SuperCoach Significance Report: STK v SYD

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Tom Hickey Supercoach


Its done!! The bloody pre-season circus has drawn to a close and that means we now begin the countdown till Round 1! I’ll be honest, the JLT has rarely made for good football given that the majority of sides couldn’t give a fly’s dong about the result…but this battle between St.Kilda and Sydney had some genuine feeling; it took me back to the time I served as an honorary Nawab in Chicacole- I won’t bother explaining why but needless to say, being a zamindar in the Tagore era had it’s benefits *wink wink*.

Onto the SC relevance of the contest: I am sure a lot of us are still unsure about our ruck structure, the bad news is a man by the name of Tom ‘Thick Stick’ Hickey has decided he too should be considered in the clustered wolverine’s breakfast of a ruck pool. Jack Steele put in a STEELY performance *cheeky chortle* and has us wondering whether it’s worth dipping our fruits into the piranha-infested pool of mid price mayhem.

The usual suspects in Buddy, Steven, Roo, JPK, Hanners and Parksy vindicated themselves as valid SC selections…where does this leave us?…..

….I have no idea….and I couldn’t be more trouser-firm about it…..


TOM HICKEY | ST.K | $458,100 | RUC

To put it in a sophisticated way: he went absolutely balls-out, bat-shit CRAZY!!!!!! Recorded a monstrous 29 Disposals (18 Contested), 10 Clearances, 7 Tackles and 39 Hitouts on his way to 146 SC, keep in mind that there are extended benches in the JLT so those 3300 points are distributed amongst 2 more players per team. This means that in-season, this performance (In a close game mind you) would probably get Hickey somewhere in the 160-170 range.

Do we consider him? It really depends on 1 thing: Will Billy Longer play as well? They played together in JLT1 and Hick only managed 48SC from limited game time. Longer got the second JLT to himself and performed very well, but Hick got this JLT to himself and he more or less left Longer’s performance twitching and bleeding in a pile of it’s own excrement.

If Longer plays with him R1, there’s no way you should select him. He is at an awkward price as well…my god there are some enormous decisions to be made in the next 10 days.

JACK STEVEN | ST.K | $560,600 | MID

Played in the guts and had a massive first quarter, definitely looms as an ultra-premo breakout but his ability to handle the tag is questionable. Finished with 28 disposals, 6 Clearances and 87 SC

LUKE DUNSTAN | ST.K | $391,700 | MID

I really like this bloke and I think he will have a solid year for the Saints after missing last year through injury, one for the future but not for 2017.

JACK STEELE | ST.K | $347,100 | MID/FWD

One of the stars of the night! Finished with a whopping 28 disposals (10 Contested), 12 Tackles and 5 Clearances. He was a gun at GWS but never got the opportunity and now he looks ready to come into his own. Plays the inside role to perfection and his tackling is reminiscent of Jock’s first game for the Senior 1’s as a wee 7-year-old. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tinkering with ways to include Steele in my starting 22.

NICK RIEWOLDT | ST.K | $549,500 | FWD

Is there anything he can’t do? Played on a Wing for almost the entire game and loved it. Finished with a tidy 24 Disposals, 7 Marks, 1.0 and 108 SC. Scored 70 from just 1 half in JLT2, he played 21 games last year and finished with average of 101. He barely ever needs a rest considering how well he looks after himself and the Saints are a side that will improve this year…tempted yet?


You could genuinely throw a dart at this St.Kilda side and hit someone worth selecting in SC… Billings had a quieter night by his standard and only really got in to the game later on. Finished with 25 disposals and 3 tackles but only 70 SC. Played well in JLT1 and 2 so he is still worth consideration at his price…was voted by the AFLPA as the most likely player to break-out in 2016, they might’ve sculled the schooner a year early.

DYLAN ROBERTON | ST.K | $415,600 | DEF

The forgotten commodity had a very neat game across half back. Played the +1 role at times and played key defense at others. Finished with 22 disposals and 6 marks on his way to 102 SC, he averaged 91 a couple of years ago before being forced to play key defense out of team necessity… he seems to be returning to his half-back role of 2015 so he might be worth a look. I’d hold off to see how he deals with the season proper before pushing the plunger though.


DAN HANNEBERY | SYD | $616,800 | MID

He could have had 1 disposal and 0% from 100% TOG and it shouldn’t really affect your opinion of him. Will turn it up once the real stuff starts, genuine superstar who WILL average over 110. He didn’t drop below 600k until the 13th round last year…if you haven’t had a look at him- do so now.

JOSH P KENNEDY | SYD | $617,100 | MID

See above. I’ve locked him in. You should too.


Now here’s one to seriously look at! He managed 16 disposals, 3 tackles and 58 SC from just 59% TOG!!! The word is that the Swans really like this bloke as a shooter for Rd 1. Awkward price makes him tough to fit in, job security for the youngsters is always a question at Sydney considering that everyone including their catering staff are probably talented as hell.

CALLUM MILLS | SYD | $420,000 | DEF

Played midfield to start and put together 11 disposals at a tidy 90% DE. Didn’t play the entire second half so you’d have to say his figures are very respectable. I still don’t believe he will finish as a top 10 defender, therefore, he doesn’t warrant a spot in my side. But what’s that they about opinions and buttholes?…..


I like the kid and I hope he gets a chance come round 1. Only played the 2nd half and finished with 5 disposals, 2 marks, 4 hitouts and 1.0 (39 SC). Has reasonable agility for his size and is always in the action when the ball comes forward, competes hard and does the basics well so I think Horse will be hard pressed to NOT pick him. Is an absolute lock on the forward bench if selected.


A buddy good night that could have been a buddy lot better if he kicked straight! Finished with 22 Disposals, 7 Marks, 4 Tackles and 2.4 (97 SC). Only went at 45% DE which held him back further, I can tell you right now that Buddy will probably be in my forward line at some stage of the year…just not at the start.

LUKE PARKER | SYD | $608,900 | MID

Similar to Hanners and JPK, the bloke is a bonafide superstar who would probably win the Brownlow if he was at any other club (Considering he has 2 other bonafide superstars standing right next to him at the centre bounce). 26 Disposals, 8 Tackles and 1.0 capped off a stellar warm up. Do we pick him in SC? Maybe. It certainly wouldn’t be crazy having all of Parker, JPK and Hannebery post-byes…I don’t think you can get away with having more than 2 of the 3 to start though.

ROBBIE FOX | SYD | $102,400 | FWD

Didn’t really do his selection chances any favours, played for most of the game but only managed the 8 touches (7 handballs) @50%. He is bargain basement so I guess we must look at him if picked Rd1…even if he is selected though, he’d be a round-by-round proposition for the Swans and we don’t have unlimited trades…

JAKE LLOYD | SYD | $460,200 | DEF/MID

I like him. I like him a lot. Took 99% of kick-outs for the Swans and loved loitering around in the back half, he also kicked-in to himself on 8 occasions which I’m sure a lot of you would love to hear. Finished with 30 Disposals @93% DE and 7 Marks (113 SC). He kicks long quite often and loves the old switch in defense so he’s viable as a selection in defense. Will he finish top 10? Personally- I don’t think so: limited score sources, needs to accumulate a ton of the ball to score well and will struggle when Sydney struggle (which isn’t that often to be fair).

ZAK JONES | SYD | $307,000 | DEF

Impressed me a lot and I wish he wasn’t so awkwardly priced. Loved playing through the midfield and showed it with his performance: 26 disposals (20 Kicks!) and 6 tackles for 103 SC. It’s a no for me unfortunately, I doubt he will be this prolific once JPK, Hannebery and Parker start taking things seriously.

It’s done. It’s dusted. It’s got a similar feel to relieving oneself after a long car ride, or relieving oneself after a long bus ride (We don’t discriminate between preferred modes of transit here at JR). It’s time now for you all to go away to your respective fortresses and use the information you have, if you have been following the JR website- you should have a BLOODY LOT OF IT!

Assess it, acknowledge it, take it out for a nice a dinner by the river. Understand that you can’t fit everyone in, and that making tough calls is the bread and butter of this caper.

And of course, in the words of Dave Barry:


Mr. X

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Bulls On Parade!

Anyone care to be the ultimate champion and drop the scores on here…!?

Thanks Mr X… Your wit it knows no bounds…


T.Hickey 146
J.Steele 114
N.Riewoldt 108
D.Roberton 102
D.Armitage 101
S.Savage 98
J.Newnes 95
J.Webster 87
J.Steven 87
J.Gresham 74
S.Ross 72
J.Billings 70
N.Wright 69
S.Gilbert 60
N.Brown 52
T.Membrey 51
L.Dunstan 49
J.Bruce 49
P.McCartin 47
J.Geary 45
J.Carlisle 43
M.Weller 40
J.Lonie 33
J.Lloyd 113
D.Rampe 112
Z.Jones 103
L.Franklin 95
D.Robinson 94
L.Parker 89
S.Reid 89
J.Kennedy 89 (via FanFooty)
N.Smith 80
H.Cunningham 76
D.Hannebery 73
K.Tippett 70
G.Hewett 64
H.Marsh 60
O.Florent 58
D.Towers 57
S.Naismith 52
L.Melican 45
W.Hayward 40
D.Cameron 39
C.Mills 38
J.Foote 31
H.Grundy 25
R.Fox 22

All via Herald Sun unless noted otherwise.

Bulls On Parade

Anddddd you are making SuperCoach great again! 😉 Thank you 🙂


Any help would be greatly appreciated and some comments please community on my team !

Def- Simpson, Adams, laird
Marchbank, Hampton, EDV
Bench- Stewart, Newman

Mid- Dangerfield, Pendlebury, JPK, Fyfe
T.Mitchell, O'meara, Swallow, Powell-Pepper
Bench- Barrett, Pickett, Hibberd

Rucks- Sandilands, Nankervis
Bench- strandica

Fwd- N.Riewoldt, Dalhaus, McRae
Roughead, McCarthy, Bowes
Bench- Eddy, Black

Have 60k left over if sandi or nankervis go down then I can use a trade id rather spend the more money on a premium midfielder on the rucks this year as they are Unknown I believe! Cheers for our thoughts


Bit of chat re relevance of Swans & saints players before the same old RMT would b nice.

Steele v Oliver?

Zac Jones v Mills?

Buddy v jjk?


Bulls On Parade

Steele Vs Oliver – the differences in prices makes one a MID and one a ROOKIE. Why not both? Steele at F4 and Florent at F6?

Jones Vs Mills – GREAT QUESTION! I think Jones has just taken over Mills for SC relevance being $120k cheaper. The kid is hard as a cats head and loves to run and carry and kick long, be it out of D50 or into F50. And he tackles guys like they slapped his Nan on the ass… Would be a fascinating roll of the dice on him to take to the BYE's with, and considering Rohan and Papley won't play for the first month at least, he could be one of the great rides of modern times – and your plum girth will deliver a pay load worthy of the lagging sac required to carry them…

Buddy has a better standard deviation than JJK. You should be able to pick up Josh on the back of consecutive 40's for about $399k at some point surely!

Go Swans!


I think he meant Clayton Oliver mate


Cheers Bulls. Nice analysis.

Btw, did mean melb's Oliver.

Bulls On Parade

This is awkward…. 😉

And that is actually a ripping question…Maybe Steele coz of the DPP and $40k cheaper but Clayton possibly with the slightly better reputation and JS but only by a whisker. Both have puffed out their chests in the JLT.

Speaking of Oliver Florent (well I was anyway), he got absolutely dacked in the last quarter of that match in Albury and his peach was on full show for about 10 long seconds that he was pretty shattered about in the end! Gonna be a star, welcome to Sydney young fella, long may you reign…



Seriously, why not Hickey?

Points in favour:
Durable – 20 games last year.
Will benefit most from removal of third man up of all rucks.
Preferred ruck at St. Kilda.
Will likely be lone wolf – Saints pinch hit Bruce when needed.
Improved Saints midfield + no 3rd man up = more HOA = more points.
Can tackle, get contested ball, and marks well.
Can go large – scored a 157 last year.
Good JLT form.

Slow as f%£#.
Doesn't kick many goals.
Has been known to grow a terrible moustache.
Previous best average 88 – 84 last year.

An extra 2-3 HOA each game, and natural improvement will get his average around 100. A lot of upside there… And if you've got a Hickey, it means you're getting some action.


Billy Longer


Didn't he score about 160 in round one last season. Thousands jumped on last weeks score & from there he deposited many turds. I'd want to see some proven quality consistent scoring before picking him

Joshua Kelly

I was a sucker last year after rd1. Never again.


Not to worry Josh. Winning the next 8 premierships will ease the pain


Still have doubts picking him- didn't naturally improve last year (sc points that is), most rucks will benefit from the rule, yes they are on the up, but I don't think I can start him over Grund/Martin for price or nanks/sando for coin for that r2. One to closely watch first few rounds


Obviously you'd consider any bloke that can pump out a score like that. Remember that Richo doesn't give a stuff about your SC team, if playing Longer in tandem with Hickey is better for the Saints then he'll do it. It's this uncertainty week to week that puts me off picking him with any amount of confidence


Steele or Roughead?



Bulls On Parade

Yesterday I said Rough, but today I say Steele! All sentiment aside, and I ask this sincerely and with no knowledge – how the hell does one come back from this long out of the game and having been pumped full of toxic chemicals then come back and be instantly handed the Captaincy and just rock back in and perform at a premium level? I was blown away by his pre-season form but as we get closer to 22 Rounds of mayhem, the question starts to get louder doesn't it!? He's been in for months but I just swapped in Steele for a little look-see… That extra $20k helps on the pine as well… Steele is a midfielder with 2 really mature and hard edged performances back to back and he might be ready to step up and deliver weekly in the guts at the Saints. At worse they average the same until the byes I'm feeling…

The Stiv

Roughy had immunotherapy which isn't as harmful as chemo or radiation. Still, what a legend to come back from what he's been through.

Bulls On Parade

It's one of the greatest stories in the AFL ever! And he takes it in his stride like an absolute Champion, It's literally amazing. To take the Captaincy on as well shows that he is truly a magnificent warrior and a leader of men. Thx for that info too I don't know much about that but I might even look into it. I just remember Adam Ramanaskus coming back and he was sadly never in the same condition. Anyways, good luck to him, he's a beast. Much respect.


Would u consider slotting Jack Steele at F3 over someone like Roughead? Would love to slot both into my forward line, but think having two mid-pricers in the forward line would be too risky




it's probably been asked but is there anything wrong with having 7 premos in the mid? rucks are cheap


Rucks are cheap but are the reliable?

Dac Zawson

Nothing wrong with it, just depends on your other lines and if they're too weak because of it
Also, make sure the premos are looking like top 10 mids, don't cheap out on a bunch of 550-570k players just to make up numbers


Fyfe is my M7 and I'm loving it!


Personally I think it's a bit of an overload. Apart from the obvious problem of leaving your other lines thin, you'd really want to be confident about who you think the top 8 mids will be in order to start with 7 of them. If you get it wrong there will dreaded premo sideways trades in your future.

Dac Zawson

Feeling more and more comfortable with my team by the day
The only thing I don't like is the two rookie forwards on field and neither is Taranto
Community how do you suggest getting him in with what I have at the moment
NOTE: 7k in the bank

DEF: Simpson, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Hibberd, Stewart (VW, Otten)
MID: Danger, Selwood, Treloar, Cripps, Shuey, Fyfe, Beams, SPP (Miles, Parfitt, Barrett)
RUC: Grundy, Sandilands (Preuss)
FOR: Riewoldt, Dahlhaus, Lynch, Higgins, Pickett, Houston (Eddy, Deluca-Cardillo*)
* loophole


Defence worries me a bit…Marchbank is a real risk at D3…you might have to pick between Lynch and Higgins – downgrade one of them to Taranto if you really, really want him (not sold myself, but it's just an opinion)or maybe another rookie – Black, Butler, Houston?(…and get another keeper in defence (Adams, Doc, Shaw)…otherwise, looks pretty good…I will prob go Priddis ahead of Shuey, but can see Sam Mitchell possibly having a bigger upside re Shuey so can't really fault it esp. re bye structure…good luck this year!


It looks a very solid side, DZ. I think you should heed the wise words of Mr X, "Understand that you can’t fit everyone in, and that making tough calls is the bread and butter of this caper."

Some creative emergency loopholing with Miles, Parfitt, and JDC will hopefully see you get the best scores from the two rookies in your forward line


I'd look to be swapping Cripps for a midpricer. If you are going to take a player with injury risk/interrupted preseason they must present a great upside. With this money you could upgrade Marchbank to a premium, and maybe even a fwd rookie to Taranto, increasing your scoring output.


Is Mills a breakout defender this year? A top 6 at the end? And if not is Z Jones a viable stepping stone?
On a different note. With Lycett injured does Vardy come into contention for a few rounds. Tempted to go cheap with rucks ( Vardy, English or Pruest as R2) until ruck structures settle down.
And finally JPK or Hannas. Or split the diff and take Parker.
Finally everyone talks Tuohy but might Henderson step up this year? For no reason whatsoever (gut) I'm nervous about Tuohy.


you are out of your mind if you are even looking at henderson, you can just look at his head and tell he is trash. no thank you


I think he was discussing Touhy's relevance…I've only just cut him…but he might be back….


English or Pruest as R2 are you bloody serious?

You have no chance if you're going with either of those two as your Ruck 2 – if you make top 5% I'll give this up.


Big question at the Swans is who has the physicality to take the midfield role vacated by Titchelll?
Heeney looked the part until glandular fever has taken him out for a few months? (Also leaves room for a half forward rookie).
Mills is a bit too lightly built for mine, which leaves Zak Jones.
He definitely looked the part last night, and at 300k, he's a great stepping stone to an über premium, as JOM will be in the midfield.
With bugger all rooks, could be the year when midprice madness prevails over the traditional GnR's strategy.


For mine I don't see a single player stepping in to fill the void. Mills, Heeney, Jones, even Fox and Florent look like they'll be joining in on midfield rotation. I see the safest Swans picks in the midfield as being JPK, Hanners, and Parker


I can only see jones taking that mid spot. Mills is too valuable playing that rebounding defender and Heeney too valuable up forward with his marking ability. I see him improving his average a lot but he is no Titch. I see him averaging 80. Would you be happy with that?


Mills is a lot bigger than you think and will become 100% midfielder at the Swans. Maybe even by the end of this year.

I have been very keen on him all pre-season. I just don't see him being top 6 defenders, especially on season average (he may be come year end). now that Mcveigh is missing, Mills will have that half back role. i can see him scoring 85-90 each week.

My success rate of selecting breakout players is very poor.


Thoughts on my team

DEF: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (EVW, Stewart)

MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Fyfe, Beams, O meara, Taranto, SPP (Barrett, Pickett, Miles)

RUC:Gawn, Sandi (Cameron)

FWD: Dahl, Macrae, Roughy, Steele, Hoskin-Elliot, Mcarthy (Black, Eddy)

47,500 in the bank


I'm not sold on this line-up so I was hoping I could get some intelligent opinions from the community here.

DEF: Simpson, Laird, Tuohy, Marchbank, Hampton, Stewart (EVW, Otten)

MID: Danger, JPK, Priddis, Bont, Fyfe, Mitchell, SPP, Barrett (Pickett, Hibberd, Parfitt)

Ruck: Nankilands (Strnadica)

FWD: Riewoldt, Dalhaus, Macrae, Roughy, McCarthy, Eddy (Black, Smith)

About 130k left, and 10 sleepless nights to come.

Thanks for your thoughts


Mate that is a nice side, wouldnt worry about anything


not sold on mcCarthy but may prove me wrong, nankervis is a huge risk, other then that your team is looking very good


Maybe, maybe drop (for a rookie) one of Marchbank/Hampton (Marchbank for me) and upgrade Barrett (no certainty to play let alone be upgraded) to JOM? I like Roughy at D4 (can't get him in my team yet at this stage) but I think you're punting on Tuohy breaking out; which I was too until about a week ago, except I just feel teams will lock down on him once the real stuff starts


Oh, and Nankilands is a bridge too far for me at this stage…I think you have to have at least one keeper at R1 (Gawn, Grundy, Goldy, Martin (only if lone wolf)


Awesome job, Mr X. You've put in the hard yards this weekend, cheers mate!


Apart from St Nick and 1 or 2 others the Saints are the perennial SC great pretenders, they all look good at playtime and training but turn up the pressure in a real game and they all fall to sub 70%de and run home crying to mummy if they get a corky. Any more than 2 saints in a sc team is locking yourself into a mid 20,000 ranking.
This site always pumps up the saints and every year it anoints another saint as this years breakout player and every year those who listen to the supporter hype get burned and stuff their seasons


I agree with this to an extent.
*Armitage has had an uninterrupted pre season, unlike last year…get on
*Steven is gonna smash out massive numbers, get on
*Steele is gonna smash it, cos he did in the NEAFL, get on
*Hickey is the ruckman that will benefit most from 3rd man up, get on
*Billings is the next big think, according to the ALPHA, get on.
*Riewoldt is playing on a wing, get on (this one is fair enough)
*Roberton has gone back to 3rd rebounding tall, get on.
*Montagna will be a top6 defender easy

So how much do we all think the Saints are gonna win the GF by, if even 2-3 of these things happen? There's only so much points to go around??

Coolibar to Riv

Lets hope for Freeman mid season. Till then no Saints. Sorry Jock.


Hi all, I would appreciate some feedback on my team

Cheers community

Def : Shaw – Adams – Laird – Marchbank – Hampton – Otten (Stewart, Long)

Mid: Danger – Rocky – Treloar – Priddis – Fyfe – TMich – SPP – Pickett (Hibberd, Barret, Freeman)

Ruck: Nanker – Sandi (Witts) I figured once Witts peaks I can put Nanker forward and pick up a big gun ruckman.

Fwd : J. Kennedy – Dahl – Macrae – Roughy – Eddy – Parfitt (Cameron, Strnadica)

57K to spare


Has O.Wines had an injury free pre season, thoughts on if he could step up to top 10 mid this year?


His de% is terrible. If he could improve that by all means he could be a top 10 mid


Agree with brownlow. He coughs up the ball more then what Swanny use to do except Swanny would get it 40 times so you could forgive him.


Ollie would be a good POD but dont see him having a good year at all. DE is screwing him over aswell


He burnt my A$$ last year – NEVER again.


Nothing wrong with picking both JPK and Hanners yeah?

Midfield is currently Danger, Pendles, JPK, Hanners, Fyfe, Beams, Swallow, SPP


I think they are both a chance for top 10…so no nothing wrong there.


Same midfield as mine except I currently have O'Meara apart from Swallow


Swallow or Taranto?

Coolibar to Riv

Both……Rookies will not eventuate this year like previous years. Welcome to the new age Supercoach.


Im a newcomer to supercoach so could anyone tell me what happens if you dont use your two trades in a round? Do you keep them for future use or do they get used up anyway?


you keep them


*Max 30 trades a season
*Max 2 trades per week.
*Max 3 trades in bye rounds (not including rd9)


hey guys, chopped and changed several times as I'm sure few have.. would love some feedback on my team please..

backs- laird, docherty, adams, marchbank, otten, hampton ( t stewart, vickers willis )
mids- danger, pendles, fyfe, treloar, kennedy,beams, powell pepper, hibberd, (miles wigg barrett)
ruck- sandi grundy, (preuss)
forwards- dahl, heeney, roughy, j reiwodt, mccarthy pickett (poholke eddy

i know very light in ruck but risk vs reward i guess.

would love your thoughts please community


Get rid of Heeney, has glandular fever and will be out for a few months.
The rucks aren't too bad, if sandi stays healthy he should rise enough in price for an easy upgrade.
Pendles is expected for round one despite achilles soreness so that should be fine.
Solid team.


ok thanks.. yeh ok heeney goes..
and thats the main issue hey, if sandi goes down will use early trades to sort..
pendles is a gun so will give him a crack.
thanks oldmate85.

Bells E Bubb

Melican, or Melican't?
As a Swans fan I'm ashamed to say I know nothing about this bloke. I do know it will be hard to get a game in the league's best defence though.


All i can tell you about him is that he comes from a great family that i know personally … He can play great footy and hope that he gets the chance to prove that at the swans..


Thoughts lads?

DEF: Doc, Shaw, Laird, Mills, Hampton, Stewart (Long and EVW)
MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Fyfe, Beams, O'Meara, Brodie, SPP (Barrett, Hibberd and Parfitt)
RUC: Gawn and Sandi (Strnadica)
FWD: Roo, Dahl, Buddy, Taranto, Bowes, Eddy (Black and Pickett)

Not sure on having Mills in the backline or Roughead in the forward line. Cheers.


Hey Community could someone please tell me Rory Sloane and franklins % of ownership


Sloane 5%
Franklin 17.4%


How do you find out the percentage ownership?


Team > Analyser > Coaches' Choice


Beams and Steele
Selwood and florent??


Selwood and Florent, if Florent is named round 1.


Beams and Tuohy
Titch and Adams?


Ummm there is a fair wacky of dollars different here…consider a $ neutral comparison. BMWs are worth every cent and then some.


What does the communtity think of my team is there any room for improvement

DEF: Docerty, Adams, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, Otten (Stewart, Vickers-Willis)

MID: Dangerfield, JPK, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, Powell-Pepper, Pickett (Miles, Barrett, Hibberd)

RUCK: Grundy Sandilands (Cameroon)

FWD Dahlhaus, Macrae, Lynch( GC ), Roughhead, McCarthy, Butler ( Houston, Eddy)

$5,800 left over



No swallow or omera. Interesting. Looks good if that risk pays off…. nice team


Hey Community here is my team please tell me what you think.

DEF: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Tuohy, Hampton, Vickers – (Guthrie, Watson)
MID: Danger, J. Selwood, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, O' meara, SPP – (Jarman, Grewar, Fox)
RUCK: Nankervis, Sandilands (Strnadica)
FWD: Buddy, T. Lynch, Higgins, Steele, Taranto, B. Eddy (Sproule, Bayok)

Not really fussed about bench, and will probably change in heeney for Higgins when he comes back. Also thinking about putting rance in for Docherty or Tuohy.



G'day cheese. Heeney has Glandular Fever & depending on the individual it can take quite some time to recover. Broomhead got it & he was knocked over for 12 months. So put any thoughts of him on ice. I'd pick Rance over Thouy every day of the week. Rance has an exposed history of decent scoring. Thouy doesn't. I also think if your going Nankilands you need some cover. Thouy & Steele will become what I like to refer to as Bet Regret


who would you take touk miller or jack Steele


Steele (imho)


Hi Community. Late question on this thread, but is Florent a worthwhile punt at F6? Not many seem to be considering him, and with Heeney down, looks a good chance to make best 22.

Dac Zawson

Really depends on if he is named Round 1 and if you think that he can stay in the side for enough weeks to make cash


big chance of getting named.

I have him in same bracket as Simpkin. Lets see who gets named.


Thanks Derak, it's tough call with a talented Sydney group. I have rookie cover and DPP swings to help. Waiting for teams too. Another option I have is to upgrade my F2 (Caddy) to Macrae or Buddy, and make F6 into Cameron/Picket/Eddy.


Fox is a big chance as well


If you think he can go 7-8 weeks in a row before being dropped, and you think he'll be named round 1.


What is everyones thoughts on my team that i have seemed to change 100000 times already.

DEF: Shaw, Adams, Vince, Bonner, Marchbank, Hampton (Otten, Stewart)
MID: Dangerfield, Ward, Fyfe, Beams, O'Meara, Horlin-Smith, McGrath, Taranto (Smedts, Florent, Powell-Pepper)
RUC: Gawn, Sandilands (Witts)
FWD: Dahlhaus, Franklin, Caddy, Hrovat, Hoskin-elliot, McCarthy (Schoenmakers, Eddy)

Lots of premiums, but also lots of risky rookies


You dont have lots of premiums. You have lots of expensive rookies


Ryder and Adams


Gawn and Marchbank?


Montagna still a vaible DEF pick even though we haven't seen him play in the JLT?


I am sure that a few coaches are in the same boat with deciding on our Ruckmen this year.
I"m thinking Gawn and Sandi with Nankervis as F5.
Is it too much to spend on F5 in case of injury or would someone like Cameron at F8 be a better option?
Would love to hear thoughts.

Mystic Mac

All aboard the Vardy train (until lycett comes back at least). @ 265k and now the number 1 ruckman at WC until lycett returns from injury.. I know he's no superman when it comes to ruck taps however hes moving well around the ground and has the capacity to kick goals. What do you guess think?


I expect giles will be number 1 ruck


I would think Petrie will get game time and impact his scoring ability….

Russ in W.A

Vardy's another injury nightmare waiting to happen..again.


Hi Community – is there any date by which clubs must name rookie list to senior list upgrades? Or can it happen at any time?


Port just elevated Eddy and Houston


5 Mid pricers too much?
Currently have O'meara, Swallow, Sandi, Rough and Ryder

Russ in W.A

Not at all, the season never turns out the way so called 'experts' think it will.