteam/AFL Fantasy (give & go's, higher overall possessions)…but Steven is a couple of years advanced…Viney definitely breakout contender in my mind, Steven proven quantity…both have tempted me this year but whereas I have Steven in both Dreamteam & Fantasy I haven't backed him in SC…Viney possibly has a better upside but I have gone Hall instead in the same price range…personally I think they're both good picks and shouldn't let you down…not sure if that helps tho'…I think I've just sat on the fence


I'm also selecting Steven in DT. Really like those 8 of the first 10 games at the Dome to start the season leading up to their Rd11 bye. So believe a lot of Saints could get off to hot starts whether it be a Steven, Roo, Steele, Billings or others.

Viney is another one of those guys who could take his game to the next level and join the ultra elites but so could Titch, Kelly, M.Crouch, Cripps, Gaff, Shuey, Bont, Wines, Dusty and another half dozen guys I'm probably forgetting.

Out of that bunch I still like Titch the most but any one of those guys could join the Supercoach 110 club for the first time this season but which one? It just seems safer to go the JPK/Hanners/Jelwood route like Lek has done for a little bit more coin, rather than back in some hopeful who may not make that jump or even go a little bit backwards.


Any feedback would be appreciated community!

Def: Shaw, Howe, Mcdonald, Hampton, Otten, EVW ( Stewart, Long)

Mid: Danger, Rocky, Sloane, Ward, Fyfe, Watson, Sheed, SPP ( Barrett, Wigg, Atley)

Ruc: Gawn, Sandi (Sterndick)

Fwd: Franklin, Macrae, Caddy, Steele, M.Kennedy, Pickett (Durdin, Eddy)


reckon you probably have enough mid PODs to change Watson .. whilst he is in good nick and looked to have retained his ability to find the ball in the JLT, the year off is very risky. He may do a Zach Merrett and stick it up all the doubters but reckon replacing him with a more likely keeper solidifies your team. For about the same money and potential point score you could maybe put Dahlhouse as your F6 .. gives you a swinger and probable forward keeper. good luck


Version 202.5

DEF: Doc, Adams, Laird, Hampton, Vickers-Willis, Stewart. (J.Smith, Guthrie)
MID: Danger, Parker, Selwood, Treloar, Fyfe, Hall, Beams, O'Meara (SPP, Hibberd, Pickett)
RUC: Martin, Sandi (Strandnica)
FWD: Dahl, Macrae, Steele, Black, Butler, Eddy (Parfitt, Houston)

$91K in the bank…If Martin doesn't play as lone ruckman may go down to Nank and upgrade Steele to Roo? Had Priddis in an earlier version, but think Hall will smash it early and is good value…money in the bank allows for changes re rookies (Otten into DEF obvious, Taranto/McCarthy into FWD possibly?)

Would love to put Zorko/Rockliff into my team but feel Beams offers better value…and thinking upgrade JOM to Zorko/Rockliff eventually…still not convinced by my forwards (esp Macrae & Steele) and could easily be persuaded to put Roo and/or Buddy in…not convinced by Caddy at all yet…Greene is tempting tho'…gawd, what a mess…playing Supercoach, Dreamteam, and AFL Fantasy…it just messes with the mind… But bloody hell it makes work on a Friday arvo easier to get through! (that and the pints at the pub)…happy St Pats day all!

and yes, realise this is the 3rd thread in which I'm posting this…Beck would be proud


Hall is bold. If he was $100k cheaper….. maybe. For $45k more you can get TMitch


Wise words Derek; I think I may have a blind spot re T Mitch due to Longmire stuffing him & us around the last couple of years…but yeah, new coach, newish role (no tagging?) and he should be a top 10 mid…Hall appeals to me because of my bye structure and he's probably top 3 mid at GC (also, Gazza late to start and may play more forward)…realise I will be carrying Hall rd 9 but he will be there for all 3 bye rounds…just a thought, probably not a very good one! Thanks!


Def: Doch, Laird, Tuohy, Hampton, Vickers-Willis, Stewart (Melican, Guthrie)
Mid: Danger, JPK, Selwood, Bont, Fyfe, TMitch, Omeara, SPP (Barrett, Wigg, Hibberd)
Ruc: Gawn, Sandi (Cameron)
Fwd: Dahl, Lynch, Rough, Steele, Miles, Butler (Eddy, Parfitt)

Have $35k left
I know some of my rookies won't play but am waiting for R1 teams
Lots of midpricers and risk in my team

Thoughts community?
Thanks in advance


mate u must post your team at least once a day surely you don't need the community to look at it every day?

neil Demons Delight

great team Lek Ballsy selection of Lloyd makes the defence extra sound but I worry about your forwards .Rucks also a gamble Witts to R3 might alleviate that a bit cheers


DEF: Docherty, Laird, Adams, Ottens, Hampton, Vicker-Wlillis (Newman, Stewart)

MID: Danger, JPK, DePendles, Shuey, Fyfe, The Bont, Picket, SPP (Barrett, Wigg, Miles)

Ruck: Nank, Sandi (Strndica)

Forward: Dals, Macrae, JK, Ryder, Black, Camroon (Smith, Eddy)

Help Please


Would Ben Long get a game if he wasn't suspended?

Thinking of using him as a floating doughnut in first 2 rounds since he's more likely to make money eventually.


Is Martin in ruck any good


A fairly risky option as he's not the sharing type and does not play well with other ruckman at all. I still wouldn't risk it in SC myself even if Archie Smith ISN'T named Rd1.

But then again I suffered third degree burns starting Stef last season so I guess I would say that! 🙂


Simpson and marchbank or mills and tuohey


Simpson, Marchbank for sure..Mills is in his second year and history would show even the greats like Pendles only averaged mid to late 80's in their second years massive risk for mine and tuohey has Harry o written all over his potatoe eating head.


Dan Butler won't get a gig anytime soon

Clock Management

You do realize Dimma said he is playing Rd 1 a few days back on AFL tonight,


Liking the Lloyd pick in DEF over a mills type. More of a POD in my league at least I'm feeling. Had him in there a while chopping and changing with mills but settling on Lloyd too.


The lack of good rookies has reshaped my team. I've reluctantly got rid of Mills and replaced him with Marchbank. I still think Mills will be 100% midfield by year end, but as a breakout midpricer, I'll leave him for now.

Using the cash saved I've strengthened the rookies. Rookies on steroids 🙂 and added McGrath and Taranto, hopefully their quality will shine through. Although I really like KStewart as well, but just too expensive.

I like Taranto and McGrath with DPP, either can swing into midfield if needed.

I've added Swallow to midfield. I've had him in and out more times than any other player.

Keepers all pick themselves, except Cyril Rioli is my big POD.

Haven't got any of the big 3 defenders, far to expensive.

Sticking with Gawn. Happy to see Spencer play, less people will have Gawn.

Bunnies V4.1

Adams, Laird, Marchbank, McGrath, Hampton, VickersW (Otten, Stewart)

Dangerfield, Fyfe, Selwood, Hanners, Trelor, TMitch, Swallow, SPP (Hibbends, Parfitt, Barrett)

Gawn, Sandilands ((Strd)

Dahlhaus, McCrae, Cyril, Roughie, Taranto, Simpkin (Pickett, Eddy)

Swallow may still become Atley and bank the $170k for Sandi emergency money.

What do you reckon fellas, thanks fellas….


I've decided to pick my team backwards on Thursday. Start with the rookies & go from there


I did that today and completely filled my forward line with likely round 1 selections.

Maybe we will get a few smokies


I have a feeling Gawn will still score well even if Spencer plays Rd1 and at some point I think Spencer will be sent back to the VFL anyway, most likely sooner rather than later. That said you still have to bet against a couple of super premos and for me that's going to be a full priced Gawn, Pendles and Doch/Simmo this season

Sorry to see you gave up on Mills but he's an undeniable risk so completely understand it. Not sure on McGrath as has he really shown us that he is up to AFL level right now, even if he proves a future 250 game player for the Dons?.Could be quite a slow burn for $200K and one you may have to correct by Rd3 but I guess we'll see what rookie picture we are presented with next week.

Good to see that the Bunnies is staying strong with Cyril and you haven't sold out for a Steele/Nank/Higgins type. 🙂


I like the talk that Spencer will play. Will give more people reason to jump off Max.

Even if Spencer plays, Gawn will kill it. I saw how much fitter he looks, lost a few KGs, he will actually score very well when he rests forward this year. melbourne will get it there alot more, he will be a handful and should kick a few more goals this year.

i'm betting against the carlton boys as well, surely they can't play that well again!