NRL Supercoach Round 2 – Lesson Learned.

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NRL Supercoach Fantasy CowboyRound two was another low scoring week with 950 to 1000 points being a fairly good effort.

Tedesco, Tuivasa-Sheck and Cartwright were the main disappointments but luckily most competitive coaches had one or more of them in their team.  I scored a respectable 1033 which is a nice relief after my round one performance. I backed my gut and threw the big C on Tommy Turbo who scored 102. Happy days.

It only took two rounds of SuperCoach for Karma to show her ugly head. There are a few rules we should try to follow when it comes to SC and some of us were punished for ignoring them.  One of the more common ones is ‘never trade out a Gun’. Unless one of your top tier players finds himself injured for four or more weeks, don’t give him the boot after one poor performance. You’ll likely want to get them back for your run home side which will cost you another trade. The exception to the rule is when a Gun is set to lose a significant amount of value in one hit. Keep in mind though that a true Gun will make back any lost money when they get back on track.

A number of coaches gave Cameron Smith the flick after his 38 point effort in round one. He backed it up with an 87 which was a dagger to the heart of those who were too impatient.  Lesson learned.

Get Rid of ‘Em

Jarryd Hayne ($244.7k) should miss four to six weeks through injury so you may as well use that money elsewhere. Some will argue that having $240k sitting in your NPRs isn’t a big deal as he won’t be losing any cash. Fair enough, but he hasn’t exactly been impressive so far and it’s difficult to give him ‘Gun’ status when he hasn’t performed at that level in so long. Ignore the ‘Never trade out a Gun’ cliché and keep your cap productive!

The Controversial

Bryce Cartwright ($497.2k)

Will return to the starting side after going down injured last weekend. He has a break even of 175 and will lose around $60k if he achieves his expected 68 points. Coaches are already planning how to spend the $497k elsewhere and he’s currently the second most traded out player behind Jarryd Hayne.

UPDATE: Carty failed to train during the week and is unlikely for this weekend’s game

The Verdict: Most coaches will call you crazy if you tell them you’re planning on abandoning the Carty Party when he’s named to play. Personally I think there’s good reason to show him the door this week. Even If he produces a respectable score he’ll lose a decent chunk of coin. You can use that money to take advantage of the very low break even’s that have presented themselves.  On the other hand, I can’t blame anyone for keeping him in their sides. He’s one of the best SuperCoach players in recent times and he can crank out a tonne at any given moment. In other words, do whatever your gut tells you to do. Neither decision is wrong in my eyes.

Andrew Fifita ($481.9k)

One of my FRFs and he’s giving me a slight headache. Scores of 61 and 47 aren’t exactly worthy of a $481k price tag although I won’t be looking at him for a trade out option this week. I noticed a handful of coaches will be and I guess their theory is that the money can be better spent elsewhere.

The Verdict: If Fifita hits his projected score of 60 points he’ll only lose around $31k. It’s hardly worth getting a gun performer out of your team for the small change in value. On the flipside, he is yet to prove that he’s the 70+ point player we know from previous seasons. We should note that his average has dropped each year for the past four seasons yet he plays the same minutes he always has. Is this the year Fifita finally drops below a 70 point average? I’m going to say no. He’s a HOLD.

Coen Hess ($243.9k)

Is one of the most traded in players this week due to his cheap price tag and 73 point average. Some coaches may not be interested in his services since he plays from the bench and his scores have been boosted. Is he worth getting into your side?

The Verdict: I don’t have Coen Hess in my side but I don’t think I can ignore him any longer. He plays 55 minutes from the bench and he has definitely become one the Cowboys’ go-to players on offense. The Cowboys have a very favourable draw over the next six weeks so I’m predicting a handful of attacking stats. He’ll be a great stepping stone to a keeper/bye friendly player. Get him in.

Luke Keary ($272.5k)

Playing extremely well. He scored a 98 point average in the opening two rounds, has DPP status and a -69 BE. He’ll be free to play the first big bye round and has a fairly good run going into it.

The Verdict:  DO IT!

Be Patient!

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck ($324k)

Went off with a concussion after 27 minutes and scored a lousy seven points. He’ll come into round three with a break even of 70 and coaches seem to be giving him the flick. This is trade rage at its finest and it’s not a good move. RTS started the season with a 74 point performance and he’s looking more and more like the Gun we all know and love. He’s hardly an expensive player either so it won’t take much for him to return to his round one value if he fails to hit his break even this week. The Warriors will be up against the Bulldogs, Dragons and Titans in the next three rounds so his scoring potential will be huge. Hold on to him and reap the rewards.

UPDATE: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck will miss this week’s game but he’s still a HOLD.

Team List Tuesday

  • Billy Slater ($300.8k) is back and is named in his usual fullback position. This means Cameron Munster ($460.9k) moves to the halves
  • Jesse Bromwich ($436.7k) is already back in the Storm squad (named in the reserves)
  • Bodene Thompson ($442.7k) has finally made it back into the starting side
  • Tyler Cornish ($122.6k) has been named as Jarryd Hayne’s replacement and is the new cheapie in town
  • Corey Norman ($367.6k) hasn’t been named in the Eels’ squad
  • Bryce Cartwright ($497.2k) has been named after going off injured last weekend
  • Kalyn Ponga ($122.6k) has been named as Lachlan Coote’s replacement
  • Jarrod Croker ($479.6k) returns from injury
  • Brad Abbey ($122.6k) is named as Will Hopoate’s replacement at fullback
  • Peta Hiku and Dallin Watene-Zelezniak have both been named in the Panthers’ reserve list. Keep an eye on the final seventeen!
  • Jason Taumalolo has been named to play but he’ll now miss two weeks through suspension

Three Predictions

  • Coen Hess will maintain a 60+ average over the next six weeks
  • Kalyn Ponga will score 80+ this weekend
  • Roger Tuivasa-Sheck will average 65+ over the next four weeks

What are we all doing about Carty? Are we staying at the party?


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I couldnt have him from day dot on that wage ,got Lolo instead (rapped, even with 2Weeks out)
He will not even be the most popular upgrade in rounds ahead after he loses plenty ,Bodene & Whitehead have more upside with Rnd 12 bye games & less competition in each teams backrow to contend with ,Carty has mez Tamou latu JFH Peach taking pill off him ,so he is 2017 SC gun trap of the year IMO ,swap him for Hess or even Keary at 5/8..or a masive POD CWalker…


i was going lolo too but went with Bryce Cartwrong… ignored my gut


Hey cowboy, great article as always! Keary has trap written all over him, last weeks score included 3 try assists and 2 line break assists, that's 52 of his 70 in those plays. I'm not getting sucked in, I'm upgrading Hayne to Cody, can't ignore him any longer! People are bad trading out fafita, he's likely to bust out a tonne, people obviously neglecting the fact he didn't have to do anything against the raiders as the game was over early. Liking Hess for his output next 2 weeks but nervous for when lolo returns and fensom steals his minutes! Good cash grab though. Also like the idea of grabbing Jennings 1 week early despite breaking the cardinal rule of grabbing rooks prior to their 2nd game. Cheers


Lovin all of that Casper


im hoping slater gets injured 1st game. Have ryley jacks and need one more game to get some coin


Well you got half your wish as slater is off the bench and jacks start!


and now munster is injured so thats tip top (not for him obviously with a broken jaw). maybe the hoppa can give him some mouth stretching exercises 😉


Ill be at the newcastle v bunnies game on Saturday and am keen to make a sign saying "bring back the squirrel". Keary or B Lamb to make more coin. gut feeling says Keary cant maintain this form or will get injured + more experienced teams will shut him out? that said i think ill get him for the cash :/


Well I traded out Carty…one less gun for me for now. Carty > Hess and Hayne to C.Walker


Did the same


SMat to CHess & Hayne to Lamb. Money in the bank to get a premo next week.

Coach, I had Moga on the bench. Only 19 points tonight 🙁
J Bromwich only got 44 points. Did his hand look OK?


Unlucky playing Moga Westy. His hand looked fine to me. Thaiday grabbed JBrom's injury during a tackle, not sure what that was all about. Seemed dirty


Sorry Coach, by bench I meant position 18-25 so dodged a bullet potentially.


Haha nice. Same mate. He'll gain cash soon enough. Played 3 tough opponents so his attacking potential has been limited so far.
Just Kaufusi for me in last night's game. Played well!


i played Moga too thought he was due a try. ah well. thaiday going to be charged just heard on radio. what a grub


Hate seeing that stuff Rabbits


How are we all looking this week? I may break 800 if I'm lucky. Brutal week


947 points despite Thurston as C. Top 4% for the round!


Burned by captain Thurston. Thank goodness for Papalii and Rapana.


Changes this week
Elgey to Norman
Winterstein to Peachey