SuperCoach Significance Report: RIC v COL

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We’re nearly there community!

Twelve more sleeps until the real stuff begins. The Tigers are $1.42 favourites to knock off the Blues so we’ll get to see our first Richmond choke of 2017!

I’m going to change direction a bit with this writeup and get rid of some of the midprice fluff. We’ve all, more or less, got our teams fairly locked away so I’ve decided to concentrate on the blokes with the highest ownership percentages. If a fringe premium/potential round 1 bolter smashes it I’ll give it a mention, but in season proper there’s always a dicey midpricer who has a once in a blue moon score.

Just a quick shout out to Jock, other writers, and the community for all the encouragement and feedback over the preseason in the comments and on Twitter. The collective knowledge on this site constantly blows me away and I’ve loved every minute.

Right, with that out of the way let’s get to what we’ve all come here to see. Hardcore nudity! SuperCoach relevancy!


Missing from likely round 1 team – Collingwood: De Goey, Greenwood, Wells, Elliot all under injury clouds. Pendles late out

Missing from likely round 1 team – Richmond: Griffiths. Maybe Corey Ellis and Batchelor. Lennon is knocking on the door after he kicked 7 in the VFL the other day 


TAYLOR ADAMS | DEF/MID | 527,800 | 99SC

Story of the day. Adams seen heading down to the rooms in the second quarter. David King reports hamstring tightness. Twitter erupts. Adams emerges in 3rd quarter with stitches in his chin and proceeds to rip the game right open with a 10 touch quarter.

Similar to the Press Red for Ed initiative, can we get a Sing to Mute King button? I would gladly belt out some Jimmy Barnes Workin’ Class Man if it meant shutting that prick up.

Sorry. Back to Adams. 29 touches, 16 contested, a handful of clearances from 80% game time. Tempted


Was a late out with achilles soreness.

I’ll let you in on something, community. I made the call not to start Pendles last year and oh boy was I smug about it early. However, karma was swift, didn’t use lube and didn’t even buy me dinner beforehand. Please take a long, hard think before you leave him out.


Cut from the extended squad, not a good sign. In 13% of teams. Get him out of your backline


I’ll give him a mention because he had 28 touches at 82%. Elite. Not at that price though

ADAM TRELOAR | MID | 605,400 | 126 SC

BOG for mine. Absolute pure mid. Kicked a 65m supergoal and generally just did whatever he wanted. 12 contested among 29 touches.

In that traffic jam of low-600k midfielders and you can’t take them all. If you don’t start him you’ll be looking at him when it’s upgrade time. Averaged 114.2 post bye in 2016.


19 touches at perfect efficiency, 6 marks. But not much else. Would like to see some tackles or I50/R50 out of him.

Will be a nice fit for teams that have a certain kind of structure, not for me though. Prefer McCarthy for a similar price. Did some nice work on the wing

BRODIE GRUNDY | RUC | 520,500 | 63SC

17 possessions, 14 hitouts, 3 clearances, 1 tackle, 77% TOG



16 possessions, 18 hitouts, 3 clearances, 3 tackles, 82% TOG

Nank finally got some competition in the form of Grundy. They were pretty evenly matched in the first half I thought. Though Nank definitely didn’t have the same impact around the ground as he has had in the first two JLT games. He’s still in my team.


For those not starting Grundy, he will be the guy many coaches jump on when Sandiballs maxes out in price/gets injured. Surprisingly, he’s only in 9% of teams. He’s a handful around the ground and tallied 7 contested possessions this afternoon.

SIDEBUM | MID | 577,800

Thrived in a Pendles-less midfield. 13 possessions at 1/2 time and finished with 25. 7 inside 50’s.

Whispers of him being a POD in some dark corners of the internet, just can’t see him being a top 8 mid though. If you’re after a Pie in the middle go with Pendles or Treloar. Sorry Steele

JEREMY HOWE | DEF | 500,500 | 87SC

Started slow but got into it playing the +1 role at the back. 16 kicks among 19 possessions at 84%. 11 marks.

Shaping up as a deadset huge POD while Vince is the flavour of the month. Currently in 1% of teams.

MASON COX | FWD | 322,000

Long and thin, Cox went way too hard too soon and was flaccid after that. I believe there are nasal sprays for this kind of thing.

BEN REID | DEF | 432,400 | 103SC

Absolute bloody wall at that back. Gave Riewoldt a absolute bath early until the mercy rule was called for. Clunked it 18 times but I don’t like that price.


CADDYSHACK | MID/FWD | 488,600 | 52SC

Caddy just couldn’t get himself into the game today. After Greene put on an absolute clinic against North a few just may jump ship. 13 touches at 76%.

He’s a good get for the Tigers and I wouldn’t put a line through him yet, just adjust your expectations.

ALEX RANCE | DEF | 535,600

Did a few un-Rance things. Eleven 1% will be gold for CoachKings.

We know he had an interrupted preseason with hamstring tightness, maybe give him a miss for now and see how he goes for a bit. Wasn’t at his intercepting best today

DAN BUTLER | FWD | 123,900 | 45SC

Richmond have been giving us bugger all on the rookie front. Watch them release a bunch when it’s round 14 and their season is over.

Finished with 10 touches and a goal but I didn’t think he was all that threatening in the forward 50

CHOPSTICKS | MID | 588,300 | 79SC

Stormed off the ground after someone from the crowd asked him if he thought the price for half strength beer at the ‘G was ridiculous. Dusty only talks about the SHERRIN community.

Leading possession winner for the Tiges with 26. Looked disinterested at times though. Almost as if something is on his mind. If he wants a premiership we’ll take Patton if GWS wants him.

Will have his big games but his basement is too low and too frequent for that price as a mid-only.

BACHIE HOULI | DEF | 486,000 | 87SC

A little bit about the writer, community. I love the trashy train wreck that is the The Bachelor. Houli reminds me of that prick Blake Garvey from season 2. Looks good, will promise you the world, but will dump a steaming pile of excrement on your heart when you need him most.

Was on kick out duties and had 25 touches floating between midfield and half back. Moved well, showed no signs of his injury troubles.

His beard looks luscious though.


Like Dusty he will produce some big scores but his tendency to be a cheap bastard puts me off


You could do worse, community. If he had a full preseason he could have been a sneaky POD. Might take a bit of time to well and truly hit his straps so have a look at him around the byes.  

19 possessions, 7 marks, 4 R/50, 5 I/50. Hit the scoreboard for two goals


Presented well. Did some ruck work and was a target up forward. Project player at Tigerland. Might get a shot if his VFL form is strong.

REECE CONCA | MID | 314,600

As a Tiger supporter, fingers are crossed for this bloke. Finished with 24 at 83%. Wouldn’t consider him for SuperCoach though.

How did you see things, community? Any bolters that are forcing their way into your side?



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Reece Conca 103
Toby Nankervis 89
Dion Prestia 88
Bachar Houli 87
Trent Cotchin 84
Taylor Hunt 82
Dustin Martin 79
Shane Edwards 75
Jack Riewoldt 75
Brandon Ellis 71
Shaun Grigg 70
Alex Rance 62
Dylan Grimes 59
Anthony Miles 57
Mabior Chol 57
Josh Caddy 52
Jason Castagna 51
Dan Butler 45
Daniel Rioli 38
Tyson Stengle 34
Ivan Soldo 31
Nick Vlastuin 29
David Astbury 29
Sam Lloyd 21

Adam Treloar 126
Josh Smith 118
Brayden Maynard 111
Jackson Ramsay 110
Ben Reid 103
Tom Phillips 102
Taylor Adams 99
Jeremy Howe 87
Jack Crisp 86
James Aish 81
Will Hoskin-Elliott 80
Jesse White 79
Steele Sidebottom 76
Alex Fasolo 70
Jarryd Blair 69
Tyson Goldsack 64
Mason Cox 64
Brodie Grundy 63
Travis Varcoe 62
Henry Schade 53
Darcy Moore 53
Chris Mayne 52
Lynden Dunn 24


Is Nank a serious R1??? Really considering him and Sandi. I just can't see Gawn dominating like last year given Spencer's impact in JLT and there is no-one else that I want to spend coin on in the rucks. Looks like Goodwin will roll with Gawn and Spencer. This has got to affect Gawn surely.


I've been playing around with it, Rosco. Not a lock yet but really considering it. Try to limit your risks elsewhere. None of that Jaegar/Swallow stuff

The midprice ruck road is littered with burnt out husks of coaches past.


Looking at Gawn And Goldstein after the byes. Byes this year are nasty




If I go with #Nankilands, Fyfe will be my M7… Its looking more and more likely.


Whats the hashtag for Witts and Nanks…?


Nitts or wanks. Winning either way really. Have an itchy wank. Gold.




And the tag for the increasingly popular Sandilands / Witts / Nankervis (F4) combo is #Sandiwanks? Sounds like it would chafe!!


No Archie Smith today and Stef Martin went real well. Perhaps our saviour has arrived


Or not


Rosco…I just locked Nank and sandi…there will be delicious upgrades around byes I reckon. Has allowed me to go with full prem mids from r1 and upgrades for def and fwds which are stacked with rookies.


Don't believe the press. Spencer is not playing at the expense of Watts. Gawn will get 90% ruck time come round 1


Yeah mate he is the real deal .


Expected more from Caddy today. Undecided. Nank was ok, and looks like good ruck cover at F4.


Not much up forward and he has that wonderful round 12 bye. In my team but if he goes it will be for a rookie


TOG for the Caddyshack fellas?


Some relative TOG%
Martin 80
Prestia 75
Nankervis 82
Cotchin 78
Rance 94
Caddy 81
Butler 80
Treloar 80
Adams 75
Grundy 77
Sidebottom 86
Howe 88
Hoskin-Elliott 77


Thoughts on starting without Dangerfield?




What Kev said




Think about it. Then don't.


For me,it came down to a choice between Danger or Fyfe…fyfe looking like he could do a Danger, and 150k cheaper. I have 8 prem mids now which should more than cover not having danger. He must average 135 pts or so in first three rounds to maintain his price.


nothing will cover not having danger. drop one of prems down to a mid pricer such as beams jom.


its risky but danger olny had to have one average game and he will drop in price. but n out fr long so you have to have a strtegy where you know how your goi ng to have the cash andburn at last one possibly 3 trades all on the hope that danger may have a bad game. just start him lol


Danger sometimes starts slow. I've go jelwood and will pick up Danger at hopefully 50 to 75 k cheaper.
Of course when he belts out 3 130s in a row I may regret that.


162, 77 and 166 in first 3 weeks last year. Not sure how slow that is with an average of 135 for those 3.


Was thinking Adelaide days.
Does anyone know what he has to score to stay that price?

Luskin Star

He is priced at 131. I do t think it is as simple as scoring what you are priced at because the magic number changes during the year but its pretty close. You mentioned that you are hoping to get him 50 to 75k cheaper. I think his price will drop at least that but i am not sure that getting him at say 650k is that easy. At that price you will need 2 trades. So you will have to find about 770k for him and a rookie. Are you co fident that you can generate that sort of cash from 2 of your rookies?


Bang! :Listen to this man. Or… just get on SC and look at Danger's price projection, which will tell you his price is only projected to fluctuate by $28,600. You are kidding yourself if you think you'll get him cheap, and you will get smashed by your opponents who have him in the interim. Does that help clarify?


If he does 130 three times in a row…price stays the same. The capt thing may hurt depending on who else one has instead, but only by twice any difference.


Ripping write up Kev. After Jeremy Howe was switched to defence he Av 102 for the rest of the season. If he was guaranteed to stay in that role he'd be a roled gold lock. But he isn't. Could easily be thrown forward & go back to rubbish scores. Still I wouldn't admonish anyone for picking him


Don't think he would be thrown up froward anymore with the likes of faz and Jamie Elliot coming back and being fit


Faz & Elliott injury prone


Great write up Kev, you funny bugger! Now where's the hardcore nudity? I haven't spotted a single DVDA pic yet in here! Back to Brazzers!


Jock gave me a fearful clip around the ears, Cr0magn0n! Family website here at


Clearly Jock is a pious man!


Thoughts everyone? I've recently gone from a 3-6-1-2 structure to this now 2-7-0-3. Mainly due to where the rookies lie.
$57k remaining.

DEF: Laird, Howe, Hampton, EVW, Newman, Ryan (Stewart, Guthrie)
MID: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Hanners, Jelwood, Treloar, Fyfe, SPP (Barrett, Wigg, Hibberd)
RUC: #Nankilands (Preuss)
FWD: NRoo, Dahl, Lynch [GC], Roughy, Bowes, Black (Pickett, Eddy)


Guthrie is injured. If you are picking him as your donut for loopholing, leaves you only one on the bench. With no Ryan, you have no cover.


Hi bAps, I like what you're doing, I think your structure is good, but I have a few observations for you;
1. Ryan hasn't played a single pre-season game, in rehab I hear. Will be a good in-season downgrade
2. Guthrie is rookie listed, I don't think he's in Geelong's best 22, but I could be wrong!
3. I'd sit off Pendles at this stage, after missing todays game I'd just wait and see before blowing your dough
4. Barrett is also rookie listed, but could get upgraded to senior list
5. Wigg didn't get a game today, which doesn't bode well
6. Bowes scored 35 & 39 SC in his two JLT games, he's too expensive for that output
7. Beware Pickett, his score seems to be totally reliant on scoring goals (ie he's not an accumulator)


All rookies are obviously subject to change, pending round 1 team announcements.
Pendles played the first few rounds last season with broken ribs, he'll be right.


You can lead a horse to water….


Did u want thoughts or just everyone to feed your cognitive bias and say your team is awesome?

Your team is awesome. Welcome.


Comminity, which combination would you rather,
Howe, JOM, Grundy


J.lloyd, Tmitch, Nank


Z.Tuouy, ward, nank


Option 3


I've got 1 but thinking about 3 now !


How can I check players sc scores for every round last year?




Go to 'too serious'


Footywire or Old Ockers spreadsheet on this website

Supercoach Spud

My current midfield is Danger,Pendles,JPK,Fyfe,Heppel,Shuey who should i get rid of and get in with 50k in bank


Heppell out TMitch in ?

Dac Zawson

Heppell by needs to go by a mile out of that group.
Get someone like a Tom Mitchell in (would need to find around 2k but that should be easily done)


Heppell. No question.


I love Rocky but is he too risky ?


No. SC gun.


Yes, should be able to pick up cheaper later in the season


reiwoldt or josh kennedy?


Kennedy if you can ride the wave


It is a question I cannot resolve. I have Kennedy at the moment purely because with S Mitchell added it absolutely generates more forward moves with no team now able to cover their elite midfield.
This against a legend who now has freedom to run and mark and goal at will…
I think Kennedy will have more Superscores, but Roo may just pip him on average.
Either way, I reckon I will have both by R14.
Flip of the coin.


Riewoldt, he was the best forward last season remember, should do better with an improve Saints side


Brisbane went in with Martin as lone ruckman today. Hopefully a sign of things to come
Had a cracking game. Hopefully it reflects well with a good sc score


Doc shaw laird tuohy EVW Stewart (long newman)

Danger pendles fyfe Titchell beams omeara swallow brodie (SPP barret wigg)

#Nakilands strndica

Roo Dahl lynch roughead taranto butler ( pickett eddy)

Rookies are not set and i will only be going with 2 of Jbomb swallow and beams just undecided who.

Thanks in advance.


Strong bookends, Nankforpm, but it has left you short a premium or two in the middle.


I currently have Howe at D2, is that smart?


It's not terrible, you must be missing some popular players if he is your D2 though


I currently have Laird, Howe, Lloyd as my D1-3


Great work Kev! Not a lot to take out of this game. Nankervis I would suppose did alright against Grundy, can't fit him in though. Adams looks to be a solid defender for the season. Caddy was a bit disappointing but I reckon still will start with him, you have to expect an off game every now and again.


Cheers, Danners. Nank is a good competitor. JLT as a whole he's been really impressive. Can't see many Tigers making their way into my team this year.

Like your call on Caddy. Stick with your plans

Don't Blush Baby

JJK @ 532k , Lynch @ 507k or Cyril @ 490k ,I already have Dahl & Macrae, I believe the other 3 may end up in the top 6 Fwds by year end ,l just don't know who to start with ?


My call is Lynch. I think GCS are big ladder improvers this year and Lynch is arguably the best key forward in the game is great below his knees for a fwd and also gets the ball like Reiwoldt. Have a look at his score line from last year and he got smashed rounds 8-11 when their midfield was decimated. Much more depth this year with their trading for established mids.


DOn't want to jump at shadows here but geez that was exactly what I didn't want to see from Caddy.


Well as a NON Caddy believer/owner that was exactly what I didn't want to see either. Now you guys will be jumping off him and on to more valid forward options damn it!

I was hoping Caddy would suck more coaches in this season but sadly many of his fanboys are getting cold feet now. 🙁


Help me out with the more valid options? I've replaced him with Gunston at the moment but that doesn't feel a lock at this stage.

I think Caddy has more scope to go 100+ than Macrae but Caddy would be 130, 60, 140, 70 where'as macrae probably more 80-100 each week.


It's all a matter of opinion of course but I've never been a Caddy fan. I would pick Dahl, Macrae, Nank, Roughie, Lynch (GC), Higgins, JJK, Miller and NRoo ahead of him as I think they all have a better chance at finishing a top 8 forward than Caddyshack which is what you are looking for when you are spending premium dollars.

In fact I think I would be more tempted on both an under-priced Wingard or even an up and coming Billings over Caddy. Heeney would've also been ahead in the queue but now he's out with mono.

But if you believe in Caddy more than those guys I listed above then I say run with him. Maybe both you and Caddy will make me eat my words midseason although I think even you have your doubts about that right now. He does have a friendly R12 bye, I'll give him that, and owned by over 20,000 coaches right now so what would I know anyway.


Anyone tell me why we shouldn't be picking goldy and Gawn and not touching the rucks again all year?


Limited pre season from Goldy.
Melbourne have been playing Spencer along with Gawn so far this pre season which has been affecting his time in the ruck and SC scoring. If Spencer is named rd1 I think general consensus is no Gawn


Was looking at Butler, might have to look elsewhere.

Also if anyone wants to join a league : Jock Straps (185600)


I'm in JEL.. just love the League name … old enough to have worn one … tho wasn't big enough to fill one.. in those days … one size fits all… not.



B: Adams, Laird, Johannisen, J.Hunt, Marchbank, Hampton
(Vickers-Willis, Stewart)

M: Hannebery, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, Titch, O'Meara, SPP, Hibberd
(Freeman, Barret, Picket)

R: Gawn, Santi (sterndica)

F: Dahlhaus, Caddy, Roughead, J.Elliot, McCarthy, Black
(Eddy, Cameron)

Also have $284,900 left



liking jayden hunt pick! i think he could absolutely tear it apart this year, however youd have to have a set of balls to pick him at the start for his price, to which i personally don't

neil Demons Delight

Thinking I need more cash..Swallow to Marchbank does it using hibberd.Cash couldhinks play a huge role early me t


B: Docherty, Shaw, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, E.V.W
(Otten, Stewart)

M: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, J. Kennedy, Treloar, Fyfe, Beams, Taranto, S.P.P
(Barrett, Pickett, Hibberd)

R: Nankervis, Sandilands

F: Dahlhaus, Macrae, Greene, Roughhead, McCarthy, Black
(Houston, Eddy)

$5,600 left.

Thoughts? I keep being tempted to upgrade Greene to Riewoldt by downgrading Dependlebury to Priddis (Priddis as POD). I did have Coniglio in there for a POD, but unsure on his injury front!



I have gone this year with a fair amount of risk, but the potential reward is worth t this year, I think. My team for this year wih only a couple of rooks to be given the flick…

B: Docherty (CARL), Adams (COLL), T.Mac (MELB)
J Mac (NM), Hampton (ADL), Otten (ADL)
C:Danger (GEE), Treloar (COLL), Fyfe (FREO), Barolw (GC), Kelly (GWS)
Beams (BL) Steele (StK), JoM (HAW)
F: Dahl (WB) Caddyshack (RICH), Nank the Tank (Rich)
Toranto (GWS), BOWES (GC), Florent (SYD)
FOLL: Grundy (COLL), Sandiballs (FREO)

The Pine:
B: L. Ryan (FREO), Stewart (GEEL
C: SPP (PAP) Brown (COLL), Junker (NM)
FOLL: Strnadica (FREO)
F: Parfitt (GEEL) Eddy (PAP)

… Fire away with your thought s on this one and any potential improvements to this mob