SuperCoach Significance Report: PTA v HAW

Published by Barron Von Crow on

Port v Hawthorn

“OK”, Barron thought to himself.

“We’re covering off Port Adelaide today. Time to be a professional. You can’t let Jock and the Community down by getting involved in petty pot-shots at the team down the road. This is Supercoach.

“Frig off,” the right side of Barron’s brain interrupted, “I’ll say whatever I damn well please about ‘em. They’d do the same thing to us!”

“Hey, cut that out,” the left side of Barron’s brain chided. “This isn’t about us, we’re helping out the community here. We’ve got important stuff to cover here, like SPP and Paddy Ryder.”

The left side of Barron’s brain was always the more logical one. Not prone to laughing at immature fart jokes like the right side did. “So be the bigger man and turn the other cheek while we’re covering Port Adelaide.” The left side continued.

“Oh, I’ll turn the other cheek,” the right side of Barron’s brain threatened, “I’ll turn it when I’m telling them they can pucker up and kiss my…”

“OK, that’s enough of that!” the left side yelled. “This conversation is over!”

Hello, Community!

And welcome to my completely logical, left brain sided review of the Port Adelaide VS Hawthorn match!

It was a windy, rainy day down at Noarlunga today, which isn’t anything new for that part of town. It was back and forth in the first half, but Port blew the game open in the 3rd, booting 7 goals to nothing to grab a 32 point lead heading into the last quarter, though the heat was pretty much out of the game by that point, with the Power taking the game by 28 points for their first win of the JLT series.

Now, for the players.

Port Adelaide

Ollie Wines | MID | $533,700

Was a bit quiet in the 1st quarter, but more involved in the 2nd, finishing with 12 disposals, 3 clearances and a goal in the first half. Finished with 24 disposals, 6 tackles and 9 clearances, but more importantly for Ollie, just the 1 clanger with a 75% disposal efficiency. Only played 67% ToG, so those stats are very good for the time he spent on the ground. 115 Supercoach points.

Patrick Ryder | RUC/FWD | $418,100

Looked much better today as the sole ruckman with Lobbe out. Had 11 hitouts and 8 disposals in the first half and finished with 12 disposals, 35 hitouts, 10 of them to advantage, and a goal. His appeal has probably diminished quite a bit with the emergence of Nankervis at a cheaper price, but that’s the sort of effort we want to see from him. 109 Supercoach points.

Sam Powell-Pepper | MID | $135,300

He’s only just 19, but he looks like he’s had 6 pre-seasons under his belt from a physical standpoint. Kicked a goal in the 1st quarter, along with 7 disposals. Ended the first half with 11 disposals, but had 6 clangers (all frees against). Ended the game with 8 clangers (all FA’s), but on the good side, he had 23 disposals, 5 clearances and 3 tackles. He had 8 clangers in his previous two JLT games, which is something that could chip away at his scores, but he looks too good to pass up at this stage. 83 Supercoach points.

Travis Boak | MID | $496,800

He was OK with 10 first half disposals, along with 4 tackles and 3 clearances. Sat out the 2nd half after Ollie Wines ran into him and gave him a corked thigh. Don’t think he’s going to score any better than he did last year.

Brad Ebert | MID | $437,100

Led the Power with 27 disposals as well as 10 tackles and 6 clearances. He’s a good player, and while he’s capable of great performances like this, he hasn’t ever done it often enough to be worth considering. You’d be happy with this sort of effort if you grabbed him in CoachKings though.

Riley Bonner | DEF | $248,100

Equal 1st for disposals for the Power in the first half with 12, but included 6 clangers and a disposal efficiency of just 33.3%. Ended the game with 18 disposals, but he had 9 clangers and a DE of 44.4%. There’s lots of talent there to work with though, so I wouldn’t be writing him off at all.

Jared Polec | MID | $406,800

Had a good game with 21 disposals, 4 clearances and 4 inside 50’s. He does this sort of thing, but he hasn’t been worth owning in Supercoach since he came in to Port Adelaide from Brisbane at a bargain basement price.

Charlie Dixon | FWD | $356,400

Started well early, pushing further up the ground to take some nice marks, but couldn’t continue to make a huge impact over the rest of the first half, finishing with 5 disposals and 3 marks. Rolled his ankle in the opening minutes while taking a mark, so not sure how much of an impact that had on him. Ended with 13 disposals, 4 marks and 1 behind.

Darcy Byrne-Jones | DEF | $347,100

Led the game in the 1st quarter with 11 disposals, as well as 5 marks and 3 rebound 50’s. Only added 2 more disposals in the 2nd quarter and ended the game with 17. Looks to be the man bringing it out of defence with Pittard out, but may not have enough time in that main role to earn some big cash.

Joe Atley | MID | $117,300

Only played 53% ToG, but had 14 disposals. Might be just out of the 22 to start the year, but all it takes is an injury or two for him to get in if that’s the case.

Brett Eddy | FWD | $102,400

Playing in his natural habitat, but had just the 5 disposals and 3 inside 50’s in the first half. Reacclimatized to the Noarlunga conditions in the 2nd half, booting 4 goals in the 3rd quarter. Kicked 5.4 for the game, with 15 disposals (all kicks). Really needed a game like this to give the Power no choice but to upgrade him to the main list. 105 Supercoach points.

Dan Houston | PTA | FWD | $117,300

Houston had 11 disposals in the first half and ended the game with 14, along with 4 inside 50’s. Still on the rookie list, but Port will have the ability to upgrade both he and Eddy before the season starts. We’re struggling for forward rookie options, so we may have to pick both the power players to start the year.




Jaeger O’Meara | MID | $318,900

12 disposals in the first half, but didn’t look to be hanging around many of the stoppages at the time. 2nd for the Hawks in disposals with 27, along with 4 clearances and 6 tackles. Good showing for him and can’t see anything wrong with picking him at his price. 91 Supercoach points.

Jarryd Roughead | FWD | $367,100

Looked a tad rusty still at times, but had 10 disposals, 3 marks and 5 tackles in the first half. Ended the game with 20 disposals, 6 marks, 6 tackles and 2 behinds. If he’s still getting into the swing of it, which means he’s still got some improvement left in him, so he’s still in play as a mid-priced FWD option. 74 Supercoach points

Tom Mitchell | MID | $565,600

He had 9 disposals and 3 clearances in the 1st quarter and finished the first half with 18 disposals and 7 clearances. Led the Hawks with 29 disposals, 8 clearances and 7 tackles, with a nice 50/50 split between his uncontested/contested possessions. Will probably be a POD if you grab him. 111 Supercoach points.

Jack Gunston | FWD | $502,300

Doesn’t look to be spending any time up forward with Roughy back, pushing from the wing and into the backlines as needed. Had 7 disposals and 2 marks in the 1st half and finished with 18 disposals, 5 marks and a goal.

Ricky Henderson | DEF/MID | $420,100

First game for the Hawks and he had 9 disposals and 2 inside 50’s in the 1st quarter, with 15 disposals and a supergoal in the 1st half. As Ricky sometimes does, he wasn’t able to continue the strong form over an entire game, ending with 21 disposals and 5 marks. Still iffy if he’s 22, but he’s never been the most consistent player over his career at Adelaide.

Ben McEvoy | RUC | $363,500 & Ty Vickery | FWD | $310,400


Teia Miles | MID/FWD | $123,900

He had 13 disposals, 5 marks and 3 tackles. Not massive numbers by any stretch of the imagination, but if he’s there in Round 1 then we may just have to pick him for that reason alone.

Harry Morrison | DEF | $117,300 & Connor Nash | DEF | $102,400

Both got some junk-time in the 4th quarter, but likely means neither are in the best 22 for Round 1.

And that’s it for me today, but what are your thoughts Community? Let us all know in the comments below.




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Supercoach Spud

Who Should i Go with Gaff or Shuey or none but i do want a west coast mid




Priddis every yrar for me




Stop asking this question mate – you post this exact thing in every forum. The answer is none of the above by the way




go with the one from hawthorn


Shuey or Tmitch?





Supercoach Spud



T Mitch for mine


T.Mitch has a lot more theoretical reason to why his scoring may improve, he is a great playmaker that will probably fill in the void left by Smitchell. That being said more people will pick him up by the start of the year (will surely be near or over 10%), and more people are likely to pick him as their POD over Shuey. I think both will improve, so if you are really left of centre go ahead but on paper it's hard to go by Titch.

neil Demons Delight

Ryder might have played his way into D4 been waiting for this trengrove his only real opposition to more ruck time


I do prefer him at F4…might just have snuck back in over Nan's crevasse at bingo today

neil Demons Delight

sorry typo F4


#Ryderlands anyone?!

Paddy has steadily built up in the preseason, after a year out of the game, today producing what we know he is capable of. Looks like Lobbe has been kicked to the kerb too. Already had two seasons averaging over 100 when he was the lead ruckman where Nank is still yet to prove he can do that.


Great point SCA Ryderlands!!!


Gawndilands into nankiryder forward for me! The best one of nankiryder probably stays as f6/7 for year. If they produce that is….


Just moved Ryder to R1 and turned Gawn into Titchell. I really hate what the preseason does to my structures but here we are…


Guys what do you reckon of this RUC/FWD setup:

R: Gawn, Sandi / Strnadica
F: Ryder, Nank, Boyd, Lycett, Cameron, x, x, x

5 covers for Sandi might seem like overkill at first, but when you factor in that the covers all need covers due to being some combination of unproven, inexperienced, or injury prone I think this should do it… phew problem solved.


Thoughts on Ryder everyone? With the ruck situation at the moment am seriously considering him. Unlike Nankervis he is a proven fallen premium so has shown strength over the past, and isn't that much more expensive.


I would consider Ryder ahead of Nank.

Ryder is a chance to be top 10 forward and therefore a good DPP R3/F7 for the run home


Hell Barron, that was quick great work mate. Some relevance in this game. Most of all i learned something new in your report. I did not realise frees against also went down as a clanger (although it makes sense). I thought he had 8 clangers plus 8 frees against. Well his score wont be as bad as i thought it would be which is good.


Lads!! Quick one for the community, Rockliff or TMitch? Leaning towards the latter, for reliability. Obviously Rockliff could go huge sometimes but is resting forward a danger?


Titch for shizzle


Titch 100%




The Pepper Pig one handed don't argue & body slam on Silk was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

sons of thunder

what about R.Gray?




Gunstan still a decent forward pick? How many SC points did he get?


Read above post pal


Thoughts community? Not sure if I'm going crazy with the ruck combo

Shaw, Adams, Laird, Tuohy, Hampton, EVW (Stewart, smith)

Danger, Hannebery, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Beams, SPP, Hibberd (barrat, wigg, Pickett)

Nankervis, Sandilands (Cameron)

JJK, Dahlhaus, Gunston, Roughy, Black, Eddy (daicos, long)

*rookies subject to round 1 teams*


I don't mind the ruck you have. I'm thinking the same and maybe have paddy rider in the forward line so can easily get rid of one if they don't perform in first three weeks.


thoughts fellow ones?
def: docherty, shaw, laird, hampton, vickers- willis, t stewart (newman, z. guthrie)
mid: danger, JPK, treloar, fyfe, tommy mitchell, o'meara, taranto, powell-pepper (barret, wigg, hibberb)
ruck: gawn, sandi (strandaica)
fwd: riewoldt, dahlhaus, gunston, roughead, hoskin-elliot, miles (houston, eddy)



B: Adams, Laird, Johannisen, J.Hunt, Marchbank, Hampton
(Vickers-Willis, Stewart)

M: Hannebery, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, Titch, O'Meara, SPP, Hibberd
(Freeman, Barret, Picket)

R: Gawn, Santi (sterndica)

F: Dahlhaus, Caddy, Roughead, J.Elliot, McCarthy, Black
(Eddy, Cameron)

Also have $284,900 left



No danger is suicide


Upgrade Bont or titch to Danger. Captain material is very worthwhile.

Upgrade Elliott into a potential premo like Ryder higgins macrae even nans crevasse.

See how cash looks then.


Who is gunna replace Black if he doesn't show up rd one because everyone has him????????


Someone expensive or someone that will likely get in later. Mid & fwd rookies are lacking sub 200k

neil Demons Delight

cam mcCarthy


McCarthy put a line through his own name the other night IMO. 6 goals and can't crack the tonne. How does that even happen?


He should be okay as a stepping stone, I mean it was his disposal efficiency that let him down when played up the field that let him down, once he was in the forward line he had one light of sight for goal.




Shhh 🙂


Shaw, laird, Adams
Marchbank, Hampton, Vickers- Willis
(Stewart, Guthrie)

Danger, JPK, treleor, Fyfe
T.Mitchell, beams, o'meara, Powell-pepper
(Barrett, Pickett, Hibberd)

Nankervis, Sandilands

Roo, Dahlhaus, McRae
Roughie, McCarthy, Houston
(Black, eddy)

Have at it 🙂


B – shaw, adams, laird, hampton, EVW, stuart (otten, guthrie)
M – pendles, martin, bont, fyfe, tom mitchell, beams, o'meara, SPP (barrett, miles, hibberd)
R – Gawn, nankervis (strnadica)
F – dalhaus, franklin, heeney, roughead, taranto, pickett (eddy, smith)


Take out Heeney – injured.

The rest of the team looks good – I imagine there'll be a lot of coaches going with similar teams. No Danger is interesting…


Need some help finishing my team.
Marchbank and Greene
Shaw and Parfitt (him or Miles on field)


Impossible to call Liam and still depends on rookies. Either combo worth about 170 ppg so I will say Greene / Marchbank to avoid rookie on field. Will probably log on later though and criticise this post for leaving out Heater.


Shaw and Parfitt


Appreciate some thoughts on my team as I'm going into my second season!

( vickers willis, Newman)

Powell pepper
( Pickett, Hibberd, Barrett)


(Eddy, black

59k left over

neil Demons Delight

Barrett may find it hard to upgrade


Looks good mate


I would look at Gawn instead of Goldstein, his getting on and North will probably use another ruck to help him out. Looks good otherwise. Ryder for Goldstein also could work.


Thanks for the review Barron! Insightful as always! For me this was the most relevant jlt yet. Ryder✅, spp✅, eddy✅, jom✅, titch✅, roughy?, smith?, miles✅, Houston✅ and that other port kid?. A lot of ticks in there which is what we are after this time of year. Paddy is back in for me @ f3, roughy holds f4 just, nank @ f5. Rocky to titch possibly. But other than that I'm pretty happy


Clayton Oliver or JOM??


Thinking the same thing being honest. Might go both and no swallow.


Oliver for mine, good pod. Will produce, clearance beast


Jaeger, the Melbourne midfield is loaded, hard for Oliver to do well this season

neil Demons Delight

Ryder and Nank is that wise Swany or misprint. All your ticks are spot on hard to knock


Both potentially make it into top fwds and Ryder even on an outside chance the rucks, so I don't see an issue with both on the Fwd line. If both first rucking then likely better variance than the KPFs like JJK et al.


Backs: dochery shaw laird Hampton otten Stewart EWV Guthrie
Mids: Danger Hanners Priddus Fyfe Beams O'Mera swallow Pepper Pig Miles Hibberd Barret
Ruck; Gawn Sandi Cameron
Fwd: Riewoldt Dahl Roughy Nankirvis McCartney Turner Picket Eddy
Thoughts most welcome.


158k left for adjustments or upgraded


Thoughts on starting without Pendles and/or Danger?


Having you been watching this Danger guy this arvo? Expect to see a ton of that in the season proper.

Pendles is dealing with an apparently "minor" achilles niggle, if there is such a thing, so he might be the one I'd skip out on but not Danger.


Which one is it? And, or or? Makes a big difference.
If its and? I wouldn't, you need a reliable captain choice each week and these guys are the best 2
If it's or? That's fine, you only need 1 reliable captain choice at least for the first few rounds. Plan to upgrade the other though


If you start w/out Danger you will get smashed by your opponents who will wisely have selected him.
I'd hold off an Pendles given he was a late out this week with 'tightness' in his lower leg.


Correct, it is literally impossible to spend that $720k on acquiring points anywhere else.


Thoughts on this community :

JPK & Hibberd (bench) which would mean Houston/Miles/Eddy start at F6


TMitchell & McCarthy (starting at f6)?


JPK safer. But Tmitch + hibberd/the cobbler + cash I prefer. Who knows what Titch will produce this season. Gives you two weeks to get a look at it proper and correct if wrong.


For people thinking about not starting Danger in their side, unregister yourself from Supercoach and don't ever sign up again.



Mr Good

The overall winner will start without danger


Scared of being buried under lack of point efficiency I see.


Ryder or the nank


Choices choices.
Defence. Adams or Vince. Mills or Tuohy
Mid. Beams or Kelly. Treloar or Selwood
Ruck. Ryder or Nank. Or both with one in the forward line. Sandi is other Ruck
Fwd. Roo or Kennedy. And will Ryder or Nank as a forward be better than Roughy.


Adams. Mills. Beams. Treloar. All 3 with one in fwd. JJK. No roughy is a must.


Adams, Touhy, Beams, Jelwood just, all 3, Rooy. Likely.


Community, for those who are saying they will not start Danger, Please reconsider.


Oops just realised brownlow posted the same.


Barron with JOM @ 318k you wold hope to get a minium 12-15 games out of him and an ave of 90 -94 at best. im not touching him he sill play 7 games get injured . Same old same old . Not proven ;awkward price; injury prone


Will play. Sorry


Any thoughts appreciated please
Def: Docherty, Laird, Adams, Hampton, Otten, Vickers Willis (Stewart, Guthrie)
Mid: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Treloar, Bontempelli, Fyfe, O'Meara, Swallow, Powell Pepper (Myers, Barrett, Hibberd)
Ruck: Gawn, Sandilands (strnadica)
Fwd: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Greene, Taranto, Black, Bowes (Eddy, Maynard)


I like it.


Thanks randomcliche2


Hamish Hartlett, what was his role? Is he relevant community? TOG today? I'm strongly considering him, please convince me otherwise!


I've been burned before. Will never consider him again. While i have no evidence, i don't think he scores that well (over the last 2 years), is injury prone. Once threatened to tear the game apart but then fell off the map. No for me but good luck if you back him. He might do well with a change of role….?




He was interviewed at half time and was asked if he would get any midfield this year. He said "No. I'm purely a half back flanker"


Solved that issue then. Thanks


Gday Lads

I don't normally throw my team out there but this year i thought i would, would love to hear anyone's thoughts be it good or bad

DEF Doc, Taylor Adams, Tuohy, Hampton, Vicker – Willis, Stewart ( Otten , Newman )
MIDS Danger, Pendles, JPK, Ducker Selwood, Fyfe, JOM, Swallow, SPP ( Wigg, Pickett, Hibberd )
RUCK Gawn, Sandi ( Strnadica)
FWDS Rooey, Dalhaus, Macrae, Roughy, Black, Eddy ( Miles , Butler)

Slightly concerned over Fyfe, JOM and Swallow all in the guts but just light on for MID rookies
I'm not too worried about the rookies at this stage as I'm happy to see who lines up round 1 it's more the Premo structure, but any feedback is welcome



JOM will be managed this year. He will miss a few.


Nice work BVC! Could it be the year of the midpricer? So many around. Would like to have Beams, O'Meara, and Swallow, but I just can't have all 3. O'Meara the omission as I still have doubts that he can play every game in the first 10 rounds after missing two seasons of AFL. I would rate Titch higher than the Bont maybe Cripps, big call but he will lead the Hawthorn midfield, locked away for me at M5. Finally, boy didn't SPP look good. Don't arguing some one is quite impressive when you've only played 3 preseason games.


Not sure why Matt crouch isn't being more selected. He scored 92 from about 70% game time. I am tossing up between him and beams, beams just worries me I feel like he will give me some great scores for 5 rounds and then just get injured. And with crouch I feel with all adelaides mids out with injurys he should be more selected but I guess people are going to go beams over him


Some people may be worried he won't be top 10 mid come years end.




Strugling with F4 atm boys currently riding with Higgins,

Fwd is- Roo Dahl lynch(GC)
Any suggestions?


same here, could go roughy nank, stringer or petraca or downgrade to mcarthy


McCarthys a tough one wont score huge and wont generate a great deal of cash.

I started with petracca but got scared by his poor showings un jlt with Dees have a nicely stacked midfield now hard to see him having a breakout year.

After today considering re-instating Paddy at F4 as ruck cover for #NANKIANDS




Hey community, have any thoughts on my team, please leave suggestions i have 4k left over.

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Tuohy, Marchbank, Hampton, stewart ( Hibberd, Ryan)

MID: Danger, Treloar, Gray, Cripps, Fyfe, Tom Mitchell, Brodie SPP ( Barret, Miles, Wigg)

Ruck: Gawn, Sandi (Strnadica)

FWD: Dahl, McCrae, Rough, Nank, Taranto, Pickett ( Eddy, Houston)

Cheers community!


You're gunna be a chubby boy John. You'll probably get a midfield donut round 1 and maybe another in defense


what did you think of Tuohy today


I'm playing it safe this year and starting with all of these guys Gaz,Fyfe,Beams,Jom,Sandi,Roughy, the law of averages says that they are each due for an uninterrupted season. The same law has Hanners, Danger,Doch,Dahl,Dusty,Pendle,Simmo on the overdue list


No it does not


Coach Kings site / app struggling? Or is it just me?



Breathe, deep breaths, its just a game Whitey, it is just a game.

I can either have Roughy (who I really want) in F4, with no Sandi cover. Or Ryder in F4 as cover but not overly confident.


I'd go Roughead.

Don't blush Baby

Is it just me,but has Hanners form in the JLT has been very ordinary ?


Still a gun but I do agree, maybe a target later if he has a slow start to the year.


What does the communtity think of my team is there any room for improvement

DEF: Docerty, Adams, Laird, Hampton, Otten, Vickers-Willis (Stewart, Guthrie)

MID: Dangerfield, JPK, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, Beams, Powell-Pepper, Pickett (Miles, Barrett, Hibberd)

RUCK: Gawn Sandilands (Cameroon)

FWD Dahlhaus, Macrae, Lynch( GC ), Roughhead, Black, Butler ( Houston, Eddy)

$102,000 left over


neil Demons Delight

could have a defence issue mason with Stewart and Guthrie not great JS particularly R1 and vw suss let alone ottens Seems a bit light on probably one needs to become a marchbank .I worry about Beams could be massively wrong but his injuries haunt me like Gaz and Rocky If price was not an issue then Zorkos the man Cheers mate Neil


G'Day Community.

First time posting this year but have been a voracious reader . By way of example … I busted my laptop a week ago and have been using my girlfriends. I got home last night and was greeted with "Who the f**k is Jock Reynolds ?". She had checked her browser history and after seeing Jocks magnificent mo was under the impression I had been looking at retro "adult movie" sites .

Anyway … just wanted to thank the inner sanctum along with all the regular posters for your continued knowledge and opinions. Good luck to you all this year.

P.S. Next year, I swear … I am not watching preseason games. Currently considering Zak Jones and Jack Steele.

Russ in W.A

Jack Steele sounds like a retro porn name lol, seriously though. he'll thrive at the Saints this season, he's a gun.


Yeah, liking the cut of zak's jib this jlt.

ZJ or Mills?? Both gunna get plenty more mi time with heeney down with TB or what ever hes managed to contract…


TB … lol ,
It's swine flu.
ZJ is just another one of those guys screwing with our GNR structures.


Would love some opinions and suggestions for my team.

Def. Shaw, Laird, Thurlow, hampton, vickers-willis, otten (stewart, guthrie)

Mid. Dangerfield, zorko, fyfe, T.Mitchell, D.Beams, D.Swallow, powell-pepper, M.Hibberd, (brodie, miles, wigg)

Ruc. Grundie, sandilands (strnadica)

Fwd. Dahlhaus, macrae, T.Lynch, green, roughead, taranto (black, eddy)

Russ in W.A

I like your side, although I'd try to get O'meara in over Swallow, and back line looks a tad thin.


Love the fwd line. Wish I could afford it.
I would be slightly concerned about getting a full team on the park in the first few weeks though..
VW, Guthrie.Thurlow, Hibberd and the rest of your mid bench seem borderline best 22 right now.
Maybe swap Taranto into the mids and go with Pickett fwd.
If he plays the GWS kid could give some good points with a loop for mids who may not play.


Anyone contemplating Ryder and Nank both in their forward lines?




Contemplating right now … but no for me.
I can see Ryder being a top 6-8 forward but not Nank.
Having said that I swapped Ryder to Nank last week to free up cash.
Baaa .


Have Ryder in ruck and Nank in forward line


Who would you choice between beams/roughy or green and Parfit??


Sorry Beams and McCarthy??


Have to have Beams in your team. It's a risk but a risk worth paying for. Even if he gets injured you can easily swap for people like Murphy or Watson


should I start the season off with both premium rucks or save some cash and get ryder?


Everyone seems to post a rate my team so i'm being a pleb sorry JRC!

DEF – DOC, heater, adams, laird, Hampton, stewart, otten, newman

MID – danger, jelwood, treloar, fyfe, titch, beams, SPP, miles, hibberd, parfit, pickett

RUC – ..fair dinkum i'm posting this, sandi witts, preuss/strandica (preuss named is in)

FWD – daul, mcrae, greene, ryder, schoemakers, black, eddy, Houston

I guess I count 4 midpricers, sandi, witts, ryder and beams – sandi/beams are exceptions as they are proven and look fit at the moment. ryder is a proven gun but being a bombers supporter I know sometimes he just decides that he aint coming out to play today. But got the right role and has gone over 100 doing it before. Anything near that and ryder is a top 8 forward this year. witts I think is kind of a lock for me and he pushes out gawn for mine. which sounds crazy but a rookie priced 200cm+ #1 ruck with a handful of AFL preseasons under his belt? this guy had brodie grundy out rd 1 last year, i'm pegging him in for 85 average and that should make me 200k, its balls out not starting gawn though


Currently have Pendles but am seriously considering changing him out to Treloar.


neil Demons Delight

do it son but must have both

Lachie Kennett

Omeara or Steele??