SuperCoach Significance Report: WCE v MEL

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CarlosThis match was a full on dress rehearsal, Community.

With Round 1 just over two weeks away, West Coast and Melbourne fielded near full-strength line ups and played with an intensity rarely seen in the JLT Community Series so far.

Both sides had a red hot crack and it was a good opportunity to see how they will structure up for the opening round.

While the Eagles got over the line by 25 points, it was a much closer contest than that.

Even though there probably wasn’t as much SuperCoach relevance as the Dogs and Suns tussle earlier this evening, a positive was I didn’t have to subject myself to listening to Dermott Brereton’s commentary, which was a welcome relief.

Here a few standout observations from this contest:

  • The Mitchell factor will significantly benefit the rest of West Coast’s midfielders. He was ridiculous tonight.
  • Max Gawn will most likely play in tandem with Jake Spencer in Round 1. This is slightly concerning.
  • Clayton Oliver is well and truly emerging.
  • Christian Petracca is a trap.
  • This match had very little SuperCoach rookie relevance. Actually none whatsoever.


Sam Mitchell | MID | $568,000

As a West Coast supporter, he has me absolutely frothing. 38 touches tonight, the majority of them handballs. Sam is encouraging the Eagles into a more handball-friendly style, which has them moving the ball swiftly through the middle. It should also not be underestimated how much this bloke will improve West Coast’s midfield. Expect the likes of Shuey, Priddis, Gaff and Sheed to improve their averages in 2017 with this efficiency jet cruising alongside them.

Mark LeCras | FWD | $428,600

The Frenchman kept his illustrious set of hair perfectly intact, as is his trademark. He was bloody lively early and finished with 2.2. As Jock has previously flagged, he always looks a million bucks in the pre season, but doesn’t have the consistency to be considered when the real stuff comes around.

Andrew Gaff | MID | $493,300

How much does this guy look like the nostalgic children’s puppet Agro? Remember him? Agro was always known for his feisty attitude and ability to “tell it like it is”. Gaffy doesn’t share a similar personality, but he let’s his footy do the talking. Another workman-like performance with 35 possessions at bloody 97 per cent efficiency! The Mitchell-influence in full effect.

Dom Sheed | MID | $267,400

One of Higgo’s favourites. Played nearly a full game, but failed to win any fans tonight with a quiet match. Way down the pecking order in West Coast’s midfield. Just 19 touches.

Brad Sheppard | DEF | $356,600

Barely sighted.

Chris Masten | MID | $408,900

Had 28 touches to three-quarter-time. Finished with 34 for the match at 85% efficiency. He has these impressive games every now and then, but can never back it up consistently.

Sharrod Wellingham | MID | $344,000

10 touches in the first term alone. 31 for the match. Was good rebounding in defence.

Elliot Yeo | MID/FWD | $409,200

Fair bit of it early. Looked very good in flashes, but he’s too inconsistent to seriously consider as a forward option. Had 28 touches in another deceiving pre season outing from the yo-yo man.

Matthew Priddis | MID | $593,800

Like Joel Selwood, the golly wog-haired one is being grossly underestimated in SuperCoach circles this season. Again poised to average 110+. The Mitchell impact will be enormous. 27 touches tonight.

Luke Shuey | MID | $574,500

Threatening to become uber elite in 2017. The additions to West Coast’s list will only benefit him. But he was a bit quiet tonight. Only 19 touches.

Josh Kennedy | MID | $532,200

Along with Tommy Lynch and Buddy, one of the few key position forwards that should come under consideration for selection in our FWD lines. Finished with 5.4 in an effortless display. Judging by JJK’s scores the past couple of seasons, you know what you get with him. There will be some 150+ scores, backed up with some -50 stinkers. Strap yourself in and get ready for the ride.

Nathan Vardy | RUC | $265,500

Probably won his spot as the second ruck option if Lycett is passed fit for Round 1. Had a good first quarter and looks very athletic for a big man. Kicked 2.0 for the match.

Drew Petrie | FWD | $356,400

Didn’t get enough of it. Round 1 unlikely.

Jeremy McGovern | DEF | $478,000

Was the usual irresistible McGovern. Intercepted brilliantly and mopped up in defence with little effort. Reads the play as good as any player in the competition.

Lewis Jetta | MID | $318,300

Started with some decent viscosity. Has speed. And good skills. Looks an improved player in 2017. But he still won’t find enough of the pill to be considered.

Shannon Hurn | DEF | $448,400

Bloody great bloke, Bunga. Salt of the earth. Remains captain, and while he is in charge he’ll continue to sacrifice his game when the team needs it. Despite his notable weapon of a booming right foot, he isn’t relevant while he remains top dog at the Eagles.

Jackson Nelson | DEF | $266,000

This young buck is trying to cement a permanent place in the Eagles’ 22, and probably enhanced his prospects slightly tonight.

Eric Mackenzie | MID | $354,500

Is a key position defender still yet to fully recover from a knee reco. Pass.

Josh Hill, Jamie Cripps, Jack Darling, Mark Hutchings | MID | $568,000

All had their moments, but are considerably irrelevant when it comes to SuperCoach.

Notable absentees: Nic Naitanui, Jack Redden, Liam Duggan, Sam Butler, Scott Lycett


Jesse Hogan | FWD | $417,600

Mark my words, this kid is destined to be something incredibly special. Has improved his set-shot kicking. Finished with 2.2, but showed plenty. Melbourne supporters would be absolutely frothing about what can produce in the coming seasons.

Nathan Jones | MID | $527,800

Nathan is the beating heart of this Melbourne side. When “Heart” Jones plays well, so do his beloved Demons. Played up to his name tonight. Warrior-like. But it was not quite enough.

Christian Salem | DEF | $379,500

Looked horrible at the start but worked his way into the game nicely. Finished with 18 touches and a goal. May tempt…but steer clear.

Jack Watts | FWD | $457,500

The prodigal son finally managed to earn a game for the Dees. Much has been made of Wattsy’s place at MFC after missing the first two JLT matches. Looked alright tonight.

Christian Petracca | FWD | $395,600

He’s a trap. Barely got near it in the first half. Brayshaw a better option as a cheaper FWD/MID in my opinion. Will have the odd good game in 2017, but will also produce stinkers like this. Buyer beware.

Jordan Lewis | MID | $540,600

Nice hug with former team-mate Mitchell before the match. Will certainly help out the young gun mids at the Demons this season. Gathered a number of his trade mark contested possessions. Finished with 29 possessions. Can’t see him being relevant this season, though.

Jack Viney | MID | $527,500

Thriving off the extra leadership responsibilities. Top 8 mid though? Nope. Not yet, anyway. Only 17 touches tonight.

Angus Brayshaw | MID/FWD | $353,100

The nephew of James has some serious talent. Started strongly with a goal and a number of touches early. Based on this match, his FWD status is tempting at his price. Does he have the consistent durability or point scoring capacity to make him an option in 2017? Questionable.

Max Gawn | RUC | $645,000

Didn’t really get out of second gear but still looked ominous. Based on his final score it must be a concern Jake Spencer could be playing in tandem with him in the home and away season. This seems to be impacting Max’s output from what we’ve seen so far. He’s still much safer than #Nankilands in my opinion though.

Dom Tyson | MID | $493,000

Honest performance. Very much what we’ve come to expect from young Dominic. Can’t see him ever reaching the upper echelon of AFL midfielders, though.

Clayton Oliver | MID | $382,500

Will emerge this season, Community. Mark my words. From what we saw tonight, could finish 2017 as Melbourne’s number one midfielder. That’s how good he looked. Finished with 31 touches, 13 of them contested, plus 7 tackles. Has been identified as one of the next midfield beasts in the Jock Reynolds Magazine. Didn’t do anything to disprove that tonight. Regular minutes in a midfield ensconced with talent is the biggest question facing Oliver in 2017. But from what he showed this evening, he will get plenty of opportunities. Strongly consider as a mid-price option. Could be better than Swallow and O’Meara.

Billy Stretch | MID | $371,000

Quick bastard. But not enough of the pill.

Bernie Vince | DEF/MID | $501,100

Barely sighted in the first half. Many are considering him for a D3 spot. Cross him off if tonight is anything to go by. Looked bloody rubbish.

Tom McDonald | DEF | $488,200

Is Melbourne’s general in the backline and provided good rebound combined with some timely intercept marks. Not enough of the pill though to worry the SuperCoach scorers too much.

Sam Weideman | MID | $219,400

Would be a good acquisition as a rookie, but his price just makes him too awkward, especially for a key forward.

Jayden Hunt | DEF | $324,400

The young man was very impressive. Has speed to burn and provides fantastic dash and rebound from half back. Kicked a super goal and looked very lively. Finished with 27 touches is a strong display. One of Melbourne’s best.

Tomas Bugg | MID | $402,300

Played a pretty decent game with 21 touches. Priced too awkwardly to consider, though.

Jake Spencer | RUC | $236,400

Big lumbering bastard. Looks more like a caveman than Maxy does. He could be a possible detriment to our sides. Goodwin seems to have a strong interest in playing him in tandem with Max, which could spell danger. Max doesn’t strike as the sort of bloke that likes sharing ruck duties. If Jake the Snake is picked round one, things will get interesting.

Oscar McDonald, Jake Melksham, Colin Garland, James Harmes, Alex Neal-Bullen

Are all slightly different players, but all irrelevant to us in SuperCoach this season.

Notable absentees: Michael Hibberd, Dean Kent, Jack Trengove, Cam Pedersen, Aaron vandenBerg, Jay Kennedy-Harris, Jeff Garlett, Neville Jetta

How did you see it community?


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SuperCoach scores


Andrew Gaff 125

Chris Masten 113

Shannon Hurn 105

Josh J. Kennedy 100

Jeremy McGovern 98

Mark LeCras 98

Elliot Yeo 94

Sharrod Wellingham 89

Sam Mitchell 85

Nathan Vardy 82

Mark Hutchings 82

Eric Mackenzie 81

Matt Priddis 79

Jackson Nelson 75

Dom Sheed 69

Josh Hill 68

Jack Darling 67

Luke Shuey 67

Jamie Cripps 60

Drew Petrie 54

Brad Sheppard 53

Lewis Jetta 32

Jack Redden 0

Thomas Barrass 0


Clayton Oliver 122

Jayden Hunt 111

Jake Spencer 81

Tomas Bugg 77

Nathan Jones 75

Jordan Lewis 75

Tom McDonald 74

Colin Garland 74

Jesse Hogan 72

Christian Salem 71

Jack Viney 70

Max Gawn 68

Alex Neal-Bullen 63

Angus Brayshaw 62

Jake Melksham 62

Jack Watts 61

Oscar McDonald 55

Billy Stretch 53

Bernie Vince 49

Dom Tyson 49

James Harmes 47

Christian Petracca 31

Sam Weideman 21

Jack Trengove 0


With heeney being out to start the year. Who is the next best option?


Take your pick of any of about 10, none a safe bet. I like nank, roughy, Steele, billings probably in that order, or better still find some cash and go up to one of the better options, macrae, lynch buddy caddy jjk etc


no one ever mentions Cyril 😉


I can't mention his name without hearing a ""twang""". Not for me but is a jet if those hammies hold together


Gaff will suck a few in. No contested game. Had the pill 35 times, 30 uncontested, for ONE inside 50


Doesn't need to have a contested game when you have Priddis and Mitchell in the side. Feeding off Mitchell a plenty. Gut runner. Interesting to see how he scores this season. Will definitely improve on his 90.3, but question is by how much.


not enough


oi talking smack Derek?


Of course, most likely not if talking re top 10 midfielders. Interesting nonetheless.

I like him as a player, was kind to me last year with disposal cash bets.


You absolute idiot of a man don't be talking smack about my man gaff you bastard


Great wrap Carlos. If Spencer is named Rd 1, Max is Gawn.


Yep. Zero arousal from what Goodwins doing to big Max.


100% spot on. He's probably still going to be a top 3 ruck when sharing duties with Spencer, but if they're both named I'd rather wait get him after his price drops. No way he'll maintain a 118 average if he's sharing. Will be interesting to see what Goldi/Grundy can produce this weekend.


if spencer gets named think i might just swap gawn for sandi and bank the cash and wait for goods to pull his finger out. if sandi goes down straight swap if he doesnt well winning and i upgrade grudge undies to gawn when spencer gets dropped


its a pity that Spencer is $236k


I think you're wrong on Tom McDonald. In for a big year. Great POD in around 1.8% of teams, still developing.


He's someone I'd prefer to either pick off during the season closer to $400K, with his likely KPP ups and downs, or after his early Rd11 bye rather than start myself.

Last season he got off to a horrid start averaging about 70 in his first 7 games that saw his price plummet well below $400K and had his starting owners pulling their hair out but came home super strong after his bye for those who picked him off cheaply.


Gee the whole Gawn splitting the ruck thing is interesting, Gawn to witts releases a bucketload of cash but I don't think I can do it. I reckon gaff is a dead set lock for a 105 average this year but still sorta makes him irrelevant unfortunately….


It has been a common thread in these Melbourne writeups that Gawn looks like he's just jogging around. Could this be calm before the storm, community? You don't pull out a 118 average being an ordinary footballer.


Very true, and once you miss those 150's he scores, there is no getting them back!


No 150's in two ruck system to worry about missing.


Not his scores per se that concern me Kev, it's the 2 ruck system that Goodwin has been using. Hopefully he dumps it for the season proper but persisting with it in JLT4 isn't a great sign.

Solo ruckmen or bust for JibJibFC.


I don't think many doubt Big Maxy will still be one of the best rucks in the comp and a premium scorer.

But can he still maintain that ultra high 118 average with Goodwin and Spencer seemingly sabotaging his fantasy output? It's also quite rare for the No.1 ruckman to again finish the No.1 ruckman the following season in recent years. Just look at Goldy and his 130 average in 2015. Shit happens. It only takes a sluggish start or compromised output due to shared roles to whack $100K off his price in no time.

So there could be a 5-15pt drop off which may not sound like a lot but could reward those who go with seemingly better value options to start with. After all you can't start with every ultra premium, you have to bet against some of them, and Gawny is now giving some coaches reason to bet against his $645K asking price.


he looked alot thinner than last year.


Anyone else seriously thinking Nankervis & Sandiballs now?

Gawns price can't share rucks surely…


If I change R1 from Gawn it'll be to Goldi or Grundy. Nankiballs R1/R2 has wayyyy to much risk for my liking

neil Demons Delight

Spencer is just a good back up player forget his 3 goals never done that before and never again not in the same league as Maxy .MIGHT be in R1 but doubt much more Goodwin more likely to go with a part timer and playing spencer where he belongs at Casey another Fitzpatrick cheers


Big ask to spend the coin on Gawn if Spencer will effect his scores. If your paying over $600,000 for any player in any position you want premium scores. I am unsure if Gawn is going to be what is was last year. He has a break even of 119 and I doubt he will get that?


Oliver is really tempting but I feel like he is like my pick of Matt crouch at the start of last year, he will improve but not enough to be a stepping Stone because Matt crouch at the byes last year had barely made any cash. Just my opinion

De ui

Thoughts on having crouch and titch at M5 and M6? To risky to have two breakout contenders?


Like it

neil Demons Delight

Think youre on the money brownlow boy both astute picks love to see ur team


Are you talking to me Neil?


Yeah I had no idea who he was talking to haha


Community thoughts on the current line up :-

Adams, Laird, Tuohy, Hampton, Otten, Vicker-Willis, Stewart, Guthrie (had to swap Doch to Laird to make the moves work)

Danger, Pendles, Selwood, Trealor, Fyfe, Beams, Oliver, Powell-Pepper, Barrett, Wigg, Miles

Nank, Sandi, Stna

Riewolt, Dalhaus, Franklin, Roughead, Steele, Houston, Eddy, some 102k cheapier cause I had to sell Black to get Trealor.

So my question is am I better selling Trealor for T Mitchell or M Crouch or put more money in the bank and go JOM/Swallow (if so WHO OF THE 4)

Then change Laird back to Docherty and Black back for the 102k cheapie…


I wouldn't sell Treloar, I'd trade Oliver down to Swallow or O'meara and Tuohy up to someone like Shaw.


My physio mate is concerned with Beams' injury recurring…not so with JOM. I've changed out Beams on that basis…Just saying…:)


Have my defence rookies somewhat sorted. Struggling in other areas any recommendations?


I like the look of Tim Taranto. Still scratching my head how he got up from the Buddy bump


Looks a likely rd 1 starter as well.


He does. You've got the something incredible to crack that team as an 18 year old. I see more upside in McGrath & McLuggage but this blokes ready to rumble right now


Personally prefer him to Swallow or JOM. Lower price, quicker cash generation, should average 70+


No arguement here jib. As it stands I have all of them


Think it was the other 200k rookie McClug that got the Buddy treatment


No. It was Taranto. He's firming for me. Rookie FWDs are fickle. He spent large time forward last night, much more than other JLT games where he had more time on the ball and did not look out of place. Even with more forward time he scored 75pts. I'll take that. He's a pure midfielder and got his DPP by virtue of the number of goals he kicked last year as a mid.

I don't think I've seen him have a clanger yet. If he does cough the ball up it has been to a contested situation. Very unusual for a rookie – EVW a case in point last night. The GWS tsunami messed with his head and his decision making got exposed. Played poorly, but Scott hopefully will treat as a learning experience.


Still a few cash league spots up for grabs. email [email protected] he will pass that to me & I will make contact with you


New on here. How much hard earned we talking ? Also how decent / completely useless do we need to be ?


$100. To be honest Wood there is some very high level players in the leagues. You'd want to know what your doing


Righto. We talking top 5 and 10 % or the elite 1 and 2% ?


Top 1% to have any chance Woody. Great challenge


Cheers. Seems I'd most likely be donating then. I'll have a think over the next couple days and see if I've got the testicles to give it crack. In the meantime I'll keep using the crap out of this beautiful group to get on the right path. Keep up the good work lads.


Great place to learn the craft Wood


Ive emailed jock mate


Beast Neil & Nath check your email. Check junk mail as well


Hi Pieman, I'd like to jump in if there's still a spot? Cheers mate


Email Jock & ill be in touch


Was great pitting my overseas witts against you in the MW Wines league last season Pieman, but I don't think I've got the restoration to put my money where my pommie mouth is! Hope to see you in that league again this year. Still some places up for grabs, have a word with Mr Ruddick.


G'day bezo. Hope your well mate. There is more criteria to that league like playing DT. Which doesn't interest me in the spud trophy battle. So I dont fit the role. But geez there aren't many better fantasy footballers than Dancing Dave. Year in year out gun


Thoughts on C.Mills


Has looked pretty good so far mate, McVeigh out early stages of the season too should mean he has a higher output.


If you are looking for a midprice breakout in defence then Mills and Tuohy would probably be the two leading candidates right now.

Asking a 2nd year player to be a top 10 defender may be a little too much although he has the talent and opportunity to make that a reality, even if it's unlikely in the eyes of most coaches. Not enough value as a stepping stone so would need to be a season long keeper if you were to planning to start him. Not for me but I can understand the appeal.


well said re Mills. I have been very keen on him all preseason. He is/will be my only midpricer (except for sandi).

I prefer to have midpricers who are Fallen Premiums and usually avoid second year players. So Mills is crossing (not ticking) all the boxes.

He would also be at starting D3, looks a bit thin without Simmo, Shaw or Docherty.

With heeney not playing i thought Mills would be a lock, but with McVeigh injured, i know that Mills will play the half back role and score nice 85-90's.

If i get Simmo instead, will Simmo score 120's to justify the extra cash, but in turn will he save me a trade? To make the cash, i would have to have Barrett/Wigg etc instead of Swallow, so there is a loss of points there.

Simmo and Rookie OR Mills and Swallow?

Right now, Mills is in my team.


He will float between midfield and defence. Lock for me will average around 95 which is good enough for D6.

Will pick up Shaw, Simmo and Doc when they drop, not keen to pay those prices for defenders.


Would like to know where people stand with Swallow atm. That final JLT game didn't look super convincing and I now find myself pondering downgrading to a rookie for M8. Thoughts?


I'm guessing he's still a super valid pick based on his 2014 scoring pedigree. However I can understand why some coaches are jumping off and over to JOM given what we can surmise their relative roles will be this season and what it may mean from a fantasy output perspective.

Definitely an argument could be made for starting both depending on rookies and structures but right now you would have to say JOM is the slightly more enticing midpriced pick, especially if he again produces the goods on Sunday and gets through unscathed and is named for Rd1 obviously.

Rick Grimes

I feel the same MP. I think Brodie might be a better pick, if he gets a gig.


Agree, though Rocket sounds committed to waiting to give Brodie a start. Therefore a likely downgrade option later in the year.


All my mid pricers are put on notice this weekend and must perform.
Sadly, David didn't do enough last night, and as such will not be a required player at my club this year. We wish David all the best for 2017 and will never forget his contribution in 2014.


Any playing rookie will be better than just about any midpricer. It all comes down to which mid rookies are playing R1

Rick Grimes

Gawn is teetering in my side. I think Grandilands might be the go.

Clock Management

I've been saying it since before pre-season Spencer will play rd 1, but people continued to state it was no chance, based on comments maybe people are starting to realize I was right.

Anyway is it concerning JJK kicked 5.4 yet only 100 sc points? I didn't watch the game

Off The Bench

He was very very good. Easy marks on the lead, ball on a platter. He was already in my side, now locked given he will likely be a top 6 forward.


Hey Clock, i've been talking about Clubs returning to the two Ruckman structure all preseason. Thought it might happen as the season progressed as i could see most clubs had strengthened their big man departments, but needed to get game time into some of these big boys.

We are shifting back to the Pre-sub rule days of teams running two ruckmen. However, the big difference is the number of interchanges. Pre sub days it was 160 and the ruckmen would rest on the bench, now they have to rest in the forward line, therefore ruckmen need to have some other skills, but they are learning fast. Means they have much higher TOG than before.

Also, the deliberate out of bounds has reduced the number of stoppages by at least 21%, therefore Clubs are going with more Nimble ruckmen who can get around the ground alot more.

it is the death of the Lone Wolf ruckman alright.

I love how Gawn had trimmed down, looking very Nimble!


SC scores are often a little out of kilter in the preseason with extended benches and a lot of the established players not quite going at 100% and doing everything they usually do in a regular h&a game for premiership points. So wouldn't read too much into it.

JJK should again be a top 10 forward this season but like most KPPs it will probably be a roller coaster ride, so just make sure you bring your barf bag as you may need it at times if you are starting with him. 🙂


Don't usually do a team till after the pre season is done and dusted but stuff it I've done it now. Any thoughts appreciated.

Docherty – Shaw – Laird – Hampton – EVW – Stewart
(Newman – Guthrie)

Danger – Pendles – J Selwood – Bont – Fyfe – JOM – SPP – Wigg
(Barret – T Miles – M Hibberd)

Gawn – Sandi (Strnadica)

N. Riewoldt – Dahlhaus – Macrae – Roughy – Taranto – A Black
(D Cameron – B Eddy)

Boltons Blues

Is a no premo ruck combination viable this year?
if it isnt this year, when bloody is it


That's the hot topic right now both here and on Twitter. A fortnight ago many coaches had the Gawnsta locked at R1 with concerns over both Goldy and Grundy but it just goes to show that lock is nothing more than a meaningless label we try to convince ourselves with.

No doubt the lads will mull it all over on the next podcast so will be interesting to see where they all land after some time to digest the matter. Higgo is already asking the question:


Shared Wellingham of any relevance?






He looks up and about and will generate more points than he's costing you imo. Will have a good year and looks like he's got an extra spring in his step this season. Ignore points from JLT 1, but in 2 and 4 he's scored pretty well.

However won't be a keeper. So at that price a no for me. If you are looking at enhancing your early round on field point scoring and using him as a stepping stone there's some validity in that, but he won't make much cash and that strategy will cost you a trade. He's also Rd 12 bye which does add appeal.


Jock Reynolds Community Overall Rank Group.

I think we need to have a Jock Reynolds Community Group for those who are focused on overall Rank.

The head-to-heads are good fun, especially once the chance of a good rank has gone ;), but i think most will agree the true test of most Serious Supercoachers is their overall rank.

I've set up a Group called "JR Community Rank".

follow link….

hopefully all the Big Guns of the community will join and we can match ourselves against them and hopefully learn a thing or two.


Nice idea Derek although let's face it who isn't concerned with trying to achieve the best rank possible, especially at the start of a season, before everything goes pear shaped and then we have to resign ourselves to focussing on leagues. 🙂

I joined yesterday btw.


I'm looking forward to taking your hard earned SCA lol


With all your cash leagues up and going and no doubt countless H2H bets on the side you are all set for a huge cash windfall in 2017 Pieman.

Now all INP Arbitrage has to do is go out there and actually perform. It sounds so easy right? 🙂


Could be a very expensive season SCA! Very heavily invested into SC 2017! I still can't believe you challenged the bye master in that head to head bet


a few years ago jock had a number of leagues that people were able to move through on a promotion and relegation system. there was also the qualifiers group (and a donners group). the ultimate was to make the Premier Jock reynolds League. i'm sure you were part of that.


Yep. Jock won the premier league from 8th once


any chance Jock will start that again?


Unlikely. The lads are pretty time poor with the CK expansion. I've started the cash leagues instead. 2 this year & see how that goes


I'll be in those cash leagues with bells on next year – final year uni this year = no cash leagues for me


Hey that link isn't working for me, not sure if anyone else is having the same problem?


the links not working for me either


Hi Guys, does anyone have the correct link to the JR Community Rank group?


B: Shaw, Rance, Adams, Tuohy, Hampton, Vickers-Willis (Otten, Smith)

M: Dangerfield, Fyfe, Steven, Prestia, Beams, O'meara, Swallow, SPP (Hibberd, Hamilton, Bolton)

R: Goldy, Sandilands (Cameron)

F: Rooey, Dahl, Macrae, Roughead, McCarthy, Houston (Strnadica, Eddy)

Wouldn't mind a replacement for McCarthy as he may not score fantastically.
Any other advice would be great


Something I did separately was create a top 10 list for DEF, MID and FWD. As in.. I made a list predicting who would be top 10 by end of this year. If you are picking premos who dont fall within your top 10 in each line.. why are you including them? So my point it: not sure on Prestia and Steven… Prestia more so.. i just dont see him being a top 10 mid. Otherwise: team looks good!


Can you suggest a better 2 to go with?


its a tough one because there is no one at that price point. Keep Steven – he's a great POD for you. But you are already holding a bit of risk in your mid with Beams, JOM and Swallow. I'd actually lose Adams or Touhy and play 3 premos and 3 rookies in defense.. use the money to buy a Pendles. Treloar, Hanners JPK.. get another ultra premo in your mid.


Yep Zee. Ultra premo list is where i start and work backwards.


Any rookies you can suggest?


Spot on Zee, You Could even go a Touhy for Marchbank then split the extra upgrading Beams and Prestia. Too much risk with your mids. or Even cheaper still Stewart from Geelong


Would really appreciate some feedback guys! I have never put my team up for review so be gentle. Really wanted Roughy at F4 so made some concessions in the midfield.. ie… Shuey instead of Selwood. Im fully prepared for the wrath…

Simpson, Rance, Laird, Hampton, EVW, Steward (Newman, Ryan)

Danger, Hanners, Shuey, Fyfe, Titch, Beams, Swallow, SPP (Wigg, Hibberd, Bolton)

Gawn, Sandi (Stryn)

Dahl, Buddy, Lynch (suns), Roughy, Black, Houston (Butler, Eddy)


Shuey is definitely a valid pick. Jock has been a huge advocate of the kid over the years although he's never been quite able to take his game to the ultra elite level. Neither has Jock for that matter ha ha.

Can he join the 110+ club for the first time I'm not sure but Smitch can only help the cause. I'd still prefer Pridda for slightly more coin for at least we know he can do that – cracking 110 plus in 4 of the last 6 seasons and only just missing out in 2016.


I did have Pridda in actually but i was wondering if S.Mitch might hinder rather than help Priddis' output. I know everyone is SAYING that priddis will play better.. but they are both in and under players… so they could end up stealing points from each other.


If you have doubts on Pridda and prefer Shuey then back your gut in I say. Both would be huge PODs for either good or bad at just 3% and 1% ownership respectively.


You need Dahlhaus in ur forward line. lock it


sorry didnt see his name


i see your post above. Do you have Shuey in your top 10 mids??…. and Beams?…and Roughie?


haha i knew someone would ask me this! Beams yes. Roughie is in, I'm a hawks supporter.. he is in.
Shuey… well… he's all I can afford so there's that.Or someone around his price point. My top 10 mids are: Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Fyfe, Bont, Beams JPK, Selwood, TMitch, Neale…


the old "he's all i can afford…" answer. Shame on you. start again.


Agree Derek. He's all I can afford always costs a trade


I'm not saying I'm going to hold him all year. Im purchasing someone who will bring in points and may trade to an ultra premo later on OR he has a cracker year and I hold him. Last year's winner only had 7 keepers in the end.


Beams top 6. really?


Beams doesn't necessary have to finish top 10 by seasons end for mine. If he's top 10 by the bye rounds, gets himself injured…….. I'll happily trade him to a gun, satisfied that he's got me off to a great start and made me some coin.

In the Ol' days of 20 trades I'd never think like that. I had a 300k policy, meaning I'd never pay over that for someone who I didn't think was a keeper. Times have changed though and you gotta be more creative with those extra 10 trades.


I agree Phil. Last year's winner showed us that he only needed 7 keepers!


Ok, taken stress leave today to work on the team. My maths ability is on par with the contested ball winning ability of old mate Jordan McMahon. So need one of you gurus to help me out and answer this for me.

Who's going to make me more $$$ in the following scenario:
– D. Swallow ($280,200) if he averages 85.
– D. Beams ($432,500) if he averages 105.


If you work on 5.14, then Beams hits 540k, a profit 107.5k. Swallow hits 437k, a profit of 157.2k


Bang on Keen!


Cheers for the number work. Seems finding the rookies that'll generate 200k + are the better option. That'll require an avg of around 65 if I'm correct. Challenge now is finding who they are and will they keep their spot till they get the $$$ up that high. Fair chance I'm going to need another day of stress leave.


Keen is correct (in answering your question) however I think it's more complicated than that.
It would also depend on how you spend the extra cash. For example, if it's Beams + a rookie vs Swallow + a mid priced player, then most likely the rookie will make more coin than the mid pricer.
In your example, I think I'd possibly prefer Beams as he is only 5 points off a premium.


Yeah the possibilty of Beams as Keeper with the $$$ a well selected rookie could earn definitely seems the go over Swallow and another mid price.


Ok I revised my team. anything further to add?

B: Shaw, Rance, Adams, Hampton, Vickers-Willis, Stewart (Otten, Smith)

M: Dangerfield, Pendles. Fyfe, Steven, T. Mitchell, Beams, Swallow, SPP (Hibberd, Hamilton, Bolton)

R: Goldy, Sandilands (Cameron)

F: Rooey, Dahl, Macrae, Roughead, Black, Houston (Strnadica, Eddy)


Thumbs up. I really like this team.


Really like this team, James. Like the Steven pick as a bit of a POD!


Steven is almost certainly under-priced and quite durable with his only injury affected year back in 2014. The only knock I have on him is that he can go mysteriously missing for portions of games and seasons. For instance take late last year where he had 4 games in a row under 80pts (including a 56) around the time of the SC finals – ouch baby!

That said I intend picking him in DT as his preseason form has been impeccable, so hopefully he and his Sainters get off to a flyer and at his 2017 starting price he definitely offers value for mine.


On first pass I like your on ground team … strong across all lines, can' t fault your FWD and RUC line. DEF line is strong, but I'd look at one of the Blue boys in place of Rance … he will be solid, but you wont get many, if any, super scores.
Note: Bolton wont play for some time, he's not ready for AFL, so that would be a wasted rookie .
Not counting Roughy, you have 4 players coming back from injury – 3 of these in the middle.
Not sure if you rate Steven to be Top 10, in 2016 he wasn't in the Top 25 … a big jump expected with little reasoning.. its not as if they have a class RUC to help him out. You have Titch who is similar profile, but now with more time in the middle than he did at Sydney.. So I'd be looking at swapping Steven for a guaranteed Top 10 – you have only 3 with risky Beams a potential fourth.
As it stands your team looks fairly balanced for the byes.


Afternoon Community, I was having a play around and have put together a team with no premo ruck just to see what I could dish up, let me know what you all think.

Laird, Howe, McGovern, j.lloyd, Hampton, ed.vw (otten, Stewart)

Danger, hanners, treloar, Fyfe, Steven, beams, jom, spp (Barrett, miles, fox)

Nank, sandi (pruess)

Dahl, tlynch(Suns), Gunston, billings, butler, Houston (eddy, jarman)

Teams projecting just shy of 1850 even though its meaningless at this moment..

neil Demons Delight

To all the coaches dumping Gawn please check out Danger I think it wise to dump him too.Both these are must haves A t years end they will be one two


I'm calling this Spencergate!!! If he plays round 1 watch Gawn's ownership crash

By the way Neil check your email mate. Replied to you about the cash league

neil Demons Delight

all good INP IN ON TUESDAY what do I do then and how do I check it out many thxcheers NEIL


All details on your email buddy


That might be a bit of heart thinking instead of brain thinking Niel, it's not like Danger is about to lose 25% of his on ball time like Max is

neil Demons Delight

IF and a big if Franky plays .Watts and Pederson still doing ruck drills at Cranbourne good luck at your new club mate Cheers


What are everyone's forward rookies at the moment?


Got the usuals in Eddy and Black but will probably pass on Pickett if more attractive options present this weekend.

Also have an eye on Knight, Taranto and WHE but those $200K guys need to not only suggest improved JS but also superior point production over the $120K guys to interest me and I have my doubts on all 3 there.

Lastly I might consider using a loop F8 donut guy depending on final structures.


Knight, Simpkin & Shoenmakers (Hayward & Eddy)


Houston from port as something different


Simpkin and Turner about to gain in popularity for F5 / F6


Is Shoenmakers worth it? His previous scores are ordinary to say the least. If he's playing he's better than a rookie who's dropped after a few games but that seems about the extent of it. What does your Hawthorn intel reveal Derek?


Clarko will play McEvoy and Tyrone as the two ruckmen, resting deep in goal square. Roughie looks like playing centre half forward and crashing through stoppages to combate other teams big midfielders. Gunston will be more on the wing running hard end to end. No Hill and Hartung playing as the running half back gives Gunston freedom. Sicily looks like he has moved to defence, was taking a lot of the kick ins.

Shoenmakers will play the second tall forward. He can make a contest and attract a tall defender, get the ball on ground and let Cyril and Breaust do their thing. He is a good set shot and should kick a goal or two.

I think his JS is good. He will give 100%. Don't expect much better than 55-60 from him though.


Thanks Derek, that's interesting. $155k for a guy who should play every game (at least until he's upgraded) is probably good enough. I guess we have to be prepared to use a corrective trade on this if it doesn't work out. If he makes my team, he'll have to be on the bench as I roll the dice on a rookie to outscore him…


Shoenmakers, Black (Hayward & Eddy). Also have Taranto and Miles in the mids.


Sharrod is very tempting as a D4
110 and BOG v Giants first up, followed by 104 v Freo and then 89 last night.
He appears to be first choice for the kick in and also for delivery off half back and I don't see anybody else likely to play those roles at eagles.
Does anybody know his ppm over jlt?


Hurn has had ownership of kick in duties for the last 45 years over there. Can't see them handing it over to Wellingham. Might be just a pre season trial thing they're giving a go. More importantly, do you really want a bloke called Sharrod in your side ?


Sharrod Av 63 from 18 games last season. That's putrid. His preseason numbers are called "The Lumumba Trap". Move on, nothing to see here!


"The Lumumba Trap". Brilliant. Could not have put it any better.


Hmm, depending on how goldy goes this weekend will alternatively decide my structure.
On field will either be
Goldy, JOM and Black
Macrae, nank and Witts.

I think you need a premium ruck if you go with Sandi at R2 but would not be surprised if choice 2 gives me more points


Thoughts on Sam Mitchell, Could he be relevant and a nice POD


He will get rested for some away games so be wary


TOG will be limited therefore won't have a high ceiling.


I think 39 touches and only scoring 85 points is a good sign in itself not to pick him.


And Lycett now dislocated shoulder.


Who is a good replacement for Brodie

Already have SPP, Barrett, Wigg, Hibberd




Maybe Miles? Maybe Taranto?


Atley might get early games


atley by far


On a completely unrelated topic, how to a calculate 'Points Per Minute?' As JLT scores are largely irrelevant as players a played in different positions, less game time, etc. I would really like to check out some of their PPM.



Just want to know what people think of Jobe at his price of $453 300???


Better options


I cut him 2 weeks ago 🙁


He bloody LOCK


What are your thoughts on having 4 on field Hawthorne players such as T Mitchell, O'Meara, Gunston & Roughead to much? I love the look of my current side however I am concerned about 4 Hawks players.

My option is to drop O'Meara and get Swallow – However I am certain O'Meara will outperform Swallow if he remains sound.


it looks odd, as i have had a no hawks policy the last few years. great team but poor SC options.

All 4 look ok for this year. I would also have a good look at Shoenmakers at F6.


Do you have any Hawks players this season?


Right now I have TMitch, Cyril and Shoenmakers.


I also don't usually chose Hawks players, apart from Gunston, I thought you brought in Gunston last season? Tmitch without Hanners, JPK & Parker is something I cannot ignore and I see him averaging 110.
Gunston has been one of the most consistent players to play in a SC forward position and now that Mitchell & Lewis are gone I'm certain he will play more in the guts and average 100+

I personally have never owned Roughead in the past, however he is another player who has averaged around the 100 mark for 5 consecutive seasons, you gotta have him this season due to his price and doesn't have injury concerns like many others who are priced around his price.

What Hawks players do you have this season?

I cannot fit schoenmakers in because I have enough Hawks players however due to his $155k price tag he is a awesome Cash cow prospect and will be in Hawks best 22 so theirs no worries about him playing Round 1 providing he remains sound.

Mystic Mac

Tossing up between Gaff and Shuey at M6. Eagles are looking to handball more this year and find a player in a better position.. I'm thinking this may play into the hands of someone like Gaff on the outside? Mitchell can only help his cause too by getting first hands on the pill. Thoughts please guys??



no NicNat. dunno


I'm keen on gaff but don't think he'll push over about 105 average which is a win @490k (I think he is) but still no mans land as far as top 10 mids go.


Agree with Swans – value but not top 10. Get yourself a Fantasy team MM and slot Gaff into that. Shuey might break into premo category – NicNat did seem to look for him in the middle though.


Lycett done a shoulder


Adams, Laird, Mills, Marchbank, Hampton, EVW
Hibberd (NM) Stewart
Danger, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Hall, Beams, JOM, Swallow
SPP, Barrett, Pickett
Riewoldt, Dahl, Lynch (GCS) Roughy, Taranto, Miles
Butler, Eddy

12.3k Left over

Not sure about the rucks really putting their hands up except Gawn but I won't be having him if Spencer is named come rd1
Thoughts would be great


For a side that has Sandilands & Nankervis as your two ruck selections. Your team looks like a train wreck to be brutality honest.

Your defence is still quite week by not having Shaw, no idea what people see in Marchbank at $235k also I personally am not a fan of Mills but that's just a personal thing.

Your team needs TOTAL restructuring only because SIX of your players are injury prone & 5 of those are in your midfield. You also have far to many mid priced players such as Marchbank, Beams, JOM, Swallow, Sandilands, Nankervis, Roughead & a high priced rookie in Taranto.

I don't mean to be rude but I think you should look at your side properly and FIRSTLY decide what ELITE PREMO players you personally really love regardless what others think, when I say ELITE PREMO'S I mean players such as Danger, JPK, Treloar, Fyfe, Adams, Laird, Riewoldt, Dahlhaus, Lynch and start that way and restructure the rest of your team.

This is just advise mate, starting in DEFENCE:
I personally would get rid off Marchbank and put in Otten save yourself $113,000 even though Otten suffers with injury problems his price is far to cheap to ignore as a cash cow, Also consider fitting in Shaw in your defence and I would get rid of Mills myself.
As for your midfield players, You have a midfield full of injury prone elite & midpriced such as Hall, Beams, JOM, Swallow & Fyfe to a lesser extent but everyone has him including myself so Fife is fine.
Out of Hall, Beams, JOM & Swallow – I strongly suggest that you select no more then two of them.

You have no Ruck backup at all don't count on Preuss mate.
I strongly suggest you swap Preuss with Cameron or any Ruck that has DPP (FWD/RUCK) then in your forward bring in Lycett as this will give you RUCK cover which you SERIOUSLY must have especially if you stick with your current Ruck.
I personally would get rid of Nankervis and put either Goldy or Gawn in and have Sandilands as your R2 and either stick with Lycett in the forward as a Ruck back up or if you prefer stick with Nankervis in your forward line as your ruck back up.

Roughead I like, I have him like most people do.
However Taranto's price scares the hell out of me, only because he plays for GWS who have more players with decent ability then any other side in the competition, if he played for the Lions then sure I would LOCK him in but my concern even if selected for Round 1 is how many games will he get overall, if he has a average day which 90% rookies do, then a side such as GWS have another 10 players lining up waiting to replace below average players and GWS this year aren't the GWS of old, they are premiership favorites because of the great players they have along with the quality back up players they have waiting to jump in as soon as a player under-preforms.

I would swap Taranto with someone like Derek stated in (Schoenmakers) a player priced at a rookies price ($155,100) but he has played for the Hawks for 8 seasons already, he will make Hawks top 22 and will generate you cash without a doubt and will play Round 1 providing he remains uninjured.
Also keep an eye out on these rookies in the forward (Houston & Black)

Just try and eliminate so many injury prone players along with so many mid priced players. I hope this helps mate. Good luck!!!

Supercoach Spud

Thoughts on Shuey i have him in my team right now keep or get rid of him


Keep him I have had him from day 1. Mind you I also have gaff!! Both in line for big years


Lycett done shoulder


Hi Community. How does this look as we head into a weekend of more possible changes?

D: Doc, Shaw, Laird, Marchbank, Hampton, EVW (Stewart, Guthrie)
M: Danger, Pendles, JPK, Fyfe, M.Crouch, O'Mera, Swallow, Taranto (SPP, Barrett, Hibberd);
R: Gawn, Sandi (Strnadica)
F: Dahlhaus, Caddy, Roughy, Nankervis, Galluci, Black (Miles, Eddy).

Nank cover for Sandi, DPP forwards & Crouch as the midfield POD. Risks worth taking. feedback appreciated…


like this team a lot. i feel like marchbank is a huge risk, and i also think beams is a must have this year which u should consider fitting in


Thanks Nick. Risk with Marchbank though he is not a keeper. Stepping stone for the byes at this stage. Ageee on Beams though to fit him in means either JOM or Swallow have to go.


and zach guthrie is injured so should change him out


I have t seen any of Beams' games. Is he right to go? My physio mate was worried as he had a man ch more serious injury than JOM and when it comes to 4 points that might come kncking. I had had m in my team before that. Cheers


F off Spencer


Where abouts does everyone think I will finish overall and how can i change that

DEF: Docerty, Rance, Laird, Hampton, Otten, Vickers-Willis (Stewart, Guthrie)

MID: Dangerfield, JPK, Treloar, Bont, Fyfe, Swallow, Powell-Pepper, Atley (Wigg, Barrett, Hibberd)

RUCK: Gawn Sandilands (Cameroon)

FWD Dahlhaus, Macrae, Lynch( GC ), Roughhead, Black, Miles ( Butler, Eddy)

neil Demons Delight

you fixed the forwards up The whole team looks good Atley is the brother to norths lad .From memory he captained Bendigo pioneers was an in and under like Libba Agree with M5 plus Swallow just got to get rookies right Cheers neil


Thoughts on tom Boyd now that he looks to be a full time ruck man at 290k? Or is that just an outrageous suggestion


You answered your own question yourself mate. OUTRAGEOUS!!!

One's Bowler

If the Nank is so highly thought of I don't see why this lad at a lower price is irrelevant?


Sandi and Fyfe looking good

One's Bowler

Have had Gawn as a lock since the opening but having seen Spencer's form I am now thinking Goldstein or Grundy and purchase the big man at a reduced price? Am I chasing shadows?


I'm not spending those bucks given his uncertainty. There does not appear to be a clear 1,2 rock combo this year so upgrade after see what happens. Means more cash for premos elsewhere.

Top Hawk

Nathaniel Fyfe…….WOW.

The Wolf is back folks!

He has come out tonight and has just gone BANG BANG!!!


Top Hawk

Anonymous you shit!

He Bloody LOCK !!


One's Bowler

Barrack for the Hawks and I think Sam Mitchell is one of the greats. 30+ disposals from him does not necessarily equate to massive Supercoach points. Will not play and will get rested for 1 or 2 games flying interstate. Buyer beware?

Top Hawk

WTF Bowler? What is your point?

One's Bowler

My point is he's a champion but beware picking him. I don't think he'll play 22 games and his high disposal games do not necessarily equate to large SC scores.


Coniglio or Ward?

neil Demons Delight

I have 6 on field rookies and at least 2 are possible non starters.This means I will have to rely on dpp and bench.I think this year we must accept this and more than any other year go for the mid pricers..I have 4 and reckon more will be needed .Really the mid pricers appear better than previously Rich SMITH Labumba we now have mids with injury concerns only .JOM Swallow Sandy Roughy I think we are really gonna need them cheers neil

One's Bowler

Couldn't have phrased it better Delight. Concur.

Supercoach STAR

My current midfield is Danger,Pendles,JPK,Fyfe,Heppel,Shuey who should i get rid of and get in with 50k in bank


Sheet . Lycett done shoulder


And then this happened! Vardy?


#vardilands with Lycett out