SuperCoach Significance Report: FRE v CAR

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Firstly – my apologies

I had a big day down at Moorabbin yesterday which extended a little further into the evening than I’d first anticipated. By the time I got home to lodge this report I’d lost my trousers, had a tat of Phil Narkle inked on the arse, and thought it best I get a reasonable nights sleep.

So I’ve watched the replay early this morning and have plucked out the most SuperCoach significant performances I observed.

Remember also friends, CoachKings play at home is on like bloody Donkey Kong tomorrow, get on board here!



Nat Fyfe | MID | $573500

38 disposals, half of them contested. 86% disposal efficiency, 7 marks, 6 tackles. 176 Supercoach points. Lips plump. Hair flowing like a manicured Lion. Pity Freo play Geelong round one, takes him out of the captaincy loophole mix for those with Danger. Lock him in harder that you’ve ever locked before.

Lachie Neale | MID | $612800

Showed little sign of the knee trouble that hampered him earlier this preseason. Prolific with 37 possessions, a game-high 7 clearances and 121 Supercoach points. Stay disciplined, not at this price with a limited preseason regime.

Aaron Sandilands | RUC | $308200

Don’t be concerned by the 68 Supercoach points. The massive prick just continues to prove me wrong. Just the 65% game time, sat out for almost all the final quarter to rest the limbs. His 40% JLT hitout to advantage rate together with the relative ease he appears to be getting around the park remains arousing.

Cam McCarthy | FWD | $203600

His is by far and away the #1 ranking moustache in the AFL as it stands. Extremely impressive. He rolls with the muzz, the undercut, the pony tail and the ink.. what a package. 6 goals on his way to 86 Supercoach points from 88% game time.


Griffin Logue | DEF| $180300

Did enough with his half a game to suggest we have something to throw in the mix at some stage. 8 kicks and 3 handballs at 82% efficiency and streamed forward with the long frizzy locks for an impressive sausage in the last term. 56 Supercoach points.. not bad from the 18 year old given his TOG


Sam Docherty | DEF | $591600

Yes, 116 Supercoach points but nothing to write home about last night. Did most of his damage when the game was cooked.

Patrick Cripps | MID | $585500

Came out of the blocks strongly before being managed (65% game time) to end with 69 Supercoach points. 4 kicks and 22 handballs! Would have tempted many to overlook a severely stuffed preseason. No doubts this bloke will be a Supercoach beast for many years to come, however I strongly suggest you leave him out of your starting squads. Its not the handball factor, he can deliver without a high a kick to handball ratio, its all about the nackered preseason.

Marc Murphy | MID | $432500

27 disposals at a low 63% efficiency for 64 Supercoach points. Solid time on ground as well (80%) and did nothing to suggest that he’ll return to anything near his best anytime soon. Nup.

Caleb Marchbank | DEF | $236100

Is it wise to lock Caleb into your SuperCoach bank this early in March? You see, his name is Marchbank. Therefore to suggest we should bank on him in March I believe is quite humorous and a clever use of our language. He’s grown as a footballer over summer. Great smarts. Has an impressive footy brain on his shoulders and he knows how to work the angles. 22 touches, 7 marks, 4 R50’s and plenty of valuable intercept action. Now needs to be considered. 85 SuperCoach points.

Billie Smedts | MID/FWD | $217100

Just don’t think we’ll ever see Billie get a solid run at it, even at Carlton. 67 Supercoach points but decision making questionable at times and round 1 selection far from assured.

Jarrod Pickett | MID/FWD  | $123900

Thank Christ. GOOD BOY. Locked himself into the Carlton best 22 last night and did some very good things. Started out slow, but built in confidence as the game wore on for 86 Supercoach points, 3 impressive goals all from just 60% game time. Back in my squad after last night.

Thoughts folks?


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Fremantle v Carlton

Nat Fyfe 176

Lachie Neale 121

Stephen Hill 111

David Mundy 99

Cam McCarthy 86

Garrick Ibbotson 84

Michael Johnson 83

Lee Spurr 83

Michael Walters 82

Ed Langdon 82

Darcy Tucker 81

Bradley Hill 77

Jonathon Griffin 70

Aaron Sandilands 68

Connor Blakely 61

Danyle Pearce 59

Griffin Logue 56

Lachie Weller 50

Hayden Ballantyne 48

Zac Dawson 47

Joel Hamling 42

Shane Kersten 31

Sean Darcy 16

Cameron Sutcliffe 9


Sam Docherty 116

Matthew Kreuzer 105

Kade Simpson 93

Bryce Gibbs 87

Jarrod Pickett 86

Caleb Marchbank 85

Sam Kerridge 83

Ed Curnow 72

Matthew Wright 71

Patrick Cripps 69

Billie Smedts 67

Marc Murphy 64

Rhys Palmer 63

Simon White 62

Dale Thomas 62

Jacob Weitering 62

Dennis Armfield 57

Jack Silvagni 52

Jed Lamb 49

Lachie Plowman 48

Sam Rowe 47

Levi Casboult 44

Alex Silvagni 25

Harrison Macreadie 11


Fyfe is Lyfe. Thank christ a rookie (Pickett) actually did something!


What about Kade Simpson Jock? 32 disposals, 17 of them kicks! Been heavily overlooked this season, battling with Shaw at D1 for me.


I'v got him. Lock.


Im running Simmo, Shaw and Laird


Running with those 3 blokes as well. Managed to squeeze Marchbank in at D4. That kid looks the goods.


Shaw for ceiling, Simmo for consistency. 90% TOG for Simpson

Luskin Star

Didnt see the game Jock, did McCarthey play purely as a fwd?


Yes he did


Considering Marchbank very strongly. 84%, 85%, 86% TOG over his 3 JLT games for SC returns of 76, 86, 85 respectively.

Averaged 19 disposals @80, 7 marks


Looks like there is value to be had there Kev


Lock him in your team and throw away the key


Mr Pickett welcome to my bench. For every 80 your going to give me a 27. Park your butt on the pine your not moving from there


At the game last night Pieman. Pickett was everywhere he should have been. Impressed indeed.

Canny the Manny

Went through 3 whole tissue boxes watching Nat Fyfe play last night. 1 of them was for the tears of joy that were shed when seeing the great man back playing God-like football, and the other 2, well, were used for the same purpose most guys use tissues…


Yeah I have never blown my nose so much.


Nice review Manny


I hate seeing people put up their team and show Fyfe at M5. Put him where he belongs, M1.



Thanks Jock for the post under duress. I'm sure there are many stories to tell from the Moorabbin pilgrimage last night…

Seen enough from this game to lock in these 4:

Doc D1, Marchbank D4, Fyfe M4, Sandi locked in R2. Pickett maybe back in depending on how Miles and Galluci go.


I'd trust him over galluci


Shaw, laird, Adams
Marchbank, Hampton, EVW
(Stewart, Guthrie)

Danger, Pendles, Jpk, Martin
Fyfe, t.mitchell, o'meara, Powell- pepper
(Barrett, Pickett, Hibberd)


Dalhaus, McRae, Roughead
McCarthy, turner, Bowes
(Eddy, black)

Finished top 2000 last 3 years!
Comfortable with this team and have 130k left over I'm going to leave aside for an early upgrade for one of the ruckman but could use it somewhere else

Any thoughts cheers guys


R2 Zach?


Scrap that! I see it now – Sandi/Nank.
Team looks solid though F4-6 has a little too much risk. Better to swing Nank into Fwd line and go with a more solid R1. Consider Taranto too.


is anyone considering Sam Jacobs?


Seems to be better options around


Simpson Vs Docherty for D1. Both played 22 last year, both look like they will end up in the top 5 defenders for the year again. What does the community think?

Luskin Star

Docherty for mine. Younger so has the potential to improve


Rance- Adams- Laird
Hampton- Otten- Smith
Stewart- Vickers-Willis

Dangerfield, Pendlebury, J. Kennedy, Fyfe
T. Mitchell, Beams, O'meara, Powell-Pepper
Barrett, Pickett, Hibberd

Gawn (could become Goldstein)

Dahlhaus, Franklin, Roughead
Nankervis, Bowes, Houston
Eddy, Black

Any thoughts guys ?


3 Crows in Def line some risk re byes. Not sure if Smith will play too. Otherwise very solid team. Any room for Taranto over Bowes?


2 of the crows are rookies. Would be traded by the time their bye comes around

Dac Zawson

As a rule of thumb I only select premos that I believe will be Top 8 (DEF/FWD) or Top 10 (MID).
As it stands at the moment, who do people see the top 10 mids to be by seasons end?
Personally I'd say Dangerfield, Fyfe, Pendles, JPK, Hannebery, Treloar are the 6 most likely but the next 4 spots are up for grabs


Throw a blanket over the next 20 blokes


1. Danger
2. Fyfe
3. Hannebery
4. Treloar
5. JPK
6. Pendles
7. Jelwood
8. Dusty
9. Neale
10. Bont


Scharenberg out it pies team today. Another to likely scratch for round 1.


And josh Thomas & didn't see lachie Keefe on the team sheet either


Scharenberg –> Marchbank … anyone?? 😉


I just made that exact change. I don't see Scharenberg hitting the park regularly enough.


Exactly what I did.


Rance, Adams, Laird, Tuohy, Hampton, VIckers-Willis, (Stewart, Ryan)

Dangerfield, Pendles, Coniglio, Fyfe, Beams, Omeara, Swallow, Taranto, (powell-pepper, Freeman, Wigg

Mumford, Sandilands, (Strnadica)

Daulhaus, Franklin, Roughead, Nankervis, Mccarthy, Black, (Pickett, Eddy)

$31,400 Salary


Heavy with the midpricers


Rance has an Achilles issue …. is sure and steady but won't get you ceilidh Ng scores … Heater is a better option.


I thought Kruezer looked very good Jock. He jumped over the top of Sandi a few times for a paltry 15 hitouts BUT ALSO, EIGHT clearances, 7 Tackles, 12 kicks, 5HB, and a goal from 79% TOG. His 12 contested pozzies last night was, more than all 3 Freo rucks combined, a team high for the blues and only surpassed on the night by Fyfe and Neale.

He's only 30k more than Nanky and he aved around 90 most of his career except l/y which was his 2nd worst SC year ever. If Nank is a genuine option Kruez is a genuine POD


Absolutely not going to happen


Kruezer is up against Nank round 1 and could easily pumpout 130+. He knocked out an easy 147 against big Max in Max's breakout year and has a lot of 110+ scores in his short career. He's more of a Ruck/Mid/Fwd.


Kreuzer is a worthy consideration however his durability is my concern. Strung together 20 odd games last year but generally just too injury prone for mine. Mind you, if he puts together a full season you could be on a POD winner. Too risky?


Don't do it


Phillips is out injured for a while and Gorringe is a spud that won't get a game. Kreuzer will ruck 80-90% of games with support from Rowe or Casboult. He doesn't get heaps of taps but his ground work is as good as any ruck in the game. If you select him in your team you won't be disappointed by his points output.


O'Meara & Shoenmakers
Swallow & McCarthy or Taranto


O'Meara & Taranto?


Can't afford Blaknight


Shoemakers won't play. The hawthorn line is just too strong


He is in best 22


Treloar has been the first person i put im my side and it won't change the way he is playing at the Moment


I'm surprised your first pick wasn't yourself Bont


Is T.Adams a better option than Rance


He should average more but with rance he is set and forget. Doesnt miss many games.
There are big injury risks with Adams but he will score very well when on the park


Rance has injury issues too.. the risk is the same … Adams will score much higher this year,

Supercoach Spud

My current midfield is Danger,Pendles,JPK,Fyfe,Heppel,Shuey who should i get rid of and get in with 50k in bank


Upgrade shuey surely


Heppell out. Any one of 15 players to choose from who will do better.


Richmond 0.16.11 107
Collingwood 1.15.15 114
Reece Conca 103
Toby Nankervis 89
Dion Prestia 88
Bachar Houli 87
Trent Cotchin 84
Taylor Hunt 82
Dustin Martin 79
Shane Edwards 75
Jack Riewoldt 75
Brandon Ellis 71
Shaun Grigg 70
Alex Rance 62
Dylan Grimes 59
Anthony Miles 57
Mabior Chol 57
Josh Caddy 52
Jason Castagna 51
Dan Butler 45
Daniel Rioli 38
Tyson Stengle 34
Ivan Soldo 31
Nick Vlastuin 29
David Astbury 29
Sam Lloyd 21
Adam Treloar 126
Josh Smith 118
Brayden Maynard 111
Jackson Ramsay 110
Ben Reid 103
Tom Phillips 102
Taylor Adams 99
Jeremy Howe 87
Jack Crisp 86
James Aish 81
Will Hoskin-Elliott 80
Jesse White 79
Steele Sidebottom 76
Alex Fasolo 70
Jarryd Blair 69
Tyson Goldsack 64
Mason Cox 64
Brodie Grundy 63
Travis Varcoe 62
Henry Schade 53
Darcy Moore 53
Chris Mayne 52
Lynden Dunn 24


The Nank with 89…that'll do pig, that'll do.


Phillips worth a look?


DPP, impressive JLT, natural progression since drafted. Definitely worth a look as a FWD.


As Admiral Akbar would say, 'It's a trap!'


Marchbank at D4 with curtly d5 too risky